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Ferme Jacobs Rocks the Dairy Industry with Incredible Sale

In what was a litmus test for the tanbark trail, the outstanding team at Ferme Jacobs that has dominated the show scene over the past decade, put the weight of the industry on their shoulders to hold this momentous sale to see if the industry was going to survive.  With three cows over $200,000 and a sale average of 12,900 on over 150 lots the resounding answer is….YES!

Topping the sale at $250,000 was PIERSTEIN CICERO TIME OUT, the EX-95 MS Chassity OBS Cicero daughter from 2011 All-Canadian and Res. All-American Senior Three-Year-Old, Pineland Goldwyn Tidbit EX.  This extraordinary five-year-old is considered to be an early favorite for World Dairy Expo and was purchased by Randy Fraser.

Selling for $215,00 to Duckett Holsteins was IDEE DOORMAN LYSA, a stunning Junior Three Year Old, the Doorman daughter of none other than Idee Winbrook Lynzi, the 2017 Intermediate Champion and HM. Grand Champion at the Royal. Lysa looked extremely impressive as she named Grand Champion at the recent Expo Rimouski being named Grand Champion for owners ferme Jacobs, Pat Conroy, and JM Valley Holsteins.

Rounding out the top sellers at $200,000 to Milksource Genetics was JACOBS DOORMAN VICTOIRE, a stunning Senior three year old for 2019.  In what may prove to be one of the greatest show cows ever bred by Ferme Jacobs, Victoire’s 2nddam, Jacobs Dundee Voltage was All-Canadian and All-Quebec Milking Yearling in 2008, and her 3rddam, Jacobs Spirit Valsie was All-Canadian 4 year old in 2004.

In what was a very touching moment of the sale, JACOBS GOLDWYN BRILLIANT, the own daughter of Jacobs Goldwyn Brittany EX-96 was sold for $40,000 as a fundraiser for Charly Jacobs who has been suffering from severe dystonia caused by a genetic mutation of the EIF2AK2 gene. 

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