The Bullvine Bull Book

The Bulvine Bull Book When you look at that top sires, you see an interesting mix, while there are some balanced sires, you also see some extremes. The challenge becomes do you mate for the extremes or do you seek the balanced sire. Geneticist would tell you to mate an extreme type on an extreme production in order to get the next great sire. While this does provide for the largest chance of finding the genetic outlier, it also produces the greatest chance of getting that total genetic dud.

If you are like most breeders, you look to produce the balanced profitable cow. With that in mind we analyzed and provide mating recommendations on the following:

  1. Top 10 LPI Sires
  2. Top 10 GPA LPI Young Sires
  3. Top 10 TPI Sires
  4. Top 10 GPA TPI Young Sires
  5. Other International sires of note

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