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Top 16 of 2016

The Bullvine team is pleased to once again bring you the Top 16 most well-read articles of the year 2016. This list reflects content published from November 30, 2015  through December 1st, 2016 and is based on Google Analytics with over 1,831,218 monthly views from over 1,000,000 unique yearly visitors.

  1. US – August 2016 Holstein Genetic Evaluations Highlights
    More than just the list’s the Bullvine’s sire proof central brings you in depth review of all the top new sires as well as the latest analysis of the August 2016 Genetic Evaluations.
  2. It’s Time to Make Dairy Shows Relevant, Again
    Show supporters can quote many reasons for why the time, effort and resources that they put towards exhibiting cattle are positive. At the same time, there are detractors who question why breeds and sponsors should support cattle shows. The detractors see no benefit to dairy cattle improvement from the show circuit.
  3. Are daughter-proven sires still popular?
    A quick look at the US Holstein sires with the most registered daughters would have you believe that proven sires are still more popular than genomic sires. Currently all three of the top-3 with the most registered daughters are daughter-proven bulls (Mogul, Supersire, and Yoder). However, coming to the conclusion that proven sires are therefore more popular, would mean that you don’t understand how much the dairy artificial insemination industry has changed with the introduction of genomics.
  4. Yellow Briar Farms: The Cows Are Sold But The Memories Are Priceless!
    “Yellow Briar Ayrshire Farm isn’t on TV or listed in travel brochures of Southern Ontario but at eleven o’clock on Saturday morning it was the center of dairy farming not just for the Stephens family but for their friends, neighbours and farming colleagues as fifty years of dairy farming saw 70 head go under the auction hammer in Troy.”
  5. The Winds of Change Are Blowing…Hard
    Services in the dairy cattle improvement industry have been gradually expanding since WW II. Three main areas have fueled that growth: (1) program participation levels; (2) usage of top sires; and (3) the evolving uses made of data. Almost every dairy producing country in the world has developed an industry organization infrastructure involving breeds, milk recording, artificial insemination, and genetic evaluation centers.
  6. An Open Letter to All Dairy Farmers
    To the hard-working dairy farmers who get up before dawn every day so that the rest of us can enjoy wholesome, healthy milk on our cereal and in our morning coffees, “Please sell your cows!”
  7. Dairy Cattle Show Photographs are NOT Free
    So next time you are snagging that picture from Facebook or creating that ad with pictures you “Found online,” I would like you to try this, next time you’re at dinner, tell your waiter you’ll tell all your friends how good the service was if he gives you dinner for free.
  8. Select Sires – Sire Tour 2016
    In a Bullvine video exclusive join Select Sires Holstein Sire Analysts, Kevin Jorgensen & Herby Lutz, as they tours us through some of the top proven sires at Select Sires. Including MOGUL, SUPERSIRE, MONTROSS, IRWIN & VALENTINO. See these amazing bulls as the parade around the Kellgren Center.
  9. Why NOT to Crossbreed – 2016 Holstein World Conference Video
    Join Dr. Tom Lawlor, Executive Director of Research and Development for Holstein USA as he debunks the many myths about crossbreeding and provides an alternative genetic strategy that not only provides maximum genetic gain but does so while maintaining purebred status. This presentation was part of the 2016 Holstein World Conference held in Argentina.
  10. Introducing The Bullvine All-North American Awards
    There is no question that North America has some of the greatest show cattle in the world. They have All-Canadian awards and All-American awards, but those are little more than sales tool for two print magazines. Their nomination processes leaves most people scratching their heads and they results are pretty much just a rubber stamp of the results from World Dairy Expo and The Royal. So, in order truly find out who are the best in North America, the Bullvine is excited to announce the All-North American Awards.
  11. Stud Wars Episode IV: The Force Grows Stronger – 2016
    What started as The Battle for A.I. Supremacy back in July 2013, has seen many changes in the power struggle when it comes to sire lineups. Many of the smaller A.I. units have been purchased by larger genetic players, and the rate of change has accelerated considerably. Let’s see who has come out on top this year and who has fallen behind in the genetics race.
  12. Genomic Testing Discovers New Cow Family
    When genomic testing came on the scene in 2008, it was hoped that genomic results would make possible the identification of new top cow families. That remains a concern for the vast majority of traditional cow family breeders. However, for Alexerin Dairy, owned by the Nixon Family of Manotick Ontario it is a reality. Here is the story of their success despite not being traditional cow family breeders.
  13. The 2016 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show – The show everyone will remember for all the wrong reasons
    By all accounts, the 2016 Holstein Show at The Royal should have been a celebration of the many great moments that occurred. Instead, it will be remembered for one incident that many wish they could forget.
  14. No Slapping at World Dairy Expo
    Not since Sydney Poitier was slapped “In the Heat of the Night” has there been a more controversial slap as the ones that are given at most cattle shows around the world.
  15. Reese Burdette: An Inspirational Little Girl and a Medical Miracle is Going Home
    It has been 662 days since Reese Burdette entered Johns Hopkins Hospital fighting for her life after being pulled from a house fire. She has spent almost two years in Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, recovering from the severe burns she suffered in a fire at her grandparents’ home over Memorial Day weekend in 2014.  But in early March Reese was able to go home.
  16. There are more important things in life than a cow show
    There is no question that most members of the dairy industry are very passionate about the sector we work in. Often we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we occasionally lose sight of ourselves. No better example of this is what happens when it comes to the show ring. Breeders and Exhibitors and even ringside enthusiasts can get emotionally wrapped up in the industry we are very passionate about. Having said that, events over this past week have made me pause and reflect that there are more important things in life than a cow show.

