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The Busy Dairy Breeder’s Guide to the December 2016 US Genetic Evaluations

Let’s face it, it is a busy time of year and unless you are a genomics junky you just don’t have the time to go through all the lists of sires from all the different countries for all the different traits.  For that reason, we have created these cheat sheets of just the top list and news.

Proven Sires



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  • TPI
    • MONTROSS debuts as #1 Proven gTPI sire in the world
    • REFLECTOR debuts at #9 followed by Kingboy at #10 gTPI Proven Sires
    • 8 of the top 10 proven sires are from Select Sires
    • SOLOON drops slightly on production and goes from #1 to #3 proven gTPI sire
    • MORGAN moves up two places on the gTPI proven sires list from number #8 to #6, as a result of increases in his overall production and DPR scores
    • MUNITION goes from #5 proven gTPI sire to #24. With slight drops in his production and overall type values, the degree of his decline was a result of how close some of these top sires are.

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  • NM$
    • CABRIOLET moves into the #1 NM$ position on the strength of a one point increase in his DPR
    • 6 of the top 10 Proven NM$ Sires are at Select Sires
    • ROOKIE moves up four spots to #4 NM$ proven sire on the strength of improved milk performance.
    • RENNIE drops three spots from #3 NM$ to #6 on a slight decrease in Fat and loss of 1 point in his PL. However, he did see increases in his conception rates.
    • RAINIER jumps six spots to #8, mostly on a slight increase in his production and how tight the sires are on the list, as he has only changed 36 NM$ points (712 to 748).
    • MAYFLOWER drops five spots to #9 with a decline of 22 NM$ stemming mostly from a decline in his fat production.

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Newly Proven Sires of Note

  • Bacon-Hill MONTROSS
    Bacon-Hill Montross-ET TY
    Mogul x Bolton x AltaRolex
    While he was released last round with just his genomic evaluation for type, this round sees MONTROSS top the official list as the highest proven sire in the world for TPI.  His dam, UNIQUE-STYLE BOLTON MONEY EX-91 DOM, has certainly become a popular bull mother, with 15 sons at five different AI units. MONTROSS significantly outperforms his December 2013 Genomic evaluation by 17% for production, while holding strong on his type traits.  MONTROSS is an extreme production sire at +2964 for milk and a combined 182 lbs of fat and protein combined. MONTROSS is also +2.36 PTAT with high productive life and average somatic cell scores. Montross daughters are easy calving, very calm and they milk relatively  MONTROSS has strong functional type but should be protected for straightness of rear legs and overall frame and capacity traits. However, as we have seen from research in the past, you don’t need extreme frame traits in order to achieve extreme lifetime production. (Read more: She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!).
    Mogul x Super x Ramos
    From the same family that produced Bookem, REFLECTOR is an outcross sire that should get a lot of attention. Bred through the ART program at Select Sires that was designed to produce outcross sires, REFLECTOR is a great example of this.   At +6.1 for PL and over two points on type (+2.14 PTAT) and at +3.5 DPR and +2.77 SCS, REFLECTOR daughters are going to last. While show ring enthusiasts may not be quick to use REFLECTOR (height at front end, 0 for body depth), he will sire strong mammary systems and significant feet and leg improvement. Although his fat numbers are slightly lower than his initial genomic proof, he did significantly outperform his genomic indexes for DPR, HCR and CCR. Reflector first hit our radar over 14 months ago, when we featured him in our 12 Outcross Sires to Help Control Inbreeding.
  • Morningview Mcc KINGBOY
    Mccutchen x Super x Shottle
    This Mccutchen son is a very popular high-type sire out of a Superstition daughter of Morningview Shottle Madilyn, from the Morningview branch of the Lead Mae family. In June of 2016, he dethroned Mogul as the top sire of registered daughters for the month. (Read more: Kingboy dethrones Mogul).  KINGBOY will sire strong production though you may want to protect him on fat percentage, with strong type, mammary systems and dairy strength especially, you will want to protect him on rump angle (high pins).  He has solid health numbers though you may want to watch his livability. 
  • Tranquillity Ac PRIDE
    Robust x Boliver x Outside
    Pride is from the Ronelee Outside Dabble cow family that has produced such sires as Daddy, Distinctive and Detour.  While PRIDE did come in lower for production and type than his initial genomic proof would have indicated, he far outperformed expectations for his DPR and conception rates.  Look for PRIDE to sires strong component improvement (+.23 %F and +.04 %P).  Typical PRIDE daughters are fast milkers, easy calving and good temperament. He will need to be protected on his rumps especially loin strength and high pins.

Genomic Sires

For our analysis of genomic sires, instead of looking at all the sires on the list, we narrowed our list down to those sires that are over a year of age an, therefore, should have semen available to most breeders.


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Genomic Sires of Note:

