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Helping Heroes – Fundraiser to Support the Stiles & Burdette Families

I cannot think of a better way to kick off National Dairy Month, than doing what the dairy industry does best….supporting our community.  A week ago tragedy struck the Stiles and Burdette Families when Patricia Stiles and her husband Mike, awake to smoke, only to discover their house was on fire, and they need to get their two grandchildren out.  While Mike and the youngest grandchild Brinkley Burdette made it out relatively safe, Patricia and seven-year-old Reese Burdette, where not as fortunate and now find themselves with severe burns to their body and a long road ahead.  (Read more: Patricia Stiles –Dairy Farmer, Grandmother, Hero, Fighting for Her Life!)  Over the past week, there has been an amazing showing of support for these to great families, and since our article Why the Dairy Community is the Greatest in the World we have had many breeders offering their support and willing to make donations to help support these families at this time of need.

Over the next few days, we will be releasing three donated lots per day to help raise funds to cover the hospital expenses these families now face.  The auction will end on Friday June 13th at midnight.  100% of the proceeds will go to the bank account that has been set up for the families.

Lot A – 4 #1 Reginald embryos from JACOBS SID MIKA VG-87-2YR

Current Bid: $900/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

JACOBS SID MIKA - Flyer pink

Everyone remembers when Justin Burdette awarded BONACCUEIL MAYA GOLDWYN EX-95-2E-CAN the 2013 World Dairy Expo Holstein Grand Champion. (Read more:  World Dairy Expo 2013 Holstein Show Results and  World Dairy Expo 2013 – Memories to last a Lifetime) Well, here is a chance to buy into this great cow family and support the Burdette family in this time of need.  JACOBS SID MIKA is the very promising VG-87-2YR that was 3rd at the Quebec International Show last year and has all the makings of her legendary mother Maya.  With Reginald showing he can sire great ones as well, you know these embryos have the potential to be very special. (Read more: FERME JACOBS: SUCCESS IS ALL IN THE FAMILY! and Ferme Jacobs 2013: A Journey of Magic, Maya and Mastery!)

Lot B – 5 #1 Kingboy embryos from Ri-Val-Re Obsrver Salsa VG-86-2YR

Current Bid: $400/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

Ri-Val-Re Obsrvr Salsa - Flyer pink

From the heart of Ri-Val-Re comes these great embryos that will have a brother sampled through Select Sires by Relif P as well as sisters that are 2400 gTPI. These embryos will have a parent average TPI of over 2300 with the potential for a 2400+ gTPI calf. This is a great opportunity from an emerging cow family and support a great cause. (Read more: BREEDING RI-VAL-RE: Where Looking Good in the Stall Is Just As Important As Looking Good On Paper)

Lot C – 11 x 16 framed print of DALEMCEE-J COUNCILLER TAUNTRA

Current Bid: $640 (Bids in $20 increments)


The very talented artist Gary Sauder has donated an 11×16 (actual size of the picture) framed print of DALEMCEE-J COUNCILLER TAUNTRA EX-95.  Tauntra is the showing winning cow exhibited by Patricia and the Stiles family.  This painting was originally commissioned by Patricia and Mike.  Gary has the unique ability to truly capture these great cows in their truest form.  (Read more: GARY SAUDER: The Muse in His Studio) Don’t miss you chance to get this amazing painting and support Patricia at this time.

Lot D – 12 x 12 canvas print of ANNA ( Steel cow )

Current Bid: $500 (Bids in $20 increments)

Steel Cow - Anna

Original Paintings by artist Valerie Miller can be found in art collections worldwide and are available exclusively through ( STEEL COW ). Valerie captures the personality of each of “the girls” in original acrylic paintings after going out into the field and studying and sketching them. “The girls” are all named after friends or family. This is your opportunity to take home Anna. Anna love’s country boys and pickup trucks, but she really is just a farm girl at heart. Here is your chance to support to great farm girls and take home an amazing canvas print by the very talented Valerie Miller. (Read more: Steel Cow’s Valerie Miller: Larger than Life with Her Cow Girls)

Lot E –  4 #1 Atlanta-P  embryos from Luck-E Talent Kiki *RC EX-93

Current Bid: $800/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

Luck-E Talent Kiki - Flyer pink

From 8 generations fo VG or EX these Atlanta-P embryos are very special. Atlanta-P is +3.50Type +689M & +2048M. Altanta-P’s dam is Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94 96MS 5yr. When your this good it’s not luck it’s Luck-E.  (Read more: Luck-E Holsteins: The Harder they work, the Luck-E-r they get!)

