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Prayer Requests for Carlie Ostrom

Jim Ostrom and family from Milksource in Wisconsin, are needing our thoughts and prayers at this time.  Jim’s daughter, Carlie was in a bad car accident.  Here is the Facebook post Jim shared below.

Six days ago, just ten days prior to graduating from Wharton, we received a call that Carlie was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk near campus. She has been in an induced coma with a traumatic brain injury ever since. Surgeons quickly removed a large part of he skull to make room for brain swelling. Since then, Carlie has battled severe brain pressure, pneumonia and fever. Early tests were positive. However, we are now in a very dark period of peak brain swelling. Minutes feel like hours.

Carlie is a bright, caring, thoughtful, hardworking, adventurous, insightful young lady. This world needs Carlie. I need Carlie.


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