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US Holstein Highlights – Sire Proof Central April 2020

While much of the countries attention is focused on battling the Corona-19 Pandemic, the dairy industry temporarily focuses on the April 2020 Holstein Genetic Evaluations. 

Topping the proven sires is Aot Silver HELIX, Silver x Supersire x Man-O-Man from the Cookiecutter Mom Halo-ET VG-88 DOM cow family, comes in at +2997 TPI on over >2500 milking daughters. Next on the proven sire list is Pine-TRee Burley at +2922 TPI and +829 NM$.  Burley is a Boastful x Altaoak x O-Style from the Jafral Prelude Prissy VG-86 GMD DOM cow family.  Rounding out the top proven sires is S-S-I Josuper Rocketfire who is a Josuper x Sterling x Robust from the Creek O Man Tabitha VG-86 GMD DOM cow family at +2893TPI and +776 NM$.  See complete list here High Ranking Sire Report

Topping the genomic sire list is DENOVO 16429 HERCULES, a Pine-TRee Heroic-ET from De-Su Frazzled 6984-ET who goes back to the Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200-ET TY EX-94 DOM cow family.  Hercules has a +3101 TPI and a +993 NM$.  2nd on the genomic sire list is WINSTAR MENDEL-P, who is a Denovo 8084 Entity-ET from Winstar Windfall 4539-ET then Seagull-Bay Roxy Pp-ET.  He has a +3086TPI and +908$.  Rounding out the top sires is DENOVO 16785 REMEDY, who is a oyal x Medley x Yoder who traces back to the recently deceased   Seagull-Bay Miss America and then   Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET EX-92 GMD DOM.  He has a +3078TPI and +939 NM$. See complete list here High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls.

On the sires over one year of age Genosource CAPTAIN came out as the #1 GTPI sire with no less than +3059 GTPI in combination with +912 NET MERIT (#3 NM$ sire). Captain is a Charl x Sabre x Ahead from the Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET cow family.  Also, over the 3000 TPI threshold is Sandy-Valley R Conway-ET at +3042 GTPI. Conway is a Renegade x Granite x Draco from the Larcrest Comet-Ets cow family, Rounding out the top sires is Bomaz Top Dog at +3030 GTPI. Top Dog is a Rome x Outsiders x Delta from the   Ri-Val-Re Super Nadine-ET VG-87 cow family.

On the type list number one PTAT sire is this run the super transmitter Dymentholm Mr Apples Avalanche *RC at +3.84 PTAT. Avalanche is sire or MGS to no less than 4 bulls in the top 10. Second in the list is the former #1 PTAT sire Lindenright MOOVIN *RC at +3.79 PTAT.

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