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US – August 2016 Holstein Genetic Evaluations Highlights

Saloon Surpasses Supersire


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For the second proof round in a row, SANDY-VALLEY SALOON (Altaiota x Planet x Bolton) increased both his production and conformation proofs and is now the number #1 TPI proven sire in the world, exceeding Supersire, who holds steady at number 2.  Saloon is the Altaiota son from the outstanding brood cow, Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire TY VG-87 GMD, who’s Robust, son, SANDY-VALLEY STERLING is the number seven TPI sire in the world. Sapphire is out of an EX-92 Bolton from the Dellia family. So far Sapphire has 10 VG daughters sired by Robust (3), Uno (3), Mogul (2), and Iota (2). The Mogul daughters, Sunset and Summer, scored VG-88 and VG-87 on first classification and Sunset is now EX-91. Saloon has the bonus of being a little different bloodline to the Robust dominated top-list, as he is sired by O-Man son Altaiota. Saloon increased almost 200 points on Milk and .29 on his FLC this round and stands at 2749 for Milk and 2.84 for PTAT.  In fact, Saloon and Sterling are among the only top TPI sires that are over the magic 2,000 lbs for Milk and 2.00 PTAT. You will want to use Saloon on daughters who typically have low rump angle and correct thurl placement as he needs to be protected in this regard.

Munition debuts with guns blazing

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SULLY MUNITION (Robust x Planet x Shottle) debuts as the top newly proven sire at #5 on the top TPI list.  Munition is a Robust son from another prolific Planet daughter, Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83 DOM.  Manitoba is also the dam of the popular proven sire, Meridian.  Manitoba is a daughter of Sully Shottle May-TW EX-90 DOM, who has produced such sons at McCutchen, AltaMeteor, and Mayfield.  With a double dose of Oman in his pedigree, it’s no surprise the Munition excels in health and reproduction and has the added bonus of being A2A2.  At +7.8 for Productive Life and +2.5 for DPR, Munition will deliver long-lived productive cows with a combined fat and protein over 100 lbs.  You will want to protect typical Munition daughters on their high pins and overall strength, chest width and body depth.

Multiply is the #2 new release sire


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The second highest new release proven sire is S-S-I MOGUL MULTIPLY (Mogul x Robust x Ramos) who debuts at #10 TPI sire.  From the ART program at Select Sires, which has also produced the number three TPI sire, S-S-I SNOWMAN MAYFLOWER, and the number nine TPI sire, S-S-I BOOKEM MORGAN, Mutliply may not be from as well known a pedigree. Unlike Mayflower and Morgan, who come from the well known Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror-ET VG-86 DOM cow family, Multiply is from Hurtgenlea O Meara-ET TR TV TL TD GP-84 GMD DOM who is probably best known for producing the Goldwyn son, Jamar, at Genex.  Similar to Munition, Multply also possesses a double dose of Oman in his pedigree and with that comes the outstanding Health and Fertility traits. At +7.5 Productive Life and over 2.0 on DPR, Multiply will produce trouble free long-lasting cows.  You will need to use Multiply on daughters that have low pins and some curve to their legs, as he tends to produce high-rumped straight legged daughters.

Noble brings cutting-edge genetic technology to the top Genomic Lists

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MR SPRING NOBLE-ET (Altaspring x Numero Uno x Robust), the number one genomic testing male for TPI in the world at +2913, has a fascinating story.  Not only is he the only sire to ever cross the +2900 TPI mark, but he is also a product of advanced technology in the genetics marketplace.  You see Noble’s dam, MS DELICIOUS NIGHTOUT 3-ETN is a clone of MS DELICIOUS NIGHTOUT the #1 GTPI cow in the world.  From the Windsor-Manor Rud Zip TV TL EX-95 3E GMD DOM cow family, Noble’s 2nd dam is Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET VG-87 DOM, who is well known for producing such genomic sires as Delta and Denver. Noble’s genomic tests are simply out of this world.  He is over 140 lbs for combined fat and protein and High Cow Liveability at +3.2. Cow Liveability is  CDCB’s new index for breeding long lasting cows (Read more: Cow Livability: Breeding for Cows That Stay in the Herd).  You may want to protect Noble daughters on their loin strength and body depth.

Modesty delivers early results


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For those that are looking for bulls with actual semen available, we look at the sires over one year of age, as opposed to calves that may still be wet in the hutches.  With that BACON-HILL PETY MODESTY (Pety x Supersire x Bolton) remains the top of the list.  Modesty is sired by Siemers Mogul Pety, a Mogul son whose pedigree traces through Explode to a Mac daughter of Welcome Goldwyn Penya. As such, Modesty combines the two heavy-hitter families of the Welcome herd into the one pedigree. With Mogul breeding on the sire’s side, Modesty traces back to Pasen Leadman Madam on both top and bottom sides of his pedigree. Modesty has been the most heavily used mating sire at Select in recent years.  His dam, Bacon-Hill Suprs Modesty-ET VG-85 DOM is a Supersire sister to the hugely popular Mogul sire of sons at Select, Bacon-Hill Montross.  In fact, Modesty has already started to prove himself as a sire of sons with many sons ranking in the top 10 genomic TPI sires.  Modesty excels in his extreme Fat, excellent udders, and high productive life.  You will want to protect him on his SCS, pin width and body depth.

Outlast is out at last


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For those of you that are looking for a more recently released genomic sire, there is Progenesis Outlast (Doorsopen x Altaoak x Robust).  From the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET TV EX-92 3E GMD DOM cow family, Outlast’s 2nd dam is the incredibly prolific Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET VG-87 DOM.   His sire, Ladys-Manor Doorsopen may not be well known to most, but he is a Doorman son from the Ladys-Manor Star Opal EX-94 3E DOM cow family. Doorsopen excels in his conformation and fat tests.  As one of the first sons to ring the bell for the Canadian Progenesis program, Outlast shines in his component production as well as strong type scores and solid health and fertility.  You will want to protect him on his body depth as well as his daughter pregnancy rate (DPR).

Polled is climbing

There are now seven polled sires that are within 10% of the top genomic test sire, Noble.  Leading the way is Pine-Tree Splendid-P (Alta1stclass x Supersire x Colt P-Red).  Splendid-P is from the Hickorymea Signif Ohio-P-ET PP EX-90 cow family that has produced so many top polled sires, including Ohare-P, Outfit-P and Oswald-P.  Former #1 Polled Sire, Peak Altamighty P-ET (Powerball-P x Supersire x Bookem), leads the way for the many Powerball sons at the top of the list.

All this hype and no type?

What would a proof day be without checking out the top type lists?  The top type sire over a year of age is Emilio, a French sire that is a Capital Gain x Yorick at +4.10.  For those looking for a pedigree in North America that they are more familiar with, there is Doorman son, Cycle Doorman Jacoby (Doorman x Gold Chip x Lion King RC ) who has maintained his status as the #1 North American Sire for PTAT over 1 year of age at +3.99 PTAT.  Taking over from the long time PTAT king Atwood, as the top proven sire for type, is Scientific B Defiant (Braxton x Goldwyn x Durham).  This red carrier Braxton son increased his PTAT to +3.80.

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