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New RZG: The Whole Cow at a Glance

In April 2021, the RZG will be published in a new composition. In its weighting, it combines all the important main points of the breeding objective for German Holsteins.

A revision of breeding values is not unusual. Often this is done to refocus a breeding value or to include newly implemented breeding values with overriding importance for the breed in an index. In the case of the RZG, both aspects can be mentioned as reasons and are to be understood as a consistent further development of the total merit index towards more animal welfare.

What is new in the RZG?

The composition of the new RZG

With the reweighting of the overall index, the health breeding values RZhealth and RZcalfhealth published in 2019 are now also taken into account. Furthermore, in addition to feet and legs and udder, the trait complex body is also included in the RZG. An observation of the development of important body traits in the population led to this step.

While the RZhealth is newly included in the RZG, the milk production (RZM), the longevity (RZN) and the fertility (RZR) lose weight in benefit to the health breeding values. Since the RZhealth can be used to directly improve animal health through breeding, the importance of the previously used secondary traits for animal health (RZS, RZR and RZN) decreases. The RZN and RZR are positively influenced indirectly via the RZhealth. As a result, the reduction of the weight percentages in the index does not have a negative effect on the development of the traits. The removal of the breeding value  for Somatic cell Score (RZS) is performed in favour of the mastitis breeding value in  RZhealth. The RZhealth more directly reflects and influences udder health.

The reduction of the RZM in the RZG allows a stronger focus on functional traits in the already high performing German Holsteins without compromising the economic importance of this breeding value. Overall, a breeding improvement in animal welfare can therefore be achieved.

Development of the RZG

The development of the RZG from 1996 to today

There is a constant development in breeding. On the one hand, the technique of breeding value estimation is constantly developing and on the other hand, the demands of farmers and society are also increasing. Therefore, the focus is on balanced breeding, e.g. in addition to performance traits, health and robustness play an increasingly important role. Whereas until the mid-1990s only milk production could be handled by breeding, gradually new functional traits became available, so that today fitness, robustness and health of the animals are in the foreground. At the same time, milk production has continued to lose weight with each adaptation of the RZG. Today, RZM has only a weight of 36% in the RZG, but it still guarantees an economic basis for farmers.

The modification of the RZG is therefore a necessary but nevertheless cautious further development of an already good total merit index, without completely changing it.


The advantages of the new RZG

The new RZG – A total merit index over generations

  • increases animal health
  • takes the conformation into account
  • enables high performance herds in all areas
  • is based on a large database with a high data quality
  • combines the most important breeding values for the best possible ranking


RZG and RZ€ – two indexes?

With the RZG and the RZ€, Germany has two valuable and up-to-date indexes (total merit and net merit) at its disposal. The RZG is the traditional version of a total merit index, oriented towards the breeding objective of the German Holsteins, due to the proportion of functional conformation. The RZ€, on the other hand, is a purely economically oriented version and therefore a net merit index. With both breeding values, however, the entire profile of a complete and high-performing cow is not lost sight of. Which index is used for the selection of male and female breeding animals depends largely on the breeding philosophy of the individual farm.

Source: RZ Made in Germany

The FAO Dairy Price Index – March 2021

The FAO Dairy Price Index averaged 117.4 points in March, up 4.4 points (3.9 percent) from February, rising for the tenth consecutive month and lifting the index to nearly 16 percent above its value in the corresponding month last year. In March, international butter prices rose, mainly underpinned by somewhat tight supplies in Europe due to a slow start to its milk production season and increased internal demand in anticipation of a foodservice sector recovery. Milk powder prices also rose, supported by a surge in imports in Asia, especially China, due to concerns over possible short-term sourcing challenges amidst seasonally declining milk production in Oceania and scarce shipping container availability in Europe and North America. By contrast, cheese prices fell slightly for a third consecutive month due to limited demand for spot supplies.


Neospora infects 25% of UK dairy farmer’s herd

A tenant farmer in Surrey says his dairy herd has been devastated by neospora after an increase in dog walkers using the land in the last 18 months.

Mark Frost has recorded an alarming rise in infection and said he has found the disease in a quarter of the 100 British Friesians he keeps in Norbury Park, near Leatherhead and Dorking.

Mark Frost in field with cattle

Mark Frost © Surrey County Council

This has led to 11 miscarriages in the past eight months and estimated losses of about £8,000 a year, Mr Frost said.

The farmer runs the cows on about 24ha that is open to the public, and an influx of dog walkers using the footpaths has led to more litter across the fields.

Beer cans and bottles, food wrappers, disposable barbecues and surgical masks have been discarded in the fields and hedgerows as well.

Litter in field

© Surrey County Council

Mr Frost said his livelihood is under threat and most of his time is spent clearing up the mess best he can.

“The infection had always been around 5% of the herd, but there has been a huge jump in the last year and a half,” he told Farmers Weekly.

“You have got people coming from everywhere now – London, Croydon, Haywards Heath – it is not necessarily local.

“You get professional dog walkers who turn up because there is a car park opposite. Some of them will have 10 dogs.

“We do have signs up, but people aren’t very helpful. It is only about 10% of the people but it is enough to cause us a huge problem.”

The 6ha field opposite the car park is currently shut for silage-making, but Mr Frost said he was having to still walk through and pick out dog mess to stop it going in to the clamp.

The land is rented from Surrey County Council and Mr Frost farms with his 78-year-old father, who has been on the land for 42 years.

Surrey County Council has produced a video for dog walkers, in which Mr Frost explains the devastating impact the dog fouling and littering is having.

Neospora – which leads to abortions, still births and infertility in cattle – is caused by livestock grazing pasture contaminated with dog faeces containing eggs from the parasite neospora caninum.


Dairy Distillery finds winning formula

Each year, OBJ recognizes the region’s rapidly growing firms with its Fastest Growing Companies awards. The aim is to honour the city’s top performers for substantial, sustainable and profitable growth. Recipients are ranked by their three-year revenue growth. They must have had revenues of at least $100,000 in the first of those three years under consideration. Revenues must have risen to at least $500,000 in their most recent fiscal year.

Whereas most dairy farmers see unused milk byproducts as a problem, Dairy Distillery co-founder and CEO Omid McDonald saw them as an opportunity.

Since 2018, the Almonte-based distillery has been making cream liquors and other spirits from milk permeate, the liquid left over after cream, fat and proteins have been removed from whole milk for use in products such as butter, ice cream and yogurt.

While milk permeate usually ends up down the drain, McDonald put the sugary substance to use. The unconventional idea has been a resounding success.

McDonald, who previously launched three tech startups, says he began making moonshine after visiting a micro-distillery in Charleston, S.C. But the real inspiration came after his cousin Neal McCarten (now a partner and director of operations at Dairy Distillery) mentioned that his uncle’s dairy farm was dumping skim milk.

“I discovered that this waste product is an issue in Canada and around the world, and is a huge problem for the environment. I wondered if something could be done about it,” McDonald explains.

The serial entrepreneur worked with a professor in the University of Ottawa’s biology department to perfect the process of converting milk sugar into spirits. Meanwhile, he cold-called various dairy farms around Ottawa to find a supplier of milk permeate. 

To McDonald’s delight, the final product was a vodka that’s tasty, lactose-free and more energy-efficient to distill than spirits made from grains or potatoes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, a new application for milk permeate emerged. Funded by a $455,000 grant from the Ontario government, the company pivoted to create hand sanitizer for Ottawa hospitals. 

“When a hospital calls and asks for something, there’s really only one answer: how much, and when?” McDonald says.

Dairy Distillery is currently working on expanding into Quebec and British Columbia. The distillery is also constructing a new 6,000-square-foot production facility, which McDonald says will allow the company to triple both its output and the number of employees.



Milk Marketing Board: When Rules Are Broken

The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board takes regulation enforcement seriously.

There is a process that we follow if we are notified of an alleged violation, and this process ensures that we have the facts before we make any decisions.

The first step, of course, is that a complaint or concern comes to our attention. One potential violation we periodically hear about is a retail outlet selling milk for lower than board-established minimum prices.

We employ an investigator who then checks out the situation either by making a visit to the store or calling and speaking with a manager.

Often the situation is one in which a new person has been employed and not educated on how to check the new prices online each month and make whatever changes are necessary.

The Milk Marketing Law requires that producers are paid minimum amounts per hundredweight according to prices established by the federal orders.

Pennsylvania producers are also paid an over-order premium for milk that is produced, processed and sold in the commonwealth.

In addition, producers are required to be paid each month for their milk. Occasionally we find out that a dealer has underpaid producers, and this is usually due to an accounting error or a misinterpretation of something published at the federal level. Our auditors communicate with the dealer and the situation is rectified.

Most of you probably know of the Dean Foods bankruptcy and the situation that evolved for both producers and cooperatives with which Dean did business.

In that case, those who sold to Dean were not paid, so the provisions of the Milk Producers’ Security Act were put into place.

Dean paid independent producers, and the Milk Marketing Board’s claims against legally required bonds were processed and used to pay cooperatives. This is just one instance in which Pennsylvania’s milk regulatory process was beneficial to the industry, especially compared to other states that don’t have such safeguards.

Taking Action Against Offenders


Sometimes out-of-state businesses that are new to Pennsylvania are not fully aware of minimum pricing requirements and may make mistakes as a result. In those cases, we contact them, provide information, and the companies will follow the regulations from that point forward with no further actions required on our part.

We also have very specific requirements for how and when dealers and others submit paperwork to board staff.

If these requirements are not met, the offending party will be contacted and provided an opportunity to fix the problem. Some examples are new and renewal license applications, weigher/sampler license applications and monthly milk dealer accounting reports.

What happens if our attempts to work with companies are not successful? The law provides us with a mechanism to issue citations to companies that violate regulations. A citation is administered and sent by our staff attorney following a legal referral from a staff member.

The citation lists the actual violation and notifies the company of a date for a hearing before the board. Our staff attorney will provide the company with an opportunity to communicate about the violation and will often offer several ways that the situation can be resolved to avoid a board hearing.

The most serious violations or those from a repeat offender can result in loss of license or monetary penalties.

Board staff work diligently to help our dealers and other licensees avoid situations that may lead to legal referrals and citations. As previously stated, these situations are often the result of a simple accounting error, personnel change or other unintentional mistake. We strive to avoid punitive actions whenever possible.

PMMB is always available to respond to questions and concerns. I can be reached at 717-210-8244 or by email at



As COVID-19 restrictions lift, milkman services still in high demand

Delivery services have blown up during the pandemic. People are having everything delivered to their doorstep — furniture, household goods, socks, even sandwiches. But what about milk? Baker’s Golden Dairy in New Waterford says yes, people still enjoy having their milk delivered, too.

Back in September, we went to Baker’s Golden Dairy, where they had just started routes delivering milk produced on their farm.

“When you were here last time, that week we had 15 home deliveries. That was our very first week,” said Kasey Hudson, manager of Baker’s Golden Dairy.

Before COVID-19, they had been considering offering delivery services, but then the pandemic hit. It was the perfect storm.

But now that vaccines are out and people are more comfortable heading to the store, has business dropped off?

“I was very surprised. I didn’t see a decline in the demand, it’s still there. I think one of the things that keeps it unique is the different flavors of milk that we offer. Every week it’s a different flavor,” Hudson said.

Not only have they added routes, but they’ve expanded from one truck to two. Hudson said if it grows any further, a third truck may be needed.

“It is a little bit more time consuming but we get that one-on-one personal feel delivering right to the house of somebody right from our farm,” Hudson said.

So, why is the demand still there when people are back at the grocery?

“Most of the time you go to the store, you’re not gonna find this type of milk right from the farm. It’s gonna be a larger company providing that milk which is homogenized too,” Hudson said.

Their customers agree.

“Because it’s delicious, it’s such a treat, it’s about as good as going to a bakery and getting a treat like that,” said customer Mary Fannin.

And it’s not just about the product, it’s about knowing the farm the product comes from and the person dropping it off.

“Just last week when my delivery driver came, I was able to catch him at the door and say, ‘Hey, tell Kevin and Debbie and Kasey I say hi.’ It’s even fun to leave the crate out on the porch from last week so they swap it,” Fannin said.

Baker’s Golden Dairy is still taking new customers for routes. If you want the milkman to make a stop at your door, head over to their website to sign up.


Milk Markets Maintain Strength in Chicago Thursday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange milk futures maintained midweek strength Thursday with cash trade mostly supportive. Class III futures trended higher once again.  April gained 7 cents to $17.62/cwt.  May milk surged 24 cents to $19.42/cwt.  June exploded 34 cents higher to $19.61/cwt.  July jumped 22 cents to $19.42/cwt.  Class IV futures settled 10-25 cents higher in second half 2021, ranging from $16.70-$17.25/cwt. 

Butter regained yesterday’s losses and more in the CME Cash Dairy Product Trade,up $0.03 at $1.8425.  Eight trades were made ranging from $1.8250 to $1.8475.  Blocks up $0.0075 at $1.8075.  Barrels up $0.0050 at $1.5850.    Nonfat dry milk up $0.0125 at $1.2050.  Three trades were made at $1.2050 and $1.2075. Dry whey down $0.02 $0.64.  One sale was made at that price. 

Corn led the pace higher in the grain markets ahead of tomorrow’s WASDE report.  May corn launched a gain of 19.25 cents to $5.7975/bushel.  May soybeans moved 6.50 cents higher to $14.1525/bushel.  May soybean meal receded $2.30 to $406.80/ton.  May Chicago Wheat finished 12.50 cents higher to $6.2875/bushel.

A skilled workforce is essential to success for Australian Dairy Farmers

Our national dairy industry currently employs about 23,200 people.

These people all have some level of vocational education that helps them perform their roles to a standard that makes dairy Australia’s fourth largest rural industry.

But despite this, the industry has consistently suffered job vacancies across all employment positions.

Last year, 47 per cent of dairy farms undertook recruitment activities, but 70pc of these farms experienced difficulty satisfying their employment needs, according to the 2020 National Dairy Farmer Survey.

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARES) found that the main reason for this is that applicants do not meet the job requirements, either through lack of experience or specialised skills for the job.

Dairy farms seek employees with higher skill levels than some other agricultural industries, reflecting the complex capabilities required in dairy farming systems.

The skills shortage is having a real impact on our industry. One report found the direct cost of turnover on a dairy farm ranged from 50 to 150pc of an employee’s annual salary depending on the role. This translates to a conservative direct cost to industry of $60 to $200 million annually.

And last year’s National Dairy Farmer Survey found that 63pc of the dairy workforce was clocking up more than 40 hours per week just to cover the job vacancies and minimise recruitment costs.

This is a dire situation, but the dairy industry is taking positive and comprehensive steps to address the widespread skills shortage in the dairy industry.

In July last year, Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) wrote to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton requesting that the federal government declare artificial insemination (AI) technicians as a critical skills shortage and to prioritise visa applications for these positions.

ADF also contributed to the federal government’s development of a National Agriculture Workforce Strategy, which aims to address the dairy industry’s workforce issues relating to recruitment, skills and training.

Similarly, the Pathway for People in Dairy program, launched in September, seeks to attract job seekers, accelerate induction and maintain a portable skills registry. Arising from this program, the Dairy Passport initiative, which is being delivered by Dairy Australia, enables job seekers to prepare for a career in dairy, and supports new entrants to develop essential skills required for on-farm roles.

The pathway helps new and seasoned dairy employers bring staff on board and support them over their first 90 days.

In September, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud announced that the National Cabinet approved the code to streamline cross-border farm worker access during COVID-19 interstate border closures.

And in October, Minister Littleproud announced an increase in financial support to job seekers who were prepared to temporarily relocate to take up at least six weeks of agricultural work.

ADF made a submission to the federal government proposing a series of amendments to the Dairy Industry Labour Agreement to ensure a non-discriminatory and consistent approach to qualifications and English language standards for foreign workers. Our recommendations are still being considered by the Department of Home Affairs.

The federal parliament in late March passed legislation aimed at addressing problems in the industrial relations system that provides for greater employment generation. ADF previously provided feedback on this legislation when it was the subject of a Senate inquiry.

This is quite a significant work program around ensuring dairy farms have access to skilled workers.

But despite this investment, we still have a critical skills shortage in the Australian dairy industry, which is causing a serious business constraint for many farms.

This is acknowledged by the federal government and why the government made the Dairy Industry Labour Agreement template available.

The government has also moved to incentivise employment with changes to the JobSeeker allowance once the $150 a fortnight COVID-19 supplement expires.

A permanent $50 a fortnight increase to the base rate has been announced, with job seekers expected to conduct 15 job searches a month, which will rise to 20 a month after July 1.

