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Top 8 of 2018 – The Bullvine’s Most Popular Articles of the Year

The Bullvine team is pleased to once again bring you the most well-read articles in the three most popular sections of our website for the past year.   This list reflects content published from January 1st, 2018  through December 27th, 2018 and is based on Google Analytics with over 2,900,000 monthly views from almost 2,200,000 unique yearly visitors.

Top 8 Feature Articles

  1. Dairy Breeders – Stop the Insanity
  2. US April 2018 Genetic Evaluations – Highlights
  3. Why Inbreeding is a good thing!
  4. The Future Value of Genomic Testing
  5. Dairy Industry Devastated as Tragedy Strikes Couple on Cross Country Tour Promoting Canadian Supply Management System
  6. US August 2018 Genetic Evaluations – Highlights
  7. How profitable is dairy farming?
  8. Bottom Line: Who Is Responsible For This Mess?

Top 8 News Stories

  1. The Rumours are True – There is a NEW AI Stud in Town!
  2. The Planned Destruction of the American Dairy Farmer
  3. Dairy farmer left devastated after 105 cows test positive for bTB
  4. Sex Is Big Business in Dairy Farming and the Focus of Legal Battles
  5. 300 dead cows were found at California Ranch
  6. Best advice to U.S. dairy farmers? ‘Sell out as fast as you can’
  7. Farmers Stand In Silence At Auction So A Young Man Can Buy Back His Family Farmhouse
  8. Walmart’s milk production hits farmers hard

Top 8 Dairy Cattle Shows

  1. International Holstein Show 2018
  2. Royal Holstein Show 2018
  3. Northeast National Spring Holstein Show – New York Spring Holstein Show ’18
  4. Quebec Spring Holstein Show 2018
  5. Ontario Summer Holstein Show 2018
  6. Le Supreme Laitier – Supreme Dairy Show 2018 – Holstein
  7. International Jersey Show 2018
  8. International Red & White Show 2018


A lot has changed since 2012, (Read more: The Top 10 of 2012 – The most read articles of 2012) in both the dairy industry as well as here at the Bullvine.  Looking ahead to 2019, there is no question things will continue to change.  It certainly has been a very busy year and these articles were among the most talked about in the industry.  Thanks again for your continued reader

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