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The Dairy Cattle Investor’s Guide to Spring Sales Madness

Spring is in the air and it seems to do things to people’s heads.  Maybe it’s being cramped up in the barn all winter, or maybe it’s because we start a new show season and much like the start to a pro sport everyone thinks they still have a chance at this point.  With that in mind, The Bullvine decided to take a closer look at some of the sales coming up and find out which consignments caught our attention.

Genomic Giants SaleGenomic Giants Sale

April 3rd – Victoriaville QC Canada – More details and catalog

With over 40 to be offered that have a gPA LPI of over 3,000 or a gPA TPI of over 2,500, there is no question that this sale is going to attract a lot of attention.  In fact there are even three heifers in the sale that have over 4,000 DGV LPIs.  With so many outstanding individuals in this sale, there are sure to be some great buys and many wise investments.  Here are the lots that, on paper, caught our eye.

    Supersire x Observer x Bolver
    From the same family as the popular TAG sires Domain and new release Determine, at 2619 gTPI and 3757 gLPI Ruth numbers well no matter how you look at it.  She was the #3 gTPI female on the March genomic run and is the #2 Supersire in the breed.  That also makes her the #12 gTPI female in the world.  These high numbers combined with a strong family flush history makes Ruth a money making machine.
    Mogul x Shottbolt x Boliver
    Sure to attract the interest of many, including the A.I. companies, this Mogul is also from the same family – Domain and Determine.  Her DGVs are off the charts at +4179 DGV LPI.  That is 559 points above her gPA LPI.  While I would like to see her dam’s DGVs be higher than her gPAs there is no question that this heifer will be in demand with her extreme fat and the fact that she is the #2 Mogul in the breed.
    Numero Uno x Watson x Justice
    Being in the top 10 gTPI heifers in the world pretty much gives  you a license to print money.  Combine that with the strong family flush history and here is a rare opportunity to get into the genomic powerhouse De-Su breeding at the very top and you have a great package.  Her dam Chart Topper is due in May and looks great at Bryhill (Read more: Bryhill International Genetics: 10 Big Steps To Following Their Dream)
    Earnhardt P x Observer x Shottle
    There is no question that polled is hot (Read more: Polled Genetics – Way of the future or passing fad? and $10,000 a dose Polled Semen) and Dallas is a polled heifer believed to be the #4 GTPI Polled heifer in the breed.  While I would love to mate this heifer to some high health and fertility sires, Dallas has strong type numbers and outstanding production that will certainly have her in high demand for sons to service the massive commercial market that many A.I. companies covet.
  • T-SPRUCE MOGUL 7260 – Lot 36
    Mogul x Planet x Shottle
    For those of you who don’t think good plus is good enough (Read more: Is Good Plus Good Enough?) this lot may not be for you.  However, as this sale has proven before, it is certainly good enough for the genomic market (Read more: Janardan – The Making of a Genetic Super Star and TAG’s Genomic Power Sale Averages an Outstanding $30,167).  This may be a sleeper lot that if her dam could ever jump up to VG status could prove very profitable. Strong production with solid type helps this heifer to be among the top 10 gTPI *RC in the breed.
  • Other lots to watch for
    • EDG MIST UNO MYLIFE – Lot 2 – The #11 gTPI female in the world.
    • LACTOMONT NIKOTA SARGEANT – Lot 6 – DGV LPI over 4,000
    • JOSEY-LLC UNO SANGARIA – Lot 16 – Over 3,000 DGV LPI Red Carrier
    • T-SPRUCE MAYFIELD 7251 – Lot 43 – Could be the #3 *RC polled female in the breed.
    • CLOVIS MOGUL SPECIAL – Lot 71 – DGV LPI over 4,000

Crackholm Spring Fever Sale IIICrackholm Spring Fever Sale III

March 29th – Saint-Hyacinthe QC Canada – More details and catalog

Also in Quebec there will be another outstanding installment of the Spring Fever Sales managed by David Crack Jr.  Crackholm  Holsteins.  Not to be outdone by the Genomic Giants Sale, this sale also has many high genomic females and also features some show-winning animals as well.

