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April 2015 US Genetic Evaluation Highlights

The April 2015 Genetic Evaluations were anything but quiet.  With six new sires in the top 10 TPI sires, there are certainly many changes and many new sires to cover.  So let’s get started….

Top 10 Proven TPI Sires

#1. Supersire

Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET   TY
Robust x Planet x Shottle

With his first official daughter proof, Seagull-Bay Supersire not only validates his high genomics numbers (+2581 gTPI in April of 2012) but he actually outperforms it (+2613 gTPI April 2014).  (Read more: Top 10 Genomic TPI Young Sires Review – April 2012) When you factor in the base change that occurred in August 2015, Supersire’s genomic PTAT proof of 2.78 (1.78 with rollback) was spot on with his current 1.77.  Expect Supersire to leave daughters that are all around solid cows.  While not show stoppers, he has a no holes type linear and strong production that make him a strong commercial sire.  He has had a tremendous impact on genetics around the world.  Supersire is living up to our prediction that he is a generational sire that will have a huge influence for years to come.  (Read more: The 12 Genomic Sires Most Likely to Top the Proven TPI List in April 2016)


#2. Mogul

Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul-ET TR TY
Dorcy BY x Marsh x O Man

While Mogul’s numbers held steady from his initial daughter proof last round, there are some concerns about Mogul’s type info in Canada (Dropped 8 points). But with 313 daughters in 130 herds (97%) in the US where Mogul is a solid +2.85 compared to 53 daughters in 34 herds (82% Rel) in Canada where is a +8 conformation, breeders can expect Mogul to be more like his US proof than his CDN one.  The area of greatest variance between the two evaluations is his dairy strength.  In Canada, Mogul is a -1 for dairy strength while in the US he is +1.87 for Dairy Form and +0.88 for Body depth.  You will need to watch the SCS score as well as the DPR when using Mogul. Like Supersire, Mogul and his brother Mixer trace back to the WESSWOOD-HC RUDY MISSY EX-92-3E USA DOM GMD that has now proven to not only deliver superior genomic sires, but now also now has impact on the top proven sire list.


#3. Robust

Roylane Socra Robust-ET TR
Socrates x O Man x Manat

Like a fine wine, Robust gets better with age.  Since receiving his first proven daughter proof way back in August of 2012, Robust has increased his gTPI by 235 points and now stands at +2517 and holds the #3 proven sire slot in the US.  Not only did  Robust  prove himself as a high genomic young sire, then a proven sire, but now, with sons like Supersire, he is showing that he deserves to be ranked up with sires such as Planet and Man-O-Man. He joins those sires that can deliver impact sons in the genomic era.  While they are not high conformation, based on type classification, they are certainly cows that last (+7.5 PL).  (Read more: SHE AIN’T PRETTY – SHE JUST MILKS THAT WAY!)


#4. Day

Minnigan-Hills Day-ET   TY
Super x Bolton x Shottle

For those of you who asking   if top genomic sires end up as the top proven sires, Day makes the third   sire from  the top 10 genomic sires of  April 2012 that are now in the top 10 proven sires. Mogul and Supersire are the other two.  Day is the #2 new release sire this round.  As we predicted in April 2012, Day daughters have proven to have greater dairy strength than his initial genomic proof would have predicted. (Read more: The 12 Genomic Sires Most Likely to Top the Proven TPI List in April 2016) Also, as predicted, Day’s official daughter proof for production is slightly lower than his genomic values though they are still very solid.


#5. Marcelon

Morningview Marcelon Cri-ET   TY
Freddie x Shottle x Champion

Another new graduate to the list is Marcelon Cri.  While certainly not 2012 genomic list topper, he was within that striking range that we tell breeders to watch for (10% or 250 gTPI points).  Mercelon outperformed his genomic proof for components and especially for his DPR and conception rates.  Much like his sire, Freddie, Marcelon daughters will not wow you with their conformation, but they last (+4.6 PL).  They have great udders with close teat placements and strong feet and legs.  One area you will want to protect Marcelon on is his angularity. His daughters are more round than they are sharp (to use aAa terms).


#6. Mixer

Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mixer-ET   TY
Dorcy BY x Marsh x O Man

Mixer moves up from number #12 last time to #6 this round.  His proof increased 123 lbs. of milk, 14 lbs. of fat and 8 lbs. of protein. He held steady on his conformation proof. This full brother to Mogul is proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Mixer and Mogul are excellent examples of the best way to utilize genomics.  Here you have two full brothers that, under the pre-genomic era of sampling sires, we would not have known which one was better.  But, as genomics predicted in August of 2012, Mogul is the better of the two sires though both are outstanding sires.  The question now becomes, “Will Mixer get the opportunity that Mogul has had to become an impact sire?”