  • Progenesis FORTUNE
    Octoberfest x Tango x Epic
    From the Cookiecutter Mom Hue VG-88 cow family that has produced such sires as Hunter, Hefty, and Hampton, FORTUNE is an early Octoberfest son that greatly exceeds his parent averages for conformation and health traits. While I would not expect him to sire extreme production, I do think his daughters will test extremely well and be long lived cows.  They will typically be extremely well uddered cows with high rear udders and well attached fore udders.  They should possess solid feet and legs that are straight. They should be tall and wide chested but should be protected on body depth. FORTUNE should also be protected on milking speed. His daughters should be extremely efficient milk producers.
  • Butz-Hill DELTA-WORTH
    Delta x Supersire x Shamrock
    Another high genomic sire that will catch a lot of attention is DELTA-WORTH. This sire has a very potent sire stack and should be on the list of next generation impact sires on. His extreme NM$ will make him a popular sire of sons, as he gets a significant DNA contribution from his paternal line. This is something that, in our analysis, has proven to be a strong predictor of future ability.  (Read more: Why Braedale Goldwyn Wasn’t a Great Sire of Sons).  Expect the typical DELTA-WORTH daughter to be a great producer with strong components. This should make him popular with those producers selling for cheese markets.  His daughters should last a long time in the herd, given his high PL, low SCS and high Cow Livability figures.  While, overall, they will score well for conformation, with the strong udder traits, he may not be the ideal robot sire as they are projected to have short, close rear teats that may make it harder for some robots.  Delta-Worth will need to be protected on his foot angle but should have good bone quality.  Daughters will not be tall deep bodied cows but should be extremely efficient milk producers.
  • Silverridge V IMAX
    Altaspring x Mogul x Snowman
    IMAX is from the Crockett-Acres Elita GMD DOM cow family that has produced such sires as Elite, Escalade, and Epic. IMAX is certainly a sire that should continue the family tradition of excellence.   He is over +2000 of milk and a combined +154 for fat and protein.  He ranks high for PL at +6.8 though is he is lower for Cow Livability at +0.9.  His daughters should have great udders, though they may not be ideal for robots with their short close rear teats. They should be average in size and fairly angular, with really good feet and legs.  IMAX should be a strong conception sire and be categorized as easy calving.
  • Vieuxsaule WILSON
    Doorman x Atwood x Seaver
    It’s no wonder WILSON excels in conformation, as he has Goldwyn on both his sire and dam sides of his pedigree. Add to that Bookem, Shottle, Allen and Atwood and you have one potent package. From the Vieuxsaule Allen Dragonfly cow family (Read more: VIEUX SAULE ALLEN DRAGONFLY: 2013 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee) WILSON offers positive component improvement with productive life and low somatic cell scores. You will want to watch him on his DPR and milking speed.  A typical WILSON daughter should have extremely good mammary systems with loads of dairy strength, which is a staple of the Dragonfly family.  Expect him to sire extreme height with tall upstanding daughters that should be real eye catchers.  As with other family members, you will want to protect him on the slight straightness of his legs and overall rump angle (high pins).
  • Woodcrest King DOC
    Kingboy x Mack x Snowman
    Coming from the Scientific Debutante Rae-ET RC CV EX-92 GMD DOM cow family, DOC’s sire stack may not posses many “show sires”, however it does offer a nice balance of high type and strong production with solid health traits. A typical DOC daughter will be strong with a great udder and wide rump.  They will be extremely dairy with great angularity and amazing udder texture.  He will need to be protected on his high rump angle.
  • Maverick CRUSH
    Doorman x Numero Uno x Atwood
    If you are looking for high type and show winnings, then CRUSH should knock it out of the park. His 4th dam is none other than the 2003 Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo, Pine-Shelter Cheyenne EX-95 DOM.  While, at the time she won Grand, her pedigree was seen as a weakness becaise her Emory dam was never classified and most thought she would never breed on. That situation has not proven to be the case at all.  In fact, she has bred extreme type for generations and now has many decendants topping the lists around the world, including the #2 available Conformation sire in Canada, Blondin Zimmer CAPTURE who is a Solomon brother to CRUSH. Expect the typical CRUSH daughter to be the complete conformation package.  They should have extremely well attached udders with good width and strong seams.  His legs should have decent quality with great heel depth and they should be tall upstanding heifers with lots of chest width and adequate depth.  While he is strong for most health traits, you will want to watch his milking speed as well as overall production.

Polled Sires


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Polled Sires to Watch For

  • Endco The ANSWER-PO PC
    Montross x Earnhardt P x Robust
    Answer-PO is the #1 NM$ polled sire currently over a year of age. With his sire, Montross, coming out with a strong official proof, Answer-PO takes a significant jump to the top of the list. He comes from the Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83 DOM family.  His grand dam Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83 DOM is a sister to Meridian and the dam of AltaMerci.  Look for Answer-PO to sire significant production improvement with strong components especially fat improvement. His daughters should be easy calving with solid temperament and long lasting.  He is a solid type sire but will need to be protected on his teat length and body depth.
  • OCD Eraser ZIPIT-P-ET PC
    Eraser P x Mogul x Super
    From the Windsor-Manor Rud Zip family, ZIPIT-P’s dam, Landis-Mrk Mogul Zaneta-ET VG-86 DOM, is proving herself as a genomic dam, as she has already produced many high indexing progeny. Her great grand dam, Lynncrest Goldwyn Zenita-ET EX-91, has produced three EX daughters and 2 VG. Look for ZIPIT-P to sire strong production with positive components.  He offers significant improvement in the health and management areas, especially in productive life, daughter fertility and calving ease.  As an all-around strong performer, ZIPIT-P has good all-around conformation numbers, though he should be protected on his body depth.
  • Dudoc STETSON-P
    Superman x Mccutchen x Magna-P*RC BY
    STETSON-P’s pedigree reads like a who’s who of the sire world. Sires like Supersire, Robust, Oman, Baxter, Mccutchen, Bookem, Shottle and Bolton all appear on the maternal and paternal sides of his pedigree.   His sire, Superman, may not be well known to North American breeders, but he is a Supersire son from the WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PROMIS EX-95-2E-USA GMD DOM 4* cow family. Superman excels in production, with strong health traits and okay conformation. Like his sire, you can expect significant production improvement as well as great health traits from Stetson-P.  A typical STETSON-P daughter should be a high tester, be easy calver and be disease resistant, all of which contributes to them being long lasting herd members.  He should also offer greater type improvement than his sire, with his daughters possessing good udders and strong feet and legs. You will want to protect him on his thurl placement.

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