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US Holstein Highlights – Sire Proof Central April 2020

While much of the countries attention is focused on battling the Corona-19 Pandemic, the dairy industry temporarily focuses on the April 2020 Holstein Genetic Evaluations. 

Topping the proven sires is Aot Silver HELIX, Silver x Supersire x Man-O-Man from the Cookiecutter Mom Halo-ET VG-88 DOM cow family, comes in at +2997 TPI on over >2500 milking daughters. Next on the proven sire list is Pine-TRee Burley at +2922 TPI and +829 NM$.  Burley is a Boastful x Altaoak x O-Style from the Jafral Prelude Prissy VG-86 GMD DOM cow family.  Rounding out the top proven sires is S-S-I Josuper Rocketfire who is a Josuper x Sterling x Robust from the Creek O Man Tabitha VG-86 GMD DOM cow family at +2893TPI and +776 NM$.  See complete list here High Ranking Sire Report

Topping the genomic sire list is DENOVO 16429 HERCULES, a Pine-TRee Heroic-ET from De-Su Frazzled 6984-ET who goes back to the Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200-ET TY EX-94 DOM cow family.  Hercules has a +3101 TPI and a +993 NM$.  2nd on the genomic sire list is WINSTAR MENDEL-P, who is a Denovo 8084 Entity-ET from Winstar Windfall 4539-ET then Seagull-Bay Roxy Pp-ET.  He has a +3086TPI and +908$.  Rounding out the top sires is DENOVO 16785 REMEDY, who is a oyal x Medley x Yoder who traces back to the recently deceased   Seagull-Bay Miss America and then   Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET EX-92 GMD DOM.  He has a +3078TPI and +939 NM$. See complete list here High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls.

On the sires over one year of age Genosource CAPTAIN came out as the #1 GTPI sire with no less than +3059 GTPI in combination with +912 NET MERIT (#3 NM$ sire). Captain is a Charl x Sabre x Ahead from the Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET cow family.  Also, over the 3000 TPI threshold is Sandy-Valley R Conway-ET at +3042 GTPI. Conway is a Renegade x Granite x Draco from the Larcrest Comet-Ets cow family, Rounding out the top sires is Bomaz Top Dog at +3030 GTPI. Top Dog is a Rome x Outsiders x Delta from the   Ri-Val-Re Super Nadine-ET VG-87 cow family.

On the type list number one PTAT sire is this run the super transmitter Dymentholm Mr Apples Avalanche *RC at +3.84 PTAT. Avalanche is sire or MGS to no less than 4 bulls in the top 10. Second in the list is the former #1 PTAT sire Lindenright MOOVIN *RC at +3.79 PTAT.

US Proof Information

High Ranking Sire Report – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Bulls must have a minimum of 80% traditional U.S. reliability or 85% Genomic reliability for production and type.

TR TP100-NA14HO07770SILVER x SUPERSIRE721322015282993.011.891-3.6-0.31.40980.950.350.402997G
PINE-TREE BURLEY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18225BOASTFUL x ALTAOAK521081479232992.894.7901.32.00.57930.210.96-0.582922G
S-S-I JOSUPER ROCKETFIRE-ETTR TP99-I7HO13454JOSUPER x STERLING85672836194972.906.5883.51.00.73930.54-0.250.552893G
WELCOME SILVER GRIFF-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07796SILVER x SUPERSIRE581071122245983.252.4880.01.40.85900.810.76-0.332876G
PEAK HOTLINE-ETTY TV100-NA97HO41774ALTAHOTROD x MOGUL55941158201972.970.288-2.6-1.32.89961.931.591.252840G
ABS ACHIEVER-ETTC TY99-NA29HO18296YODER x ALTAEMBASSY33113513227952.775.2873.90.40.17870.520.64-0.922835G
S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE-ETTR TP100-NA250HO13267MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE791162395256992.911.391-3.6-2.61.42981.11-0.461.062825G
MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03416RUBICON x ROBUST60701758184932.836.0852.9-0.71.16871.240.98-0.342823G
MR SPRING NOBLE-ETTR TC99-I551HO03412ALTASPRING x NUMERO UNO38531063132892.635.8833.21.91.48862.350.35-0.372814G
BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ETTR TP99-I11HO11779SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY64891644217992.735.2891.50.9-0.0594-0.26-0.630.002811G
TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10729OCTOBERFEST x MOONRAY56771623181982.785.2882.01.30.27890.670.240.322808G
OCD DENVER CANNON-ETTR TP99-I7HO12886DENVER x NUMERO UNO41821225171932.814.185-
MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ETTC TY99-I203HO01513MCCUTCHEN x ROBUST75802360211993.002.895-0.1-1.11.60970.730.21-0.012792G
EDG RUBICON-ETTR TC100-NA151HO00681MOGUL x ROBUST4096776195992.905.0982.3-1.21.29990.721.960.332788G
CO-OP TROY PILEDRIVER-ETTR TP99-I1HO12786TROY x SUPERSIRE881033127254993.341.591-1.1-4.11.35930.691.05-0.082786G
MIRABELL SOUND SYSTEM99-NA543HO00086SILVER x SUPERSIRE52901337188882.962.180-
WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ETTP TC99-I1HO11669TUFFENUFF x MOGUL66821557215982.901.391-1.2-1.31.37942.040.04-0.232778G
SANDY-VALLEY EVEREST-ETTR TP99-I7HO12821YODER x MORGAN451091010223992.804.1891.80.8-0.16930.01-0.54-0.062776G
ABS ROWDY-ETTC TY99-I29HO17947JOSUPER x MOGUL70882284215982.895.1911.30.20.2490-0.29-1.18-0.052766G
BUSH-BROS JSUPR BANCROFT-ETTR TP99-I1HO11925JOSUPER x MONARCH57811249188962.614.5872.90.7-0.29860.55-0.830.952763G
ABS RAIDEN-ETTC TY99-I29HO17941JOSUPER x MOGUL46931702199992.795.3903.1-0.10.16951.03-1.12-0.892760G
MR MOGUL DELTA 1427-ETTR TC100-NA203HO01468MOGUL x ROBUST39671185166992.975.4992.20.71.32991.940.83-1.502760G
UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ETTR TC99-I29HO17553SUPERSIRE x BEACON77872768203992.884.2991.4-1.40.54990.27-0.781.072760G
L-L-M-DAIRY POND PASSAT-ETTR TP99-I7HO12659PONDER x MOGUL38841318175982.905.8891.02.20.14920.54-0.18-0.652759G
PEAK ALTAAMULET-ETTR TP99-I11HO11725JOSUPER x MOGUL61562000157982.874.4890.4-0.51.46951.990.78-0.052758G
MORNINGVIEW RAWHIDE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18337SILVER x JACEY43731012163932.812.586-1.0-1.12.06862.221.700.312755G
S-S-I MILLINGTON TOTEM-ETTR TP99-I250HO13531MILLINGTON x JACEY3672708156912.593.2830.20.41.82851.561.020.122750G
DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ETTR TP99-I7HO12421MILES x SHAMROCK46981193212992.712.396-
S-S-I KINGPIN PHANTOM-ETTR TP99-I7HO13334KINGPIN x SUPERSIRE73932041218982.901.290-2.1-1.91.27950.540.041.062748G
MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ETTR TP99-I7HO12788JOSUPER x SHOTGLASS45761714167992.485.7901.8-0.50.67981.21-0.13-0.472747G
CO-OP ME LANDMINE-ETTR TP99-NA1HO13087MAIN EVENT x SUPERSIRE64862441202982.943.0880.01.5-0.2189-0.35-0.65-0.422746G
WET RODGERS MYLESTR TP100-NA14HO07804RODGERS x MOGUL48441302128982.843.4881.41.31.54932.210.970.042745G
HURTGENLEA YDR OUTSIDERS-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12819YODER x SUPERSIRE58842043180982.873.4891.5-0.20.57940.480.350.892742G
BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ETTR TP99-I7HO12942JEDI x DAY52481381125942.686.0871.82.30.99891.03-0.321.222739G
OCD SPRING SAMURI-ETTR TP99-I7HO12897ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3877415166983.023.7880.82.21.12940.940.410.622736G
PROGENESIS GRANITE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10616MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE46871098175983.132.9880.00.81.42960.410.801.272735G
SILVERRIDGE V ETESIAN-ETTR TP99-I200HO10606SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN45562006117922.794.3860.21.31.90911.310.860.762729G
DE-SU 13050 SPECTRE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18208YODER x SUPERSIRE461101266223942.993.3870.00.10.3886-0.21-0.20-0.152727G
OCD JOSUPER ZAMBONI-ETTR TP99-I7HO12837JOSUPER x MOGUL54621721158972.753.788-0.5-0.31.48911.670.52-0.082727G
BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ETTC TY99-I551HO03415DELTA x SUPERSIRE2779834170932.806.1853.30.70.87891.42-0.07-1.722726G
BUTZ-HILL WINDFALL 54771-ETTC TY99-I551HO03341MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE50901929215973.063.887-
MR MOGUL DENVER 1426-ETTC TY100-NA151HO00690MOGUL x ROBUST63892047210993.161.397-2.3-1.71.36991.950.30-0.232726G
BOMAZ ALTAUPSHOT-ETTR TP99-I11HO11781SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY59792005193972.934.0881.01.30.2490-0.12-0.87-0.592717G
IHG ABS JERICHO-ETTR TC99-I29HO18110JOSUPER x MOGUL50851218184972.873.0880.1-1.21.41931.340.060.742713G
SEAGULL-BAY RIVERWIND-ETTC TY99-I29HO18217YODER x JACEY3362527139922.944.5851.32.20.97881.520.650.152707G
BRYHILL ALTAHOTSHOT-ETTR TP100-NA11HO11523PRIDE x CAMERON35801206154992.975.8952.71.50.38970.760.360.322706G
DE-SU TORONTO 13212-ETTR TP99-I7HO12915PROFIT x ALTAOAK5129796116942.795.5862.83.00.86891.42-0.560.422706G
PEAK LIGERO-ETTY TV96-NA97HO41744YODER x SUPERSIRE44781176178962.934.0871.61.10.08880.340.71-0.472704G
TRIPLECROWN GATEDANCER-ETTP TC100-NA1HO11670ALTA1STCLASS x SUPERSIRE59681387203993.082.3910.20.00.70971.86-1.27-1.762702G
DE-SU ALTALEAF-ETTR TP99-I11HO11478ALTAOAK x TRIGGER54732041162992.802.8970.8-0.41.55960.750.670.432701G
FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA-ETTR TP100-NA551HO03379DELTA x NUMERO UNO3645792110952.823.8870.80.82.41932.650.890.552701G
PINE-TREE VERONA-ETTR TC99-I29HO18197ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3772433165962.903.8881.51.60.65930.920.62-0.022699G
CO-OP AARDEMA TRACER-ETTR TP99-I1HO11926JOSUPER x MAURICE57721824158952.724.8872.0-0.30.25891.03-1.311.402694G
SANDY-VALLEY CALVON-ETTR TP99-I777HO10574BOMBERO x MORGAN38571127130942.575.4872.50.80.93910.990.210.152694G
BOMAZ YOSHI-ETTC TY99-I29HO18383YODER x ALTAEMBASSY3091662195922.904.8842.31.4-0.25880.23-0.09-1.582690G
WOODCREST KING DOCTR TP99-I250HO12961KINGBOY x MACK43601318123923.020.285-
DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ETTC TY99-I29HO17918JOSUPER x MCCUTCHEN3486943168992.804.0902.00.80.43930.350.560.182689G
MR RUBICON DYNASTY-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03418RUBICON x ROBUST5078975184952.914.5872.2-0.50.67860.490.280.302689G
WOODCREST MOGUL YODER-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12266MOGUL x PLANET3485596184993.093.4992.00.70.64991.030.51-0.772689G
AOT SILVER HAD ME-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12901SILVER x SUPERSIRE491011248211963.050.487-3.1-3.42.03881.810.470.222688G
DE-SU 12779 ENZO-ETTC TY99-I29HO18016JOSUPER x KRUNCH42481792119932.755.5872.61.31.06881.480.98-0.412688G
DE-SU ROCKFORD 12250-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12545RODGERS x SHAMROCK3273882149952.705.5882.33.1-0.4889-0.040.23-0.012688G
PLAIN-KNOLL YODR INFERNO-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12864YODER x SNOWMAN2565489134952.894.8881.52.41.02921.550.65-0.182687G
ABS MOONGLOW-ETTC TY99-I29HO18294SUPERSHOT x BALISTO72571850173962.905.0870.9-0.60.55890.160.000.652686G
SEAGULL-BAY JO DANCER-ETTR TC99-I29HO18018JOSUPER x HEADLINER4697801206982.713.6901.6-0.30.3294-0.16-1.010.392684G
WILRA BIXBY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18109SILVER x SUPERSIRE3093652200982.842.9890.5-2.21.28911.861.23-1.752683G
PLAIN-KNOLL JSPR ADVANCE-ETTR TP99-I7HO12868JOSUPER x MOGUL4970847174953.013.6870.6-0.41.12901.230.760.212682G
ROSYLANE-LLC SLATETC TY99-I29HO18272JOSUPER x PETRONE51691488164952.595.0871.50.80.17910.38-0.470.202682G
JALTAOAKTY TV99-I182HO00922ALTAOAK x FACEBOOK4784985184912.951.7830.81.10.69880.220.140.532681G
PEAK ALTATURNKEY-ETTR TP99-I11HO11718WICKHAM x RANSOM3585709182982.893.8890.30.50.89950.420.13-0.572680G
TEEMAR ASTON-ETTR TC99-I29HO18076JOSUPER x MAURICE59761953177922.924.4870.90.50.0289-0.350.200.482677G
ABS ARIZONA-ETTC TY99-NA29HO18260YODER x ALTAEMBASSY3197558201953.033.6873.1-0.30.24900.480.78-1.092673G
MR JACEY DECOY 57578-ETTC TY99-I203HO03005JACEY x ROBUST82352526168992.793.9890.90.60.38900.130.31-1.062671G
MR OAK DIXON 57482-ETTC TY99-I151HO01611ALTAOAK x ROBUST62751708190972.822.7871.2-1.20.99910.49-0.020.102671G
DANHOF JOSUPER DILLIONTR TP99-I179HO00114JOSUPER x MOGUL51561764140973.034.5881.81.70.62850.92-0.160.162670G
PEAK ACCELREIGN-ETTR TP99-I14HO07857MONTEREY x MOGUL49621666149952.991.786-2.9-1.02.23871.871.09-0.012668G
ROSYLANE-LLC SPOCK-ETTC TY99-I29HO18182SILVER x SUPERSIRE2210115181982.833.188-0.9-0.40.91910.680.890.482668G
PEAK ACCELRENOWN-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07811DONATELLO x MOGUL2565671123982.992.9893.10.71.74972.190.700.392667G
OCD MONTROSS LAIDLAW-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12697MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE73752536206963.020.588-3.3-1.91.38891.050.54-0.822666G
S-S-I RODGERS MESSAGER-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13216RODGERS x SNOWMAN44651065143982.683.4911.31.40.35890.190.720.982666G
SILVERRIDGE V EUGENIO-ETTR TP99-I200HO10549SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN41521614104982.814.1890.40.41.74951.550.651.352666G
CO-OP AARDEMA TETHRA-ETTR TP99-I1HO11913JOSUPER x NUMERO UNO45641733128952.784.5870.61.60.66850.97-0.091.252665G
FARNEAR DELTA-BETA 241-ETTR TP100-NA151HO03244DELTA x NUMERO UNO2859296138942.814.4860.80.51.55902.38-0.09-0.482661G
VIEW-HOME MESQUITE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10696JOSUPER x MCCUTCHEN58702153157902.822.8830.0-1.91.80880.830.320.922660G
DE-SU 13149 FIGURATE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18314YODER x SUPERSIRE40104737226913.112.484-0.6-0.10.25870.20-0.09-1.242659G
NO-FLA ALTABAYOU-ETTR TP99-I11HO11784ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE48671136176982.894.5881.60.90.04870.51-0.10-0.952659G
WELCOME-TEL BRENNAN 3158-ETTR TP99-I7HO12999MODESTY x JACEY3266722143922.883.8840.40.31.37871.680.82-0.162659G
WESTCOAST TICKET-ETTR TP99-I200HO10645SILVER x TANGO336169142952.831.887-
S-S-I DAMARIS WINSTON-ETTR TP99-I7HO13326DAMARIS x MOONRAY57381802138963.105.2892.61.70.56901.18-0.01-0.952655G
SANDY-VALLEY EFFUSIVE-ETTR TP99-I777HO10589PURE x MORGAN62912204212973.082.5880.7-1.50.62910.32-1.02-0.582655G
SILVERRIDGE V IMAX-ETTR TP99-I200HO10619ALTASPRING x MOGUL42721165153963.123.2870.6-1.21.47921.900.780.592655G
OCD SILVER SILICON-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12860SILVER x SHIMONE3687570174952.762.187-1.9-0.61.33870.810.450.622654G
PEAK ALTARECOIL-ETTR TP99-I11HO11736ALTASPRING x JACEY49211186117962.954.8870.12.60.98871.571.33-1.452652G
BOMAZ ZIGZAG-ETTC TY99-I29HO18267SILVER x ALTAEMBASSY50911463204962.953.1871.0-2.30.54890.430.20-0.592651G
SILVERRIDGE V EUCLID-ETTR TP99-I777HO10550SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN44671728132982.903.7890.6-0.21.30950.860.721.112651G
WILRA COLEMAN-ETTC TY99-I29HO18077JOSUPER x SHAMROCK2892988176982.944.9893.61.3-0.17910.27-1.02-0.772650G
DE-SU 12925 KEENANTR TC99-I29HO18136MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE4264800131952.793.3870.90.21.28901.10-0.051.942649G
SIEMERS RUNAWAY-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10576LOTTOMAX x SUPERSIRE471011810205973.033.3880.20.00.13920.00-0.81-0.442647G
SIEMERS BLOOMFIELD-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10693DELTA x NUMERO UNO582-533140972.823.6881.81.71.35941.99-0.21-0.152645G
WET TATUM MITCHELL-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12778TATUM x MOGUL42761708150972.93-0.188-3.5-0.22.18931.571.090.432645G
PEAK EVEREST-ETTR TY100-NA97HO41742YODER x MASSEY37801020156972.942.9881.20.40.52910.760.480.732644G
CLEAR-ECHO SUMO 569-ETTR TP99-I7HO12801SUPERSHOT x NUMERO UNO54511524146972.954.5881.02.30.22930.030.10-0.062642G
WELCOME JACEY DONOTI-ETTP TY99-I1HO11394JACEY x GRAFEETI3557757128982.643.1920.91.20.83851.191.090.382642G
BEN-AKERS SLUGGER-ETTC TY99-I29HO18244ALTASPRING x BOOKEM2356450125912.783.9841.52.20.66881.640.84-0.772641G
SIEMERS U-BEST-ETTR TP99-I200HO10694JOSUPER x NUMERO UNO2568186122932.604.2870.61.81.11910.450.601.562641G
ABS MANSFIELD-ETTR TC99-I29HO18006SUPERSHOT x MASSEY72411998149972.933.7890.10.11.06910.75-0.690.462640G
PLAIN-KNOLL S-S-I JAGUAR-ETTR TP99-I7HO13504JOSUPER x MOGUL49791013175972.863.1880.2-1.60.72910.890.210.902640G
ENDCO APPRENTICE-ETRC CD99-I200HO10648KINGBOY x SUPERSIRE40461376117992.674.689-
FUSTEAD TANGO LYLAS-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12597TANGO x MOGUL2870901141992.882.790-
NO-FLA ALTACRAIG-ETTR TP96-I11HO11749STOIC x SUPERSIRE4052865130982.654.8891.70.70.89950.990.400.262639G
SANDY-VALLEY COPIOUS-ETTR TP99-I777HO10573BOMBERO x MORGAN49481994118972.903.8881.50.31.55881.080.360.402638G
SYNERGY SECOYA-ETTC TY100-NA29HO18263DELTA x SUPERSIRE3145983108922.796.1842.81.30.84871.900.03-0.322638G
CHARPENTIER BUBBLEBOX-ETB/R TP99-I200HO10626JOSUPER x MOGUL37601558124982.885.0880.80.70.51921.590.500.172636G
NO-FLA BARCLAYTR TP93-NA1HO11647SUPERSIRE x MASSEY43771513163972.714.1880.70.2-0.37900.220.20-0.052636G
SILVERSTREAM PORTER-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10532BOMBERO x MOGUL2059491105942.773.4870.01.21.70871.781.090.642636G
ABS MOONWIND-P-ETPC TC99-I29HO18202POWERBALL-P x MASSEY5667983177913.140.284-
S-S-I PENLEY ALL STAR-ETTR TP99-I250HO13449PENLEY x LUCID4138110393902.614.1821.40.91.55851.150.941.422635G
WESTCOAST WINDMILLTR TP99-I777HO10610SUPERSHOT x DOORMAN42461074109932.504.984-0.3-0.31.81881.180.341.252635G
BOMAZ YUKON-ETTR TC100-NA29HO18432YODER x MAYFLOWER3443741125922.815.4852.81.50.79861.520.37-1.122634G
WESTCOAST PERSEUS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10777PENMANSHIP x DOORMAN3737390106852.684.6811.82.11.05851.010.550.682633G
NO-FLA ALTAJONAHTR TP99-I11HO11669NOMINEE x COBRA66732223193993.022.190-
WILLSBRO K&L ADHERE-ETTR TP99-I200HO07904COMMANDER x SUPERSIRE42471043129932.744.586-0.8-0.51.43892.040.73-0.242632G
ABS BELLAMY-ETTC TY100-NA29HO17912MONTROSS x MASSEY55591699163932.972.788-1.4-1.01.13892.100.15-0.612631G
ABS JAZZMAN-ETTC TY99-I29HO18255SPARK x TANGO55631992163972.693.9870.80.8-0.0489-0.08-0.61-0.612631G
PEAK ACCELREGAL-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07827BAYONET x MOGUL35801244167953.122.4871.4-0.61.39871.600.78-0.772628G
LISMORE KNGBOY TUBB 6198-ETTC TY99-I551HO03305KINGBOY x SUPERSIRE44621635123952.790.687-
MR PRE DIRECTOR 57512-ETCD TY100-NA151HO01602PREDESTINE x ROBUST3235219106982.835.9905.42.90.71970.940.11-0.032626G
PRIDE SPARK TRUMP 284-ETTR TP99-I7HO12872SPARK x BOOKEM43491516129972.735.4883.30.80.12920.710.06-0.582625G
WELCOME SILVER GURU 2953-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07794SILVER x SUPERSIRE3364728141942.893.6860.5-0.10.96891.660.39-0.042623G
PEAK ALTATIM-ETTR CD96-I11HO11690MC GRAW x SUPERSIRE63872044207972.811.788-2.5-2.40.5390-0.230.32-0.192622G
PEN-COL SS AMBITION-ETTP TC100-NA7HO12450SUPERSIRE x OBSERVER54661849164992.724.1951.0-1.40.56900.62-0.23-0.272622G
S-S-I MARSO MIGHTYTR TP100-NA7HO12763MARSO x SUPERSIRE3474692159953.073.7881.00.21.04901.010.57-0.172621G
DE-SU 13166 SANDLOT-ETTR TC99-I29HO18315ALTASPRING x BALISTO4359867155902.982.983-2.0-0.11.51851.500.78-0.522620G
SIMPLE-DREAMS CAUTION-ETTR TC99-I29HO18186JOSUPER x JACEY4634129485922.744.9863.10.81.33891.210.522.002620G
BLUMENFELD JEDI REASON-ETTR TP99-I7HO12941JEDI x DAY47381216118932.656.0851.02.00.46870.55-0.210.132619G
BO-IRISH CROWNE-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07823MONTROSS x MAURICE60601778157942.992.585-2.0-0.10.45851.230.330.652619G
MR AMERICA SURFER-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10188SHAN x ROBUST54801264184982.882.4911.2-1.30.60880.28-0.390.622619G
S-S-I TETRIS VERTEX-ETTR TP99-I7HO13253TETRIS x MCCUTCHEN37651823138972.893.088-0.3-0.11.55910.970.71-0.742619G
CO-OP RB BYNT ALABITR TP100-NA1HO12434BAYONET x SUPER352494180942.687.4876.23.40.68860.630.490.172618G
LARCREST COLLUDE-ETTR TC99-I29HO17784BALISTO x ROBUST3539234123992.704.3951.01.70.97961.38-0.03-0.502618G
MER-JAMES TARNISH 1220-ETTR TC99-I151HO03161SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN65511518142982.901.788-
S-S-I TROY CONQUEST-ETTR TP99-NA7HO13492TROY x SUPERSIRE59721962203982.844.888-0.1-0.3-0.5187-0.22-0.87-2.122618G
ZIMMERVIEW TOMEK 562-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12657TATUM x MOGUL51581454140952.961.387-1.4-0.11.83911.060.990.932618G
PINE-TREE JUMPSHOT-ETTC TY99-I29HO18054JOSUPER x SUDAN38711038154992.894.3902.00.90.34890.46-0.13-0.062617G
COMYN-PBCD JITTERS-ETTC99-I29HO18167JOSUPER x PETRONE3840153082912.885.0852.43.40.50881.00-0.251.432616G
PROGENESIS ORION-ETTR TP99-I777HO10457KINGBOY x MOGUL33581517111982.822.990-
MR COIN DRACO 15006-ETTR CD100-NA151HO00698CASHCOIN x ROBUST52401574138992.915.7952.50.50.55991.76-1.54-1.112615G
S-S-I OCTOBERFST PANTHER-ETTR TP99-I7HO13562OCTOBERFEST x RODGERS2456301122922.655.4834.12.00.03860.74-0.11-0.132615G
SANDY-VALLEY DIFFERENCE-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12614MONTROSS x GABOR46561850133993.012.291-1.5-0.41.75922.100.75-0.122615G
VIEW-HOME MANDATE-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10196DAY x ROBUST48781557189992.782.6940.6-0.60.95970.29-1.02-1.302615G
PEAK ALTATIEROD-ETTR TP96-NA11HO11823ALTAHOTROD x SUPERSIRE60542089131952.892.287-0.6-0.41.49860.560.841.522614G
MYR-MATT MOGUL PLATINUMTP TY100-NA1HO11096MOGUL x SUPER39621081143992.872.599-
ABS BENSON-ETTC100-NA29HO17913MONTROSS x MASSEY43671256163962.774.2890.60.10.03910.95-0.32-0.782611G
LADYS-MANOR SP OAK GROWL-ETTR TC99-I29HO18250ALTASPRING x ALTAOAK47441595131983.124.0881.31.20.39941.560.77-0.852611G
PROGENESIS DEPART-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10398BOMBERO x SUPERSIRE3071787139952.613.7860.9-0.71.27900.960.400.412611G
FAIRMONT BAYONT ROCKSTAR-ETTR TP100-NA1HO12433BAYONET x MOONBOY47431059142972.974.9881.90.90.65891.071.08-1.042610G
S-S-I DAMARIS PHILLIPS-ETTR TP99-I7HO13338DAMARIS x SHAN2970109151953.004.0892.20.80.50860.981.050.162610G
T-SPRUCE SPODE 473-ETTR TP99-NA7HO12791SPARK x MILES51521263135942.693.3850.4-1.61.24881.190.820.892610G
CLEAR-ECHO MANOLO 614-ETTR TP99-I250HO12856MISSOURI x NUMERO UNO43501790128922.743.0850.30.41.09901.190.15-0.802609G
DE-SU 12659 TACTIC-ETTC TY99-I29HO17919COMMANDER x NUMERO UNO2965392147932.813.9881.8-0.71.29891.181.54-0.542609G
AOT HIPHOP-ETTR TP99-I7HO12902MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE2849589105953.093.4871.21.81.80911.790.200.552608G
LARCREST COMMANDER-ETTC TY99-I29HO16909MOGUL x OBSERVER49681184167992.891.297-2.6-2.52.04981.471.660.022608G
S-S-I PARTYROCK SURE FIT-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13189PARTYROCK x MAXUM216293132942.695.4872.71.10.70900.540.50-0.432608G
EDG MOGUL ROWDY 8065-ETTR TC100-NA151HO00756MOGUL x ROBUST59892410204982.963.090-0.7-2.90.4191-0.030.90-0.882607G
MAPLEHURST STOIC WYATT-ETTP TC99-I1HO11644STOIC x MOGUL39691762154992.994.6920.7-1.00.66861.460.61-1.172607G
OCD YODER CINDER-ETTC TY99-I29HO18193YODER x NUMERO UNO-167-296111972.994.9883.84.30.55861.100.10-0.832606G
S-S-I YODER CORNELL-ETTR TP99-I7HO13333YODER x SUPERSIRE4065997167992.873.4920.7-0.80.62960.940.51-1.432606G
PLAIN-KNOLL FOXHOLE10128-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12742MONTROSS x SHAMROCK64742094176962.962.688-1.7-0.60.03910.35-0.050.852605G
LEANINGHOUSE DARE-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10653SILVER x DAY3364871135902.813.384-0.1-0.51.23881.291.030.202604G
MR DREARY XY-ETTC TY100-NA513HO00016SUPERSIRE x BOLIVER3882486179983.014.3892.81.9-0.4687-0.51-0.820.122604G
OCD SPRING SLAMDUNK-ETTR TP99-I7HO12899ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE2652377106972.664.1870.91.01.57931.41-0.130.802603G
S-S-I PLUTO PRIZEMAN-ETTR TP99-I7HO13354PLUTO x MOONRAY3552583124953.033.9892.92.90.67860.69-0.290.442603G
COYNE-FARMS SYMPATI PAT-REDTP TC99-I7HO12436SYMPATICO *RC x COLT P-RED3949870129992.883.6950.41.00.90971.420.86-0.142602G
DE-SU SANDERSON 12923-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12830SUPERSHOT x MASSEY63442232137962.784.1881.0-0.10.49930.51-0.370.152602G
RONELEE MIDNIGHT DETOUR-ETTC TY100-NA513HO03091MIDNIGHT x MOGUL3647779128992.903.5910.90.80.93981.510.97-0.672602G
TRANQUILLITY AC PRIDE-ETTC TY100-NA147HO02442ROBUST x BOLIVER2680566164993.095.2962.70.80.29950.600.32-0.852602G
AURORA BERGEN 359-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12761BAYONET x MOGUL3046881113942.685.1871.11.30.81891.510.48-0.622601G
PEAK ALTAFLYWHEEL-ETTR TP96-I11HO11720MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE3559420131992.903.2900.51.30.84930.380.530.962601G
S-S-I GREENWAY CREED-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13244GREENWAY x DADDY53731208190973.040.988-2.2-0.51.30910.430.42-0.692601G
DE-SU 13139 TECHNO-ETTR TC99-I29HO18311YODER x SUPERSIRE3951892125912.974.1851.11.30.77860.870.360.322600G
S-S-I DAMARIS DANZA-ETTR TP99-I7HO13435DAMARIS x SUPERSIRE2562798134963.014.7883.21.20.75871.430.24-1.072599G
SEAGULL-BAY DIGNIFIED-ETTC TY99-I29HO18218TROY x JACEY4245489134952.784.587-
VIEW-HOME LITTLEROCK-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10195CASHCOIN x ROBUST47451064157992.745.5951.12.1-0.09960.17-1.08-1.962598G
MATCREST CHAMBER-ETTC TY99-I29HO18339SILVER x NUMERO UNO17549106912.702.8840.00.61.60862.001.070.292596G
WESTCOAST KERRIGAN-ETTR TP99-I200HO10577KINGBOY x NUMERO UNO48621274153982.811.690-0.6-0.21.03950.92-0.220.112596G
ABS ROONEY-ETTC99-I29HO18060DONATELLO x MOGUL2678532168912.804.1872.80.40.34890.75-0.49-1.372595G
SEAGULL-BAY-MJ APPLEJAX-ETTC TY99-I29HO18158SUPERSHOT x NUMERO UNO363365097912.724.8881.03.20.52920.670.320.432594G
MR DDS RUBI-HAZE 54682-ETTC TY100-NA151HO03206RUBICON x NUMERO UNO2352215109922.735.2852.60.91.36880.750.860.362593G
GLEN-D-HAVEN ALTAHOTRODTR TP100-NA11HO11493JEROD x ALTAIOTA59581904142993.060.596-
S-S-I GRIN TONKA-ETTY TV99-NA7HO13082GRIN x ROBUST3282744189952.873.5882.0-0.1-0.17860.100.24-1.972591G
BUSH-BROS JAMOCHA-ETTC99-I29HO18189JOSUPER x MOGUL50801092181913.032.484-0.4-0.20.25880.040.060.572590G
MR SALVATORE RC-ETRC TP100-NA534HO00061SUPERSHOT x SYMPATICO *RC3644159689972.745.0881.40.01.49950.921.520.892590G
S-S-I PROFIT MAKER-ETTR TP99-I7HO13514PROFIT x DAVINCI50381171128942.744.8860.20.50.70870.710.38-0.232590G

GTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA Inc. 2020

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Females – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Registration NumberNameBirth DateGFISire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%Feed Eff.Yeild % Rel.SCSPLLIVHealth
HO840003146623873STGEN TAMPA 90811-ET20019.8DELICIOUS H-NOON TAMPA-ET460.06750.14187752.559.
HO840003206094252GENOSOURCE HISTORIC 8419-ET200210.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.051020.19216762.597.
HO840003204166830LEVEL-PLAIN HEROIC 1293-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET570.031310.24293762.955.
HO840003142218730BOMAZ KENOBI 8852-ET190110.4DE-SU 14222 KENOBI-ET630.091130.24267752.776.
HO840003204165588DENOVO HONDA 51-ET18129.8N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET590.02950.10227762.636.
HO840003204166369DENOVO BUNDLE 832-ET190710.4DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET640.05920.10230762.647.
HO840003209611817COOKIECUTTER A HOMILY-ET191210.2A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET590.061020.18237742.598.
HO840003209365461LEVEL-PLAIN ACURA VIBE-ET191010.7PINE-TREE ACURA-ET630.021000.10242752.797.
HO840003208482226BOMAZ SOLUTION 9088-ET190710FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.001080.12248742.687.
HO840003208410629CHERRYPENCOL L LEE-ET190910.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET550.091040.23242752.766.
HO840003210331067FB 73 BUNDLE 616536-ET19099.9DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET600.061210.24261762.656.
HO840003207410507BADGER S-S-I 15395 16317-ET190610.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.121260.32280762.784.
HO840003210914769BOMAZ LEGACY 9216-ET190910.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.081220.25284752.706.
HO840003210559316MELARRY TRY ME 1639-ET19109.2MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET700.07780.06221752.697.
HO840003202560490ADAWAY BRASS 2410-ET190810BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET610.011030.10220762.765.
HO840003211003179OCD MAGNITD RAEDEN 61513-ET200210PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET340.13820.30179742.767.
HO840003210258084PINE-TREE 8177 HERO 8654-ET200211PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET640.091140.23269752.995.
HO840003205638661T-SPRUCE LIONEL 13196-ET19049.8MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET670.081170.21263762.895.
HO840003213139243ADAWAY TRY ME 2541-ET20019.5MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET620.10960.20241762.956.
HO840003208004409PLAIN-KNOLL BIG AL 288019129.7A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET500.06860.16207762.578.
HO840003210559367191110.1ABS CRIMSON-ET640.04950.11234752.747.
HO840003131234228RIVER-BRIDGE TAHITI CRUISE191110.2DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET550.08890.17216772.775.
HO840003210254128LADYS-MANOR ESKCARG-OH-ET19129.6SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET540.041130.21240762.935.
HO840003201829513WILRA SSI LEGACY 2013-ET19089.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET540.091160.28271762.726.
HO840003206964237WELCOME EISAKU LILLY-ET190910.6SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET530.111160.31247762.954.
HO840003204166608DENOVO HEROIC 1071-ET191010.3PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET500.021300.26265762.805.
HO840003150675538PINE-TREE 7593 LEGA 8466-ET190910.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.041020.11264762.667.
HO840003209819155Z-HAPPY SOLUTION 7570-ET191110.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET570.051120.21230762.864.
HO840003211372555PLAIN-KNOLL FB 635718-ET191210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.051120.18241772.814.60.14.8-0.61.971.750.910.47756.74.93028
HO840003204166786DENOVO ACURA 1249-ET19129.8PINE-TREE ACURA-ET630.061140.20264762.867.
HO840003200569529SANDY-VALLEY ESCANABA-ET19079.9BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET630.03950.09238762.656.
HO840003208401551CO-OP DD SOLUTION 44601-ET190910.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET530.081040.23241742.806.
HO840003204566835RMD-DOTTERER S-S-I 3912-ET190210.5S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET600.071080.21248762.944.
HO840003201996803S-S-I LA 28180 22861-ET190310.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET500.07980.22221762.647.
HO840003200569528SANDY-VALLEY SURREAL-ET19079.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.071080.20256772.746.
HO840003204581113FB 7529 RIVETING 476619-ET190310.2S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET510.08840.17205762.796.
HO840003210914767BOMAZ LEGACY 9214-ET190910PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET500.111120.31247752.726.
HO840003211131189APRILDAY MAGNITUDE ANGEL-ET200210.1PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET520.04800.10184742.727.
HO840003143986730SIEMERS SOLUTION ROZ 31761190710.3FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET470.03930.15188752.747.
HO840003211374390FB 420789 HEROIC 637553-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET530.041180.23257752.845.
HO840003211982294FB 7669 ROYAL 648915-ET20029.5DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET710.061160.17269772.884.7-
HO840003209312125BOMAZ ENTITY 609-ET190910.3DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET640.081240.26280752.874.61.83.2-0.30.911.05-0.05-0.44736.24.53018
HO840003204166491DENOVO ROYAL 954-ET190810.5DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET510.051080.22228762.966.
HO840003204166180DENOVO ENTITY 643-ET19059.4DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET590.021160.17253762.736.43.33.6-0.30.861.250.19-0.66737.05.13013
HO840003204166666DENOVO HEROIC 1129-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET480.051230.28256762.806.
HO840003204326593WET RENEGADE MARLA-ET19079.9S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.05990.13228752.745.
HO840003209641747PEAK GOTHEL-ET200110.6PROGENESIS MAESTRO680.05940.10216732.745.71.57.2-0.11.911.500.481.15707.15.03013
HO840003204166761DENOVO ROWDY 122419129.9ABS ROWDY-ET700.031230.16277782.985.
HO840003204166803DENOVO HEROIC 1266-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET570.051040.17233752.796.
HO840003201996875LARS-ACRES SSI 22933-ET190410.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET620.06910.12240762.855.
HO840003209312149BOMAZ HEROIC 633-ET191210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET510.091360.36291752.795.43.25.0-
HO840003210258096PINE-TREE 7883 HERO 8666-ET200310.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET510.081130.28241762.875.
HO840003210555107WINSTAR ENTITY 6411-ET19109.6DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET480.071190.29252762.726.
HO840003204166749DENOVO PRINCE 1212-ET191110.6DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ET550.06930.17228762.707.
HO840003205436236PEAK MAUDIE-ET190810.7PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT580.06950.16215762.686.
HO840003208823707S-S-I RENEGDE 8645 10904-ET190710S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.111070.23259752.824.
HO840003209641771PEAK DNALEE MLLNAL 82649-ET20019.8WINSTAR JUICY MILLENIAL-ET680.05940.10240732.926.
HO840003210555124WINSTAR HEROIC 6428-ET191010.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET580.061320.28286762.715.
HO840003205638777MS T-SPRUCE LEGACY 13312-ET19059.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET450.05990.21223762.608.
HO840003211979936HOLLERMANN FB 646557-ET200110.7PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET350.061010.27206752.727.
HO840003131225248GENOSOURCE CHANDLER 8299-ET190910.4S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET500.11730.17199752.666.
HO840003209872044200110.1MR D-WORTH MENACE-ET390.061110.29231762.875.
HO840003210327033FB 73 ARISTOCRAT 612502-ET190810.7MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET520.02850.10191772.617.
HO840003200569566SANDY-VALLEY LEGCY PIXEL-ET19069.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET540.12780.18208762.687.
HO840003212844925WEBB-VUE ROME 9777-ET200110.2DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET370.06990.25218772.677.
HO840003214317219WINSTAR BUNDLE 6796-ET20029.8DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET520.08960.21227762.568.
HO840003210258001PINE-TREE 7593 HERO 8571-ET191110.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET490.061190.27260762.796.
HO840003211395095S-S-I RENEGA OZZIE 11623-ET200110.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET590.08900.15210752.804.
HO840003204166619DENOVO HEROIC 1082-ET191010.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET460.071160.30252762.886.
HO840003131224867S-S-I EISAKU 10073 12616-ET191210.4SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET530.07900.17208752.807.
HO840003204166280DENOVO ENTITY 743-ET190610.6DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET400.061080.28216762.677.
HO840003211372663PLAIN-KNOLL FB 635826-ET191210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET680.081230.23281772.874.10.43.7-1.31.450.860.58-0.32757.25.23001
HO840003200824689PEAK MARACA-ET18129.9PROGENESIS POSITIVE650.08950.15229762.906.
HO840003211369894FB 415007 HEROIC 633057-ET191210.8PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET390.091340.42268762.805.
HO840003211375963FB 12046 HEROIC 639126-ET200110.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET460.031080.21211762.855.
HO840003201829518WILRA SSI LEGACY 2018-ET190810.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET420.08900.23209762.588.
HO840003204166537DENOVO ACURA 1000-ET190910.8PINE-TREE ACURA-ET440.051040.23220762.797.
HO840003206350053OCD LEGACY LEXUS 49763-ET190910.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.061050.16253752.755.
HO840003209641698PEAK EUDORA-ET191210.5PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT620.051000.15221762.745.40.34.6-0.21.981.630.570.87736.25.02999
HO840003146620781STGEN RUBICON 87719191210.5ST GEN NOBLE DUBAI-ET660.07660.03197762.647.
HO840003209611522COOKIECUTTER HOAKLYNN-ET191010.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.04770.07193742.556.
HO840003210563803FB MAEVE CRIMSON 622352-ET191010.4ABS CRIMSON-ET510.051030.20222762.587.
HO840003214317264WINSTAR PRINCE 6841-ET200210.5DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ET570.02960.11210752.727.
HO840003208851757DENOVO ENTITY 10506-ET190810.7DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET510.08920.19209762.657.
HO840003210559208HOLLERMANN HOMERUN-ET190810.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET490.05770.12187762.547.
HO840003208004195PLAIN-KNOLL MAJESTY 2666-ET190710PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.07960.16234762.656.
HO840003211715102HOLYLAND 3331 RITZ 3807-ET19109.8COOKIECUTTER LGND HUSKY-ET550.01760.04181762.907.
HO840003211979286FB 6216 POSITIVE 645907-ET200110.5PROGENESIS POSITIVE490.071040.23226762.865.
HO840003146638501ADAWAY RIO 2186-ET180910.2OCD FRANCHISE RIO-ET610.00950.06216772.864.
HO840003208441190FB 164 ENTITY 603337-ET190710.2DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET520.051010.18215762.716.
HO840003205704142GENOSOURCE MITZY 8214-ET190610.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.041040.18228732.666.
HO840003208442238FB 22 MONTREAL 604385-ET190710.2BOMAZ MONTREAL-ET470.081160.30253763.
HO840003131225045MELARRY S-S-I 2948 12569-ET191010DE-SU ROCKETFIRE ROSCOE640.091180.24275762.944.
HO840003201256048TERRA-LINDA AZ SOL 31145-ET19089.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.05940.13221762.636.
HO840003201996849LARS-ACRES SSI 22907-ET190310.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.09840.13219762.726.
HO840003202071077GENOSOURCE REVOLUTION-ET191110.5MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET600.04900.10209762.756.
HO840003210914875BOMAZ HEROIC 9322-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET630.031030.13250742.935.
HO840003212998425BOMAZ HEROIC 9414-ET20019.8PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.031320.23280743.
HO840003152018795SDG 5815 JOSUPER 835-ET190410.1UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET760.031190.12271792.695.10.04.3-0.80.630.42-0.220.11776.94.82991
HO840003204326644WET ROME MALIA-ET191010.2DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET480.04860.14199752.608.
HO840003204382603AOT EISAKU HONESTLY-ET191010SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET510.03920.14197772.795.
HO840003207410576BADGER SSI 15396 16386-ET19089.8A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET490.051050.21222752.715.
HO840003208851823DENOVO ROYAL 10572-ET190910.1DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET490.101120.30246762.835.
HO840003210256520KINGS-RANSOM ESKU DELRAY-ET19129.7SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET570.041150.21244762.864.
HO840003204166689DENOVO ROME 1152-ET19119.8DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET390.05910.21198762.558.
HO840003210555063WINSTAR ROYAL 6367-ET190910DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET630.05950.12246763.
HO840003210690723KINGS-RANSOM ES DAFFODIL-ET20019.9SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET450.07950.23200762.815.
HOUSA000144899940WA-DEL BUNDLE BOBBIJO-ET190910.5DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET620.101260.29277762.984.10.30.9-
HO840003206094180GENOSOURCE BROME 8394-ET191210.5GENOSOURCE GUZMAN-ET580.08870.15215752.627.
HO840003208441175FB 60942 BUNDLE 603322-ET190710.6DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET550.03850.10199762.797.
HO840003210257938PINE-TREE 7883 SOLU 8508-ET19109.9FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET700.06770.04217752.767.
HO840003143547376LADYS-MANOR GRNT OOHM-ET170710PROGENESIS GRANITE460.061060.25222812.784.
HO840003200569754SANDY-VALLEY BOOTSCOOT-ET200110.9PINE-TREE ACURA-ET590.061110.20249763.
HO840003202560485ADAWAY BRASS 2405-ET19079.7BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET630.041000.12220762.735.
HO840003205870229COOKIECUTTER LADYRENEGAD-ET190510S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET490.041020.20219742.804.
HO840003210570261FB 7523 HEROIC 628810-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET490.061240.29264773.
HO840003211371148FB 536 HEROIC 634311-ET191210.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET520.061170.26260762.924.70.53.3-0.11.471.590.39-1.18735.44.62988
HO840003200059834S-S-I NUGENT 2655 12323-ET18129.9S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET580.061020.18230762.854.
HO840003204166981DENOVO HEROIC 1444-ET20019.6PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET540.071200.27266752.954.
HO840003209312124BOMAZ LEGACY 608-ET19099.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET420.091060.31225752.607.
HO840003209641774PEAK GRDIAN MLLNAL 82652-ET20019.8WINSTAR JUICY MILLENIAL-ET610.04700.03198722.737.
HO840003146620083STGEN ARISTOCRAT 87021-ET190810.7MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET690.05900.08228762.826.31.53.6-0.11.491.281.02-0.24746.15.42986
HO840003204166646DENOVO HEROIC 1109-ET191010.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET520.091030.24226762.756.
HO840003204988595TERRA-LINDA TAHITI MAITAI-ET190310.2DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET540.041070.19237773.
HO840003207145211HORSENS S-S-I 3344 4050-ET19069.7PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET550.041040.17229762.855.
HO840003210568794FB 7669 HEROIC 627343-ET191110.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.061230.23259762.834.1-0.55.6-0.61.571.140.080.41747.86.12986
HO840003131224889S-S-I EISAKU 10073 12606-ET191210.1SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET460.05980.21214752.816.
HO840003208357104SIEMERS REN HANINA 32479-ET191110.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET510.12820.21192742.904.
HO840003209343750OCD LEGACY FRANCES 53405-ET191010PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET360.041020.25204762.675.
HO840003210254129LADYS-MANOR ESK OOLALA-ET19129.8SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET560.00990.10217762.955.
HO840003210846831PEAK 30663-ET191010.4BOMAZ ALTASOHOT-ET780.051030.08268762.905.
HO840003211978562HOLLERMANN FB 645183-ET20019.3DENOVO 14685 VALUE-ET440.111000.30219762.557.
HO840003212150299PEAK MEASURE-ET191110.4DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET580.07940.16228762.596.
HO840003205435919PEAK C4740 MLSTON 81849-ET190410.4PEAK ALTAMILESTONE-ET680.071010.14247762.863.9-0.71.5-0.31.731.730.71-0.35756.66.02984
HO840003209312122BOMAZ LEGACY 606-ET190910.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.07920.14233752.706.
HO840003205359189DENOVO DIVERSITY 10352-ET190510.2DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET470.061130.26236762.815.
HO840003205767068LADYS-MANOR HUEY OOHM-ET190210.8T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET540.05960.16213762.835.
HO840003208357045SIEMERS EISK HANNA 32420-ET191110.2SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET610.02910.08217742.914.80.53.6-
HO840003210569564FB 420682 HEROIC 628113-ET191110.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET680.101100.21268762.955.
HO840003211372114FB 80851 HEROIC 635277-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.061230.23272762.954.01.43.0-
HO840003202071075GENOSOURCE REVOKE 43474-ET191110.1MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET630.061030.16244762.736.
HO840003205436238PEAK HOLA PRSUT 82168-ET19089.8PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT660.06950.12227742.755.
HO840003205870497COOKIECUTTER HOCHELE-ET190711REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET520.07870.16194762.664.
HO840003123606979STGEN NOBLE 63190-ET190410.4MR SPRING NOBLE-ET500.08770.15189792.746.
HO840003211372472OCD FB 45230 HERO 635635-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET590.061060.19244752.834.60.82.5-0.21.601.840.16-0.42735.85.72981
HO840003211378282TTM LEGACY ARABELLA-ET19119.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.051050.16255772.675.
HO840003210555134WINSTAR LIONEL 6438-ET191010.9MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET490.05990.20213762.685.
HO840003210559377HOLLERMANN TRY ME 1700-ET19129.5MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET600.06720.06197752.707.
HO840003210569690FB 390297 HEROIC 628239-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET480.031010.18218762.876.
HO840003211145085AURORA SPARTACUS 22438-ET20029.8K-STYLE TARINO SPARTACUS-ET580.041080.17247732.964.4-1.00.2-0.11.962.040.84-0.87717.37.02980
HO840003211364402DENOVO HEROIC 10641-ET19109.9PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET380.101260.41259772.756.
HO840003211370171FB 7777 HEROIC 633334-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET480.041260.27260762.905.
HO840003127994492WILRA DYNAMO 208619099.6MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET630.02940.08229782.757.
HO840003200824492PEAK OLINKA-ET181010.8PROGENESIS MARIUS560.09940.19217762.756.
HO840003201993844DENOVO HUGHES 10106-ET18129.6RICKLAND HUGHES-ET570.081240.28264763.
HO840003205234917KINGS-RANSOM LGCY DAKOTA-ET190810.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET420.04900.18199772.546.
HO840003205666631FB 7467 HUEY 498391-ET190610.6T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET450.06980.22209772.785.
HO840003207145449S-S-I HOR 4361 4288-ET200110K-STYLE TARINO SPARTACUS-ET490.11810.21198752.955.
HO840003207410579BADGER SSI 15396 16389-ET190810.2A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET470.061030.22214762.845.
HO840003208004415PLAIN-KNOLL RENGADE 2886-ET19129.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET630.08720.08203762.696.
HO840003210258028PINE-TREE 275 LEGAC 8598-ET191210.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.071020.16245752.635.50.72.8-
HO840003210568875FB 399 HEROIC 627424-ET191010.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET450.091010.27214762.866.
HO840003214857175SCENERY-VIEW EISHA-ET200210.9SANDY-VALLEY CHALLENGER-ET500.05930.17197762.705.
HO840003204567083S-S-I RMD KARLA 4160-ET200110.4PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET430.03870.15182762.496.
HO840003208004408PLAIN-KNOLL VENTURE 2879-ET191210.8DENOVO 2705 VENTURE-ET550.061080.21236762.775.
HO840003210132322DENOVO ROYAL 1513-ET20029.9DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET500.05990.19226762.855.
HO840003202071065GENOSOURCE RETAIN 43464-ET191110.8MR SUPERHERO DEDICATE-ET670.08880.12233762.915.
HO840003204166707DENOVO HEROIC 1170-ET191110.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET590.041100.17232762.775.
HO840003205638471190210.5S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET670.02960.07232752.845.
HO840003205704051BOMAZ ENTITY 80648-ET190610.5DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET600.09900.16220742.767.
HO840003205771125PENN-ENGLAND BARB 16118-ET19059.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET530.051000.18216762.675.
HO840003210132391DENOVO ROYAL 1582-ET20029.7DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET540.081210.29277762.895.
HO840003211977429PLAIN-KNOLL FB 644050-ET200110.3PINE-TREE ACURA-ET790.041110.09268773.
HO840003204166668DENOVO CRIMSON 1131-ET191110.6ABS CRIMSON-ET610.011100.13239762.686.
HO840003205768236PRESTON S-S-I 5716 23054-ET190510.1S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET580.07920.16210752.725.
HO840003208949434T-SPRUCE SOLUTION 13575-ET19079.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET560.091090.25236753.
HO840003209641706PEAK ELEANR PRSUT 82584-ET200110.1PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT600.021070.14226732.735.5-
HO840003209872016LA-CA-DE-LE MONIQUE-ET19129.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET590.031100.17248762.756.02.54.5-0.30.671.070.54-0.73747.34.32976
HO840003210914947BOMAZ PRINCE 9394-ET200110.4DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ET500.121160.33249732.815.
HO840003211373479HOLLERMANN FB 636642-ET200110PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET46-0.021210.19240762.835.
HO840003211630559TERRA-LINDA EXCALIBUR 7223200110.7SANDY-VALLEY KR EXCALIBUR510.07840.16186762.743.
HO840003211977292FB 17710 VALUE 643913-ET20019.2DENOVO 14685 VALUE-ET690.04990.10243752.944.
HO840003204166641DENOVO HEROIC 1104-ET191010.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET540.071180.26260762.845.31.44.1-
HO840003204166670DENOVO HEROIC 1133-ET191110.3PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET570.031210.21265762.736.
HO840003206094174GENOSOURCE BROCADE 8388-ET191210.2GENOSOURCE GUZMAN-ET650.061000.15239752.865.
HO840003214251017WINSTAR HEROIC 6616-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET500.03920.14213762.895.
HO840003201829519WILRA SSI LEGACY 2019-ET190910PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET570.051120.20258762.865.
HO840003204166207DENOVO BILLY 670-ET19059.6MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET390.131100.38232762.736.
HO840003204166552DENOVO ACURA 1015-ET190910.1PINE-TREE ACURA-ET480.06970.20213762.647.
HO840003208401773PEAK DD RIVETING 44823-ET191210.5S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET490.07770.15192732.626.
HO840003208409665RI-VAL-RE SOLUTION 4691-ET20019.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET390.041110.27223762.557.14.77.9-
HO840003209312139BOMAZ HEROIC 623-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET500.041300.28285743.
HO840003209641753PEAK MARGE PRSUT 82631-ET200110.6PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT720.04930.06233742.746.60.04.2-0.81.491.350.65-0.13727.26.22974
HO840003210555121WINSTAR ACURA 6425-ET191010.1PINE-TREE ACURA-ET450.08910.22208762.787.
HO840003210566488FB 407529 HEROIC 625037-ET191010.8PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET540.081100.24247762.924.
HO840003211980941FB 427714 KENNEDY 647562-ET200210.8DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET530.071180.27260763.
HO840003214317167WINSTAR HEROIC 6744-ET200110.6PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET360.061030.28208762.895.
HO840003214317194WINSTAR RENEGADE 6771-ET200110.3S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET570.091020.22231762.835.
HO840003214353691PENN-ENGLAND BARB 17034-ET200110.4S-S-I DELROY BIGGELO-ET430.111150.35239742.784.

GTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA Inc. 2020

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Bulls with no daughters in their genomic proofs for Production or Type.  No Requirement for semen status.

