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Introducing The Milk House – Dairy Breeder Networking on Facebook

From ringside at World Dairy Expo to farm tours and herd visits around the world, dairy people like to network with fellow breeders and members of the dairy genetics industry. That is why we have created The Milk House on Facebook. Breeders and industry professionals can talk about their favorite daughter from a special family, people can search for an internship or a (new) job next door or in another country, herd managers can get references on special milking equipment or herd management devices and how they work in different herd sizes, breeders can talk details on breeding strategies and which sires they use and why and owners can network with well managed high performing herds around the world. It can all be done on The Milk House.

This is your chance to network with other dairymen, technicians, clippers or any other person, which is why we have the same interests and passions, and do it all on Facebook the site more breeders in the world visit on a daily basis. The Milk House is Free to everyone, all you need is a Facebook account. So you can easily use your Facebook account without having to create a whole new profile and visit a whole bunch of different sites each day to network with other Dairy Breeder’s around the world. This is your opportunity to ask questions from breeder’s and industry professionals around the world, as well as learn more about different dairy events that are happening. This is also your opportunity to share your genetics and promote your herd to breeders around the world. Don’t miss this great opportunity to grow your breeder network.

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