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What’s it all about? 15 dairy breeders’ stories that will touch and inspire you.

You can look at all the numbers you want, go to as many cow shows as you would like and, if you take away the people, it just wouldn’t be the same.  The thing that makes the dairy breeding industry so special is the people.

Since starting the Bullvine, we have had the pleasure to meet many new passionate breeders from around the world.  Breeders who have poured their heart and soul into breeding great cattle.  Sure we have “touched” on a few issues that have gotten a “reaction” from many (Read more).  But when it’s all said and done, for us here at the Bullvine it is also all about the people.

The following are some of the many NEW breeders that we have met since starting the Bullvine.  Breeders whose stories have inspired us to do more.  (To see all the breeder profiles we have covered click here)

  • Julia James: “Cow By Cow.  Doing It Now.”
    Julia James is truly an inspirational young woman.  In an industry dominated by men, she is certainly making her mark.  Some people dream of a life they hope to have some time.  Julia has a three word answer to anything and everything that may be holding you back, “Do it now!”
  • Stephanie Aves – Anything Is Possible If You’ve Got St-Yle!
    Talk about a young woman overcoming obstacles! The Stephanie Aves story is one that will inspire all.  She is passionate about dairy cattle, she loves what she does, and there is nothing stopping her from doing great things.
  • Dairy Carrie – Diary of a City Kid Gone Country
    There is no question in this connected world that we need to have more advocates for the dairy industry.  Carrie Mess, a city girl turned country, is certainly one of the dairy industry’s greatest advocates, showing the world what makes the dairy industry great and why she loves it so much.
  • The Magic of Francesca
    When talking about women with great passion, it’s hard for me to leave out Beverly Donavon and the story of the great Sweet-Pepper Black Francesca.  It’s a story you cannot help but be touched by emotionally.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Beverly and her husband Richard pretty well since starting the Bullvine and they certainly are among the most passionate in the business.
  • Dean and Dianna Malcolm: Forward in Five Gears!  That’s Aussie D.I.Y.
    Of course there are also many great partnerships that really stand out around the world.  The story of Dean and Dianna Malcolm demonstrates that passion, determination, and talent can help overcome all naysayers.
  • Ocean View Genetics: The Fine Art of Marketing Great Breeding
    Just like the Malcolm’s the partnership of Pam and Daryl Nunes is one that shines brightly in the dairy industry.  Their talents complement each other very well (similar to Dean and Dianna) and they certainly have bred some of the greatest cattle in the dairy industry and been a pinnacle example of how to market dairy cattle to the world.  The Oceanview ads are some of the greatest in history.
  • Keightley and Core Jerseys: Heart of the Family
    Of course when talking partnerships it would be impossible to leave out that of Alta Mae Core and Jeff Keightly.  These two have formed Keightly and Core Jersey’s – a powerhouse in the Jersey business.  At Keightly and Core it’s all about building on heartfelt passion for family – both home and livestock.
  • Halter, Pen and Gavel.  That’s Just the Norm.
    It’s hard for me to think about anything Jersey without thinking of the living legend Norm Nabholz.  While he has transcended many breeds and is respected by peers in all of them who feel “Norm has to have the highest I.Q. in the dairy business.” A mentorship Norm shares through his books.
  • Gary Sauder: The Muse in His Studio
    Speaking of Jersey’s and artistic talent, we cannot overlook that of Gary Sauder.  His paintings are iconic for their realism and truism to the animal.  Gary’s artwork can be appreciated by all.
  • Emma Caldwell’s Art Stirs Mind and Heart!
    Another great artist who is catching the world’s attention for her paintings is Emma Caldwell.  She may be young but she has loads of talent and has an extremely bright future ahead of her.
  • Han Hopman: Shooting Straight at Holstein International
    When talking about paintings and pictures, it’s hard for me to not think of the great Han Hopman.  His pictures have captured some of the greatest moments in Holstein history.  With Han’s talent for catching the moment that tells the story he has certainly changed the way we see the dairy world.
  • Francisco Rodriguez: Passion With A Purpose
    When talking about stories from around the world, I think of Francisco Rodriguez.  Francisco is a very talented individual who left his native Columbia to come to America and chase the American dream.

Of course there are also those stories from breeders that we have known for many years that have also inspired us greatly.  To highlight a few:

  • It’s Time To Pull Together And Support One Of Our Own
    Andrea Crowe is in a battle that many of us could not imagine.  This extremely passionate young breeder has more fight in her than Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali combined.  Every time I think of Andrea (or read her blog articles on Holstein Universe) I can’t help but be inspired.
  • Cristy Nurse: From Show Ring Beauty to World Class Rower
    Of course, when talking about inspirational young woman I can’t leave out Cristy Nurse.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Cristy for many years and her story of success and perseverance is inspirational.  Nothing tells you more about a person than how they handle adversity, and when Cristy was left off the Olympic team, she handled it with class and dignity (Read more: Cristy Nurse – Standing Tall)
  • The 2012 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show – One Of The Greatest Stories Ever Told!
    Talking about stories that have just grabbed me, it would be hard to miss the success of the Eby’s and Ebyholme Goldwyn Marcia.  I have known the Eby’s all my life, competing with Andrea and Rob in 4-H for many years I certainly was touched when I saw Rob embrace his father after Marcia’s success at the Royal.  I was at their sale last summer (Read more: Ebyholme – The End of an Era). To see these two young breeders (Rob and his wife Julie) share their success and an emotional moment at the Royal was truly special.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to what is truly special has to be, “In dairying, as in life, it’s all about the people.”


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