Registration NumberNameRequesterNAAB codeBirth Date
HO840003210132938DENOVO 16429 HERCULES-ETABS029HO19555191010.558124286762.816.
HO840003208037185WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ETABS029HO1951819089.856134295762.904.
HO840003210133294DENOVO 16785 REMEDY-ETABS029HO1964920019.956114263762.896.
HO840003210133210DENOVO 16701 HUNTSVILLE-ETABS200110.561130274762.905.
HO840003205704153RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ETSelect007HO15167190610.356112249772.716.
HO840003211634658FB 397915 HEROIC 561012-ETABS191110.353126273762.985.
HO840003210132987DENOVO 16478 ABUNDANT-ETABS029HO19568191010.354123262762.836.
HO840003212876562BOMAZ HEROIC 2841-ETABS200210.359129273763.
HO840003213001110PEAK MAGNIFIQUE-ETPEAK200110.264103234732.826.
HO840003147118734GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ETSexTech551HO04119190110.260112261772.926.
HO840003206094216GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN JACK-ETNSexTech200110.260112261772.925.
HO840003206094217GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN JOHN-ETNSexTech200110.260112261772.925.
HO840003213241707PINE-TREE 8177 HEROI 737-ETABS200110.160126285752.934.
HO840003209819087Z-HAPPY WINTERFELL-ETABS029HO19629190910.360116254772.795.
HO840003210341505AOT HABITUDE-ETSelect200210.23395193762.666.
HO840003210590170PEAK ZILLION-ETPEAK191210.164114274752.636.02.05.3-0.91.381.410.47-0.95738.26.53048
HO840003209641800PEAK GALAPAGOS-ETPEAK20019.770110274742.796.
HO840003207772711FB 376832 HEROIC 189306-ETABS191110.455131292762.935.
HO840003148929379SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ETSelect014HO15223190310.359109251762.835.
HO840003209641798PEAK GO GETTER-ETPEAK200110.466109268742.845.12.03.7-0.51.341.780.52-0.77716.36.23038
HO840003210132842DENOVO 16333 ENVY-ETABS029HO19510190810.256118249762.816.
HO840003209481087SANDY-VALLEY UNLIMITED-ETSelect19109.65096210752.847.
HO840003210133289DENOVO 16780 RAIDER-ETABS029HO19650200110.170130289763.053.3-
HO840003213241674PINE-TREE 7829 HEROI 704-ETABS191210.446126262762.865.
HO840003150687531PINE-TREE TENNESSEE-ETABS029HO19580191010.559128288772.856.
HO840003207773361FB 1255 HEROIC 189956-ETABS191110.447134275762.955.
HO840003210132823LEVEL-PLAIN DENOVO VERDI-ETABS029HO1949619089.854122262762.795.
HO840003206093970BOMAZ TOP DOG-ETSelect007HO15069190310.146108224772.696.
HO840003209481210SANDY-VALLEY M ZORRO-ETSelect200210.35496210742.666.
HO840003207771282FB 390297 HEROIC 187877-ETABS191110.256124268762.825.
HO840003207772616FB 415007 HEROIC 189211-ETABS19119.740138269752.766.
HO840003208834954KINGS-RANSOM LEGY DRIVEN-ETSelect191110.45199227752.706.
HO840003210133081DENOVO 16572 HALSEY-ETABS029HO19612191210.750136280762.825.
HO840003208834966KINGS-RANSOM AC DONTTELL-ETABS200110.95293224752.798.
HO840003210132950DENOVO 16441 MILLENNIUM-ETABS029HO19553191010.642117250762.727.
HO840003209481208SANDY-VALLEY H EPIC-ETABS200210.548108236762.726.
HO840003204165275DENOVO 16037 BOONE-ETABS029HO1943419069.871121274762.755.
HO840003210132820DENOVO 16311 IMPERIAL-ETABS029HO1949519089.966112253772.875.
HO840003148929351SANDY-VALLEY SUPERCHARGE-ETSelect007HO15337190510.35784213782.747.
HO840003200824445PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ETPEAK011HO15036180910.660108250762.776.
HO840003149934634PLAIN-KNOLL LGCY TRIBUTE-ETSelect007HO1518119069.86283208772.547.
HO840003208951942T-SPRUCE RENEGADE REGAL-ETSelect007HO15370191110.85690214752.566.
HO840003207772670FB 415007 HEROIC 189265-ETABS191110.752129266762.864.
HO840003209481114SANDY-VALLEY LAKER-ETABS029HO19625191011.061104232762.757.
HO840003209641362PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ETPEAK190910.25997216762.756.
HO840003204165457DENOVO 16219 ALADDIN-ETABS029HO19482190710.961114272772.925.
HO840003209641779PEAK OLINKA MSTRO 82657-ETPEAK200110.45984204732.676.
HO840003210133211DENOVO 16702 RIDGEWAYABS20019.947128274763.
HO840003210133051DENOVO HEROIC 16542-ETABS191110.149127268762.875.
HO840003207410295MATCREST HAILED-ETPEAK011HO1536119059.46494215772.875.
HO840003210133019DENOVO 16510 SHOWCASE-ETABS029HO19576191110.345108215762.666.
HO840003205251583BADGER SSI LUCIA FANECA-ETSelect007HO15139190511.048124239772.804.40.54.5-0.21.811.600.500.70765.83.73010
HO840003208357241SIEMERS D PATRIOT 32616-ETSemex19129.66892217792.945.
HOCAN000013353810PROGENESIS ESPN-ETSemex200HO1185019059.55594200762.794.
HO840003143701526STGEN NASH SPORTY-ETSexTech551HO03957190710.271101243772.775.
HO840003206350072OCD LEGACY EXTRA-ETSelect19099.941107242762.597.
HO840003208410630CHERRYPENCOL L LENNOX-ETSelect19109.948100229752.735.
HO840003210341485FLY-HIGHER HUCK-ETSelect191210.26594226752.635.
HO840003210132966DENOVO 16457 HALSTEAD-ETABS029HO19551191010.748107236762.776.
HO840003203326098VANDEN-BERGE NOWS HARPER-ETSelect190910.461123270752.893.80.02.5-0.21.411.040.71-0.29746.25.43006
HO840003207410509BADGER SSI LEGCY DOBBINS-ETSelect007HO15173190610.258121262772.723.7-
HO840003210133296DENOVO 16787 RINGO-ETABS029HO1965120019.761118274763.
HO840003010353767GENOSOURCE BIG DEAL-ETSexTech191210.868102254752.765.61.24.3-0.81.561.220.86-0.51726.06.13004
HO840003210133256DENOVO ROYAL 16747-ETABS20029.963119279763.
HOUSA000144899968WA-DEL LEGACY BOUNTY-ETSelect191010.360101241762.815.
HO840003213241715PINE-TREE 7793 LEGAC 745-ETSelect200210.049101237762.676.
HO840003127590933DENOVO ACURA 3335-ETABS190810.656126268762.816.
HO840003127591107DENOVO ADMIRAL 3509-ETABS20029.743120246752.805.
HO840003207773375FB 383688 HEROIC 189970-ETABS191110.751103228762.676.
HO840003210132968DENOVO 16459 JAMAICA-ETABS029HO19550191010.347119254772.965.
HO840003150687582PINE-TREE 7593 HEROI 698-ETABS191210.144139280762.815.
HO840003200122873IDEAL 12993Select200210.751103221742.846.
HO840003206350171OCD HOTJOB TALON-ETSelect19109.55380180752.705.
HO840003210056021DENOVO 406136 DONNELLY-ETABS029HO1952219089.357111247772.775.
HO840003210133149DENOVO 16640 HORTON-ETABS029HO19623191210.762109243762.675.41.24.9-1.01.661.290.58-0.58747.04.23000
HO840003149934677PLAIN-KNOLL CALVRY 10969-ETSelect19089.955118254762.925.
HO840003200122794FLY-HIGHER SUGARDADDY-ETSelect19119.86499244752.815.
HO840003207772207FB 8084 HEROIC 188802-ETABS19119.945111237762.815.
HO840003209641749PEAK DNALEE RADAR 82627-ETPEAK200110.070110257742.995.51.01.0-
HO840003211394853SSI-DUCKETT 11381Select19119.97493234762.955.
HO840003206144957BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ETSelect250HO1515219039.848103224762.725.
HO840003208410705CHERRYPENCOL M LUKE-ETSelect200210.645117245742.884.
HO840003210132897DENOVO DIVERSITY 16388-ETABS190910.044115237762.807.
HO840003201862905WINSTAR GALILEO-ETABS029HO1931619019.460114250772.736.
HO840003207770700FB LOTUS MERRIMAC MBAPPE-ETABS029HO1950819079.456112256762.665.
HO840003210133266DENOVO 16757 ADONIS-ETABS029HO19561191010.150130282772.915.
HO840003210133268DENOVO 16759 SYDNEY-ETABS029HO1956319109.752131272762.866.
HO840003210133061DENOVO 16552 SIMMONS-ETABS029HO19611191110.148116234762.666.
HO840003143701578STGEN TAMPA 4135-ETSexTech191010.66760188752.697.
HO840003200270290LADYS-MANOR OUTCOME-ETZoetis200HO11949190511.24897209772.745.
HO840003207773157BGP FB 501 HEROIC 189752-ETABS191010.458119264762.814.
HO840003210132834DENOVO 16325 SENTIMENT-ETABS029HO19501190810.464120269762.886.43.44.0-0.40.890.220.46-0.07747.15.62992
HO840003210133222DENOVO 16713 HIXSON-ETABS200110.255111234762.784.8-0.43.9-0.41.582.130.740.01747.66.02992
HO840003208037405WINSTAR ROWDY 2846-ETABS191210.170106250782.915.91.42.2-0.61.341.200.70-0.26767.45.92991
HO840003213241719PINE-TREE 8177 HEROI 749-ETABS20029.15499229752.895.
HO840003209641351PEAK DEEP DIVE-ETPEAK190810.65398211762.836.
HO840003210987525C-HAVEN POSITIVE DELUXE-ETHO19099.661119256752.804.50.14.2-0.31.420.940.22-0.18735.25.62990
HO840003211003214OCD HEROIC DEALER-ETABS20029.95989218752.826.
HO840003206094230GENOSOURCE HAGGARD-ETSexTech200210.576116276782.915.01.72.2-0.70.870.530.36-0.67767.76.42989
HO840003209481212SANDY-VALLEY ZEPLIN-ETSelect200210.942103217742.875.
HO840003210133048DENOVO 16539 HILLGATE-ETABS029HO1964019119.951110241762.925.
HO840003211003110OCD MAESTRO BRUNSWICK-ETSemex200110.75672187752.658.
HO840003143806809CO-OP HH ALTAJUMP CUT-ETPEAK011HO15209190110.679112271792.804.20.53.0-0.30.710.42-0.080.04786.24.12988
HO840003210132922DENOVO 16413 HARRINGTON-ETABS029HO19545191010.44699212762.736.
HOCAN000013483360PROGENESIS ROCKSOLID-ETZoetis200HO11922190810.95293208762.706.
HO840003201522153SHILOH-USA STEALTH-ETPEAK011HO15284190510.16788214772.776.
HO840003202560470ADAWAY HIGH DEMAND 2390-ETSelect007HO1526619079.75384188772.655.
HO840003208037380WINSTAR HEROIC 2821-ETABS191110.354106245762.925.
HO840003210133258DENOVO ROYAL 16749-ETABS200210.261125276763.
HO840003210258278FURNACE-HILL EXPECTANT-ETSelect19099.74782197762.667.
HO840003143986308SIEMERS RENEGADE ROZLINE-ETSelect250HO15087190410.447112227762.654.
HO840003207410684BADGER SSI BIG AL NEWMAN-ETSelect19109.43389188762.618.
HO840003208679933BOMAZ FABLE-ETABS029HO19579191110.064130300772.883.5-0.33.1-0.10.740.38-0.03-0.79745.84.82986
HO840003210132926DENOVO 16417 BEBOP-ETABS029HO19544191010.053115258762.795.
HO840003202157410TTM LEGACY SHINE-ETSelect007HO15334190710.84089195772.528.
HO840003202768444AOT EISAKU HAMPTON-ETSelect191110.55476183752.776.
HO840003207772709FB 7683 HEROIC 189304-ETABS191110.449115232762.915.
HO840003211394946SSI-DUCKETT 11474Select191210.25094207762.776.
HO840003142332589PINE-TREE HEROIC-ETABS029HO19000180210.344129267792.875.
HO840003149391871BADGER SSI SOL BULLSEYE-ETSelect007HO1493718119.76067173772.667.
HO840003210133212DENOVO 16703 PERCY-ETABS200110.949110234752.745.
HO840003143986627SIEMERS BRAVEFIREFIGHTER-ETZoetis200HO11906190610.87383233772.916.
HO840003199699626WELCOME TURNKEY 4160Select190310.25894225762.964.
HO840003206350809OCD PRINCE FELIX-ETABS200110.75192207752.667.
HO840003150687414PINE-TREE KASHI-ETABS029HO19468190510.47384229772.985.
HO840003204165272DENOVO 16034 CABO-ETABS029HO19433190610.25393219772.766.
HO840003207773189FB 415007 HEROIC 189784-ETABS191010.549124279762.835.
HO840003209343939OCD LEGACY FAULK-ETSelect191110.65287198762.676.
HO840003210133033DENOVO 16524 HUXLEY-ETABS029HO19604191110.643115237762.775.
HO840003210645810GENOSOURCE DOMINGUEZ-ETSexTech191210.65178197762.677.
HO840003007971642DELICIOUS CHARL HOLDON-ETSexTech551HO03823181110.56285216772.786.
HO840003147805894PEAK 169-ETPEAK191110.74688190742.826.
HO840003200124761SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ETSelect007HO15085190210.25994211772.934.
HO840003203292403T-SPRUCE LEGACY LIFT OFF-ETSelect007HO15182190510.05287213762.755.
HO840003210133027DENOVO 16518 HUNTLEY-ETABS029HO19581191110.753108237762.835.
HO840003215425258PEAK 82739-ETPEAK200210.268101236732.894.50.71.2-0.11.591.540.84-0.38708.06.12980
HO840003200122860IDEAL 12980Select20019.960109237752.645.
HO840003201522523MELARRY LEGACY 5188-ETZoetis19119.86391230752.657.
HO840003204165213DENOVO 15975 BONAFIDE-ETABS029HO19389190410.158105254762.976.
HO840003209641335PEAK DASHE TMBRLK 82213-ETPEAK190810.66569187762.926.
HO840003210133128LEVEL-PLAIN DENOVO VILLA-ETABS029HO1964619129.850121256762.874.
HO840003139112741HILMAR-D B RASCAL-ETABS191110.253105220762.855.82.61.2-0.31.911.471.380.95737.64.82978
HO840003150997170FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ETSelect014HO15201190111.25781209772.735.
HO840003200650524FB 7683 BILLY ALONSO-ETABS029HO1944819049.358115248762.916.
HO840003204165532DENOVO 16294 ARENA-ETABS029HO19527190910.64683198762.738.
HOCAN000013483390PROGENESIS ENCOURAGE-ETZoetis200HO11925190910.06596237762.865.11.03.7-0.31.761.870.17-0.51756.46.02978
HO840003127590984DENOVO 3386 DUEL-ETABS191010.364126278762.923.5-0.61.9-1.31.521.110.57-0.28747.35.52977
HO840003143701920STGEN TAMPA 4224-ETSexTech20019.76083230752.827.
HO840003203326156VANDEN-BERGE 4835Select190910.059100225752.734.
HO840003209365435LEVEL-PLAIN LEG VENUS-ETSelect007HO1519619079.754105253762.776.
HO840003209641793PEAK MAGNTA MLLNAL 82671-ETPEAK200110.95276202722.957.
HO840003203845363STGEN IDEALIST-ETSexTech551HO03845181210.26186221772.846.
HO840003207773177FB 415007 HEROIC 189772-ETABS191010.750130279762.855.
HO840003207773396FB 7899 HEROIC 189991-ETABS191110.651138283762.824.61.36.0-1.30.920.890.54-0.32748.46.72976
HO840003208410599PEN-COL L BINGO-ETSelect190810.14197208762.777.
HO840003209343554OCD CASCADE MINT-ETSelect190810.26182206762.715.
HO840003210132856DENOVO 16347 DISCO-ETABS029HO19514190810.362123267762.883.70.51.4-
HO840003211634659FB 8037 HEROIC 561013-ETABS191111.258102238762.975.
HO840003212876544BOMAZ HARLEM-ETABS029HO1963620019.857114245763.
HO840003200824712PEAK MOLINE-ETPEAK734HO0011319019.955118247762.864.
HO840003202241178BOMAZ JUNCTURE-ETABS029HO19335190210.683133309802.973.10.51.4-1.30.490.35-0.97-0.19798.04.92975
HO840003213241726PINE-TREE 8169 HEROI 756-ETABS200210.959103248752.865.
HO840003138499013PEAK COOKIE HELIX 20383-ETPEAK170110.864100231802.795.
HO840003204165093DENOVO 15855 KAHUNA-ETABS029HO1938119049.95497229762.767.
HO840003207410344MATCREST LEGACY LAZER-ETSelect007HO1519519089.956115249772.705.
HO840003209481205SANDY-VALLEY SOLOVEY-ETABS200110.654105228762.795.31.35.0-0.21.681.690.620.09748.05.32974