We are continuing to work with Dairy Australia and the federal government to ensure that you maintain access to a reliable, skilled workforce.

This is a critical issue and one that we will not drop.


$17 million road works begin on Australian dairy supply chain

Crews have started on $17.4 million worth of work on upgrading roads on the Barwon South West Dairy Supply Chain.

Crews have started on $17.4 million worth of work on upgrading roads on the Barwon South West Dairy Supply Chain.

The works will ensure the network is stronger for trucks and tractors travelling between local farms, depots and processing facilities.

Roads being targeted as part of work on the dairy routes include sections of Cobden-Warrnambool Road, Cobden- Stonyford Road, Cobden-Camperdown Road and the Princes Highway, which have all been identified as priority roads.

Crews are completing rebuilding and resurfacing upgrades to improve strength and longevity of the roads, while assessments will also be done to safeguard the integrity of bridges in the area.

Upgrades to the dairy supply chain are expected to be completed by mid-2021 – weather permitting.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Ben Carroll said the investment supported the growth and development of the farming and tourism industries in the south-west.

“These works will not only support local economies, but they’ll also provide safer and more reliable journeys for local residents,” Mr Carroll said.


AHDB Announces New UK Young Sire Choices for Holstein Breeders

Brand new Holstein sire choices, UK-bred bulls and the continuity of a long-term leader are all features of the young genomic sire ranking, published this week.

Ranked on Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI), it is Genosource Captain who leads the way, just as he has done for every one of the previous three runs of genetic evaluations. In so doing, this bull provides a resounding endorsement of the genomic testing system, in particular through his sire, Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, who graduates on to the proven sire list as the new number one bull with milking daughters.

Captain himself rises on PLI to £963, transmitting high milk volume (Predicted Transmitting Ability for milk is 1095kg), good milk solids (+0.14% fat and +0.04% protein) and favourable maintenance costs at -16. He also scores -3 on the newly introduced Gestation Length Index (GL), indicating his calves will, on average, have a shorter gestation than the national average by three days.

The number two genomic sire also remains unchanged in the form of Peak AltaPlinko, a high protein bull (44.6kg and +0.09%), also transmitting shorter than average GL. His PLI is £923.

He is joined by his stablemate, Peak AltaZazzle (PLI £905), with the same sire and maternal grandsire combination (Marius x AltaTopshot). AltaZazzle transmits high fat (58.2kg, +0.26%) and scores well for Lameness Advantage (2.8).

New in fourth position since the December 2020 release is Progenesis Mahomes (Eldorado x Milktime), with a PLI of £892. Good udder health indexes including -21 SCC, together with solid Lifespan (+159 days more than average) and daughter Fertility Index (10.2) yield him one of the highest HealthyCow (£HC) scores in the top 20, at £283. This rolls all daughter health traits into one figure. (See ‘new index’ press release.) He also has the highest Type Merit in the top 20 at 2.04.

Another newcomer is Denovo 16219 Aladdin, also a fat improver (56.4kg, +0.26%). He has a favourable maintenance at -12 and his PLI is £889.

A high new entrant of UK breeding is Boghill Glamour Applaud (PLI £875). With the highest HealthyCow score in the top 20 (£274), this bull has outstanding credentials for the important health traits, such as Lifespan (+189 days), Fertility Index (12.1) Fertility, SCC (-19 SCC) and Lameness Advantage (1.5).

The high milk volume Siemers Brave maintains a top 10 position with a PLI of £873 while eighth ranking Bomaz Platt is another new entrant. An outstanding milk quality transmitter (+0.39% fat, +0.15% protein) with the best daughter fertility in the top 20 (FI 13.3) and a favourable TB Advantage (2.9), he weighs in with a PLI of £865.

At PLI £864 is ninth ranking Gen Pikachu, another son of Charl, and the highest milk volume bull in the ranking, at 1301kg. 

Rounding off the top 10 is the first of a wave of Denovo bulls in the shape of Denovo 15848 Kenmore. With the best udder health (-23 SCC, -3 Mastitis) and 3.4 Calf Survival in the top 20, Kenmore earns a high score for HealthyCow and a PLI of £857.

Kenmore’s stablemates feature in 11th to 13th position, the newcomer amongst them being Denovo 3426 Avery, the highest fat transmitter in the top 20 with massive PTA of 61.7kg. His PLI is £856.

Other newcomers in the top 20 include another high fat bull, Pine-Tree Butch, in 14th position, offering 59.6kg fat and a PLI of £847; milk volume specialist, DGF Adrian (1290kg milk, PLI £836) ranked 18th; and 19th ranking Bomaz Harding, with a PLI of £830.

Just outside the international top 20 but the number two bull of UK breeding is the milk quality improver, Cogent Zulu (+0.41% fat, +0.24% protein) whose PLI is £819.

Marco Winters, head of animal genetics for AHDB Dairy says: “The genomic sire ranking has a profound impact on the genetics of the UK cow population, with over 70% of Holstein semen used now originating from this source. This month’s ranking – featuring a balance of continuity and new entrants – should further build producers’ confidence in using the best young sires.

“Many of these bulls offer the outstanding health traits the industry and society demand – a point which is highlighted by the new HealthyCow Index, which pinpoints bulls which can help producers achieve high standards of health and welfare in their herds.”

Source: AHDB

U.S. dairy exports surge despite shipping woes

Despite having one fewer day in February 2021 compared to last year and U.S. suppliers still facing shipping delays, U.S. dairy exports surged in February.   

Total dairy export value climbed 7% year-over-year to reach $565.5 million and volume in milk solids equivalent (MSE) jumped 15%. February’s growth was driven primarily by resurgence in nonfat dry milk/skim milk powder (NFDM/SMP) to Mexico and Southeast Asia and whey products to China.

Chart1A (3)

More information, data and charts on specific products and markets can be found here.

Below are our three main stories for the month:

NFDM/SMP exports an uplifting surprise

February’s NFDM/SMP export data surprised us. Frequent reports of shipping frustrations delaying exports have been the story for months. Logistics delays drove the declines we saw in U.S. NFDM/SMP exports in November, December and January. And the preliminary data suggested that was going to be the case in February.

USDA’s Dairy Product Report showed growing inventories of NFDM – reaching 156,766 MT in February. That figure was up 18,419 MT from January despite less NFDM/SMP produced. This suggests reduced commercial disappearance. And yet, NFDM/SMP exports grew substantially. Total NFDM/SMP exports grew 31% (+17,120 MT) over February 2020 with volumes gaining to both Southeast Asia (+38%, +8,421 MT) and Mexico (+30%, +5,936 MT).

Chart2A (3)

From this, we can infer a few things:

First, domestic disappearance of NFDM was very weak in the first part of the year. Taken at face value, if production was down and exports were up but inventories still grew, then the culprit must have been reduced domestic disappearance.

Second, we can assume that the February exports were predominantly SMP produced in Q4 of last year that was able to make it onto a boat for export. The growing inventory figure from USDA only tracks NFDM, so to make the math work, the exported product must have been predominantly SMP.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, the surge in exports – particularly to Southeast Asia – suggests that international demand is better than the global trade figures implied over the past several months. Global NFDM/SMP trade declined five months in a row from September 2020 to January 2021, even as prices have steadily climbed. However, combine February’s robust exports, anecdotal reports that the product that is in inventory is sold, and the gain in Tuesday’s GDT, and the picture you get is of strong international demand for SMP, but shipping delays limiting the ability to fully meet that demand.

Looking ahead, this suggests that if U.S. exporters can secure booking with a carrier, there will be opportunities to grow exports.

Cheese volume highest in seven months

The U.S. exported 30,176 MT of cheese in February. It was the first time monthly volume exceeded 30,000 MT since last August – and it was done in a month with only 28 days. Adjusting for Leap Day, February 2021 U.S. cheese exports grew 1.1% over February 2020.

While cheese exports for the first two months still lag January-February 2019 and 2020, there were some optimistic signs in the February numbers.

Looking at individual market performance (NOT adjusted for Leap Day), U.S. suppliers saw broad-based geographical gains in February, led by a 70% increase in sales (+1,062 MT) to the Middle East/North Africa (primarily Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). Exports were also strong to Japan (+263 MT), China (+201 MT), Oceania (+192 MT), Central America (+189 MT) and South Korea (+188 MT). (U.S. cheese exports to Japan and South Korea in the first two months were up 20% over the same period in 2020.)

That diversified success in February helped mitigate an 11% decline in cheese exports (-1,019 MT) to our No. 1 market, Mexico. It was the United States’ sixth consecutive year-over-year monthly decrease in cheese sales to Mexico, but at 8,591 MT, February was the largest volume since August 2020.

More competitive U.S. cheese pricing since December and progress in keeping COVID-19 in check in key markets in East Asia and the Middle East (and subsequent improved foodservice traffic in those markets) are creating a more optimistic outlook for U.S. cheese. But U.S. shipping issues and continued COVID-19 uncertainty remain strong headwinds to a full cheese rebound.

Continued strong whey exports

U.S. whey exports rose 29% (+11,500 MT) in February, continuing the march of strong global whey demand, and it comes as no surprise that China led the way. U.S. whey exports to China in February more than doubled, up 159% (+16,270 MT) compared to February 2020. Year-to-date total U.S. whey exports grew 22% (+17,700 MT) with year-to-date exports to China up 120% (+27,400 MT).

Along with the U.S., the EU is the other major provider of whey products to China; however, the EU product mix is weighted toward more high-value whey products where the U.S. is a primary provider of whey products used in feed in China. China’s continuing efforts to rebuild its swine herd has increased demand for whey in feed and as such has led to increased U.S. whey exports and rising U.S. market share.

Chart3 (2)-Apr-07-2021-06-45-11-58-PM

Additionally, domestic milk prices in China are exceptionally high. Domestic demand for dairy products has risen at an increased rate with the growing popularity of dairy products and as the government backs the idea that milk consumption helps boost immunity – a persuasive message during a global pandemic. From this, raw milk prices in China reached levels above 2013 levels, which has made importing dairy products, like whey, more economically feasible as the country tries to meet demand.

Overall, both increased domestic demand for dairy products raising domestic milk prices and ongoing efforts to rebuild the swine herd has led China to dramatically increase whey imports. The U.S. continues to be a key beneficiary of this demand despite the supply chain constraints in moving product off the West Coast.

Chart4 (2)-Apr-07-2021-06-45-45-68-PM


Source: USDEC

Why the dairy industry will struggle to meet the EU’s organic targets

The EU Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy is part of the Green Deal and provides a high-level ambition for the EU food ecosystem.

While many goals in the F2F strategy impact the dairy sector, the target to have at least 25% of all farmland under organic farming in 2030 particularly catches the eye. Although the dairy sector is an important user of agricultural land, only 4% of the current dairy herd is organic.

Major dairy companies have yet to embrace the organic target, encompassing a large shift of supply and demand. Proposed policy measures in the F2F tend to focus on developing supply, implying it’s mainly up to dairy companies and retailers to stimulate demand for organic products. This only works if consumers are willing to pay a premium or if the EU compensates dairy farmers for their additional efforts.

An increase in organic dairy farming puts pressure on milk volumes and leads to a higher cost price. This could leave dairy processing plants underutilised. Companies that rely on exports and dairy commodities will especially face difficulties translating additional costs into higher product prices.

1 Support from EU countries and the (dairy) sector

From the beginning, the F2F strategy has received mixed support from farmers, industry organisations and agricultural ministers due to concerns over farm income, competitiveness and food security. The organic target receives mixed support within the dairy sector because it could offset earlier progress on lowering CO2 emissions and land use.

2 Implementing a coherent set of policy measures

Changing food systems requires the integral support of several departments such as agriculture, health and the environment and an interlinked set of measures at the national and European level. However, the discussion on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy budget shows the difficulties of redirecting EU funds from conventional farming practices towards those which are more linked to sustainability. 

3 Overcoming transition costs and risks for farmers

While the number of organic dairy farmers is growing, transition-related costs and risks are a major hurdle for more farmers to follow suit. If society expects farmers to change tack, the bill for their extra efforts must be paid by someone in the end.

4 Creating consumer awareness and willingness to pay a premium

It will take continued effort from companies and policymakers to ensure consumers value sustainability-related efforts made in agriculture. Currently, only one in five EU consumers is willing to spend more on sustainable food, according to a survey by BEUC – the European consumer organisation. On top of that, limited demand for organic dairy in the export and commodity markets is a bottleneck because that’s where many dairy companies are earning a large share of their revenue.

Spotlight on organic farming in the farm to fork strategy and the dairy sector

Many of the targets in the F2F and related policy proposals impact the dairy sector. But the one that probably has the biggest economic impact is the target to use at least 25% of total farmland for organic farming by 2030. It’s also a complex target to reach because it involves commitment from every stakeholder in the value chain. While it’s the first time such a quantitative target has been set, the interest in organic is not new.

For example, the first EU action plan on organic dates back to 2004 and the EU organic sector in general. The organic dairy sector, in particular, has been growing over the past two decades.

25% organic farmland, an ambition but no hard target

It is worth noting that the 25% organic target is set for all EU farmland, and it seems highly unlikely that there will be a specific target for dairy farming. Still, the dairy sector is an important agricultural land user for grazing livestock and the production of feed crops. Given that around 4% of all the dairy cows in the EU were organic in 2019, it’s clear that the sector will have to think about how it can contribute.

EU officials like vice-president Frans Timmermans and Agricultural commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski have indicated that the 25% is an EU average and that every country is supposed to go the extra mile regardless of their current share. What’s also clear from the outset is that if agricultural heavyweights such as Germany, France and Spain remain far from the intended target, it will be quite impossible to reach.

The organic dairy herd is relatively small in most EU countries

Organic dairy farming is still quite small

There are big differences between EU countries as far as organic production in the dairy sector’s concerned. Austria is the frontrunner as almost a quarter (22%) of the dairy herd is organic. In major dairy-producing countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands, the share lies between 2.5% to 5.5%.

Although the organic share in the EU dairy herd has been growing from 2012 to 2019 (Compound Annual Growth Rate: 6.7%), a simple continuation of that growth rate wouldn’t be sufficient. In that case, the share would end up around 8% in 2030, nowhere near the Farm to Fork ambition.

Historic growth patterns won’t be sufficient to reach F2F goal

Reaching the target involves every part of the value chain

To support the growth of the organic market, every stage from farm to fork is important.

The share of organic farmland will only increase when there are farmers who want to produce, dairy companies that are able to process the milk and create added value, retailers and caterers who see opportunities to market these products and consumers who are willing to pay a bit extra.

While the F2F strategy proposes measures that can influence everyone involved here, they tend to lean more heavily on influencing the supply side and less on demand related measures. This can prove difficult as a balanced development of both supply and demand is needed. 

More organic milk means more value but less volume for dairy farmers

EU projections show a slight decrease in the dairy herd this decade. With that in mind, assuming a 25% share for organic in the dairy herd means the number of organic dairy cows would have to multiply by almost six to around four million in 2030. We estimate more than 100,000 dairy farmers would have to convert from conventional to organic farming in such a scenario. There is definitely interest among dairy farmers to make this step, but the transition period of at least two years and uncertainty about future organic milk prices also pose additional risks for farmers.

Once converted, the financial perspective can become more attractive because organic milk trades at a premium. In Germany, this premium was on average 15 cents per litre in the last five years and in Austria eight cents per litre. Whether this premium is enough to compensate for lower milk production on organic farms (on average more than 20% lower) and a higher cost price per litre differs from farm to farm.

There is a steady premium for organic milk in Germany and Austria

Dairy companies need to have balanced supply and demand growth

The EU Green Deal and F2F have far-reaching implications for dairy companies. While the reduction of CO2 emissions has become an explicit target in the sustainability strategy of major dairy companies, increasing organic production is often not yet, at least,  part of this strategy. Still, dairy companies play a decisive role in the development of the market. Dairy companies actively coordinate the supply of regular, organic and other added value milk (such as genetically modified or GMO-free), and some have been making a foray into plant-based drinks.

Simultaneously, they can stimulate demand either individually or in coordination with retailers and food service clients. The challenge lies in making sure the supply of organic milk is in line with demand. Higher cost prices can be successfully passed on to customers to ensure a profitable business model for themselves and associated farmers.

While total dairy supply in the EU is expected to grow towards 2030, an acceleration of organic farming could hamper this trend. And that, in turn, could put pressure on the capacity utilisation at dairy processing plants.  

Major food retailers are taking extra steps

Retailers acknowledge the need for greening their supply chains but are also wary of losing price-sensitive customers to competitors. General sales of organic products in the EU reached 41.4 billion EUR in 2019, and conventional supermarkets have introduced more branded and private label organic products across all categories.

