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Big things are happening in 2015…

With the New Year comes new excitement, new ideas and new plans.  After insane growth in 2014, the pressure is on us here at the Bullvine to continue our innovative ways….and we certainly plan to keep the dairy industry on its toes.

Since our launch, almost three years ago, The Bullvine has indeed changed the dairy industry media.  While all our competitors are trying to be like us, we continue to break new ground in our coverage of all the key facets of the dairy industry.  In 2015, we have the following exciting plans that will continue this innovation:

  1. Bullvine TV will be weekly
    The Bullvine is getting into video in a big way. Since we got our feet wet with Bullvine TV in 2014, the response has been very positive and, in 2015, we plan to take this to new heights.  That means a weekly TV show that summarizes the week that was in the dairy industry.  For those of you that would rather listen to or watch a 30 minute broadcast of the goings on from the past week, Bullvine TV is for you.  We will provide our same unique perspective on all the major issues and help you to stay up to date on the latest events, issues and challenges that face the dairy industry.   We will also be introducing a new show called TanbarkCenter that will be similar to the “SportsDesk” highlight show. It will feature all the shows we cover live in 2015.  This will include video, interviews and analysis of the major shows in North America, as well as many international shows.  It will start from Australia with our coverage of International Dairy Week from January 19th to 25th.
  2. Introducing the Bullvine Quarterly
    While our opinions on print magazines have been well documented, we certainly see the value in offering our unique perspective in that format. It has been a daily request from our community members that we make some of our unique content available in print form.  That is exactly what we are going to do.  Starting in February, we will be launching a quarterly magazine that will have all the best content from the last quarter as well as many unique articles.   While there were certainly rumors about our potential acquisition of a few of our competitors, we decided that, in the end, we wanted to start something new and continue breaking new ground.
  3. Greater International Perspective
    Since our launch in February 2012 we have not been short of opinions. Love us or hate us, there is no denying that we have certainly made people think.  That has been our goal since the beginning and, in 2015, we plan to take that global.  When we first considered how to grow The Bullvine in 2015, we sat down and looked at the international dairy industry and noticed that we had not been applying our same analysis to all markets.  Therefore in 2015 we are going to change that.  We scoured the international dairy media to see who were the best of the best at providing this type of perspective. We are pleased to announce that we have been able to bring two such innovators onto The Bullvine Team.Leading the way is Dianna Malcom from Australia and Crazy Cow fame. Dianna has a wealth of experience in authentic journalism.  Not just skilled at event reporting, Dianna has a knack for getting to the heart of the story.  We have long been a huge fan of Dianna’s and we are excited about the opportunity to partner with her in 2015 (Read more: Dean and Dianna Malcolm: Forward in Five Gears! That’s Aussie D.I.Y. and Dean And Dianna Malcolm: Gobsmacked In Australia – Landing Right Side Up Down Under!). In looking for a distinctive voice in Europe one name kept coming up. Everyone we talked to, everywhere we looked we heard and saw the name Bruce Jobson.  Bruce much like me has not been afraid to tackle the tough stories and challenge his readers.  This is something that we feel the dairy industry needs a lot more of. We are excited to give Bruce this platform to share his unique perspective with the world.  Much like us Bruce views dairying from many different facets. He knows how to cut through the BS and tell it like it is. This refreshing approach is something those who read have come to expect.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

There are those who believe that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  We here are the Bullvine believe that “It is our job to Break it”.  We did not start the Bullvine to do the same things the same way that they have always been done.  Instead, we believe the world is changing and you can either lead that change or become irrelevant.  In 2015, we plan to break as many things as we possibly can.  While we certainly don’t want to mess with the success that we have already had in becoming the most influential media outlet in the dairy industry, we believe that in today’s fast paced world we need to be innovating not procrastinating. We will be doing many big things in 2015 to make that happen.  Get ready for an exciting ride.


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