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World Dairy Expo 2015 Holstein Show Preview

For the first time in several years, there really are no slam dunk favourites in any class.  This is unlike past years where there were 2 or3 cows that, with all things going smoothly, should win their classes. Then there was  last year, where everyone expected RF GOLDWYN HAILEY to win Grand Champion. However, this year sees every class in a tight race and is sure to provide a thrilling ride.  Not surprisingly this year’s World Dairy Expo Fantasy Exhibitor contest has a wide range of selections.  In order to help you understand who the contenders are, we have prepared the following World Dairy Expo 2015 Holstein Show Preview.

The Judges

Nathan_Thomas_2015Nathan Thomas, North Lewisburg, Ohio, owns and operates Triple-T Holsteins and Jerseys. He and his very talented wife, Jenny, a noted cattle photographer, and their children, Colton and Kendall, have been part of the operation since its establishment in 2006. The farm consists of a 25-head Holstein and Jersey milking herd, along with more than 85 head of heifers and dry cows. In addition, the farm makes more than 200 acres of hay yearly, which is used on the farm and marketed in the area. Triple-T has garnered more than 80 All-American and All-Canadian nominations in the past 10 years.  Thomas has owned or developed five Grand or Reserve Grand Champions at Expo.  Home-bred highlights include T-Triple-T Gold Prize, Ex-94, named International Holstein Show Junior Champion at the 2009 Expo and Royal Winter Fair, named the 2012 All-American Four-Year-Old and nominated All-American Five-Year-Old in 2013.  In addition, her dam, T-Triple-T Dundee Paige, 3-E Excellent 96, was nominated All-American twice and has developed into a prolific brood cow. Paige and her daughters have been nominated All-American Best Three Females. Additionally, Paige’s offspring have been nominated All-American Produce of Dam.  Other notable individuals include Starmark Ad Hotstuff-Red-ET, Ex-94, the 2012 Reserve Grand Champion of the International Red & White Show.  Extreme Electra, Excellent 95, who has garnered many accolades on both sides of the border, including 2013 Honorable Mention Grand Champion at the Central National Jersey Show and Reserve Grand Champion at the 2008 Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show. As well there is  Ms Exels Dundee Beauty, 3-E Excellent 95, who earned All-American and Reserve All-Canadian honors as an Aged Cow in 2011.Nathan recently judged the Canadian National Holstein Convention Show, New York Spring Dairy Carrousel and National Spring Red & White Show and will serve as the official of the Jersey Show at The 2015 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Eddie_Bue_2015Assisting Nathan will be Eddie Bue.  Eddie earned his degree in dairy herd management from the UW-Madison Farm and Industry Shortcourse. He, along with wife Mandi, works as a farm manager/herdsman for Ludgwig Farms in Fithian, Illinois. He has worked on the farm since 2010. Bue, along with his brother and sister-in-law, Charlie and Katie Bue, also owns Wide-Open Holsteins. There they milk 35 Holsteins with a rolling herd average of 29,500 pounds of milk, 1,000 pounds fat and 900 pounds protein.  Bue has owned and cared for numerous All-Americans and All-American nominations, including home-bred Wide-Open Durham Paris, who was nominated All-American twice. He also cared for the two-time Expo Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn, Sterryan Style.  Before working at Ludwig Farms, Bue and his wife owned and operated Legendholm Holsteins and Jerseys, where they owned and boarded elite show cows. Cows included Brookvilla Jasper Aka, KY-Blue Ruben Marla-Red-ET, Hillacres Morrae Maryland, Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto and Exels Goldwyn Anna-ET.  This year marks Bue’s first time judging at Expo, though he has previously judged notable shows, including the 2011 Midwest Spring Red & White Show in Jefferson, Wisconsin, and the 2010 Illinois State Fair Holstein Show in Springfield, Illinois. Bue is a member of Holstein Association USA, and he was the 2005 Klussendorf Mackenzie Award winner.  Bue said he would like to thank John and Gloria Curran, Norm Nabholz, Perry Phend, and David Ludwig for helping and mentoring him throughout the years.

Junior Classes

Young cow classes are always a challenge, with so many of the ultimate winners typically making Expo their first show, combined with the fact that at this stage and age the animals can change drastically month to month. Some even change significantly after the long truck ride to Expo, sometime helping them peel off that extra weight and round into form. Having said that, here are some of the early favourites for the show.

