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August 2013 Holstein Sire Evaluation Highlights From Around the World

top13of2013It’s that time of year again.  Time when you have to dump all the semen you have out of your tank and replace it with the new hot sires. Or if you have been good about choosing your sires, your semen usage may not change that much.  The following is a recap of the sire genetic evaluations from around the world.




Proven Sires

Interesting things are happening on the US list.  CO-OP BOSSIDE MASSEY moves up from his #5 spot last time to regain his #1 ranking.  More notably is how DE-SU OBSERVER drops from his #1 spot down to #21 (Dropping 144 TPI points).   There was also some new release sires catching attention:

    Socrates x Oman x Manat
    The popular genomic sire of sons comes through with a strong proof.  His extreme production and components power him to the #6 position on the International TPI list.  While his type is solid, he will need to be protected on rumps and especially dairy strength.  At -5 for stature, -6 for body depth, and -3 for chest width and angularity he is certain to be more widely used in commercial environments.
  • DE-SU 521 BOOKEM
    Planet x Ramos x Hershel
    Similar to Robust, Bookem was also a popular sire of sons and adds more daughter numbers to be officially released as a proven sire at #7.  He is also an extreme production sire that offers breed leading protein and milk, with strong health and fertility traits.  Showing a little more balance than Robust, Bookem’s type breakdown shows the only significant protection needed on his rumps.
    Planet x Shottle x Oman
    Continuing Alta’s strong proof run was AltaMeteor.  A full brother to the popular bull dam SULLY PLANET MANITOBA GP-83-2YR, AltaMeteor  offers a pretty balanced package.  His component scores are slight negatives, but he does offer strong production.  He does excel in his type improvement, specifically his udders and legs, though he will need to be protected in his rump angle and teat length.  Also catching our attention was his Dtr PG rate and semen fertility.
    Planet x Shottle x Outside
    Cancun is the Planet son from the extremely popular LARCREST COSMOPOLITAN VG-87-3YR-USA DOM GMD.  With solid numbers across the board, he is sure to add to the popularity of this cow family.  However, his higher calving ease score would mean that he should not be used on virgin heifers.

Genomic Sires

There is excitement around the GPA TPI results with many newcomers to the list.  Gulliver (also known as Alta1stClass) drops to the #2 spot, with former #2, 1757 (also known as MegaSire) moving into the #1 spot.  Making a big jump from the #18 spot to the #3 placing is EDG RUBY MOGUL 1336  (also known as Rubicon).  Newcomers to the top 10 are:

    McCutchen x Robust x Zenith
    From the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family, Monterey, like his sire, offers extreme health and fertility traits.  Look for his daughters to be extremely low maintenance cows that will last a long time in most herd environments.  Though I would protect him on high pinned heifers and cows.
    McCutchen x Superstition x Shottle
    Another McCutchen son with high health and fertility traits, this time from the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family.  With a similar transmitting pattern to Monterey, it will be interesting to see which sire gets used more. The determining factor may be the slightly higher dairy strength of Kingboy vs the slight edge in health and fertility of Monterey.
    Supersire x Shamrock x Shottle
    From the Select Sires ART program (Read more: Select Sires vs. Semex – A Contrast in Cooperatives and A Wake-up Call to All A.I. Companies) comes Magicday.  Magicday traces back to the Lynmead Celsius Minnow family.  Talk about a balanced sire with strong rankings in all major categories.  This is a sire that is sure to work on many different cattle, though will need to be protected on his quality of bone in his feet and legs.



Proven Sires

While Man-O-Man maintains his #1 ranking, four newcomers emerge in the top 10 with three in the top five.

  • Mel-Crest AltaRazor
    Baxter x Goldwyn x Throne
    Coming in at 110 kgs for Fat puts AltaRazor number 2 in the breed for Fat as well.  AltaRazor traces back to the legendary MARKWELL BSTAR E RAVEN EX-95-3E-USA  GMD DOM 5*.  He combines that with strong type (+12) and solid health and fertility traits.  AltaRazor will need to be protected on rumps, especially pin setting and has an extreme rump angle (9L).
  • Regancrest AltaIota
    Oman x Ito x Emory
    AltaIota gets a strong Canadian proof to go with his established US numbers.  Great components and outstanding health and fertility traits are the trademark of AltaIota daughters.  He does have strong overall type, though would need some protection on Feet & Legs and Rump.
  • De-Su Authority
    Joc x Oman x BW Marshall
    This much hyped sire comes in at #5 (#4 protein) and is one of the first Joc sons proven in Canada.  Combined with his extreme protein is elite fat and production with solid type.  He will need to be protected on dairy strength and body depth.  One area that is particularly glaring is his 58 rating for semen fertility.

