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US Holstein Highlights – Sire Proof Central December 2022

A fantastic run this round for Genosource Captain. He came in at number one with a GTPI of +3214 and had a total of 31 daughters in his index, making him the highest daughter-proven sire. His complete profile includes >2200kgM, positive components, +1238 NM$, +0.6 DPR, 1.5% Sire Calving Ease, and +1.44 PTAT. In addition, he has a high sire calving ease of 1.5%. Solid proof for Mr. T-Spruce Frazz Lionel, who came in at the number two spot with +3132 GTPI. He increased his index by 641 new daughters with this run, and he now has an incredible score for milk production in his US index, which is over 3,500 kgM. This incredible Top 3 is now complete with the addition of Captain his dad, Hurtgenlea Richard Charl. At a GTPI of +2995, he is the proven sire of the daughter with the third-highest GTPI. He has 1022 daughters in his index, and his profile is balanced with >2000kgM, +1035 NM$, a positive DPR, and a PTAT of 1.15. Stgen Cowen Thorson at +3228 is the number one genomic bull that has the NAAB-code and is older than 12 months. Genosource Brockington comes in at number two on the GTPI list with a score of +3198, and Genosource Executive rounds out the top three with a score of +3185. 

Again, Stgen RC Redlea has proven to have the highest Genomic *RC and Red&White index value with all bulls older than 12 months that have an NAAB-Code, coming in at +3044 GTPI. He is being watched by the S.J.K. Foundation *RC, which is located at +2967 GTPI. This well-known Kamps-Hollow Altitude *RC EX-95-USA cow family can be traced back through this Captain son, which was sired by an Avance-Red daughter named Primeval 5121. He has remarkable milk production traits, with >1500kgM, +0.12% Fat, +0.05% Protein, and +157 Combined F+P. His F+P percentage is higher than his protein percentage. He has a DPR of +0.7 and a score of 1.7% for “Sire Calving Ease,” meaning that he is suitable for use on heifers. This *RC and R&W GTPI ranking is now complete with the addition of the S-S-I Acura Ardor, which has a score of +2926 GTPI.

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