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Canadian National Holstein Show Results

LOCATION Royal Winter Fair Grounds, Toronto, ON
JUDGE John Crowley, ON Associate:Don Donnan, ON

Grand Champion - Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Grand Champion – Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Grand Champion – Robrook Goldwyn Cameron (Goldwyn), Four Year Old, St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter and Lyn Vale, WI

Reserve Champion - Cookview Goldwyn Monique

Reserve Champion – Cookview Goldwyn Monique

Reserve Champion – Cookview Goldwyn Monique (Goldwyn), 2nd Four Year Old, Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price, IL

HM Champion -  MS Goldwyn Alana

HM Champion – MS Goldwyn Alana

HM Champion –  MS Goldwyn Alana (Goldwyn), Five Year Old, P Boulet, Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verille, QC

Intermediate Champion - Aingers Advent Bambi

Intermediate Champion – Aingers Advent Bambi

Intermediate Champion – Aingers Advent Bambi (Advent), Senior 3 Year Old, Ferme Blondin, QC

Res Intermediate Champion - Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic)

Res Intermediate Champion – Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic)

Res Intermediate Champion – Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic), Senior 2 Year Old, Gen-Com Holsteins, QC

HM Intermediate Champion - Valleyville Rae Lynn

HM Intermediate Champion – Valleyville Rae Lynn

HM Intermediate Champion – Valleyville Rae Lynn (Sanchez), 2nd Senior 3 Year Old, Quality Holsteins, Ponderosa, Al-Be-Ro Land and Cattle, ON

Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA

Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA

Junior Champion Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA
Reserve Junior Champion Comestar Larion Goldwyn (Goldwyn), R & S Allyn, E & M Ladina, Ferme Jendro and Donald Dubois & France Leumix, QC
Hon. Mention Rotaly Windbrook Hilda (Windbrook), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Du, QC


JM Valley Atwood Agadou (Atwood)
JM Valley Atwood Agadou (Atwood)

Junior Calf (27)

1.  (BO) JM Valley Atwood Agadou (Atwood), Richard W & Shannon Allyn, Ferme Rodemsay & JM Valley Holsteins, CT & QC
2. Sco-Lo-Coons Atii Banshe (Attic), Doeberiener & Bowen & Michael Heath, NY & MD
3. Petitclerc Goldsun Showdown (Goldsun), Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc & Fils, QC
4. Mapel Wood Windhammer Elegance (Windhammer), Mapel Wood Farms, ON
5. Jacobs Charlie Drayo (Charlie), Ferme Jacobs Inc., QC
6. (1st 4-H) Sildajak Attic Suger (Attic), Far-Row Holsteins & Sildajak Holstein, ON
7. Dubeau Brokaw Voodoo Child (Brokaw), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
8. Fleury Fever Chipmunk (Fever), Fleury Holstein, QC
9. Milibro Sid Roselia (Sid), Ferme Milibro Inc., QC
10. Colstein Goldwyn Umerica (Goldwyn), Jeff Stephens, Blair Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins, ON & PEI

Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky (Stanleycup)
Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky (Stanleycup)

Intermediate Calf

1. Altona Lea Stanleycup Gretzky (Stanleycup), Chris & Jennifer Hill, Michael Heath & St Jacobs, MD
2. (BO) Rolling-Spring Dami Easy (Damion), Charles Bean & Rolling-Spring & Greg Hardy, MI
3. (1st 4-H) Devans Remark Dempsey (Remark), Robert D MacDonald & Bethany MacDOnald, ON
4. Cobequid Sid Blackberry (Sid), Bernadale Holstein & Cobequid Holstein, NS
5.Aleah Millen Naughtys Secret (Goldwyn), Aleah Farms Ltd., Millen Farms, Matthew & Tyler Yates, ON
6. Jacobs Alexander Eddy (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs Inc., QC
7. Petitclerc Alexander Albany (Alexander), Ferme Jean Paul Petitclerc & Fils, QC
8. Sicy Svelte Alexander (Alexander), Jenny Henchoz, Maxime Petitclerc & Eaton Holsteins, QC & NY
9. Favreautiere Kristal (Windhammer), Ferme Favreau & Fils Inc., QC
10. Petitclerc Alexander Access (Alexander), Ferme Jean Paul Petitclerc & Fils, QC

