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Upcoming Changes to CDCB Evaluation System – December 2022

CDCB and USDA AGIL announce updates for the December 6, 2022, triannual evaluation.

International evaluations for clinical mastitis in Brown Swiss
By Rodrigo Mota and Kristen Gaddis
In September 2022, the Brown Swiss clinical mastitis traits (CMA; MAST) successfully completed validation at the Interbull level. Therefore, effective with the December 2022 evaluation, Brown Swiss foreign evaluations will be included in the U.S. Clinical Mastitis evaluations. The impact of this inclusion is expected to be limited, as only two other foreign countries (France and Switzerland) contribute to the CDCB Mastitis evaluation.

Including U.S.-only daughters and herds in Feed Saved
By Ezequiel L. Nicolazzi and Gary Fok
In the August 2022 evaluation, a procedure was implemented to (internally) improve the management of foreign evaluation. The new procedure had an unintended consequence of excluding information on Feed Saved herds and daughters in the format 38 (38alloff) for U.S.-only bulls. This small flaw is now resolved.

Correction to pedigree usage in non-Holstein type traditional evaluation
By Ezequiel L. Nicolazzi and Paul VanRaden
An incorrect sort order in the pedigree file used in the non-Holstein type traditional evaluation was detected and fixed in the December 2022 evaluation. No other trait groups or breeds are affected. The flaw determined a sub-optimal use of the pedigree, not allowing the model to use all the connections for non-Holstein animals. The largest impact, in terms of increase in reliability and changes in PTA, will be observed in pre-2000 bulls. For some individual post-2000 animals (both bulls and cows), variation will be observed. The impact on recent A.I. bulls was limited. Correlations in all traditional type evaluations for Jersey bulls were higher than 99.8% when compared to the official August 2022

Lactanet Open Industry Session Recap – October 2022

Lactanet’s Open Industry Session (OIS), traditionally held before each Genetic Evaluation Board meeting, is your opportunity to gather the latest information on genetic and genomic evaluations straight from the Genetics team and have your feedback heard. The most recent Open Industry Session covered topics related to hoof health, sustainability, breed percentage, and the future publication of cow evaluations. See below for a summary of each OIS topic.

Increased Data and Accuracy of Hoof Health Evaluations
Single-step hoof health evaluations for Holsteins were first introduced in December 2018 using data provided by hoof trimmers. However, the current number of hoof trimmers providing data is still limited. To increase the volume of data in these genetic evaluations, comparable hoof health information from DairyComp can be utilized.

The combined data results in a 61% increase in the number of records and 104% increase in the number of genotyped cows which is useful for single-step evaluations. The increased volume of data from DairyComp also results in a substantial increase in Hoof Health reliability for official sires and genotyped cows. Check back in April 2023 for the implementation!

Sustainability will be the focus of Lactanet’s efforts for the coming years. From a genetic perspective, this includes the current Feed Efficiency evaluations as well as Methane Efficiency planned for April 2023.

Inclusion of Feed Efficiency in LPI and Pro$
Lactanet’s Feed Efficiency evaluations were first introduced in April 2021 for the Holstein breed. As announced earlier this year, this evaluation will include the addition of second lactation data and be added to LPI and Pro$ values starting December 2022. The combined first and second lactation Feed Efficiency will result in a 30% increase in cows with feed intake data and genotypes, providing a better prediction of lifetime efficiency. For proven sires in the genetic base, Feed Efficiency changes will vary with the addition of second lactation data, mostly moving up or down maximally 5 RBV points. Adding Feed Efficiency to the national selection indexes, LPI and Pro$, will also lead to some re-ranking of top animals. Keep an eye out in November for additional details.

Genetic Selection to Reduce Methane Emissions
With climate change becoming a growing global concern, each sector must do its part to reduce its carbon footprint. Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from farm-level production by 2050 and Lactanet’s contribution to these efforts will include genomic evaluation for Methane Efficiency. Selection for reduced methane emissions, without negatively affecting milk production levels, will provide a permanent and cumulative solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lactanet is using milk mid-infrared.

(MIR) spectroscopy data to predict methane emissions. The single-step genomic evaluation of predicted methane and energy corrected milk will result in Relative Breeding Value (RBV) for Methane Efficiency, allowing producers to select for reduced methane emissions without sacrificing production traits.

Development and Application of “Breed Percentage” Values
Under Canada’s Animal Pedigree Act breed associations designate a Purity Code for each registered animal in accordance with the respective by-laws. Given the evolving by-laws and increased amount of matings across dairy breeds, Lactanet has received requests from industry partners to apply a minimum level of purity for animals

1. to be eligible for top lists based on genetic evaluations and
2. have a publishable lactation and to be included in herd averages for production.

The Genetic Evaluation Board and Industry Standards Committee recommended that Lactanet develop and implement the calculation of a “Breed Percentage” value to address such requests. Lactanet will continue work to finalize results and rules for each breed prior to consulting with breed associations. Official implementation will happen on a breed-by-breed basis over the coming months and into 2023.

Proposed Future Publication of Cow Evaluations
The proposed future publication of cow evaluations was initially presented in June 2022 and has been supported by the Lactanet’s Genetic Evaluation Board. Currently, Lactanet has two sets of cow evaluations for production traits official indexes and management indexes, that each serve different purposes.

Lactanet sees two opportunities to change cow evaluations. Firstly, to revise the current criteria for designating cow production evaluations as official. This would include all cows with publishable lactations also having official production indexes and each cow having one production evaluation that is updated monthly.

The second opportunity is the introduction of genomic evaluation services for non-herdbook females in Canada by offering a Canadian genomic evaluation as an alternative to buying one from the United States. These changes are expected to follow the changes to publishable lactations that will take effect in January 2023.

For additional information including the presentation handouts, please see our Virtual Open Industry Session page and be sure to join us at the next session!

CDN Author: Hannah Sweett, Knowledge Transfer Advisor

International Guernsey Show 2022



Date: October 4, 2022
Location: Madison, WI

Official Judge: Phillip Topp – Botkins, Ohio

Phillip Topp of Botkins, Ohio owns a 40-cow registered herd along with a fabricating maintenance business, specializing in stainless steel tig welding. Topp has exhibited many champions at the Ohio State Fair, North American International Livestock Exposition and World Dairy Expo including the 1999 Grand Champion of the International Brown Swiss Show. In 2016, he was awarded the Ohio Young Breeder Award. He served as the official judge of the 2019 International Ayrshire Show and associate judge for the 2021 International Brown Swiss Show and the 2016 International Jersey Show at World Dairy Expo. Topp and his wife, Carrie, have three children, Aubree, Aiden and Alaina.

Associate Judge: Tim Abbott – Enosburg, Vt.

Tim Abbott, along with wife, Sharyn, own and operate Borderview Genetics and are partners in Alliance Dairy Sales. Together they own 100 head of elite Registered Holsteins and Jerseys. Abbott has owned or co-owned grand champion animals at World Dairy Expo, the All-American Jersey Show and The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Abbott has worked with and owned multiple household name cows. A familiar face in the sales box, Abbott manages and co-manages cattle sales throughout North America. Abbott spent 20 years in the AI industry and has a judging resume spanning North America, as well as some international shows. The Abbotts have two daughters, Chelsea and Caitlyn, and reside in Enosburg, Vt.

505. Spring Heifer Calf

Spinghill Fame Judeau
1st place Spring Calf
International Guernsey Show 2022

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1   1900 Spinghill Fame Judeau Springhill Big Prairie, OH Y
2       1617 Misty Meadows Suitor Jacinda Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
3       1616 Misty Meadows Mentor Sprite-ETV Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
4 1   1 1630 Myown JC Elsie Ty Freed Chenoa, IL Y
5       1612 Gladheart Drone Meagan-ET Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD Y
6       1628 Rutter Bros Latimers Callie-ETV Kelly J Johnson York, PA Y
7       1620 Knapps APie Outer Banks-ETV Austin & Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
8 2     1609 Trihaven Drone Pilot L: Kaitlin M Lamb O: Heath & Deanna Rigby Goshen, IN Y
9 3     1610 Coulee Crest Design Layla Maci Mclean and Tucker Anderson Salem, OH N
10 4     1623 T-Q Latest Tantrum Robert Nagel Clymer, NY Y
11 5     1631 Royalty Manor Drone Lemondrop Jocelynn McMurray Eighty Four, PA N
12 6     1613 Knapps JD Twisted Tea-ET Emmett Smithling Stanley, NY N
13       1622 Miss Me Reputations Tall Tale Mikayla Knorn Casco, WI Y
14       1618 Pond NPines Calvary Ginger Kayleigh & Kelsey Haag Dane, WI Y
15 7     1615 TwinCounty Tappys Tribute-ETV Landree Fraley Muncy, PA Y
16       1626 MM Drone Addy Maggie Dunivan Milan, IN Y
17       1629 Springhill CC James Dean Fancy-ETV Coulee Crest LLC Cashton, WI N
18 8     1608 Misty Meadows P Time Snitzell Renee D. Ealy Sharpsville, PA N
19       1602 RHG Villa JD Velvet-ETV RHG Beaver Dam, WI Y
20 9     1607 Collettes Boman LJ Mary Beth & Callie Collette Chuckey, TN Y
21       1611 Empire Breezy Sunshine-ETV Jackson & Mason Thorgerson Gilman, WI N
22 10     1603 Collettes Boman Eby Emma Ricke, Mary Beth & Callie Collette Chuckey, TN Y
23       1624 Donnybrook Gauge Jezzi Donnybrook Farm Platteville, WI Y
24 11     1614 Prairie Gem Atlas Covergirl-ETV L: Lauryn Weisensel, O: Prairie Cream and Valley Gem Marshall, WI Y
25       1601 Oat Hill Drone Magnolia Mark Adams and Kim Olson Atwater, MN Y
26       1600 RHG Villa JD Vanesa-ETV RHG Beaver Dam, WI Y
27 12     1604 Prairie Moon Brett Whisper-ETV Kayleigh & Kelsey Haag and Lauren Jones Dane, WI N
28       1606 Swaindale Ladysman Bobbi Daniel Swain Deerfield, WI Y
29       1625 Dairyman Newton 5178 Decode David Medick Cherokee, IA N

506. Winter Heifer Calf

TwinCounty Tappys Trifecta-ETV
1st place Winter Calf
International Guernsey Show 2022
Landree Fraley

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1 1 1 1 1640 TwinCounty Tappys Trifecta-ETV Landree Fraley Muncy, PA Y
2       1634 Misty Meadows Razor Jaycie Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
3       1652 Springhill Latimer Unite Springhill Big Prairie, OH Y
4       1644 Empire Drone Haven Tim & Megan Schrupp Paynesville, MN Y
5       1637 Prairie Cream JD Lincoln-ETV Glamourview Farms Walkersville, MD N
6 2     1651 Maple Bottom L PicturePerfect Lily Mae Ansell Scottdale, PA Y
7       1635 Empire Lone Star Lynara Stark Tim & Megan Schrupp Paynesville, MN Y
8 3     1636 Mill Bridge Jcpenney Sassafras Sara Forman Meriden, NH Y
9       1648 Adams Creek Drone Mistletoe Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
10 4     1643 CGF Drone Unite-ET Reagan & Reece Tompkins Ennice, NC N
11       1639 Hartdale S Cashew Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
12 5     1654 K-Valley Altablue Tinsel Raegan Kime Waucoma, IA Y
13 6     1645 Just A Dream Java Lilac Jace & Jolin Dolphin Luxemburg, WI Y
14       1638 Valley Gem Apie Moment Like This-ETV Valley Gem, G Fremstad, and J Velthuis Cumberland, WI N
15       1647 Adams Creek Beau Cherish Alyssa, Kate & Estelle Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
16 7     1653 Valley Gem Richard Mamacita-ETV Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI Y
17       1642 Up The Creek Jaegers Watch-ETV Donna Anderson Lester Prairie, MN Y
18       1641 Lone Acres Rep Leia Bruce Kipp North Prairie, WI Y
19 8     1649 Coulee Crest Fame Lyssa Stello Danica Mindoro, WI N