HO840003138102666RI-VAL-RE LARIAT-ETGenVis170311.066108236792.924.40.61.7-0.51.561.410.910.47797.26.12973
HO840003150687566PINE-TREE 7593 HEROIC682-ETABS191110.456128281762.885.
HO840003200824963PEAK FORTNITE-ETPEAK001HO15055181110.25995220762.616.
HO840003204165279DENOVO 16041 FLINT-ETABS029HO19435190610.246113241762.776.
HO840003204165479DENOVO 16241 CHANDLER-ETABS029HO19531190910.247112233762.806.
HO840003204457088OCD FORTE MARKY-ETSelect19049.74096192762.596.
HO840003210133207DENOVO 16698 PRINCETON-ETABS200110.558108254762.855.
HO840003215425267PEAK 82748-ETPEAK200210.37076215732.647.
HO840003200122690COOKIECUTTER HELIOGEN-ETSelect007HO15250190610.75682199762.567.
HO840003202071100GENOSOURCE JESSE JAMES-ETSexTech191210.07297250762.885.51.60.9-0.10.970.771.14-0.25735.64.92972
HO840003207770974FB 6141 ARISTCRAT 187569-ETGenVis190910.86286206762.845.
HO840003208037395WINSTAR HEROIC 2836-ETABS19119.847120244762.755.81.94.1-0.40.931.380.55-0.40746.64.12972
HO840003208037418WINSTAR HEROIC 2859-ETABS19129.94393200762.607.
HO840003209344323OCD HEROIC SHEFFIELD-ETABS200210.545102217752.726.
HO840003209641742PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82620-ETPEAK200110.167123267732.854.2-0.31.0-1.91.761.320.040.49727.35.22972
HO840003210341497AOT HOMECOMING-ETSelect200110.54079171762.835.
HO840003200270323LADYS-MANOR EISAKU OHIOSelect191010.44882182762.995.
HO840003204165241DENOVO 16003 EUTOPIA-ETABS029HO19413190510.337119238762.696.
HO840003206191778FB 390297 KENOBI 186977-ETABS190510.06189221762.806.
HO840003206289383MELARRY EISAKU FANTASTIC-ETSelect007HO15151190410.253105226762.775.
HO840003207349716PEAK 351-ETPEAK191210.24483192762.896.
HO840003210341491AOT HUCKLEBERRY-ETSelect200110.75590223752.825.
HO840003149236600LARCREST CAPTIVATING-ETSelect250HO15156190210.65084181772.754.
HO840003204164807DENOVO 15569 HIGLEY-ETABS18129.665103250772.855.
HO840003204326975WET ACURA MAXIMUS-ETABS191010.348102213762.836.
HO840003204988631TERRA-LINDA TAHITI JAWS-ETSelect007HO15339190510.26059180762.787.
HO840003205704112BOMAZ EPISODE-ETGeneSeek029HO19485190610.251106235772.826.
HO840003212876550BOMAZ HEROIC 2829-ETABS200110.462101226752.746.
HO840003200270308LADYS-MANOR OBSIDIAN-ETSemex19079.342107218762.765.
HO840003200824973PEAK ROCKETMAN-ETPEAK097HO42311181110.34991196762.696.
HO840003201118971CHERRYPENCOL TREATY-ETSelect007HO15318190510.35070185762.657.
HO840003216859224DENOVO PRINCE 16803-ETABS200210.239119240762.816.
HOCAN000013483457PROGENESIS MOONRISE-ETZoetis200HO11933190910.051107233762.777.
HO840003202070877BUTZ-HILL GOLD MINE-ETSexTech551HO04195190610.35772199762.787.
HO840003204326981WET ROYAL MCGREGOR-ETABS19129.852105232762.865.
HO840003214292392WINSTAR PRINCE 2927-ETABS200210.157121259762.715.42.44.0-0.10.660.140.590.15727.14.02968
HO840003132353302MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ETGenVis551HO03714170811.147103217792.834.
HO840003149934632PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY HONOR-ETSelect007HO1518019069.56785217772.705.
HO840003204165375DENOVO 16137 KARIM-ETABS029HO19463190710.345111244762.835.
HO840003204165493DENOVO 16255 HERITAGE-ETABS029HO19269181210.764107246772.886.02.22.4-0.30.960.960.60-0.18755.75.82967
HO840003209343945OCD HIDEYHO SANDERS-ETSelect191110.64693194752.845.
HO840003210133270DENOVO 16761 LOCKWOOD-ETABS029HO19564191011.049108231762.665.
HO840003137661518WINSTAR RESILIENCE-ETSelect014HO1534319039.74597209772.705.
HO840003210133046DENOVO HEROIC 16537-ETABS191110.64497197762.735.
HO840003210258315FURNACE-HILL ENCOURAGER-ETSelect191010.25490204752.775.
HO840003214292371WINSTAR HEROIC 2906-ETABS20019.848112248762.895.
HO840003150687378PINE-TREE LIONEL COWEN-ETSelect551HO0413819049.467119271753.003.7-0.51.8-
HO840003200824958PEAK AUSTAD-ETPEAK734HO00110181010.064106254762.894.00.40.9-0.41.601.330.87-0.76747.16.12965
HO840003206205365S-S-I LEGACY SPOT LITE-ETSelect007HO1505919039.95373196772.627.
HO840003207772567FB 390297 HEROIC 189162-ETABS19109.846102215762.805.
HO840003209481137SANDY-VALLEY NO LIMITS-ETSelect19119.96782199752.786.
HO840003210133011DENOVO 16502 MCGRATH-ETABS029HO19575191110.740100211762.786.
HO840003143701585STGEN DUBAI 4153-ETSexTech191210.86079218762.916.
HO840003205068717HENDEL 757Select19059.66782197762.893.
HO840003205435835PEAK ALTAREAL MONEY-ETPEAK011HO15296190310.65295214762.863.8-
HO840003206350858OCD MAESTR BALANCE 60558-ETSemex200210.24466156752.597.
HO840003150607572DENOVO 15492 HUGO-ETABS029HO19226181110.35486208782.845.
HO840003205068731VATLAND LAWLESS-ETSelect007HO15273190810.844106223762.736.
HO840003205704036S-S-I CASCADE REID-ETSelect007HO15134190510.44294201772.694.
HO840003206350876OCD BLAKE SHELTON-ETSemex200210.95383197742.666.
HO840003209312072BOMAZ HEMI-ETGeneSeek029HO19589191110.445110244772.817.
HO840003209481125SANDY-VALLEY 4163-ETSelect19119.94385197762.608.
HO840003131224824GENOSOURCE STALLION-ETSexTech191210.57074208752.916.
HO840003149934610PLAIN-KNOLL RENEGAD TROOPERSelect007HO15179190510.06097228772.985.
HO840003200824505PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ETPEAK011HO15037181011.17799267762.755.
HO840003210133170DENOVO ACURA 16661-ETABS200110.25589203762.877.
HO840003148929262SANDY-VALLEY ETRNTY EDGE-ETSelect007HO15205190110.25895228772.825.
HO840003200122612COOKIECUTTER LOGISTICS-ETSelect250HO15208190210.645103214772.944.
HO840003202768334AOT HIGHJUMP-ETSemex200HO1169818109.854100228772.784.5-
HO840003209641737PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82615-ETPEAK200110.160119251732.864.90.42.0-0.71.451.16-0.090.33726.15.12961
HO840003209641740PEAK DORI PRSUT 82618-ETPEAK200110.24284175732.676.
HO840003210132955DENOVO 16446 BURKHART-ETABS029HO19552191010.567113269792.915.32.03.4-0.30.741.01-0.71-0.71766.94.92961
HO840003213139240ADAWAY 2538Select20019.54868171762.756.
HO840003213241670PINE-TREE 275 LEGACY 700-ETSelect19129.960104262752.815.
HO840003132354315GENOSOURCE MASTERPIECE-ETSexTech190510.17091231772.896.
HO840003149934690PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY 10982-ETSelect190910.74594211762.677.
HO840003200270289LADYS-MANOR OVERVIEW-ETZoetis200HO1194519059.93193172772.656.
HO840003202985672AURORA SPARTACUS 782-ETSelect20029.75877196752.846.
HO840003208834969KINGS-RANSOM EISAKU DEEPEND-ETSelect20019.740106204762.705.
HO840003210133001DENOVO 16492 HOLLER-ETABS029HO19573191010.853142299762.873.90.32.0-
HO840003215425255PEAK 82736-ETPEAK200210.64188190732.837.
HO840003204457094OCD FORTE MARKYMARK-ETSelect007HO15327190410.14696190772.646.
HO840003206702822PENN-ENGLAND BARB 1523A-ETSelect190910.74085191762.807.
HO840003210133092DENOVO HEROIC 16583-ETABS191210.741113232752.974.
HO840003212150417CO-OP 43435 FRIOUS 62882-ETPEAK200110.35693238732.616.
HO840003143060701DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ETABS029HO19010180310.748108228772.726.
HO840003150687548PINE-TREE 7829 PURSU 664-ETSemex191110.55087205762.657.
HO840003203845450STGEN DEDICATE HEIR-ETSexTech551HO03849190110.45088230772.817.
HO840003131224839GENOSOURCE BLACKLIST-ETSexTech191210.34588196752.745.
HO840003143701923GENOSOURCE NSHVILLE 4233-ETSexTech20019.96187227762.816.
HO840003150607567DENOVO 15487 HENNING-ETABS029HO19223181110.56488217772.884.4-
HO840003150687559PINE-TREE 7593 HEROI 675-ETABS191110.551119274762.886.
HO840003210133244DENOVO HEROIC 16735-ETABS200210.248107231762.755.
HO840003212245699AOT EINSTEIN HEADS UP-ETSemex200210.65587206742.755.
HO840003149514072CLEAR-ECHO ERNEST-ETABS029HO19619190710.35186196772.785.
HO840003203292328T-SPRUCE HUEY RELIANT-ETSelect007HO15099190110.353108226772.905.
HOUSA000144867956FURNACE-HILL LG EXPEDITE-ETSelect19099.64484196762.627.
HO840003010353849GENOSOURCE DELROY-ETSexTech200110.060110239762.965.
HO840003143986192SIEMERS PAYPAL-ETSemex200HO11783190311.04793190772.905.
HO840003208410670PEN-COL L BACHELOR-ETSelect191110.536106231762.716.
HO840003210133228DENOVO 16719 AUGUST-ETABS200110.64682185762.756.
HO840003210979055PINE-TREE 7612 HERO 5536-ETABS200110.74995207762.786.
HO840003211395192SSI-DUCKETT 11720Select200210.23775178752.807.
HO840003215743546CO-OP 31811-ETPEAK200310.36089211752.854.
HOCAN000013030416CLAYNOOK ZASBERILLA-ETSemex200HO11668181010.765113260762.882.8-2.11.2-0.41.861.82-0.260.26759.07.32955
HO840003127591024DENOVO 3426 AVERY-ETABS029HO19584191110.254121260772.876.
HO840003142934562OCD HELIX MILFORD-ETSelect014HO14315170310.561116255812.903.60.24.3-0.11.300.880.600.09808.56.22954
HO840003200122861IDEAL 12981Select20019.74673168752.667.
HO840003204165330DENOVO 16092 BASIL-ETABS190610.350118255762.865.
HO840003204382732AOT HICKORY-ETSelect191210.46572193752.835.
HO840003208037261SEAGULL-BAY ECHO-ETABS19099.947118244762.835.
HO840003209086217SYNERGY 7018-ETSelect190710.17184220762.814.8-
HO840003209312069BOMAZ RAVE-ETSelect029HO19588191010.943105233782.555.42.06.0-
HO840003210132993DENOVO HEROIC 16484-ETABS191010.247125266762.795.21.63.0-1.00.871.150.64-1.15725.74.12954
HO840003210133282DENOVO HEROIC 16773-ETABS191210.93492185752.626.
HO840003211003141OCD POSITIV SASKATCHEWAN-ETSemex200210.65386209762.885.
HO840003209344338OCD HEROIC STOKE-ETABS200210.462101241752.904.
HO840003211395169SSI-DUCKETT 11697Select200210.063103248762.875.
HO840003212874176COOKIECUTTER MAESTRO 90006-ETSemex200210.85674195762.656.
HO840003200122791FLY-HIGHER SUGARSHACK-ETSelect19119.95490223752.696.
HO840003201863001WINSTAR ORACLE-ETABS029HO19398190210.55480194772.746.
HO840003206350007OCD ENTITY SHIM-ETABS190910.157101207762.834.
HO840003206350468OCD ALPHABET TASERSelect190910.167106251762.973.8-1.13.5-0.41.471.430.57-0.84757.36.22952
HO840003207083239JOOK MAGNITUDE 20988-ETHO200110.94088178752.666.
HO840003208357105SIEMERS TWN PARSLY 32480-ETSemex191110.46179192762.875.
HO840003209481132SANDY-VALLEY BIG LIMIT-ETSelect191110.365103237742.805.61.65.6-
HO840003210132961DENOVO HEROIC 16452-ETABS19109.953117254762.944.
HO840003210590264DYKSTRA 31794-ETPEAK200210.26391222762.695.
HO840003211763259DENOVO 410342 DEEKS-ETABS029HO19607191010.051112238772.995.
HO840003212150461CO-OP 62926-ETPEAK200210.55582219752.895.
HO840003139112680HILMAR BOSA-ETZoetis200HO11946190510.55589223772.975.
HO840003146616169ST GEN NOBLE DUBAI-ETSexTech551HO03800180210.75370191792.796.
HO840003149236639LARCREST CONTENDER-ETSelect007HO15088190411.13587181762.635.
HO840003207773324PINE-TREE FB 7019 189919-ETABS191010.46391237772.816.
HO840003208037432WINSTAR HEROIC 2873-ETABS191211.04493202762.726.
HO840003209365445LEVEL-PLAIN VANHALEN-ETABS029HO19626190810.362103241762.754.90.74.5-1.61.661.620.91-0.83737.36.52951
HO840003210133022DENOVO 16513 HARTFORD-ETABS029HO19601191110.055112254762.794.71.53.1-
HO840003143986276SIEMERS R BREWER 31307-ETSelect19049.565100235762.884.40.54.3-0.11.471.091.150.10758.96.42950
HO840003148280120AARDEMA TWILIGHT-ETSelect19059.76392221752.844.5-
HO840003148929347SANDY-VALLEY ESPIONAGE-ETSelect007HO15242190410.25794231772.607.
HO840003149798696MAPLEHURST DELROY TORRO-ETPEAK001HO14127180810.46596248782.885.
HO840003204165271DENOVO 16033 DIEGO-ETABS190611.338109217772.945.
HO840003207770521FB 20637 VENTURE DEGROM-ETABS029HO19450190610.353108241772.825.21.65.1-
HO840003208037355WINSTAR HEROIC 2796-ETABS19119.758121266762.894.3-0.21.8-0.80.921.360.37-0.72746.75.22950
HO840003208410680CHERRYPENCOL R LENNY-ETSelect191210.25683208752.786.
HO840003210132851DENOVO 16342 BLAZEN-ETABS029HO1951319089.940109229762.807.
HO840003210133078DENOVO 16569 PAXTYN-ETABS029HO19613191211.15790209762.646.
HO840003215229370OCD FREEMAN-ETABS20029.95099212752.785.
HOCAN000013483461PROGENESIS PRESSROOM-ETZoetis200HO11923190910.54180168762.756.
HO840003010353830GENOSOURCE DISPATCHER-ETSexTech200110.05385207752.696.
HO840003139112700HILMAR-D LEGACY WARNER-ETSelect007HO15306190610.35199229772.716.
HO840003200824185PEAK MUSCLE UP-ETPEAK001HO15203181210.662116268762.973.4-0.50.0-0.21.371.240.59-0.47748.36.92949
HO840003202157415TTM LEGACY AVID-ETSelect190810.160109259772.785.
HO840003204457096OCD FORTE MUSCLES-ETSelect250HO1523519049.347101211772.844.
HO840003206094036BOMAZ VADER-ETABS029HO19452190610.06887224772.784.
HO840003210133183DENOVO ROYAL 16674-ETABS20019.458106224752.874.
HO840003210133297DENOVO ROYAL 16788-ETABS20019.756115256763.132.6-
HO840003211002851OCD ROSCOE SPRINT-ETSelect191210.14290199752.906.
HO840003211395144SSI-DUCKETT 11672Select20029.94265164752.627.
HO840003142934708OCD HELIX ALPHABET-ETSelect007HO14320170411.060104225802.943.80.43.0-0.21.681.551.00-0.24796.96.12948
HO840003147118750FARNEAR UPSIDE-ETSexTech551HO0403419029.56380219772.797.
HO840003150899574BERRYRIDGE SSI SOL CHASE-ETSelect014HO14906181010.04888196772.755.
HO840003200270319LADYS-MANOR LEG-OOH-ETSelect190910.33493193762.616.
HO840003204165009DENOVO 15771 AERO-ETABS029HO19352190310.262125259802.824.73.24.2-0.70.830.36-0.090.57788.56.62948
HO840003206349434OCD RENEGADE LUNSER-ETSelect007HO15328190610.34999226762.785.
HO840003209481211SANDY-VALLEY ZAG-ETSelect200210.65298210742.714.
HO840003209641755PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82633-ETPEAK200111.170126283732.943.4-0.80.6-1.61.331.11-0.080.29728.76.92948
HO840003214324372LADYS-MANOR BIG ORBITZ-ETSelect19129.753112239752.693.3-

