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There are more important things in life than a cow show

There is no question that most members of the dairy industry are very passionate about the sector we work in. Often we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we occasionally lose sight of ourselves. No better example of this is what happens when it comes to the show ring. Breeders and Exhibiters and even just ringside enthusiasts can get emotionally wrapped up in the industry we are very passionate about. Having said that, events over this past week have made me pause and reflect that there are more important things in life than a cow show.

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Now that may sound like heresy to some, but I came to this realization as I was getting worked up about having my credibility threatened on social media. I got so wrapped up in it I lost sight of a bigger picture. It took a phone call with a man I have great respect for to bring me back to reality. In talking with Dr. David Chalack of Rocky Mountain Holsteins & Alta Genetics, I realized that you know that there are bigger things in life than the show ring. David and I had been talking about the great day they had at the Canadian National Convention Show, about how they had held this first ever genomics class at a show. But what David and I had been discussing was how great a day it was for his Family and specifically for his nephew, Logan. And that’s when my world came crashing down, and I realized there are more important things in life than a cow show.

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Back in December Logan found out that he has cancer throughout his body. Married just over a year, he and his wife Charity just had a beautiful baby girl.

I had been fortunate to know the Chalack family and Logan for nearly my whole life. Their western hospitality is legendary and something my family has had the good fortune to experience many times. The Chalack’s are among the nicest people you will ever meet. And to hear this sad news about Logan certainly forces you to put life into perspective, especially as a father of young children myself.

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said “There is no situation that is not transformable. There is no person who is hopeless. There is no set of circumstances that cannot be turned about by human beings and their natural capacity for love of the deepest sort.”

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Nobody ever wants to die. But as far as I know no one has ever found a way to cheat Death. But I think there is a way to cheat death; I think if you can live on in the minds and hearts of the generations who will follow you is to cheat death. To make a difference through the way you live your life and show up is to find immortality. Watching Logan Chalack’s courageous battle with cancer has inspired everyone who knows and loves him. Logan is having an impact on his friends and family and members of the dairy community around the world. While at the recent Canadian National Convention Show his families Wendon farms bred not only the Grand & Supreme Champion but also the Reserve Grand of the Holstein Show the real champion was Logan. Logan was there despite being in a battle for his life, His being there was an inspiration for all those in attendance and members of the dairy community around the world. He was there showing all of us what is important.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

To paraphrase Mel Gibson’s character in the movie Braveheart, “Everyone of us will die. But so few of us really live.” Take a lesson from Logan Chalack and use your strength to live well and be an inspiration to others. Let’s all add Logan Chalack and his family to our prayers, this battle will not be an easy one, but it will not be fought alone. It will certainly remind us all that there are more important things in life than a cow show, but also how a cow show can certainly help in the healing process.

DONATE FUNDS directly to Logan & Charity...

1.) Visit your local ATB branch, & give to ‘Jillian Hastie in Trust’ account.
2.) If you’re unable to get to an ATB, make donation cheque payable to ‘Jillian Hastie in Trust’, & mail to: Jillian Hastie, 35261, RR273, Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0E2

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