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April 2015 Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights

Five Newly Proven Sires in the Top 10 LPI, including a New #1!

A large number of newly proven bulls enter the scene this April release. Of the Top 10 bulls for LPI, five are new this round. In addition, an amazing 21 of the Top 50 bulls are newcomers, showcasing the high genetic caliber and quick turnover of chart topping sires in this day and age of genomics. Securing #1 LPI and #1 Fat is newly proven Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett son out of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi). Former #5 LPI, Va-Early-Dawn Sudan CRI-ET (Jammer x Sailor), added over 270 daughters to his production proof since December and increased 184 LPI points, moving him to #2 LPI this round. Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid) also added several hundred daughters to his production proof and, although his LPI remained very stable, he slipped from #1 to #3 LPI. Petherton Density (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) is the second highest new release bull this April, coming in at #4 LPI, who is followed closely at #5 LPI by the December-proven Pellerat Planet Lego (Planet x Goldwyn). Already proven in the United States, De-Su Fork-ET (Bolton x Shottle) comes in at #6 LPI for his first official Canadian proof. De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) only loses 12 LPI points but drops in rank from #2 to #7 LPI this round. Also no stranger to the Top LPI list, Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) added over 650 daughters to his production proof since December and gained 38 LPI points, but slipped to #8 position. Mel-Crest AltaRazor (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn) experienced a similar outcome due to the strength of high ranking new arrivals, moving from #3 to #9 LPI while only changing 8 points. Two other bulls with their first official LPI land tied at #10 LPI, namely Cangen Pinkman, who is one of the first Super sons proven in Canada (dam is KHW-I Aikame Baxter) and Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (Dorcy x Marsh), who now progeny proven after being a popular genomic young bull with over 1,100 registered daughters already born in Canada.

A Huge Influx of High Ranking Newly Proven sires

This round sees 112 young sires graduate to proven status as well as a first domestic LPI for 17 sires initially progeny proven outside of Canada. Man-O-Man sired 31 of the newly proven bulls in Canada this round, for a current total of 57 sons averaging 2760 LPI, of which 22 are among the Top 100. Charlesdale Superstition-ET (i.e.: Super) had his first wave of 11 newly proven bulls this April, a notable seven of which are among the Top 100 LPI. Schillview Garrett (O Man x Mtoto) had his first three sons receive official proofs in Canada this April, two of which landed in the Top 100, including the previously mentioned new #1 LPI sire, Mapel Wood Brewmaster. Beyond the five new entrants into the Top 10 LPI mentioned previously, the Top 50 LPI list acquires 16 additional newly proven sires, the highest of which is OCD Stargazer-ET (Super x Elegant) who ranks #12 LPI and is tied for #6 Milk. Red-Oak-DB Baxter Bill-ET (AltaBaxter x O Man) is the next highest newcomer at #14 LPI after already reaching proven status in the United States. Following in line are two highly anticipated genomic young bulls that receive their first official progeny proof this round, namely Misty Springs Supersonic (Super x Shottle) at #16 and Amighetti Numero Uno ET (Man-O-Man x Shottle) at #17 LPI. Three additional newcomers reach the Top 25 LPI list, including Cabon Fernand (#19 LPI, Man-O-Man son out of the wellknown French dam, Danoise, by Bolton), Regancrest Beau-ET (#22 LPI, Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) and Dirt-Road Mano Clemente-ET at #24 LPI (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn).

In terms of active sires that realize a significant drop this round, Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET (Sanchez x Shottle) loses 271 LPI points due to decreases for both production and type while Uecker Ramos Jock-ET (Ramos x O Man) drops 244 LPI points mainly due to changes in his production proof. On the up side, Gen-I-Beq Lavaman adds over 400 daughters to his production proof since December and boosts 253 LPI points, catapulting him from #79 to #15 LPI this April. Another bull to experience a large change upwards while adding several hundred daughters is Siemers Toy Hero 9710-ET, who climbs to #18 from his December rank of #44 LPI. Glaudale Bruno (Man-O-Man x AltaBaxter) also experiences an interesting gain of 213 LPI points and jumps from #87 to take #27 LPI this round.

Newly Indexed Numero Uno Daughter Ranks Among Top 10 for GLPI

Ste Odile Man-O-Man Model Saphire maintains her position at #1 GLPI for an impressive sixth consecutive proof release. Since debuting with an official index this past December, Sully Robust 720-ET has hung on at #2 GLPI and #1 Protein. One of her maternal sisters, however, is the highest newly indexed cow this April at #10 GLPI, namely Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET, while another maternal sister, Sully Hartford Snwmn 282-ET, takes #13 GLPI. Ste Odile Sudan Model Venus (daughter of Saphire) increases 103 LPI points to take #3 GLPI, up from #8 last round, and is tied for both #4 Fat and #10 Protein in the breed. Saphire also has two other high ranking daughters, namely Ste Odile Moon Model Luna at #13 GLPI and Ste Odile Chap Model Cassiopee at #14 GLPI, who is the second highest newly indexed cow this round. Maryclerc Snowman Crystal increases 54 LPI points to rank #4 GLPI, up from #12 in December. Velthius Supersonic Alyssa loses 41 LPI points but maintains her rank of #5 GLPI, while Leothe Sudan Differante takes a leap up the list from her previous position at #19 GLPI, landing in #6 position. Ste Odile Manifold Model Jade (maternal sister to Saphire) maintains a stable GLPI but increases from #11 to #8 spot and is tied at #9 Fat. The third Sudan daughter among the Top 10 GLPI is Fleury Sudan Mon BB, who rises 109 LPI points since December, shooting her up the list from position #43 to her current rank of #9 GLPI and #2 Fat.

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