GTPI is a service mark of Holstein Association USA Inc. 2020

Top 100 TPI® International Bulls – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Reliability of at least 80% traditional OR 85% genomic for production and Reliability of at least 80% for type in one of the countries included in MACE evaluations

1AOT SILVER HELIX-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO07770721322015282993.011.8-3.6-0.31.40980.950.350.402997G
2PINE-TREE BURLEY-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO18225521081479232992.894.
3S-S-I JOSUPER ROCKETFIRE-ET TR99IUSA007HO1345485672836194972.906.
4WELCOME SILVER GRIFF-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO07796581071122245983.
5PEAK HOTLINE-ET TY TV100NAUSA097HO4177455941158201972.970.2-2.6-1.32.89961.931.591.252840G
6ABS ACHIEVER-ET TC TY99NAUSA029HO1829633113513227952.775.
7S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE-ET TR TP100NAUSA250HO13267791162395256992.911.3-3.6-2.61.42981.11-0.461.062825G
8MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET TR TC100NAUSA551HO0341660701758184932.836.02.9-0.71.16871.240.98-0.342823G
9MR SPRING NOBLE-ET TR TC99IUSA551HO0341238531063132902.635.
10BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1177964891644217992.735.21.50.9-0.0594-0.26-0.630.002811G
11TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ET TR99ICAN200HO1072956771623181982.785.
12OCD DENVER CANNON-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1288641821225171932.814.1-
13MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ET TC TY99IUSA203HO0151375802360211993.002.8-0.1-1.11.60970.730.21-0.012792G
14EDG RUBICON-ET TR TC100NAUSA151HO006814096776195992.905.02.3-1.21.29990.721.960.332788G
15CO-OP TROY PILEDRIVER-ET TR TP99IUSA001HO12786881033127254993.341.5-1.1-4.11.35930.691.05-0.082786G
MIRABELL SOUND SYSTEM99NAITA543HO0008652901337188882.962.1-
17WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ET TP TC99IUSA001HO1166966821557215982.901.3-1.2-1.31.37942.040.04-0.232778G
18SANDY-VALLEY EVEREST-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO12821451091010223992.804.11.80.8-0.16930.01-0.54-0.062776G
19ABS ROWDY-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1794770882284215982.895.
20BUSH-BROS JSUPR BANCROFT-ET TR99IUSA001HO1192557811249188962.614.52.90.7-0.29860.55-0.830.952763G
21ABS RAIDEN-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1794146931702199992.795.33.1-0.10.16951.03-1.12-0.892760G
MR MOGUL DELTA 1427-ET TR TC100NAUSA203HO0146839671185166992.975.
UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET TR99IUSA029HO1755377872768203992.884.21.4-1.40.54990.27-0.781.072760G
24BUTZ-HILL SILVER WINGS-ET TR99IUSA522HO034143790836180902.823.9-
L-L-M-DAIRY POND PASSAT-ET TR99IUSA007HO1265938841318175982.905.
26PEAK ALTAAMULET-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1172561562000157982.874.40.4-0.51.46951.990.78-0.052758G
27MORNINGVIEW RAWHIDE-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1833743731012163932.812.5-1.0-1.12.06862.221.700.312755G
28S-S-I MILLINGTON TOTEM-ET TR99IUSA250HO135313672708156912.593.
29DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ET TR99IUSA007HO1242146981193212992.712.3-
S-S-I KINGPIN PHANTOM-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1333473932041218982.901.2-2.1-1.91.27950.540.041.062748G
31MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET TR99IUSA007HO1278845761714167992.485.71.8-0.50.67981.21-0.13-0.472747G
32CO-OP ME LANDMINE-ET TR TP99NAUSA001HO1308764862441202982.943.00.01.5-0.2189-0.35-0.65-0.422746G
33WET RODGERS MYLES TR TP100NAUSA014HO0780448441302128982.843.
34HURTGENLEA YDR OUTSIDERS-ET TR100NAUSA007HO1281958842043180982.873.41.5-0.20.57940.480.350.892742G
35BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ET TR99IUSA007HO1294252481381125942.686.
36OCD SPRING SAMURI-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO128973877415166983.
37PROGENESIS GRANITE-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1061646871098175983.
38VH BROOKDNK236HO007342780-260173902.475.
39SILVERRIDGE V ETESIAN-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1060645562006117922.794.
40DE-SU 13050 SPECTRE-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO18208461101266223942.993.
OCD JOSUPER ZAMBONI-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1283754621721158972.753.7-0.5-0.31.48911.670.52-0.082727G
42BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ET TC TY99IUSA551HO034152779834170942.806.
BUTZ-HILL WINDFALL 54771-ET TC99IUSA551HO0334150901929215973.063.8-
MR MOGUL DENVER 1426-ET TC TY100NAUSA151HO0069063892047210993.161.3-2.3-1.71.36991.950.30-0.232726G
45BOMAZ ALTAUPSHOT-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1178159792005193982.934.
46IHG ABS JERICHO-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1811050851218184972.873.00.1-1.21.41931.340.060.742713G
47SEAGULL-BAY RIVERWIND-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO182173362527139922.944.
48BRYHILL ALTAHOTSHOT-ET TR TP100NAUSA011HO1152335801206154992.975.
DE-SU TORONTO 13212-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO129155129796116942.795.
50PEAK LIGERO-ET TY TV96NAUSA097HO4174444781176178962.934.
52DE-SU ALTALEAF-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1147854732041162992.802.80.8-0.41.55960.750.670.432701G
FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA-ET TR TP100NAUSA551HO033793645792110952.823.
54PINE-TREE VERONA-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO181973772433165962.903.
55CO-OP AARDEMA TRACER-ET TR TP99IUSA001HO1192657721824158962.724.82.0-0.30.25891.03-1.311.402694G
SANDY-VALLEY CALVON-ET TR TP99IUSA777HO1057438571127130942.575.
57BOMAZ YOSHI-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO183833091662195922.904.82.31.4-0.25880.23-0.09-1.582690G
WOODCREST KING DOC TR TP99IUSA250HO1296143601318123923.020.2-
59DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO179183486943168992.804.
MR RUBICON DYNASTY-ET TR TC100NAUSA551HO034185078975184952.914.52.2-0.50.67860.490.280.302689G
62AOT SILVER HAD ME-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO12901491011248211963.050.4-3.1-3.42.03881.810.470.222688G
DE-SU 12779 ENZO-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1801642481792119942.755.
DE-SU ROCKFORD 12250-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO125453273882149952.705.52.33.1-0.4889-0.040.23-0.012688G
65BACON-HILL HURRICANE-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO077143570997140982.781.4-
PLAIN-KNOLL YODR INFERNO-ET TR100NAUSA007HO128642565489134952.894.
67ABS MOONGLOW-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1829472571850173962.905.00.9-0.60.55890.160.000.652686G
68SEAGULL-BAY JO DANCER-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO180184697801206982.713.61.6-0.30.3294-0.16-1.010.392684G
69WILRA BIXBY-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO181093093652200982.842.90.5-2.21.28911.861.23-1.752683G
70PLAIN-KNOLL JSPR ADVANCE-ET TR99IUSA007HO128684970847174953.013.60.6-0.41.12901.230.760.212682G
ROSYLANE-LLC SLATE TC TY99IUSA029HO1827251691488164952.595.
72JALTAOAK TY TV99IFRA182HO009224784985184912.951.
73PEAK ALTATURNKEY-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO117183585709182982.893.
74TEEMAR ASTON-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1807659761953177922.924.
75ABS ARIZONA-ET TC TY99NAUSA029HO182603197558201953.033.63.1-0.30.24900.480.78-1.092673G
MR JACEY DECOY 57578-ET TC TY99IUSA203HO0300582352526168992.793.
MR OAK DIXON 57482-ET TC TY99IUSA151HO0161162751708190972.822.71.2-1.20.99910.49-0.020.102671G
79DANHOF JOSUPER DILLION TR TP99IUSA179HO0011451561764140973.
80PEAK ACCELREIGN-ET TR TP99IUSA014HO0785749621666149952.991.7-2.9-1.02.23871.871.09-0.012668G
ROSYLANE-LLC SPOCK-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO181822210115181982.833.1-0.9-0.40.91910.680.890.482668G
82PEAK ACCELRENOWN-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO078112565671123982.992.
83OCD MONTROSS LAIDLAW-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO1269773752536206963.020.5-3.3-1.91.38891.050.54-0.822666G
S-S-I RODGERS MESSAGER-ET TR100NAUSA007HO1321644651065143982.683.
SILVERRIDGE V EUGENIO-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1054941521614104982.814.
86CO-OP AARDEMA TETHRA-ET TR TP99IUSA001HO1191345641733128952.784.
87FARNEAR DELTA-BETA 241-ET TR100NAUSA151HO032442859296138942.814.
88VIEW-HOME MESQUITE-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1069658702153157902.822.80.0-1.91.80880.830.320.922660G
89DE-SU 13149 FIGURATE-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1831440104737226913.112.4-0.6-0.10.25870.20-0.09-1.242659G
NO-FLA ALTABAYOU-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1178448671136176982.894.
WELCOME-TEL BRENNAN 3158-ET TR99IUSA007HO129993266722143922.883.
WELCOME-TEL SSI SHI PRIZ-ET TR99IUSA250HO1356449301229114912.654.6-
93PLAIN-KNOLL KING ROYAL-ET TR99IUSA007HO127873960463144993.010.5-
WESTCOAST TICKET-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO10645336169142952.831.8-
95COOKIECUTTER HARPER-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO17747446482167972.832.7-
96S-S-I DAMARIS WINSTON-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1332657381802138963.
SANDY-VALLEY EFFUSIVE-ET TR TP99IUSA777HO1058962912204212973.082.50.7-1.50.62910.32-1.02-0.582655G
SILVERRIDGE V IMAX-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1061942721165153963.123.20.6-1.21.47921.900.780.592655G
99OCD SILVER SILICON-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO128603687570174952.762.1-1.9-0.61.33870.810.450.622654G
100PEAK ALTARECOIL-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1173649211186117962.954.

VH Nader takes over Scandinavian NTM lists – Sire Proof Central April 2020

VH Nader at +44 NTM is the new #1 NTM Genomic sire on the  April 2020 of the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland). In the second spot the German bull Skyboy at +43 NTM. The former #1 VH Yngvar drops two spots to place three at +42 NTM. Gen Bellroy (Boxer) is the #5 NTM genomic bull at +39 NTM. Topping the daughter proven NTM list is VH Manfolk at +35 NTM. In second we find another domestic sire VH Bernell at +33 NTM. The stage is complete with the international American sire All-Star at place 3 at +31 NTM.


Top 10 Sire Lists for LPI and Pro$ Welcome Four Interesting Newcomers – Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2020

This round sees four newly proven sires penetrate the elite Top 10 list with three newcomers managing to enter. Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. The most outstanding achievement this round goes to S‐S‐I Millington Totem‐ET(Millington x Jacey), who grabs #3 LPI and #4 Pro$. The highest newly proven sire for Pro$, in #3 position, is PeakHotline‐ET, who is the highest of the first two proven sons of AltaHotrod in Canada taking #9 for LPI (tied #8 Fat). S‐S‐I Penley All Star‐ET (Penley x Lucid) also achieves Top 10 status for both indexes with a debut at #6 Pro$ and#8 LPI. The fourth newcomer this round that enters Top 10 for Pro$ is Dudoc Stetson P*POC (Superman son out of Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC), who grabs #9 Pro$ and #38 LPI, making him the highest polled sire for Pro$ proven in Canada. Similarly, the fourth newly proven sire this round that enters the Top 10 LPI list is Stantons Actually (Silver son out of Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree) in #6 spot (#23 Pro$), landing just ahead of his maternal brother, Stantons Alligator‐ET (by Kingboy) who now occupies #7 LPI (#94 Pro$, #2 Conformation).

