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Stud Wars Episode IV: The Force Grows Stronger – 2016

What started as The Battle for A.I. Supremacy back in July 2013, has seen many changes in the power struggle when it comes to sire lineups. Many of the smaller A.I. units have been purchased by larger genetic players, and the rate of change has accelerated considerably. Let’s see who has come out on top this year and who has fallen behind in the genetics race.



Select Sire’s dominance in the top genomic line-ups back in 2013 has helped them almost double the number of proven sires in the top 50.  Select has gone from a respectable 20% to sheer domination of the list with 52% of the sires.  While Select’s fortune shines as a result of their early adoption of elite genomic sires, ABS has suffered from not targeting these elite sires three years ago. As a result, they went from the strongest player with 28% of the market than to today’s discouraging record which shows that they have none in the top 50.


Continuing to work with what has been successful, and maybe seeing what has happened to ABS over the past few years, Select is not resting on it laurels and continues to invest heavily in providing the top Genomic TPI sires as well.  Also making significant investments in the high gTPI genomic sires, is Sexing Technologies, as they very aggressively seek to grow market share through product development.


Never in history has the breeding industry seen one force as dominant as Select Sires is today when it comes to genetic offerings.  Smart investments in procuring the bloodlines that make great sires has lead Select Sires to a 42% market share in the top TPI sires.  That is an increase of over 17% over three years ago and 28% higher than the next strongest TPI lineup at Semex.  ABS’s late change in implementing a genomic sire strategy has seen their once 2nd most potent TPI list fall to be tied for #6.



Select Sires’ progressive genomic approach back in 2013 has helped them maintain the lead in the top NM$ proven sires lists.  Conversely, ABS’s lack of aggressive procurement back in 2013 of top NM$ genomic sires has seen their 27% market share of proven sires drop to 8%.

TOP NM genomic SIRES

Select Sires continues their aggressive development and procurement of top genomic NM$ sires.  Also stepping up their programs is Sexing Technologies that has increased their share from 6% back in 2013 to 16% now.


What was once boasted as reflecting the great balance among the top A.I. organizations back in 2013 has now become a one horse race with Select Sires possessing 40% of the top NM$ sires in the world.  All other organizations have seen their share decline, except for Sexing Technologies, which has seen their market share triple to 9% on the strength of an aggressive genomic program.



Taking over the reigns as the top proven sire lineup for PTAT is Semex.  They have seen their 30% market share of the top genomic sires for PTAT back in 2013 become 30% share of the top proven sires in 2016.  Similarly, former #1 proven PTAT line up of Select Sires has fallen from 36% back in 2013 to 24% now, reflective of their 28% genomic market share back in 2013.  Due to the dominance that Semex and Select hold in procuring these top sires, it is now a two-horse race, with no other organization having over 10% market share of the top proven PTAT sires.


Seeing that a strong genomic PTAT line up is the best way to achieve a strong proven sire lineup, Semex has upped its game to now possess the strongest gPTAT line up in the world.  Flip flopping with Semex, Select continues to maintain a very strong lineup with the two organizations having almost 60% of the top sires and no other stud with more than 12% (ABS Global).


Although it had been a relatively dominant win for Select Sires back in 2013, it is now Semex that possesses the strong PTAT lineup.  The other clear point is that when breeding for type, it is a two horse race with no other stud owning more than 9% of the top PTAT sires.



While Polled was not included in our lists back in 2013, there is no question the larger studs have taken notice.  Today, the likes of dairybullsonline, that once had 20% of the top Polled sires, now find themselves with less than 5%.  (Note: for list we used the top 50 TPI polled sires)

R&W White


R&W sires are still the one area that has been the most diverse when it comes to the list of ownership by the top organizations. Select Sires looks to be changing that, going from 14% when we first looked at this back in 2014 to 32% currently. (Read more: Stud Wars: Episode II – April 2014)  This is a result of purchasing GenerVations that had the third strongest R&W line up back in 2014. (Note for list we used the top 50 PTAT R&W Sires)

The Bottom Line

TOP proven

The timely move to an extremely aggressive genomic program three years ago has taken Select Sires from 26% share in 2013 to a very dominant 42% today.  Benefiting from the 2nd strongest genomic line up back in 2013 has lead to Semex going from 8% market share to now possessing over 17%.  As a result of a genomic program that accounted for less than 8% of the top sires in 2013, ABS Global has gone from 18% market share of the top proven sires in 2013 to 5% currently.

TOP genomic

With these results Select Sires and Semex have seen from their previous investments in top genomic sires now becoming top proven sires, so it’s no surprise that they continue to be the biggest investors in top genomic sires.  A dark horse that is coming on very strong in recent years is Sexing Technologies that now possesses the third strongest genomic sire lineup at 14%. This is up from 6% back in 2013.

TOP overall

What was once a strong force with 28% of the top sires in the world, Select Sires has grown its dominance to where they now possess 33% of the top sires.  Semex continues to hold steady with the 2nd strongest sire line up with 18% share.  The biggest mover in this Star Wars episode is  Sexing Technologies that has gone from the 7th most potent lineup and 4% share back in 2013 to 4th strongest and a 9% share.

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