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Video Interview with Larry Bennett – 2014 Curtis Clark Achievement Award Winner

Often the people with the fewest words are the ones we should listen to. Larry Bennett fits that mold. This soft spoken man was the 2014 winner of the Curtis Clark award and takes his place with others who represent the sportsmanship, showmanship and pure enjoyment of everything dairy that was so vital to Curtis Clark himself. Those who have had  privilege of knowing Curtis and Larry will recognize that there are striking similarities between these two gentlemen, the most notable being their passion for dairy cattle.

Recently The Bullvine had the opportunity to talk with Larry.  The resulting video captures the sincerity and good nature that has been Larry’s trademark …. along with his conductor’s hat…throughout his career in the dairy industry.

Larry is deep. He is self-confident. He has tried and been successful at many things all of which have dealt with the dairy cattle industry (Link to other Bullvine article). Through this video you will learn that family and friends are very important to Larry.  It’s clear that for him, as for many people that make a difference in life, it is first all about the company one keeps and then it means always doing the best you can.


I highly recommend that you listen twice to the ending, where Larry recommends youth training, including getting an education. The icing on the cake, for me, is his strong recommendation to keep a daily diary. What an interesting way to appreciate life’s important moments. When hubby Murray watched the video he noted, “If this video was a book, I would say it was a great read.” It is my hope that you too will enjoy this video as much as everyone at The Bullvine did.  Larry Bennett “A man of few words ….keen perception …and the ability to continue working with quiet enthusiasm for whatever he undertakes … until the job is done.” We tip our hat to Larry Bennett and thank him for the legacy he continues to build in the dairy industry.



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