Lot F – 16 x 24 vivid metal print by Farmgirl Photography

Current Bid: $500 (Bids in $20 increments)

Farm girl photography

Danae Bauer has a real talent for capturing those special moments. She combines that ability with her passion for dairy cattle and she has taken some amazing photographs. Danae is offer a 16 x 24 vivid metal print from any of her Farmgirl photographs. Vivid metal prints are show-stopping conversation pieces and add an artistic edge and contemporary elegance to the photographs This makes a very special gift for those dairy farmers that you know that spend just as much time talking to cows as much as they do people. (Read more: DANAE BAUER: Capturing the Passion)

Lot G – 17.5 x 14 Signed and Numbered Lithograph by Bonnie Mohr – Sweet Summer

Current Bid: $600 (Bids in $20 increments)

Bonnie Mohr - lot g

The art of Bonnie Mohr stimulates, engages, and inspires both the heart and the mind, from her rural, American pieces of country life to her poetic, peaceful images of inspiration. The essence of Bonnie’s art is that it reflects who she is, 100 percent. Every facet of her life is threaded into the canvas of her work, and after growing up and living on a dairy farm, she began painting her passion — cows. (Read more:  Bonnie Mohr – Science and Art Together Creates a Holstein Love Story) In her work Sweet Summer a perfect summer day at the farm unfolds with rolling hills in the background, the white barn, farm buildings, and silo; green trees border the beautiful pasture where a herd of Holstein cows graze and wander peacefully amidst the purple clover in the fields. A note from Bonnie: The rosy colors and sweet smell of clover dwell abundantly in most pastures across the upper Midwest, every summer. If you have ever approached a herd of cows out in the pasture – they will inch towards you out of complete curiosity. This painting is one of pure enjoyment and love for dairy cows and enchanting summers of rural America!  Don’t miss you chance to get this amazing painting and support Patricia at this time.

Lot H – 5 #1 Alexander embryos from Arethusa Shottle Domino EX-93

Current Bid: $400/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

Arethusa Shottle Domino - Flyer pink

Not only does Domino come from a show winning pedigree with her dam Cherown SY Delilah EX-96 4E USA being named honorable mention grand champion at the 2001 Royal Winter Fair, but also her daughter, Arethusa Sanchez Dice EX-92(Pictured Above) was recently named Intermediate Champion at the New York International Spring Show demonstrating these she can also breed great ones.  Here is your chance to get in on one of the great show cow families in the breed today. (Read more:  Arethusa: A Winning Focus)

Lot I – 17.79” x 21.35” framed poster of Decrausaz Iron O’Kalibra

Current Bid: $370 (Bids in $20 increments)

lot i lr

Laurens Rutten is probably one of the most talented show ring livestock photographers in the world. He has taken some of the greatest show ring photographs in both Europe and North America. No photograph has been seen by a larger audience than Decrausaz Iron O’ Kalibra *RC EX-96-CH. O’Kalibra was voted the 2013 Most Influential Cow In Switzerland and The European Champion of 2013. She was Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2013 & 2012. O’Kalibra is simply one of the greatest show cows in the world today. (Read more: DECRAUSAZ IRON O’KALIBRA: Simply the Best) Here is your chance to get a framed print of this amazing cow and support a great cause.

Lot J –  3 #2 Declan IVF female embryos from Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92

Current Bid: $600/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah  - Flyer pink

Talk about a pedigree that has it all. If you are looking to invest in superior bloodlines this package has it. In HEZBOLLAH you have the great SNOW-N DENISES DELLIA EX-95-2E-USA GMD DOM 5* and COMESTAR LAURA BLACK VG-87-3YR-CAN 24* and in Declan you add MD-DELIGHT DURHAM ATLEE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD 6*, BRAEDALE BALER TWINE VG-86-2YR-CAN 33* and SCIENTIFIC DEBUTANTE RAE EX-92-4YR-USA DOM GMD 3*. Declan’s EBV for type are outstanding at +3.59 PTAT, +3.08 UDC and +2.30 FLC, in Canada his just as impressive at +16 Conformation, +14 Mammary Systems, +12 Dairy Strength, and +12 Feet and Legs. Hezbollah is becoming a great brood cow. Of her first 8 classified daughters, 6 are VG including 2 at VG-87! We know of 3 more fresh that should be VG as well.  (Read more: The Judge’s Choice – Investment advice from Tim Abbott) What more could you ask for?

Lot K –  16 x 20 signed and ready to hang canvas print EMMA CALDWELL – “Holstein”

Current Bid: $300 (Bids in $20 increments)

Emma Caldwell - lot k

Emma Caldwell’s paintings are depict dairy cattle, and they are a celebration of the dairy community. In her art she strives to capture the calm air and that tremendous physical strength that is absolutely necessary in an enduring cow, but also present her as feminine, dairy and stylish. Together generations of the dairy community have worked together to develop this hard working, strong healthy animals that we milk today. The dairy industry is working to help support our own once again. (Read more: Emma Caldwell’s Art Stirs Mind and Heart!) Emma is proud to be able to contribute to this great cause and be a part of this incredible community.   Don’t miss your opportunity to help celebrate the Holstein Cow and support Patricia and Reese.