  • Spring Calf
    • CROVALLEY TNT AMMO – 1st place Ontario Summer Show
    • PA-LYN-LEIGH SD GITTER – 1st place Eastern Fall National
    • PETITCLERC DOORMAN ANASTASIA  – 1st place Quebec Championship Show
    • SIMMERS RGD LADY-HAYA – 1st place Mid-West Fall National (HJC)
    • VT-POND-VIEW ARMANI DIOR – 1st place Northeast Fall National
  • Winter Calf
    • CLAIRCREST SID DELI – 1st place Ontario Summer Show (RJC)
    • FAIRMONT MCCUTCHEN MAIDEN – 1st place Northeast Fall National
    • MILKSOURCE SID DESIRE – 1st place Midwest Fall National (JC)
    • RODEMSgmaAY ATWOOD ANNABELLE – 1st place Quebec Championship Show
    • SAVAGE-LEIGH GOLD LALA – 1st place Eastern Fall National (HJC)
  • Fall Heifer Calf
    • GOLDEN OAKS SID CHARLISE – 1st place Eastern Fall National (JC)
    • INTENSE BROKAW RENNE – 1s place Northeast Fall National (RJC)
    • SIEMERS C-VET HAYA-BRITE – 1st place Midwest Fall National
    • TRENT VALLEY GOLDCHIP ABRA – 1st place Ontario Summer Show (RJC)
    • VALLEYVILLE GOLDWYN BISSY – 1st place Quebec Championship Show
  • Summer Yearling Heifer
    • EATONHOLME DUSK BEFORE DAWN – 1st place Northeast Fall National (HJC)
    • KENNEBEC WINDBROOK MINNEAPOLIS – 1st place Quebec Championship
    • LEACHLAND BROKAW ELEANOR – 1st place Ontario Summer Show
    • MS KEN-AM BUTZ DMAN ALEYNA – 2nd place Eastern Fall National
    • Stranshome Sunny Breeze – 1st place Midwest Fall National
  • Spring Yearling Heifer
    • HEART & SOUL GOLDCHIP ROBIN -1st place Eastern Fall National
    • KAWARTHA FEVER HAILEY – 1st place Midwest Fall National (RJC)
    • KAWARTHA LAUTHORITY RHIANNA  – 1st place Ontario Summer Show
    • LACFRASER GW ATWOOD SYLER – 1st place Northeast Fall National
    • PETITCLERC ATWOOD ATLAS – 1st place Quebec Championship Show
  • Winter Yearling Heifer
    • DEMURS AMAZING DAKOTA – 1st place Midwest Fall National
    • MS DUCKETT DYMENT CORAL  – 1st place Ontario Summer Show (JC)
    • M-RIVERVIEW GOLDSUN KELLY – 1st place Northeast Fall National
    • REPA JENNLY DOORMAN – 1st place Quebec Championship Show
    • WELK SHADE AFTER KATNESS – 1st place Eastern Fall National
  • Fall Yearling Heifer
    • BENRISE BRAXTON LILITH – 1st place Ontario Summer Show
    • COMESTAR LAURA DOORMAN – 1st place Eastern Fall National
    • DUHAMEL DEMPSEY KATOU – 1st place Quebec Championship Show
    • MS ELLEN ARMANI ELYSIA – 1st place Northeast Fall National (JC)
    • TERRA-MCCREE IN THE CLUTCH –  1st place Midwest Fall National

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Intermediate Cow Classes

Young cow classes are always a challenge, with so many of the ultimate winners typically making Expo their first show, combined with the fact that at this stage and age the animals can change drastically.  Some even change significantly after the long truck ride to expo, sometime helping them peel off that extra weight and round into form.  Having said that here are some of the early favourites for the show.

Milking Yearling


    Certainly a very popular heifer since her win at the Quebec Championship show.  She has had an extra month to body down and develop in the mammary system.
    Tall, deep and dairy three things that Tess has in abundance.  While Alexander is the popular choice in our Fantasy Exhibitor contest, I think Tess will have something to say about this class before it’s all over.
    Though she was only 2nd, to MS ABSOLUTE BLISS who was owned in part by Judge Thomas and will not be exhibited, this fancy Contender daughter really caught my eye. Process looked like she needed a little more time to angle up and develop, maybe the two weeks since the Eastern Fall National has been enough.
    The big reason EASTRIVER ALEXANDER trumped this sweat just fresh heifer at The Quebec Championship was that she had developed more.  Given her pedigree and sire stack this young cow could easily have developed significantly since late August.

