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Sire Proof Central April 2016

Proofs are being released world-wide for the April 2016 run.  The Bullvine is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know.  Sire Proof Central provides you everything, what is new and who’s on top of the lists.  Seagull-Bay Supersire (2697 TPI) retains his Nr.1 gTPI position for the 4th consecutive run. Interesting changes amongst the top gTPI front-runners: Sandy-Valley Saloon (2618 TPI) moves up from his #12 spot last round to Nr.2, who is half-brother to Sterling now at Nr.3 (up from #4 last round), and newcomers Roylane Bob at Nr.4. Sully Munition at Nr 6 both debut in the top 10.

Canadian Holstein Proof Information

USDA Proof Information


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