  • DE-SU 1912 – Lot 1
    Mogul x Oman x Ramos
    Similar to the Genomic Giants Sale, lot 1 in the Crackholm Spring Fever Sale III is right from the heart of the De-Su program.  This heifer is a sister to the former #1 gTPI heifer in the world, De-Su 1438 sired by Shamrock.  Their dam Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150 is the #5 gTPI cow on the locator list (12/12). This rare opportunity will not go unnoticed as she sells ready to flush and her outstanding components combined with strong type will make her in demand the world over. Also selling in the sale (lot 5) is the Peoti sister to EDG CT UNO CINERGY lot 1 in the Genomic Giants Sale who has a DGV LPI of 3855, which is 200 points over her gPA LPI.
    Mogul x Bookem x Jose
    This heifer really is the complete package.  Her gPA TPI of +2479 combined with a gPA LPI of +3651 makes her attractive no matter what base you are looking at her from.  What really makes her stand out is her DGV LPI of 4069, making her one of the rare few over 4,000 since CDN introduced its new regression formula.  Her dam is fresh and looks good at Welcome-Stock farms. This heifer is higher than her pa’s in every major category.
    Mccutchen x Man-O-Man x Lauden
    Coming in as the #1 LPI Mccutchen in the world will certainly attract attention.  This fancy Oct 2012 is also within 2 months of the oldest McCutchens, something not to be lost on many looking to get ahead in the genomic race.  While this heifer does have outstanding DGVs, you may want to make sure that you protect her on health and fertility in each mating as her sire stack and genomic test indicate this is her biggest area for improvement.
    Mayfield x Man-O-Man x Shottle
    Honey’s dam COOKIECUTTER MOM HUE who recently scored VG-88-2YR could very well be the #1 LPI cow, or at least a top 10 LPI cow in Canada come this next round.  This Mayfield daughter has outstanding numbers including a DGV Conformation of +21.  Combine that with a family that has proven to flush well and is in demand and you have an outstanding money making machine.  Also selling are her AltaSuplex, Cobra and Epic sisters.
    Observer x Socrates x Boliver
    For those of you looking for something that is already milking there is Observ Saint.  From the same family as Super, Obersv Saint is a potential top 50 LPI cow in Canada.  She is fresh since January and gave 38.2 kg of 5.5%F and 3.0%P on her first test.  She has balanced breeding values, but you may want to protect her on type especially rump and dairy strength, as both her sire stack and genomic test indicate this.
    Windhammer x Baxter x Hailey
    Adding a little spice to the genomic mix are many family members of the great RF GOLDWYN HAILEY EX-97, 2012 World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair Supreme Champion.  Highlighting the bunch are Wind Hailey and Wind Hello, the Windhammer daughters from the VG-86-2YR daughter of Hailey.  Given the type potency this family has proven to produce (read more.  Dominate Expo Quebec) combined with the Windhammer these heifers are sure to be impressive.

Vente Nationale at Expo PrintempsVente Nationale de Printemps

April 3rd – Victoriaville Quebec – More details and catalog

Held in conjunction with the Quebec Spring Show, the Vente Nationale de Printemps is certainly a sale you will not want to miss.

