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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2016

Brewmaster is Edged Out by Smurf at #1 Pro$ and Doorman Debuts at #2 LPI

Highly anticipated Val-Bisson Doorman starts his career as a proven sire in Canada at #2 LPI. For the first time since the release of Pro$ in August 2015, only five of the sires among the Top 10 lists for LPI and Pro$ are in common. What’s more, Doorman, the #2 bull for LPI, ranks #107 for Pro$. How is this possible? Beside the fact that LPI and Pro$ emphasize different traits, the correlation between LPI and Pro$ is 96%. While this seems high for a correlation between indexes, it can lead to substantial re-ranking among sires that are at the very high end. This may seem more noticeable in April compared to past proof releases simply because such a high profile sire like Doorman ranks so differently for the two national indexes.

Continuing his #1 reign for LPI but falling to #2 for Pro$ is Mapel Wood Brewmaster (#1 Fat) followed in rank by the aforementioned Doorman who becomes the new #1 Conformation bull at +19. Chartoise Smurf (#2 Protein) steals the #1 position on the Pro$ list from Brewmaster this round and also ranks well for LPI in #3 spot. No strangers to the Top 10 for either index, Minnigan-Hills Day-ET and OCD Stargazer-ET take spots #4 and #5 for LPI and #5 and #3 for Pro$, respectively. Dymentholm S Sympatico jumps from #25 LPI to land tied at #6 this round as well as #10 Pro$, and is the fifth and final bull to rank among the Top 10 for both indexes.

Rosylane-LLC AltaLeo-ET (tied #6 LPI, #12 Pro$), Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (#8 LPI from #16 last round, #13 Pro$) and Amighetti Numero Uno ET (#9 LPI, #28 Pro$) all rank among the new Top 10 LPI. The second highest newly proven bull for both LPI and Pro$, is AJDH AltaAgency (Dorcy x Shottle) taking #10 LPI and #11 Pro$ this April.

The highest newly proven bull for Pro$ is awarded to Apina AltaEmbassy (Freddie x Planet), who ranks #4 Pro$ (#70 LPI). Sandy-Valley Saloon-ET adds nearly 250 daughters to his production proof and 300 classified daughters and, as a result, he increases from #12 to #6 Pro$ (#11 LPI) and becomes the new #1 for Protein. Cangen Pinkman is next in line at #7 Pro$ (#12 LPI), followed by maternal brothers out of Ammon-Peachy Shauna-ET, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#8 Pro$, #28 LPI) and Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET (#9 Pro$, #27 LPI).

New Breed Leaders for Milk, Conformation and an Abundance of other New Releases

Two newly proven identical brothers become the new breed leaders tied at #1 Milk (#28 Pro$, #45 LPI and #6 Protein). Comestar Lauman and Comestar Lausmart are Snowman sons out of Comestar Lautama Goldwyn. Since identical twins have the exact same DNA profile, these bulls share the same genetic evaluation. The top list for Conformation also sees two newly proven bulls take the top two positions. As previously mentioned, Doorman is the new #1 bull for Conformation at +19 and JK Eder-I Control (Snowman x Bolton, tied at #19 LPI) is the new #2 bull for Conformation at +18. These bulls bump Lirr Drew Dempsey down to #3 Conformation after a solid run at #1 spot.

This April, a total of 123 young sires graduate to proven status and 16 bulls initially proven outside of Canada receive their first official domestic LPI and Pro$. Impressively, 33 of the Top 100 LPI and 28 of the Top 100 Pro$ are newly proven bulls! Other newly proven sires who rank among the Top 25 LPI include: Gen-I-Beq Aikman (Snowman x Baxter, #14 LPI, tied #4 Fat), Sandy-Valley Mr Miami-ET (Bookem x Bolton, #16 LPI) and the aforementioned JK Eder-I Control who is tied with Gillette Jeep (Windbrook x Shottle) at #19 LPI. Other newly proven sires who rank among the Top 25 for Pro$ include Butz-Butler Shotglass-ET (Snowman x Shottle) at #21 Pro$ and De-Su Robust Madrid 1209-ET (Socrates x Planet) right behind at #22 Pro$.

Cows Ranking Among the Top 10 for Both GLPI & Pro$

  • Silverridge V Munition Earwig maintains #1 for Pro$ but drops from her previous top position for GLPI to #4 this round (tied #10 Milk).
  • Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC is the cow that edges out Earwig, jumping up the list from #4 GLPI to her current #1 position (#5 Pro$, tied #8 Fat ).
  • Silverridge also produces a newly indexed cow that ranks high for both national indexes, namely Silverridge Epic Comet (#4 Pro$ and #10 GLPI), who is an Epic daughter out of JK Eder-I Snowman Cintia (full sister to newly proven Control at #19 LPI).

Newly Indexed Cows

In addition to the previously mentioned Silverridge Epic Comet, five new cows receive their first official index for both GLPI and Pro$ and rank among the Top 10 for either national index. These include three cows carrying the “Gillette” prefix as well as two carrying the “View-Home” prefix.

  • Gillette Epic Jingle (Epic x Shottle) is the highest newly indexed cow for Pro$ in #2 position while Gillette Mogul Carrel (Mogul x AltaIota) debuts at #9 Pro$. Gillette Sleep All Day (Day x Beacon) debuts on the Top GLPI list in #7 spot.
  •  View-Home Drman Wisconsin-ET (Doorman x Robust) and View-Home McC Found-ET(McCutchen x Robust) rank #6 and #9 for GLPI, respectively.

Other Noteworthy Chart Toppers

  • Moving positions but remaining in the Top 10 for GLPI include: Stantons Mccutcheon 1174 Agree (#2 GLPI), Silverridge V Doorman Ensure (#3 GLPI), Stantons Uno Enya (#5 GLPI) and Silverridge V McCut Elicia (#8 GLPI).
  • Changing rank for Pro$ but holding ground in the Top 10 include: Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET (#3 Pro$), Stantons Supersire Eleyah (#6 Pro$), Bofran Brewmaster Faby (#7 Pro$, #7 Fat), Stantons Epic Carmel (#8 Pro$) and tied at #10 Pro$, Sully Robust 720-ET and Silverridge V Day Eternal.
  • Alexerin Supersire 1338, daughter of Alexerin OMan 993, is a newly indexed cow this round that lands tied at #2 Protein and at #10 Fat.
  • Walnutlawn Doorman Breanna and Mystique Doorman Cherry are two newly indexed cows this round that are tied amongst the group of seven at #1 Conformation with +18.  The highest ranking genotyped polled cow with an official GLPI is Dudoc Mccutcheon Regret P while the highest for Pro$ is Stantons Oak Bella.

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