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US August 2018 Genetic Evaluations – Highlights

In what was a quieter round, there were some highlights to note:

  • Former #1 Genomic Young Sire 151HO00681 EDG Rubicon-ET moves from #3 last round to the top of the TPI list this round. With over 2300 milking and 1000 classified daughters,  he ranks #1 for FAT (+120), #2 NM (+953) and #2 Grazing Merit (+886). He is one of four Mogul sons in the Top 10. His dam is Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET (EX-90), a 7th gen VG/EX from the EX-95 Dellia family.
  • 29HO17553 Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET drops one spot to #2. He remains #1 for MILK (+3309, nearly +600 over #2), #1 for NM (+999), #2 Feed Efficiency (245) and #3 FAT (+110).
  • Brothers 203HO1468 Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET and 203HO1513 Mr Mccut Dante 1407-ET come in at #3 and #4. Delta drops 1 spot from last round while  Dante moved up two spots, gaining 83 TPI points, he is +2765 GTPI +2446M +227FE +2.21T. 
  • 1HO11376 Weigeline Jacey Tabasco-ET  makes a huge jump to #5 from #13 last round.  He is a Jacey x VG-86 Bookem. Tabasco has a  +2731G +2240M +61F +80P +1.79T.
  • Highest newcomer is 07HO13250 S-S-I MONTROSS JEDI at Nr.7.  He is a Montross son, from a Supersire then a Bookem. Jedi is from the ROYLANE SHOT MINDY 2079 family.  Typical daughters are average in size, with good dairy strength and shallow udders.

 System Updates

  • The August 2018 NM$ update includes genetic evaluations for six new direct health traits first introduced in April 2018 for Holsteins: displaced abomasum, hypocalcemia (milk fever), ketosis, mastitis, metritis and retained placenta. In Net Merit, the disease resistance traits are grouped into a health sub-index (HTH$) that is not published separately, similar to the calving ability sub-index (CA$). (Read more)
  • Age-parity adjustment factors for daughter pregnancy rate (DPR) and cow conception rate (CCR) are revised for August to improve the stability of genetic trend estimates. During the April evaluation, recent genetic trends in traditional predicted transmitting ability (PTA) for DPR and CCR decreased when new age-parity groups were added by an automated process scheduled every five years. As a result, the fertility PTAs, NM$ and breed association indexes for recent animals declined by 1.7 DPR, 1.4 CCR and $22 NM$ in April. (Read more)
  • Expected future inbreeding (EFI) is included in PTAs, but approximate adjustments were used in the all- breed weekly and monthly files after the April release until early May. Exact EFI is now used if both parents were in the pedigree file from the previous full run, and an approximate EFI is used only for new animals whose parents are also new since the last full release. Approximate methods were needed because reprocessing inbreeding for all 78 million animals takes nearly a day and is done only three times per year. Effective with the August 2018 genomic run, calculation of heterosis – previously reprocessed for all animals three times a year – will now be run on a monthly basis.  (Read more)

Top TPI Proven Sires

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