Lylehaven Roy Lari

Comestar Larion Goldwyn

Senior Calf

1. Comestar Larion Goldwyn (Goldwyn), R & S Allyn, E & M Ladina, Ferme Jendro and Donald Dubois & France Leumix, QC
2. Jacobs Alexander Everything (Alexander), Ferme Jacobs, QC
3.  Petitclerc Gold Saltalamacchia (Goldwyn), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
4. Duckett Federal Taz (Federal), Gracehaven and Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
5. Comestar Larianne Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Comestar Holsteins, QC
6. Jacobs Sid Bamba (Sid), Ferme Jacobs, QC
7. Claircrest Sid Checkers (Sid), Ehrhardt Farms, Joel Phoenix, Gene Iager, ON
8. Eastside Lewisdale Armani (Windhammer), Browntown Farms, ON
9. Vanderhaven Sanchez Showtime (Sanchez), Pierre Boulet, QC
10. Goldenflo Goldchip Kentucky (Goldchip), MacBeath Farms, J.P. Charests, MV Genetica, PE

 Eastside Atwood Glee

Eastside Atwood Glee

Summer Yearling

1. Eastside Atwood Glee (Atwood), R & S Allyn, J. Guy Thompson and Son, Ferme Jendro, D Dubois & F Leumuix
2. Doric Sid Laurianna (Sid), La Ferme Hudon & Fils, QC
3. Grillsdale Workout Dundee (Dundee), Clifford Grills & Kingsway Farms, ON
4. Signature R Katness (Reginald), B. Cates, Glennholme Holsteins, Signatures Holsteins & Seavalley Holsteins, ON
5. Bergeroy Sid Ambio (Sid), JM Valley Holstein & Bergeroy Holsteins, ON
6. Jacobs Sid Glory (Sid), Kevin Agnew & Ferme Jacobs, QC
7. MS Jasper Vicky (Jasper), Belfontaine Genetics, QC
8. Farrow Windbrook Noella (Windbrook), Far-Row Holsteins & Rob Heffernan, ON
9. Pierstein Goldwyn Gabriela (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, QC
10. Sunspark Fever Destiny (Fever), Robrook Farms Ltd & Superior Polled Genetics, ON

 Rotaly  Windbrook Hilda

Rotaly Windbrook Hilda

Junior Yearling

1. Rotaly  Windbrook Hilda (Windbrook), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Du, QC
2. Dortholme Goldwyn Deb (Goldwyn), Rob Heffernan, Lookout Holsteins and Crackholm Holsteins, ON
3. Colstein Lauthority Crowne (Lauthority), Blair Weeks, Lookout, Frank& Diane Borba
4. Riault Fever July (Fever), R & S Allyn, Ferme Jedro, D Dubois, JM Valley Holsteins, QC
5. Jacobs Goldwyn Amora (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
6. Benrise Gold Jewellry (Goldwyn), K Doeberiener, OH
7. Kingsway Windbrook A5 35 (Windbrook), Kingsway Farms, ON
8. Phoenix Lauthority Jazz (Lauthority), Vale-O-Skene, Ryla, Gracehaven & Emilane, ON
9. Pierstein Extreme Hannah (Extreme), Isabelle Morin & Max Hebert, QC
10. Kingsway Dempsey Candy (Dempsey), R Canning & T Canning, ON

Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet

Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet

Intermediate Yearling (19)

1. Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet (Goldwyn), P Boulet, Lindsay Bowen, Kevin Doeberiener, QC
2. Winright Sid Elegance (Sid), Brian Enright, ON
3. Aquarel Outboard Obe Tention (Outbound), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
4. Valmar Colton Wendy (Colt), J Stephens and Clarkvalley Holsteins, ON
5. Kingsway Goldwyn Dallas (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms, Trentward Farms, ON
6. Gen-Com Miss R Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Gen-Com, Ferme Mibelson, Ferme Fortale & Ferme Du Vieux Saule, QC
7. Pierstein Goldwyn Geisha (Goldwyn), Idee Holsteins, PE
8. Peticlerc Goldwyn Silver (Goldwyn), Ferme Peticlerc, QC
9. Old-Acres Gold Sydney (Goldwyn), Velthuis Farms, ON
10. Budjon-JK-Glaz-way Erin (Atwood), Budjon Farms, Glaz-way and F & D Borba, WI

Fanico Reginald Marty

Fanico Reginald Marty

Senior Yearling (8)

1.Fanico Reginald Marty (Reginald) Paige Morrill, PA
2.Idee Goldwyn Livia (Goldwyn) Kingsway Farms, ON
3.(B&O) Peticlerc Goldwyn Anouk (Goldwyn) Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
4.Fusion Passioons Poison (Dempsey) Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
5.Skycrest Seaver Prairie Chick (Seaver) Skycrest Holsteins Ltd, AB
6.Frater Sid Paris (Sid) Ferme Frejour Inc, QC
7.Kaymanor Jersey Devil (Dundee) Peter Leach, ON
8.Toddsdale Sid Ricki (Sid) Armcrest Holsteins, ONJunior Breeders Herd (10)
1.Comestar Holsteins QC
2.Ferme Jacobs, QC
3.Kingsway Farms, ON
4.Ferme Boulet, QC
5.Eastside Holsteins, PEI
6.Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
7.Cobequid Holsteins, PEI
8.Ploegsway Holsteins, ON
9.Claircrest Holsteins,ON
10.Delcreek Holsteins, ON
Junior Premier Breeder Ferme Jacobs, QC
Reserve Junior Premier Breeder Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
Junior Premier Exhibitor Ferme Jean-Paul Peticlerc, QC
Reserve Premier Exhibitor Ferme Jacobs, QC
Combhaven Sid Monica

