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Do We Speak the Same Language?

I always love heading to Quebec.  From seeing Patrice Biron, the former Holstein Canada President that I spent  summers trying to learn French from, to the memories of St. Huberts and my trip with my father, sister and David Houck, the legendary manager from Rommandale Farms, where I would pull the seat release causing his chair to go flying back, earning me the nickname “my worst enemy” from David (I guess some things never change…read more: The Bullvine- Wanted Dead or Alive), I just loved making those memories. .  While my French still is not as good as it could be, and David is no longer with us, my enjoyment of Quebec will never change.  One thing that is for sure a constant is how great the Quebec people are and the passion they have for the dairy breed.

There is something to be said about how Quebecer’s can put on a show.  Just like Cirque de Soleil and the Montreal Canadiens award ceremonies for former greats, Quebecer’s put on a show like none other.  Their hospitality and friendliness comes through no matter what language you speak.

The one thing that seems to unify them all is their passion for great dairy cattle.  And man do they have some great cattle.  Even as we walked through the barns before the show, previewing the sale consignments you knew that all this does not happen by accident.  It takes time, dedication and more importantly passion.  Passion that unites all, regardless of language

TAG You`re IT!

IMG_3364_edited-1One place where there was no question that passion drives it all was attending the Trans America Genetics’ Genomic Giants sale.  This amazing sale averaged an outstanding $38,472 ((Read more: Genomic Giants Sale Averages an Outstanding $38,472).  With many of the top TPI and LPI animals in the world set to be offered you knew it was going to be very special (Read more: The Dairy Cattle Investor’s Guide to Spring Show Madness).  And while this may be a tamed down version of the show they put on in the fall sale, there was no question that it too was a great one.  One of the things I learned in speaking with Patrice and Natalie Simard, the passionate couple that helps drive TAG`s success, is that 3 of the top sellers were a result of their breeding programs.  As we talked more, I learned about just how well thought out their strategy is and how they are really thinking about how to take things to new level.  It`s passion and attention to detail that has helped them to attract new investors, the most recent of which are not from the dairy industry, but rather people who see  the great business plan combined with the passion and have decided to invest in TAG.  Outstanding!!!! Love to see new money coming into the industry.

quebec spring show grand 2013

Grand Champion: Wendon Goldwyn Allie, 1st mature cow, Ferme Rayon d’Or
Res. Grand Champion: Ms Goldwyn Alana, 1st 5-year-old, Pierre Boulet
HM Grand Champion: Desnette Alexia Roseplex, 1st Sr. 3-year-old, Yvon Sicard, Desnette Holstein

Great Cattle Unite Us All

Donald Dubois showing Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 1st 4yr old

Donald Dubois showing Ms Pride Gold Invite 761 1st 4yr old

There is just something special about attending a dairy cattle show in Quebec.  The quality of cattle is always outstanding and the people truly passionate. This guarantees that the experience something you will never forget.  From the Red and White show on Wednesday that made up for its small classes with outstanding quality (Read more: Quebec Spring Red & White Show Results) to the Holstein Show on Thursday (Read more: Quebec Spring Holstein Show Results) that had milking cow classes  in excess of 25 animals , the heart of dairy cattle showing in Canada is certainly in Quebec.  One great thing to see was Donald Dubois, winner of the  showman Breeder’s Choice awards (Read more: The Winners of the 2012 Breeder’s Choice Awards are…) in the ring.  Donald is truly one of the greats and was in fine form at the show.

From the first class of the day, highlighted by Pierstein Gold Chip Rockstar who won the Sr. Calf class and  went on to become Honorable Junior Champion and who will sell in the Canadian National Convention Sale (Read more: National Convention Sale), you knew the classes were going to be deep and have tons of quality.  Handling this was none other than the living legend Marc Comtois.  While there isn’t anything Marc has not accomplished in the industry, it was great to see Marc working in the ring, passing on his considerable experience to his son Steve, who has now become a partner in Comestar. Holsteins.

marc and steve comtois

Great uncle Carl Saucier and the 3rd generation ferme Jacobs having fun at Quebec Spring Show.

Great uncle Carl Saucier and the 3rd generation ferme Jacobs having fun at Quebec Spring Show.

Speaking of passing it on to the next generation, anyone attending the show had to be touched by some of the special moments from young ferme Jacobs these cute kids.  And if the picture from the Premier Breeders presentation is any indication, it is certainly a family affair (Read more: Ferme Jacobs – Success is all in the family!).

preimer breeder quebec spring show ferme jacobs

Watching Marc handle the mature cow class that came down to a battle between two greats Wendon Goldwyn Allie and Boulet Goldwyn Chalou reminded me of when Marc judged the Royal and had to choose between two legends Acme Star Lily and Rainyridge Tony Beauty.  Just like on that November back in 1999, Marc handled the situation with class and diligence, thoroughly going over them and ultimately choosing Allie for the win. Just like 1999 the mature cow class winner went on to be Grand, the same way Lily had.

The Bottom Line

We all face many challenges in the dairy industry and there is a great deal of uncertainty in some areas these days.  A quick visit to Quebec will show you that as long as you have passion for cattle, it doesn’t matter what language you speak or problems you face. Let your heart drive you and your head guide you and success is sure to follow.


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