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US Holstein Highlights – April 2017 – Nine Sires that Stand Out of the Crowd

In this world of ever-changing sires, it can be hard to figure out who is for real and who is just a flash in the pan.  To help you make sense of this latest round of genetic evaluations in the US, here are nine Holstein sires that caught our eye.

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Holding on to the #1 spot on the GTPI proven sire list is Bacon-Hill MONTROSS (07HO12165).  MONTROSS (Mogul x Bolton) will soon be approaching the 99% REL status and could very well still be the #1 sire at that time.  In this genomic era and with the fast rate of generational turnover, that would be a very significant accomplishment.  However,  standing in his way may be another Mogul son DELTA (203HO01468), who just missed being the #1 proven sire this round by 1% reliability on his type proof.  DELTA at +2780 would have been 36 points ahead of MONTROSS.  This competition will certainly be something to watch for in August. As we mentioned back in 2014 when he was still just a genomic sire, Montross has become the impact sire of his generation (Read more: 12 Outcross Sires to Help Control Inbreeding and She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!






Woodcrest Mogul YODER

Coyne-Farms Bkeye Yvonne-ET VG-88 DOM
MGD of Yoder

The highest new release proven sire is Woodcrest Mogul YODER (007HO12266) who debuts at #2 TPI sire.  This Mogul from a Planet is an extreme outlier.  First, his genomic tests were 7% greater than his parent averages, and now daughter data is increasing his TPI by almost another 2%.  YODER comes from a long line of high production cows and is a direct descendant of the well-known brood cow, Milkworth Manfred Yadda (VG-86-GMD-DOM).  He delivers high components (+147 combined Fat and Protein), is extremely durable (+6.3 PL, +1.62 UDC, +1.81 FLC) and has solid health and fertility (+1.5 Fertility Index, +2.96 SCS, and +0.8 DPR).  You will need to protect him on his short teats and the straightness of his rear legs, but he does an excellent job of improving the height and width of rear udder. YODER has certainly delivered on the genomic promise we saw in him back in 2014 (Read more: The 10 Outlier Sires that will Accelerate Your Genetic Gain the Fastest and The Number That Will Change the Way You Look At Genetic Evaluations Forever…)




Fustead Sydney Cri-ET EX-90 2E DOM
Dam of Salvino

The number three proven sire is, Co-Op UPD Hunter SALVINO (01HO11022).  SALVINO is a Hunter from a Massey and is part of the Genex Co-op program.   SALVINO daughters’ results have significantly exceeded expectations with his proven TPI of 2643 being almost 7% higher than his last genomic proof (+2480 gTPI).  SALVINO is an incredibly strong component sire (+171 combined fat and protein), whose daughters may not be overly stylish but they are dairy, though they could be protected on their strength. Where he excels is with his udders that have great teat placement and solid attachments. While his health traits are solid, his SCS and mastitis numbers are a touch high, and his daughters could afford to carry more condition in order to last longer. (Read more: The 16 Sires Every Dairy Breeder Should Be Using to Accelerate Genetic Gain in Your Herd)

Rounding out the top 10 proven TPI are established sires #4 SUPERSIRE, #5 SALOON, #6 REFLECTOR, #7 KINGBOY, #8 BOB, #9 ROOKIE and #10 MAYFLOWER.


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S-S-I Bookem Modesto7269-ET VG-87 DOM
MGGD of Pinnacle

Some exciting new sires should be coming off of the early release stage and are now available to most breeders.  They are lead by the #10 overall genomic sire in the world and the #1 over one year of age, S-S-I Modesty PINNACLE (007HO13598).  From the Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage cow family, PINNACLE is a Modesty x Montross x Supersire.  With such a strong sire stack and proven maternal line, it does not surprise that PINNACLE has been and will continue to be heavily used as a sire of sons.  He is over 2 points for all major composite traits and especially excels in his fore and rear udders.  While his daughters will not be tall, they will be dairy, though you may want to protect him on his body depth.  He is a high PL and Cow Liveability sire, demonstrating that his daughters should be high production, long lasting, functional cows.