Added Bonus

Top 16 Shows of 2016

  1. Trois-Rivières 2016 Holstein Show
  2. 2016 Ontario Summer Holstein Show
  3. Ontario Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show 2016
  4. Premier National Junior Show 2016
  5. Wisconsin Holstein Championship Show 2016
  6. Expo Printemps du Quebec – Holstein Show
  7. Midwest Spring National 2016
  8. Northeast Fall National Holstein Show 2016
  9. 2016 European Championship Holstein Show
  10. International Junior Holstein Show – World Dairy Expo 2016
  11. New York International Spring Holstein Show 2016
  12. International Red & White Holstein Show – World Dairy Expo 2016
  13. International Jersey Show – World Dairy Expo 2016
  14. Supreme Dairy Show – Holstein Show
  15. Canadian National Holstein Show 2016
  16. International Holstein Show – World Dairy Expo 2016

Top 16 News Stories of 2016

  1. Global milk supply crashes
  2. Jury finds Genus ABS infringed patents
  3. Vandals set hundreds of cows loose at Maine dairy farm and 1 dies, police say
  4. Family devastated after cow tramples 8-year-old to death
  5. 500 animals sold at Cradenhill must be resold, says Sherriff
  6. Holstein breeder seeks advice after teat tampering shock
  7. Chilliwack Dairy Farm Faces 20 Counts Of Animal Cruelty After Undercover Video
  8. Texas Dairy Farmers Are Swimming in Cow Corpses
  9. Royal Winter Fair Judges Named
  10. Bull semen sexing battle leads to $330M award
  11. 17-year-old Wisconsin girl injured in Dairy farm accident
  12. Farmer Killed While Fixing Equipment
  13. One bull sired 14 percent of U.S. dairy cows and gave them all a deadly mutation
  14. Dairy Farmer Shares His Loss With Dairy Community on Social Media
  15. Texas blizzard kills 30K cows, creates dairy shortage
  16. Over 1,225 Dairy Farmers Call It Quits in 2015

The Bullvine Bottom Line

A lot has changed since 2012, (Read more: The Top 10 of 2012 – The most read articles of 2012) in both the dairy industry as well as here at the Bullvine.  Looking ahead to 2017, I am sure things will continue to change.  It certainly has been a very busy year and these 16 articles were among the most talked about in the industry.  Thanks again for your continued readership and support.



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