    Man-O-Man x Shottle x Champion
    This VG-2yr sells fresh since August 13.  This heifer has the potential to be a top 100 gLPI cow and comes from a family that has flushed well in the past.  While she may not be a top 10 gLPI cow, she will certainly be a great seed animal in any breeding program.
    Numero Uno x Superstition x Talent
    Brin’s Dam,  Rainyridge Super Beth *RC VG-86-CAN 2yr, is the #2 *RC CTPI Cow in North America and the #3 DGV LPI *RC cow in Canada.  Combine that with the fact that Beth’s dam is none other than the great Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 (Read more: Lasting Legacy –  A Tribute to Rainyridge Talent Barbara) and you have one extremely marketable package.
    Mogul x Planet x Shottle
    With an extremely popular sire stack, Mimi is a sister to the hot new release sire MR MOVIESTAR MODEL from Jetstream Genetics.  The Productive Life, Health Trait blood lines of the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family pours the best into this heifer that is extremely balanced.  Add to that a family that flushes extremely well and you have a money making machine.
    Mayfield x Man-O-Man x Shottle
    Honey is a full sister to lot 8 at the Crackholm sale, so you will certainly have the opportunity to see just what these heifers are worth before sale day.  With the highest LPI heifer from Hue selling for $130,000 at the 2012 Planet Holstein Sale (Read more: The Planet Explodes at World Dairy Expo – 2012 Planet Holstein Sale Recap) and Hue herself selling for $200,000 at the Sale of Stars (Read more: Genomic Stars Shine at Sale of Stars) this is certainly a family that is in demand.
    Mogul x Observer x Shottle
    This heifer is the complete package and her 2nd dam UFM-DUBS SHERAY EX-USA is the former #1 CTPI cow in the breed.  This heifer has outstanding balance to her index and offers an outstanding opportunity to build around that as the family has proven to flush well.
    Shaw x Shottle x Justice
    Talk about combining two of the hottest genomic families in the world.  On the paternal side you have the great Ammon-Peachy Shauna VG-87-2yr (Read more: Ammon-Peachy Shauna: 2012 Golden Dam Finalist and Charting the right course at Seagull Bay Dairy) and maternal side you have WABASH-WAY-I SHOTTLE EMBER VG-86 1st Calf, dam of MR LOOKOUT P ENFORCER +3837 gPA LPI and MR LOOKOUT P EMBARGO +3467 gPA LPI.
  • Other lots to watch for:
    • T-GEN-AC LAYNE RUSSIA – Lot 20 – Super Layne from the same family as Domain.
    • LOOKOUT PESCE PNDE KARMA – Lot 25 – Epic from MS C-HAVEN OMAN KOOL the extremely promising Man-O-Man daughter now housed at Bulterview Genetics.
    • STE ODILE MODEL CRISTAL – Lot 32 – Sudan Cri x from #1 GLPI Cow in Canada, LES091 BAXTER MODEL RUBIS VG-87.
    • JACOBS GOLDWYN CHARM – Lot 40 – Full sister to Robrook Goldwyn Cameron EX-92, All-Canadian & All-American 2011 & 2012, Res. Intermediate Champion 2012
    • VALLEYVILLE SANCHEZ VERNIE  – Lot 45 – Full sister to Valleyville Rae Lynn VG-892yr (Read more: The 2012 Breeder’s Choice Awards – Tanbark Trail Edition and Quality Holsteins – Well Deserved Congratulations )

quest for success online catalog 2013-1The Quest for Success Sale

March 22nd – Marion WI, USA – More details and catalog

Not wanting to  focus only on Canada there are also some great opportunities to be had south of the border.  Leading the way is The Quest for Success Sale hosted by Bella-View Holsteins.

    Mogul x Observer x Socrates
    Catching our eye pretty quickly is Lyanna with her outstanding genomic test results highlighted by her gTPI of 2421 and gLPI of 3485 and an impressive DGV LPI of 3849. With no Man-O-Man, Goldwyn, or Shottle, Lyanna certainly has a lot of options in sire selection (Read more: 12 Sires to Use in Order to Reduce Inbreeding).
    Contender x Advent x Skychief
    Wanting to have something for everyone this sale also has a nice selection of red animals on offer.  Highlighted by A&M-BUSHMAN SUNBURN the HM All-American Red and White spring calf and maternal sister to the 4x All-American, MD-Hillbrook Sunburst-Red-ET EX-92.
    Colt-P x Mitey P x Redliner
    For those of you looking for something a little different there is GOLDEN-OAKS COLT POPPY-RED the homozygous polled Colt-P from the Perk Rae Family (2012 Golden Dam Finalist).
  • Other lots to watch for
    • L-L-M-DAIRY S S PHAWN – LOT 2 – gTPI +2476 gLPI +3178 DGV +3343
    • WEBB-VUE CAMERON 6611 – Lot 3 – •#5 GTPI Cameron daughter
    • REGANCREST MOGUL DANCER Lot 26 – GTPI +2366 GLPI +2939/ DGV +3293
    • T-GEN-AC MOGUL ROSSI – Lot 63 – GTPI +2384 GLPI +3015/ DGV +3223, Dam is a maternal sister to the dam of Lot 1 DE-SU 1912 in the Crackholm sale.