507. Fall Heifer Calf

Prairie Gem Midnight Storm-ETV
1st place Fall CalfInternational Guernsey Show 2022Dylan & Cameron Ryan

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1 1     1690 Prairie Gem Midnight Storm-ETV Dylan & Cameron Ryan Fond Du Lac, WI N
2       1670 Valley Gem Apie Daddys Girl-ETV Shocking Genetics, Katie Shultz and Jeffrey McKissick Chambersburg, PA N
3       1668 Digligle Queenies JC Quincy-ET Lane, Layla, Jax & AJ Ayars Mechanicsburg, OH N
4   1   1685 Coulee Crest Theo Lilybell Levi Kindschi and Coulee Crest LLC Loganville, WI Y
5       1664 Misty Meadows Mentor Saki Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
6       1671 Knapps Tempest In A Teapot-ETV London Dairy Farms London, ON N
7       1689 Knapps Drone Talk About Me Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
8 2     1694 Springhill JCP Blaire Hannah Hurst Waynesville, OH N
9       1655 Heritage Brook JD Tootsie-ETV Levi & Carly Plocher Salem, OH N
10       1901 Campbells Troublemaker Emberly Prairie Cream and Valley Gem Cumberland, WI N
11 3     1693 KN Drone Moriah Sara Kronberg Milton, WI Y
12       1667 Gladheart Spart Marlee-ET Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD Y
13       1674 Knapps James Dean Tang Daniel, Nevaeh, Emmet & Tye Chupp Inola, OK N
14       1676 Pond NPines Drone Sun Butter-ETV Kayleigh & Kelsey Haag and Lauren Jones Dane, WI Y
15 4     1688 Knapps Drone Throwback Dakota J Fraley Muncy, PA N
16 5     1675 Kit-Tys American Taco Mason Lien-Kirsnis New Glarus, WI Y
17 6   1 1657 Twin Brook Ace Kiss Me Kate Jocelynn McMurray Eighty Four, PA Y
18       1691 Springhill Drone Jackie-ET Glamourview-Iager & Walton Walkersville, MD N
19       1665 Up The Creek J Dean Winterrose-ETV Donna Anderson Lester Prairie, MN Y
20       1683 Friendship Wmf Atom Copper Friendship Farm Millbrook, NY Y
21 7     1677 Heritage Brook AP Tribute-ETV Katie T Livingston West Winfield, NY Y
22       1684 Terphill Drone Missle-ETV Richard Terpstra Sparta, WI Y
23 8     1673 Pond NPines Mich Peanut Butter-ETV Kayleigh & Kelsey Haag and Lauren Jones Dane, WI Y
24       1659 Wagners Aap Rhubarb Douglas H Wagner Marissa, IL Y
25 9     1669 Springhill TK Jazprit-ETV L:Alison Gartman, O: Alison Gartman and Springhill Sheboygan, WI Y
26 10     1687 K-Valley Altablue Dixie Raegan Kime Waucoma, IA Y
27       1692 Valley Gem Summit Hymn David Medick Cherokee, IA N
28 11     1678 Donnybrook Ammo Stevie Brittany Taylor and Laylaa Schuler Platteville, WI Y
29       1682 Coulee Crest Karate Kid Letty William J Solberg Oregon, WI N
30 12     1660 Trihaven Gotcha Petunia L: Kaitlin M Lamb O: Heath & Deanna Rigby Goshen, IN Y
31 13     1661 Valley Gem JD Drive Me Crazy-ETV Laylaa Schuler and Braxton Dorn New Glarus, WI N
32 14     1656 Prairie Gem Drone Aria L: Emberlie Fritsch, O: Prairie Cream & Valley Gem Trempealeau, WI Y

508. Summer Yearling Heifer

Cape May Latimer Honey

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1   1712 Cape May Latimer Honey Savannah Thomas West Liberty, OH Y
2       1707 Empire JCP Trinidad Richard M Whalen Millbrook, NY N
3       1704 Morning Star L Kearstin J Peyton Krstanovic Fairfield, PA N
4       1699 Hartdale S Chosen Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
5 1     1702 Wapsi-Ana Drone Jaded Ashley J Brandel and Brynn Emery Lake Mills, WI N
6 2     1708 Coulee Crest Reputation Letty-ETV Ashley Brandel, Brynn Emery and Avery Best Sullivan, WI N
7 3   1 1709 Clover-Patch Drone Lexie William E Rumovicz New Berlin, NY Y
8 4     1697 Hi Guern View Drone America Alaina Dinderman Orangeville, IL Y
9       1705 Lang Haven Drone Nutmania Jenna Langrehr West Salem, WI Y
10 5     1703 Mill Bridge Legend Cosi Sara Forman Meriden, NH Y
11       1710 Knapps Drone Bashful Theo & Addison Goldenberg Mcgregor, TX N
12       1713 Flambeau Manor D Lace Chelsey Jensen Amery, WI N
13 6     1695 Kadence Ammo Lindsey Olivia Jennrich New Glarus, WI Y
14       1701 Fox-Valley Drone Jellybean Jennifer Clark Lacrosse, WI N
15 7     1698 PR-Free Spirit Marble Skylar Hanson Ontario, WI N
16 8     1696 Coulee Crest Drone Diamond Kaylee & Cheyanne Omalley Gilman, WI N
17       1706 Pond NPines Drone Chestnut-ETV Andrew Fritsche New Ulm, MN N
18       1700 Adams Creek JD Lovely Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y

509. Spring Yearling Heifer

Gladheart Beau Desi-

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1   1722 Gladheart Beau Desi-ET Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD Y
2       1732 Knapps AP Bank Roll-ETV Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
3 1   1 1717 TwinCounty Pies Twilight-ET Landree Fraley Muncy, PA Y
4 2     1731 Just A Dream Latimer Cranberry Jace & Jolin Dolphin Luxemburg, WI Y
5       1728 Knapps Acc Drone Blast-ET Beth Anne Clark and Chris Reichard New Paris, PA N
6       1718 Adams Creek Brett Maisie Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
7       1729 Hartdale JCP Charisma Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
8       1727 Misty Meadows Mentor Swan Song-ETV Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
9       1719 Empire Drone Starks Saby Tim & Megan Schrupp Paynesville, MN Y
10       1721 Prairie Gem Drone Hold Em Up Prairie Cream and Valley Gem Cumberland, WI Y
11       1726 Knapps Alymo Banker-ETV Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
12       1714 Coulee Crest JC Penney Siri-ETV Coulee Crest LLC Cashton, WI Y
13       1730 Legend Dairy Pharmer Erica London Dairy Farms London, ON N
14 3     1723 Jon-Ann Charismas Champagne-ET Kyle Bonavita Meshoppen, PA Y
15       1715 Adams Creek Drone Bacardi Alyssa Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
16       1724 Thorgy-Way Drone Twinkie Emily Thorgerson Gilman, WI Y
17       1716 Up The Creek JCP Wallaway Jacob Solberg Oregon, WI N

510. Winter Yearling Heifer

Mar Ral Kommand Mafra

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1   1740 Mar Ral Kommand Mafra Levi & Carly Plocher and Verl & Gretchen Weaver Salem, OH Y
2       1743 Hearts Desire Alymo Pizazz Donnette Elliott-Fisher New Enterprise, PA Y
3       1902 Kronk Farm Jackpot Sunkist Springhill Big Prairie, OH N
4       1736 Adams Creek Drone Claire-TW Daniel, Nevaeh, Emmet & Tye Chupp Inola, OK N
5       1744 Knapps Drone Hot Topic-ETV Ashlee L Crubel Lancaster, WI N
6       1746 Bok Indigo Tabby Tillie L: Renee Bok, O: Darlene Moser and Renee & Sara Bok Pleasant Lake, IN Y
7       1735 Hartdale S Celebrity Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
8       1734 Adams Creek Brett Kylie Duane & Jodi Boyer Clintonville, WI N
9       1745 Lang Haven Aaron Kyra Kirstie Langrehr West Salem, WI Y
10 1     1738 Lang Haven Drone Jayjay L: Jed Olson, O: Don & Kathy Langrehr West Salem, WI Y
11 2     1733 Kadence Freedom Laurie Olivia Jennrich New Glarus, WI Y
12 3     1739 Heritage Brook AP Tinsel-ETV Hannah Hurst and Zachary Johnson Waynesville, OH N
13 4     1737 Cedar Way Linkon Elegant Parker & Taylor Schwarze Litchfield, MN N
14 5     1741 Kadence Ammo Tenley Reese Speth New Glarus, WI N
15 6     1903 Kvalley Darth Beauty Raegan Kime Waucoma, IA N

511. Fall Yearling Heifer

Springhill Tiller Calico-ETV

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1       1754 Springhill Tiller Calico-ETV Clay Hershberger and Kathy Whitman Sugarcreek, OH N
2   1   1757 Springhill-VJ Lonestar Tatum-ETV Springhill and Valerie & Jim Spreng Big Prairie, OH Y
3 1     1751 Hi Guern View Legend Jenga Chase Simpkins, Cade Freed and Bryce Meyer Chenoa, IL N
4 2     1750 Paradise Acres Toby Nantucket Renee D. Ealy Sharpsville, PA N
5       1753 Lang Haven Herald Kaylah Kirstie Langrehr West Salem, WI Y
6 3   1 1758 Heritage Brook Lat Trinity-ETV Mason Ziemba and Katie Livingston Durhamville, NY Y
7 4     1756 Knapps GP VG APie Treasure-ETV L: Lauryn Weisensel, O: Valley Gem and Scott Weisensel Marshall, WI N
8       1747 Evergreen Payday Korn Julie Klatt Norwood Young America, MN Y
9       1752 PAFarms London Clapton Andrew Fritsche New Ulm, MN Y
10 5     1748 Just A Dream Reputation Lilly Jace & Jolin Dolphin Luxemburg, WI Y
11       1749 Furseth Farms Karmas Kryptonite Craig Furseth Stoughton, WI Y

515. Junior Champion Female of the Junior Show

Prairie Gem Midnight Storm-ETV

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1690 Prairie Gem Midnight Storm-ETV Dylan & Cameron Ryan Fond Du Lac, WI N

516. Reserve Junior Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1640 TwinCounty Tappys Trifecta-ETV Landree Fraley Muncy, PA Y

517. Junior Champion Female

Gladheart Beau Desi-ET

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1722 Gladheart Beau Desi-ET Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD Y

518. Reserve Junior Champion Female

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1690 Prairie Gem Midnight Storm-ETV Dylan & Cameron Ryan Fond Du Lac, WI N

519. Junior Best Three Females

Pl Entry Name Location
1 1769 Springhill Big Prairie, OH
2 1762 Hartdale Guernseys, Kevin & Emily Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL
3 1771 Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI
4 1761 Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD
5 1760 Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA
6 1767 Landree Fraley Muncy, PA
7 1759 Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI
8 1766 Landen Knapp Epworth, IA
9 1908 Heath & Deanna Rigby Goshen, IN
10 1768 Raegan Kime Waucoma, IA

521. Premier Breeder of Heifer Show

Pl Name
1 Knapp Genetics, Epworth, IA
2 Misty Meadows Farm, New Paris, PA

522. Premier Exhibitor of Heifer Show

Pl Name
1 Misty Meadows Farm, New Paris, PA
2 Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

523. Premier Sire of the Heifer Show

Pl Name
1 Hi Guern View Levi Drone
2 Indian Acres American Pie

525. Yearling Heifer in Milk

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1       1 1772 Prairie Moon Fame Addison Garrett Lambert, Matt Hartle, and Phillip Haulks Norridgewock, ME N
2         1904 Knapps Gp Vg Apie Two To Tango-ETV Valley Gem and Scott Weisensel Cumberland, WI N
3 1       1774 Knapps GP VG AP Twist N Shout-ET Maggie, Daniel & Trey Fix Belleville, IL N

528. Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1       1 1782 Heritage Brook Lb Trillium-ET Springhill and Elmhurst Big Prairie, OH N
2   1     1783 Knapps AP Tokyo-ETV Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
3         1785 Knapps Drone On The Rocks Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
4         1779 Ry-Sar Excalibur Kia Rex Ferris Soap Lake, WA Y
5 1       1787 Pond NPines Beau Mandy K & K Haag, Lauren Jones and Nick Prosek Dane, WI Y
6         1776 H Broke Lat Me See Ur Tik Toc Eric Hilts, Julie Klatt, Katie Schwarze Norwood Young America, MN N

529. Senior Two-Year-Old Cow

Knapps Copper Tambi Wiz

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1     1 1794 Knapps Copper Tambi Wiz Knapp Guernseys, A Fraley and F & D Borba Epworth, IA Y
2       1   1800 Knapps AP Thirsty-ETV Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
3           1790 Wandering Acres Novak Millie Prairie Cream and Valley Gem Cumberland, WI N
4           1799 Knapps AP Too Cute-ETV Addison Goldenberg Mcgregor, TX N
5           1796 Springhill YB Got Jazz-ETV Springhill and Elmhurst Big Prairie, OH Y
6           1797 Lang Haven Beau Topanga Jenna Langrehr West Salem, WI Y
7           1793 Dix Lee Gladheart Fiona-ET Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD N
8 1   1     1788 Twin Brook Gabe Twinkle Aiden McMurray Eighty Four, PA Y

532. Junior Three-Year-Old Cow

Pond NPines Nutter Butter-ETV

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1     1 1804 Pond NPines Nutter Butter-ETV Kayleigh & Kelsey Hagg and Gold Rush New Glarus, WI Y
2           1805 Knapps AP Two Dozen Roses-ETV Austin & Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
3           1809 Up The Creek Jaeger Chaser Donna Anderson Lester Prairie, MN Y
4           1806 Valley Gem Hit It Total Random Valley Gem Farms and Matt Brahmer Cumberland, WI Y
5       1   1808 Knapps Regis Texas Tornado-ETV Austin & Landen Knapp Epworth, IA Y
6 1         1807 Warwick Manor Fireman Scotch Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus East Earl, PA Y
7 2         1801 Royalty Manor Mentor Jokester Jocelynn McMurray Eighty Four, PA N
8 3         1802 Gold Rush Apie Jump Around L: Laylaa Schuler O: Kami Schuler New Glarus, WI Y

533. Senior Three-Year-Old Cow

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1   1 1 1812 Hartdale Chief Cashmere Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
2 1         1818 Dix Lee Kojack Dont Doubt Me-ETV Haley Beukema, Lauryn Weisensel and Brynn Grewe New Richmond, WI N
3           1817 Dix Lee Freedom Starchip Springhill and Valerie & Jim Spreng Big Prairie, OH N
4           1820 GR-Kadence Sherlock Spiced Latte Kadence Farm New Glarus, WI Y
5           1819 Misty Meadows P Subdue-ETV Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
6           1813 Adams Creek Freedom Bindi-ETV Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
7           1811 Adams Creek Freedom Berkeley-ETV Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
8 2         1814 Loyal Acres Beau Bonbon Jarvie Nafzger Mineral Point, WI N
9 3         1810 Warwick Manor Sexy Baby-ETV Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus East Earl, PA Y

534. Intermediate Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1818 Dix Lee Kojack Dont Doubt Me-ETV Haley Beukema, Lauryn Weisensel and Brynn Grewe New Richmond, WI N

535. Reserve Intermediate Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1807 Warwick Manor Fireman Scotch Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus East Earl, PA Y

536. Intermediate Champion Female


Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1782 Heritage Brook Lb Trillium-ET Springhill and Elmhurst Big Prairie, OH N

537. Reserve Intermediate Champion Female

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1794 Knapps Copper Tambi Wiz Knapp Guernseys, A Fraley and F & D Borba Epworth, IA Y

538. Four-Year-Old Cow

Country Lane L Amanda

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1         1 1831 Country Lane L Amanda Springhill Big Prairie, OH N
2           1827 Knapps HP MB Trina-ETV Tim & Megan Schrupp Paynesville, MN N
3   1       1821 Misty Meadows Mentor Suitcase Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y
4 1     1   1822 Valley Gem Hit It Devora Hannah Hurst, Brynn Grewe and Kyle Polk Waynesville, OH N
5           1832 Adams Creek Kringle Bahama Alyssa Nuttleman Bangor, WI Y
6           1826 Lang Haven Novak KC-ET Kirstie Langrehr West Salem, WI Y
7           1828 Miss Me Apie Ransom-ETV Mikayla Knorn Casco, WI Y
8 2   1     1824 Warwick Manor Axel Peachy Karli Stoltzfus East Earl, PA Y
9 3         1823 Dix Lee Dude Dixie Kaylee Omalley Gilman, WI N

539. Five-Year-Old Cow

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1     1 1836 Kadence Fames Lovely Kadence Farm New Glarus, WI Y
2       1   1839 Springhill Pies Jonquil-ETV Springhill Big Prairie, OH Y
3 1         1835 Hi Guern View Asias Africa Alaina Dinderman Orangeville, IL Y
4           1833 Rozelyn L Man Vianne Rozelyn Farm Lynden, WA Y
5 2         1838 Green Slopes A1 Noelle Isaiah Baker and Maddox Davis Imler, PA N

540. Six-Year-Old & Older Cow

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1     1 1844 Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI Y
2       1   1842 Springhill Kojack Uno-ETV Ty & Ean Mader and Faith Ling Springfield, MO N
3           1905 Maplehurst Pilot Treat London Dairy Farms London, ON N
4           1841 Hartdale Best Man Crimson Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
5           1840 GR-Coulee Crest Superman Tia-ET Mikayla Knorn Casco, WI N

541. Lifetime Production Cow

Pl Jr B&O Jr B&O Prod Udd Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1   1   1 1 1906 Hollow View Senator Senora Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus East Earl, PA Y
2           1848 Hartdale Mentor Coconut Braden & Connor Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL Y
3           1850 Misty Meadows Rebel Suite Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA Y

548. Senior Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1835 Hi Guern View Asias Africa Alaina Dinderman Orangeville, IL Y

549. Reserve Senior Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1822 Valley Gem Hit It Devora Hannah Hurst, Brynn Grewe and Kyle Polk Waynesville, OH N

550. Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1835 Hi Guern View Asias Africa Alaina Dinderman Orangeville, IL Y

551. Reserve Grand Champion Female of the Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1822 Valley Gem Hit It Devora Hannah Hurst, Brynn Grewe and Kyle Polk Waynesville, OH N

552. Best Animal Bred & Owned – Junior Show

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1824 Warwick Manor Axel Peachy Karli Stoltzfus East Earl, PA Y

553. Best Three Females

Pl Entry Name Location
1 1858 Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI
2 1856 Landen Knapp Epworth, IA
3 1857 Springhill Big Prairie, OH
4 1854 Hartdale Guernseys, Kevin & Emily Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL
5 1853 Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA
6 1852 Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI

554. Exhibitor’s Herd

Pl Entry Name Location
1 1864 Springhill Big Prairie, OH
2 1865 Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI
3 1863 Landen Knapp Epworth, IA
4 1861 Hartdale Guernseys, Kevin & Emily Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL
5 1860 Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA
6 1859 Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI

555. Produce of Dam

Pl Entry Name Location
1 1876 Landen Knapp Epworth, IA
2 1867 Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA
3 1878 Landen Knapp Epworth, IA
4 1866 Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI
5 1871 Hartdale Guernseys, Kevin & Emily Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL
6 1868 Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA
7 1880 RHG Beaver Dam, WI
8 1870 Edward Crossland Cumberland, MD

556. Dam and Daughter

Pl Entry Name Location
1 1886 Hartdale Guernseys, Kevin & Emily Hartmann Mulberry Grove, IL
2 1885 Beth Anne Clark New Paris, PA
3 1893 Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI
4 1892 Tim & Megan Schrupp Paynesville, MN
5 1884 Alyssa & Kate Nuttleman Bangor, WI

566. Senior Champion Female

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1844 Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI Y

567. Reserve Senior Champion Female

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1842 Springhill Kojack Uno-ETV Ty & Ean Mader and Faith Ling Springfield, MO N

568. Grand Champion Female

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1844 Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI Y

569. Reserve Grand Champion Female

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1842 Springhill Kojack Uno-ETV Ty & Ean Mader and Faith Ling Springfield, MO N

570. Best Bred & Owned Animal

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1844 Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI Y

571. Best Uddered Cow

Entry Name Owner Location B&O
1844 Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET Valley Gem Farms Cumberland, WI Y

573. Total Performance Winner of the Junior Show

Pl Name
1 1835 Hi Guern View Asias Africa, Alaina Dinderman, Orangeville, IL

574. Total Performance Winner

Pl Name
1 1836 Kadence Fames Lovely, Kadence Farm, New Glarus, WI

576. International Type & Production Award

Pl Name
1 1839 Springhill Pies Jonquil-ETV, Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

591. Premier Breeder

Pl Name
1 Knapp Genetics, Epworth, IA
2 Springhill, Big Prairie, OH

592. Premier Exhibitor

Pl Name
1 Knapp Genetics, Epworth, IA
2 Misty Meadows Farm, New Paris, PA

593. Premier Sire

Pl Name
1 Indian Acres American Pie
2 Coulee Crest Novak Lambeau-ET

A Look at Genomic Bulls Used in Canada

The A.I. sector has seen a consistent use of semen from genomic young bulls which has accelerated the rate of genetic progress. To look at the national trends in the use of genomic bulls, Lactanet analyzed the number of young bulls with daughters in Canada between 2000 and 2019.

The total number of young bulls marketed in Canada has not significantly changed since 2002, averaging 422 (Figure 1). However, what has changed is the number of A.I. companies producing genomic bulls from their own breeding programs. Since the adoption of genomics, young bulls bred by A.I. companies have risen from 3% in 2011 to 42% in 2019. This is mainly due to the rise in A.I. company ownership of elite females that have produced the next generation of elite genomic bulls. Between 2014 and 2019, bulls bred by A.I. companies from an A.I. bred and owned dam increased from 34% to 52%. These statistics are based on prefixes that all major A.I. companies have introduced during the genomics era and do not include any prefixes for breeders that may have a close affiliation or agreement with a given A.I. company.

The percentage of bulls in A.I. that resulted from embryo transfer or manipulation is also on the rise, now surpassing 95% (Figure 1), mainly due to the increased adoption of new reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Another trend in genomic young bulls is their increase in genetic merit. Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the average LPI and Pro$ of Holstein bulls marketed in Canada, respectively. Genomic bulls born in 2019 that now have daughters born in Canada currently have an average genetic merit of 3332 LPI and $2419 for Pro$. During the five years prior to the introduction of genomics in 2009, the average annual increase in the genetic merit of young bulls used in Canada was 84 LPI points and $189 for Pro$. For the first years after genomics was introduced, the average annual gain was the most rapid at 131 LPI points and $323 for Pro$. Since genomics has now been fully adopted, the average genetic level of young bulls used in Canada born in the most recent years has increased by an average of 124 LPI points and $280 Pro$ per year. This translates to an annual rate of gain in LPI and Pro$ that is 1.5 times faster than before genomics was introduced. We can therefore expect genomic bulls born this year will increase the average lifetime profit of their daughters by more than $280 compared to daughters of young bulls born in 2021 and by $560 compared to daughters of A.I. bulls born in 2020.

We are also seeing a rise in the number of young bulls with favourable genes such as A2 for beta casein. Since the introduction of genomics, the proportion of genomic bulls with an A2 genotype available has increased from roughly 50% for bulls born in 2010 to 98% for those born in 2019. More importantly, selection in favour of A2A2 bulls has gradually increased the frequency of this desired genotype among A.I. bulls marketed in Canada, which surpassed the 50% mark in recent years. The polled status is also now available for over 80% of these bulls and the frequency of polled sires among those used in Canada reached 13% for those born in 2019.