Junior 2 Year old


    Since winning Junior Champion at the Royal Winter Fair last year Disco has continued to develop.  She has calved in with a snug for udder, high rear udder and still has that outstanding frame.  Certainly the favourite in what will be a very tough class.
    She caught everyones attention early in the year.  First winning the Canadian Convention show and then winning a very competitive Quebec Spring Show.  After selling to Milksource in the Blondin-Lookout-Crackholm Sale she has continued her winning ways at the Wisconsin State Championship Show.
    While she does not have the show winning heifer results that Disco has, Byanka has loads of power, strength and was pretty dairy as she won the Quebec Championship Show. While not as snug about the fore udder at that time as Disco was five weeks ago, she certainly has had time to develop and could rain on Disco’s parade.
    Since topping the Donnanview dispersal Mercy has had everyone talking. She certainly fuelled that fire, when she handily won the Northeast Fall National at the Big E. She has the parts to go mono a mono with Disco, though she does need to clean off a little more, something that the long truck ride and two shows in a short period of time could certainly help with.
    Lilly has an outstanding side profile and a high rear udder as she displayed when she won the Midwest Fall National. While she may not have the same overall width of some of young cows mentioned above, she has had time to develop and could rise to the top in this class pretty easily.
    While Acalla certainly looked impressive when she won The Ontario Summer Show, she was also a young cow that needed time to develop. Given that Summer Show was almost 3 months ago she has had that time and could certainly be a contender in this class. She is extremely tall and opened ribbed with a strong mammary system.
    While she certainly looked like a work in progress when she finished 2nd to Acalla at the Ontario Summer Show, Sensation has continued to develop and may just be a dark horse in this class.
    Even though she has not attended any shows in milking form, Lamadona has become a Facebook sensation with her impressive pictures since she has freshened. This outstanding value pick in our Fantasy Exhibitor Contest, Lamadona is certainly one of several heifers that could seemingly come out of no where and win the first show she attends in milking form.

Senior 2 Year Old


    Looking extremely impressive in her win at the Eastern National Show, Dina has to be considered a slight favourite in an extremely competitive Senior 2 Year Old class.  All things being considered there are probably 6 or 7 outstanding cows that could win this class.
    In what had to be one of the toughest Senior 2 Classes of the year, Brad edged out the competition for the win at the Quebec Championship Show. With a little more time under her belt, Brad could have certainly sharpened into show form and should be at the top end of this class come show day.
    When it comes to impressive wins you can not forget Divine who edged out Nut It U to win the Western Fall National Show.  Divine is long and dairy and will catch the eye of many viewers and maybe even that of Judge Thomas.
    Divinare is certainly a heifer who will type in well with BRAD and may partner up for victory with her. Or they may find themselves following behind the likes of Dina, Divine and Eware. Like Brad, Divinare is an extremely powerful young cow who has a lot of substance throughout, though she may not fit the mould of your silky black long necked heifers that has become a tanbark trend.
    If Judge Thomas is winning with tall, black and dairy then Eware will certainly be near the top of this class.  In winning the Wisconsin Sate Championship Show Eware has certainly thrown her name into those to be considered favourites in this extremely competitive class.  With time to develop since that show, Eware, could certainly come out and catch Judge Thomas’ eye and top this class.
    Two years ago a very fresh junior 2 year old by the name of BELFAST GOLDWYN LASENZA caught my eye a the Quebec Championship Show and rode that performance into an undefeated year. Now displaying many of the same characteristics is her full sister Lace. Lace displays the same trademarks as Lasenza. She has extremely tall, deep, and open ribbed.
    A dark horse in this class, and from the same family as Lace, has to be the 2014 World Dairy Expo Junior Champion Larion.  While it may seem odd to call last years junior champion a dark horse.  No one has seen her out in milking form so it is hard to gauge just where this outstanding framed young cow stacks up against some of the others in this competitive class.
    If it comes down to a battle of those young cows with the best mammary systems, then Candy will certain catch Judge Thomas’ sweet tooth. While she may not be able to go frame for frame with the likes of Lace and Larion, she will certainly come to the top with her outstanding udder.

