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December 2017 Holstein US Proof Highlights – Delicious Delivers

Anyone taking a look at the top proven sires in the US will quickly realize that Miss OCD Robst Delicious has had a huge impact on the breed.  With three sons in the top five TPI and another at #11, Delicious has undoubtedly delivered on her potential as predicted by her early in life genomic indexes.

Mr Mogul DELTA 1427

After his debut last round in the #1 TPI spot, MR MOGUL DELTA 1427 holds on to this coveted position again this round.  Moving up to the # 2 position, from #5 last round, is EDG RUBICON.  With the addition of almost three times as many daughters in his proof, RUBICON went up over 75 points for TPI and had a 10% increase in his PTAT score, now at almost 2 points for type.  The highest new debut this round, MR MOGUL DENVER 1426, a full brother to DELTA, comes out in the #3 proven sire spot. Yet a third full brother, MR MOGUL DION 15008, debuting in the at #5. Former #1 Proven TPI sire from two rounds ago, Montross, holds steady and is now the #4 overall sire, and the #2 99% reliable sire behind DELTA.  Though their TPI numbers increased slightly, UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER and WOODCREST MOGUL YODER both drop two spots, to #s 5 and 7 respectively. The third highest debut sire of this round is DE-SU ALTALEAF and is the #8 proven TPI sire in the world.   ALTALEAF is an AltaOak son from the De-Su Oman 6121-ET TL VG-86 GMD DOM cow family, that is well known for producing Observer, Goli and Galaxy, to name a few. HAR-DALE-ACRES-JP ALTACR holds steady in the #9 proven sire slot. MYR-MATT MOGUL PLATINUM moves up from number fifteen last round to round out the top ten proven sires.

For the NM$ indexes, DELTA holds on to the top spot followed by JOSUPER.  The new release, MR MOGUL DION 15008, is now the #3 proven Net Merit sire in the world followed by the former net merit leading sire, CO-OP ROBUST CABRIOLET. RUBICON, YODER, MONTROSS, and SUPERSIRE all hold steady as the #5, 6,7 and 8 proven Net Merit sires respectively.  Another son from Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET VG-87 GMD DOM, this time sired by Farnear-Tbr-Bh Cashcoin, MR COIN DRACO 15006-ET, is now the #9 proven Net Merit sire, followed by his fellow debut brother DENVER who rounds out the top ten NM$ sires.


Just missing the reliability cut of last round, OH-RIVER-SYC BYWAY debuted this round as the #1 proven sire for type. BYWAY is a Meridian x Atwood x Shottle then the great Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET TV EX-92 GMD DOM.  BYWAY’s have extreme mammary systems and solid feet and legs though will need to be protected on his rumps (specifically his pin width and loin strength).  With the addition of more daughter data, POL BUTTE MC BEEMER moves up from number three last round to #2 this round.  MAPLE-DOWNS-I G W ATWOOD remains the number one 99% reliable type sire, and #3 overall, followed by another 99% reliable sire VAL-BISSON DOORMAN.  Rounding out the top ten proven type sires are MR APPLES MCGUCCI-ET,  FRIST PJP,  MR ATWOOD BROKAW-ET, SCIENTIFIC B DEFIANT-ET and VIEW-HOME MONTEREY-ET.


Genomic Sires

When it comes to genomic young sires, there really is no point in looking at anything under one year of age, because 99% of the time, even if these sires are producing semen, it will not be publicly available.  

Topping the gTPI of sires that are over one year of age is BOMAZ SKYWALKER-ET. SKYWALKER is Jedi, son from a Cabriolet then Bomaz Mogul 6010-ET EX-90.  This is the same cow family that produced such sires as Bomaz Ingenious and Bomaz Lynch Kamin.  SKYWALKER is a sire that should fit many markets (+1058 NM$ and +2938 GTPI), he is a high milk sire (+1684 PTAM), high protein (+76 PTAP, +0.09 PTAP%), as well as a strong conception sire and calving ease sire.  He also fits for those breeders who are not wanting to accelerate the stature development as he is just +0.32 for Stature.


For those breeders looking for cows with great udders that will last a long while, there is REDROCK-VIEW KLUTCH-ET (REDROCK) the #2 sire for TPI over one year of age. REDROCK is a Jedi from a Kingboy and then Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET RC CV TL EX-95 2E DOM, the dam of such sires as Advent and Acme (Read more: The 7 Most Influential Holstein Brood Cows of the Modern Era) .  With that, it’s no surprise that REDROCK excels in type, especially his udders (+2.94 UDC).  He is also an extreme productive life sire (+10.7 PL).  REDROCK is a good all-around sire though you may want to protect him on high pins and loin strength.

Rounding out the top three TPI sires over one year of age is PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN 512.  ROLAN is a Modesty x Bombero x Ransom from Sully Planet Manitoba, the sister to such sires as MCCUTCHEN and MAYFIELD and ALTA METEOR.  A high NM$ Sire (+1037), ROLAN excels in his protein improvement (+108 PTAP and +0.18 PTAP%), as well as in his daughter calving ease (+2.0) and daughter stillbirth (+3.2) rates.  While not an extremely low SCS sire +2.91, he is solid for conception and calving ease and fertility traits contributing to solid, productive life.  Typically his daughters will not be very tall or deep, but will have solid udders and good feet and legs.

Ryan-Vu Regin Raz-A-Taz

For those looking for a sire to deliver some style and substance, check out the number one PTAT sire over one year of age, BLONDIN RAPTOR.  RAPTOR is a Solomon x Beemer x Reginald from the Roxy family.  His dam Ryan-MVLOO Beemer Rapture VG-2YR was once the #2 type heifer in the breed and her dam Ryan-Vu Regin Raz-A-Taz EX-93 was the All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling in 2014. RAPTURE is an extreme sire for Dairy Character (+3.06DC), Stature (+5.01), Strength (+2.74), Body Depth (+3.59), Dairy Form (+3.77) Fore Udder Attachment (+4.58), and Udder Cleft (+3.39).  Positive for components and overall milk, RAPTOR will need to be protected on his productive life.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

There are some who are determined to be Genomic Haters. However, with proof rounds like this one that features once high genomic heifers, who then become high index cows and ultimately breed changing cows, like Miss OCD Robst Delicious, there is no doubt that genomics very significantly increases the accuracy of early in life genetic indexes and that the rate of genetic gain has never been greater.

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