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Are Other Dairy Publications Big, Fat, Lazy Couch Potatoes?

This article marks a great accomplishment for the Bullvine.  It is our 81st article in the past 3 months.  That is 26 articles a month.  That represents  more than double the number of quality articles of our nearest competitor and more than quadruples that of most dairy publications (note: these results do not include event or show reporting articles).  It has me asking if these results mean t we are working that much harder than our competitors are? or does it mean they are fat and lazy couch potatoes?

When we started the Bullvine, we said that we were not just an event-reporting magazine.  We would not be a billboard or promoter of whoever will pay us the most money.  We have already shown we are something different, something real.  We are providing what’s been missing for real dairy breeders. (for more read Twice the Bull, Half the S**t)  Moreover, our more than 3,000 daily visitors and 10,000 subscribers in just 3 months would say that breeders are responding.

Obviously, we are doing something right.  So then my question turns to what the others are doing?  Much as I anticipated after being part of the dairy industry for the past 30 years, nothing has really changed.  Sure, some of them are trying to use social media a little more and others are maybe trying to be a little edgier with their content, but in reality, nothing has really changed.  They are just sitting on their butts watching the world go by.

Is this a blatant shot across the bow of our competitors?  Yes, but that is because we did not start the Bullvine for fame or fortune.  We started the Bullvine to help educate breeders and provide them with un-biased information about the dairy industry.  Does that mean we don’t have an opinion?  Not even close.  We have expressed very strong opinions.  Over the past few months, we have stirred up a lot of conversation with such articles as:

What does this mean to you?  While we would not expect everyone to agree 100% with what we have said, we are making breeders think.  We are making them think about their breeding programs and the industry as a whole.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

What I ask now is, “Is it making the other dairy publications think?”  The very real possibility, is that they going to continue to just sit on their couch potato butts.  Neither you nor I should be responsible for raising couch potatoes – even though it sounds so agricultural.  Here at the Bullvine we are raising your expectations, your level of information and your hopes for the future of the dairy industry.  Thanks for supporting our opening quarter!


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