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Top 10 Sire Lists for LPI and Pro$ Welcome Four Interesting Newcomers – Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2020

This round sees four newly proven sires penetrate the elite Top 10 list with three newcomers managing to enter. Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. The most outstanding achievement this round goes to S‐S‐I Millington Totem‐ET(Millington x Jacey), who grabs #3 LPI and #4 Pro$. The highest newly proven sire for Pro$, in #3 position, is PeakHotline‐ET, who is the highest of the first two proven sons of AltaHotrod in Canada taking #9 for LPI (tied #8 Fat). S‐S‐I Penley All Star‐ET (Penley x Lucid) also achieves Top 10 status for both indexes with a debut at #6 Pro$ and#8 LPI. The fourth newcomer this round that enters Top 10 for Pro$ is Dudoc Stetson P*POC (Superman son out of Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC), who grabs #9 Pro$ and #38 LPI, making him the highest polled sire for Pro$ proven in Canada. Similarly, the fourth newly proven sire this round that enters the Top 10 LPI list is Stantons Actually (Silver son out of Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree) in #6 spot (#23 Pro$), landing just ahead of his maternal brother, Stantons Alligator‐ET (by Kingboy) who now occupies #7 LPI (#94 Pro$, #2 Conformation).

For the other bulls that rank among the Top 10 LPI this round, they all maintain that status from last December. In fact, Peak AltaMarlon (AltaSpring x O‐Style) stays firm in #1 LPI position (#5 Pro$) and is still closely followed by EDG Rubicon‐ET (Mogul x Robust), who moves up the LPI ranks to grab #2 position but stays solid as the breed leader for Pro$ (tied #1 Fat). Westcoast Randall (Loptimum x Numero Uno) doesn’t budge from his #4 LPI and #8 Pro$ rankings. Climbing slightly to #5 LPI is S‐S‐I Kingpin Phantom‐ET (Kingpin x Supersire), who excels for Pro$ by maintaining his #2 position (#6 Fat, tied #4 Protein). To complete the Top 10 LPI list this round is Holyland Elite Exactly‐ET (Halogen x Mixer) who is forced down the list by the arrival of outstanding newcomers and grabs #10 LPI (#37 Pro$).

On the Pro$ side, this April 2020 release includes the annual update to the Pro$ formula for each breed. With the significant changes in milk pricing in Canada as well as costs of production, the scale of the resulting Pro$ values has widened significantly. This means that the highest animals in each breed experience increases whereas the lowest animals drop even further below the breed average. For the Holstein breed, the average change for the Top 100 Pro$ sires in December is an increase of $371 this round, with the highest increase being $670. The two remaining sires that achieve Top 10 Pro$ status this round and have not already been mentioned are Ronelee Midnight Detour‐ET (Midnight x Mogul) at #7 Pro$ (#13 LPI) and EDG AltaYura‐ET (Cashcoin x Robust) taking#10 Pro$ spot (#122 LPI).