For the other bulls that rank among the Top 10 LPI this round, they all maintain that status from last December. In fact, Peak AltaMarlon (AltaSpring x O‐Style) stays firm in #1 LPI position (#5 Pro$) and is still closely followed by EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust), who moves up the LPI ranks to grab #2 position but stays solid as the breed leader for Pro$ (tied #1 Fat). Westcoast Randall (Loptimum x Numero Uno) doesn’t budge from his #4 LPI and #8 Pro$ rankings. Climbing slightly to #5 LPI is S‐S‐I Kingpin Phantom‐ET (Kingpin x Supersire), who excels for Pro$ by maintaining his #2 position (#6 Fat, tied #4 Protein). To complete the Top 10 LPI list this round is Holyland Elite Exactly‐ET (Halogen x Mixer) who is forced down the list by the arrival of outstanding newcomers and grabs #10 LPI (#37 Pro$).

On the Pro$ side, this April 2020 release includes the annual update to the Pro$ formula for each breed. With the significant changes in milk pricing in Canada as well as costs of production, the scale of the resulting Pro$ values has widened significantly. This means that the highest animals in each breed experience increases whereas the lowest animals drop even further below the breed average. For the Holstein breed, the average change for the Top 100 Pro$ sires in December is an increase of $371 this round, with the highest increase being $670. The two remaining sires that achieve Top 10 Pro$ status this round and have not already been mentioned are Ronelee Midnight Detour‐ET (Midnight x Mogul) at #7 Pro$ (#13 LPI) and EDG AltaYura‐ET (Cashcoin x Robust) taking#10 Pro$ spot (#122 LPI).

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned that achieve Top 10 status this round, there are another dozen of the 90 newcomers that land in the top 35 positions for at least one of the national indexes. Just missing the Top 10 ranking, Boldi V Gymnast makes his debut at #11 LPI (tied #18 Pro$) and is the highest of the first two proven sons of Doorsopen in Canada. Progenesis Seducer (Supershot x Defender) also performs well for both indexes taking #17 Pro$ and #19 LPI positions. Stantons Display‐ET (Silver x Day) hits the scene at #16LPI and tied in #29 Pro$ spot. Another Silver son, OCD Silver Lightwave‐ET, arrives at #23 LPI (#36 Pro$) and Mr SuperContender‐ET (Supershot x Numero Uno) is not far behind tied in #28 LPI position (#48 Pro$). The second newly proven son of Doorsopen in Canada, namely Progenesis Outlast (dam is by AltaOak), makes his debut at #26 Pro$(tied #86 LPI) and he is immediately followed by Westcoast Windmill (Supershot x Doorman) at #27 Pro$ (#59LPI). Two newcomers that do particularly well for fat are Murrayholm Glenhaven Cop‐ET (Emerald x Supersire,#3 Fat, tied at #30 LPI, #78 Pro$) and Siemers Bloomfield‐ET (tied #8 Fat, #33 LPI, #63 Pro$), who becomes the highest of the first two proven sons of Delta in Canada. Grabbing #32 LPI and #51 Pro$ this round is StantonsArchimedes, who becomes one of six proven sons of Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree among the Top 100 LPI, which also include his full brother, Actually (#6 LPI, #23 Pro$), as well as Alligator (#7 LPI, #94 Pro$) and StantonsAdagio‐P‐ET*POC (highest proven polled sire tied at #26 LPI, #120 Pro$). Dubosquet Emir (Wickham x Man‐O‐Man) also achieves Top 35 status with his first official proof at #34 Pro$ (#65 LPI), which is also the case for Stantons Chief‐ET (High Octane son out of Rockymountain Uno Cheyanne), who arrives taking #35 LPI (#167Pro$).

Newly Indexed Cow is Crowned Queen of the Breed for Both GLPI and Pro$

After Stantons Hot Dollars‐ET (Helix daughter out of Stantons Real Dollars‐ET) took top honours for both GLPIand Pro$ with her first official index last December, she is now forced into the #2 position for both national indexes(tied #6 Fat). Another outstanding cow who is newly indexed this round, namely Midas‐Touch Hot Holy‐ET(Hotline daughter out of AOT Rubicon Happening‐ ET), becomes the new breed queen for both GLPI and Pro$(#5 Fat, #8 Protein). Two other cows achieve Top 10 status for both indexes, namely Benner Octoberfest Jingko(#3 GLPI, #9 Pro$) and Stantons Dollar Helix‐ET (#5 Pro$, #8 GLPI, full sister to Hot Dollars). Each list of Top 10for GLPI and Pro$ also welcomes two newly indexed cows this round. For GLPI, this includes Lindenright Lambda Mocha (dam is Lindenright Rubicon Moofia) at #4 GLPI (#27 Pro$) and Stantons Display Win at #6 GLPI(#47 Pro$, dam is Stantons Last Second Win‐ET). On the Pro$ side, the two cows are Main‐Drag Helix Emmit‐ET (dam is Main‐Drag Rubicon Email) at #4 Pro$ (#17 GLPI, #10 Fat) and Stantons Guarantee Go For Gold (dam is Stantons Bee Desired‐ET) at #8 Pro$ (#126 GLPI).

The Top 10 GLPI list of cows is completed by Claynook May Randall (#5 GLPI, #54 Pro$, dam is ClaynookMoxy Silver), Benner Chief Beejay (#7 GLPI, #146 Pro$, dam is Benner Bookel Burlap), Glenhaven E Gizi (#9GLPI, #34 Pro$, Exactly x Mogul) and Bauvreuil Superhero Kiry (#10 GLPI, #53 Pro$, dam is Bauvreuil RubiconKimi). Similarly, the four cows that complete the Top 10 Pro$ list include Stantons Some Helix‐ET (#3 Pro$, #16GLPI, #3 Fat, dam is Stantons Bee Something‐ET), Stantons Helix Roll‐ET (#6 Pro$, #13 GLPI, #1 Fat, dam is Stantons Just Rolling‐ET), Progenesis Detour Kansas (#7 Pro$, #27 GLPI, dam is Progenesis SupershotKassidy) and Stantons Outlast Oral (#10 Pro$, #48 GLPI, maternal sister to Stantons Guarantee Go For Gold).

Two other newly indexed cows make news this round by joining a group of nine cows that are now tied for #1Conformation at +16, namely Blondin Avalanche Dana (dam is Hahncrest ATW Danica‐ET) and Furnace‐HillCandy Crush‐ET (dam is Butlerview ATW Cheyenne‐ET).

See the International list at Sire Proof Central

MATCHPOINT catches fire in Italy topping PFT Lists – Sire Proof Central 2020

The Italian PFT list has a new number one and his name is Progenesis Matchpoint at +4632 PFT. Only 13 points behind is the #1 in from Switzerland: Plain-Knoll SI Magnitude at +4619 PFT.Rounding out the top sires is Westcoast Boulevard at +4619 PFT.

Zani Inseme Stradivari is the #1 domestic genomic sire in Italy at +4609 PFT & 1328 IES. The #1 daughter proven bull is the domestic sire Mirabell Sound System at 4298 PFT and 1045 IES. Second is the foreign sire and #1 in the International daughter proven PFT ranking: Cookiecutter Harper at +4202 PFT. Holbra Inseme Rodanas drops two places and is now the #3 daughter proven sire in the Domestic list at +3756 PFT.


MAGNITUDE makes a Big Bang on the Switzerland ISET List – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Plain-Knoll SI MAGNITUDE makes a grand debut in Switzerland as the #1 ISET sire at +1754 ISET. Almost 100 points behind is S-S-I Rolan BRAWN at +1674 ISET.  Who is then followed by former #1 sire Stantons ETHYMOLOGY at +1663 ISET.

The #1 daughter proven sire is Bomaz ALTATOPSHOT with 145 in production at +1532 ISET. Followed by Aot Silver HELIX at +1522 ISET and 538 milking daughters. The #1 ISET heifer is this run Riveting daughter Soppensteig Riveting Arina at +1700 ISET, with 13 points less follows Villstar Hotspot Liss Z at +1687 ISET enough for the second place.

Bulls Switzerland 04/20:

Females Switzerland 04/20:

CAPTAIN takes over command of the German RZG Rankings – Sire Proof Central April 2020

There is a new leader in the German RZG system, and his name is CAPTAIN.  This Hurtgenlea Richard Charl has a +169 RZG and is followed by Benz son BEST BENZ at +165 RZG. Rounding out the top sires is Gendry at +163 RZG. The highest new release sire is a Rio son Gen RAVE who came tied at #4 RZG with a +161 RZG.

The #1 daughter proven B&W RZG sire is also the #1 GTPI dtr proven sire: HELIX (s. Silver) at +161 RZG. Grando-Red an early Gywer *RC son tops the R&W Interbull genomic list is at +165 RZG. He is followed closely by the former #1 R&W RZG: Solitair P at +163 RZG. Spark-Red son Sportsman makes the top three complete at +156 RZG. The #1 daughter proven R&W RZG sire is again Pat-Red at +152 RZG with 2.321 daughters in production.

Canadian Base Change Summary

Each year, the genetic base used to express genetic evaluations in Canada is updated in conjunction with the first official release.  The definition of each genetic base used is therefore as follows:

The table below indicates the amount of base change realized in 2020 compared to 2019 for each trait and breed. For LPI, the following base adjustments reflect the change to the new scale with half the variance compared to previous years.

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Are Sire Ranking Indexes Out of Date?

Modern cattle breeding is about creating the future not the past. The dairy cattle breeding industry has reached the stage where yield and ideal conformation should no longer collectively receive the majority of the weighting in total merit indexes? In our current indexes the weights assigned to traits are based on historic happenings. The Bullvine asks the dairy cattle breeding industry to re-consider what is needed in future total merit indexes for milk production focused herds.

Why Consider Changes Now?

Here are five reasons triggering the need for change:

  • Daughters of the sires used in 2020 will form over half the national milking herd in 2025. On-farm financial margins will remain under significant pressure. There will need to be more required producer guarantees in many areas including animal health, animal welfare, production practices and food safety.
  • It is predicted that increased consumer demand for milk products will come from higher fat content, A2A2, BB and other speciality products.
  • In 2025, nowhere near 60% of the cull cows will be removed for production and type reasons. Yet, those two areas account for over 60% of the trait emphasis in today’s total merit indexes.
  • Herd replacements account for 16% of dairy herd costs yet calf and heifer traits are not included in national total merit indexes.
  • Dairy farmers and dairy organizations are now placing their emphasis on efficiencies, viability and sustainability, not on high production and type.

Genetics must take these matters into consideration and do its part in creating dairy’s sustainable future.

US Dairy Genetics Report Card on Genetic Progress

CDCB has published the base changes (“April 2020: Genetic Base Changes”) that will occur at the time of the publication of the April 2020 genetic indexes. A synopsis the US genetic progress and implications for the future include:

  • Farmers have used superior sires which has resulted in very significant progress in milk, fat and protein yields in Holsteins and Jerseys (approximately 93% of the national herd).
  • Only Holsteins have improved (very slightly) in fertility.
  • Improvement has been made in PL, yet no improvement has been made in SCS and LIV.
  • Holsteins have made minor improvement in metabolic diseases.
  • Final type scores increased for all breeds (+0.10 to +0.76). Most type traits have improved especially udder traits. Short teat length is a problem, especially in Holsteins.
  • Stature for all breeds continues to increase even though it is widely agreed that there is a need for less stature.
  • NM$ increased for all breeds. Holsteins and Jerseys increased $231 and$191, respectively, for females born in 2015 compared to 2010.

The genetic advancement pattern in Canada is similar to that in the US. Canadian base adjustments occur annually.

In order to assist dairy farmers to adapt to the April base changes and to quickly know the genetic superiority or inferiority of animals, CDCB, Lactanet/CDN, breeding companies, breeds and other improvement organizations need to more widely publish %RK (percentile rank) or use the technique of an average rating being 100 for a trait.

In summary, the genetic merit of dairy animals has improved significantly with the use by breeders of the current total merit indexes (NM$, CM$, JPI, Pro$, TPI, LPI, …). The challenge before the industry is to develop and implement enhanced total merit indexes that will guide animal selection according to future needs.

Determine Where Your Herd Stands Genetically

For herds genomically testing all their breeding animals, they will know the genetic level for all traits and will be able to use the health, fertility and functionality ratings, when mating the heifers and cows.

Herd owners that are not DNA testing the females they are using to produce the next generation can obtain an approximate level of the females’ genetic merit by averaging the merit of the three nearest sires. An example could be a Holstein sire stack of – Delta x Supersire x AltaIota – this sire stack shows superiority for production, above average for conformation, but in the bottom one-third of the Holstein population for health and fertility. So, herds with that sire stack would benefit by using top of the breed sires for health and fertility.

For Jerseys, a sire stack of Harris x Valentino x Iatola would have production but not health, fertility or longevity. For the sire stack of Vivaldi x Joel x Tequila there is type and A2A2 but not production, longevity or mastitis resistance.

A study of the top twenty-five Holstein sires with the most daughters registered with USHolstein in the first half of March 2020 averaged: TPI – 91%RK; NM$ – 85%RK; PL – 66%RK; SCS – 69%RK; and DPR – 37%RK. This shows that purebred Holstein breeders are using TPI and NM$, but are not as concerned about survival, health and fertility when selecting sires. Of these top twenty-five Holstein sires 72% were A2A2, 32% were daughter proven and 6% transmitted the polled gene.

What’s Holding Back Dairy Cattle Genetic Improvement

Some factors holding back the genetic evaluations for health, fertility and functionality traits include:

  • An industry attitude appears to persist that having production and type data is all that is needed.
  • Milking cow health, fertility and functionality data may be captured on-farm, but it is not forwarded to or is not usable at the national central database.
  • Calf and heifer data are not captured, forwarded to or stored at the national central databases.
  • Financial herd data is not matched with performance data for all animals (birth until herd removal) and used in management and genetic evaluations.
  • Future farm revenue needs to include the economic value of fat, protein and other solids and for novel traits – A2A2, BB, … etc. Processor and consumer input needs to be included in determining revenue generation associated with traits. For some dairy farms, now using beef sires, attention will need to be given to growth and health of young stock.
  • Only a relatively small proportion of animals have their samples submitted for DNA profiling which limits accuracy for management and genetic improvement. Additionally, it limits industry research and development.
  • When it comes to sire selection, dairy farmers too often use sires that are below average for health and fertility traits. It is a known fact that increased yield is negatively correlated with fertility. There are sires that can improve both simultaneously.

If on-farm data does not reach the national central databases for health, fertility and functionality, dairy farmers can expect to see breeding companies collaborating with cooperating automated herds to capture more of the details. The breeding companies will then develop their own proprietary genetic indexes for ranking their sires.

Bullvine’s Suggested Trait Emphasis

In addition to adding genetic indexes for traits associated with health, labour and revenue, The Bullvine recommends revisions to weightings in future total merit indexes. For discussion purposes, the following areas and emphasizes are provided:

  • Revenue 30% – Based on ECM (Energy Corrected Milk), A2A2, BB, Meat Sales, Novel Products, …
  • Durability 20% – Including survival, functionality (mobility, milking ability, calving, …), …
  • Efficiencies 20% – Including feed conversion, heifer growth, % of lifetime spent milking, …
  • Health & Fertility 30% – Including reproduction, metabolic diseases, immunity, animal health/welfare, …

Selection Methods Dairymen Can Use Now to Increase Emphasis on Health, Fertility and Functionality

The Bullvine has three suggestion on what dairy farmers can do to put more emphasis on traits beyond production and type:

  1. Select Sires Using DWP$ – At the time of every sire proof release Zoetis publishes DWP$ (overall index), WT$ (cow wellness) and CW$ (calf wellness). Using DWP$ instead of NM$ dairymen can expect 80% of the improvement in production and conformation, but 110% for the improvement in fertility and 200% for the improvement in health.
  2. Select Jersey Sires Using JPI(2020) – In April 2020 USJeresy will publish a revised JPI for all animals that places trait emphasis as follows: Production 49%; Type 20%; Fertility 14%; Health 9%; and Survival 8%.
  3. Modify Selection Using a Current Total Merit Index – In the various sire listings there will be high ranking sires that should not be purchased and used as some of the top sires will not be significant breed improvers for health, fertility and functionality traits. Most breeding companies publish sire lists for their top health, fertility, immunity, robot ready, etc.

Worthy of note is the fact that Holstein and now Jersey breeders have sire indexes for health information on metabolic diseases published by CDCB, Lactanet/CDN and breeding companies.

Dairy Farmers Need to Voice Their Genetic Needs

All dairy farmers need to be making known their future genetic needs when it comes to the genetic merit of their cattle for health, fertility and functionality traits. The industry including breeding companies, bull-breeders, genetic evaluation centers, on-farm data capture organizations and breeds needs to listen and to revised total merit indexes.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

The time has arrived where dairy cattle owners need to have more animal genetic information for health, fertility, functionality and survival traits. As well, predictions need to be made on how revenue will be generated from dairy herds in the future and the effect those revenue sources will have on genetic indexing. Now is the time to include the entire lifetime of animals, covering both revenue and costs, in total merit indexes. Now is the time to create new total merit indexes that best serve milk production focused farms. Now is the time!

Jersey Performance Index Update Slated For April Genetic Evaluations

An update to Jersey Performance IndexTM that includes new Jersey-specific health traits and weights will be implemented April 7 when the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) releases the April official genetic evaluations.

The new components of JPI2020 are the Jersey-specific health traits provided through the CDCB. The updates were approved by the Board of Directors of the American Jersey Cattle Association at its regular meeting March 14.

Overall, 49% of the emphasis in JPI2020 is on production (-4% from the previous version), 19.4% on functional type and udders, 14.5% on fertility, 8% on survival traits and 4.6% on six Jersey health traits. Traits included and their weights are PTA protein, 27%; PTA fat, 19%; Milk Density*, -3%; functional type and udders (incorporating 9.2% Jersey Udder IndexTM, 10% body, and 0.2% mobility); Productive Life, 5%; Livability, 3%; Somatic Cell Score, 4.5%; Daughter Pregnancy Rate, 9%; Cow Conception Rate, 3.5% and Heifer Conception Rate, 2%.

* Milk Density is calculated by subtracting the sum of PTA Protein and PTA Fat divided by .09 from PTA Milk.

Some rescaling and re-ranking is to be expected as the number of components has been increased, Jersey health traits have been added and new economic weights and standard deviations have been applied.

New Traits

The April 2020 genetic evaluations will mark the release of six health traits that will help alleviate costly health conditions impacting Jerseys. The traits will help build resistance against displaced abomasum, milk fever, ketosis, mastitis, metritis and retained placenta.

PTAs for each of the health traits will be the predicted daughter difference for resistance above or below the Jersey breed average. The larger the positive values, the more favorable the genetic resistance to the disorder. The genetic evaluations can help identify individuals that transmit costly difference and help manage their use in breeding programs.

The traits and their weightings are listed below.

  • Milk Fever or Hypocalcemia: (1.0%) Typically results after calving due to low total blood calcium levels.
  • Displaced abomasum: (1.0%) Enlargement of the abomasum with fluid and/or gas that caused its movement to the left or right of the abdominal cavity; the twisting blocks the digestive process and usually requires veterinary intervention.
  • Ketosis: (0.4%) Build-up of ketone bodies that typically occurs due to negative energy balance in early lactation.
  • Mastitis: (1.9%) Infectious disease that causes inflammation of the mammary gland; one of the most common and costly diseases of dairy cattle.
  • Metritis: (0.2%) Infection of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) after calving.
  • Retained placenta: (0.1%) Retention of fetal membranes more than 24 hours after calving.

Predicting Jersey Efficiency

“JPI2020 predicts the efficiency of production by expressing lifetime production of fat and protein per unit of feed consumed,” Neal Smith, Executive Secretary said. “Jersey Performance Index2020 has built on the standard implemented in JPI2017 of Jersey Sustainability, increasing production and improving milkfat and protein levels in the milk, while moderating body weight in service of greater productive efficiency, and selecting for longer herd life, greater fertility, and better udder health.”

The American Jersey Cattle Association, organized in 1868, compiles and maintains animal identification and performance data on Jersey cattle and provides services that support genetic improvement and greater profitability through increasing the value of and demand for Registered Jersey™ cattle and genetics.

For more information on the association’s complete line of services for dairy business owners, visit or connect at

April 2020: Genetic Base Change

The base for U.S. genetic evaluations will be updated, effective with the April 7, 2020, triannual evaluations.

The genetic bases to which (most) dairy traits are expressed in the United States have been updated every five years since 1980. With the base change, users of genetic evaluations may become aware that the standards they set for choosing service bulls or valuing females in the past may no longer meet the genetic quality to remain competitive, due to genetic progress.