It is clear genomic young bulls will continue to be marketed in Canada and see significant usage due to their genetic superiority. As new strategies are taken by A.I. companies, including the ownership of females to source the next generation of elite genomic bulls, young sires of high genetic merit will continue to be offered to Canadian producers. In the most recent years, the year-over-year gain in the average genetic merit of young bulls used in Canada has been 124 LPI points and $280 for Pro$. This means that continued strong rates of genetic progress in the Canadian Holstein population can be expected in the future.

Author: Hannah Sweett, Knowledge Transfer Advisor – Genetics Portfolio Allison Fleming, Geneticist 



CDCB Industry Meeting: Improving Cow Mobility Through Genetics

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) invites all producers, industry professionals and genetic enthusiasts to the 8th annual CDCB Industry Meeting in Madison, Wis., on Wednesday, Oct. 5. The meeting will run from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Exhibition Hall (Mendota Room 2) on the World Dairy Expo grounds. Doors open at 8:00 a.m. for networking and refreshments.


Registration is appreciated for planning; RSVP at this link. There is no cost to attend and walk-ins on the meeting day are welcome.


How do genetics impact sustainability goals?
The U.S. dairy community has rallied around a public commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, optimize water usage, and improve water quality by 2050 — supporting global sustainability initiatives and customer expectations. Genetic selection is one part of the equation that will enable U.S. dairy farms and processors to collectively achieve this lofty goal.
How precisely do genetics impact sustainability both now and into the future? How do we demonstrate the contribution of genetic selection to reduce dairy’s environmental impact? What other aspects of sustainability — such as animal well-being and methane emissions — can be addressed through genetics?
We will explore these questions via thought-provoking panels and future-focused updates from producers, dairy customers, and geneticists.



Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022
8:00 AM
        Registration and Refreshments

8:30 AM        Welcome and Opening Remarks
                           Jay Weiker, CDCB Chair
                     CDCB and Genetic Initiatives to Enhance Sustainability
                           Kristen Parker Gaddis, CDCB Geneticist
                     Dairy Buyer Panel: Customer and consumer expectations for sustainability
                                      – Mike Brown, Kroger  
                                      – Dan Peerless, Nestlé
                                      – Brian Zook, Bel Brands

                                      – Moderated by Corey Geiger, Hoard’s Dairyman

10:00 AM      Milk break
10:30 AM      Role of Genetics in Sustainability and Animal Welfare
                           Marilyn Hershey, Producer, Board Chair, Dairy Management Inc
                     Producer Panel: Genetic selection and sustainability
                                    – Lloyd Holterman, Watertown, Wis.
                                    – Mike McCloskey, Fair Oaks, Ind.
                                    – Bill Peck, Jr., Schuylerville, NY
                     USDA AGIL Update
                              Asha Miles, Research Geneticist
                     2023 Look Ahead
                              Joao Durr, CDCB CEO

Noon             Adjourn


Informational page:

Registration page:


# # #


About Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB)

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), in Bowie, Md., provides premier dairy genetic information services through industry collaboration centered around a mission to help optimize cow health and productivity in herds worldwide. The CDCB drives continuous improvement and maintains the integrity of the world’s largest animal database, building on a quality foundation with more than eight decades of recorded U.S. dairy animal performance. The CDCB is a collaborative effort between four sectors of the U.S. dairy industry: Dairy Records Providers (DRP), Dairy Records Processing Centers (DRPC), National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) and Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA).

Lactanet Offering Virtual Open Industry Session

Lactanet is pleased to continue organizing and offering its virtual Open Industry Sessions, which have traditionally been planned in advance of each meeting of the Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB). The next session will be held on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 and all presentation topics will be related to genetic services. The proposed agenda for this meeting is outlined below.

To participate in this open and free webinar session, you must first register in advance HERE. 

Agenda (times are in EDT applicable in ON and QC)
Simultaneous Translation Services will be provided

Wednesday, October 12th
12:30 pm Welcome and Meeting Guidelines – Moderator Filippo Miglior
12:35 pm Lactanet Business Update – Neil Petreny
1:00 pm Increased Data and Accuracy of Hoof Health Evaluations – Gerrit Kistemaker
1:30 pm Inclusion of Feed Efficiency in LPI and Pro$ – Peter Sullivan
2:00 pm Genetic Selection to Reduce Methane Emissions – Hinayah Rojas de Oliveira
2:30 pm Development and Application of “Breed Percentage” Values – Brian Van Doormaal
3:00 pm Proposed Future Publication of Cow Evaluations – Gerrit Kistemaker
3:30 pm Open Question & Discussion Period (Optional participation for up to 60 minutes)
4:30 pm Closure



CDCB Lameness Project Preliminary Findings

Improving cow mobility is a significant opportunity for dairy farm success and cow well-being, and heritability estimates indicate that genetic selection is one tool to address lameness. With these facts, CDCB and University of Minnesota (UMN) College of Veterinary Medicine initiated a project in July 2021, with the end goal to develop herd management tools and a hoof health genetic evaluation.
To identify and measure a relevant genetic trait, a data pipeline is necessary to capture phenotypic information (mainly collected by hoof trimmers and relevant digital technologies), genomic data, and general production and management information.
One on-farm data source being piloted in the CDCB-UMN project is a Video Analytic Platform (VAP) by CattleEye. This system has been operational since July 2021 on the first pilot farm of 3000 cows in northwest Iowa. A comparison of CattleEye observations with hoof health data collected by trained hoof trimmers and farm managers has demonstrated the ability to differentiate between cows with and without lesions.
Preliminary results indicate that:
1. Locomotion scores collected by the VAP are associated with hoof lesions, and are significantly higher in cows reported as having a hoof lesion.
2. There are challenges to collecting and combining data obtained from multiple different sources such as CattleEye, on-farm management software, genotypes, and hoof trimming records.
3. Further work is needed to understand the relationship between locomotion scores from the VAP and specific hoof lesion records.
4. There is an increase in the number of hoof trimmers with enhanced knowledge regarding standard trimming procedures and hoof lesions.
5. Dairy farmers, veterinarians, and hoof trimmers are gaining awareness about the CDCB-UMN hoof health project.
More Information: CDCB and UMN will share more detail on the preliminary findings and next steps through a series of upcoming articles and presentations.
How to Participate: Dairy producers, veterinarians, and hoof trimmers that would like to participate in this project should contact Dr. Gerard Cramer or Dr. Kristen Parker Gaddis.

Interpreting Linear Profiles

By: Kevin Jorgensen and Rick VerBeek, senior sire analysts, Select Sires Inc.
Historically, dairy farmers have viewed negative Standard Transmitting Abilities (STAs) as just that – negative and undesirable. The phrase “left-sided linear” carries a poor or bad connotation. Often times, sires with these types of linear profiles are pushed to the wayside and not used in breeding programs. Farmers pose a valid question, “Why would I use a bull with a negative linear?”

To address this concern, let’s look at industry-wide herd goals. Throughout the U.S. and around the world, many dairy farmers aim to reduce body size or slow the increasing trend for stature. To achieve this, sires with negative linear evaluations for traits like Stature (ST), Strength (SR) and Thurl Width (TW), will be instrumental. With the most ideal mating, sires with negative linears can greatly influence phenotypic progress in these herds.

There’s a lot to consider when looking at linear evaluations in sire selection. First, it is important to familiarize yourself with linear classification scores. Next, we’ll dive into bell curves and standard deviations to better interpret the linear bar charts and make comparisons to the phenotypic performance – what you will see in the barn and milking parlor. And finally, it’s paramount to consider the influence of base changes and the need to reset perspective.


Holstein classifiers evaluate 18 individual type traits using a linear scoring system to describe or measure each trait. They use a scale of 1-50 to assign a numeric score to each trait rating them from one extreme to the other. For some traits like Rump Angle and Leg Side View, a 25 is considered desirable. These scores are the foundation of the information used to calculate the genetic evaluations for type traits, which are expressed as STAs. 

  • Linear Score of 1 = 50-inch cow
  • Linear Score of 25 = 55-inch cow
  • Linear Score of 35 = 57-inch cow
  • Linear Score of 50 = 60-inch cow


Those linear scores are then put into a genetic evaluation and displayed as STAs. For linear type traits, STAs are generally expressed on a scale from -3 standard deviations to +3 standard deviations with 0 defined as the average for the base birth year population. There is a 68 – 95 – 99.7 rule when understanding STAs, meaning 68% of the values fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean, 95% of the values fall within 2 standard deviations of the mean, and about 99.7% of the values fall within 3 standard deviations of the mean. On the bell curve and in Select Sires’ linear trait bar charts, this means that half of the population will have a negative number and half the population will have a positive number. Simply put, a negative or left-side linear isn’t conventionally bad, but instead further evaluation and consideration of herd goals and phenotypic performance is important.


Don’t forget that linear evaluations are subject to base changes. The current STAs are based on the average PTAs of cows born in 2015. Base changes occur every five years and show the genetic change over that time frame. Most recently, we noted the change from 2010 to 2015. The 2020 base change revealed that cows born in 2015 were much larger than cows born in 2010 and the linear evaluations for ST, SR, Body Depth (BD) and TW reflected this increase. The 2020 base change shows the trend for increased size is slowing, but it is still increasing. 

To moderate size in the cow herd, key-in to these linear frame evaluations. For example, when mating a breed average cow to a sire with a -2.00 STA for Stature, farmers can expect the mature daughter to be around 57 inches tall. 

We have to reset our expectations of what the STAs represent, especially for frame traits. How we interpret a +1.00 STA today is much different than how it was interpreted 10 and 20 years ago. Research shows that a -2.00 Stature score in 2021 is nearly equivalent to a +1.00 STA from 2000 and similar comparisons can be made for other traits, including Strength and Body Depth. Not only does the genetic base change, but industry trends shift, herd goals evolve, culling preferences are modified and genetic technology advances. For more information about linear evaluations, contact your local Select Sires representative and discover how these “left-sided” linears can make phenotypic strides to meet your herd goals.

Source: Select Sires

Superior genetics deliver benefits

Dairy farmers are being encouraged to consider using genetically superior beef bulls across their herds this spring to help create greater value along the value chain.

This is based on a recent report summarising the findings of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics’ Dairy Beef Progeny Test (DBPT).

Written by farm consultant Bob Thomson, the report summarises the findings of a whole-farm modelling process, where the progeny of the highest ranked beef bulls from the DBPT were compared with the progeny of average bulls.

These showed a 15 per cent growth advantage at 400 and 600-days compared to the average bulls. This would improve gross margin returns by between $211 and $261/ ha and improve feed conversion efficiency by 9 per cent. This in turn would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The modelling demonstrated that when the top 10-15 per cent of DBPT bulls for marbling (intramuscular fat) were compared with the average DBPT bulls there was a 27 per cent improvement. This correlated with an increase in the strike rate with beef quality supply programmes, although with a price premium of 30c/kg CW, this increased the gross margin by up to another $51/ha.i

The modelling also compared one and two winter finishing policies and highlighted clear advantages and disadvantages to both. The ranking of DBPT bulls did not change between the two policies.

Compared to the twowinter, the one-winter system occupied one third less land area with 15 per cent more feed conversion efficiencies.

The disadvantage was in lighter carcase weights (160-220kg CW) when processed between November and February. These weights were outside targeted beef grading and associated payment schedules.

Building a connection between dairy farmer and finisher

The report noted a disconnect between dairy farmers and beef finishers and the advantages for both parties to address this.

Working with a dairy farmer who is investing in superior beef genetics gives the finisher the opportunity to benefit from significantly improved growth rates and carcase attributes.

The report states that this disconnect has come about because finishers tend to prefer to buy dairy-beef spring-born weaners in autumn rather than rear them over summer. In drought years, when this is most apparent, there is little difference in the price between autumn and spring calves.

Dairy farmers producing high quality calves often felt frustrated with variable and inconsistent demand from beef finishers irrespective of whether they are four to five-day old weaners or 100kg weaners.

“Once the calves leave the dairy farm the connection back to their genetic merit is usually lost.