Co-Vale Tag Sale 3-19-13-1Tag Sale at Co-Vale

March 19-25 Preble NY, USA –  More details and catalog

Continuing on from the success of the 2012 Co-Vale tag sale, the following lots that caught our eye.

  • First North American Choice form Decrausaz Iron O’Kalibra*RC EX-94-SW – Lot B
    Certainly catching our eye for a long while now has been O’Kalibra (Read more: The All European Championship Show: The greatest SHOW on earth and Decrausaz Iron O’Kalibra Wins Grand at the 2013 All European Championship).  Not only is O’Kalibra one of the greatest show cows in the world today but she also comes from an outstanding pedigree.  She is from the same family as Dudoc Mr. Burns and Granduc Tribute.  This calf will be the 1st heifers available from O’Kalibra available here in North America.
  • Also catching our eye are:
    • Lot A Choice of full sisters to 2012 All American 4yr old T-Triple-T Gold Prize EX-92
    • Lot 18 MD-Dun-Loafin Lau Elly-  Full sister to MD-Dun-Loafin Lauth Elli All-Canadian & American Fall Calf 2012
    • Lot 28 Jacobs Sid Beauty – Pine-Tree Sid from Jacobs Goldwyn Brittany EX-95, 1st 4yr-old Royal Winter Fair 2011

Milksource catalog-1Milk Source Tag Event

March 22nd – 23rd Kaukauna WI, USA –  More details and catalog

For those of you wanting to get a little color with your show ring winners there is certainly the Milk Source Tag Event highlighted by Blondin Redman Seisme (2 Time WDE and RAWF R&W White Grand Champion), Budjon-Nitzy Destiny Red and Dupasquier Contender Whitney.



franchise kind iiThe Franchise Kind II

March 25th Syracuse NY, USA – More details and catalog

If red and white Holsteins are not enough, or you prefer Jersey, you certainly do not want to miss the 3rd installment of the Franchise Kind sale.  Highlighted this year by Page-Crest Excition Karlie (All-Canadian Senior 2-Year-Old 2012), Woodsview Excitation Tracy (2nd Jr 2yr old WDE’11 and 3rd Jr 2yr old RAW ’11) and South Mountain Socrates Lavish (Show results) this sale is certainly going to be one of the top Jersey sales of the year.  Watch tomorrow for interview with sale co-manager Dusty Schirm.

taste_of_ontario-1Canadian National Convention Sale – Taste of Ontario

April 10th Ancaster Ontario, Canada – More details and catalog

Rounding out the major spring sales is the Taste of Ontario sale held in conjunction with the Canadian National Convention.  Highlights include daughters of many of the great show winners including

  • Lot 5 – JACOBS GOLDWYN CANDY – Full sister to Robrook Goldwyn Cameron VG-87 2Yr, All-Canadian & All-American 2011 & 2012
  • Lot 6 – BOULET WINDBROOK CLOTY – Windbrook x Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX-95 2E 2*, Champion Bred & Owned WDE, Madison 2012 H.M. All-Canadian 2012, Res. All-American 2012
  • Lot 8 – QUALITY MOGUL FIXI – Mogul x Shottle x Goldwyn x Quality B C Frantisco EX-96 3E 18*, Supreme Champion 2004 & 2005, believed to be the highest index member of the Frantisco family

The Bullvine Bottom Line

With all the excitement around a new year, it is easy to get caught up and make investments that you may regret later.  It is always best to do your homework and invest wisely.  These lots are the ones that caught our eye and are sure to help spur on the spring sale madness.



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