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned that achieve Top 10 status this round, there are another dozen of the 90 newcomers that land in the top 35 positions for at least one of the national indexes. Just missing the Top 10 ranking, Boldi V Gymnast makes his debut at #11 LPI (tied #18 Pro$) and is the highest of the first two proven sons of Doorsopen in Canada. Progenesis Seducer (Supershot x Defender) also performs well for both indexes taking #17 Pro$ and #19 LPI positions. Stantons Display‐ET (Silver x Day) hits the scene at #16LPI and tied in #29 Pro$ spot. Another Silver son, OCD Silver Lightwave‐ET, arrives at #23 LPI (#36 Pro$) and Mr SuperContender‐ET (Supershot x Numero Uno) is not far behind tied in #28 LPI position (#48 Pro$). The second newly proven son of Doorsopen in Canada, namely Progenesis Outlast (dam is by AltaOak), makes his debut at #26 Pro$(tied #86 LPI) and he is immediately followed by Westcoast Windmill (Supershot x Doorman) at #27 Pro$ (#59LPI). Two newcomers that do particularly well for fat are Murrayholm Glenhaven Cop‐ET (Emerald x Supersire,#3 Fat, tied at #30 LPI, #78 Pro$) and Siemers Bloomfield‐ET (tied #8 Fat, #33 LPI, #63 Pro$), who becomes the highest of the first two proven sons of Delta in Canada. Grabbing #32 LPI and #51 Pro$ this round is StantonsArchimedes, who becomes one of six proven sons of Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree among the Top 100 LPI, which also include his full brother, Actually (#6 LPI, #23 Pro$), as well as Alligator (#7 LPI, #94 Pro$) and StantonsAdagio‐P‐ET*POC (highest proven polled sire tied at #26 LPI, #120 Pro$). Dubosquet Emir (Wickham x Man‐O‐Man) also achieves Top 35 status with his first official proof at #34 Pro$ (#65 LPI), which is also the case for Stantons Chief‐ET (High Octane son out of Rockymountain Uno Cheyanne), who arrives taking #35 LPI (#167Pro$).

Newly Indexed Cow is Crowned Queen of the Breed for Both GLPI and Pro$

After Stantons Hot Dollars‐ET (Helix daughter out of Stantons Real Dollars‐ET) took top honours for both GLPIand Pro$ with her first official index last December, she is now forced into the #2 position for both national indexes(tied #6 Fat). Another outstanding cow who is newly indexed this round, namely Midas‐Touch Hot Holy‐ET(Hotline daughter out of AOT Rubicon Happening‐ ET), becomes the new breed queen for both GLPI and Pro$(#5 Fat, #8 Protein). Two other cows achieve Top 10 status for both indexes, namely Benner Octoberfest Jingko(#3 GLPI, #9 Pro$) and Stantons Dollar Helix‐ET (#5 Pro$, #8 GLPI, full sister to Hot Dollars). Each list of Top 10for GLPI and Pro$ also welcomes two newly indexed cows this round. For GLPI, this includes Lindenright Lambda Mocha (dam is Lindenright Rubicon Moofia) at #4 GLPI (#27 Pro$) and Stantons Display Win at #6 GLPI(#47 Pro$, dam is Stantons Last Second Win‐ET). On the Pro$ side, the two cows are Main‐Drag Helix Emmit‐ET (dam is Main‐Drag Rubicon Email) at #4 Pro$ (#17 GLPI, #10 Fat) and Stantons Guarantee Go For Gold (dam is Stantons Bee Desired‐ET) at #8 Pro$ (#126 GLPI).

The Top 10 GLPI list of cows is completed by Claynook May Randall (#5 GLPI, #54 Pro$, dam is ClaynookMoxy Silver), Benner Chief Beejay (#7 GLPI, #146 Pro$, dam is Benner Bookel Burlap), Glenhaven E Gizi (#9GLPI, #34 Pro$, Exactly x Mogul) and Bauvreuil Superhero Kiry (#10 GLPI, #53 Pro$, dam is Bauvreuil RubiconKimi). Similarly, the four cows that complete the Top 10 Pro$ list include Stantons Some Helix‐ET (#3 Pro$, #16GLPI, #3 Fat, dam is Stantons Bee Something‐ET), Stantons Helix Roll‐ET (#6 Pro$, #13 GLPI, #1 Fat, dam is Stantons Just Rolling‐ET), Progenesis Detour Kansas (#7 Pro$, #27 GLPI, dam is Progenesis SupershotKassidy) and Stantons Outlast Oral (#10 Pro$, #48 GLPI, maternal sister to Stantons Guarantee Go For Gold).

Two other newly indexed cows make news this round by joining a group of nine cows that are now tied for #1Conformation at +16, namely Blondin Avalanche Dana (dam is Hahncrest ATW Danica‐ET) and Furnace‐HillCandy Crush‐ET (dam is Butlerview ATW Cheyenne‐ET).

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