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Genetic Evaluations – April 2012


  • Planet is in an orbit onto himself
    With his first official domestic CDN proof Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET (Taboo x Amel) takes the coveted #1 LPI with #3 Milk, #2 Fat and #3 Protein.  Displaying much greater type than his sire stack would have you believe Planet’s domestic conformation score comes in at +11. The first 15 GLPI cows are Planet’s and 5/6 top GPA LPI heifers are from Planet daughters.
  • Highest New Release – De-Su Gillespy #2 LPI
    The highest debuting young sire graduate, De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle, full brother to Gavin in the US), lands #2 LPI (#7 Fat). Displaying outstanding production numbers and solid functional conformation traits Gillespy is a production and durability stand out, though does need to be protected on health and fertility traits.
  • New Release –  Gen-I-Beq Topside at #3 LPI
    Another newly proven Bolton son is Gen-I-Beq Topside at #3 LPI, who is out of the bull factory, Braedale Bailer Twine, and therefore a maternal brother to Goldwyn. Much like his brother, Topside needs to be protected on Rump, but offers high components with outstanding udders. Both Topside and Gillespy early sons of Bolton with signs of more to come.
  • Big Jumper – Butoise Bahamas jumps from #16 to #4
    Catapulting from #16 last round with a gain of 167 points over and above the 160-point genetic base adjustment for LPI, Butoise Bahamas (Jefferson x Titanic) breaks into the Top 10 at #4 LPI.  While offering outstanding mammary systems and strong production Bahamas needs to be protected on feet and legs
  • Previous Sires Holding Steady
    Previous LPI leader, Lirr Drew Dempsey (Goldwyn x Derry) drops 232 points but holds his own at #5 LPI and becomes tied at #1 Conformation (with Pine-TreeSid-ET). UFM-Dubs Olegant-ET (Elegant x O Man) climbs from #10 to #6 LPI experiencing little change to his proof profile. Kilobyte (Goldwyn x Durham) increases 160 LPI points and jumps from #20 last round to become #7 LPI. Three bulls lose their placing, but remain in the Top 10 LPI, namely O-Bee Manfred Justice becomes #8 LPI, Skalsumer Jorryn takes #9 LPI and Crackholm Fever (Goldwyn x Blitz) completes the lineup at #10 LPI.
  • Planet Daughters Dominate Top GLPI Cows
    Twenty-one of the Top 25 and the complete list of Top 10 GLPI cows are daughters of the newest breed leader, Planet. In fact, his domination is so strong that seven of the Top 10 GLPI cows are Planet daughters with their first official LPI.
  • New #1 GLPI Cow – Comestar Lautamire Planet
    The new #1 GLPI cow is Comestar Lautamire Planet (#9 Milk, #3 Protein), who is a daughter of Comestar Lautamia Bolton at #19 GLPI.
  • Planet Daughters take 21 of the top 25 GLPI Cows
    Benner Planet Jakova at #3 GLPI. The former LPI leader, Beaucoise Planet Plane, manages to increase her LPI but is forced to take #2 GLPI this round. Similarly, Gillette S Planet 2nd Snooze (daughter of Gillette Bolton 2nd Sleep) increases 101 points but cannot sustain the pressure of the newest Planet daughters and takes #5 GLPI. Other new Planet entrants among the Top 10 GLPI cows are Sandy-Valley Planet Melody (#4 GLPI), Ammon-Peachey Shana-ET (#6 GLPI), MS Chartroise Lorelei-ET (#7 GLPI, full sister of MSChartroise Leoni-ET at #23 GLPI, 2nd dam is Lylehaven Lila Z), Bourgival Planet Jordanie (#8 GLPI), and Delaberge Planet Lulu (#10 GLPI, full sister of Delaberge Planet Louisa at #14 GLPI). The list of Top 10 GLPI cows is completed by Sully Planet 935-ET, who gains 311 points to land at #9 from #15 GLPI.
  • Noticeable Red Daughters in Top GLPI Cow List
    Three red carriers still rank among the Top 50 GLPI cows this round. Misty Springs Planet Brice*RDC increases 126 points to land at #29 GLPI, KHW-I Aika Baxter*RDC drops from #12 to #41 GLPI after losing 188 points in concordance with the genetic base adjustment and  Charpentier Mr Burns Sibelle*RDC slides from #39 to #47 GLPI.


  • Freddie Still #1
    BADGER-BLUFF FANNY FREDDIE  (O MAN x DIE-HARD) holds his #1 ranking with no real change in daughter numbers
  • Man-O-Man moves to #2
    LONG-LANGS OMAN OMAN-ET  (O MAN x ALTAAARON) rides a 40 point increase in his TPI™ to move into the #2 spot with the addition of more 2nd crop daughters to his proof.
  • #1 New Release Sire is Massey
    CO-OP BOSSIDE MASSEY (Mascol x Bret) a graduate of the Genex Genesis Program is the #1 new release sire.  Transmitting outstanding production, durability and health traits Massey offers a  functional type break down but should be protected on Rump and Feet & Legs.
  • Hill Jumps from #11 to #6
    Climbing into the top ranks is LOTTA-HILL SHOTTLE 41-ET (Shottle x MW Marshall) with the addition of 171 daughters into his proof.
  • Steady as She Goes
    Seeing little change to his numbers CO-OP O-STYLE OMAN JUST (O Man x Teamster) see himself move into the top 5 TPI.  Followed by CHARLESDALE SUPERSTITION (Boliver x O Man) who holds his numbers but sees his rank drop from #4 to #6. Also holding steady and maintaining their top ranks are REGANCREST ALTAIOTA-ET (O MAN x ITO), MORNINGVIEW LEVI (BUCKEYE x O MAN), and CO-OP OMAN LOGAN-ET (O MAN x BW MARSHALL) holding on to their top 10 rankings.
  • New Top Genomic Young Sires


International Sires

  • SNOWMAN Still #1 International Sire
    FLEVO GENETICS SNOWMAN added 39 daughters to his proof and only slight change when taking into the 160 point base adjustment. With 874 daughters in his proof and strong Direct Genomic Values sees Snowman as the #1 demand sire of sons worldwide, though limited semen supply has caused challenges filling the demand.
  • New Release from Italy – MASCALESE
    Coming from a Italian maternal line well-known for high production records with extreme protein tests ZANI BOLTON MASCALESE (Bolton x Justice) combines extreme production and components.  Possessing greater conformation than his sire stack would indicate MASACLESE sires strong dairy cattle that are durable and poses good health and fertility traits.
    Adding 168 daughters sees UFM-DUBS ALTAESQUIRE (Justice x AltaSam) jumping and drawing close to his Direct Genomic Values.  Offering a very functional proof, AltaEsquire sires strong components from product healthy cattle, though needs to be protected on teat placement and udder depth.
  • Little afraid of this Shark
    Coming in as the #3 non USA or CDN sire is VH SHARKY SILAS.  This Sharky X O Man has strong production numbers with great component deviations.  The scary side comes to his type numbers.  Sitting at 0 or below for all major traits (except F&L where he is a 2), offers great production, durability and health and fertility numbers but will probably see limited use with such low type and no genomic information at this time.
  • New Shottle son from Strong International Sire Stack
    Coming from a Italian show cow CHEMELLO JOCOBENGE VG-87-2YR-ITA, BG E T SHOTTLE is a Shottle X Jacko Besn X Mtoto.  He sires strong productive cattle that have functional type.

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