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The 12 Sires You Should Consider Breeding Your Show Winning Goldwyns To

Let’s face it there are two undeniable facts in the international show ring;  One, that Goldwyn has the most show winning daughters over the past ten years,  And two, that if you have been using Goldwyn you were pretty much breeding for a unique show type animal.  But the questions becomes what do you breed you current Goldwyn’s to in order to breed the next generation of show winners.  With this challenge in mind the Bullvine took a closer look.

High Type Sires – Non Goldwyn

Finding a high type sire that does not have Goldwyn in it’s pedigree is like finding a needle dropped in the straw pack.  But here are four options to consider:


Mr Donalynn Millennium-ET   TY
McCutchen x Hero x Outside

Sire: De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET TV TL TY TD
Dam: Ronelee Hero Donalynn-ET VG-86
MGS: Siemers Toys Hero 9701-ET TR TV TL TY TD
MGD: Ronelee Outside Dabble-ET TV TL EX-91 2E GMD DOM
05-03 3x 365d 44530m 3.6 1612f 2.9 1313p
MGGS: Comestar Outside-ET TV TL EX-95
MGGD: Ronelee Rudolph Dimple EX-93 2E DOM
05-08 3x 365d 45920m 3.7 1713f 2.9 1341p

Millennium works out to be an excellent cross on Goldwyn’s.  The resulting progeny should certainly have great udders and legs. I almost worry that they will be too shallow uddered as young cows.  Millennium has the heel depth, chest width and pin width that some Goldwyn’s need. And most Goldwyn’s have the pin setting and front teat placement you need to protect Millennium on.



Westcoast Leverage-Red-ET
Absolute-Red x Destry RC x Mr Burns RC

Sire: Apples Absolute-Red-ET CV TL TD
Dam: Greenlane Destry Laurel
02-00 2x 365d 28384m 3.6 1010f 3.5 998p
MGS: Scientific Destry-ET RC TV TL TY VG-88
MGD: Sunnylodge M B Leona
MGGS: Dudoc Mr Burns RC TV TL TY VG-85
MGGD: Misty Springs SS Leona

Leverage’s dam was a show winning heifer and cow for Westcoast Holsteins winning Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2012 Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo.  And his sire Absolute has been leaving some pretty impressive daughters, so this is a cross that should work from many different angles. Leverage-Red indeed offers the chest width and pin width needed by Goldwyn’s.  I typically recommend this cross on deeper bodied Goldwyn’s as Leverage-Red is not an improver for body depth. This cross also needs to be protected on the rear teat placement.


Dymentholm MR Apples Avalanche CV  RC TY
McCutchen x Regiment-RED x Durham

Sire: De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET TV TL TY TD
Dam: KHW Regment Apple C-Red-ETN CV VG-89
03-07 2x 365d 36949m 4.2 1554f 3.6 1332p
MGS: Carrousel Regiment-RED-ET TV TL
MGD: Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET RC CV TL EX-95 2E DOM
07-00 2x 365d 39690m 4.7 1849f 3.3 1310p
MGGS: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET TR CV TL EX-90
MGGD: Clover-Mist Alisha-ET RC EX-93 3E DOM
08-07 2x 365d 36920m 4.2 1553f 3.2 1188p

Avalanche is from the VG-89 max score clone to KHW Regiment Apple EX-95 3E DOM 3* the Grand Champion R&W World Dairy Expo 2011 and certainly the most impactful red cow in the world today.  Avalanche has a +22 Conformation DGV in Canada. Avelanche on Goldwyn is an extremely impressive cross and should result in outstanding mammary systems and feet and legs.  The udder texture from this cross should be among the best there is and there should be enough chest width from McCutchen to help with what some Goldwyn’s need.  Though I would protect this cross on its body depth.

200HO10363High Octane

Stantons High Octane   TY
McCutchen x Observer x Shottle

Sire: De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET TV TL TY TD
Dam: MS Chassity Obs Claire-ET VG-87
01-10 3x 365d 43546m 3.7 1625f 2.9 1263p
MGS: De-Su Observer-ET TR TV TL TY TD VG-86
MGD: Regancrest S Chassity-ET TL TY EX-92 GMD DOM
03-10 2x 365d 42280m 4.3 1798f 2.5 1070p
MGGS: Picston Shottle-ET TV TL TY EX-95
MGGD: Regancrest Cinderella EX-92 GMD DOM
05-00 2x 365d 34220m 4.1 1418f 2.9 1009p

If you are looking for high genomic type and want no Goldwyn in the pedigree, you are pretty much limited to McCutchen sons.  One that also combines some production with his high type values is High Octane.  While he does have a double shot of Planet and Shottle in his pedigree, he goes back to the impressive REGANCREST CINDERELLA EX-92-2E-USA DOM GMD 6 and then the great REGANCREST-PR BARBIE-ET EX-92-7YR-USA GOM GMD 6*.  High Octane on Goldwyn is certainly a cross that should result in amazing shallow uddered young cows.  High Octane works excellent on most Goldwyn since he has the depth of heel, chest width, and pin width needed.  While Goldwyn should have the pin setting and set of rear legs needed to protect High Octane.  The one area I would be cautionary on is the body depth.

