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2017 – The Year Ahead

With the inauguration of billionaire reality TV star, Donald Trump, as the new U.S. president, 2017 already promises to be full of off-the-wall events.  While no one can predict Trump’s actions, we here at The Bullvine are certainly planning for a great year.

Sure, we could be heading to a world war or a least a social war between the egos of Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. With elections in France, Germany, and the Netherlands coming, there is certainly going to be lots of uncertainty in 2017.  While the dairy industry is looking to rebound from one of the worst years on record, we here at the Bullvine are very excited about the future.

Before looking ahead, let’s take a moment to look back at historical benchmarks. It was 500 years ago, this year, that Martin Luther committed perhaps the most historic act of vandalism when he nailed his 95 theses onto a church door in Wittenberg. He fearlessly criticized the Catholic Church’s practice of selling indulgences (allowing people to buy their way out of sin).  Luther’s translation of the Bible from Latin into the vernacular meant ordinary people could read the Word of God with priestly interpretation – a truly revolutionary idea.  Centuries later and at the other end of life’s spectrum, we launched the Bullvine five years ago, to bring a voice to what most breeders and producers were thinking about but afraid to say.  And while we certainly can’t compare to the centuries of religious turmoil ignited by Luther, we have indeed generated a great deal of heated discussion.  By adding to opportunities such as The Milkhouse, the Bullvine has plans to develop even more revolutionary platforms for the dairy industry to network, communicate and come together around our shared challenges. (Read more: Introducing The Milk House – Dairy Breeder Networking on Facebook)

In a similar vein, it was ten years ago that Apple launched the iPhone, with the slogan “This is only the beginning” That declaration proved to be an understatement.  The same goes for the start of The Bullvine.  Not content to follow the path others have taken and then to ultimately face failure, the Bullvine will continue to blaze new paths in 2017 encouraged by more support than ever. 

The Bullvine has changed the game, and in 2017 we plan on changing the game again.  

This year we plan to continue to stay five years ahead of our competitors, with many new ways to cover the hottest issues and events in the dairy industry.  This will include an unprecedented full coverage of 27 dairy shows from around the world and more webinars and dairy events than any other publication in the world.  Next week we will inaugurate the 2017 dairy year with our one-of-a-kind coverage of the Swiss Expo Holstein Show.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

While much of this would have sounded like the boastings of an evil Frankenstein to many of our competitors five years ago, they now find themselves struggling to stay afloat in 2017.  Sometimes life has a way of turning what seems like science fiction into reality. Who would have imagined that scientists would ever perform a human head transplant? However, in 2017, an Italian neuroscientist will carry out this operation on 31-year old Russian Valery Spiridonov.   

The Bullvine specializes in ways of making what was unimagined become the familiar.   In 2017 we plan to continue this door-opening trend.  When others zig, we zag. As others contract and are trying to figure out how to keep their doors open, The Bullvine enjoys an ever-expanding worldwide audience. With those dynamics firmly in place, 2017 is already shaping up to be another breakout year of growth for The Bullvine.

On behalf of all of us here at the Bullvine, I want to say a heartfelt, “Thank You!” for your support on this journey. We invite you to join us in boldly forging ahead in 2017. Strap yourself in, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

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