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The Other Woman

Today marks my eighth anniversary with my amazing wife Zosia.  However, I have a confession to make.  There is another woman.  For a long time, I have denied her existence and told myself “It is okay.  She will never know.”  But as I think about it, I think my wife has known about the “Other Woman” all along.

For as long as, I can remember the other woman has been in my life.  She has been there for me whenever I needed her.  She has provided for me in times of need and has provided me with many life lessons.  Nevertheless, now I find myself in a quandary.  Trying to decide between my wife and the other woman.

Whenever I have to make a crucial decision in my life, I have always tried to write down the pros and cons of each option and   then use logic to sort things out.  Therefore figured that I would do that now.

My Wife The Other Woman Advantage
Attraction When I first met my wife, I was like damn; that woman is too hot for me.  I figured she would not even give me the time of day. I have probably taken more photographs of the other woman than anything else in the world.  I have seen her from all angles, appreciated her curves, and been amazed are her exceptional form. No question my wife
Motherhood ability We have three amazing children.  They certainly have brought new meaning to my life.  While I certainly used corrective mating to choose my wife.  Our children have each seemed to get a unique set of the genetics available. The other woman has often been called the foster mother of the human race.  She has been one of the chief sustaining forces of the human race. No question my wife.
Intelligence My wife never stops amazing me.  She is the smartest woman I have ever met in my life.  She has achieved so many great things in her life that I could never even imagine doing. Some people like to say that the other woman is not that smart at all.  I argue that those people just have not spent enough quality time with the other woman.  She never ceases to amaze you with her intelligence, if you give her a chance. No question my wife.

While my wife has never made me choose between her and the other woman, she has often complained that the other woman gets far too much of my time.  She feels that I focus too much on the other woman and not enough on her.  I am feeling this tug of war on a daily basis and soon I may have to decide between my wife and the other woman.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about the other woman.  However, not in a sexual way, but rather, a passion for the dairy industry and the greatness of the dairy cow.  While my wife did not grow up on a farm, she has learned to accept my appreciation for dairy cattle and so far has been willing to share me with the other woman.  In fact, I guess I have always known this.  When I proposed to my wife, I had to let the other woman go.  In fact I had to let two of them go.  You see it was at a time when Mad Cow had stuck Canada and dairy cattle prices were extremely low, so I had to sell two cows in order to afford the engagement ring.


My wife is the most amazing woman I have ever met.  She puts up with my weirdness, which includes my annual weird anniversary post.  (Read more: How I Used Everything I Know About Animal Breeding to Choose My Wife, How I Used Inbound Marketing and Sales to Find My Wife and The Most Important Partnership in the World)  She has also learned to accept my long road trips to attend cow shows, cover a dairy event, or some other weird cow related happening.  In short, she gets me, and that is no easy thing to do. Fortunately, she is a psychiatrist.  That probably helps!


Zosia Hunt, you are the most amazing woman I have ever met, and the fact that you agreed to marry me eight  years ago and that we now have these three amazing children are the greatest things that have ever happened in my life.  Your understanding of the other woman just proves that you are my soul mate and that I could not be a luckier man. Happy Anniversary Zosia, I love you so much!



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