US Holstein Highlights ‐ Sire Proof Central – August 2022

Once again Mr. T-Spruce Frazz Lionel is the #1 GTPI International Daughter Proven sire at +3190 GTPI with +1274 NM$. He is followed by De-Su Frazz Tahiti at +3036 GTPI and in the third spot we find Denovo 2703 Venture at +2984 GTPI.  On the Red Carrier gTPI sire list, we find a red carrier Captain son: Redlea at +2978 GTPI in combination with +2.03 PTAT followed by Koepon Zaz at +2937 GTPI and making the Top 3 complete with Winstar Kessel at +2920 GTPI.  The #1 PTAT bull is again Peak Hammer at +4.33 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2527 GTPI. Followed by Siemers Fitters Choice (+4.23 PTAT) and Peak Highliner-ET (+4.22 PTAT). 

High Ranking Sire Report – Sire Proof Central August 2022

MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ETTR TP 98-I 7HO14454FRAZZLED x MONTROSS1021563565428992.893.490-0.6-1.60.78940.7-0.24-0.25 3190G
DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14229FRAZZLED x DELTA731132231333993.045.3900.71.11.09970.98-0.72-1.51 3036G
DENOVO 2705 VENTURE-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18870ACHIEVER x DELTA471281081313982.635.5882.40-0.06900.990.16-1.48 2984G
S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ETTR TP 99-I 250HO14134JALTAOAK x MILLINGTON5891989232982.873.8890.71.31.82981.671.530.95 2984G
BLUMENFELD MYLES ARKHAM-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13802MYLES x YODER731001993275982.834880.5-0.10.81901.50.370.01 2980G
PROGENESIS GUINNESS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11039MAGNUS x SUPERSHOT99952786317972.893.186-0.4-0.70.75860.61-0.320.3 2958G
OCD HELIX ALPHABET-ETTR TP100-NA 7HO14320HELIX x YODER711022716298972.914.488-1.7-0.61.34921.72-0.26-0.63 2946G
MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18906ACHIEVER x RUBICON751501413402983.083.8882.3-1.8-0.7595-0.62-0.41-1.98 2942G
STUNNING-M ALTADARVISHTR TP100-NA 11HO12203DUKE x RODGERS811322636334982.811.789-2.5-3.81.22851.38-0.49-0.09 2937G
ST GEN R-HAZE RAPID-ETTC TY100-NA551HO03591RUBI-HAZE x RUBICON62891705248983.012.9890.7-0.82.21982.081.30.96 2934G
PINE-TREE ACURA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18960ACHIEVER x PROFIT621011721288973.035873.50.40.7930.590.44-0.84 2928G
BGP YOLO-ETTR TP100-NA734HO00091BANDARES x MERIDIAN41106964243982.852.2891.10.41.64972.520.76-0.19 2927G
PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT-ETTR TP 99-I 777HO11186IMAX x PROFIT55721411231982.846.5880.91.11.55971.181.360.39 2917G
BOMAZ BLOWTORCH PRINGLE-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13489BLOWTORCH x YODER631531287344993.080.6890.4-1.2-0.04880.2-0.68-0.16 2904G
HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARL-ETTR TC 99-I 551HO03529CHARLEY x YODER46981527250992.834890.90.81.58981.360.4-1.28 2901G
EDG DIRECTOR ROOSTER-ETTC TY 99-I 551HO03441DIRECTOR x RUBICON4391847243982.865.8893.10.21.92942.02-0.53-0.54 2895G
REGAN-DANHOF GAMECHANGER-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13844MODESTY x JEDI52901660278982.89488- 2889G
SILVERRIDGE V TIMBERLAKE-ETTR TP 99-I 777HO11288IMAX x SUPERSHOT71682418252972.774.7880.3-0.40.97952.41-0.41-0.49 2888G
DENOVO 14744 GINETTA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18957GUARANTEE x DELTA60971241261962.874.2860.71.10.91910.36-0.30.16 2887G
MR DRACO BATTLE 67469-ETCD TY100-NA551HO03269DRACO x MOGUL52851196239982.873.7921.50.71.7951.98-0.360.45 2886G
A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14451FRAZZLED x DELTA40112425266982.65.7891.50.90.47950.59-0.35-0.63 2881G
OCD IRONMAN NEMOTR TP 99-I 7HO14365IRONMAN x DELTA3093420215982.795.1892.70.81.95941.661.260.14 2879G
S-S-I DEANO JAMARCO-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14545DEANO x HEISENBERG681231792297952.892.785-0.5-31.77891.180.27-0.08 2878G
BLUMENFELD ACHV MAMBA-ETTR TP 99-NA 1HO13895ACHIEVER x MODESTY411081767259982.995.2882.61.60.4890.720.3-1.13 2876G
WESTCOAST AROMAS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11167HARMONY x MONTEREY621011827263962.872.288-0.9-0.31.49880.960.70.23 2876G
HURTGENLEA MONT LEMANS-ETTR TP 98-I 1HO13445ALTAFLYWHEEL x YODER541061646285992.794.2891.4-0.60.69890.92-0.12-1.31 2875G
CHERRY-LILY ZIP LUSTER-P-ETTR PC 99-I 7HO14160ZIPIT-P x KINGBOY45781509213992.772.292-10.12.8982.361.65-0.18 2867G
TTM ACHIEVER EMERGE-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO18852ACHIEVER x YODER391331194281962.912.3871.7-0.60.65920.570.79-0.75 2867G
PEAK ALTAZAREK-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12219ALTATOPSHOT x RUBICON59891647246982.795.4881.5-0.30.69940.880.54-0.7 2863G
MCNALLAN MATTERS ELWOOD-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13878MATTERS x PLATINUM521111077276962.893870.20.30.59880.510.88-0.13 2861G
BLUMENFELD GDANC RORY-ETTR TP100-NA 1HO12964GATEDANCER x RUBICON691171801326992.913.1901.9-2.70.47910.68-0.59-0.84 2859G
OCD LEGENDARY COFFEE-ETTR TP 99-I 250HO14310LEGENDARY x RUBICON4089581198992.675.1903.3-0.11.72971.321.250.85 2859G
DENOVO 7978 ALLUSION-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18807ACHIEVER x JOSUPER541311348322932.792.7850.9-3.40.81860.980.33-1.31 2856G
LARS-ACRES CC FINISHLINE-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14705COPYCAT x DELTA50941269243922.814.8810.30.11.19881.620.25-0.82 2856G
MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ETTR TP 99-I 14HO14636RESOLVE x PROFIT56511173179952.737.98543.30.75920.74-0.60.32 2855G
NO-FLA JALIB-ETTR TP 96-I 29HO18793RAGEN x JOSUPER73772825244982.73.287-0.6-1.20.58851.441.74-0.41 2855G
PENN-ENGLAND BARCLAY-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14804BUBBA x RUBICON53961322262952.992.885- 2854G
PINE-TREE PLAZA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18855ACHIEVER x DAMARIS40941003224973.24.7883.81.70.72891.261.07-0.65 2850G
DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18858MATTERS x RUBICON501051181263972.974.2873.2-0.40.66920.890.76-0.23 2848G
AOT BLOWTORCH HEALER-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13458BLOWTORCH x SUPERSIRE681271430314982.810.690-2-1.80.81890.59-0.760.13 2844G
COOKIECUTTER R HIDEYHO-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14692RESOLVE x RUBICON53881068222922.963.8830.801.54881.630.290.91 2844G
PEAK ALTAKLAEBO-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12323GUARANTEE x JEDI5571935220962.734.7861.41.80.92901.18-0.99-0.4 2844G
C-HAVEN HARLOW-ETTR TP 99-NA 14HO14587ACHIEVER x SILVER371041268248972.784.5884.2-1.30.81911.410.9-1.47 2843G
SILVERRIDGE V EINSTEIN-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11586TOPNOTCH x DUKE56781182201952.675.2840.80.51.01911.8-0.710.5 2839G
HAS HAS GARIDO 99-I 624HO09030GYMNAST x PENLEY53851392208912.662.688- 2838G
RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14859ROLAN x BLOWTORCH45841057246922.964.4821.60.30.9851.980.53-2.1 2838G
DENOVO 14604 COMBO-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18895MEDLEY x JEDI71941823263912.824.8820.2-10.88880.4-0.340.58 2834G
DENOVO 14649 GODIVA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18911ACHIEVER x DELTA4193574239922.884.7842.50.40.87851.230.76-0.92 2833G
PEAK ALTAINDIGO-ETTR TP 98-I 11HO12328IMAX x DRACO65951683267962.953.2871.2-1.51.02871.29-0.090.54 2833G
SANDY-VALLEY LOTTERY-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18635BANDARES x KINGBOY5393892236982.743.4921-1.31.21911.760.120.56 2832G
BOMAZ MONTREAL-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18984MEDLEY x CABRIOLET52130480293983.062.4881.2-0.80.21900.120.33-0.76 2829G
BPS PANTHER FOXCATCHER-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14578PANTHER x FOXSONG51731243204972.685.7881.22.80.38900.49-0.4-0.18 2828G
DE-SU 13961 SANJAY-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18753SUMO x SILVER48961400230993.014.1930.20.90.8961.120.84-0.86 2828G
CO-OP AARDEMA DRVR CRANE-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13408PILEDRIVER x STOIC671341693318982.930.688-0.6-3.71.12850.520.43-0.17 2827G
ENGLAND-AMMON BANJO-P-ETTR PC 99-I 7HO14694BIGHIT P x HEISENBERG54681073192902.91.480- 2824G
PEAK ALTAABBA-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12264BLOWTORCH x RUBICON51801769214962.733.2881.20.81.16931.020.590.79 2824G
SANDY-VALLEY CREAMER-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO19017ACHIEVER x SILVER30109489233952.672.8861.3-1.31.17892.151.05-0.67 2823G
MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ETTC TY100-NA551HO03714HELIX x DELTA401011085236982.84.488- 2822G
PEAK LUXOTIC-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14537CHARLEY x SILVER55891656247982.722.288-2.7-0.41.27881.470.71-0.92 2821G
PINE-TREE DEFENSE-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18813ACHIEVER x DAMARIS42107591239962.93.5872.6-1.51.39871.291.14-0.19 2821G
PROGENESIS HELIANTHUS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11105IMAX x JEDI75822182254932.983.685-1.3-0.70.83901.65-0.990.71 2820G