An assessment of fifteen major EU retailers shows that more than half of them have earmarked organic as an important element within their sustainability strategy. However, our analysis also finds that hard targets on sales of organic products are uncommon. Given the prominent position of retailers towards European consumers, it would boost the F2F goals when retailers finally incorporate these targets into their sustainability strategy. However, it remains uncertain whether this will happen without more directive policies.   

Organic products are mainstream, specific sales targets for organic products are not

The Farm to Fork strategy in a nutshell

In May 2020, the EU Commission presented the Farm to Fork Strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food ecosystem. The Commission charts an ambitious course in which longer-term sustainability gains are favoured over short-term productivity gains in the strategy. The strategy includes promoting organic farming and reducing nutrient loss, use of antimicrobials and pesticides in agriculture towards 2030, plus a set of broader policy actions.

While the ‘what’ is clear, the ‘how’ is still a topic of fierce debate in Brussels. Due to concerns about farmers’ income, competitiveness and food security, it’s not clear how much support the Commission will get from the European Parliament and the member states to effectively carry out the F2F strategy.


Toddler dies in farming accident when he’s pinned by equipment

A Wisconsin toddler died in a farming accident after he was pinned in equipment, officials say.

The 2-year-old was riding in a skid steer when he fell forward and got pinned between the bucket and a support arm Monday evening, according to the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office.

The boy was taken to a medical center in the Appleton area before he was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee, where he died, officials say.

The child’s name was not released.

Waupaca County is in central Wisconsin.

2020 a “dire” year for Amazon deforestation, says new data

Deforestation in the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, rose by 17% last year, with wildfires, agriculture and logging as the main sources.

Reporting from the Thomson Reuters Foundation says that the Amazon rainforest lost an area roughly the size of El Salvador in 2020.

The loss of primary forest – the clearing of old-growth, intact forest for the first time – hit its third-highest annual total on record since 2000, reaching 2.3 million hectares (5.6 million acres) in the nine countries spanned by the Amazon.

“2020, the year dominated by COVID-19, turned out to be quite dire for the Amazon,” said Matt Finer, who leads an Amazon satellite monitoring project called MAAP for US-based Amazon Conservation, a non-profit that issued a report containing the data.

Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru recorded historically high deforestation levels, while Brazil had “another bad year”, losing over 1.5 million hectares of primary forest, said Finer.

After Brazil, the countries with the highest primary Amazon forest loss in 2020 were Bolivia, Peru and Colombia – which suffered its second-highest loss on record – followed by Venezuela and Ecuador, according to the report based on analysis of the data produced by the University of Maryland.

“The primary cause of deforestation across the Amazon appears to be agriculture and cattle-related, ranging from larger-scale operations in Brazil to the accumulation of smaller-scale clearings throughout the western Amazon,” Finer told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

In Brazil, deforestation was largely driven by forest being converted into pasture for cattle, the report said.

Earlier this month, Brazil’s environment minister told local media he wanted $1 billion in foreign aid from countries including the United States to help curb Amazon deforestation.

Cutting down forests has major implications for global goals to curb climate change, as trees absorb about a third of the planet-warming carbon emissions produced worldwide.

The report noted that the biggest deforestation hotspots in the Amazon were found in southeast Bolivia where fires have raged through its drier Chiquitano and Chaco forests.

Many Bolivians use slash-and-burn tactics to clear land for cattle or soy production, and the fires they set can get out of control and escape into the forest in dry conditions.

In parts of the Peruvian Amazon, deforestation driven by illegal gold mining decreased in the past year “thanks to effective government action”, the report said.

But Peru still had the highest primary forest loss on record in its share of the Amazon, surpassing 190,000 hectares.

That was largely fuelled by the expansion of small-scale farming and the cattle pasture frontier, including on indigenous lands, the report said.

Read more about this story here.

Source: Reuters

CDCB Recaps the April 6th Evaluation Changes

CDCB is pleased to deliver updated values – 50 individual traits and four selection indexes – for nearly 70 million individual animals. A recap of the changes implemented for yesterday’s triannual evaluations can be found below.

Fertility traits editing update
By Jana Hutchinson and Paul VanRaden

Several small adjustments to fertility traits editing will be introduced with the April 2021 evaluation to better account for late-term abortions. Fertility credits for traits Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) and Cow Conception Rate (CCR) now treat the last service as a failure instead of success if the next calving is coded as an abortion. Similarly, when computing Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), days open is now topped at 250 instead of the reported days open, if the next reported calving is an abortion. Similar edits had been implemented for  Early First Calving (EFC) in August 2019.

Abortions, mostly accounted for in the past, are now fully accounted for in the existing fertility traits. The new edits were validated in the January international (Interbull) and in a full internal test run. Since most of the abortions were already accounted for, the impact of this new editing is very minor, with almost negligible changes in trait standard deviation and correlations higher than .997 for new PTAs, compared to official December PTAs (values obtained using ~20,000 HO bulls born since 2000 with >50% reliability). Trends will be also affected very slightly, with a 0.1 average decrease in bulls born in recent years for Holstein and Jersey bulls.

Feed Saved: Inclusion of Canadian data
By Kristen Gaddis, Javier Burchard and João Dürr

The reference population for Feed Saved evaluations* now includes feed intake records from >650 lactations in two Canadian herds. This phenotype exchange is part of a larger collaboration between CDCB and Lactanet. The +10% gain in records should improve genomic prediction reliabilities by 1 to 2%. The Canadian cows are born after 2012, and many of the older cows have only later lactations (like some U.S. research cows), and a few have 4-week instead of 6-week trials. The Canadian research cows already had genotypes at CDCB which simplified merger of the data into the Feed Saved evaluation.

*Feed Saved was first published by CDCB in December 2020, and a Feed Efficiency evaluation will be launched in Canada in April 2021.

Cow Livability edits corrections
By Rodrigo Mota, Ezequiel Nicolazzi and Paul VanRaden

In a recent review of our phenotypic pipeline, we identified (and corrected) an unintended flaw in the routine that prepares the phenotypes for the traditional evaluation of Cow Livability (LIV) . Extremely old (pre-1957) and very recent (3 years prior to the evaluation date) data was unexpectedly entering the evaluation, causing some instability in the evaluation due to extra unknown parent groups with little data.

In a test run based on December 2020 evaluations, no variation in trends was observed in Ayrshire, Guernsey and Brown Swiss. In Holstein and Jersey, a positive trend of approx. +0.4 was observed in the most recent bulls with phenotypes (born 2018-2019).

New genomic inbreeding calculation method
By Gerald Jansen, Juan Pablo Nani and Paul VanRaden

In April 2021, the following improvements to the inbreeding calculations will be implemented:

  • Sex differences will now be accounted for to adjust inbreeding, with the objective to make genomic and pedigree averages match for both sexes.
  • Average genomic inbreeding for full brothers and sisters will now be used.
  • Methods of genomic inbreeding will be now aligned to official instead of approximate pedigree inbreeding.
  • A correction to the pedigree inbreeding was made for crossbred animals, to better account for multi-breed contribution.
  • Highly-improved computation efficiency was implemented.

The new adjustments to the inbreeding procedures will help dairy producers manage inbreeding and relationships more precisely using genotypes versus only pedigrees.

More detail
Genomic measures of inbreeding and relationships may differ for males and females due to markers on the X chromosome. Those differences will now be adjusted to make genomic and pedigree averages match for both sexes. This will be achieved by using only males with progeny (typically having more complete pedigrees) to obtain the values used to harmonize the scale of genomic and pedigree inbreeding, which are typically on a different scale. Also, a new adjustment will equalize average genomic inbreeding for full brothers and sisters.

Genomic inbreeding calculation includes the X chromosome (about 3% of the total SNP count used) because it can contribute to inbreeding depression. However, the 3% of markers on the X chromosome caused homozygosity of females to appear 3% less than males, affecting the genomic inbreeding values. This new adjustment does not affect comparisons within sex, only of males versus females.

The new calculation will not only impact the reported genomic inbreeding values, but will also slightly affect the genomic mating calculations and the average relationship values used in the process that obtains the genomic reliability for all animals. In a test run based on the February genomic evaluation, a very small sample of animals had large changes in reliability (animals with incomplete pedigree, animals with no ties to U.S. reference population). However, the expected average change in reliability for most of the breeds were lower than +0.2% (0%/0.08% average change for HO and JE). For Brown Swiss, likely due to the different “depth” of pedigrees and the reduced ties to the US reference population of genotyped animals, the reliability reduction was in the order of -1.6% and in crossbred animals of -0.8%.

Finally, a correction to the pedigree inbreeding for crossbred animals was included to better account for the unknown parent groups contributions from multiple breeds. This change is expected to have some degree of impact the Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) in the traditional evaluation for crossbred animals.

Parent average recalculation and various revisions to the evaluation workflow
By Ezequiel Nicolazzi and Paul VanRaden

In recent years, the number of pedigree changes in genotyped and ungenotyped animals has increased dramatically. On a monthly basis, the CDCB cooperator database receives approximately 5,000 animal’s ID breed changes and over 25,000 pedigree changes, mostly triggered by genomic parent (sire/dam and grandsires) and breed verification.

To update all information as soon as possible, changes to the evaluation workflow have been introduced to more frequently recompute heterosis (August 2018) and Expected Future Inbreeding (December 2020). However, animals entering the traditional evaluation had their parent averages (PA) carried over until a new traditional evaluation was calculated 4 months later, irrespective of pedigree or other changes.

Effective with the April 2021 evaluation, animals will get fresh PA based on their latest pedigree at the time of every evaluation cutoff. This change will not affect animals with phenotypes, as phenotypic evaluations are still being calculated every 4 months.

Other changes introduced in this revision:

  • The policy of including foreign evaluations if the reliability is at least .5 higher for PA is now extended for PTAs also. This modification is to increase the stability of evaluations that have substantially the same reliability.
  • A thorough revision of the Unknown Parent Groups (UPG) used in all 6 health traits and other minor improvements affecting all traits were implemented on the usage and extension of UPG across years. These changes will affect animals with incomplete pedigrees.
  • Genomic evaluations are now carried over to the formats 105 and 38 irrespective of their reliability. The change affects mostly F1 crossbred animals. The new policy prevents a misalignment in the NM$ results in the purely genomic files (.csv) and the formats 105/38 (which combine traditional, foreign and genomic evaluations), caused by the substitution of type composites genomic evaluation by traditional values because of their higher reliability.

Results in a test run showed over .999 correlation with December 2020 genomic evaluations in most traits for all breeds. Correlations for health traits were lower because of the UPG revision. Since the change in policy can affect the traits being used in the multiple-trait calculation, Productive Life, fertility traits, Gestation Length and Livability in the test run showed (slight) differences with the official December 2020 evaluations.

CDCB haplotype determination extended to Canadian population
By Ezequiel Nicolazzi and João Dürr

As part of a bilateral collaboration, CDCB will start calculating and sharing haplotype results for all the Canadian population with Lactanet in April 2021. All publishable males and a subset of females – irrespective of their initial fee code – will now enter the evaluation only to obtain haplotypes for this exchange.

The sharing of haplotype calls to Canada and the exchange of phenotypes for Feed Saved evaluation are the first steps implemented in the framework of a much larger and fruitful collaboration between the U.S. and Canadian evaluation systems.

Clinical mastitis (CMA) introduced as independent international trait
By Rodrigo Mota and Paul VanRaden

Effective with the April 2021 evaluation, Interbull will introduce a new trait named CMA (Clinical Mastitis) to better estimate SNP effects specifically for clinical mastitis. Like fertility traits, the new edits were validated in January in a full test run. In the April evaluation, CMA results will be used for genotyped bulls with an international evaluation from the other participating countries (Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Norway/Finland/Sweden, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands). For non-genotyped animals, the previous trait combining mastitis from some countries and correlated SCS from others will be used.

Since CDCB’s launch of the Mastitis (MAS) trait in Holsteins in April 2018 and Jerseys in April 2020, the bull evaluations for MAS have been exchanged with countries participating in Interbull. Until December 2020, countries were given the choice to exchange pure clinical mastitis (as the case in the U.S.), SCS (for countries without a health evaluation), or a combination of methodologies (clinical/subclinical mastitis or a multi-trait approach using multiple sources of information). For this reason, only data coming from certain countries with similar trait definitions were being used in the U.S. evaluations.

The contributions from most of the participating countries for this new trait have been already accounted for, thus only a minor impact to the U.S. evaluations is expected.

Heifer livability update in heritability
By Mahesh Neupane and Paul VanRaden

The estimated heritability for Heifer Livability (HLIV) increased to 0.7% from the previous 0.4% estimated in 2015, used in December 2020 evaluation. The higher estimate is likely due to some invalid records from earlier years now being excluded and many new records being added during the last 5 years. The heritability was estimated by sire model REML using records from 3,175,916 heifers sired by 9,961 Holstein bulls. The new estimate was computed as part of the review process for a scientific article describing the new evaluation.

Change in determination of breed conflicts and initial BBR
By George Wiggans, Jose Carrillo and Gerald Jansen

For April, an approximate procedure (“quick BBR”) to estimate Breed Base Representation (BBR) was implemented. This new procedure replaces the use of the breed SNP in determining breed errors and assignment to crossbred processing. The primary benefit is for the weekly evaluations, where quick BBR increases the portion of genomic evaluations that qualify for processing in the purebred evaluations to be processed there from the outset.

Quick BBR does not require genotype imputation and is fast enough to be integrated with the genotype loading process. The initial BBR is immediately available to determine if a genotype should be processed as a purebred or crossbred and provides a breed error if the BBR is high for a breed other than the breed of the animal ID. An 85% BBR threshold is used both for designation of breed errors and assignment to purebred processing. Because quick BBR is approximate, setting the threshold below the threshold of 90% from the full BBR (i.e. BBR obtained from imputed genotypes, calculated during weekly/monthly evaluations) allows most genotypes that qualify for a purebred evaluation to be processed with the correct breed. The current practice of moving animals with full BBR < 90% to the crossbred evaluations will continue.

Source: CDCB

Select Sires graduates Holstein and Jersey sires to proven lineup

The April sire summaries resulted in nine Holstein and two Jersey graduates for Select Sires. The nine progeny-proven Holsteins are fathered by seven different sires offering a variety of pedigrees and genetic specialists.  

“Select Sires builds genetic models based on the needs of the market and utilizes the best scientific tools to navigate the unknowns and ensure genetic advancement,” said Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding. “We are excited to offer customer-owners the best, most diverse lineup in the industry, backed by the greatest sales and service professionals.”

Select Sires Highlights

  • 7HO12985 AIRJET hails from the heart of the Sandy-Valley Sapphire cow family and debuts among the industry’s top-50 TPI® sires (+2736). He offers big-league production (+2,285 Milk) with +1.76 Udder Composite (UDC).
  • 7HO13826 RUSTY-RED offers breed-leading Sire Conception Rate (+3.7 SCR) and fantastic components (+0.15% Fat, +0.08% Protein). In addition to his FertilityPRO® status, he also qualifies for Select Sires’ new Mastitis ResistantPROTM designation.
  • 7HO13840 EZRA is a well-balanced 7HO12697 LAIDLAW son from a proven, profitable cow family. He qualifies for FeedPRO®, GrazingPRO® and Mastitis ResistantPRO designations.
  • 7HO13954 HOGAN improves fertility with positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+0.9 DPR) and leading sire fertility (+3.0 SCR).
  • 7HO14059 WALTER is a rare and early 7HO12569 HEISENBERG son. He is A2A2 Beta-Casein, BB Kappa-Casein and combines profitable component values (+0.08% Fat, +0.06% Protein) for ideal cheese yields. WALTER is a FeedPRO sire and carries the RobotPRO® designation, making him an ideal match for automated milking systems.
  • 7HO14125 HUEY is one of 7HO12788 FRAZZLED’s first daughter-proven sons and a new top-25 TPI sire. He offers a balanced proof with emphasis on health and wellness. HUEY is FeedPRO, RobotPRO and GrazingPRO designated.
  • 7HO14195 ZEB is Mastitis ResistantPRO designated and boasts elite health, wellness and fitness traits. He transmits +5.1 Productive Life (PL), +1.6 DPR and +1.6 Livability (LIV).
  • 7JE1605 MR SWAGGER and 7JE1628 AMP join the daughter-proven Jersey lineup. MR SWAGGER is a ShowcaseTM sire with a show-winning pedigree known for making quality mammary systems. AMP transmits positive components (+0.14% Fat, +0.08% Protein) with game-changing fertility on all fronts (+3.0 DPR, +3.6 Heifer Conception Rate, +3.7 Cow Conception Rate).