#7. Moonboy

De-Su Dorcy Moonboy 954-ET TR TY
Dorcy BY x Shottle x O Man

Can you have too much of a good thing?  Well, don’t tell that to Select Sires.  Moonboy ranks   5th of their 7 sires in the top ten TPI proven sires for Select. He was (3rd among new release as well.  Like Mixer, Moonboy is the lesser known of a famous brother, Mccutchen.  Though, unlike Mixer, Moonboy actually now stands ahead (though just slightly) of his famous brother.  (+2396 vs +2379).   Sully Shottle May-TW EX-90 DOM is proving to be a can’t- miss dam of sires,  with sons Manitoba, Predestine, Mayfield, AltaMeteor, and Mexico all receiving outstanding proofs.  Moonboy has a solid all-around proof though he will certainly need to be protected on his fat, straightness of legs and rump angle.


#8. McCutchen

De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET   TY
Bookem x Shottle x O Man

The 4th new release sire for Select Sires in the top 10, McCutchen comes as no surprise to most breeders. While he did not hold his lofty +2547 gTPI,  he is still an outstanding +2379, good for #8 on the proven sire list just behind his brother Moonboy and slightly ahead of his sire Bookem, who stands at  9th on the list.  MCCUTCHEN`s daughters show the potential he has to sire extreme balance between solid production and outstanding conformation.  McCutchen is a high type sire that also delivers calving ease and solid health traits.


#9. (T) Bookem

De-Su 521 Bookem-ET  TR TY
Planet x Ramos x AltaHershel

Dropping from the #3 spot last round to tied for #9 this time would have you think that Bookem must have had a significant decline in his overall numbers.  In fact, he only lost 40 points. However, with so many new sires coming out, he dropped in the rankings. Bookem sires extreme production and offers breed leading protein and milk, with strong health and fertility traits.  Bookem’s type breakdown shows that the only significant protection he needs on his rumps.


#9. (T) Numero Uno

Amighetti Numero Uno TVLy   TY
Man-O-Man x Shottle x Boss Iron

Rounding out the top 10 is Amighetti Numero Uno.  As expected, Numero Uno’s production continued to drop. It now stands -399 Milk.  (Read more: US December 2014 Genetic Evaluations Highlights )  His overall proof was bolstered by an increase in %F and a slight increase in %P.   Numero Uno also received his first official proof in Canada, where he stands #17 on the Proven LPI list.  Expect him to sire outstanding type improvement, specifically udders and legs, but he certainly needs to be protected on his overall production.


Top Genomic Sires over 1 Year of Age

#1. Director

Mr Pre Director 57512-ET
Predestine x Robust x Planet

Heading the list of top sires over one year of age is Director.  He is yet another outstanding son from Miss Ocd Robst Delicious-ET VG-86 DOM.  Delicious is proving herself as an outstanding producer of high genomic progeny, similar to the likes of Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 and Sully Shottle May-TW EX-90 DOM.   While not as lofty in type numbers as some of the top genomic sires, Director will sire solid mammary systems and feet and legs, though he will need to be protected on his dairy strength (body depth, stature and chest width).  He will also need to be protected on his rump angle and loin strength.   He will sire high component improvement as well as outstanding productive life and conception traits.


#2. Delta

Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET   TY
Mogul x Robust x Planet

Standing tall and holding his #2 spot on the top genomic sires over a year of age is Delta. Delta is the Mogul brother to Director from Miss Ocd Robst Delicious-ET VG-86 DOM. Delta has extremely high ratings for CM$ 899 and milk (1487), fat (90), protein (52), PL (8.0) and SCS (2.84). Delta should sire strong mammary system improvement, specifically rear udder height and attachments and also solid feet and legs.  Delta will need to be protected on his body depth and overall stature.


#3. Denver 1426

Mr Mogul Denver 1426-ET   TY
Mogul x Robust x Planet

With Denver, it is a trifecta for Miss Ocd Robst Delicious-ET VG-86 DOM for genomic sires over a year of age.  Denver 1426 is the full brother to Delta.  At over 2 points on all type composites and over 2,000 lbs. of milk and positive components, Denver 1426 is in elite company.  For those looking to sire high scoring two-year-olds, they will need to protect him on the height of front end and body depth.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

With Powerball-P holding on to the top polled sire status and Archrival standing tall as the top genomic type sire, just ahead of Atwood the top proven type sire, there weren’t significant changes on these lists. With so many new proven sires coming from the high genomic sire ranks and many full brothers proving themselves, the April 2015 US genetic evaluations were certainly a strong validation for genomics.

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