DELICIOUS H-NOON TAMPA-ETTR TC 99-I 551HO03797HIGH NOON x JEDI62471639219952.887832.92.50.8850.90.24-1.66 2819G
MR WINGS NORTON-ETTR TC 99-I 551HO03713WINGS x NOMINEE71741781285982.94.4890.6-0.50.44950.730.47-1.41 2819G
FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA-ETTR TP100-NA551HO03379DELTA x NUMERO UNO46471274165992.765.5970.50.22.89992.950.890.11 2818G
WELCOME GODDARD 3571-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14438BLOWTORCH x DELTA63941713273982.745.68910.6-0.3793-0.3-0.3-0.86 2816G
DENOVO 14756 AUBURN-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18956ACHIEVER x JEDI46105906256922.783.3821.90.70.29870.69-0.52-0.15 2814G
TAG-LANE ELEMENTTR TC 99-I 29HO18795BURLEY x YODER32110345230982.874.9892.91.50.34910.320.29-0.24 2814G
WOODCREST KING DOCTR TP 99-I 250HO12961KINGBOY x MACK55691609180993.093.898-1.3-1.13.31992.212.031.02 2814G
DE-SU JEDI JEFRI 13610TR TP 99-I 7HO13727JEDI x RODGERS70351804180982.685.2910.33.10.76941.15-0.340.28 2813G
PINE-TREE-I PROSPECTUS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11185IMAX x PROFIT67781586226942.793.6841.5-11.44861.10.171.58 2812G
COOKIECUTTER HIGHLITE-ETTR TP 99-I 14HO14690COPYCAT x DELTA42871152217922.693.6820.30.41.64861.600.16 2811G
DE-SU BARCELONA 14195-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14231LOPEZ x SILVER48100766237982.862.6890.2-0.61.33940.821.290.27 2811G
NO-FLA ALTABUNDLE-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12293ROWDY x ALTASPRING84902887305982.89388-1.2-1.20.52860.28-1.06-0.55 2810G
AARDEMA MAPQUEST-ETTR TP 98-I 1HO13818MATTERS x YODER44911492242992.665.4892.21.10.07900.7-0.33-0.47 2809G
PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14250FRAZZLED x YODER3269360173992.558.1903.72.30.35981.6-0.79-1.02 2808G
WILRA BURNETT-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18731BURLEY x YODER36126224248962.921.7881.6-1.81.59901.10.880.17 2808G
SIEMERS DARWIN-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11120SUPERHERO x SILVER44821120165962.82.390- 2807G
LARS-ACRES S-S-I KALEB-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14422JAGGER x MODESTY61971785288962.923.886-0.7-1.40.89851.24-0.4-0.99 2806G
DENOVO 7899 ARCHER-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO18773ACHIEVER x DELTA561011054271972.833.4872.4-2.10.64901.130.39-1.25 2805G
PEAK ALTAGOPRO-ETTR TP100-NA 11HO12124HELIX x MONTROSS77842808260982.833.490-1.9-1.21.39950.79-1.061.3 2805G
MR SPRING NIGHTCAP 74636-ETTC TY 99-I 551HO03369ALTASPRING x NUMERO UNO56801395253992.853.7910.10.20.88971.73-1-0.7 2802G
PINE-TREE TORTUGA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18711BURLEY x YODER4590636232962.884.2892.81.30.66920.660.4-1.48 2802G
DENOVO 14854 SLINGER-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18979FRAZZLED x JEDI63731844229962.796.7862.62.2-0.3910.13-1.32-0.71 2801G
TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO10729OCTOBERFEST x MOONRAY59811784233992.744.7971.80.30.36970.640.380.6 2801G
WELCOME DELPRO 3565-ETTR TP 99-I 14HO14442SAMURI x SUPERSHOT56501304178982.765.68832.70.76910.650.450.07 2801G
PEAK ALTAHOTHAND-ETTR TP100-NA 11HO12178HOTLINE x MONTROSS65671831241972.652.289-1.1-1.21.76921.860.52-0.55 2799G
DE-SU 14077 TORONTO-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18705BURLEY x RUBICON561061296251932.773.6871.9-1.50.978900.570.43 2798G
SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14364SAMURI x RUBICON46821265223983.094.58811.21.74960.520.640.17 2797G
ABS ACHIEVER-ETTC TY 99-NA 29HO18296YODER x ALTAEMBASSY26120150257992.694.1974.1-1.20.22990.950.51-1.63 2796G
MR MONSTER-ETTR TP 99-I 734HO00082JEDI x BOMBERO83672762247972.663.390-0.4-11890.89-0.791.15 2796G
N-SPRINGHOPE ESCALATE-ETTR TP 99-I 29HO18787FRAZZLED x YODER55861528236992.65892-1.80.74951.32-0.46-0.68 2794G
SIEMERS FRAZZ BUZZARD-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13813FRAZZLED x DELTA48851192210992.844.7891-0.10.94901.75-0.430.16 2794G
RICKLAND HUGHES-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18782BURLEY x MONTROSS5196813235962.814.5882.4-0.50.88870.550.12-0.3 2793G
ABS MEDLEY-ETTC TY 99-I 29HO18343YODER x BALISTO55841283208992.815.3962.6-0.20.47980.420.760.53 2791G
SANDY-VALLEY CHALLENGER-ETTR TP 99-I 777HO11028SUPERHERO x SILVER3278586177982.714890.50.51.62972.74-0.1-0.61 2791G
DENOVO 2774 GOTHAM-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18971GUARANTEE x YODER4371667193952.74.7852.31.70.38851.230.14-0.95 2790G
PINE-TREE GRIFF GUSTO-ETTR TP100-NA 7HO14446GRIFF x YODER581051008267963.052.4880.3-0.80.8910.920.04-1.13 2790G
PROGENESIS PRETENDERTR TP 99-I 200HO10972EUCLID x RUBICON4491960203992.923.7901.90.21.429510.440.69 2790G
CO-OP AARDEMA SUBZERO-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13424WRENCH x MIDNIGHT5471690209983.013.3901.11.71.09931.40.39-0.09 2789G
FINGER LOPEZ KING LOUIE-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13448LOPEZ x KINGBOY53871922236992.684.7901.60.30.12890.280.64-0.67 2789G
HURTGENLEA S HERO MAYS-ETTR TP 99-I 551HO03575SUPERHERO x YODER48691533195982.923.2890.51.51.389020.2-0.12 2789G
S-S-I MAGEE PEDROZO-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14381MAGEE x JEDI59701404227972.854.4881.4-0.21.22871.1-0.14-0.62 2789G
PEAK ALTAINGOLD-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12158HOTLINE x SUPERSHOT61631499226952.941.188- 2787G
SEAGULL-BAY AMAZON-ETTR TC 98-I 29HO18822ACHIEVER x STOIC531061439265972.842.4880.8-20.82851.320.4-1.07 2787G
SANDY-VALLEY I BATMAN-ETTR TP 99-I 777HO11265IMAX x JEDI5091114232962.893.6860.3-0.21.419410.290.94 2786G
WELCOME SILVER GRIFF-ETTR TP100-NA 14HO07796SILVER x SUPERSIRE55107803260993.112.597- 2786G
BOMAZ SAIGE-ETTR CD 98-I 29HO18923SAMURI x DRACO42741061231962.814.8871.80.80.88881.26-0.08-1.08 2785G
DENOVO 14420 PROFOUND-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18839MATTERS x JEDI56591643182912.555.484-0.1-0.41.39911.630.270.38 2785G
COOKIECUTTER LGND HUSKY-ETTR TP 99-I 14HO14138LEGENDARY x DRACO44431752155992.76.6902.931.46981.14-0.02-0.42 2784G
LEANINGHOUSE BANDRS VAN-ETTR TP100-NA 7HO14183BANDARES x POWERBALL-P60941538240952.862.3881.3-0.10.92910.280.160.75 2784G
DENOVO 7895 MENTOR-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18775MAGNUS x SUPERSHOT63551885203922.684.9840.80.81.03891.47-0.040 2783G
PEAK ALTAPINETTA-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12263ALTATOPSHOT x SILVER621391450303993.011.589-1-2.20.29950.06-0.730.65 2783G
WESTCOAST YAMASKA-ETTR TP 99-NA200HO10915AFTERBURNER x YODER5878475214992.92.295-1.2-0.21.69970.911.160.67 2783G
DE-SU QUARTZ-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11202GRANITE x PROFIT38751133221983.1538911.51.4871.851.22-1.94 2781G
PEAK ALTAALTUVE-ETRC TP 99-I 11HO12155SALVATORE RC x MONTEREY65781826229962.753.289-0.9-1.81.81940.830.90.41 2781G
BLUMENFELD GDANC RUMBLE-ETTR TP100-NA 1HO12966GATEDANCER x RUBICON4285788225992.584.4911.3-0.81.04931.360.1-0.23 2778G
PEAK LANGLEY-ETTR TP100-NA 97HO42071HOTLINE x DELTA611131573297983.1-0.289-3.7-2.41.42951.220.240.16 2778G
S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ETTR TP 98-I 7HO13991OUTSIDERS x DAMARIS59861638244952.953.5850.8-11.03921.170.050.15 2778G
PROGENESIS MAESTRO-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11330IMAX x DUKE50711239202952.744.5851.9-0.51.09931.70.091.03 2776G
WESTCOAST BACARDI-ETTR TP 99-I 777HO10993AFTERBURNER x MONTEREY62801186245992.771.792- 2775G
KINGS-RANSOM BIG DOLLARS-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14436FRAZZLED x SPARK62702649232972.586.5882.9-1.10.11930.9-1.03-0.81 2774G
AURORA MITCHELL-ETTY TV100-NA515HO00318MITCHELL x BOMBERO4167826159952.673860.812.47921.680.621 2770G
BLUMENFELD ACHV MARVO-ETTR TP 99-NA 1HO13896ACHIEVER x MODESTY2390990217962.845.5873.51.60.11870.970.81-1.88 2770G
DE-SU ROCKETFIRE ROSCOETR TP 99-I 7HO14292ROCKETFIRE x KINGBOY4581841215942.993.3841.71.90.44891.10-0.34 2770G
DENOVO 14444 FORTUNE-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO18834ACHIEVER x DOZER39741326224932.595.4844.500.33891.340.31-2.09 2769G
BADGER SSI DEANO DANBO-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14504DEANO x HANG-TIME48871129236932.973.6830.31.70.49870.660.07-1.13 2768G
WESTCOAST ALCOVETR TP 99-I 777HO11000DUKE x MVP621111614258993.040.592-2.3-1.61.24971.10.20.83 2768G
LEANINGHOUSE MESCALERO-ETTR TP 99-I 250HO14710PINNACLE x RUBICON52961043259912.913811.5-2.71.58881.220.8-0.31 2767G
SANDY-VALLEY EMINENT-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14329LEGENDARY x YODER3477533205972.865.18832.50.43880.70.31-0.96 2767G
DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO12421MILES x SHAMROCK43941079247992.712.698-1.9-0.31.06991.110.34-0.54 2763G
OCD ALTASWAG-ETTR TP100-NA 11HO11963MODESTY x MOHAWK551041200248993.040.395-0.7-0.40.98950.620.450.5 2763G
PEAK MATCHUP-ETTR TP 99-I 97HO42013ALTATOPSHOT x DELTA60772030225962.855.4882.50.5-0.06900.32-0.63-0.23 2763G