Corrective Mating

If you are looking for what sires are the best corrective mating cross on the typical Goldwyn here are four sires that should do the trick.


Walnutlawn Sochi  TR TV TL TY TD
Elaborate x Lavanguard x FBI

Sire: Stantons Elaborate
Dam: Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue
MGS: Comestar Lavanguard TY
MGD: Misty Springs Fbi Suzanne
02-02 2x 365d 26137m 4.6 1199f 3.3 871p
MGGS: Gillette Brilea F B I TV TL EX-94
MGGD: Willsona Freelance Sizzle-ET VG-86
02-02 2x 335d 25490m 3.9 1003f 3.1 789p

When inbreeding works, it is called line breeding.  Such is the case from the two great show cows that are line bred to the legendary Adeen, BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92-USA 3yr and BVK Arianna VG-89-USA 2yr. In this case, Goldwyn would appear in the pedigree three different times (Goldwyn is the GGS of Sochi, sire of Lauthority, who is the sire of Elaborate, as well as he is the MGS of Sochi’s dam, sire of Lavanguard).  But it is a cross that just works. Sochi has the dairy strength, heal depth that most Goldwyn’s need and Goldwyn has the bone quality and set of rear legs that you need to protect Sochi on.


Rainyridge Barnie  RC TY
Sanchez x Talent RC x Outside

Sire: Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez TR TV TL TY TD
Dam: Rainyridge Talent Barbara RC EX-95
03-04 2x 365d 34465m 3.6 1257f 3.1 1068p
MGS: Ladino Park Talent-Imp-ET RC TV TL EX-90
MGD: RF Outside Breeze EX-95
08-00 3x 365d 37970m 3.9 1484f 3.2 1226p
MGGS: Comestar Outside-ET TV TL EX-95

There is no question that Rainy’s dam, Rainyridge Talent Barbara RC EX-95 may be one of the most popular non-Goldwyn show cows from North America in recent years. Much like Westcoast Leverage mentioned above Rainy-RC certainly has a lot of Storm blood in his pedigree.  Rainy-RC should add the height at the front end, chest width, body depth and pin width that most Goldwyn’s need and Goldwyn would help the bone quality and legs that Rainy-RC needs to be protected on.



21Genetics Showcase  TR TY
Let It Snow x Windbrook x Planet

Sire: Velthuis Let It Snow TV TL TY TD
Dam: Seagull-Bay Wnbrk Sunday-ET
MGS: Gillette Windbrook TV TL TY
MGD: Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 GMD DOM
02-01 3x 365d 35120m 4.1 1427f 3.1 1079p
MGGS: Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET TR TV TL TY TD EX-90
MGGD: Pine-Tree Martha Sheen-ET VG-86 DOM
01-11 3x 365d 31210m 4.2 1305f 3.1 968p

If you are looking for high, wide rear udders, a must have in the show ring today, then you best take a look at Showcase.  While his family is best known for producing commercial supers stars like Supersire, Silver and Headliner,  Showcase’s pedigree takes a little more of a show approach, being a Let It Snow from a Windbrook. Showcase will also help the chest width, body depth and pin width while Goldwyn should provide the bone quality and teat placement needed when considering Showcase.


Louiselle Equation  TR TY
Windbrook x Toystory x Allen

Sire: Gillette Windbrook TV TL TY
Dam: Louiselle Toystory Epona
MGS: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET TR TV TL TY
MGD: Louiselle Allen Eve
MGGS: Canyon-Breeze Allen-ET TV VG-85-6YR-CAN

With a sire stack that just oozes strength and power, it’s no wonder that Equation can help solve the “what to breed your Goldwyn’s to” problem.  While this cross is certainly not meant to produce production award winners, it certainly should produce show winners.  Equation is the perfect solution for the chest width and body depth issues as well as pin width, it also should result in extremely angular progeny.