Junior 3 Year Old


    Standing in Teal’s way may just be Sid Beauty. She was the easy Intermediate Champion from the Northeast Fall National Show. Looking as impressive as her outstanding dam, JACOBS GOLDWYN BRITANY EX-96-2E-CAN, this heifer has it all, she is extremely long dairy with an outstanding mammary system.
    Finishing 2nd to SULLSDALE GOLDCHIP BRISTO, at the Eastern Fall National Show is no shame. Especially when Bristo may be the best Junior 3 Year old in North America this year, but we will not get to see her at either the Expo or The Royal as she is owned by Judge Thomas and the 2015 Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show Judge Michael Heath. That opens the door wide open for the likes of Teal. Teal is an extremely balanced young cow with an outstanding mammary system. She used that outstanding combination to be named HM Intermediate Champion at the Eastern Fall National behind Bristo and CO-VALE DEMPSEY DINA, the favourite to win the Senior 2 year olds.
    You must be pretty special when the owner of the animal you just beat purchases you. That is exactly what happened when Mudpie defeated OUTAOUAIS SID HAILEY owned by Ferme Blondin. Mudpie is an extremely well balanced your cow, who really doesn’t have many faults. In a class that may come down to splitting the smallest of hairs. Mudpie will certainly be in contention.
    Looking extremely impressive in her win at the Midwest Fall National 450 certainly is a very powerful deep bodied young cow that maybe a different style than some of the others in the class, but will certainly get herself noticed in this class.With the likes of Bistro, and 2015 Ontario Spring Show Champion, BOSDALE GOLD LUSTRE not at the fall shows this year, this opens the door for the likes of 450.
    A dark horse in this class has to be Katia the winner from the Wisconsin State Championship Show.  This silky back young cow is extremely dairy and has had time to develop since her victory and could catch a lot of the other top contenders in this class by surprise.

Senior 3 Year Old


    Roxanna, has to be the favourite to win this class. While some could argue that she is the 2nd best 3 year old at Quality Holsteins, behind BOSDALE GOLD LUSTRE. Roxanna has really taken off since being named Reserve Grand Champion at Ontario Summer Show. This heifer really is the complete package. She is extremely dairy with an amazing mammary systems. All exhibiters looking to win the Senior 3 Year old class will have to come through Roxanna.
    If there is a young cow that could throw a wrench in Roxanna’s parade it could be Dominque. After sending a clear message at the Quebec Championship Show that she will be a force reckoned with in this class. Dominique has the size and frame to go mono a mono with Roxanna and could just provide another upset and have the world talking. Similar to what she did when she defeated the extremely popular CAVANALECK DEMPSEY BOZICA at the Quebec Championship Show.
    After finishing 2nd to Roxanna at Ontario Summer Show and Dominique at the Quebec Championship show, Bozica, also known as “The Dempsy”, will be looking to show everyone why she has become a household name and has earned fans around the world.
    In what has to be one of the most heart warming stories in the world, Pantene seems to step up to the occasion for her owner and everyone’s little hero, Reese Burdette. Like she knows just how special Reese is. Pantene has taken her game to a whole new level this year and in this unbelievable story might just shock the world and answer the prayers of the most amazing little girl in the world. It could very well have us all in tears by the end of this class.
    Another cow to keep an eye for is Lindsay. This dark horse has a load of dairy strength and outstanding mammary system that powered her to victory at the Northeast Championship Show at the Big E.


Senior Cow Classes

The senior classes might be as deep as they have ever been in history.  Will no cut and dry favourites there is sure to be a lot of excitement when they hit the ring.