AOT SILVER HELIX-ETTR TP100-NA 14HO07770SILVER x SUPERSIRE611131739295993.041.798-6.3-1.41.04990.81-0.30.16 2761G
FB 6860 SPECTRE PERK-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18843SPECTRE x SILVER49119996279992.981.789-0.5-2.91.4950.681.24-0.51 2760G
PROGENESIS BERMUDATR TP100-NA200HO10967CRACKSHOT x MONTROSS54521755182972.814.9853.10.20.92901.431.040.03 2759G
AURORA ALTAANTONIO-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12083BANDARES x COMMANDER5478886224982.794.2920.6-0.51.21950.810.730.22 2758G
OCD HELIX MILFORD-ETTR TP100-NA 14HO14315HELIX x DELTA551011131282982.872.889-1.5-1.70.93920.490.55-0.2 2758G
BADGER S-S-I HLX HOUDINI-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14124HELIX x JOSUPER58921632270953.091.988-4.1-0.31.17900.890.68-0.34 2757G
MR RUBICON CASHIN-ETTC TY100-NA551HO03449RUBICON x CASHCOIN49851604261992.833.9910.7-0.70.75901.51-0.24-1.38 2757G
OCD FRAZZLED TERMINATOR-ETTP TC 99-I 7HO14312FRAZZLED x DENVER481091488261972.663.389-0.5-2.60.69881.18-0.2-0.33 2757G
ABS ZEBEDEE-ETTR TC 98-I 29HO18724SPECTRE x DELTA50104898262982.832.7890.4-0.60.63950.61-0.460.06 2756G
LA AXEL-ETTY TV -I 526HO00063GYMNAST x YODER45911407203872.773.6792-0.91.1851.10.210.32 2756G
MAPLEHURST ALBATROSS-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18876BURLEY x RUBICON3396721226962.895.3884.10.70.6900.320.51-1.03 2756G
S-S-I DELROY BIGGELO-ETTR TP 99-I 250HO14633DELROY x TOPGUN4695631241972.782.588-1.3-0.30.89941.33-0.63-0.97 2756G
DENOVO 14400 ADVANCE-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18783ACHIEVER x PROFIT3995733270972.616875.3-1-0.4687-0.060.03-2.6 2755G
PINE-TREE ADVISOR-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO18812ACHIEVER x SUPERSIRE38105451234982.854.2893.8-0.50.19900.460.3-0.74 2754G
TAG-LANE DEFIANCETR 99-I 29HO18581MIDGARD x SUPERSIRE50901609259992.684.9952.50.9-0.5793-0.03-0.52-1.17 2754G
LEANINGHOUSE HOBBS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11311FORTUNE x SILVER3984574161942.733850.91.70.65871.62-1.011.15 2753G
PINE-TREE BURLEY-ETTC TY 99-I 29HO18225BOASTFUL x ALTAOAK3684868198992.955.3993.31.80.59970.290.74-0.87 2753G
PROGENESIS MARIUSTR TP 99-I 200HO10959JEDI x BOMBERO55611503208982.833.2890.8-0.31.22962.130-0.78 2753G
S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ETTR TP 99-I 14HO14220FRAZZLED x PROFIT3247603146992.637.29042.30.71991.430.29-0.66 2753G
DE-SU SYR ST LUCIA 14199-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14230SYRACUSE x YODER2082-36157982.663.9882.90.81.17901.631.06-0.13 2752G
CAL-ROY-AL YODA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18545JEDI x YODER50891119231992.73.3930.2-1.61.3971.27-0.25-0.13 2751G
OCD LEGENDARY ROCHESTER-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14314LEGENDARY x DELTA3150627147952.817.3884.54.40.67900.560.45-0.62 2751G
PROGENESIS POSITIVETR TP100-NA200HO10955DUKE x RUBICON48114993262993.03289-1.4-2.71.22981.94-0.2-0.97 2751G
PROGENESIS PYRAMID-ETTR TP100-NA777HO11297GUARANTEE x RUBICON3777155186962.865.1862.52.60.51940.45-0.49-0.34 2751G
AURORA LEDYARDTR TP 99-I 7HO14592PINNACLE x DELTA3371510183942.953.9852.70.31.71891.81.13-0.69 2750G
DENOVO 14699 AURORA-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18931ACHIEVER x HANG-TIME531041516291922.983.4831.7-0.90.04870.10.02-2.11 2750G
LIS-LECK GRANITO-ETTC TY 99-I 202HO01755GYMNAST x SILVER44621114156892.495.7831.90.71.128610.130.67 2749G
OCD RIO SPYKER-ETTR TP 99-I 14HO14827RIO x FERDINAND49771609213932.94.8830.61.4-0.03851.2-0.15-0.65 2749G
PEAK ALTASTAFFORD-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12258CHARLEY x ALTASPRING61861521273952.971.587-0.1-0.40.73860.380.41-1.08 2749G
AOT BLOWTORCH HANDLE-ETTR TP 99-I 1HO13460BLOWTORCH x SUPERSIRE42108581220952.91.288-1.7-0.31.68911.16-0.30.84 2748G
WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ETTP TC 99-I 1HO11669TUFFENUFF x MOGUL66761623260992.872.195-1.5-2.31.53962.22-0.03-0.43 2748G
DENOVO 9380 BALSAM-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18939PROPHECY x DELTA5786724249953.153.38420.21890.42-0.45-0.63 2747G
PROGENESIS OCEANUS-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11145IMAX x SUPERSHOT80872547291933.05284-1.6-2.71.07850.74-0.050.41 2747G
PROGENESIS POPSTAR-ETTR TP 99-I 200HO11196IMAX x DELCO48801394211952.953.587- 2747G
S-S-I MILLINGTON TOTEM-ETTR TP 99-I 250HO13531MILLINGTON x JACEY3274646181942.663.1870.10.41.88861.920.64-0.04 2747G
TOPSTONE-ETTC TY 99-I 202HO01736ALTATOPSHOT x RUBICON51641377181892.725.6852.90.20.52870.780.820.52 2747G
DENOVO 7921 ATRIUM-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO18772ACHIEVER x DELTA3193355231932.835.18831.6-0.26880.440.23-1.94 2746G
PINE-TREE HEROIC-ETTR TC 99-NA 29HO19000ACHIEVER x MODESTY2210959224982.833.9881.7-0.91.15901.350.26-1.08 2746G
PROGENESIS BLUFFTR TY 99-I 200HO10969EUCLID x MONTROSS49462302144972.744.4882.20.71.6912.150.50.31 2746G
OCD HELIX MARKSMAN-ETTR TP100-NA 7HO14316HELIX x DELTA55871736256952.96386-1.8-0.31.03890.670.170.11 2745G
RICKLAND PALACE-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18847ACHIEVER x KINGBOY3593-50192992.713.5882.2-0.80.79941.260.560.67 2742G
ABS NIKO-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18740ACHIEVER x JOSUPER3396404211962.74.2881.90.30.19870.82-0.41-0.04 2741G
OCD REASON SHINEY-ETTR TP 99-I 250HO14591REASON x MODESTY5063954195882.733.780- 2741G
DENOVO 14242 KOKOMO-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18747BLOWTORCH x DELTA39511280144982.695890.61.71.69951.491.020.68 2740G
MR SUPERHERO NOLAN-ETTR TC 99-I 551HO03665SUPERHERO x NUMERO UNO51451561186982.846.7892.220.659410.01-1.33 2740G
PEAK ALTAMORRIS-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO12327DUKE x RUBICON63881652254952.792.3860.6-3.51.58851.3-0.18-0.25 2740G
PROGENESIS BROADCASTTR TP 99-I 200HO10970EUCLID x MONTROSS57401908132942.924.4861.61.41.46861.680.980.73 2739G
T-SPRUCE RESLV RICHFIELD-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14581RESOLVE x MONTROSS66531221174952.584.3870.1-0.81.33891.86-0.71.35 2739G
OCD PINNACLE DIESEL-ETTR CD 99-I 7HO14588PINNACLE x DRACO2971733194972.764.2882.6-11.76942.350.37-1.44 2738G
SANDY-VALLEY COPYCAT-TW-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO12974JEDI x JACEY46831188190992.69395-2.1-0.21.38991.480.171.48 2738G
WINSTAR MERIDIANTR TP 99-I 7HO14732ACHIEVER x PROFIT3076571201972.864.18830.10.7921.851.09-2.23 2738G
BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ETTR TP 99-I 11HO11779SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY62851522216992.765.4981.6-0.1-0.1998-0.13-0.710.33 2737G
SUNQUEST AT RIVALRE-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03336YODER x SUPERSIRE421051215258992.982.4951.70.30.47880.34-0.4-1.26 2737G
RONJANCO ANTIGO-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18968ACHIEVER x JOSUPER331021611225932.813.6842.4-0.80.78891.050.23-0.64 2736G
SH GIGABYTE 99-I 624HO09039GYMNAST x SILVER42481154127902.584.6861.30.41.83872.050.951.06 2736G
ABS JERONIMO-P-ETTR PC 99-I 29HO18698SUPERHERO x POWERBALL-P2880-227189952.544.1870.61.71901.12-0.34-0.09 2735G
DE-SU 13798 OXFORD-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18554BOURBON x SILVER68761678234982.92.1910.5-0.80.71940.930.150.34 2735G
PINE-TREE SAMIRAH-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18478ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE66961302278992.822.3961.3-2.20.49960.24-0.290.27 2735G
WELCOME HULK 3741-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14741REASON x MONTEREY3756502153922.594.482- 2735G
PROGENESIS PROSPEROUSTR TP 99-I 777HO11043MAGNUS x SUPERSHOT61661562187982.523.2900.3-2.61.77951.960.410.64 2734G
SANDY-VALLEY EFFECT-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14330FRAZZLED x RUBICON52782069228992.895.5892.7-1.10.75940.380.49-0.78 2734G
LADYS-MANOR BND SEAGLASS-ETTR TP100-NA100HO11968BANDARES x SUPERSHOT48691246191972.833.1880.6-0.51.24921.890.57-0.04 2733G
MELARRY TARRINO CLASSIC-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14637TARRINO x JEDI56821580244923.252.482- 2733G
PEAK LIGERO-ETTY TV 96-NA 97HO41744YODER x SUPERSIRE45841358230982.83.9932.200.38950.360.54-0.62 2733G
SIEMERS DOC HANCOCKTR TP 99-I 250HO14579DOC x MONTEREY39531141154982.842.888-3.8-1.43.54953.362.08-0.16 2733G
OCD JEFRI BANANAS-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14721JEFRI x DELTA49311536154942.626.2831.62.60.75881.320-0.73 2732G
SANDY-VALLEY LICORICE-ETTR TP 99-I 777HO11154SUPERHERO x KINGBOY4059542152932.633.388- 2732G
BOMAZ MONDOVI-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18985MEDLEY x SUPERSHOT56611531168942.775.1842.8-0.10.68880.831.070.27 2729G
FB 16094 ACHV POWE-ETTR TC 99-I 29HO18818ACHIEVER x RUBICON2399194212932.674.5845.20.20.25880.530.66-0.54 2729G
PEAK ALTAEXHIBITTR TP 99-I 11HO12377FRAZZLED x MONTROSS46591400177922.626.1822.50.60.42861.47-0.370.13 2729G
QUIET-BROOK-D LEVITATE-ETTR TP 99-I 7HO14366DELTA x SILVER47601681182962.883.388-0.3-0.21.9902.170.60.02 2729G