Show Me Winners Not Numbers

Of course, there are those tanbark enthusiasts that prefer to see success in the ring before they use a sire.  For those breeders we offer the following sires:


Regancrest Dundee-ET   TY
Encore x Mark x Bell CV BL

Sire: Marcrest Encore TV TL EX-96
Dam: Snow-N Denises Dellia TV TL EX-95 2E GMD DOM
07-06 2x 365d 35610m 4.0 1431f 2.9 1035p
MGS: Walkway Chief Mark TL TD VG-87
MGD: Snow-N Dorys Denise EX-90 2E GMD DOM
5-09 2x 365d 33350m 3.8 1256f 3.1 1038p
MGGS: Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell CV BL TD EX-93
MGGD: Snow-N Ellas Dory GP-81
3-11 2x 305d 21230m 3.8 804f 3.2 681p

If Goldwyn from Dundee is the magic cross that produced the most winning cows at the US National Shows last year, and Atwood (a Goldwyn son on the high type MS KINGSTEAD CHIEF ADEEN VG-87-2YR-CAN EX-94-2E-USA DOM 8* family) was tied for 4th among the cow crosses, then why not go and flip the equation and use Dundee on your Goldwyns.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that this cross has worked so well over the years; Dundee brings the chest width, body depth and height at front end that is needed in the show ring, as well as outstanding rear udder height while Goldwyn provides the leg improvement, thurl placement and udder texture.


Regancrest S Braxton-ET TR TY
Shottle x Durham x Juror

Sire: Picston Shottle-ET TV TL TY EX-95
Dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET TV EX-92 GMD DOM
02-06 2x 365d 31690m 3.9 1237f 3.1 990p
MGS: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET TR CV TL EX-90
MGD: Regancrest Juror Brina-ET EX-92 GMD
04-04 2x 365d 40640m 3.6 1478f 3.0 1217p
MGGS: Ked Juror-ET TV TL TD GP-82
MGGD: Regancrest Aerostar Bert-ET EX-90 GMD DOM
05-02 2x 365d 37790m 3.6 1357f 3.2 1215p

Certainly proving that he can get the job done, eight Braxton x Goldwyn heifers were winners at that US National Shows in 2014.  Building on that is the recent Autumn Opportunity winner, Trekili W A Lola Braxton, who has developed significantly since her fifth-place finish in the milking yearling class at Expo this year.  This cross should deliver the heel depth and the chest width and body depth required for show. The challenge will be getting a high enough rear udder with enough seem.



Pine-Tree Sid-ET  TY
Mr Sam x AltaFinley x Rudolph

Sire: Regancrest-Mr Drham Sam-ET TR TV TL
Dam: Pine-Tree Finley Minnie-ET EX-90 DOM
04-09 2x 305d 26120m 3.5 911f 3.0 786p
MGS: Opsal Finley-ET TV TL TY
MGD: Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET TV EX-92 3E GMD DOM
04-11 3x 365d 40880m 4.1 1665f 3.2 1308p
MGGS: Startmore Rudolph-ET TV TL EX-CAN
MGGD: Wesswood Elton Mimi TL EX-90 GMD DOM
03-05 2x 365d 35380m 3.3 1160f 3.0 1054p

While we waited years for a Goldwyn son to take the crown from Goldwyn as Premier Sire at World Dairy Expo, in the end it was not a Goldwyn son that did it, but rather Sid.  (Read more: Why Braedale Goldwyn Wasn’t a Great Sire of Sons). While there is no question that this cross should produce outstanding udder texture, fore attachments, size and angularity, the trick to this cross is getting a decent foot angle as well as thurl placement.   With many of the best Sid x Goldwyn crosses out there, this is certainly a sire stack trend we are likely to see in the showing.


Lirr Drew Dempsey  TR TY
Goldwyn x Derry x Mtoto

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn TV TL GP-84
Dam: Kerndt Sneezy Derry Drew VG-88
03-08 2x 365d 31150m 3.8 1191f 3.1 955p
MGS: Regancrest Emory Derry-ET TV TL EX-94
MGD: Kerndt Mattie Sneezy-ET EX-90
04-04 2x 365d 29550m 3.6 1056f 2.8 841p
MGGS: Carol Prelude Mtoto-ET TV TL
MGGD: Kerndt Maxie Remark Mattie TV EX-90 DOM
04-05 2x 365d 31620m 3.8 1192f 2.7 859p

For those line breeding enthusiasts, I recommend Dempsey.  For years, breeders have speculated about using Atwood on Goldwyn. However, I say you would be better to use Dempsey.  As the great Roy Ormston has always said, line breeding works best when you know the families extremely well and use one line of the family that excels in one area on another line of the family that is weak in those areas. All the time is maintaining the strengths of the family.  For me, that would lend itself to Dempsey on Goldwyn’s ahead of Atwood.  Dempsey’s chest width, body depth and pin width are a better compliment to Goldwyn’s typical daughter than Atwood would be.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

While Goldwyn has certainly proven himself as a dominant show sire, the question now becomes, what do you breed these great Goldwyn daughters to.  These 12 sires indeed offer the greatest chance of breeding the next big time show winners.



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