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Top 9 of 2019 – The Bullvine’s Most Popular Articles of the Year

It has been a tough time for many in the dairy industry and most are looking forward to a better year next year.  This list reflects content published from January 1st, 2019 through December 18th, 2019 and is based on Google Analytics with over 3 million monthly views from almost 3 million unique yearly visitors.

Top 9 Features Articles:

  1. Ideal Rump Structure – Does It Actually Matter?
  2. The Jersey Future is Now
  3. ATTENTION: Dairy Farmer Cooperatives – Align, Merge or Die!
  4. Four Steps to a Workable Herd Genetic Improvement Plan for Profit Focused Milk Producers
  5. How Jersey Breeders Can Take Over The Holstein World
  6. Is it Time to Quit Dairy Farming?
  7. KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET – Everything and more
  8. Ferme Jacobs – “Dreams without goals are just….dreams”
  9. Forget the past, dairy cows in the future will look very different…or will they? 

Top 9 News Stories of 2019:

  1. Prayer Requests for Carlie Ostrom
  2. Holstein Journal Announces Final Edition
  3. New A2 milk clinical trial with children has big implications both for child nutrition and also for the dairy industry
  4. Farmers Have More Sex Than People With Any Other Job
  5. From Two Bulls, 9 Million Dairy Cows
  6. Ferme Jacobs Rocks the Dairy Industry with Incredible Sale
  7. Award-winning dairy farm forced to sell off herd
  8. Animal Activists Chose the Wrong Farmers to Steal From
  9. Fire at Ferme Jacobs

Top 9 Diary Cattle Shows of 2019:

  1. Eastern National Holstein Show 2019
  2. Midwest National Spring Holstein Show 2019
  3. Ontario Summer Holstein Show 2019
  4. Le Supreme Laitier – Holstein 2019
  5. British Columbia Holstein Spring Show 2019
  6. Quebec Spring Holstein Show 2019
  7. Swiss Expo Holstein Show 2019
  8. Canadian National Holstein Show 2019
  9. International Holstein Show – World Dairy Expo 2019

It been an amazing journey since we started the Bullvine back in 2012, (Read more: The Top 10 of 2012 – The most read articles of 2012).  Looking ahead to 2020, we here at the Bullvine are excited about the potential the new year will bring and the great things that will happen in the dairy industry.  One thing you can be certain of is the continue to bring you the most talked about in the industry.  Happy Holidays and See You in 2020!

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