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Sire Proof Central April 2024


Genosource Captain stays at the top of the International GTPI daughterproven ranking, with +3287 GTPI (+34 for GTPI). Gameday comes in second with +3163 GTPI (+125 for GTPI), with Westcoast Lambeau rounding out the stage at +3147. Ripcord is the top GTPI sire over 12 months with NAAB-code, with +3390 GTPI and +1507 NM$. Darth Vader comes in second at +3342 GTPI, with +1482 NM$ and +2458kgM, while Genosource Bonjour rounds out the stage with +3314 GTPI. SHG Lego remains the world’s leading PTAT sire, with +4.69 PTAT, he is a Siemers Fitters Choice kid from the #1 PTAT cow (>2 years).The #1 PTAT Red Carrier bull is SHG Lazer *RC with +4.24 PTAT. The genomic Holstein and Jersey lists have seen strong new leaders, with OCD Thorson Darth Vader-ET claiming the top spot on the Holstein Net Merit (NM$), Cheese Merit (CM$), and Total Performance Index (TPI) lists. Darth Vader’s numbers are over 100 points better than December’s leader on those traits and a GTPI of 3342. In the Jersey breed, JX Peak AltaFarva {6}-ET has risen to the top of both the CM$ and JPI lists. A.I. organizations reported 6,697 bulls active to the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) for this proof round, with 4,566 genomic bulls, giving young sires a 68% market share. Holstein sires totaled 5,502, and 889 Jersey bulls were included, making up 95% of all bulls reported and more than 96% of all genomic bulls reported, both consistent with the December evaluations.


Beyond HI-Power now leads the Canadian LPI index with +4002 gLPI. He is followed by Kenyon-Hill Ltchwrth Oli, who has +3958 gLPI. The stage concluded with T-Spruce Ethan, the #1 gLPI sire of the December ’23 run, with +3956 gLPI. In the top LPI Domestic daughter proven list, Genosource Captain has the highest gLPI at +3761. The Genomic sire Progenesis Aneesh is now the #1 TYPE bull, with a nog with less than +18 Conformation. Hyden Limited P is the #1 daughter confirmed TYPE bull with a +17 conformation.


Ecbert (s. Gladius) is the new leader in the Italian gPFT genomic (domestic) list, with +5123 gPFT. Alanzo’s son Al.Co.Bia Essence comes in second at +5048 gPFT, while Al.Co.Bia Soproni, a Zingler x Mojo, rounds out the top three with +5002 gPFT. Yoox leads the Italian daughter proven ranking with +4545 gPFT, followed by Aristocrat son Wilder Holocron at +4524 gPFT and Isolabella Inseme Distefano at +4501 gPFT.


Diamond Genetics bred the top three with PLI Genomics bulls for the April 24 run. DG Peace leads this list with +908 PLI (+22). He is the Captain son of Paessens Jezebel VG-86-NL, a 2-year-old cow from the Meier-Madows EL Jezebel EX-92-USA herd. He is followed by another Captain son, DG Space of the Ladys-Manor Ruby D cow family, who has +873 PLI (+13). DG Dillon, bred by Diamond Genetics and sold to Cogent, rounds out the top three with +868 PLI. Genosource Captain remains at the top of the PLI Daughter Proven list, with +874 PLI, followed by Westcoast River at +778 PLI and FB Kenobi Targaryen at +710 PLI.

op index bulls in the United Kingdom:


The Scandinavian nations’ indices (Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) are now accessible online. There have been no changes to the top three with NTM genomics bulls this run. Mecanico remains the top NTM genomic sire, with +46 NTM, followed by VH Karat *RC at +43 NTM and Dixon at +42 NTM. VH Deco *RC, VH Fillman, Yoda, and Youngster tied for the top place in the NTM daughter-proven ranking with +28 NTM each.


We begin today with the first indices arriving from Switzerland. Blakely’s son Swissgen Enrico is the new leader on the Swiss chart, with +1667 ISET. He is followed by the #1 ISET sire of the December ’23 run, TGD-Holstein Beautyman (+1647 ISET), and Swissgen Empire (s. Blakely) (+1633 ISET). S-S-I Hodedoe Montley remains at the top of the Interbull daughter-proven index, with +1572 ISET. He is followed by Wilra SSI Rivet Genuine at +1552 ISET, while Larcrest Commitment comes in third with +1532 ISET.

All top ranks may be seen by clicking on this link.


Due to a base adjustment, the breeding values for all bulls having a gNVI breeding value have decreased by roughly 20 NVI points this run. The publishing criteria for the conformation breeding values of imported bulls have also been updated. Delta Boyan (s. Warren P *RC) is the #1 NVI B&W Genomic sire this run, with +391 gNVI, followed by Tigerwoods De La Vigne at +386 gNVI and Sitron at +379 gNVI rounding out the top three. Furthermore, we discover in this top 20 DG Dr. No @ AI-Total at +328 gNVI and +1950kgM. Delta Cream P Red is this run’s #1 NVI R&W Genomic sire, with +375 gNVI. At the fourth slot, we discover NH Skyliner-Red (s. Sputnik *RC) at +358 gNVI, +3739 kgM, and +532 INET.


There have been no changes to the top three B&W RZG Interbull Genomic rankings. The B&W RZG Interbull Genomic rating is topped by a Rover son, Real Syn, who has +166 RZG (-5 for RZG)! He is followed by Vivify at +161 RZG, who completes the stage with Rome at +160 RZG! Skill Red leads the R&W Interbull Genomic ranking with +161 RZG. CR7 P, Redford, and Handout P finished second with +158 RZG, while Koepon Redbull, Pringle-Red, and Kretos-Red finished third with +157 RZG. Genosource Captain remains the top B&W Interbull Dtr proven sire, with +153 RZG, followed by Ginetta at +150 RZG and Madboy, AltaZarek, Pursuit, and Commitment in a tie for third place at +148 RZG. Zoom Red and Freestyle-Red are the #1 R&W Interbull Dtr proven sires, with +148 RZG.


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