Combhaven Sid Monica

 Milking Yearling (30):

1.  Combhaven Sid Monica (Pine-Tree Sid-ET), Gen-Com Holstein Ltd.
2. Ms Atwood Adrenaline (Maple-Downs I G Atwood-ET), Jeff Butler
3. Sunnylodge Seaver Samantha (R-E-W Seaver-ET), Sunnylodge Farms, Michael Heath, Jamie & Petra Black
4. Arethusa Fever Almira-ET (Crackholm Fever-ET), Ernest Kueffner
5. Blondin Careyprice Lorena (Blondin Careyprice), Ferme Blondin
6. Lookout Goldwyn Lalia (Braedale Goldwyn), Lookout Holsteins, Eloc Farm
7. Harmill Krown Reann (O-Bee Krown-ET), Pierre Boulet
8. Budjon-Vail Dominique-ET (Scientific Destry), Ferme Arolene Inc., Ferme Irlande, Jean-Phillippe Faucher
9. Blondin Goldwyn Kosta (Braedale Goldwyn), Ferme Blondin, Ercale & Marcello Ladina
10. Bembie Sid Fiona (Pine-Tree Sid), Kingsway Farms, Bembie Holsteins

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza

Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza

Junior 2 Year Old

1. Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza (Goldwyn), Belfast Holsteins & Mary Inn Holsteins, QC
2. Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss (Sid), Ferme Blondin & Yvon Sicard, QC
3. Jacobs Atwood Vedette (Atwood), Ferme Jacobs, QC
4. Eastside Destry Chanel (Destry), Lewis Bros and J. Guy Thompson & Son, PE
5. Rolling-Spring Schz Ella (Sanchez), Rolling Spring Farm & Charles Bean
6. Blondin Bravest Delice (Bravest), Ferme Blondin, QC
7. Weeks Dundee Anika (Dundee), Milksource, WI
8. Kingsway Tenacious Rochelle (Tenacious), Kingsway Farms & Riverdown Holsteins, ON
9. Routina Dazzler Kelsey (Dazzler), Ferme Blondin, QC
10 . Red Oak Sanchez Odyssey (Sanchez), F & C Borba and F & D Borba, CA

Charwill Attic Marcy

Charwill Attic Marcy

Senior 2 Year Old (16)

1.  (BU) Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
2. (BO) Hodglynn Dynasty Licorice (Sanchez), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
3. Jacobs Duplez Anna (Duplex), Ferme Jacobs, QC
4. Crovalley Knowledge Akika (Knowledge), Arethusa Farm, CT
5. Petitclerc Alexander Amycale (Alexander), Ferme Petitclerc, QC
6. Blondin Supreme Ruby (Supreme), Ferme Blondin, QC
7. Pierstein Atwood Rosine (Atwood), Pierre Boulet, QC
8. Starcrest Rhyme Casablanca (Rhyme), Fornwald, Robella Holsteins and J & K McAoy, SK
9. Beckholm Bolton Trillium (Bolton), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
10. Dougal Lea Goldwyn Danita (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC

Phoenix Sanchez Geo

Phoenix Sanchez Geo

Junior 3 Year Old

1. (BU) Phoenix Sanchez Geo (Sanchez), Breamont Holsteins, ON
2. Poelman Goldwyn Margo (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet,  QC
3. (BO)  Jacobs Knowledge Harpe (Knowledge), Ferme Jacobs, QC
4. Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang (Sanchez), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
5. Benrise Duplex Arienne (Duplex), Michael Heath and Triple T Holsteins, OH
6. Cavanaleck Spirte Dell (Spirte), Ferme Blondin, QC
7. Elysa Goldwyn Lady (Goldwyn), Lookout Holsteins & Crackholm Holsteins, QC
8. MS Ken-Dren Sanchez Feather (Sanchez) Milksource Genetics, WI
9. Brookview American Girl (Durham), Quality Farms, ON
10. Tolamika Dundee Fanta (Dundee), C Dewitt Jr. & Skycrest Holsteins, AB

Aingers Advent Bambi

Aingers Advent Bambi

Senior 3 Year Old (20)