Accelerated Genetics Highlights

  • 14HO14085 SOLUTION is an Elite Sexed FertilityTM sire. He offers a balanced breeding profile to improve production and health in the next generation.
  • 14HO14169 SOPRANO offers a FRAZZLED-free pedigree with A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein. He also boosts in conception with +1.8 SCR.   

gender Selected™ SEXEDULTRA™

  • RUSTY-RED, HUEY, SOLUTION, SOPRANO, MR SWAGGER and AMP are all available with sex-sorted semen.

For more information about individual sires, please visit and use the new Advanced Sire Search to locate and sort sires that match your genetic goals. To access sires from the palm of your hand, download Select Sires Mobile from your app store today!

Source:  04/21 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, AJCA/HA Type Evaluation %Rel: AIRJET Yield 95, Type 91; RUSTY-RED SCR 97, Yield 95; HOGAN DPR 76, SCR 97; WALTER Yield 95; ZEB PL 81, DPR 79, LIV 76; SOPRANO SCR 98; AMP Yield 94, DPR 76, HCR 79, CCR 76. Both Jersey sires are JH1F, JNSF and BBR 100.

New NxGEN sires excel in health and fitness

Select Sires has added 14HO15289 S-S-I Limlght BEDROCK-PP-ET and 14HO15519 Melarry Legacy APOLLO-ET to the NxGEN® lineup. Following the April sire summary, the NxGEN portfolio offers 20 exceptional, industry-leading sires.


“NxGEN was designed by dairymen, for dairymen. It is intended for dairies that want to drive genetic performance,” said Jordan Siemers, dairy sire analyst. “The current lineup includes sires that meet the needs of nearly every dairy producer, no matter the management environment or selection criteria.”

New additions BEDROCK-PP and APOLLO join an already strong and diverse lineup of NxGEN sires. BEDROCK-PP leads the industry’s homozygous polled genetic ranks as the highest sire for GTPI® (+2821), Cheese Merit Dollars (+688 CM$) and Net Merit Dollars (+684 NM$). He offers instant production with +2,024 Milk and +132 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP). BEDROCK-PP also qualifies for Select Sires’ new Mastitis ResistantPROTM designation. This first-of-its-kind designation is the latest genetic tool designed to identify sires that have the genetic power to resist mastitis and save dairies from costly mastitis cases. BEDROCK-PP transmits 2.76 Somatic Cell Score (SCS), 105 Z MAST and +1.8 CDCB MAST.

APOLLO offers balanced genetics and superior health traits. He creates trouble-free, fertile cattle by transmitting low Somatic Cell Score (2.62 SCS) coupled with high Productive Life (+7.3 PL), Livability (+2.1 LIV) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+0.7 DPR). This 7HO14250 LEGACY son ranks exceptionally well on the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (+1,030 DWP$®) and Select Sires’ new index, Herd Health Profit DollarsTM (+1,068 HHP$TM). He is A2A2 Beta-Casein, BB Kappa-Casein and qualifies for FeedPRO® and GrazingPRO® designations.

BEDROCK-PP and APOLLO are available in Select Sires’ high-quality gender SELECTEDTM SexedULTRATM semen to make first-rate replacement heifers.

The 20 sires available through NxGEN average +2952 GTPI, +830 NM$, +864 CM$ and +928 DWP$, making the program one of the most elite of its kind.

To experience next level genetic gains, join Select Sires’ NxGEN program and add these sires to your breeding roster. For more information about NxGEN, or to apply for membership, visit


Source: 04/21 CDCB Genomic Evaluation/HA. Type Evaluation %Rel: BEDROCK-PP NM$ 75, Yield 77, SCS 75, Z MAST 45, CDCB MAST 68; APOLLO SCS 75, PL 74, LIV 69, DPR 73. 

Wisconsin Cow Sets New Record for Most Lifetime Milk Produced by a Holstein

STONE-FRONT LEADER HILDA, a 15-year-old Registered Holstein® cow, owned by Andrew Jay and Lynette E. Buttles of Lancaster, Wisconsin, has set the new record for the most Lifetime Milk produced by a Holstein. Hilda completed 2020 with a lifetime total of 460,720 pounds of milk.

With this new record, Hilda has surpassed the total of the previous Holstein record holder that was set in 2003 by KOEPKE K0017229-1660.  Known as the “Granny” cow, her lifetime milk total was 458,616.  Twenty-five years prior to that, the record was established in 1978 by Breezewood Patsy Bar Pontiac. Her final lifetime total was 425,769.

When asked what the keys were that enabled Hilda to produce more pounds of milk than any other cow in the history of the breed, Andy Buttles says part of it was Hilda’s good blend of production and type.

“She was a moderate sized cow with a great udder.” Andy said about Hilda. “She would just make big record after big record and do it easily.”

Hilda was classified EX-90 4E and her best record was set during her nine-year old lactation, where she completed 48,200 pounds of milk with three times a day milking. She also had 8 natural daughters during her lifetime.

The herd at Stone-Front Farm has an RHA of 30,058 pounds of milk with 1291 pounds of fat (4.30%) and 914 pounds of protein (3.04%). The Buttles have been milking Registered Holsteins since 1913, and concentrate on breeding well-balanced cows, providing exceptional cow comfort, and working as a team.

For many years, the Registered Holstein cow has been known as the most efficient producer of high-quality milk.  Today, there’s no better example of tremendous longevity, productive life, and reproductive efficiency in a cow, of any breed, any place in the world than the Buttles’ Hilda cow!


Holstein Association USA, Inc., provides programs, products and services to dairy producers to enhance genetics and improve profitability — including animal identification and ear tags, genomic testing, mating programs, dairy records processing, classification, communication, consulting services, and Holstein semen.

The Association, headquartered in Brattleboro, VT., represents approximately 25,000 members throughout the United States. To learn more about Registered Holsteins® and the other exciting programs offered by the Holstein Association, visit, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

New Zealand commodity prices hit record high, driven by surge in global dairy exports

The country’s major commodity export earners have hit a record high.

ANZ's monthly commodity price index for March 2021.

ANZ’s monthly commodity price index for March 2021. Photo: Screenshot / ANZ

ANZ’s monthly commodity price index rose 6 percent in March on February, and was 20 percent higher than a year ago, to reach its highest level since it was started in 1986.

The main driver was the strength of global dairy prices, which gained 12.7 percent in March, the highest in seven years, with whole milk powder, a key driver of farmer returns, 43 percent higher than last year.

ANZ’s agricultural economist Susan Kilsby said: “Dairy prices are currently being supported by strong global demand, combined with a steady milk supply in the main dairy-exporting nations”.

Meat was close to a one-year high, while logs and aluminium were sitting near two-year highs.

The common feature of the strong prices and demand was China, which was growing more strongly than most economies after the pandemic, Kilsby said.

“It was already a major buyer of our commodities before Covid hit and it’s going to continue to be for the foreseeable future.”

The seafood and horticulture sectors remained under pressure, with the former not be able to sell to normal high end food outlets overseas, and the latter was struggling to harvest crops.

Shipping costs remained a high cost and the shortage of containers was more pronounced with exporters finding it harder to get containers and then space on ships, Kilsby said.

The Baltic Dry shipping index – a lead indicator of economic activity – rose 25 percent in March.

“Global shipping costs continue to trend higher, meaning a smaller portion of the overseas returns is making it back to our local producers,” she said.

New Zealand dollar returns for producers rose 7.4 percent for the month, reflecting a fall in the value of the dollar.


Milk Futures Blast Past $19 in Chicago Wednesday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange milk futures crossed $19 Wednesday as global support carried into futures and cash markets saw strong positive trade. Class III milk saw May-July blast through $19.00/cwt.  April jumped a nickel to $17.50/cwt, being mostly priced already.  August through December ranges from $18.00 to $18.91/cwt.  Class IV saw modest gains. 

Butter was the lone product to move lower in the CME Cash Dairy Product Trade,  Butter down $0.0175 at $1.8325.  Nine trades were made ranging from $1.6075 to $1.82.  Blocks up $0.0150 at $1.80.  Three sales were made ranging from $1.79 to $1.80.    Barrels up $0.05 at $1.58.   Four sales were made ranging from $1.5650 to $1.58. Nonfat dry milk up $0.01 at $1.1925.  Two trades were made at that price. Dry whey unchanged $0.66. 

Soybeans lost momentum off of the overnight session with May settling 10 cents lower to $14.0875/bushel.  May corn increased 6.25 cents to $5.6050/bushel.  May soybean meal settled $2.70 higher to $409.10/ton.  May Chicago Wheat finished just ¾ of a penny higher to $6.1625/bushel.

Blossom: The Cow that Saved Mankind

As UK Covid-19 vaccinations achieve over 30million – more than half the country’s population – few will know of a dairy cow called Blossom and the work of an English country doctor, Edward Jenner whose, pioneering 1796 work led to vaccination procedures.
Largely forgotten to history, Dr Jenner’s work remains one of the greatest breakthroughs in medical science estimated to have saved the lives of over 400million people. Jenner (1749 -1823) known as “The Father of Immunity” created the world’s first vaccine having observed the protective effect of cowpox against the deadly smallpox.
Jenner postulated milkmaids were generally immune to smallpox and realised the pus in the blisters on the teats of cows with cowpox, protected milkmaids from smallpox. At that time, smallpox was rampant within populations and at times up to 60% of populations were infected with the disease, manifesting a death-rate of between 20-30%.
The human body became severely disfigured with smallpox blisters, leaving pox marks, especially debilitating through severe facial disfiguration that could also lead to blindness. The old English saying: “She has a complexion like a milkmaid” referenced “desirable” skin complexion with an abstinence of widespread facial pox marks (prevalent at that time) with the stereotypical milkmaid image of comely young maidens with fresh, rosy complexions,
In 1796, milkmaid Sarah Nelmes contracted cowpox from a cow called Blossom. Dr Jenner scraped the pus from the blisters on Sarah’s hands. He then inoculated his gardener’s eight-year-old son, James Phipps in both arms, resulting in a fever and uneasiness but not a full-blown infection. He later injected Phipps with variolous material without any resulting disease; and Phipps was later challenged with variolous material and again, did not show any sign of infection.
Dr Jenner demonstrated protective cow pox pus could be transferred from human-to-human, not just from cattle to human, and successfully tested his hypothesis on 23 additional subjects. Jenner used the Latin word “vacca” for “cow” to create the word vaccine. Jenner’s miraculous discovery resulted in queues of farm workers lining up at his surgery for free jabs having stated it was “immoral” for him to profit from the discovery.
The Gloucestershire country doctor’s findings were highly controversial at that time and strongly disputed by the medical establishment. However, the success of Jenner’s discovery spread throughout Europe, where an estimated 400,000 people died annually from smallpox. Emperor Napoleon had all his troops vaccinated and later remarked Jenner was “one of the greatest benefactors of mankind.”
Jenner’s work on vaccination continued albeit preventing his ordinary medical practice. Parliament was petitioned and granted Jenner £10,000 (a huge sum) in 1802 for his work on vaccination. In 1807, the Royal College of Physicians granted Jenner £20,000 after confirming the widespread efficacy of vaccination.
In 1980, the World Health Authority announced smallpox had finally been eradicated. Blossom’s hide now hangs on the wall of the St George’s University Medical School Library, London.

Gallius & Crown Top the Spanish ICO Rankings – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – Spain

The Spanish proof see a German sire Gallius as the  #1 ICO sire at +5549 ICO. Closely followed by the Dutch bull Delta Bartender at +5488 ICO. The third spot is the French bull: Pinkfloyd at +5487 ICO. The number one daughter proven bull is this index run is Bo-Irish Crowne at +4705 ICO. In second is the former #1 of last run: Boldi V Gymnast at +4675 ICO followed by Pine-Tree Samirah, Pine-Tree Burley, Mr Salvatore *RC and Progenesis Montfort. The topping bull at the daughter proven list with Spanish owned bulls is Gefri Apolo at +4383 ICO (99% rel.) followed by Julius ET (+4281 ICO) and Kiron-ET (+4272 ICO).



Abundant Raw Milk Translates Into Record Setting Dairy Product Production

The T.C. Jacoby Weekly Market Report Week Ending April 2, 2021

With milk production expected to stay strong, dairy product production will continue to be robust. This aggressive production threatens to overhang the market unless demand can demonstrate a meaningful and sustained expansion.

Spring has sprung across the United States. As the days lengthen and the temperatures rise, milk production is also growing seasonally. In the Western region of the country, market participants indicate that peak production levels are on the horizon, perhaps just weeks away. Meanwhile, in the Upper Midwest, while seasonally high volumes are a bit further off, market participants continue to report very strong figures relative to prior year. Bottling demand has perked up as students return from spring break, but milk remains readily available for manufacturing needs.

Abundant raw milk has translated into record setting production of dairy products. In USDA’s Dairy Products report released on Thursday, production of butter, cheese, and nonfat dry milk in February was the highest ever seen for that month, at least on an average daily basis. With milk production expected to stay strong, dairy product production will continue to be robust. This aggressive production threatens to overhang the market unless demand can demonstrate a meaningful and sustained expansion.

Yet despite supply concerns, the CME spot dairy markets all saw gains over the course of the week. Butter had the biggest weekly rise, adding 7¢ during the short week with 19 loads trading hands. After closing Thursday’s spot session at $1.845/lb., spot butter prices are now the highest they have been since June of last year. Butter demand has improved as spring holiday baking has supported retail purchases while the reopening of restaurants increased the pull from foodservice. New crop butter rules are also likely helping to support some of the spot price increase, since there is no denying that product is readily available. February butter production set a new record for the month. At 185.6 million pounds, butter production was up 2.2% year over year, after accounting for the leap day.

Cheese markets also got a boost this week. Market participants indicate that food service demand for cheese has improved markedly, which is helping to keep some tension in the market. Nevertheless, cheesemakers have been busy, manufacturing a total of 1.043 billion pounds of cheese in February. Representing an increase of 4.7% versus February 2020, cheese production set a record for the month. Production data shows that manufacturers favored the production of American style cheeses during February, though Cheddar output in particular has slipped compared to earlier months. Meanwhile, the production of Italian style cheeses also increased versus prior year, albeit by a slower margin than American style cheeses. Improving restaurant activity should disproportionately benefit Italian cheese demand in the coming months.

Cheddar blocks were able to capitalize on the increase in demand, though the spot market was fickle. Price increases on Monday and Thursday counteracted a penny drop on Wednesday, ultimately pushing the spot price up by 5.5¢ to $1.775/lb. Barrels were more consistent, with prices marching upward in three out of the four daily spot sessions, finishing the week at $1.5125/lb., up a nickel from last week.

February production data illustrates that during the month dryers held a strong bias for producing nonfat dry milk (NDM) for use in the domestic market or to be shipped to nearby Mexico, versus skim milk powder which would likely be send farther afield. Totaling 186.3 million pounds for the month, NDM production was up by 13.0% year over year. Meanwhile, SMP production slipped by 20.3% to 29.6 million pounds. This preference is likely a reflection of the nagging logistical issues that are preventing U.S. produced SMP from being easily exported. Strong NDM production also translated to a buildup in stocks as manufacturers’ stocks of NDM grew to 345.6 million pounds at the end of February, the highest amount ever recorded at the end of that month. In the spot NDM market, the price rose by a half cent in each of the four trading days of the week, bringing the price on Thursday to $1.19, up two cents from last Friday’s close.

The whey markets continue to move upward, with the spot dry whey price boasting a new record this week. After opening the week unchanged and adding just a quarter cent on Tuesday, the price moved up by 3¢ on Wednesday as three loads traded hands. The market remained unchanged at 66¢/lb. on Thursday. Dry whey production rose by 4.3% year over year in February, as strong cheese production threw off a plentiful whey stream. Yet, dry whey production paled in comparison to the manufacture of higher protein products. Production of whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolates rose by 8.8% and 28.3%, respectively. This preference for higher protein products continues to keep tension on the dry whey market, contributing to the spot price increase.

Activity in the spot dairy sessions combined with noise in the grain markets had a significant influence on milk futures over the course of the week. After posting some mixed performance on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday’s Prospective Plantings report suggesting impending feed price increases contributed to significant gains in the Class III futures market. Several nearby contracts traded as high as limit up before settling off these highs. Some further gains during Thursday’s session pushed prices higher still. The MAY21 Class III contract settled on Thursday a full 95¢ higher than on Monday. Most nearby Class IV milk futures contracts also saw gains over the course of the week, bolstered by increases in the spot butter market.

