With 8 of the top 10 Genomic TPI™ young sires being themselves sons of young sires, there is no question that breeders of these top animals have confidence in genomics and are using it to shorten their genetic intervals.

Top 10 Genomic TPI Young Sires Review - April 2012
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                              The following is our analysis of the top 10 GTPI young sires from the April 2012 Genetic Evaluations:

                              #1 – AMIGHETTI NUMERO UNO

                              AMIGHETTI NUMERO UNO

                              Holding on to his #1 spot despite 7 new members in the top 10, NUMERO UNO from Semex possess an international pedigree.  Sired by a MAN-O-MAN he is only one of two sires on this list that are not themselves sired by young sires.  His dam AMIGHETTI SHOTTLE AVE VG-88-2YR-ITA in an unparalleled Italian source for GTPI.  The foundation of the family is Center-Field Elevation Berta, directly imported from the U.S. Watch for NUMERO UNO to sire well-balanced cattle that have strong mammary systems and great feet and legs.  Surprisingly watch for him to be an outstanding Rump improver that you may not expect from a Man-O-Man son.  A couple of areas that he may not perform as well as his sire stack may indicate are his overall production and protein kgs.  NUMERO UNO will mate well with typical daughters of Planet, Bolton, Stol Joc and Mr Burns.


                              #2 – SEAGULL-BAY SUPERSIRE

                              SEAGULL-BAY SUPERSIRE

                              #2 on the GTPI list is SUPERSIRE, the more genomicically gifted of the Robust full brothers from AMMON-PEACHEY SHAUNA VG-87-2YR-USA who is the popular Planet bull dam at Seagull-Bay. Both being sampled at Select Sires, and tracing back to WESSWOOD-HC RUDY MISSY EX-92-3E USA DOM GMD.  SUPERSIRE himself is a son of a test sire ROYLANE SOCRA ROBUST (Socrates x O-Man) that is from another Seagull-Bay cow family SEAGULL-BAY OMAN MIRROR VG-86-3YR-USA DOM who is the #1 O Man of the breed.  SUPERSIRE sires outstanding production with solid components and sound durability and health and fertility traits.  SUPERSIRE will sire solid confirmation across the board.  Watch for SUPERSIRE to sire much better components than his full brother.  Though some may consider it risky using a young sire who himself is a son of a young sire, SUPERSIRE will work well on many of the top sires though he needs to be protected on milking speed.


                              #3 – DE-SU BKM MCCUTCHEN 1174

                              DE-SU BKM MCCUTCHEN 1174

                              Also from Select sires comes MCCUTCHEN from SULLY SHOTTLE MAY VG-85-3YR-USA DOM. May is believed to have more offspring genomic tested over 2200 & 2300 GPTI than any other cow in the breed.  MCCUTCHEN is himself a son of a young sire DE-SU 521 BOOKEM (Planet x Ramos).  MCCUTCHEN`s genomic pattern shows the potential to sire extreme balance of production and conformation with the potential for breed leading conformation with the ability to improve all major composites.  Similar to SUPERSIRE, MCCUTCHEN will work well on many of the top sires though he needs to be protected on milking speed.

                              #4 – SEAGULL-BAY HEADLINER

                              SEAGULL-BAY HEADLINER

                              The full brother to #2 on the list, SUPERSIRE, HEADLINER will sire a little more protein than his higher ranked full brother.  The biggest difference between the two may be SUPERSIRES ability to leave more desirable rumps.  HEADLINER and his full brother SUPERSIRE are a testament to keeping the genetic interval as tight as possible, with the tight cross of young sire on Planet then Shottle followed by O Man and Rudolph.  Their dam Shauna has the unique ability to sire top ranking sires in both the US (TPI) and Canada (LPI). HEADLINER will work well on many of the top sires though he needs to be protected on milking speed and calving ease.