Genomic Sires

Joyride’s ride runs short as three sires move above him to top the list.  As the extremely popular sire of sons Supersire moves into the #3 slot, there are 2 newcomers in the top two spots:

  • Champion AltaBookel
    Bookem x Man-O-Man x Shottle
    With Bookem coming out strong in the US his sons are going up as well.   AltaBookel’s pedigree may not be that well known to North American breeders, but he traces back to Broeks MBM Elsa (Read more: 2012 Golden Dam Finalist).  AltaBookel fits well in the Canadian LPI system, with his outstanding production and type.  Sure to be a popular flush sire, I would advise breeders to make sure that they are using him on high health and fertility families as that is where the international market is heading.
  • Ste Odile Satisfaction
    Epic x Man-O-Man x Baxter
    An early Epic son, Satisfaction traces back to COMESTAR MODEL LADY VG-89-4YR-CAN 22*.  Like most of the top genomics sires, Satisfaction possesses outstanding type and production numbers, but he also combines that with strong health and fertility traits, sure to make him a very popular flush sire. Though I would caution his use on straight legged cows and heifers.
  • Boldi V Lifeline
    Hefty x Planet x Shottle
    Another high genomic sire that traces back to LYLEHAVEN LILA Z EX-94-CAN 16*.  Lifelion is like many members of this family that excel in their production and type numbers, though may need to be protected on some health and fertility traits, specifically calving ability.




  • The top 5 NVI proven sires are: Delta Atlantic, Skalsumer Blitz, Flevo Genetics Snowman, Heuval Saurez, MR Goldwyn Amos.
  • The Top 5 NVI genomic sires are: Camion Van De Peul, Hjr Windstar, Delta Fidelity, Capnation Absolute and Cherokee Van De Paul.



  • Top Proven RZG bulls in Germany
    1. Guarini (S:Goldwyn) RZG 148
    1. Magorian (S:Mascol) RZG 148
    3. Bakombre (S:Baxter) RZG 145
  • Top Genomic Young sires ranked on RZG
    1. Boss (S:Bookem) gRZG 161
    2. Borussia (S:Butch) gRZG 158
    3. Sundance (S: Sudan) gRZG 157



  • Top proven bulls for type
    #1 Heavenly Golden Dreams (S: Goldwyn) Conf 5.84
    #2 Go-Farm Pitbull (S:Mr Burns) Conf 5.48
    #3 Zani Shott Neapol (S:Shottle) Conf 5.10
  • Top proven bulls for PFT
    #1 Zani Bolton Mascalese (S:Bolton) PFT +2785
    #2 DM Ramos Memolo (S:Ramos) PFT +2586
    #3 Pirolo Goldwyn Wyman (S:Goldwyn) PFT +2527
  • Top Genomic Young sires in Italy for PFT
    #1 Giessen Inseme Clapton (Hunter) PFT 2812
    #2 Go-Farm Royal Eudon (Million) PFT+2768
    #3 All-Nure Secretariat (Numero Uno) PFT+2741


1194989019702707184british_flag_felipescu_01r.svg.hi[1]United Kingdom

  • Top proven bulls UK & International for type
    #1 Heavenly Golden Dreams (S: Goldwyn) TM 4.53
    #2 Toc-Farm Goldsun (S: Goldwyn) TM 4.40
    #3 Bertaiola Mincio (S:Bolton)TM 4.07
  • Top proven bulls UK & International for PLI
    #1 Guarini (S: Goldwyn) PLI +262,
    #2 Cogent Twist (S:Shottle) PLI+256
    #3 Ballycairn OMan Pello (S:OMan) PLI+252
  • Top genomic bulls on the UK system for type
    #1 Stantons Eberle (S:Shamrock)TM 4.0
    #2 Mr Atwood Brokaw (S:Atwood)TM 3.97
    #2 Ladys-Manor Savior (S:Lauthority)TM 3.97
  • Top genomic bulls on the UK system for PLI
    #1 De-Su RB Moonray 11038 (S: Robust) PLI +279
    #2 Welcome Armitage Pesky (S:Armitage) PLI +274
    #3 Parile Locarno (S:Pierre) PLI+268


The Bullvine Bottom Line

While you may not have to throw out all your old semen.  With so many new sires coming out, you will certainly have many new choices in deciding just what are the perfect crosses for your genetic programs.

To see all the latest proofs be sure to check out our Genetic Evaluation Section.


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