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USA – Leading the way in the Dairy Genetics’ World

In honor of Independence Day in the United States, the Bullvine decided to take a closer look at the top USA bred bulls.  In the world market, indexes like TPI and NM$ dominate much of the discussion. But, in typical Bullvine form, we decided to look at things a little differently.  Instead of ranking them all by TPI (Holstein USA’s national index – Read more Everything You Need To Know About TPI and LPI), The Bullvine decided to rank them by BPI (Read more – Bullvine Performance Index). Note that all animals are percentage ranked compared to the highest bull (Mr. Lookout P Enforcer).

Top BPI Proven Sires

DE-SU OBSERVER160261527922.70.9999.8%
BADGER-BLUFF FANNY FREDDIE123654437791.570.9998.7%
DE-SU GULF148973405492.80.9292.9%
MORNINGVIEW LEVI87668546931.40.9591.3%
COYNE-FARMS SHOTLE YANCE181575545161.90.9389.6%
DE-SU HISTORY152484585672.410.9389.2%
LONG-LANGS OMAN OMAN126281735882.170.9988.3%
END-ROAD O-MAN BRONCO-ET177047625122.080.9988.1%
O-BEE MANFRED JUSTICE7816346643-0.070.9987.4%
VA-EARLY-DAWN SUDAN CRI126882535381.790.9286.8%

Top BPI Genomic Sires

MR LOOKOUT P ENFORCER173174677082.750.73100.0%
MR LOOKOUT PESCE ALTA5G102053466.123.960.7298.4%
DE-SU JEROD 1223161089518472.710.7497.5%
COYNE-FARMS JABIR144195558852.660.7296.7%
RMW ANCHOR147498477163.040.7294.8%
MR LOOKOUT P EMBARGO148594566443.380.7293.8%
DE-SU DISTINCTION 111301754976483430.7293.8%
WELCOME ARMITAGE PESKY102492637442.30.7293.6%
SULLY MCCORD 269141390537803.170.7192.9%

Top BPI Polled Sires

TIGER-LILY LADD P-RED-4030314773.030.7583.8%
SANDY-VALLEY CHIPPER-P137929465682.60.7281.5%
DA-SO-BURN MOM EARNHARDT P155776735981.970.7481.0%
PINE-TREE OHARE-P207353556821.920.7478.7%
KERNDTWAY ELIMINATOR-P60458234882.430.7378.0%
HICKORYMEA PARKER P19133205422.240.7578.0%
RI-VAL-RE OBSRVR DOLO-P114349365712.780.7376.6%
LIRR SPECIAL EFFECTP-RED12239175771.780.7375.5%
RI-VAL-RE OBSRVR DAVE-P136753465392.540.7374.9%
SANDY-VALLEY COLT P-RED70510264681.780.7573.3%

It is interesting to see just how closely ranked the top Genomic sires and proven sires in the USA are.  Unlike Canada that recently adjusted its LPI formula to bring indexes closer together (Read more: Canadian LPI Rescaling Explained (April 2013)), the US has always had a very close ranking among top sires.  Even the most progressive Genomic breeder, should still consider using sires like DE-SU OBSERVER, BADGER-BLUFF FANNY FREDDIE and DE-SU GULF.  Having said that, many may choose to use the highest of their sons in order to stay ahead of the rest.

Another interesting note is how quickly the top polled sires are catching up to their non-polled counterparts.  Only a year ago the top polled sires would not have been within 30% of the top non-polled.  These days they are within 20% and at this current rate, in another 5 years they will be at the same level.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

There is no question that, when you look at the top bull lists around the world, the USA dominates (Read more: What the Experts Will Tell You about Who Is Winning the Genetic Improvement Race).  Between the use of TPI and NM$ US breeders have been leaders in the identification of top bloodlines for health, fertility and profitability.  The question now becomes, “Can they stay on top?”


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