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Females – August 2022

Registration NumberNameBirth DateGFISire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%Feed Eff.YieldSCSPLLIVHealth
HO840003231304443WILRA S-S-I 1910 2254-ET 210311.3RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 550.111430.39312792.527.
HO840003234325918AURORA PARFECT 23719-ET 210411.1SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET 740.071200.18325772.85.30.89-
HO840003247843798PEAK 85855-ET 220611.3COOKIECUTTER HOLYSMOKES-ET 610.061000.15264762.587.
HO840003235132014WET GAMEDAY MIZZY-ET 211211.1RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 580.111300.34320792.686.
HO840003235976371T-SPRUCE TAOS 16364-ET 210411.2LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET 790.061210.15325792.865.
HO840003150675433PINE-TREE 7589 LION 8361-ET 190510.9MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET 820.041540.23407822.863.91.2-0.5-1.20.841.160.32-1.36803.15.13182
HO840003250285982OCD JALAPENO SOY 69442-ET 220410.2PROGENESIS JALAPENO 590.121190.31310752.567.
HO840003233449771AURORA AHEAD 6348-ET 210711BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ET 660.081100.2288772.
HO840003245609997DARLIN-D DUEL THREAT-ET 220311.5RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 690.11220.25316792.576.316.90.91.871.110.330772.75.13176
HO840003220247712T-SPRUCE MONSHINER 15704-ET 201211.8FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET 760.071240.18355792.7760.
HO840003228676863PLAIN-KNOLL GAMEDAY 3690-ET 210811.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 590.081330.31313792.615.61.95.9-
HO840003216669804T-SPRUCE JAELA 47718-ET 210110.7GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET 720.061350.23329792.914.402.311.871.310.580.25782.45.53171
HO840003241772819SDG-PH 8543 TRIBUTE 7680-ET 210811.3PLAIN-KNOLL LGCY TRIBUTE-ET 770.021030.04295792.656.
HO840003231712013OCD CAPTAIN LIANA 65615-ET 210711.2GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET 840.021250.13697934.9-0.22.7-0.41.661.570.57-1.55782.14.83166
HO840003249968912GENOSOURCE BRACKEN 80252-ET 220311.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET 630.081340.29352792.845.723.
HO840003216671246GENOSOURCE MINNOW 49160-ET 201011GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET 590.051220.23298802.835.
HO840003230759219ADAWAY PARSLY 3054-ET 211011.2SIEMERS TWN PARSLY 32480-ET 630.111070.24296792.
HO840003232427750KENYON-HILL GAMEDAY ONIA-ET 211011.7RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 560.081210.28280772.655.
HO840003245818188COOKIECUTTER CONWAY HONDRIA 211211.1SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 660.131020.23301792.686.
HO840003214631181DENOVO MENDEL-P 16691-ET 210911.5WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ET 640.11270.28323792.865.534.80.91.541.410.73-0.98782.34.53160
HO840003225323394FB 644050 GAMEDAY 700856-ET 210911.3RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 690.071470.3372792.895.72.16.9-
HO840003241466325WILRA SSI RGAL 1910 3324-ET 210911.8T-SPRUCE RENEGADE REGAL-ET 720.071250.21320792.686.324.
HO840003242659653HURTGENLEA PARFECT MYNDI-ET 220111SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET 640.051190.2294792.885.
HO840003240345540PINE-TREE 8361 ENGI 9339-ET 211211.5PINE-TREE ENGINEER-ET 690.081260.24328792.
HO840003243332471T-SPRUCE KASHTON 18217-ET 220311.4CLEAR-ECHO MAX KASHTON-ET 620.081430.32340782.784.70.27.1-0.21.341.60.72-0.43762.75.13155
HO840003215684463SANDY-VALLEY MONDAY-ET 210711.2RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 630.091480.35353772.685.61.76-0.91.540.950.57-0.01762.85.33154
HO840003224449694WINSTAR MENDEL KLASSY-ET 210110.9WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ET 650.091660.4405792.954.12.43-
HO840003237973644AR-JOY CU CONWAY MELISSA-ET 210911.1SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 600.091080.22278792.8462.46.521.842.010.960.277825.33151
HO840003219884957T-SPRUCE TAOS 15384-ET 201110.9LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET 8101050.02292792.
HO840003223509911WET CONWAY MYCROFT-ET 211211.6SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 710.081110.18306792.656.21.57.911.650.90.970.31782.24.53149
HO840003208798889PINE-TREE 7831 LION 598-ET 200311MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET 900.011110.01348822.994.60.4-
HO840003243355706PEAK 64321-ET 220711.3PEAK ALTAPOWERBUCK-ET 660.04910.08266752.618.
HO840003245703087SIEMERS GD HANINA 37230-ET 220210.9RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 520.141420.45334792.744.51.370.71.451.510.77-0.58782.65.63148
HO840003242770775FB 603337 GAMEDAY 750574-ET 211011.7RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 500.091240.32316792.567.
HO840003210645774GENOSOURCE DEVIATE 46921-ET 200210.4MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET 78-0.021390.12377812.724.9-0.52-1.81.761.550.17-0.96803.15.93145
HO840003247843583PEAK 85640-ET 220410.8WINSTAR GREYCUP-ET 580.131210.34300762.5884.
HO840003227859381PEN-COL GAMEDAY GLAMOUR-ET 210611.2RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 500.071320.33294792.686.
HO840003243331834T-SPRUCE UPSIDE 17580-ET 211210.7FARNEAR UPSIDE-ET 740.041160.13308792.814.711.
HO840003235976680T-SPRUCE CONWAY 16673-ET 210611.3SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 710.121400.32355792.783.60.61.3-1.21.621.740.8-0.3782.85.13142
HO840003247843454PEAK ZAZIE-ET 220312.2PEAK ALTAKEVLOW-ET 660.111270.29313782.795.11.55.611.21.490.53-0.06762.15.23142
HO840003251556267PEAK DECOR-ET 220311.2PEAK ALTAKEVLOW-ET 750.081330.23361752.825.41.43.8-
HO840003252142958SHELAND ELON LILAC-ET 220511.5S-S-I SPARTACUS ELON-ET 650.091210.25299782.874.6-0.17-0.22.312.290.880.13761.94.43142
HO840003233645215GENOSOURCE DIVULGE 71620-ET 220510.9PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ET 760.051470.24382792.854.6-0.34.1-
HO840003237851830K-STAR GAMEDAY AFFILIATE-ET 211211.3RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 630.111270.3328792.715.
HOCAN000014074909PEAK ASTRA-ET 210712PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ET 700.061280.21329792.844.
HO840003233645191GENOSOURCE YUMI 71596-ET 220411.1PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ET 7801160.06324782.87625.70.41.530.960.75-0.067625.13139
HO840003244006937GENOSOURCE BELIZE 73053-ET 211211.2GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET 690.061070.15323793.035.823.221.571.590.48-1.32781.73.73139
HO840003251844152T-SPRUCE F BITE 18982-ET 220711.3T-SPRUCE G FROST BITE-ET 710.111310.28354772.755.214.410.50.870.28-0.9751.94.33139
HO840003202071042GENOSOURCE LIONEL 43441-ET 191010.5MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET 940.041240.08359852.892.7-0.9-0.6-
HO840003206460938WINSTAR LIONEL 5891-ET 190410.6MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET 780.041550.24376812.743.91.22.5-
HO840003229291609SIEMERS TRBT PARIS 35944-ET 210811.3PLAIN-KNOLL LGCY TRIBUTE-ET 810.05880.03290792.5571.
HO840003233645241GENOSOURCE DEVOLVE 71646-ET 220510.9PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ET 770.011150.08319792.625.80.15.1-
HO840003244007168GENOSOURCE MIRACULOUS-ET 220611.1STGEN NASH BUXTON-ET 570.071190.25274782.646.
HO840003247843102PEAK DZUNDA HEAVENLY-ET 220111.5AURORA DZUNDA-ET 430.111200.37276792.657.
HO840003228677125PLAIN-KNOLL ELON 3952 220311.4S-S-I SPARTACUS ELON-ET 780.061190.16340792.94.803.30.21.511.50.51-1.17772.24.33133
HO840003233644499GENOSOURCE DEVOID 70904-ET 211010.8STGEN BETTERMENT-ET 640.051340.24332792.626.22.49.4-
HO840003237851829K-STAR GAMEDAY AFFLAIR-ET 211211.4RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 600.081230.27317792.765.
HO840003235976730T-SPRUCE CONWAY 16723-ET 210611.6SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 830.081330.23747933.90.70.1-0.61.521.120.6-1.02783.25.53131
HO840003223871608T-SPRUCE SSI 13196 1852-ET 201211SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 740.121410.32371792.923.
HO840003236692290COOKIECUTTER GDY HEIRDAY-ET 211011.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 670.071290.24306792.
HO840003223868504OCD AHEAD FORTUNE 64329-ET 210110.8BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ET 620.121170.28296792.626.526.20.11.591.790.92-0.41772.45.73128
HO840003237547520LARS-ACRES SSI DRV 26435-ET 210710.5KINGS-RANSOM LEGCY DRIVE-ET 670.071220.22326792.665.
HO840003228677040PLAIN-KNOLL GAMEDAY 3867 220111.1RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 610.11310.32319802.686.129.2-0.31.481.210.680.027835.33127
HO840003235976608T-SPRUCE PARFECT 16601-ET 210511.5SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET 650.091250.26307792.914.40.5611.751.411.110.56782.65.73127
HO840003243793691FB 644050 DRIVE 701169-ET 211211.4KINGS-RANSOM LEGCY DRIVE-ET 560.061160.24289792.757.2481.41.21.77-0.12-0.8782.44.13127
HO840003247826122WINSTAR CAPTAIN 19034 211211GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET 680.051390.24342792.834.813.
HO840003255799971FB 656992 FUGLEMN 813860-ET 220610.8PEAK FUGLEMAN-ET 680.061300.23332792.854.81.95.4-1.11.631.691.07-0.67625.13127
HO840003205638661T-SPRUCE LIONEL 13196-ET 190410.9MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET 790.071330.21348832.924.
HO840003209611817COOKIECUTTER A HOMILY-ET 191211.4A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET 590.091130.25296822.
HO840003229908398PEAK PROMISE-ET 210911.3PEAK ZILLION-ET 560.151280.4296792.477.
HO840003247330105PINE-TREE 8418 GAMED 767-ET 220311.7RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 540.091170.28292792.
HO840003225323077FB 475367 AHEAD 700539-ET 210510.4BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ET 820.071140.13326792.685.
HO840003236337778DENOVO MENDEL-P 3175-ET 210611.5WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ET 550.051480.34361792.834.61.54.3-0.91.371.680.47-1.9772.24.53124
HO840003215005980LEVEL-PLAIN MEN VIRAL-ET 210311.3WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ET 660.041320.22351792.854.71.640.
HO840003247843655PEAK 85712-ET 220511.5PEAK ALTAKEVLOW-ET 740.11250.24350762.685.
HO840003214957630REGAN-DANHOF DELUX CLARE-ET 211011.4C-HAVEN POSITIVE DELUXE-ET 720.041090.11312792.715-16.5-
HO840003250759189TERRA-CALROY JENNY 5813-ET 220711.6LADYS-MANOR OVERDO-ET 600.11370.34340782.844.40.47.5-0.41.681.530.61-1.317624.83122
HO840003217449593KINGS-RANSOM GMDY DECIET-ET 210711.2RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 620.111320.32331792.666.11.47.1-0.51.541.290.05-0.57772.54.33121
HO840003228676837PLAIN-KNOLL GAMEDAY 3664-ET 210711.5RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 600.081300.29323792.546.
HO840003231304778HORSENS S-S-I 4050 2589-ET 210511.4RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 500.061180.27297792.77.538.41.31.351.750.52-0.78782.65.93121
HO840003233645046GENOSOURCE YOKO 71451-ET 220310.9GENOSOURCE DOMINGUEZ-ET 63-0.011120.1303782.7972.
HO840003237547839LARS-ACRES SSI DRV 26754-ET 211011.1KINGS-RANSOM LEGCY DRIVE-ET 650.081070.19307792.677.
HO840003240345528PINE-TREE 8361 ENGI 9327-ET 211111.4PINE-TREE ENGINEER-ET 620.071200.24314792.785.
HO840003243331729T-SPRUCE MAHOMES 17475-ET 211111.8PROGENESIS MAHOMES 690.081110.19280782.734.
HO840003243331751T-SPRUCE PROLOGUE 17497-ET 211111.6PROGENESIS PROLOGUE 650.091430.33322792.912-0.50.6-
HO840003243343220LADYS-MANOR OUTCOME THANDIE 211112.1LADYS-MANOR OUTCOME-ET 670.07910.11273792.7162.16.711.892.281.04-0.727824.63121
HO840003146751844JC-KOW GAMEDAY 1739 220310.4RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 580.051190.23318792.635.
HO840003250084326COOKIECUTTER J HOOPSKIRT-ET 220610.1PROGENESIS JALAPENO 540.141230.37299772.626.
HO840003251665046OCD JALAPENO NAPPY 57116-ET 220410.8PROGENESIS JALAPENO 580.071330.3328762.745.3-
HO840003244007173GENOSOURCE DEVA 73289-ET 220611.1STGEN NASH BUXTON-ET 760.011170.09337792.746.40.64.7-0.41.471.150.73-0.94772.25.53119
HO840003214957264DANHOF GD DRAMA-ET 210410.9RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 470.121140.35254792.566.93.911.41.11.711.870.670.63782.65.43118
HO840003216672081GENOSOURCE EMALEE 49995-ET 210210.8PINE-TREE LIONEL COWEN-ET 680.081350.27335792.8640.83.301.361.560.4-0.68782.65.53118
HO840003229291281SIEMERS GAME PARI 35616-ET 210610.6RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 520.091090.26268772.696.12.690.
HO840003239527194TTM GAMEDAY MINECRAFT-ET 210711.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 600.131140.3297792.576.
HO840003223509855WET PAYLOAD MINK-ET 210811.2S-S-I EISAKU PAYLOAD-ET 580.071030.19257792.875.
HO840003230458082BOMAZ CONWAY 10056-ET 210110.4SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET 510.151290.42299792.
HO840003231305021WILRA SSI GDAY 2052 2832-ET 210610.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 370.081310.39286792.467.7310.
HO840003233449759AURORA AHEAD 6336-ET 210710.9BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ET 610.071080.19266772.775.
HO840003220398131S-S-I HD GDY BROOKLN 625-ET 210311RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET 580.151340.4336792.734.81.56.411.040.920.67-0.74782.85.43115
HO840003234331726 211110.8S-S-I EISAKU PAYLOAD-ET 750.061190.17305792.954.