Since 1980, some have suggested that the base should be updated more often. A few have lobbied for a fixed base, or one that’s never updated. The reasoning for the latter is that if the best bulls are chosen, the magnitude of the numbers are not particularly important and all evaluations are comparable regardless of when published.

For the last base change in 2015, the average predicted transmitting abilities (PTA) of cows born in 2010 were set to zero. Progress continued to be made for most traits, as shown by Table 1 with the PTAs of cows born in 2015. These milking cows born in 2015 define the new base. With the April evaluations, their PTAs will be set back to zero. Stated differently, the averages in Table 1 will be subtracted from the current PTAs of all animals. These are the changes in PTAs expected in April.

Because gains were made across five years for most traits, most of these PTAs will be lowered by the amount shown. However, if the trends were unfavorable, the PTAs will generally increase. The exceptions can be for somatic cell score (SCS) and the four calving traits which may do the opposite because lower values are preferable for these traits. The average PTAs in the table are the differences in transmitting ability for animals over the five-year period. A note of caution, these will not be the exact changes coming because all will be recalculated before the April 2020 run using more complete and current data. Any updates in the traits’ variation will also cause these approximations to vary from the estimates presented.

Key progress points demonstrated in Table 1 include:

  • Favorable gains are shown for 81 of the 102 traits (excluding conformation), while 18 were
  • The most important traits (all lifetime merit indexes) showed genetic improvement for all the breeds; the largest gains were for Holsteins, Jerseys and Ayrshires. Thus, the merit indexes for all breeds will be lowered in
  • Genetic gains were made in all three yield traits (milk, fat, protein) for all breeds. Gains were particularly impressive forHolsteins and Jerseys; so the base change will reduce PTA milk for these breeds by about 492 and 524 pounds,
  • PTAs for fat and protein will be adjusted down by about 18 to 25
  • Changes in PTAs for somatic cell score (SCS) will be small (-.01 to +.02) for all breeds except Holsteins which will increase by 0.08 due to their progress in lowering
  • PTAs for productive life will be reduced by about 0.6 to 9 months for Guernseys, Holsteins, Jerseys and Milking Shorthorn due to increasing their genetic capacity for longer life.
  • Unfortunately, 13 of the 18 fertility estimates showed unfavorable changes over the five years; only Holsteins improved for all three
  • PTAs for cow livability, launched in August 2016, improved for three of the six breeds (0.74 for Holsteins).
  • Resistance against diseases in Holsteins improved for five of the six
  • PTAs increased for 80 of the 90 breed conformation traits, which indicates that selection has been for the higher scores. In most cases this probably was desirable, but in others, perhaps not. The 10 traits with PTAs that did not increase were ones that had an intermediate
Caution: These will not be the precise changes applied in April, because all will be recalculated before the April 2020 run using more complete and current data.


Table 1. Difference in predicted transmitting abilities (PTAs) of cows born in 2015 compared to those born in 2010. PTAs will decrease by these amounts to implement the 2020 genetic base change1.

Revisions made 2.21.2020 affect the genetic base numbers for Holstein conformation traits, reflecting revised Holstein Association USA requirements to determine which cows born in 2015 met criteria for inclusion.

Trait Units AY



Brown Swiss








M. Shorthorn

Milk Pounds 182 214 150 492 524 36
Fat Pounds 6 8 6 24 25 2
Protein Pounds 6 8 4 18 20 2
Somatic cell score (SCS) Log base 2 units -.01 .00 .00 -.08 .00 .02
Productive life Months .12 .24 .90 1.86 1.54 .63
Daughter pregnancy rate % -.47 -.62 -.12 .24 -.99 -.53
Heifer conception rate % -.45 -.24 .04 .50 .44 -.20
Cow conception rate % -.50 -.74 -.17 .38 -.90 -.50
Early first calving Days 1.1 0.5 0.5 1.5 1.4 0.0
Gestation length2 Days -.29 -.03 -.04 -.35 .30 .26
Cow livability % -.28 -.28 .01 .74 .08 -.06
Displaced abomasum % ̶ ̶ ̶ .21 ̶ ̶
Ketosis % ̶ ̶ ̶ .20 ̶ ̶
Mastitis % ̶ ̶ ̶ .60 ̶ ̶
Metritis % ̶ ̶ ̶ .34 ̶ ̶
Milk fever % ̶ ̶ ̶ -.06 ̶ ̶
Retained Placenta % ̶ ̶ ̶ .05 ̶ ̶
Service sire calv. difficulty2 % ̶ -0.3 ̶ -0.4 ̶ ̶
Daughter calv. difficulty2 % ̶ -0.6 ̶ -1.9 ̶ ̶
Service sire stillbirth2 % ̶ ̶ ̶ -0.3 ̶ ̶
Daughter stillbirth2 % ̶ ̶ ̶ -1.6 ̶ ̶
Final Score Points 0.5 0.4 0.4 .76 0.7 0.1
Stature Points 0.7 0.6 0.1 .47 0.5 0.2
Strength Points 0.3 0.2 0.0 .20 0.0 0.0
Dairy form Points 0.3 0.3 0.1 .38 0.4 0.2
Foot angle Points 0.1 0.1 0.2 .50 0.1 0.0
Feet and leg score   ̶ ̶ ̶ .54 ̶ ̶
Rear legs-side view Points -0.2 0.1 -0.1 -.02 0.0 0.0
Rear legs-rear view   ̶ ̶ ̶ .49 ̶ ̶
Body depth   ̶ ̶ ̶ .14 ̶ ̶
Rump angle Points -0.1 0.0 -0.1 -.02 0.4 -0.1
Rump width Points 0.4 0.1 0.1 .36 0.1 0.1
Fore udder attachment Points 0.4 0.3 0.5 1.01 0.7 0.2
Rear udder height Points 0.4 0.3 0.4 1.20 0.6 0.1
Rear udder width Points 0.4 0.3 0.3 1.16 0.2 0.1
Udder depth Points 0.3 0.2 0.3 .84 0.9 0.2
Udder cleft Points 0.3 0.1 0.2 .54 0.1 0.0
Front teat placement Points 0.2 0.3 0.4 .52 0.3 0.1
Rear teat placement   ̶ ̶ ̶ .49 ̶ ̶
Teat length Points 0.2 -0.2 -0.1 -.27 0.0 -0.2
Body weight composite   ̶ ̶ ̶ .15 ̶ ̶
Feet and leg composite   ̶ ̶ ̶ .49 ̶ ̶
Udder composite   ̶ ̶ ̶ .85 ̶ ̶
Lifetime Net Merit Dollars 121 60 77 231 191 45
Lifetime Cheese Merit Dollars 123 63 77 239 196 45
Lifetime Fluid Merit Dollars 117 56 78 219 179 42
Lifetime Grazing Merit Dollars 108 38 62 207 142 25

1 These estimates are traditional genetic predictions prior to modification with genomic data. Positive PTA will be lowered by this amount to satisfy the new base. Conversely, a negative value means the PTA will be raised by this amount. Estimates can change as additional records are added and trait variation is included. The red color for a number indicates there was a loss for that trait between 2010 and 2015. The “ ̶ ” means a genetic evaluation is not calculated for the trait in this breed.

2Completed information for this trait is not available yet for 2015, so it is replaced by the most recent annual average available.

P erformance Differences Attributed to Genetic and Environmental Changes

The PTAs in Table 1 represent only half the genetic change achieved, as each animal only transmits half of their genes to their offspring. Table 2 shows the total changes in performance between cows born in 2015 and 2010 and an indication of how much of the changes were attributed to genetics and environment.

Key points:

  • For the milk traits, all breeds but Guernsey revealed a positive contribution from both
  • Genetic gain for somatic cell score (SCS) was made for three breeds, and Holsteins improved by 17.

Two breeds were unchanged, and Milking Shorthorn increased by 0.05.

  • Environmental trends for SCS and productive life (PL) generally were
  • Environmental trends for daughter pregnancy rate (DPR) and cow conception rate (CCR) were
  • For heifer conception rate (HCR), environmental trends were negative for Holsteins, Jerseys and Milking Shorthorn.
  • All six breeds showed reduced age at first calving (AFC), particularly via the environment (10 to 26 days).

Genetics reduced age at first calving up to three days.

  • Phenotypic reductions in gestation length for Holsteins and Jerseys seemed surprising, especially since the genetic component for Holsteins decreased while Jerseys
  • Phenotypic changes for resistance to the six health disorders introduced in April 2018 were all

Table 2. Differences in actual (phenotypic) performance between cows born in 2015 and those born in 2010 attributed to genetic (BV=breeding value1) and environmental changes.

Trait Partitioned Change AY



Brown Swiss








M. Shorthorn

Milk (pounds) Phenotypic 696 435 123 1077 1535 259
  Genetic (BV) 363 427 301 984 1049 71
  Environmental 333 8 -178 93 486 188
Fat (pounds) Phenotypic 48 27 25 71 93 34
  Genetic (BV) 13 17 13 47 51 4
  Environmental 35 10 12 24 42 30
Protein (pounds) Phenotypic 27 24 14 49 70 13
  Genetic (BV) 12 15 8 36 39 3
  Environmental 15 9 6 13 31 10
SCS (Log base 2 units) Phenotypic .08 -.03 .00 -.06 .13 .12
  Genetic (BV) -.02 .00 -.01 -.17 .00 .05
  Environmental .10 -.03 .01 .11 .13 .07
Productive life (months) Phenotypic -2.25 -.84 -.13 2.66 -.72 -.16
  Genetic (BV) .24 .47 1.81 3.73 3.07 1.26
  Environmental -2.49 -1.31 -1.94 -1.07 -3.79 -1.42
Daughter pregnancy rate Phenotypic 1.3 0.3 -0.2 2.9 -0.6 -0.4
  Genetic (BV) -.94 -1.25 -.23 .49 -1.98 -1.06
  Environmental 2.24 1.55 .03 2.41 1.38 .66
Heifer conception rate % Phenotypic 1.0 -0.1 0.9 -0.7 -4.3 -2.4
  Genetic (BV) -.90 -.47 .08 .99 .88 -.40
  Environmental 1.90 .37 .82 -1.69 -5.18 -2.00
Cow conception rate % Phenotypic 1.5 -0.4 1.3 4.4 -1.3 2.3
  Genetic (BV) -1.01 -1.47 -.34 .77 -1.81 -.99
  Environmental 2.51 1.07 1.64 3.63 .51 3.29
Early first calving (days) Phenotypic 26.2 18.3 10.6 26.6 28.8 10.8
  Genetic (BV) 2.2 1.0 0.9 3.0 2.8 0.0
  Environmental 24.0 17.4 9.7 23.6 26.0 10.8


  Phenotypic .18 .75 .11 -1.24 -.80 .09
  Genetic (BV) -.58 -.06 -.08 -.70 .60 .52
  Environmental .76 .81 .19 -.54 -1.40 -.43
Cow livability % Phenotypic .64 -.17 -.37 .19 -.47 -1.00
  Genetic (BV) -.55 -.56 .02 1.49 .15 -.12
  Environmental 1.19 .39 -.39 -1.30 -.62 -.88
Displaced abomasum % Phenotypic ̶ ̶ ̶ .10 ̶ ̶
  Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ .42 ̶ ̶
  Environmental ̶ ̶ ̶ -.32 ̶ ̶
Ketosis % Phenotypic ̶ ̶ ̶ .31 ̶ ̶
  Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ .39 ̶ ̶
  Environmental ̶ ̶ ̶ -.08 ̶ ̶
Mastitis % Phenotypic ̶ ̶ ̶ .83 ̶ ̶
  Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ 1.20 ̶ ̶
  Environmental ̶ ̶ ̶ -.37 ̶ ̶
Metritis % Phenotypic ̶ ̶ ̶ 1.09 ̶ ̶
  Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ .68 ̶ ̶
  Environmental ̶ ̶ ̶ .41 ̶ ̶
Milk fever % Phenotypic ̶ ̶ ̶ .11 ̶  
  Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ -.12 ̶ ̶
  Environmental ̶ ̶ ̶ .23 ̶ ̶
Retained placenta % Phenotypic ̶ ̶ ̶ .29 ̶ ̶
  Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ .10 ̶ ̶
  Environmental ̶ ̶ ̶ .19 ̶ ̶
Service sire calv. difficulty Genetic (BV) ̶ -0.6 ̶ -0.8 ̶ ̶
Daughter calv. difficulty %2 Genetic (BV) ̶ -1.2 ̶ -3.8 ̶ ̶
Service sire stillbirth %2 Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ -0.6 ̶ ̶
Daughter stillbirth %2 Genetic (BV) ̶ ̶ ̶ -3.2 ̶ ̶
Lifetime net merit ($$) Genetic (BV) 242 120 154 462 382 90
Lifetime cheese merit ($$) Genetic (BV) 246 126 154 478 392 90
Lifetime fluid merit ($$) Genetic (BV) 234 112 156 438 358 84
Lifetime grazing merit ($$) Genetic (BV) 216 76 124 414 284 50

 1 These changes are based on traditional genetic predictions prior to modification with genomic data. An “ ̶ ” means a genetic evaluation is not provided for the trait in that breed. A red number indicates there was no phenotypic improvement between 2010 and 2015, but instead apparent deterioration for the trait.

2Completed information for 2015 not available yet, so it is replaced with the most recent annual average available.

Impact of Genomics

The genomic revolution initiated in 2008 brought an increase in the rate of genetic improvement, primarily due to a reduction in the generation interval. A small portion of genomic benefits would have been revealed in the previous base change for cows born in 2010, but the current update will reflect all benefits from genomics a chieved from 2010 to 2015.

Key points:

  • For illustration, 150% would indicate 50% more gain was made than in the previous five-year
  • Use of genomics is responsible for the accelerated gains for milk traits shown in Table 3 for Brown Swiss, Holsteins and Jerseys, but genomics were not available for Guernseys until 2016. Ayrshires and Milking Shorthorn – having limited use of genomics – show smaller gains in milk traits than during the previous five-year
  • The benefits of genomics for productive life (PL) were impressive for Holsteins and
  • The Guernsey, Holstein and Jersey breeds showed larger gains (43 to 100% more) in the lifetime merit indexes for this base update, than they did during the previous

Table 3. Relative size in percentage of the 2020 genetic base changes1 compared to the base changes five years earlier (2015).

Trait Ayrshire Brown


Guernsey Holstein Jersey Milking


Milk 68 103 124 147 141 13
Fat 72 131 108 162 142 20
Protein 80 107 89 164 150 18
SCS 200 B A 189 A AB
Productive life 26 63 102 207 252 142
Daughter pregnancy rate AB AB AB A AB AB
Heifer conception rate AB AB A 550 677 AB
Cow conception rate AB AB AB A AB AB
Cow livability AB AB A 120 29 AB
Sire calving ease2 ̶ A ̶ 80 ̶ ̶
Daughter calving ease2 ̶ 75 ̶ 100 ̶ ̶
Sire stillbirth2 ̶ ̶ ̶ 38 ̶ ̶
Daughter stillbirth2 ̶ ̶ ̶ 200 ̶ ̶
Lifetime net merit 43 92 145 164 152 58
Lifetime cheese merit 43 94 140 166 153 58
Lifetime fluid merit 43 95 153 162 147 55
Lifetime grazing merit 40 73 200 174 143 47

1 These approximations are based on the traditional genetic predictions prior to modification with genomic data. Cells showing an A indicate there was no gain between 2005 and 2010 (instead a loss) so the ratio of gain is undefined. Cells with a B indicate there was no gain between 2010 and 2015. The ( – ) means that a genetic evaluation is not provided for the trait in that breed.

2Completed information for 2015 not available yet, so replaced with the most recent annual average available.

Percentage of Change Attributed to Genetics

To answer the question of what is contributing to the phenotypic improvement being made in dairy production traits, Table 4 was derived from the information in Table 2 for traits that have had evaluations initiated since 2008. The genetic contribution averaged 45% but was greater (averaged 69%) for the three traits with the greatest emphasis in net merit index (NM$) and for Holsteins (71%), the breed with the largest population.

Table 4. Percentage of the change in phenotype attributed to genetics for cows born in 2015 compared to those born in 2010 for traits with published evaluations initiated before 20101.

Trait Emphasis in Net Merit (%) AY



Brown Swiss








M. Shorthorn

Milk -1 52 98 100 91 68 27
Fat 27 27 63 52 66 55 12
Protein 17 44 62 57 73 56 23
SCS -4 100 0 100 100 0 0
Productive life 12 100 100 100 100 100 100
Daughter preg. rate 7 0 0 0 17 0 0
Heifer conception rate 1 0 0 9 100 100 0
Cow conception rate 2 0 0 0 18 0 0

1 These changes are based on the traditional genetic predictions prior to modification with genomic data. A “0” indicates there was no genetic improvement in five years. A “100” in red indicates there was genetic improvement and the phenotypic change was unfavorable. A “100” in black indicates that the genetic improvement exceeded the phenotypic change. See for the previous base change report from December 2014.

When the base is changed every five years, most PTAs are lowered – and the standard deviations (SD) are also updated. In mostcases, the variation increases. Yield and SCS records are adjusted for variance within herd and year to keep the same SD as the base year using SD ratios shown in Table 5.

Table 5. Ratio of trait SD for base cows born in 2015 vs. those in 2010. The PTAs will be expanded (or contracted) by these ratios.

Traits Ayrshire Brown


Guernsey Holstein Jersey Milking


Milk, Fat, Protein 1.069 0.998 1.106 1.056 1.090 1.046
SCS 0.957 0.987 0.970 0.963 0.925 1.039


Table 6. Ratio of trait SD for base cows born in 2015 compared to Holsteins. The PTAs will be expanded (or contracted) by these ratios.

Trait Ayrshire Brown


Guernsey Holstein Jersey Milking


Milk, Fat, Protein 1.09 1.12 1.06 1.00 1.02 1.34
SCS 1.10 1.05 1.11 1.00 1.05 1.32


The Bottom Line

Advocates for improving sustainability and eliminating world hunger should be amazed to see the changes in productivity in U.S. dairy.

Greenhouse gases are being reduced per unit of product because of greater production per animal. We are seeing significant changes in the animals’ appearance and health as well.

Since we’re approaching another base change, this may be a good time to remind dairy producers to adopt genetic selection strategies that could virtually eliminate any complacency of decisions between base changes. For example, if selection is based on standards like percentiles (recalculated every run) or by simply selecting the top-ranked bulls on an economic index of their choice, forward progress would occur, devoid of any delays.

Thank You, Dairy Producers, for Outstanding Milk Quality – CDCB

Clearly, low milk prices have created challenges on dairy farms the past few years. Despite the struggle, dairymen and women have continued to deliver higher-quality milk to the marketplace nearly every year. This is perhaps one of dairy’s best-kept secrets, and it’s high time the story is broadcasted far and wide.

Superior milk quality is indicated when a herd has a low somatic cell count (SCC), which demonstrates the herd has (nearly) all healthy cows with normally-healthy mammary systems. Reduced somatic cell counts deliver improved shelf life for dairy beverages.

Review the improvements in SCC since the year 2000 in herds enrolled in the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) program (Figure 1), which reflects nearly half of all cows in the U.S. In 2001, U.S. milk had 322,000 somatic cells per milliliter. By 2013, a phenomenal reduction had been achieved, improving to 199,000 somatic cells per milliliter. Even though there was a slight uptick in 2014 and 2015, SCC has continued to decline in each of the last four years. Milk SCC decreased again this past year, from 191,000 cells per milliliter in 2018 to 187,000 cells in 2019. Further details can be found in the report, S omatic cell counts of milk from Dairy Herd Improvement herds during 2019.

Milk quality is just one example of the commitment of U.S. dairy farmers to continuous improvement. To achieve this improvement in somatic cell count, dairy producers have been diligent to provide a clean, well-maintained environment and best possible care to cows. Producers have also been able to selectively breed for improved milk quality, with the genetic evaluation for somatic cell score available since 1984. Considerable credit should also go to the milk processing companies who provided a premium or credit to producers for supplying low SCC milk, supporting increased cheese yield from the product. Also starting in 2000, pricing milk based on SCC was mandated in five of the 10 federal milk marketing orders.

Lower SCC is not the only improvement in U.S. milk quality … the amount of solids in the milk has been increasing as well over the last decade. Consumers of milk (whole, low-fat, skim milk) and creams are receiving more protein as a result. Figure 2 shows the change in protein percentage since 2009. An increase in the protein means a related increase in the solids-not-fat percentage. The increase in solids-not-fat has been documented to indicate higher preference for these fluid products during consumer testing. Other advantages include improved texture to ice cream and improved processing efficiency in the manufacture of most other dairy products.

Figure 2 shows gains across years in the protein percentages for Brown Swiss (BSW), Holsteins (HOL) and Jerseys (JER). Three other breeds with smaller populations (Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Milking Shorthorn) are not presented in Figure 2, although they also had similar gains in percentages to the three breeds shown.