A surprising Prospective Plantings report released on Wednesday sent corn and soybean prices skyward. Despite already high prices which were expected to inspire additional plantings, the initial survey data included in the report underwhelmed. Corn plantings for the upcoming market year are estimated at 91.1 million acres. Though up from last year, this figure is a couple million acres shy of most trade estimates. Soybean planting expectations also underwhelmed at 87.6 million acres. The lower-than-expected planted acreage combined with meager carryover stocks sent grain futures limit up on Wednesday and are expected to result in higher feed costs for dairy producers.

Source: Jacoby

Global Dairy Commodity Update April 2021

The complexity of moving parts affecting the global dairy market outlook has rarely been greater.

The world is on a path to a COVID endgame but the timelines for reducing infections to effective “immunity” are varied.
The US and UK are well into rapid inoculation programs that will ensure a steady reopening of the food service trade in coming months. Europe has lost control of infections and a slow vaccine rollout has forced extended but uneven restrictions on movement. Meanwhile major logistics delays have slowed trade from major US and EU ports.

Weather is also varied as the La Nina effect weaken after delivering a cool wet summer to create great seasonal conditions in southern Australia. Cold weather in the EU will ensure a slow start to spring cold, while drought creeps further across the west of the US. Volatile late-season conditions across NZ have brought a late-season lift in milk output, but that can quickly change.

Strong Oceania prices – driven up by China’s dominance of the Global Dairy Trade buying of WMP and butter – will meet some pushback. Demand elsewhere for WMP and fats remains patchy and price-sensitive while SMP is more affordable with the spread of values on offer.

Strong commodity fundamentals are supported however by a firm EU-27 market with slow milk growth bringing tight butter and SMP supplies.

The late season improvements in NZ and Australia won’t alter the global market balance in the short-term but may present opportunities while northern hemisphere logistics remain knotted.

Milk supplies in the US will gradually slow as farm margins weaken. Meanwhile the reopening of eating-out venues will lift cheese demand and tighten butterfat supplies as cream use picks up. US cheddar prices should improve as heavy stocks ease. Volatility in the US is assured on the way out of COVID just as we saw on the way into crisis.

Source: Dustin Boughton

Delta Endless continues his reign of the genomic NVI list – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – Holland

Delta Endless continues his reign of the genomic NVI list, this Jacuzzi-Red son has a April 2021 proof at +390 NVI. He is followed by RBB Crowntown at +367 NVI and then Rioaveso, Delta Wake Up, Delta Powerlift, Theodor, Hul-Stein Shauna P *RC (+351 NVI). Topping the daughter proven Interbull list is VH Bube Bernell at +322 NVI and 259 daughters. On top of the R&W genomic sire list is the polled Jacko P son Delta Taskforce P-Red at +366 NVI. In the daughter proven R&W sire list is chart topper Delta Booking-Red at +258 NVI with 145 daughters. Followed by Schreur Apoll-P at +257 NVI and 199 milking daughters.



Freemax Tops German Genomic Sires While Supershot Sons Dominate Proven Sires Lists – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – Germany

Topping the German genomic RZG list is Broeks Freemax son Foreman at +171 RZG. Followed Eldorado son Mahomes at +167 RZG. Former #1 sire Captain is now tied for 4th at +165 RZG. The German total index RZG was adjusted but the daughter proven top-5 saw no major changes. Topping the daughter proven sire list is Semino (s. Silver) at +159 RZG. Followed by two Supershot sons, Topshot and Moonglow.  In fact Supershot sires four of the top 10 proven RZG sires.  Effective, an Effort son is the #1 R&W Daughter proven sire in Germany at +145 RZG. The #1 RZG Red & White genomic sire is OH DG Rubels-Red son Flight-Red at +165 RZG.

U.S. Dairy Industry United in Opposition to Canadian TRQ Administration

NMPF, the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC), and International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) submitted comments on March 5 to Global Affairs Canada on the administration of Canada’s dairy tariff rate quotas (TRQs).

The comments presented a clear, unified signal to Canadian authorities of the need for dramatic reforms in their current administration and allocation of TRQs. “Canada is failing to meet its trade obligations by manipulating import license procedures and minimizing the ability of U.S. dairy farmers to have full access to the benefits of USMCA. That needs to stop, and we look forward to working with the Biden Administration to ensure it does,” said NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern.

Canada is taking several actions in its administration of TRQs that undermine its USMCA obligations. Not providing fair or equitable procedures in administering the TRQs and reserving large shares of the quota for processors and so-called “further processors” are examples of how America’s dairy farmers and processors are losing out on the hard-fought USMCA benefits for U.S. dairy.

The comments to Global Affairs Canada, which provide recommendations on how Canada can reform its TRQ administration procedures to ensure full utilization of dairy quotas, follow joint NMPF, USDEC and IDFA comments to the Canadian agency in February 2020 and reflect NMPF’s ongoing attention to the issue. Last August, NMPF played a critical role in bicameral, bipartisan letters sent from Congress to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture urging them to ensure compliance of the dairy TRQs. USTR initiated the ongoing dispute settlement case as a result of these efforts.

Scientists Provide an Insightful Review of how US Dairy Industry Breeding Selection Objectives are Established

In an article appearing in the Journal of Dairy Science®, scientists from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding provide an insightful review of how US dairy industry breeding selection objectives are established, as well as detail opportunities and obstacles related to new technologies for documenting animal performance.

Genetic selection has been an extremely efficacious tool for the long-term enhancement of livestock populations, and the implementation of genomic selection has doubled the rate of gain in dairy cattle. Data captured through the national dairy herd improvement program are used to calculate genomic evaluations for comparing and ranking animals for selection. Over time, most of the focus on the selection indices used to rank bulls and cows on their genetic merit has changed from yield traits to fertility, health, and fitness traits.

Today, most breeding stock are selected and marketed using the net merit dollars (NM$) selection index, which progressed from two traits in 1926 (milk and fat yield) to a mix of 36 individual traits following the most recent update three years ago. Updates to the index depend upon the estimation of a variety of values, and it can be challenging to reach an agreement among stakeholders on what should be included in the index at each review and how those traits should be weighted. Phenotypes for some of the new traits are difficult or costly to measure or depend upon changes to on-farm practices that have not been widely implemented. There is also a need to collect more comprehensive data about the environment in which animals perform, including information about feeding, housing, milking systems, and infectious and parasitic load.

“The rate of change is rapid, and farmers need objective sources of information more than ever before,” said first author John B. Cole, PhD, affiliated with the Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD, USA, at the time the review was accepted for publication. “The best way for the industry to meet the needs of the dairy producers, who drive the whole system, is to treat genetic evaluations as a shared good for the benefit of all.”

The number of traits evaluated continues to increase, and is mind-boggling to many, which indicates that new approaches to classify and express traits may be necessary.

Source: Science Daily


About the Journal of Dairy Science

The Journal of Dairy Science® (JDS), an official journal of the American Dairy Science Association®, is co-published by Elsevier and FASS Inc. for the American Dairy Science Association. It is the leading general dairy research journal in the world. JDS readers represent education, industry, and government agencies in more than 70 countries, with interests in biochemistry, breeding, economics, engineering, environment, food science, genetics, microbiology, nutrition, pathology, physiology, processing, public health, quality assurance, and sanitation. JDS has a 2019 Journal Impact Factor of 3.333 and 5-year Journal Impact Factor of 3.432 according to Journal Citation Reports (Source: Clarivate 2020).

About the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)

The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) is an international organization of educators, scientists, and industry representatives who are committed to advancing the dairy industry and keenly aware of the vital role the dairy sciences play in fulfilling the economic, nutritive, and health requirements of the world’s population. It provides leadership in scientific and technical support to sustain and grow the global dairy industry through generation, dissemination, and exchange of information and services. Together, ADSA members have discovered new methods and technologies that have revolutionized the dairy industry.

About FASS Inc.

Since 1998, FASS has provided shared management services to not-for-profit scientific organizations. With combined membership rosters of more than 10,000 professionals in animal agriculture and other sciences, FASS offers clients services in accounting, membership management, convention and meeting planning, information technology, and scientific publication support. The FASS publications department provides journal management, peer-review support, copyediting, and composition for this journal; the staff includes five BELS-certified ( technical editors and experienced composition staff.

About Elsevier

As a global leader in information and analytics, Elsevier helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. We do this by facilitating insights and critical decision-making for customers across the global research and health ecosystems.

CME Markets Moves Higher on Global Market Reports Tuesday in Chicago

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange milk futures continued mostly higher Tuesday seeing some support from global markets.  Class III Milk continued a creep higher. April fell 15 to 17.45, May however gained 6 to 18.63, and June gained 14 cents to 18.84. The second half of 2021 has an average of 18.57/cwt. Class IV milk was quieter with April fall 2 to 15.33, May unchanged at 15.77, June unchanged at 16.10/cwt. The second half of 2021 has class IV averaging at 16.91/cwt.

The CME spot trade was another low volume trade.  Blocks up $0.01 at $1.7850.  Two sales were made at $1.78 and $1.7850.  Barrels unchanged at $1.53.   Two sales were made at $1.53 and $1.5325. Butter down $0.0050 at $1.8325.  One trade was made at that price. Nonfat dry milk up $0.0025 at $1.1825.  Two trades were made at $1.1825 and $1.1850.  Dry whey unchanged $0.66. 

The Global Dairy Trade Event 281 started our day with a slight move higher, up 0.3 percent, Tuesday.  Butter milk powder had a significant surge in demand, up 17.6 percent, followed by cheddar and butter.  Lactose had the only decline, down 6.5 percent.

Select Sires develops first-of-its-kind genetic tool to combat mastitis

Mastitis is the most common clinical disease reported in dairy cows and cited as the No. 3 reason for culling in commercial dairy herds. A case of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation can result in an economic loss of $4441. This cost includes treatment expenses and the subsequent effects on milk loss, premature culling, replacement loss and future reproductive challenges. To combat mastitis, Select Sires has introduced Mastitis ResistantPROTM, a new genetic tool to boost mastitis resistance in the next generation.

Mastitis ResistantPRO is the latest designation to be added to Select Sires’ toolbox and will appear on qualifying sires following the April 2021 sire summaries. A new icon will identify sires that excel in multiple indicators of mastitis resistance, including CDCB Mastitis Resistance, CDCB Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and Zoetis Mastitis Resistance genomic evaluations. Both Holstein and Jersey sires will be eligible for this designation.

Avoiding costly mastitis cases saves money

Select Sires professionals across the nation have analyzed the economic impact of mastitis resistance traits in dairy herds. Genetic audits of CDCB Mastitis Resistance and CDCB SCS revealed significant savings for higher genetic merit animals, translating to more profit for farmers. The farmer-owned cooperative and farmer-led sire committees recognize the immense value of mastitis resistance traits to secure greater profit margins.

On-farm benefits extend to consumer approval

Industry reports show the incidence rate for mastitis is 24.8 percent and most cows with a mastitis event are treated with antibiotics. Improving genetic merit for mastitis resistance will reduce the use of antimicrobials, which translates to both on-farm savings and consumer approval.

Holstein sires that carry the Mastitis ResistantPRO designation will reduce mastitis cases by 2.3 percent. In a 1,000-cow herd, the savings are greater than $10,000 per year. In addition to the cost savings gained from less treatments, taking genetic strides to reduce mastitis events improves udder health, increases milk quality and strengthens consumer trust.

To learn more about Select Sires’ new Mastitis ResistantPRO designation and view a list of qualifying sires, visit

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is the largest global A.I. cooperative and is comprised of six farmer-owned and -controlled local organizations in the United States. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen, as well as excellence in service and programs to supply dairy and beef producers with the world’s best genetics.

High Ranking Sire Report – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – USA

HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARL-ETTR TC99-I551HO03529CHARLEY x YODER701142073320962.905.1830.90.61.01910.790.55-1.493050G
PINE-TREE BURLEY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18225BOASTFUL x ALTAOAK44971175228992.935.9963.52.50.57950.250.78-0.782884G
ABS ACHIEVER-ETTC TY99-NA29HO18296YODER x ALTAEMBASSY27121202255992.714.9904.7-0.50.76970.991.06-1.322875G
PROGENESIS MARIUSTR TP99-I200HO10959JEDI x BOMBERO59661426213932.795.6841.51.31.00911.58-0.26-0.322848G
AOT SILVER HELIX-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07770SILVER x SUPERSIRE641231755302993.041.497-5.4-1.41.25990.960.190.252845G
MR DRACO BATTLE 67469-ETCD TY100-NA551HO03269DRACO x MOGUL49841118215972.883.9871.70.61.64932.06-0.580.582840G
WOODCREST KING DOCTR TP99-I250HO12961KINGBOY x MACK60771708208993.060.790-3.3-1.33.40992.412.141.082836G
ABS MEDLEY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18343YODER x BALISTO52881040226992.835.2893.70.90.48960.200.74-0.102835G
PROGENESIS POSITIVETR TP100-NA200HO10955DUKE x RUBICON571111308263892.913.482-0.8-1.51.34851.55-0.19-0.122833G
PINE-TREE SAMIRAH-ETTR TC99-I29HO18478ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE691061418281992.852.6890.3-0.90.37910.24-0.170.352817G
MR SPRING NIGHTCAP 74636-ETTC TY99-I551HO03369ALTASPRING x NUMERO UNO56731206224952.804.0850.90.11.31941.82-0.23-0.402814G
TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10729OCTOBERFEST x MOONRAY58801682221992.764.8921.50.40.33960.620.620.632803G
MR SPRING NIGHTHAWK-ETTC TY99-I551HO03442ALTASPRING x NUMERO UNO48781264217972.804.4870.9-0.31.42931.890.22-0.262795G
DE-SU 13050 SPECTRE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18208YODER x SUPERSIRE491301482294992.971.991-0.1-0.60.3995-0.160.19-0.432793G
PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ETTR TP99-I7HO13740MODESTY x BOMBERO3792734217973.103.8872.00.11.05951.850.77-0.782793G
DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ETTR TP99-I7HO12421MILES x SHAMROCK46981208247992.713.298-1.2-0.20.83971.050.11-0.502789G
S-S-I JOSUPER ROCKETFIRE-ETTR TP99-I7HO13454JOSUPER x STERLING76592529221972.855.9903.10.10.55940.66-0.550.552787G
DE-SU JEDI JEFRI 13610TR TP99-I7HO13727JEDI x RODGERS64331551163972.655.8871.13.20.71931.13-0.540.332782G
BO-IRISH CROWNE-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07823MONTROSS x MAURICE78842416257982.823.287-1.0-1.10.13931.12-0.540.752775G
MELARRY FUEL-ETTR TP99-I200HO10845DUKE x KINGBOY571061753231962.99-0.388-4.7-1.42.41941.800.251.592773G
EDG DIRECTOR ROOSTER-ETTC TY99-I551HO03441DIRECTOR x RUBICON3977735199952.874.7832.90.71.57881.47-0.12-0.032771G
MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ETTC TY99-I203HO01513MCCUTCHEN x ROBUST73782325256993.044.197-0.7-1.51.56980.91-0.03-0.032771G
DE-SU 13798 OXFORD-ETTR TC99-I29HO18554BOURBON x SILVER64801505229962.933.3860.40.00.98920.790.250.392770G
PEAK ACCELODIN-ETTR TP99-I14HO07828ALTAHOTROD x RANSOM4296547207962.962.4861.30.91.59920.630.120.962769G
PEAK LIGERO-ETTY TV96-NA97HO41744YODER x SUPERSIRE50901445239982.873.4892.0-0.30.53950.450.68-0.702766G
PEAK HOTLINE-ETTY TV100-NA97HO41774ALTAHOTROD x MOGUL51891030211993.03-1.592-4.2-1.83.02982.401.511.152762G
MR RUBICON CASHIN-ETTC TY100-NA551HO03449RUBICON x CASHCOIN50841511249962.924.3840.7-0.60.90891.71-0.27-1.432761G
HURTGENLEA YDR OUTSIDERS-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12819YODER x SUPERSIRE64882242228992.863.2941.6-1.20.44960.600.030.992757G
PROGENESIS DEFINITE-ETTR TP99-NA200HO10797AFTERBURNER x DELTA5056848182962.614.4871.12.30.74920.550.800.442757G
BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ETTR TP99-I11HO11779SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY62861512239992.725.5952.3-0.2-0.2297-0.08-0.900.032752G
FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA-ETTR TP100-NA551HO03379DELTA x NUMERO UNO42511074156992.784.2900.7-0.22.58982.840.870.012749G
TAG-LANE DEFIANCETR99-I29HO18581MIDGARD x SUPERSIRE50931458260982.854.6883.00.7-0.40920.01-0.62-1.042749G
EDG RUBICON-ETTR TC100-NA151HO00681MOGUL x ROBUST3892704216992.904.5992.3-1.81.27991.011.980.362748G
S-S-I MILLINGTON TOTEM-ETTR TP99-I250HO13531MILLINGTON x JACEY3370644169932.643.8840.70.51.86861.880.720.152748G
S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE-ETTR TP100-NA250HO13267MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE761162308297992.880.996-4.9-3.71.26991.21-0.850.682747G
OCD DENVER CANNON-ETTR TP99-I7HO12886DENVER x NUMERO UNO3584963194972.803.589-
OCD ALTASWAG-ETTR TP100-NA11HO11963MODESTY x MOHAWK511001099238973.061.587-0.6-0.30.95920.610.640.482743G
KINGS-RANSOM M DEVINETR TP99-I7HO13753MARTY x DEDUCTIVE48811034188972.564.2882.6-1.10.89920.89-0.021.382740G
SANDY-VALLEY AIRJET-ETTR TP99-I7HO12985JEDI x PURE64722285210952.922.786-
WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ETTP TC99-I1HO11669TUFFENUFF x MOGUL64761553243982.871.792-0.9-1.81.36952.00-0.01-0.332736G
FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ETTR TP99-I14HO14085FRAZZLED x RUBICON40781293194932.636.1831.7-0.90.80890.950.830.232735G
PROGENESIS GRANITE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10616MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE4183975184993.182.4920.50.91.50981.270.941.052735G
EDG DELTA-BAYLOR-ETTR TP99-I551HO03419DELTA x BOB47501290176962.794.6871.52.41.17911.76-0.90-0.792733G
SANDY-VALLEY COPYCAT-TW-ETTR TP99-I7HO12974JEDI x JACEY42731007170982.653.288-
S-S-I BG DUKE DELROY-ETTR TP99-I14HO13666DUKE x RODGERS50811194238982.763.788-0.6-0.30.82951.25-0.67-1.382728G
SANDY-VALLEY CODEC-ETTR TP99-I7HO12973JEDI x JACEY53651327191972.524.487-
SANDY-VALLEY CHALLENGER-ETTR TP99-I777HO11028SUPERHERO x SILVER2874514171902.764.5810.90.91.15852.09-0.42-0.342724G
EDG DELTA-CHANCE-ETTC TY99-I551HO03360DELTA x BOB3470668178963.023.4840.53.11.18881.45-0.32-0.832722G
AURORA ALTAANTONIO-ETTR TP99-I11HO12083BANDARES x COMMANDER4773758193962.793.1851.2-0.51.45901.081.020.372721G
FARNEAR TBR DELTA-JOLT-ETTR TC99-I551HO03443DELTA x SUPERSIRE2568250158982.816.1881.42.41.02931.060.70-0.062721G
ABS MOROCCAN-ETTR TC99-I29HO18530SKYFALL x SILVER40112764213972.950.687-1.9-2.11.72911.640.721.402719G
AOT MODESTY HUNK-ETTR TP100-NA1HO12901MODESTY x SUPERSIRE67841962248963.092.388-0.9-1.50.94861.18-0.48-0.342719G
SIEMERS TRAJECTORY-ETTR CD100-NA200HO09142DRACO x SUPERSIRE75722198267922.893.1820.6-2.40.50871.27-1.04-0.292717G
PEAK ALTALOBELLO-ETTR TP99-I11HO11826DONATELLO x MCCUTCHEN3166360161992.723.6912.21.41.44961.160.380.352714G
S-S-I BG LAIDLAW EZRA-ETTR TP99-I7HO13840LAIDLAW x YODER42611193190952.705.2861.60.50.62911.030.90-1.702714G
DE-SU 13530 SEVILLE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18490SUPERSHOT x MONTROSS5073899208982.853.388-
MORNINGVIEW JEDI ZEB-ETTR TP99-I7HO14195JEDI x YODER47531144161902.655.1811.61.50.86871.38-0.820.802713G
DE-SU TORONTO 13212-ETTR TP99-I7HO12915PROFIT x ALTAOAK5326879129972.765.1892.62.90.94931.55-0.350.472712G
SYNERGY WALTER-ETTR TP99-I7HO14059HEISENBERG x MONTROSS4153754161953.043.7850.32.31.42911.970.380.182712G
LEANINGHOUSE BANDRS VAN-ETTR TP100-NA7HO14183BANDARES x POWERBALL-P46821058195922.842.4821.90.11.08850.840.190.662711G
AURORA TREMENDOUS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10839JEDI x TANGO70462460192972.932.987-
OCD JOSUPER ZAMBONI-ETTR TP99-I7HO12837JOSUPER x MOGUL59721820212992.862.091-1.8-1.71.47971.700.780.382708G
S-S-I PR CHINCHI CHARGER-ETTR TP99-I7HO13902CHINCHI x YODER51871373205942.791.784-1.5-1.71.05881.020.890.902708G
PEAK EVEREST-ETTR TY100-NA97HO41742YODER x MASSEY42901267193982.932.0901.10.70.90970.550.140.822706G
ABS MENTZ-ETTR99-I29HO18495ALTAHOTSHOT x BALISTO59701863233913.084.7830.70.70.5288-0.080.62-1.092705G
MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03416RUBICON x ROBUST49581508186992.775.5892.3-1.21.32971.690.65-0.082704G
OCD SPRING SLAMDUNK-ETTR TP99-I7HO12899ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3764735156992.694.2920.70.61.70971.500.000.912704G
DOUBLE-EAGLE BAYON DEANO-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12928BAYONET x TANGO55831855221983.062.388-0.1-0.61.94940.890.51-0.032703G
SIEMERS BONES-ETTR TP99-I200HO10590JOSUPER x SHAN72651830215952.854.7851.1-0.60.59850.47-1.100.032702G
UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ETTR TC99-I29HO17553SUPERSIRE x BEACON72822568240992.863.6990.1-2.10.45990.49-0.871.132699G
AOT SILVER HAD ME-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12901SILVER x SUPERSIRE481071093246993.04-0.391-4.0-3.32.09941.870.260.082698G
PEAK ALTAAMULET-ETTR TP99-I11HO11725JOSUPER x MOGUL56541847187992.853.894-0.1-1.91.44962.260.82-0.082695G
MR MOGUL DELTA 1427-ETTR TC100-NA203HO01468MOGUL x ROBUST34611012195992.985.5991.60.41.32991.880.66-1.642692G
SUNQUEST AT RIVALRE-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03336YODER x SUPERSIRE3599918231993.072.7892.30.70.50870.36-0.35-1.182692G
ABS MALIBU-ETTR TC99-I29HO18571RAIDEN x BALISTO44871353217972.704.6871.6-1.50.53900.73-0.22-0.332691G
SILVERRIDGE V IMAX-ETTR TP99-I200HO10619ALTASPRING x MOGUL45901310214993.072.5910.0-1.61.30991.510.581.082691G
ABS ROWDY-ETTC TY99-I29HO17947JOSUPER x MOGUL64852048255992.894.8940.3-0.60.1091-0.19-1.22-0.222690G
MIRABELL SOUND SYSTEM99-NA543HO00086SILVER x SUPERSIRE47841265200932.991.485-2.2-0.81.99901.370.320.612690G
SANDY-VALLEY EVEREST-ETTR TP99-I7HO12821YODER x MORGAN39106728238992.784.0941.5-0.6-0.29970.34-0.92-0.422689G
BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ETTR TP99-I7HO12942JEDI x DAY46441179122992.665.7902.12.11.03971.39-1.161.832688G
SILVERRIDGE V EUGENIO-ETTR TP99-I200HO10549SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN36531530137992.834.1930.30.21.96971.961.021.162687G
ABS MOONGLOW-ETTC TY99-I29HO18294SUPERSHOT x BALISTO72621775215992.954.3910.8-0.80.56960.27-0.590.672686G
PINE-TREE JIGSAW-ETTR TC99-I29HO18415JOSUPER x NUMERO UNO46781718209922.813.8850.8-0.80.88881.020.120.062685G
ABS ASHFORD-ETTC TY99-NA29HO18303YODER x ALTAEMBASSY39741122199923.132.7862.50.21.10891.341.00-1.122682G
ABS RAIDEN-ETTC TY99-I29HO17941JOSUPER x MOGUL39851471218992.725.2962.9-0.80.22970.83-0.90-0.862682G
AURORA JEDI JADE 451-ETTR TP99-I7HO13752JEDI x TANGO70831599244973.151.088-1.7-0.40.78910.45-0.330.252682G
CAL-ROY-AL YODA-ETTR TC99-I29HO18545JEDI x YODER46781026203972.754.3870.3-1.41.12901.19-0.500.192682G
DE-SU ROCKFORD 12250-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12545RODGERS x SHAMROCK3274907175952.715.1892.23.1-0.5789-0.020.13-0.022682G
WET TATUM MITCHELL-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12778TATUM x MOGUL44761806184982.940.291-
ABS MAYDAY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18258TAILOR x BALISTO4667415177942.613.6881.60.50.66910.65-0.440.152681G
ABS MOSCOW-ETTR TC99-I29HO18573RAIDEN x SILVER3772789162932.704.7841.00.50.81890.72-0.021.192681G
MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ETTR TP99-I7HO12788JOSUPER x SHOTGLASS43791716204992.525.796-0.1-1.10.21991.02-0.70-0.372681G
CO-OP TROY PILEDRIVER-ETTR TP99-I1HO12786TROY x SUPERSIRE84982987310993.31-0.396-2.3-5.61.50950.910.93-0.072680G
