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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2017 – Two New Number Ones in Town

The LPI and Pro$ lists aren’t immune to the new beginnings that spring brings about. Two newly proven sires take the #1 positions for LPI and Pro$ this April. Comestar Lautrust (Sudan x Comestar Lautamai Man O Man) starts his proven career at #1 LPI and #3 Pro$ (tied #4 Milk, tied #5 Protein). For Pro$, it’s Mr OCD Dragonheart-ET (Epic x Planet) who takes the #1 position and is the highest of 20 Genervations Epic sons newly proven this round. Dragonheart also ranks #4 LPI and #3 Milk in the breed.

Three other sires secure positions among the Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. Leading out this trio at #5 LPI and #5 Pro$ is newly proven De-Su Mgl Greenway 11396-ET (Mogul son out of Sully Planet Montana-ET), who also is tied for #5 Protein. Following closely behind are household name bulls, namely Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (#6 for both LPI and Pro$) and the previous breed leader for both indexes, Mapel Wood Brewmaster, who now occupies #7 for both LPI and Pro$ while maintaining his hold on #1 Fat.

Other sires ranking among the Top 10 LPI this round include Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC  (Snowman x AltaBaxter), who moves up to #2 LPI (#20 Pro$) from #4 LPI last round, as well as Val-Bisson Doorman, who ranks #3 LPI and is tied at #2 Conformation (#110 Pro$). In addition  to Lautrust and Braveheart, it is impressive to see three other newly proven sires also enter the Top 10 LPI list this round. At #8 LPI is Gil-Gar Mogul Thoreau-ET (Mogul x Domain, #27 Pro$). Following at #9 and #10 LPI respectively are two bulls carrying the Stantons prefix: Stantons Camaro (#19 Pro$, Epic son out of Stantons Freddie Cameo) and Stantons Capital Gain (#17 Pro$, McCutchen son out of Ms Chassity Obs Claire-ET).

No stranger to the Top 10 Pro$ list, Seagull-Bay Sargeant (Freddie son out of Ammon- Peachey Shauna-ET) climbs to #2 Pro$ from #6 position last December (#2 Milk, #51 LPI). Newly proven Gen-I-Beq Aikosnow*RDC is a full brother to Aikman*RDC who debuts at #4 Pro$ (#14 LPI), #3 Fat and is tied at #2 Protein. This #2 rank for Protein is shared with De-Su 1277 Abacus-ET (Sudan x Super), who lands the #8 Pro$ position (#11 LPI) after receiving his first official proof. The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by Silverridge Album (Epic son out of Velthuis SG MOM Alicia) at #9 (#13 LPI) and De-Su Gillespy-ET at #10 Pro$ (#23 LPI, 7 Milk).

New #1 Conformation Bull

More than 120 genomic young bulls receive their first official progeny proof this April. Outside of those previously mentioned, there are a few other noteworthy newcomers among the Top 25 for either LPI or Pro$. The highest of these for both indexes is Summerliz Living (Epic son out of Summerliz Man O Man Lausya) at #12 Pro$ and tied at #19 LPI, a position shared with another newly proven sire, De-Su MG Davinci 11288-ET (#36 Pro$, Mogul son out of De-Su 199-ET by Watson). Lepacha Manoa, who is an Epic son out of Val-Bisson M O M Mayanne with the same grand-dam as Doorman, enters the scene at #22 LPI and #65 Pro$. Ranking at #22 Pro$ (#82 LPI) is the newly proven Ro-Co AltaEiffel-ET (Snowman x Planet). Although just shy of making the list of Top 25 LPI sires, with his arrival in #26 position (#109 Pro$), Croteau Lesperron Unix (Numero Uno son out of Regan-ALH Domain Daya-ET) draws particular attention this round as he becomes the new breed leader at #1 Conformation with +17.

Three “Camaro” Daughters Achieve Top 10 Status for Both GLPI and Pro$

Similar to the top lists for bulls, a wave of newly indexed cows sweep the highest positions for GLPI and Pro$. In the spotlight for GLPI this round are newcomers Brabantdale Flame Veracious, who is a daughter of Vieuxsaule Flame that takes #1 GLPI spot (#4 Pro$, tied #6 Fat), and Ri-Val-Re Main Electra-ET, a daughter of Stantons Capital Gain, that arrives two LPI points back and grabs #2 spot for both GLPI and Pro$. The new breed leader at #1 Pro$ is Stantons Camaro Emulate-ET (#3 GLPI), who is the highest of three Stantons Camaro daughters that reach the Top 10 list for both GLPI and Pro$. The two others are the newcomer, Stantons Crimson-ET, at #3 Pro$ and #4 GLPI as well as the former #2 GLPI cow, Stantons Camaro Contact-ET, who now takes #5 GLPI and is tied at #10 Pro$ this round. Two more  newly indexed cows with impressive starts are Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro-ET, who is Crimson’s full sister that debuts at #7 GLPI, #19 Pro$ and #4 Fat, as well as Claynook Colita Bombero at #8 GLPI and tied at #10 Pro$.

The previously indexed Gillette Flame Melimelo maintains a stable GLPI but is forced down the list from #6 from #3 position (#81 Pro$) due to the influx of high ranking newly indexed cows this round. Finishing up the Top 10 GLPI are two granddaughters of Calbrett Planet Eve, both sired by Doorman and tied at #9 GLPI, namely Silverridge V Doorman Erupt (#120 Pro$) and Silverridge V Doorman Ensure (#93 Pro$).

For the Top 10 Pro$ this round, the list includes the former leader, Gillette Mogul Carrel, now  at #4 Pro$ (#13 GLPI) as well as Gillette SGO Mogul Merrill, who maintains her rank of #6 Pro$  and takes #15 GLPI. Stantons Gain Tejada, daughter of Stantons Capital Gain, takes a huge leap up the list from #67 to #7 Pro$ this April and also takes #28 GLPI. Finally, two other newly indexed cows make their mark by achieving Top 10 Pro$ status, namely Stantons Junior Event- ET (Main Event x Mogul) at #8 Pro$ (#15 GLPI) and Gillette Bombero Mango at #9 Pro$ (Bombero x Mogul, #70 GLPI).

Lesperron Aikman Sofia Red (Aikman*RDC x Dempsey) creates interest as a newly indexed cow this round that becomes the highest ranking R&W cow for both national indexes, taking #24 GLPI and #36 Pro$. Similarly, another newly indexed cow, IHG Mardi Sens 9017-ET*RDC  (Mardi Gras x Ladd P-Red), makes her mark as the highest ranking polled red carrier with 3130 GLPI and 2121 Pro$.

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