Lot L –   21.35” x 17.79” framed poster of KHW Regiment Apple-Red

Current Bid: $225(Bids in $20 increments)

lot l apple

KHW Regiment Apple-Red has done it all.  She wins shows, she classifies high and produces loads of milk.  Her daughter can be seen at the top of the biggest red and white shows in the world, and her decedents dominate the Red & White Index lists.  At this past years World Dairy Expo, she showed off her trademark depth, angularity and balance but that was not enough for the living legend. Apple-Red was able to take things to a level that might never be able to be repeated ever again. Her clone, KHW Regiment Apple 3-Red-ETN who is the spitting image of a younger Apple-Red was the only cow that was able to beat her on this day. Yes you could say she was beaten by herself. And to add to the growing legend, her daughter MS Candy Apple-Red-ET was named Honorable Mention Grand Champion.  (Read more: KHW Regiment Apple-Red – Beauty, performance, and even more record accomplishments ) Here is your chance to remember this amazing accomplishment with this limited edition framed print.

Lot M –  Choice of Aftershock embryos from Quality Holsteins

Current Bid: $800/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

lot M quality

Quality Holsteins has generously donated your choice of 4 Aftershock embryos from two amazing cows.  (Read more: Quality Holsteins – Well-Deserved Congratulations and Quality Cattle Look Good Every Day) First up are 2 After Shock embryos from the legendary QUALITY CARLTON PAM EX-97-6E 4*.  Pam was the first EX-97 bred and owned cow in Canada.  She was nominated All-Canadian in 2003 and has already produced 5 EX daughters and 9 VG and made over 230,000 lbs of lifetime production.  She really has done it all.  Also available are 4 Aftershock embryos from QUALITY GOLDFINZ EX-92-2E.  The fancy Goldwyn daughter from QUALITY B C FRANTISCO EX-96-3E 21*.   Goldfinz first two daughters have both scored VG in their first lactation.  Winning bidder can choose any 4 of these 6 embryos. This a great opportunity to purchase some of the highest quality embryos available in the world and support a great cause.

Lot N – 5 doses of Deer Hill Francis EX-91

Current Bid: $100/dose (Bids in $20 increments)

lot n Sweet-Pepper Black Francesca

Talk about an extremely rare opportunity. Deer Hill Francis EX-91 semen is extremely limited supply and has never before and will never again be publicly available. Of course Francis is the Sweet Pepper Willy Sam (Desblay Rebel Willy x Sweet Pepper Jaye Sherry EX94 Max Score) from the legendary Sweet-Pepper Black Francesca 3E-94. Francesca’s has been the Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2012, 2010 Grand Champion Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2012 All-World 6 & 7 Year-Old Ayrshire 2012 Total Performance Winner World Dairy Expo 2012, 2011 Nasco and International & Type Production Award World Dairy Expo 2012, 2011. Francesca, wasn’t just a cow who had great show ring accomplishments, she was a cow who won the hearts and minds of breeders the world over. She was one of those rare cows that transcended her breed to be loved by all. (Read more: The Magic of Francesca)Here is your chance to bring the greatness of Francesca into your herd and support a great cause.

Lot O – 4 #1 Doorman embryos from VIEUXSAULE SEAVER ELSI VG-86-2YR

Current Bid: $700/embryo (Bids in $50 increments)

lot o vs

From the same family as the extremely popular Immunity+, HealthSmart, Genomax and Robot Ready, VIEUXSAULE FLAME.  VIEUXSAULE SEAVER ELSI VG-86-2YR is continuing the legacy of her dam VIEUXSAULE ALLEN DRAGONFLY EX-94-2E-CAN 16* (Read more: VIEUX SAULE ALLEN DRAGONFLY: 2013 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee) and grand dam VIEUXSAULE OUTSIDE MARY SOLEX-95-3E-CAN 4*.  Elsi’s pedigree brings persistence and performance together. It is repeated on the sire stack side as well where Dragonfly’s sire stack is loaded with bulls that Canadian breeders hold in high regard. Here is your chance to get in on an emerging cow family and support a great cause.

Lot 0 –  One of a kind CUSTOM PAINTED MILK CANS from Debbie Cornman Studio

Current Bid: $720 (Bids in $20 increments)

lot p

Debbie Corman offers her unique artistry to one of a kind milk cans that are cherished by all. Deb is a self-taught Calligrapher and Artist and combines these two great talents to create unique items that are treasured by all. She has spent over 30 years developing her skills as an accomplished painter doing animal portraits, decorative painting, pen and ink, and watercolor and combines those talents to create amazing pieces of art from milk cans. Here is your opportunity to get custom painted milk can with your favorite cow; barn or whatever you want painted on it by Deb. Don’t miss this chance to get an amazing piece of memorabilia for your dairy operation.

Bidding ends at midnight on June 13th.

How to Bid

There are three simple ways to bid; you can enter your bid in the comments below, place your bid on the Facebook, or email, and we will keep all locations up to date with the latest bids.


The Bullvine will act as a dairy breeder’s version of eBay.  That means that once the sale is complete we will collect the funds from the successful bidder, notify the breeder who donated the lot of who and where to send the lot to.  Once the winning bidder has successfully received the items, we will release the funds.
The buyer will be responsible for all shipping expenses.

Please share this article to help raise awareness of this great opportunity to support the Stiles and Burdette families at this time.

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