TEEMAR ASTON-ETTR TC99-I29HO18076JOSUPER x MAURICE58761884211932.904.3860.50.40.0089-
MR JACEY DECOY 57578-ETTC TY99-I203HO03005JACEY x ROBUST80392454225992.844.6940.10.00.38900.510.10-1.232679G
EDG DELTA-B52-ETTR TP99-I551HO03421DELTA x BOB3368195177942.821.9850.01.11.52851.590.38-0.332678G
WILRA COLEMAN-ETTC TY99-I29HO18077JOSUPER x SHAMROCK2897931209992.874.6933.00.8-0.16920.58-0.89-0.542678G
PEAK ALTAMAESTRO-ETTP TC100-NA11HO11892MASTERFUL x MUNITION54971438247963.020.587-1.8-2.21.21870.810.93-0.042676G
DE-SU 12779 ENZO-ETTC TY99-I29HO18016JOSUPER x KRUNCH38481663150942.735.5861.81.40.98881.470.89-0.332675G
BUTZ-HILL SILVER WINGS-ETTR TP99-I522HO03414SILVER x SUPERSIRE4094885204982.882.588-1.7-0.81.17940.90-0.030.972674G
CLAYNOOK FAIRVIEW-ETTR TP99-I200HO11056DUKE x SILVER61872291230922.881.582-2.6-2.61.44861.190.140.402673G
OCD MODEST SOPRANO 40332-ETTR TP100-NA14HO14169MODESTY x SILVER43881145240933.092.883-0.8-0.60.66871.06-0.12-1.632673G
S-S-I FERDINAND BIGHIT P-ETTR PC99-I7HO13647FERDINAND x ERASER P51821317215963.241.087-2.1-0.31.31911.740.27-0.062673G
SILVERRIDGE V ETESIAN-ETTR TP99-I200HO10606SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN39511825135962.784.2870.20.41.96921.570.800.792673G
BOMAZ ALTAUPSHOT-ETTR TP99-I11HO11781SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY54781709221992.954.9922.00.10.29910.15-0.69-0.552672G
S-S-I KINGPIN PHANTOM-ETTR TP99-I7HO13334KINGPIN x SUPERSIRE70881965247992.890.594-2.6-2.91.26960.80-0.250.972672G
WESTCOAST PERSEUS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10777PENMANSHIP x DOORMAN3847377141982.663.6901.22.20.98961.260.060.072670G
PEAK ALTAKEYNOTE-ETTR TP99-I11HO11793ALTASPRING x RANSOM3988447217963.021.587-0.1-0.71.07881.290.72-0.642669G
PINE-TREE ALTAFEISTY-ETTR TP100-NA11HO12028MODESTY x SUPERSIRE49821003206963.032.4860.80.10.55860.280.490.712669G
ABS JOHNSTOWN-ETTR TC99-I29HO18508ROWDY x ALTAEMBASSY50901574242952.794.1861.0-2.00.77890.29-0.34-0.422666G
BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ETTC TY99-I551HO03415DELTA x SUPERSIRE2884739223982.825.1882.6-0.70.80921.30-0.57-2.002666G
PINE-TREE VERONA-ETTR TC99-I29HO18197ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3875302180992.882.4920.41.50.34950.710.630.072666G
PINE-TREE MOD KENNEDY713-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13771MODESTY x SUPERSIRE1884-167184992.965.0893.51.5-0.06970.690.83-1.592664G
RONELEE FREEDOM-ETTR TP99-I200HO10871MODESTY x BALISTO50621566196982.964.288-
S-S-I MILLINGTON TEMPLE-ETTR TP99-I7HO13530MILLINGTON x ALTAOAK59642404236952.863.5870.7-0.80.11850.930.19-1.722662G
S-S-I MODESTY MEGA LUCK-ETTR TP99-I14HO13707MODESTY x DAMARIS67571572203943.112.8851.0-0.30.77920.71-0.070.452662G
PROGENESIS BENJAMIN-ETTR TP99-NA200HO10794AFTERBURNER x MONTROSS48401071158962.764.8871.62.00.65940.940.19-0.242661G
S-S-I BG FRNCSE VELOCITY-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13639FRANCHISE x MONTROSS57691643223943.171.986-0.8-0.10.66911.500.21-1.102661G
ABS NEDREBO-ETTR TC99-I29HO18588RAIDEN x SUPERSHOT61552384199922.745.7822.60.00.08880.41-0.74-0.472660G
CO-OP AARDEMA POWER TRIP-ETTR TP99-I1HO11934MUSCADET x SUPERSIRE74801897266993.051.288-0.8-1.60.7990-0.02-0.17-0.422660G
MR EDG CYPRUS JAGUAR-ETTC TY99-I551HO03509CYPRUS x MOGUL55791466233963.252.387-0.9-0.40.98871.25-0.38-0.472660G
BRYHILL ALTAHOTSHOT-ETTR TP100-NA11HO11523PRIDE x CAMERON31741028167993.055.2972.11.90.31970.730.360.182659G
L-L-M-DAIRY POND PASSAT-ETTR TP99-I7HO12659PONDER x MOGUL31811073212992.954.7940.60.90.19940.60-0.17-1.022659G
OCD SLV STORM PROOF-ETTR CD100-NA566HO01260SILVER x WILLPOWER5071435186953.081.383-0.5-0.51.48851.540.610.602659G
BUTZ-HILL WINDFALL 54771-ETTC TY99-I551HO03341MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE44911879258993.063.3890.1-0.8-0.09931.40-0.42-2.582658G
MR OCD MODESTY DALLAS-ETTR TP100-NA14HO13758MODESTY x DONATELLO56841087252973.171.187-1.4-2.20.80921.440.72-1.752657G
PINE-TREE JEVSTAR-ETTR TC99-I29HO18627JEDI x LOTTOMAX4050711154922.676.0833.21.30.55860.71-0.15-0.082657G
FARNEAR DELTA-BETA 241-ETTR TP100-NA151HO03244DELTA x NUMERO UNO3063463168972.884.0870.70.01.54932.29-0.08-0.832656G
LISMORE KNGBOY TUBB 6198-ETTC TY99-I551HO03305KINGBOY x SUPERSIRE47681778163972.780.388-
OAKFIELD MODEST EINSTEIN-ETTR TP99-I7HO13737MODESTY x LUCID3053215132962.874.1861.62.11.04901.310.32-0.022655G
OCD SILVER SILICON-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12860SILVER x SHIMONE3990740199962.762.088-2.0-1.11.29880.880.260.542655G
PINE-TREE WILDE SCUTTLE-ETTR TP99-I1HO12911WILDER x SUPERSIRE3577-350155972.933.6882.30.90.82870.560.600.942655G
SANDY-VALLEY EFFUSIVE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10589PURE x MORGAN62912249264993.033.0910.8-2.10.54960.71-1.62-0.822654G
SIEMERS BLOOMFIELD-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10693DELTA x NUMERO UNO190-612146992.773.5920.81.41.66971.970.34-0.232654G
VIEW-HOME MESQUITE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10696JOSUPER x MCCUTCHEN62712313198922.862.084-0.4-2.61.66900.930.381.162652G
JALTAOAKTY TV99-I182HO00922ALTAOAK x FACEBOOK4484836196923.001.0850.91.20.86890.290.150.672651G
S-S-I OCTOBERFST PANTHER-ETTR TP99-I7HO13562OCTOBERFEST x RODGERS2760347152972.695.4884.22.5-0.07910.46-0.17-0.512651G
ENDCO VIEWPOINT-ETTR TP99-NA200HO10772SILVER x SUPERSIRE3856954142992.873.2880.1-1.51.66952.281.740.312650G
PEAK ALTATIEROD-ETTR TP96-NA11HO11823ALTAHOTROD x SUPERSIRE64542313168972.902.189-0.4-1.11.61861.111.001.642650G
PLAIN-KNOLL FOXHOLE10128-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12742MONTROSS x SHAMROCK68782228235982.902.290-2.4-0.70.05920.59-0.240.662650G
ABS JOPLIN-ETTR TC99-NA29HO18506BOURBON x ALTAEMBASSY36951106207962.813.0871.8-0.70.74910.320.060.262648G
WELCOME-TEL BRENNAN 3158-ETTR TP99-I7HO12999MODESTY x JACEY3461789141992.993.1890.40.31.82961.720.920.322648G
PROGENESIS MODULO-ETTR TP99-I200HO10815DUKE x DEFENDER4691814203922.98-0.283-5.6-0.61.25871.680.140.972647G
DE-SU ALTALEAF-ETTR TP99-I11HO11478ALTAOAK x TRIGGER51671917188992.812.0980.4-0.51.53970.720.530.332646G
WET RODGERS MYLESTR TP100-NA14HO07804RODGERS x MOGUL44381202141992.772.7930.50.61.44962.120.58-0.062646G
ROSYLANE-LLC SLATETC TY99-I29HO18272JOSUPER x PETRONE47661421179972.564.8880.90.20.24910.41-0.440.112645G
VATLAND METEOR-ETTR TP99-I7HO14026EXPRESSO x KINGBOY363368082962.903.0850.32.22.10892.270.701.712645G
PROGENESIS MIDNIGHT-ETTR TP99-I200HO10816DUKE x DEFENDER5477852183933.080.488-4.3-1.21.96881.420.831.742644G
S-S-I JEDI JABARI-ETTR TP99-I14HO13603JEDI x JACEY67371855158962.864.187-
BOMAZ ZIGZAG-ETTC TY99-I29HO18267SILVER x ALTAEMBASSY48901311233992.923.3901.6-2.50.58900.370.16-0.612643G
PEAK ACCELPRIMO-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07864RUGER x FACEBOOK3879459182943.071.285-
SILVERRIDGE V EUCLID-ETTR TP99-I200HO10550SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN42711659156992.893.6930.3-0.91.40960.990.631.172643G
WELCOME TARRINO 3181-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12997MODESTY x MARDI GRAS51771460240993.601.088-
OCD SPRING SAMURI-ETTR TP99-I7HO12897ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3577314175993.022.5920.01.51.07990.610.070.412642G
HARTFORD RUBI-TAZ-ETTC TY99-I551HO03420RUBICON x ALTAOAK3575893177963.034.1872.30.80.42890.121.450.332641G
RONELEE DETOUR BOUNTY-ETTR TP99-I14HO14038DETOUR x JOSUPER52721399210912.762.482-0.6-1.10.62861.05-0.29-0.412638G
WESTCOAST GUARANTEE-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10836BOASTFUL x TANGO3451283153992.615.8891.82.70.15960.18-0.84-1.042636G
SANDY-VALLEY ANAKIN-ETTR TP99-I200HO10850JEDI x PURE73502017189953.081.188-
WOODCREST MOGUL YODER-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12266MOGUL x PLANET3281519188993.082.8991.90.10.65991.200.39-0.852635G
ABS MIRAGE-ETTC TY99-I29HO18254DELFINO x BALISTO4044198124962.554.1893.00.11.20871.070.690.272634G
DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ETTC TY99-I29HO17918JOSUPER x MCCUTCHEN2988789182992.803.3961.00.10.61970.620.510.132634G
MR MOGUL DENVER 1426-ETTC TY100-NA151HO00690MOGUL x ROBUST58821846244993.211.098-2.9-2.41.33992.10-0.02-0.262634G
CO-OP AARDEMA TRACER-ETTR TP99-I1HO11926JOSUPER x MAURICE53661697176972.734.1881.1-0.80.21931.21-1.461.322632G
FEPRO MAPLETREE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10912MONTEREY x BOMBERO4238967111972.664.1881.9-0.72.36921.91-0.230.912632G
ROSYLANE-LLC SPOCK-ETTC TY99-I29HO18182SILVER x SUPERSIRE22106-46185992.872.194-0.5-1.30.77960.621.080.952632G
BLUMENFELD MOD MAJESTIC-ETTR TP100-NA14HO13925MODESTY x DAY37781033209972.924.3871.80.00.11900.290.57-1.422631G
NO-FLA ALTAJONAHTR TP99-I11HO11669NOMINEE x COBRA68702272243993.020.896-
S-S-I RODGERS MESSAGER-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13216RODGERS x SNOWMAN42631068161982.672.5930.71.30.23900.240.530.892631G
FARNEAR YD TRUE-GRIT 227-ETTR TP100-NA551HO03243YODER x SUPERSIRE48971361241982.941.887-1.3-2.10.65910.480.46-1.112630G
LADYS-MANOR BND SEAGLASS-ETTR TP100-NA100HO11968BANDARES x SUPERSHOT4163903161922.902.4820.4-0.51.15861.830.360.312630G
LEANINGHOUSE DELTA 22081-ETTR TC100-NA540HO01130DELTA x SUPERSIRE3075726188962.863.6882.11.00.74850.610.13-1.152630G
MR MEGA-DARE 54596-ETTR TC100-NA151HO03200MEGASIRE x ROBUST5189958223982.992.5891.6-0.50.39870.13-0.960.262630G
WILRA BIXBY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18109SILVER x SUPERSIRE2283324197992.822.9930.1-1.81.45921.911.15-1.792629G
PROGENESIS QUINCY-ETTR TP99-NA200HO10781BAYONET x TROY2564155173932.985.4843.70.90.87891.130.65-1.432627G
S-S-I LYLAS LAMBEAU-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13701LYLAS x MONTROSS40621212174952.963.7860.12.20.67890.490.11-0.242626G
STANTONS USEFUL-ETTR TP99-I777HO10808YODER x CAMARO3168-86154962.853.9881.91.30.85940.460.650.092626G
WEBB-VUE JEDI KIOSK-ETTR TP99-I14HO07868JEDI x ALTAOAK53711244203982.713.6880.7-0.40.51900.06-0.820.332626G
S-S-I SILVER SONIC-ETTR TP99-I250HO13539SILVER x MULTIPLY2977804163942.653.988-0.5-0.10.61850.740.670.682625G
ABS BELLAMY-ETTC TY100-NA29HO17912MONTROSS x MASSEY55591670203932.972.686-1.1-1.41.04892.25-0.07-0.772623G
MORNINGVIEW RAWHIDE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18337SILVER x JACEY4167860174962.851.589-1.7-2.02.03921.821.190.222623G
BOMAZ DAREDEVIL-ETTC TY99-I29HO18382DAMARIS x ALTAWISEMAN2164144147932.804.8892.91.90.50880.830.28-0.222622G
BOMAZ MOD SHERMAN 7308-ETTR TP99-I14HO13940MODESTY x ALTAEMBASSY3770686198962.994.7882.50.7-0.23910.450.31-1.652622G
T-SPRUCE SPODE 473-ETTR TP99-NA7HO12791SPARK x MILES55591263162972.702.6860.2-1.91.00911.160.630.982622G
ABS BENSON-ETTC100-NA29HO17913MONTROSS x MASSEY41671229197962.774.3891.20.20.00911.13-0.45-0.902621G
SYNERGY SECOYA-ETTR TC100-NA29HO18263DELTA x SUPERSIRE2842848131932.816.7852.81.10.93881.99-0.13-0.452621G
VIEW-HOME LITTLEROCK-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10195CASHCOIN x ROBUST46461007187992.724.7960.92.3-0.07970.52-1.14-2.132621G
ZIMMERVIEW TOMEK 562-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12657TATUM x MOGUL51601532168972.951.089-0.7-0.31.77921.160.860.832621G


