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Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2017 – Some Reshuffling Among Top 10 Bulls for LPI and Pro$ Including Two New Arrivals

This December release sees two newly proven bulls reach Top 10 status with Co-Op Mogul Lawman-ET (Mogul x Man-O-Man) making his debut at #5 Pro$ and tied at #10 LPI (tied #3 Protein). For Pro$, however, the highest new arrival is Co-Op Day Tuffenuff-ET at #2 Pro$ (#25 LPI, #9 Milk, #8 Protein), who is among the first group of sons of Minnigan-Hills Day-ET proven in Canada this round. Newly proven on the Top 10 LPI list is Comestar Lineman at #9 LPI (#27 Pro$), who is a maternal brother by Mogul of Comestar Lautrust (#3 LPI, #25 Pro$, dam is Comestar Lautamai Man O Man).

Two bulls benefiting from significant LPI gains to climb the rankings are Larcrest Commander-ET (Mogul x Observer), who grabs #1 LPI position (#4 Pro$), and Alta Echelon (Robust x Goldwyn), who climbs from #8 to #2 LPI (#7 Pro$ from #12). Two other bulls jumping in LPI to penetrate the Top 10 list this round are Ste Odile Oceanic (Epic son out of Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir) at #4 LPI from #12 position (#39 Pro$, tied #9 Conformation) and Gepaquette Ravecut (McCutchen x Observer), who increases from #27 spot to land tied at #10 LPI (#18 Pro$). Four other bulls maintain their status among the Top 10 LPI, including De-Su MG Davinci 11288-ET (Mogul x Watson) at #5 LPI (#11 Pro$), Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC (Snowman x AltaBaxter) at #6 LPI (#56 Pro$, tied #9 Fat), Gregori One Direction (Epic x Garrett) at #7 LPI (#10 Pro$) and Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) at #8 LPI (#15 Pro$, #1 Fat).

For the Top 10 Pro$ list, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie x Planet) stays firm at #1 Pro$ (#45 LPI, #1 Milk, #9 Protein) with Bacon-Hill Montross-ET (Mogul x Bolton) changing little but now taking #3 Pro$ position (#31 LPI, tied #3 Protein). Coyne-Farms Jacey CRI-ET (AltaIota x Massey) climbs from #19 to take #6 Pro$ (#17 LPI). This list is completed by Mr OCD Epic Dragonheart-ET (Epic x Planet) at #8 Pro$ (#12 LPI) and Silverridge Album (Epic x Man-O-Man) taking #9 Pro$ (#13 LPI).

First Proven “Day” Sons Make Their Mark

Of the 127 younger bulls receiving their first official domestic proven status this round, 20 are sons of Mogul, 9 are sons of Epic, 8 are sons of McCutchen with Supersire having the same count but it is the first group of 8 proven sons of Minnigan-Hills Day-ET that truly make an impressive debut, averaging 2140 Pro$ and 2991 LPI. In addition to the #2 Pro$ bull mentioned earlier, namely Co-Op Day Tuffenuff-ET, Day is also the sire of three other high newcomers entering Top 25 rankings for either Pro$ or LPI. These include Woodcrest Naughty By Day-ET (dam is Ri-Val-Re Bookem Nike-ET) at #14 Pro$ (#38 LPI), Speek-NJ Walter Cronkite-ET at #19 Pro$ (#59 LPI, #8 Milk, new #1 Protein, dam is Larcrest Comet-ETS by Planet) and Mystique Acoustique at #23 LPI (#57 Pro$, dam is Mystique Gerard Artiste). A pair of newly proven McCutchen sons also break into the Top 25 ranks as Farnear AltaBingo-ET (dam is Farnear O Banji Bandan-ET) arrives at #17 Pro$ and #24 LPI and Kerndtway Kingpin-ET (dam is Golden- Oaks Obsrvr Dixie-ET) grabs #21 LPI and #31 Pro$. Westenrade AltaSpring (Mogul x Gerard) also penetrates the Top 25 LPI list with his arrival in #16 spot (#46 Pro$).

First “Supershot” Daughters Excel for Pro$

Impressively, the new leader established last round for both GLPI and Pro$, namely Ri-Val-Re Camaro Nady-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno), retains her title as “Queen of the Breed” with slight increases for both national indexes. As the first daughters of Cogent Supershot in Canada enter their first lactation, several show great promise with three reaching Top 5 Pro$ status. The highest of these are three-quarter sisters, Silverridge V Sshot Erynne and Silverridge V Sshot Earring (grand dam is Velthuis SG Snow Event), who debut at #3 Pro$ (#13 GLPI, #4 Milk, tied #2 Protein) and #4 Pro$ (#37 GLPI, tied #4 Protein), respectively. Grabbing #5 Pro$ this round is another Supershot daughter, Stantons Bee Sarah-ET (#144 GLPI), while her dam, Stantons Bee Something-ET stays strong at #2 Pro$ (#36 GLPI).

Two newly indexed cows manage to enter the Top 10 list for both GLPI and Pro$. These include Thurler Commander Chantal at #3 GLPI and #6 Pro$ (daughter of new #1 LPI sire, Commander, out of Aija Supersire Makea), and Dudoc Silver Sarcasme at #4 GLPI and #8 Pro$, who lands just ahead of her dam Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#5 GLPI, #45 Pro$, highest polled cow for both indexes). The only other newly indexed cow to reach Top 10 status is Ri-Val-Re Delta Nady-ET, who is a daughter of breed-leading Camaro Nady that arrives at #9 GLPI (#25 Pro$).

Also staying solid among the leaders for GLPI is another Commander daughter, Sunnypoint 2026 Lady C (dam is Crasdale Lady Uno), who keeps her hold on #2 GLPI (#84 Pro$). Stantons Crimson-ET (#6 GLPI, #9 Pro$) and Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro-ET (tied #7 GLPI, #46 Pro$) are full sister Mogul daughters out of Larcrest Crayon-ET that also maintain their elite status. Stantons Pepper Freedah is tied at #7 GLPI (#22 Pro$) this round, while View-Home Drman Wsconsin-ET leaps from #29 to complete the Top 10 GLPI list in #10 position (#185 Pro$). Completing the Top 10 Pro$ list this round are England-Ammon MT Barbara-ET at #7 Pro$ (#50 GLPI) and Gillette Bombero Mango in #10 spot for Pro$ (#69 GLPI).


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