                              #5 – MOUNTFIELD SSI DCY MOGUL

                              MOUNTFIELD SSI DCY MOGUL

                              The second of the previous top 10 GTPI young sires to retain his top rank is MOGUL.  He, is also a son of a young sire COYNE-FARMS DORCY and like many others on this list is also from Select Sires.  MOGUL is a testament to his strong maternal lines as his EBV’s far outperforms his sire stack.  Look for MOGUL to offer a strong balanced offering but needs to be protected on his rump.  Though he will leave much greater dairyness and strength than this sire stack would indicate.  Similar to SUPERSIRE and HEADLINER, MOGUL’s maternal pedigree traces back to WESSWOOD-HC RUDY MISSY EX-92-3E USA DOM GMD.  Mogul’s Dam MOUNTFIELD MARSH MAXINE VG-88-2YR-USA DOM being a great granddaughter.  MOGUL offers a nice outcross as there is no GOLDWYN, PLANET, or SHOTTLE in it.  MOGUL makes a nice cross for SHOTTLE bloodlines.


                              #6 – S-S-I DOMAIN LITHIUM

                              S-S-I DOMAIN LITHIUM

                              Continuing their dominance of the top GTPI lists Select adds LITHIUM.  Similar to the other additions LITHIUM is himself a son of a young sire, RONELEE TOYSTORY DOMAIN (Toystory x Outside) from Trans-America Genetics.  LITHIUM is a riskier choice to use, as his Genomic values are significantly lower than that of his parent averages, or sire stack would indicate.  Of specific note is the much lower values for dairy strength, rump, fat and overall production.  LITHIUM will sire strong udders and feet and legs with solid production.  Though additional consideration should be given to lactation persistency and milking speed.


                              #7 – DE-SU 1263 “RANSOM”

                              DE-SU 1263

                              From Androgenetics comes another ROYLANE SOCRA ROBUST (Socrates x O-Man) son.  Similar to SUPERSIRE and HEADLINER, RANSOM is genomically gifted beyond his sire stack, transmitting much more milk, fat and rump improvement than his pedigree would indicate.  RANSOM will sire extreme improvement in feet and legs though may need to be protected on dairy strength.  Continuing in the breeding pattern of other sires from De-Su, RANSOM has a tight genetic sire stack with a young sire being used on a Romas daughter from Shottle followed by O Man.


                              #8 – RONELEE SSI O DADDY

                              RONELEE SSI O DADDY

                              At this rate we are going to need to start to call this the Select Sires New Release list (For more on this read Should A.I. Companies Own Females?).  Like so many others on this list, DADDY is a son of a young sire himself (For more on this read The Genomic Advancement Race – The Battle For Genetic Supremacy) that also traces back to breeding at De-Su.  His sire is Observer (Planet x O Man) son of DE-SU OMAN 6121-ET VG-86-2YR-USA DOM GMD.  However, unlike many of the other sires on our list after his sire, DADDY’s pedigree is actually a little dated and contributes to him being one of the lowest sire stacks in the top 10.  This puts a lot of weight on his sire to carry a lot of the genetic weight.  Daddy will sire strong production though will need to be protected on Fat.  The surprising part, given his sire stack, will be his ability to sire strong dairy cattle that walk on a solid set of feet and legs.  However, much like his pedigree predicts he will need to be protected on Feet & Legs.  His daughters should be extremely durable though may need to be protected on milking speed.


                              #9 – ROYLANE BOXER PUNCH 4311

                              ROYLANE BOXER PUNCH 4311

                              Would you be surprised if I told you that PUNCH is also from Select?  Well he is.  Again he is a son of young sire, Boxer (Shottle x Goldwyn) that is from the Barbie’s at Regancrest.  PUNCH is a brother to the heavily used young sire ROBUST, that is the sire of SUPERSIRE, HEADLINER, and RANSOM from our top list.  Watch for PUNCH to sire strong components and very balanced type.  Watch for PUNCH to sire much more durable daughters with better health traits that his sire stack would indicate.  His daughters will be much stronger than you would expect with O Man, Manat, and Celsius in the pedigree.  While his daughters may not be as high production as others, watch for PUNCH to add the balanced that you would expect from the conformation from his paternal side and production from the maternal side.


                              #10 – MINNIGAN-HILLS DAY

                              MINNIGAN-HILLS DAY

                              The third sire of the previous top 10 sires to maintain their status on the list, DAY, offers a great combination of type and production.  While DAY’s pedigree might spell just average type watch for him to be a potential breed leader.  He will sire outstanding udders, feet & legs and surprisingly rumps and strength.  The part that he does not live up to his pedigree or sire stack on is his production.  He does need to be protected on production, though he will sire better components than expected.

                              For more information check out The Bullvine Bull Book or our Genetic Evaluation Resource Center.