SSI-Horsens Blu 11 CAVALIER

Another sire that is just over a year of age and should start to be available is SSI-Horsens Blu 11 CAVALIER (507HO13673).  CAVALIER is also from Select’s SSI program and is a Modesty x Montross x Numero Uno from the B-Hiddenhills Dorcy 1405-ET TY EX-91 DOM cow family.  CAVALIER is heavily line bred to Mogul and his sire Dorcy and Bolton.  Each of these sires appear on both the maternal and paternal sides of his pedigree.  It’s no surprise therefore that  CAVALIER offers a similar breeding pattern as Mogul. He leaves solid production, high components, smaller-framed cows with great udders, and solid health and fertility.  In fact, CAVALIER daughters should actually be a little better than Mogul daughters, when it comes to the health traits. However, they may not be as good in feet and legs. 















Blumenfeld Jedi REASON

Deervue-Acres Robin Cri-ET TY VG-85 GMD DOM
MGD of Reason

The third genomic sire that is just over a year old that you should consider for your breeding program is Blumenfeld Jedi REASON (507HO12941).  REASON is a Jedi x Day x Sharky and, while he does not come from a well-known cow family, he is certainly a solid all around sire worth looking at.  His typical daughters will be high production cows with solid components.  They will not be large cows, but they will be upstanding with good feet and legs and solid mammary systems.  Where he will really excel is in the combination of high production alongside outstanding health and fertility traits.

For those breeders looking for more type, there are three new sires that should have semen available that might catch your eye.  They are Delight, Undenied, and Drive. 

Car-J Brokasa DELIGHT

Regancrest Mac Bikasa-ET
MGD of Delight

At +4.33 PTAT, Car-J Brokasa DELIGHT (007HO12922) is certainly going to catch the eyes of many type breeders.  Add to that the fact that in his pedigree you see REGANCREST-PR BARBIE on both sides as well as  SCIENTIFIC DEBUTANTE RAE on his paternal side and MD-DELIGHT DURHAM ATLEE on the maternal side and you have an incredibly potent type pedigree.  When you factor in all those impressive type females in his pedigree, this Defiant son is going to throw some tall stylish daughters.  They will have insane mammary systems that have great texture and strength of attachments.  Much like his maternal grandsire, Atwood, you may want to protect him on rump angle and his thurl placement.





Our-Favorite UNDENIED

Our-Favorite Obvious-ET EX-91
MGD of Undenied

From the former number one PTAT heifer in the breed, Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-92 comes Our-Favorite UNDENIED (007HO13730).  While not from a show pedigree, UNDENIED’s sire stack of Solomon x Atwood x Shottle is impressive.  Solomon daughters are catching the eyes of breeders around the world, and now his sons are getting lots of attention as well.  (Read more: Top Type Sires With the “WOW” Factor for the Tan Bark Trail).  When UNDENIED’S extreme stature, height at front end, chest width and body depth are combined with angularity, there are sure to be daughters gracing the show ring.  While not a production sire, he does offer strong components.






Scientific DRIVE

Scientific Decadent Rae-ET RC TV VG-88
MGGD of Drive

For those looking for something a little different on the type side there is Scientific DRIVE (200HO10805).  DRIVE is a Merrick x Doorman x Colt-P.  While many breeders may not be as familiar with Merrick, they will certainly recognize the female side of this cow family, tracing back to the Queen of the Breed Glenridge Citation Roxy herself. This is the same cow family that has produced Destry and Defiant, so there is certainly some credibility to its transmitting ability.  Look for Drive to sire extreme dairy strength with daughters that are extremely wide chested and tall, with deep bodies.  They should have insanely attached fore udders with high rear udders and good udder texture.  Much like Defiant, the question is whether DRIVE can sire extremely stylish shows cows or will he be better suited for producing consistent barn cows.





The Bullvine Bottom Line

In an era when it seems like there are new hot sires every week, it’s nice to see some consistency from proof round to proof round.  While there were not many headline-grabbing changes this round, sometimes that’s a good thing.

For complete lists of genetic evaluations from around the world go to Sire Proof Central


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