Although the increases in protein (Figure 2) may not appear as dramatic the somatic cell count improvements (Figure 1), these incremental improvements have tremendous total impact. For example, protein percentage increased for Holsteins from 3.02 to 3.11 percent over the 10-year period. Protein percentage for Jersey went from 3.59 to 3.68 percent. These changes represented a 3.0 and 2.5 percent increase in the protein concentration, respectively, which results in approximately 200 million pounds of extra milk protein carried in the annual U.S. production. Higher components lower the proportion of water in the milk and improve processing efficiencies, particularly in cheese production.

Fat percentage, another primary component in milk, changed as well over the past 10 years. Because fat content is normally standardized in fluid milk, it is not (naturally) influencing consumer preferences. Figure 3 shows the 10-year results of producers breeding for and/or feeding for higher milk fat percentage. Fat percentage climbed for Holsteins from 3.63 to 3.86 percent across the 10 years. Jersey fat percentage went from 4.62 to 4.83 percent. Theserepresent 6.3 and 4.5 percent higher fat concentration, respectively, and thus will result in nearly half-billion pounds of extra milk fat from the same volume of milk annually. Regardless of the numerous pricing systems used in the U.S., almost all milk processing companies compensate producers for any extra milk fat delivered.

The bottom line: Every year dairy producers are providing more desirable milk and contributing to improved efficiency in the production of cheese and other manufactured dairy products. Dairy producers deserve a huge THANK YOU from milk buyers for continuing to provide a higher-quality dairy product each year.

Health Evaluations for Jerseys Arriving on April 7, 2020 – CDCB

Jersey breeders will receive genetic evaluations to strengthen cows’ resistance to health disorders in April 2020. These evaluations from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) are derived from Jersey data recorded in Dairy Herd Information (DHI) herds. These new genetic evaluations will help alleviate six costly health conditions impacting Jerseys. These will help build resistance against displaced abomasum, milk fever, ketosis, mastitis, metritis and retained placenta, the same as introduced for Holsteins in April 2018.

Historically, most health records resided in on-farm computers. Recently, however, a concerted effort was undertaken (aided by Cari Wolfe of the American Jersey Cattle Association) to transfer more Jersey health data to the national collaborators’ database so genetic predictions can be generated. We expect even more Jersey producers to benefit from the new evaluations when additional health data is collected and made available to CDCB. All producers can benefit when genetic evaluations are provided on AI bulls, but the most gains go straight to herds supplying data because they receive highly accurate Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTA) on their heifers and cows. The bottom line: the U.S. cattle will be healthier. Clearly today’s consumers are paying attention and even requesting assurances of animal health. One additional perk for producers is that herds with recorded health data can qualify for reduced fees when genotyping.

Table 1 shows characteristics of the Jersey health data in the CDCB test run, showing a majority of the data arrived in the previous 12 months.

Frequencies of the disorders vary considerably as 10.4% of lactations included a code for clinical mastitis while only 1.3 and 1.2% had a code for displaced abomasum and milk fever. Thus, average resistance rate to mastitis in U.S. Jerseys is defined as 89.6%, obtained by subtracting the mastitis incident rate (10.4%) from 100%. The genetic component for these traits in Holsteins ranges from 0.6 (milk fever) to 3.1% (mastitis). More characteristics for the Jersey evaluations will be coming shortly.

Table 1. Number of Jersey health records, frequency of incidents, trait resistance1 and heritability1. 

Health trait Number of herds with health records in test run Number of health records in the test run Health records arriving in just the last 12 months Frequency of recorded health disorder (%) Health trait resistance rate (%) Genetic control (h2, or     heritability)
Displaced abomasum 355 110,181 50,307 1.3 98.7 1.1
Milk fever 293 143,009 77,507 1.2 98.8 0.6
Ketosis 253 85,417 45,701 2.6 97.4 1.2
Mastitis 515 168,342 70,835 10.4 89.6 3.1
Metritis 370 117,744 47,530 5.0 95.0 1.4
Retained placenta 416 132,766 72,958 1.9 98.1 1.0

1 Trait resistance rate (%) defined as 100% minus frequency of the health disorder; h2 from Holstein data.

PTAs for each of the six health traits will be the predicted daughter difference for resistance above or below the Jersey breed average. The larger the positive values, the more favorable the genetic resistance to the disorder. Let’s look at how these new evaluations can be used in the breeding program. In a herd with average management conditions, daughters of Jersey Bull A with a PTA for mastitis resistance of +3.0 are expected to have an average resistance rate to clinical mastitis of 92.6% (89.6 + 3.0) . Likewise, daughters of Bull B with a PTA of –3.0 are expected to have lower average resistance, 86.6% (89.6 – 3.0). This can also be indicated inversely by stating in the typical Jersey environment, only about 7.4% of the daughters of Bull A will have a mastitis incident, while about 13.4% of Bull B’s daughters will have the mastitis code. Differences in extra costs and lost milk income from these two alternatives equates to a hefty difference in herd income.

Bringing new health evaluations to reality would not have been possible without the help of many in the dairy community – notably dairy producers, dairy records processing centers, genomic nominators, plus USDA and industry geneticists. Nevertheless, there are still many herds whose health data is not being sent to the national database. Before the data can flow, various issues may need to be addressed. In some cases, the producers may not have signed an agreement with their DHI organization to indicate they want their data to go to the CDCB for this purpose. In other cases, computer software has not been modified to transfer the data. A third possibility is that agreements may need to be negotiated between organizations to send data. Most producers still need to check to determine which of these obstacles are preventing them from getting accurate health evaluations on their animals. Producer pressure to remove these obstacles will help deliver accurate health evaluations to more herds and generate encouragement to breeds with small population size that don’t currently have them.

Careful editing was needed to ensure that only reliable data is included in the new evaluations. Besides the development of the evaluations for Holsteins, two additional actions helped move this initiative forward; Kristen Gaddis completed a ketosis study funded by the American Jersey Cattle Association’s Research Foundation on ketosis while she worked at USDA (abstract link). Laura Jensen selected the Jersey health initiative for her CDCB internship project in 2019 and presented at the June 2019 American Dairy Science Association meeting (presentation link). Kristen Gaddis directed the editing strategy to finalize the Jersey trait evaluations.

CDCB – Calving Ease, Stillbirth Evaluations Enhanced

With the April triannual evaluations, improvements in calving trait evaluations are being made to provide more accurate predictions that reflect current dairy management. The updates are based on findings from a comprehensive review by Dr. Stefano Biffani. These modifications are expected to result in decreasing trends in the calving traits and reranking of animals in April, especially in daughter calving ease (DCE) and daughter stillbirth (DSB).

Net merit has included a calving ability sub-index (CA$) since 2006, which incorporates service sire calving ease, daughter calving ease, service sire stillbirth and daughter stillbirth. Phenotypically, calving ease is reported on a five-point scale with 1 being no difficulty with calving and 5 being extremely difficult calving. Stillbirth is reported as three categories where 1 represents a live calf, 2 represents a calf born dead, and 3 represents a calf that was born alive but died within 48 hours. For genetic evaluations, stillbirth scores 2 and 3 are combined.

The calving traits differ from most other traits that CDCB evaluates because they are categorical and not continuous. To account for this, they are evaluated with sire/maternal grandsire (MGS) threshold models.

Recently, Dr. Stefano Biffani thoroughly investigated CDCB’s calving trait evaluations, including the phenotypic editing procedureand the current models. One discovery was that herds reporting only easy calvings (i.e., calving score 1) were not being excluded from the evaluation. The consistent, across-time reporting of only one category is a sign of bad data quality, in most cases. Furthermore, extreme categories (calving scores 4 and 5) were found to have low frequencies in the data. Most noticeably, a trend in the sex ratio of calves was identified, especially in first lactation animals (Figure 1). Some – but not all – of the increased reporting of females can be attributed to the use of sexed semen, as that trend started before sexed semen was readily available. It was also determined that parity was not currently included in the definition of contemporary groups for the calving traits.

Based on the findings by Dr. Biffani, the following updates will be implemented for calving traits beginning with the April 2020 triannual evaluation. Genetic parameters were re-estimated and will be updated on all calving traits.

  • Any herds reporting more than 95% of their calvings as category 1 (no difficulty) will be excluded from the phenotypic data used for genetic
  • Calving ease categories 4 and 5 will be combined into a single
  • Estimated birth years will be used for missing MGS birthdate
  • For both calving ease and stillbirth models, parity will be included in the random contemporary group effect and an interaction effect of parity-sex-birth year of sire and MGS will be

The changes to the editing criteria and modeling parameters have been tested and compared with previous results. Test results were also validated in the last two Interbull test runs. Interbull trend validation procedures showed a better performance of calving traits across lactations and across time, and better correlation with other countries.

The bottom line: Nationally, decreasing trends in the calving traits will be observed, largely the result of accounting for the recent trend in sex ratio. This means that reranking of animals will be observed, especially in daughter calving ease (DCE) and daughter stillbirth (DSB). The improvements made to the calving trait evaluations will provide better predictions that more accurately reflect the current dairy industry.

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – March 2020

Bulls with no daughters in their genomic proof for production or type.  New requirements for semen status.

Registration NumberNameRequesterNAAB codeBirth DateGFIProFatFEYield % Rel.SCSPLLIVFIPTATUDCFLCBWCType % Rel.DCEDSBGTPI
HO840003210341505AOT 249Select202002049.950113223762.588.
HO840003209641800PEAK GRDIAN MLLNAL 82678-ETPEAK202001319.585127305722.737.
HO840003209641798PEAK GRDIAN MLLNAL 82676-ETPEAK2020013010.179126291722.737.
HO840003213001110PEAK MARACA MSTRO 3014-ETPEAK202001201078117258732.778.
HO840003212876562BOMAZ HEROIC 2841-ETABS2020020410.273140290752.928.
HO840003206094216GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN JACK-ETNSexTech2020010710.172128284772.857.
HO840003206094217GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN JOHN-ETNSexTech2020010710.172128284772.857.
HO840003210133294DENOVO 16785 REMEDY-ETABS202001149.868125278752.858.
HO840003200122868IDEAL 12988Select2020013110.15493202742.618.
HO840003206702847PENN-ENGLAND GIFIAN1548A-ETSelect202001079.47874200742.4810.
HO840003214292371WINSTAR HEROIC 2906-ETABS202001149.662126268752.807.
HO840003200122860IDEAL 12980Select202001219.875125261752.557.
HO840003210341497FLY-HIGHER 241Select2020012110.45595202762.737.
HO840003209641749PEAK DNALEE RADAR 82627-ETPEAK202001159.983123279732.937.52.4-1.52.952.681.63-0.22705.04.12915
HO840003210133289DENOVO 16780 RAIDER-ETABS202001039.980141299753.
HO840003207083239JOOK MAGNITUDE 20988-ETHO2020012610.755103206752.588.
HO840003212876550BOMAZ HEROIC 2829-ETABS2020012610.275114248752.668.
HO840003211395098SSI-DUCKETT 11626Select202001169.94399202742.737.
HO840003202768456AOT 1274Select2020011110.772105247742.736.
HO840003209481205SANDY-VALLEY SOLOVEY-ETABS2020012410.468118249752.677.
HO840003206964043WELCOME-TEL B 4466-ETSelect202001199.85672177742.4010.
HO840003211003110OCD MAESTRO 61444-ETSemex2020012710.66888216752.5710.
HO840003211003164OCD POSITIVE 61498-ETSemex202002059.965117248752.906.
HO840003211395099SSI-DUCKETT 11627Select202001169.763109234752.697.
HO840003147805894PEAK 169-ETPEAK2019112110.560104217732.777.
HO840003210133296DENOVO 16787 RINGO-ETABS202001159.673127286753.
HO840003210341498FLY-HIGHER 242Select202001259.74892198762.707.
HO840003204326981WET ROYAL MCGREGOR-ETABS201912149.563122251762.787.
HO840003211395070SSI-DUCKETT 11598Select2020010910.76298220752.606.
HO840003209641793PEAK MAGNTA MLLNAL 82671-ETPEAK2020013010.76591228722.869.
HO840003212245685AOT 104Select2020020310.35588179742.637.
HO840003206964056BACON HILL K 4479-ETSelect202002011061107225752.828.
HO840003143701923GENOSOURCE NSHVILLE 4233-ETSexTech202001169.876105260762.748.
HO840003208782385KINGR 50078Select202001039.954114229752.697.
HO840003210341500FLY-HIGHER 244Select2020011310.150103210762.667.
HO840003200270319LADYS-MANOR LEG-OOH-ETSelect2019092210.152110222752.508.
HO840003208834982KINGR 30057Select2020012310.44278156752.519.
HO840003203571034AOT 94Select2020010410.76086198742.806.
HO840003212876544BOMAZ HARLEM-ETABS202001149.670125264752.987.
HO840003209344211OCD SPARTACUS SONNY-ETSelect2020011010.555107224742.766.
HO840003205436974PEAK CHERYL LWSON 1881-ETPEAK2020011610.565119256732.938.
HO840003209641789PEAK DNALEE MLLNAL 82667-ETPEAK202001299.578111266732.877.43.7-0.21.992.321.43-1.13702.73.72878
HO840003210979055PINE-TREE 7612 HERO 5536-ETABS2020010710.562106224762.678.
HO840003212150417CO-OP 43435 FRIOUS 62882-ETPEAK2020012710.169107258732.508.
HO840003211003075OCD MAGNITUDE SABER-ETSelect2020012111.16498205752.805.
HO840003204988908TERRA-LINDA SOLTON 10656-ETHO201912269.752129225752.657.02.1-
HO840003209481247SANDY-VALLEY S PERSEUS-ETSelect2020010810.45489214752.818.
HO840003212245683AOT 102Select2020013110.45198202752.657.
HO840003209641740PEAK DORI PRSUT 82618-ETPEAK20200114105698198732.618.
HO840003212150446PEAK GRDIAN FRIOUS 62911-ETPEAK20200210107698241732.737.
HO840003210341491FLY-HIGHER 235Select2020010410.667101240742.757.
HO840003211377963WESSELCREST 776-ETPEAK2020010410.168120251732.777.
HO840003209641682PEAK ZANI DSJCKY 82560-ETPEAK2019121910.361107219732.567.
HO840003212876543BOMAZ POPSOCKET-ETABS202001141068123269752.717.
HO840003209641782PEAK DNALEE MLLNAL 82660-ETPEAK202001299.88198255732.877.
HO840003211003141OCD POSITIVE 61475-ETSemex2020020110.365101233752.847.
HO840003210133183DENOVO ROYAL 16674-ETABS202001079.370118243752.825.
HO840003212876536BOMAZ PHELPS-ETABS2020010710.568116258752.658.
HO840003211003158OCD MAESTRO 61492-ETSemex2020020310.56472177752.698.
HO840003209641776PEAK ELITE MLLNAL 82654-ETPEAK2020012810.37491237722.736.
HO840003212150435CO-OP 43435 MLLNAL 62900-ETPEAK2020020910.27788239722.777.
HOUSA000144928305WA-DEL LEGACY BOULDER-ETSelect2019102410.167120267762.666.
HO840003213139240ADAWAY 2538Select202001189.46181198752.658.
HO840003208951987T-SPRUCE 1376Select2020011510.348103205752.478.
HO840003209641742PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82620-ETPEAK202001151078137284732.805.90.8-1.42.352.030.620.56703.93.72856
HO840003209344322OCD 53977Select2020020510.84583181752.589.
HO840003210133170DENOVO ACURA 16661-ETABS202001041069104231762.848.
HO840003211395081SSI-DUCKETT 11609Select202001109.86983198742.777.
HO840003208782405KINGR 50098Select2020012710.65196203742.698.
HO840003210133087DENOVO VALUE 16578-ETABS201912049.864109238752.727.
HO840003210341501FLY-HIGHER 245Select2020011510.25099210762.737.
HO840003210341503AOT 247Select202002019.84786176762.558.
HO840003209641737PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82615-ETPEAK202001141073134273732.806.41.4-0.31.961.780.520.42702.83.42852
HO840003211395137SSI-DUCKETT 11665Select2020020210.25495197752.737.
HO840003212150416CO-OP BARC RADAR 62881-ETPEAK2020012710.766121265743.037.23.2-0.52.692.521.97-0.78724.04.42852
HO840003213241678PINE-TREE 7829 HEROI 708-ETABS2019122510.155115237752.668.
HO840003213540133BLUMENFELD TRY ME 7071-ETSelect202001189.577105249752.737.93.4-
HO840003206964049BACON HILL K 4472-ETSelect202001249.767105253752.789.
HO840003143701515FARNEAR NASH CRUSCADER-ETSexTech201905189.96791215752.788.
HO840003200122838COOKIECUTTER PYRAMID 12958-ETSemex201912299.75686190752.448.
HO840003200122851IDEAL 12971Select2020010810.371104233752.756.
HO840003208180902LARCREST 8549Select201912169.87288205752.757.
HO840003141608900MER-JAMES MAESTRO HUGO-ETHO2020010410.363101217752.767.
HO840003213818447FURNACE HILL 1828-ETPEAK201912301057100212742.768.
HO840003206350836OCD 60536Select202001279.56086188752.588.
HO840003206964046WELCOME M 4469-ETSelect202001239.869111245752.826.
HO840003211003168OCD POSITIVE 61502-ETSemex202002059.761105224752.627.
HO840003211395068SSI-DUCKETT 11596Select2020010810.372123268742.645.
HO840003213241699PINE-TREE 7965 BUNDL 729-ETABS202001209.666117265752.926.
HO840003211635072FB 415007 ARROWHD 561426-ETGenVis202001209.761107232762.608.
HO840003209641788PEAK ELITE MLLNAL 82666-ETPEAK2020012910.680100263722.836.
HO840003200270328LADYS-MANOR 1109-ETSelect2019112711.47695217762.755.80.0-0.23.472.691.571.74752.93.92840
HO840003209481193SANDY-VALLEY 4231Select202001069.961109235752.637.
HO840003210341489FLY-HIGHER 233Select2020010910.26493218742.867.
HO840003211765557PEAK 61324 LWSON 412640-ETPEAK202001029.65999216732.657.
HO840003213700393SHELAND 828Select2020012810.65684181752.627.
HO840003210133190DENOVO 16681 IMPRINT-ETABS202001109.25684185752.4410.
HO840003210590209PEAK 31739-ETPEAK2020012010.575111243732.786.61.4-0.22.301.851.431.04701.72.32838
HO840003211395056SSI-DUCKETT 11584Select2020010410.28090231752.846.
HO840003210133297DENOVO ROYAL 16788-ETABS202001169.667122266753.
HO840003212150412CO-OP BARC RADAR 62877-ETPEAK2020012610.564115254742.946.
HO840003211869285OCD NAPA-ETSemex2019123011.25181170752.817.
HO840003203571035AOT 95-ETSemex20200105104694190752.697.
HO840003208769713MYSTIC 8659Select201912259.95985206752.558.
HO840003210341504AOT 248Select20200204105189183762.687.
HO840003213241711PINE-TREE 11270 DNTE 741-ETHO20200209107397227782.647.
HO840003209344248OCD 53903Select2020012010.75684184752.677.
HO840003210132994DENOVO HEROIC 16485-ETABS2019102810.163107238752.768.
HO840003213139245ADAWAY 2543Select202001219.95481194752.607.
HO840003202768463MIDAS-TOUCH 1281Select202001231054110227742.656.
HO840003206350828OCD 60528Select2020012510.678104241752.825.6-
HO840003208357486SIEMERS 32861Semex202001241078104233782.786.
HO840003207083248JOOK LEGACY 20997-ETHO202001299.45494213752.519.
HO840003210133184DENOVO ROYAL 16675-ETABS2020010710.176131272752.815.7-1.0-
HO840003213703687SSI-LARSON 1422Select202001239.87296240752.906.
HO840003210590207PEAK 31737-ETPEAK2020011810.65785182732.737.
HO840003208357502SIEMERS 32877Semex2020012810.958120243752.906.
HO840003127591076DENOVO DULUTH 3478-ETABS2020011410.166106238752.688.
HO840003149514154CLEAR-ECHO LEGACY 1363-ETSelect201912309.965105246752.638.
HOUSA000144936971WA-DEL LEGACY BRADFORD-ETSelect20191207104899211762.579.
HO840003143701924GENOSOURCE NSHVILLE 4234-ETSexTech2020011610.18398247762.807.
HO840003208834974KINGR 30049Select202001099.45094197752.767.
HO840003211003144OCD MAESTRO 61478-ETSemex2020020110.46785204752.588.