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Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2016

The December 2016 release includes the introduction of Metabolic Disease Resistance (MDR) evaluations for the Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey breeds. In addition, new genetic parameters have been introduced for the fertility and calving traits and the formula for the Daughter Fertility index has been modified. These enhancements will result in somewhat more changes this round for the Daughter Fertility (DF), Calving Ability (CA) and Daughter Calving Ability (DCA) indexes.

First Proven “Epic” Sons Join Top Ranks for LPI and Pro$

Mapel Wood Brewmaster excels for many things, perhaps most of all for consistency as a #1 bull. This December, Brewmaster once again tops both the LPI and Pro$ lists while remaining breed leader at #1 Fat by a considerable margin. Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET also remains very strong for both indexes at #2 Pro$ and #3 LPI (#7 Fat) and Roylane Boxer Punch 4311-ET climbs the ranks from last round to now be tied at #8 Pro$ and reach #10 LPI. The big news this round, however, is the outstanding success of the first sons of Genervations Epic proven in Canada. In particular, Genervations Big Kahuna (out of Wiamy Kyana Bolton) hits the proven scene at #3 Pro$ and #5 LPI while Boldi VSG AirIntake (out of Velthuis SG MOM Alesia) debuts at #7 LPI and #20 Pro$ and Silverridge Album (out of Velthuis SG MOM Alicia, full sister to Alesia) arrives at #13 Pro$ and #20 LPI. Another impressive newly proven sire this round is Vieuxsaule Flame-ET (Numero Uno son out of Vieuxsaule Freddie Felicia), who lands at #8 LPI and #56 Pro$.

After adding over 700 daughters to his production proof, Val-Bisson Doorman gains over 140 LPI points, which bumps him from #9 to take the #2 LPI position (#79 Pro$) and he also maintains his status as the breed leader at #1 Conformation with +18. Another bull with a similar increase in LPI points, partially due to gains for all major type traits, is Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC, therefore jumping from #16 to #4 LPI (#25 Pro$, tied #9 Fat). Rounding out the Top 10 LPI list are Amighetti Numero Uno ET, up from #13 to #6 LPI (#46 Pro$) and AJDH AltaAgency at #9 LPI (#22 Pro$).

Many names familiar to the Top 10 Pro$ appear among this elite group again this December. De-Su AltaGilcrest moves up in rank securing the #4 Pro$ position (#34 LPI, tied #5 Protein), now ahead of Apina AltaEmbassy at #5 Pro$ (#57 LPI). Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET remains stable and takes #6 Pro$ (#39 LPI, #3 Milk) and is still followed by Minnigan-Hills Day-ET, now at #7 Pro$ (#17 LPI). The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by De-Su AltaMelhor-ET, who shares #8 position (#19 LPI) and De-Su Gillespy-ET at #10 Pro$ (#21 LPI, #7 Milk).

Variety of Sires of Sons Represented Among Newly Proven Sires

With more than 100 genomic young bulls receiving their first official proof, that are sons from over 25 different sires, this release reflects wide pedigree diversity. Outside of those previously mentioned, which include the three highest newly proven sires for either LPI or Pro$, there are six others of mention for ranking within the Top 40 for either LPI or Pro$. The highest of this group is De-Su 11236 Balisto-ET (Bookem x Watson) at #18 LPI and #24 Pro$ while becoming the new #1 for Protein. Another bull balanced for both indexes is S-S-I Mogul Medway-ET (Mogul x G W Atwood) at #34 Pro$ and #35 LPI, who also takes #2 for Fat. Two newcomers
ranking higher for LPI compared to Pro$ include Champion AltaBookel (Bookem x Man-O-Man) at #30 LPI (#61 Pro$) and Boldi V S G Anton at #36 LPI (tied #94 Pro$, full brother to AirIntake). On the flip side, two new arrivals of interest to Pro$ enthusiasts include another Epic son, Genervations Merger (out of Genervations MOM Lola), at #29 Pro$ (#75 LPI) and Ste Odile Silex (one of the first proven sons of Sudan, dam is Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir) at #37 Pro$ (#62 LPI).

Four Newly Indexed Cows Penetrate the Top 10 Lists for GLPI and Pro$

Gillette Mogul Carrel manages to fend off the strong competition of an elite group of newly indexed cows this round and achieves the incredible by taking over #1 for both GLPI and Pro$ (tied #9 Fat). Two of these newly indexed cows make an impressive debut as Stantons Camaro Contact-ET takes #2 GLPI and #3 Pro$ while Stantons Camaro Abelynne takes #4 GLPI and shares #7 Pro$. The two other new cows that enter the Top 10 GLPI are Gillette Flame Melimelo (dam is Gillette SCO Mogul Mellow) at #3 GLPI (#41 Pro$) and Croteau Balisto Dazzle (dam is Lesperron Uno Dazz), who is tied at #6 GLPI (#82 Pro$). New Top 10 arrivals ranking high for Pro$ include Stantons Camaro Asyndria at #5 Pro$ (#91 GLPI), who is a full sister to Abelynne (dam is Jolicap Esmeralda Shamrock), and Boldi V Davinci Arianne at #10 Pro$ and #16 GLPI (dam is maternal sister to AirIntake and Anton).

Five other cows complete the Top 10 GLPI list including Stantons Camaro Crystal-ET (full sister to Contact) at #5 GLPI and #15 Pro$, Silverridge V Doorman Ensure (tied #6 GLPI, #85 Pro$), Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC (#8 GLPI, #17 Pro$), Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (#9 GLPI, #54 Pro$) and Silverridge V Doorman Erupt at #10 GLPI (#114 Pro$). Turning to the Top 10 Pro$ list, immediately following Gillette Mogel Carrel is Gillette Epic Jingle (Epic x Shottle) at #2 Pro$ (#71 GLPI). Taking #4 Pro$ is Geranette Alpha Mayflwr Melia (#27 GLPI) while Gillette SGO Mogul Merrill occupies #6 Pro$ this round and #19 GLPI. Two cows complete the Top 10 Pro$ list with Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET sharing #7 Pro$ (#36 GLPI) and Silverridge Epic Comet taking the #9 Pro$ position (#21 GLPI).

Also of interest is the arrival of three newly indexed cows this round that end up in a three-way tie at #1 Conformation with +19. These include Dupotier Doorman Diademe, who is also tied at #14 GLPI, Brenland Doorman Desirable, who ranks #20 GLPI and J-A-Telford Atwood Amber.

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