1. Aingers Advent Bambi (Advent), Ferme Blondin, QC
2. Valleyville Rae Lynn (Sanchez), Quality Holsteins, Ponderosa, Al-Be-Ro Land and Cattle, ON
3. (BU) Butz-Butler Gold Barbara (Goldwyn), Igaer, Kueffner, River Valley Dairy and St Jacobs, IL
4.  Vedderlea Goldwyn Ester (Goldwyn), Crackholm, QC
5. Ernest-Anthony Allure (Alexander), Arethusa Farms, CT
6. Kingsway Goldwyn Abba Dabba (Goldwyn), Jason Mell and Trent Valley Holsteins, ON
7. Whitaker-KK Goldie Rose (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, CT
8. (BO) Raivue Sanchez Pamela (Sanchez), Raivue Farms, Robrook Farms, Superior Polled Genetics, ON
9. Eastriver Gold Deb 850 (Goldwyn), Milk Source, WI
10. TC Sanchez Kristina (Sanchez), J Buckley and Crackholm Holsteins, ON
Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron

Four Year Old (18)

1. Robrook Goldwyn Cameron (Goldwyn), St Jacobs, Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter and Lyn Vale, WI
2. Cookview Goldwyn Monique (Goldwyn), Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price, IL
3. Drumlee Mischief Denison (Denison), Ferme Blondin and Butz Hill Holsteins, QC
4. (BO) Jacobs Goldwyn Valana (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
5. MS Pride Gold Invite (Goldwyn), Blondin, Crasdale and Ponderosa, QC
6. Nordale Goldwyn Ricky (Goldwyn), Little Star, Hodglynn, Pool and Galton, ON
7. Cobequid Goldwyn Leno ( Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, Yvon Sicard, G. Demers and Butz Hill, QC
8. Quality Gold Danzi (Goldwyn), Quality Farms, ON
9. Phoenix Golden Ariel (Goldwyn), Hodglynn, Little Star and Schmidt, ON
10. Craigcrest Rubies Golden Rejoice (Goldwyn), Craigcrest Holsteins, ON
MS Goldwyn Alana

MS Goldwyn Alana

Five Year Old (9)

1. (BU) MS Goldwyn Alana (Goldwyn), P Boulet, Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verille, QC
2. Gerann Roy Grendel (Jordan), Quality Holsteins, ON
3. Glenwin Goldwyn Calypso (Goldwyn), Glenvue Holsteins, Mart Unholzer and Pleasant Nook, ON
4. Caberhill Peach Dolman (Dolman), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
5.  (BO) Antelimarch Lidym Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Ferme Antelimarck, QC
6. Quality Goldwyn Finsco (Goldwyn), Quality Holsteins, ON
7. Pierstein Talent Madisole ( Talent), Pierre Boulet, QC
8. Rayon D’Or Goldwyn Adonial (Goldwyn), Ferme Rayon D’Or, QC
9. Crestmore Lou Victoria (Marshall), Everett Simanton, AB
Calbrett Goldwyn Layla

Calbrett Goldwyn Layla

Mature Cow (8)

1. (BO & BU) Calbrett Goldwyn Layla (Goldwyn), Comestar, Speranza Holsteins and Ponderosa, QC
2. Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Ty-D Holsteins, Ferme Jacobs, Drolet and A & R Boulet, QC
3. Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica (Goldwyn), Ferme Blondin, QC
4. Jacobs Goldwyn Britany (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, QC
5. MS Dundee Belinda (Dundee), Jeff Butler, IL
6. Idee Goldwyn Lulu (Goldwyn), Friscosons Holsteins, ON
7. Robin-Hood Clumbo (Durham), Stanhope-Wedgewood and Morsan, AB
8. Pierstein Goldwyn Sunshine (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, QC
Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Longtime Production Class ( 7 )

1. (BU) Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy (Goldwyn), Morsan, Van  Runen Dairy, Mark Butz, Gert Andreasen, AM
2.(BO) Ms Exels Dundee Beauty (Dundee), Hank Van Exel, Larry Bennet, Triple T, Pat Conroy, Gord Sharp, ON
3. Idee Goldwyn Lunette (Goldwyn), Idee Holsteins, PE
4. Starbrite Lyster Lyndsay (Lyster), Starbrite Holsteins and Hodglynn Holsteins, ON
5. Quality Blitz Fran (Blitz), Quality Holsteins, ON
6. Tween Bays Sara Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Gen-Com Holsteins, QC
7. Kingsway Dundee Deli (Dundee), Kingsway Farms, ON
Senior Breeders Herd
1. Ferme Jacobs
2. Ferme Pierstien
3. Quality Holsteins
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor  – Ferme Jacobs

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