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Janardan: The makings of a Genetic Superstar

16657_10151362256309776_773658570_n[1]Trans-America Genetics – In a time when genetic advancement is measured in months instead of years, Benner Fork Janardan is already proving her great breeding ability.  In the recent January 2013 genomic index releases, Janardan had seven daughters in the Top 150 New USA Genomic Females list and an outstanding five daughters in the top 11 on the Canadian New GPA LPI females list.

Janardan and her daughters have been making headlines for some time now.  A 1st choice Mogul daughter attracted a bid of $75,000 at the 2012 World Classic Sale and Janardan herself sold for $150,000 at the recent TAG Genomic Power Sale.  The world is certainly noticing the genetic power that Janardan has.

Watch Video of Janardan selling at GPS

It is certainly no surprise that the world has taken notice of Janardan as she comes from the powerhouse family of Benner Blackstar Janet VG-89.  This cow family has proven its ability to flush well and consistently pass on elite genetics.  Janardan’s own dam, BENNER PLANET JAKOVA, has reached as high as #3 on the gLPI cow list in Canada (Currently #6) and has three maternal sisters in the Top 15 on the current gLPI list.  Again, this is not surprising given her outstanding sire stack that reads like a who’s who of impact sires (Planet x Goldwyn x Outside x Aeroline x Luke x Grand x Blackstar x Warden).

Combining the power of the Janet family from Benner Holsteins, Janardan also has the strength of the genomic powerhouse herd De-Su.  Her sire is none other than De-Su Fork.  Fork also possesses an outstanding sire stack with Bolton, Shottle and O Man and brings strength, endurance and outstanding mammary systems to this already potent genetic line.

Watch for great things to come from Janardan, as her sons are soon due to be released and Janardan herself will be calving early summer.  Janardan is part of the TAG Female donors housed at Budjon.  The donor herd is managed by TAG.

T-GEN-AC MOGUL JANALISA-ET  MOGUL 2588  3.66 3758 4041
T-GEN-AC MOGUL JANAVEE-ET  MOGUL 2480  3.61 3548 3679
T-GEN-AC MOGUL JANAYA-ET  MOGUL 2437  3.50 3638 3866
T-GEN-AC MOGUL JANALYN-ET  MOGUL 2428  3.76 3668 3857
T-GEN-AC MOGUL JANAYE-ET  MOGUL 2404  3.48 3362 3354
T-GEN-AC MOGUL JANALEE-ET  MOGUL 2384  3.61 3449 3536


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