4 Year Old


    In what might go down as the greatest 4 year old class in history. The number of outstanding cows that could win, or at least deserve consideration is insane. Leading the way is the All-American and All-Canadian Junior 3 Year old Vedette. This amazing young cow has calved in again and looks absolutely great.
    She sent a very clear notice to the world when she defeated Marcy at the Wisconsin Championship Show, Sunkiss will be a force to dealt with in this insane class. She has continued to develop and mature and has bodied down and developed more width throughout and could send another clear message to the world on show day.
    In the spring time this year, Marcy the All-American & All-Canadian Sr 3 year old from last year, looked unbeatable for 2015.  While she has had a few bumps in the road this year, expect Marcy to step up her game and look her best when all the lights are on, as she has done so many times in the past.
    Sending notice not to be forgotten in an extremely competitive class is Boreale, the Grand Champion from Ontario Summer Show. This granddaughter of the great REGANCREST-PR BARBIE EX-92-7YR-USA, will turn heads and catch everyones attention.
    Cheerio first caught the worlds attention when she stood proud in the Semex Tent at the 2012 World Dairy Expo where she would go on to finish 2nd in the Milking Yearling Class. While she had relatively quite 2013 and2014 campaigns, she has certainly made herself known again when she won at the Western Fall National earlier this year. She has developed significantly and is now an extremely powerful cow.
    In what will be a 4 year old class for the record books, it’s out of this world to think that 3 of the contenders in this class are all from one string, Milksource. Add to that the favourite to win the 4 year old class in the Red & White Show, Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET EX-94. It’s an amazing group. Not to get lost in this group, is the cow the shocked the world when she defeated Marcy at the Royal last year, Brookvilla Goldwyn Brooks. This Reserve All-American and All-Canadian Senior 3 year old from last year will certainly catch the attention of many viewers.
    It seems odd to call winner from the Eastern Fall National a dark horse, but in this remarkable class that is actually the roll Lic fits into. Lic has the parts to go toe to toe with the heavyweights in this class. Something she proved when she duelled WINDY-KNOLL VIEW PARFAIT at the recent Harrisburg All-American Show.

5 Year Old


    She sent a clear message when she won the Royal in Butz-Butler Gold Barbara absence. Such a clear message that one of the partners in Gold Barbara, Kueffener Holsteins felt the need to purchase 2331. Back again in 2015, “The Lheros” looked out of this world when she was named Grand Champion at the Eastern Fall National Show. In a class that may not be as deep as some of the ones before it, LHeros 2331 is the odds on favourite.
    Looking to throw a wrench in the plans is Gold Deb 850. The Reserve All-Canadian and All-American Milking Yearling from 2011, sent notice that she was back when she won the 5 year old class at the Wisconsin Champion Show earlier this year.
    When Abba Dabba enters the ring, it’s not only her name that will catch your attention. This Goldwyn daughter has a near perfect side profile that is sure to earn her many fans.
    Not to be forgotten is the Reserve Grand Champion from the Midwest Fall National show.  Her mammary system alone makes her worthy of consideration in this class.
    Those looking for a dark horse in this class need watch for Melody and her stable mate Jacobs Knowledge Harpe. They will certainly fair well in a class that might not be as deep at the top end as in some of the other classes.

Aged Cow


    This class that has already seen some epic battles this year. From the beginning of the year when Alana defeated the Expo and Royal Grand Champion, RF GOLDWYN HAILEY, to Alana then being defeated by Valana at the Quebec Championship Show this class has certainly provide a great deal of drama so far this year. It is the victory in Quebec that has to give Valana just a slight edge in the rematch.
    Yet to weigh in on this battle is this All-American and All-Canadian 5 year old from last year. Katrysha has continued her winning ways being named Grand Champion earlier this year at the Wisconsin State Championship Show. Of note is the fact that Katrysha was owned in part by Judge Nathan Thomas in the past. You can be confident that Judge Thomas will judge them as he sees them on the day and if Katrysha deserves the victory, I have no doubt that he will award it to her.
    Often a cow that stirs great discussion is Alana.  Her extremely top shelf mammary systems reminds you of the great Thrulane James Rose, also exhibited by Ferme Pierre Boulet in the past.  Alana is a cow of extremes which has earned her fans the world over.  She has provided us some of the most exciting moments on the Tanbark trail over the past few years and I expect the Expo 2015 Aged Cow Class to be no different.
    A dark horse, if you can call her that, is the two time All-American Monique.  The reason she is a dark horse is she has not been exhibited yet this year and everyone is waiting to see if she can add a twist in this already impressive aged cow class.
    Another cow you may just want to keep an eye out for is this winning aged cow from the Eastern National Show. Panini might just be able to sneak in and edge out a couple of the cows mentioned above.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

In a year that sees no undisbutted easy winners in any class, this year’s World Dairy Expo Holstein Show is certain to have many different story lines. There will be some epic battles, especially in the 4 year old class as well as in the aged cows. One thing is for certain, so sit back and watch, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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