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Canadian Holstein Highlights – Sire Proof Central December 2022

The most recent indicators hailing from Canada have just arrived and Sandy-Valley C Lonestar, with a score of +2934 PLI, has once again been ranked as the top LPI Genomic sire for the December ’22 index run. Then we get to the second position, which is held by Peak Powerstar with +3872 PLI and 62 fewer points than the winner. Peak Jarvis may be found not far behind him in third place, with a coordinate of +3871 PLI. There are three bulls with a conformation score of +17 that are currently at the top of the Top Conformation genomic index. These bulls are 84288, Lindenright 84362, and HAH Noel Predator. At the +16 Conformation level, the following bulls are Tappenvale Sniper, Mb-Luckylady Bullseye, Mb-Luckylady Eye Candy, Valiant Spero Legit, Blondin Driven, and Mattenhof Harris. In addition, there are eleven more bulls. This run again Walnutlawn Sidekick has achieved a conformation score of +16, making him the #1 Conformation Daughter Proven sire. In the second place, we have Duckett Crush Tatoo, Golden-Oaks Master, OH-River-Syc Crushabull, and Farnear Delta-Lambda, all of which have a conformation score of +14.


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