High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – Sire Proof Central April 2021

Registration NumberNameRequesterNAAB codeBirth Date
HO840003147118734GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ETSexTech551HO04119190110.172126332802.975.
HO840003206094216GENOSOURCE JACK-ETNSexTech551HO04412200110.172126332802.975.
HO840003206094217GENOSOURCE JOHN-ETNSexTech551HO04413200110.172126332802.975.
HO840003213270811DELICIOUS CAPN GONZALO-ETSexTech201110.572107308752.856.
HO840003202071248GENOSOURCE CAP LEVOY-ETSexTech200910.861131322762.945.
HO840003213270769SDG CAP GARZA-ETSexTech201010.162141345762.845.
HO840003214324409LADYS-MANOR Z OPTIMAL-ETPEAK201110.855105267742.727.
HO840003010366114GENOSOURCE CAP N DERECHO-ETSexTech200710.562110309772.876.
HO840003234373409SSI-BADGER 17213Select210210.665126311752.775.
HO840003212150639PEAK ALTAKEVLOW-ETPEAK011HO15655200611.074129338762.715.
HO840003230985770DENOVO 17835ABS210210.158117299752.736.
HO840003214324420LADYS-MANOR HGHLY OVERDO-ETSemex201110.048116278752.606.
HO840003231304339SSI-DUCKETT 2150Select210210.254116284752.756.
HO840003202071300GENOSOURCE CAPN MCGUIRE-ETSexTech201110.35697259762.867.
HOCAN000013712919PROGENESIS MONTEVERDISemex200HO12123200610.657109273762.706.
HO840003214541170WELCOME MNSHN HEATH 4728-ETSelect210110.86498269752.655.6-
HO840003215069802PINE-TREE GARDNER-ETABS029HO19728200310.664109288772.936.
HO840003212874372COOKIECUTTER HOLYSMOKES-ETSemex200HO1222220099.965102256762.605.
HO840003215425541PEAK ALTAZEMINI-ETPEAK011HO15624200610.268116307752.626.
HO840003202071326GENOSOURCE LAWLER-ETSexTech201110.665105299762.856.
HO840003209481536SANDY-VALLEY CASH-ETSelect210110.850113277752.705.
HO840003213270745GENOSOURCE CAP RIGGER-ETSexTech200910.470135341773.
HO840003222037913DENOVO 17626 BENEFIT-ETABS210210.056119300752.657.
HO840003212874475COOKIECUTTER HOLLERMYWAY-ETSelect210110.34990223752.637.
HO840003213001229PEAK ZAPPY-ETPEAK201110.569126334752.806.
HO840003213270786PINE-TREE CAPN ELEMENT-ETSexTech201010.467117307762.965.
HO840003214292547WINSTAR ELVER-P-ETABS029HO1987420089.845111253762.727.
HO840003221358221OCD PARFECT SOYSAUCE-ETSelect201210.57299283752.836.
HO840003127591354DENOVO 3756 CASCADE-ETABS210110.068110309752.676.
HO840003212150640PEAK HIGH ENERGY-ETPEAK001HO15672200611.160103286762.876.
HO840003217140933CHERRYPENCOL ZAZ 871-ETPEAK201010.56798290762.726.
HO840003222037930DENOVO 17643ABS21029.769133326752.874.32.05.1-1.21.620.930.800.06722.75.23074
HO840003209481520SANDY-VALLEY 4558Select210210.458127323752.814.6-
HO840003219884299AOT LARIAT HANNITY-ETGenVis200910.963120308762.815.
HO840003220463970PEAK 32162-ETPEAK21019.96489246732.666.
HO840003222037943DENOVO 17656ABS21029.944126285752.696.
HO840003213270736GENOSOURCE CAP BREVIN-ETSexTech200810.870104293772.914.
HO840003213270737GENOSOURCE CAP BARBOSSA-ETSexTech200810.271107298772.884.30.54.1-
HO840003224956059PEAK EQUALIZER-ETPEAK210110.877111319742.606.60.95.9-0.40.680.910.29-0.49722.14.73070
HOCAN000013807834PROGENESIS ANTONOVSemex200HO12202200810.551106275762.815.
HO840003215425491PEAK ZOOTY-ETPEAK001HO15618200510.666120307762.726.
HO840003215425436PEAK ALTAZEOLITE-ETPEAK011HO15568200410.466114293762.786.
HO840003202071249GENOSOURCE CAP JERICK-ETSexTech200910.06799272772.755.
HO840003224955987PEAK 83622-ETPEAK210110.76493266752.707.
HO840003213270743GENOSOURCE CAP BARTOLO-ETSexTech200910.157115289762.836.
HO840003213270843GENOSOURCE DOUBLE DOWN-ETSexTech20129.87097273772.985.
HO840003221358455OCD 55624Select21029.253101254752.526.
HO840003224437513KINGR 50267Select210210.368122309752.745.
HO840003218556308SIEMERS 34945Semex210210.16696267732.805.70.56.1-
HO840003010366703GENOSOURCE CAP BIG NIGHT-ETSexTech20109.952108272772.675.
HO840003202071276GENOSOURCE CAP WINSTON-ETSexTech200910.75892257772.667.
HO840003213270738GENOSOURCE CAP BRIGGS-ETSexTech200811.060116285772.904.
HO840003224956127PEAK 83762-ETPEAK210210.26999290732.648.
HO840003216669744WELCOME-TEL TO HOLLYWOOD-ETSexTech201211.050113288752.647.
HO840003007971642DELICIOUS CHARL HOLDON-ETSexTech551HO03823181110.57193291802.766.
HO840003213241894PINE TREE 924-ETPEAK201210.958115292732.696.
HO840003131224919GENOSOURCE JARVIS-ETSexTech551HO04305191110.46595289762.876.
HO840003211472025PEN-COL ZAYLO-ETPEAK200910.649101275752.627.
HO840003211472104PEN-COL ZAZZITA-ETPEAK201210.96386271732.707.
HO840003215425673PEAK FULLERTON-ETPEAK200710.472115312762.785.
HO840003228657178OCD 94264Select210210.640117244752.755.
HO840003230499551SHELAND 1030Select210110.854107269752.705.
HO840003210132938DENOVO 16429 HERCULES-ETABS029HO19555191010.654125318772.775.
HO840003213270770SDG CAP DIGGORY-ETSexTech201010.565120313762.865.0-0.23.8-0.61.551.730.87-1.05753.25.33055
HO840003214324423LADYS-MANOR HIGH OPINION-ETSemex201110.262107274742.845.
HO840003215097559S-S-I SPARTACUS ELON-ETSelect250HO15513200410.45398256772.735.
HO840003224956216PEAK 83851-ETPEAK210210.985131359763.032.0-4.81.1-
HO840003213241674PINE-TREE HALLOCK-ETABS029HO19745191210.648133303772.864.22.45.0-0.41.731.371.13-0.71761.84.23052
HO840003224239201FLY-HIGHER FLASH SPARK-ETSemex201210.247110264732.686.
HOCAN000013807753PROGENESIS JALAPENOSemex200HO1219420079.570115311762.715.2-
HO840003147118750FARNEAR UPSIDE-ETSexTech551HO0403419029.77291298802.797.
HO840003209481391SANDY-VALLEY ESQUIRE-ETSelect201110.26772241752.537.
HO840003212150599WINSTAR GRAZIANO-ETPEAK200HO12087200610.445123294762.647.
HO840003213270739GENOSOURCE CAP BOHANNON-ETSexTech20099.958106278762.755.
HO840003215425559AURORA DZUNDA-ETPEAK734HO00135200610.155112289762.855.
HO840003215564895PEAK MONEYBALL-ETPEAK001HO15681200611.357113302762.876.
HO840003217428944PEAK 422-ETPEAK200711.468112311732.885.8-
HO840003212150553PEAK CALOWAY-ETPEAK200511.37487278732.737.
HO840003215425520PEAK 83001-ETPEAK200510.763109276732.846.
HO840003218556306SIEMERS 34943Semex21029.77091254732.676.
HO840003224956015PEAK 83650-ETPEAK210110.64099227732.418.
HO840003228657141OCD 94227Select210110.256118296752.854.
HO840003217140972PEN-COL 910Select210110.450106267752.815.
HO840003215425396PEAK FUGLEMAN-ETCRV097HO42510200410.170110301762.806.12.75.0-0.71.441.510.39-0.27732.46.53046
HO840003217140964CHERRYPENCOL C 902-ETSelect210110.362113292752.955.
HO840003227859185CHERRYPENCOL MOON 6002-ETSelect201210.76092280752.737.
HO840003213001152CO-OP 3056-ETPEAK200510.551102273732.807.
HO840003215425999PEAK 83480-ETPEAK201110.071105284732.935.
HO840003216575886OCD FANECA GRONK-ETSelect210110.749131290752.585.40.88.9-
HO840003205704153RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ETSelect007HO15167190610.354112287772.706.
HO840003223868608OCD 64433Select210210.74992234752.746.
HO840003213001110PEAK ALTAMAGNIFIQUE-ETZoetis011HO15467200110.265110274762.855.
HO840003215743625PEAK ALTAGADZOOK-ETPEAK011HO15621200510.667109293762.676.42.37.4-
HO840003224955911PEAK SONIVA-ETPEAK201210.961112288752.805.
HO840003213270765GENOSOURCE CAPNS MATE-ETSexTech200910.65381229762.867.
HO840003215568846TERRA-CALROY ZEPPLN-ETPEAK201010.958128309762.894.20.57.0-0.51.401.500.43-0.41731.84.23041
HO840003200059631GENOSOURCE JERICHO-ETSexTech551HO04121181010.975119312792.894.20.62.4-1.71.641.500.870.16781.45.13040
HO840003217140921CHERRYPENCOL Z GLOBAL-ETPEAK200910.85897275762.677.
HO840003222037708DENOVO 17421 REBEL-ETABS201210.567115314752.866.32.74.5-1.00.971.460.59-1.28722.04.53040
HO840003234373411SSI-BADGER 17215Select210210.152107269752.636.
HOCAN000013807680PROGENESIS STELLAN-ETPEAK200710.054112287762.806.
HO840003213270838GENOSOURCE CAPN MIGUEL-ETSexTech201110.565101284762.874.
HO840003218470897AURORA MINKAH-ETSelect007HO15667200810.34995242762.686.
HO840003223871576MR TSPRUCE SSI BEETHOVEN-ETSelect20119.764109293752.676.
HO840003212150603WINSTAR GREYCUP-ETSemex200HO12125200610.259109297762.737.
HO840003213241966PINE-TREE 8177 CONWA 996-ETSelect210210.754105273762.866.
HO840003215425525PEAK ALTAKYANITE-ETPEAK011HO15793200510.660113277762.984.
HO840003218109837PENN-ENGLAND BARB 1632A-ETSelect210110.64394209752.456.
HOCAN000013807684PROGENESIS VALIDATEDPEAK200HO12169200710.349104247752.686.
HO840003211472060PEN-COL ZAZ 5956-ETPEAK201110.241116263732.756.
HO840003213270719DELICIOUS DARIEN-ETSexTech200811.063107294772.925.
HO840003215425495PEAK FACTOTUM-ETCRV097HO42537200510.55698252762.746.
HO840003202071338DELICIOUS DANTON-ETSexTech201210.355108281762.866.
HO840003215425521PEAK ALTAALANZO-ETPEAK011HO15619200510.663113287752.884.
HO840003224239194MIDAS-TOUCH HAWKEYE-ETSemex201210.145107248762.716.
HO840003214541132BACON-HILL MOONSHNR 4690-ETSelect201211.04990240762.796.
HO840003215425805PEAK INTEREST-ETPEAK200910.977102300762.836.
HO840003150687531PINE-TREE TENNESSEE-ETABS029HO19580191010.657133340782.836.13.87.9-
HO840003209481390SANDY-VALLEY EL PASO-ETSelect20119.762105288752.595.
HO840003214742150S-S-I PARFECT HECKER-ETSelect20119.652105247752.755.
HO840003219939860PEAK 63408-ETPEAK210110.67889282732.696.61.98.6-
HO840003216669754DELICIOUS CAPN DUBLIN-ETSexTech20129.97096292762.846.
HO840003229907976PEAK 63456-ETPEAK210210.873126324732.865.
HO840003213270759DELICIOUS DENTON-ETSexTech200910.26782269762.996.
HO840003215425397PEAK MATTEO-ETPEAK734HO00133200410.755100263762.856.
HO840003215425429PEAK ALTALUMIFY-ETPEAK011HO15566200410.757125305762.705.81.36.9-
HO840003213270762GENOSOURCE CAP MERECK-ETSexTech200910.453101256762.845.
HO840003213270796PINE-TREE CAP ARTURO-ETSexTech201010.174106288763.014.1-
HO840003223868488OCD AHEAD FIJI-ETSelect21019.548104250752.577.
HO840003149514248CLEAR-ECHO MAX KASHTON-ETSelect007HO15583200610.546113279772.607.31.811.70.80.441.680.24-1.90762.35.43029
HO840003149514287CLEAR-ECHO HIGHJUMP 1496-ETSemex200910.352101246752.755.
HO840003213270755GENOSOURCE CAP BRAUN-ETSexTech200910.459101265762.885.
HO840003213270788PINE-TREE CAP ARLO-ETSexTech201010.267107282762.984.
HOCAN000013807905PROGENESIS NOUGATSemex200HO12218200910.659105281752.974.
HO840003202071308GENOSOURCE DOCKET-ETSexTech20119.45789238772.745.
HO840003216669749GENOSOURCE CAP METEORITE-ETSexTech201210.860102275762.905.
HO840003219742984SSI-LARSON 1574Select201110.65683239752.746.
HO840003220463934PEAK 32126-ETPEAK201210.668125332732.765.01.94.6-1.30.851.050.35-1.04702.25.23028
HO840003202071270GENOSOURCE BODEN-ETSexTech200910.061118288762.824.
HO840003213270748GENOSOURCE WALLER-ETSexTech200910.753113297762.815.
HO840003213270793GENOSOURCE CAP MAD MAX-ETSexTech201011.065114310762.955.
HO840003224228141LA-CASA-DE-LECHE 8731Select210110.865116274752.824.
HOCAN000013807799PROGENESIS FELLOWSHIPSemex200HO12197200810.866110296762.914.3-0.51.6-
HOCAN000013807871PROGENESIS BASSDRUMSemex200HO12205200910.756126289762.824.
HO840003213241907PINE-TREE 8177 HEROI 937-ETABS201210.051128314773.
HO840003217140893CHERRYPENCOL LUCKYSTRIKE-ETSemex200710.96272241742.797.
HO840003218764734S-S-I BR TAOS ULYSSES-ETSelect201110.361117287752.705.
HO840003209819087Z-HAPPY WINTERFELL-ETABS029HO19629190910.357116282792.804.
HO840003213270779FARNEAR JARHEAD-ETSexTech201010.65985254752.837.
HO840003213323811PLAIN-KNOLL 11104Select210210.367107290752.756.
HO840003215425452PEAK BIG HYPE-ETPEAK001HO15742200511.348102259762.726.
HO840003215425832PEAK FLASHPOINT-ETPEAK200910.060103250752.696.
HO840003215425971PEAK 83452-ETPEAK201110.341102237732.457.43.710.01.41.361.120.75-0.47712.04.73024
HO840003216574976OCD ALPHABET MAGNUM-ETSelect201010.859111275762.965.
HO840003214324437LADYS-MANOR 1183-ETSelect210210.95898264752.895.
HO840003224239214HIGHERRANSOM PRFCT ASTRO-ETSelect210110.248104248752.845.
HO840003213241884PINE-TREE PRIME GOALPEAK201110.35584251742.509.
HO840003220463975PEAK 32167-ETPEAK210210.877119320762.924.5-
HO840003224714928SWISSLANE ALTAZAZL 80112-ETZoetis201110.560108291762.886.01.46.4-0.31.511.610.63-0.82741.64.63022
HO840003210133210DENOVO 16701 HUNTSVILLE-ETABS029HO19658200110.756126299772.854.70.45.0-0.21.451.530.29-0.43742.25.63021
HO840003213241947PINE-TREE 8361 MILLE 977-ETHO21029.847105272752.735.
HO840003215425475PEAK ALTALINGUIST-ETPEAK011HO15616200510.362109300762.786.
HO840003215425949PEAK 83430-ETPEAK201110.853107247732.684.
HO840003205437016PEAK OLD DUTCH-ETPEAK001HO15615200511.16896288762.676.
HO840003213001210PEAK 3114-ETPEAK200910.46398276732.617.43.610.3-
HO840003222037688DENOVO 17401 VILAS-ETABS201210.260117291762.716.
HO840003010366112GENOSOURCE BUFFALO BILL-ETSexTech20079.75290241772.845.
HO840003209481532SANDY-VALLEY STRAIT-ETSelect210110.449122285752.795.
HO840003212150609WINSTAR ALTAREGULUS-ETPEAK011HO15783200610.852121274762.676.
HO840003212874451COOKIECUTTER CONWY 90281-ETSelect201210.649106279762.904.8-
HO840003224956140PEAK 83775-ETPEAK21029.868101285722.826.
HO840003213270761GENOSOURCE CAP MODELLO-ETSexTech200910.549102258762.826.
HO840003220234128T-SPRUCE GRANADA 1538-ETSelect200910.16497298752.807.
HO840003209481546SANDY-VALLEY T ROSWELL-ETSelect210110.15093240752.657.
HO840003210132987DENOVO 16478 ABUNDANT-ETABS029HO19568191010.351122293772.815.
HO840003215564829PEAK SCOTUS-ETPEAK001HO15562200411.459116306762.904.
HO840003218556317SIEMERS 34954Select210210.54496221772.724.
HO840003218932169PEAK CONJUCTION-ETPEAK201110.75672215732.775.
HO840003222037837DENOVO 17550 LEGEND-ETABS210110.463109286752.695.
HO840003222037892DENOVO 17605 VELVET-ETABS21029.845100261752.727.
HO840003224956151PEAK 83786-ETPEAK21029.864113287722.835.
HO840003209481531SANDY-VALLEY 4569Select210110.15798234752.725.52.25.9-0.42.352.360.770.93722.86.13016
HO840003219743046SSI-LARSON 1636Select21029.857127306752.845.21.33.8-
HO840003209481533SANDY-VALLEY MERLE-ETSelect210110.160122304752.745.
HO840003211634658FB 397915 HEROIC PIAZZA-ETABS029HO19712191110.949126289772.984.
HO840003215743652PEAK ALTACITRINE-ETPEAK011HO15801200610.266116299762.703.9-0.75.3-0.51.601.49-0.38-0.14741.64.53015
HO840003218555693SIEMERS PARTY-ETSemex201110.653100251772.934.3-0.42.7-0.12.642.481.870.26761.95.03015
HO840003222037770DENOVO 17483ABS21019.757142346752.625.
HO840003224956159PEAK 83794-ETPEAK210210.75795234732.527.
HO840003209481527SANDY-VALLEY PARDI-ETSelect201210.65386230752.737.
HO840003213001199PEAK 3103-ETPEAK200910.76281244732.598.
HO840003213270790PINE-TREE CAP ACOSTA-ETSexTech201010.266110291762.845.
HO840003215097581S-S-I MAXIMUS VICTOR-ETSelect007HO15514200510.663105278762.865.82.97.3-0.41.491.780.33-0.11762.56.23014
HO840003228352392PINE-TREE 2192-ETPEAK210210.683112339742.886.
HO840003212874418COOKIECUTTER HORSESHOE-ETSemex20119.265105267772.874.3-
HO840003213134135STGEN NASH BUXTON-ETSexTech551HO04267200410.86697286772.686.
HO840003215425626PEAK ALL ACCESS-ETPEAK200710.376106292762.905.
HO840003216575448OCD TWITCH SUPERB-ETSelect201010.367105288752.834.7-
HO840003217428987PEAK 465-ETPEAK201210.059111284732.855.
HO840003222037700DENOVO 17413 VARSITY-ETABS201210.261109290762.677.
HO840003222037888DENOVO 17601ABS210110.354107284752.805.
HO840003224809634WINSTAR ZAZZLE 3244-ETPEAK201210.752123297732.676.
HOCAN000013807727PROGENESIS WHATSOEVERPEAK200HO1217920079.858115279762.954.
HO840003137942635FARNEAR DYKSTRA-ETSexTech551HO0417019049.76893279802.696.
HO840003200824445PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ETZoetis011HO15036180910.757109278792.765.
HO840003203845363STGEN IDEALIST-ETSexTech551HO03845181210.46796285802.885.
HO840003212874480COOKIECUTTER CONWY 90310-ETSelect210110.545105227752.775.
HO840003213270771SDG LOMBARDO-ETSexTech201010.374137344762.823.0-1.33.3-0.90.870.440.15-0.53753.05.43012
HO840003224956183PEAK 83818-ETPEAK210210.14985233722.707.
HO840003149934807PLAIN-KNOLL FANECA 11099-ETSelect210110.454100251752.716.
HO840003209641362PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ETZoetis011HO15365190910.359106262772.775.
HO840003215761254SSI-PRESTON 296Select201210.758102281752.746.
HO840003217140957PEN-COL ZAZ 895-ETPEAK201210.85896270732.746.
HO840003224955984PEAK BRONTIDE-ETPEAK20129.98392297752.776.
HOUSA000145147091BROOKVIEW MR BIG SHOT-ETSelect21019.869100281762.795.
HO840003200059639GENOSOURCE JAMISON-ETSexTech551HO04065181010.870113303792.904.30.32.8-0.91.481.400.54-0.34781.63.93010
HO840003208834966KINGS-RANSOM DUFFY-ETABS029HO19773200111.05195257772.797.
HO840003215425343PEAK TAKEOVER-ETZoetis001HO15561200310.96396278762.666.
HO840003223871440SSI-DUCKETT 1684Select20109.65283221762.566.
HO840003223871570S-S-I MOONSHINER GIBSON-ETSelect201110.35674236762.657.
HO840003224956122PEAK 83757-ETPEAK210210.375121328742.854.91.63.9-1.00.771.02-0.64-0.95722.24.43010
HOCAN000013636769WESTCOAST EARLYBIRDSemex200HO12156200710.55198251762.796.
HOCAN000013735369VELTHUIS EXCITEMENTSemex200HO12210200611.076119307762.922.2-4.0-0.6-
HOCAN000013807666PROGENESIS VIRTUALPEAK200HO12173200610.249109266752.716.
HO840003204165457DENOVO 16219 ALADDIN-ETABS029HO19482190711.061117318782.954.
HO840003214324401LADYS-MANOR CHAS OCEAN-ETSelect201010.342104229772.725.
HO840003221358233OCD CONWAY MILLVILLE-ETSelect201210.55793234752.745.
HO840003223868496OCD AHEAD TAHOE-ETSelect21019.952102250752.785.
HO840003224239209HIGHERRANSOM PARFCT ARNY-ETSelect20129.958106275752.865.
HO840003215230140OCD MOOKIE-ETSemex200HO12171200711.060108272752.754.3-
HO840003216669755DELICIOUS CAPN DANBURY-ETSexTech201210.25990257762.856.
HOCAN000013807972PROGENESIS VERMOUTHPEAK200HO12231201010.350105245752.685.62.16.4-0.11.392.280.790.45731.94.63008
HO840003204327044WITTENBERG 437Select210210.450119276752.675.
HO840003212874416COOKIECUTTER HIGHJ 90246-ETSemex201110.65195239772.844.9-
HO840003220248849AOT PARFECT HARMONY-ETSelect201110.26298256762.934.
HO840003222037836DENOVO 17549ABS21019.555108282752.766.
HO840003224956213PEAK 83848-ETPEAK210210.569114299762.764.3-1.84.5-0.41.441.080.390.01752.13.93007
HO840003149934774PLAIN-KNOLL REVOLUTION-ETSelect007HO1566420089.25291235762.686.72.87.4-0.11.901.951.310.27732.04.33006
HO840003209481516SANDY-VALLEY MCGRAW-ETSelect210210.74495225752.607.
HO840003213270842WINSTAR CAPN NOVAK-ETSexTech20129.963106291762.945.
HO840003214292551WINSTAR EQUITY-P-ETABS029HO19873200810.15297266772.886.
HO840003215564851PEAK FRANTISEK-ETPEAK001HO15617200510.457109284762.776.
HO840003224714931SWISSLANE ALTAZAZL 80111-ETZoetis201110.954120291762.696.21.78.7-
HO840003224809625WINSTAR ZAZZLE 3235-ETPEAK201210.355124307732.835.11.66.4-0.81.301.150.57-0.84712.34.33006
HO840003229908006PEAK 63486-ETPEAK210210.48098301732.875.4-
HO840003230985775DENOVO 17840ABS21029.751131319752.945.
HO840003127590933DENOVO ACURA 3335-ETABS190810.654131300772.815.34.45.8-0.50.650.630.46-0.19752.14.03005
HO840003204165479DENOVO 16241 CHANDLER-ETABS029HO19531190910.347118266792.796.
HO840003208834954KINGS-RANSOM LEGCY DRIVE-ETSelect007HO15394191110.45197255772.706.
HO840003209481512SANDY-VALLEY C SCOTTY-ETSelect210110.16493274752.786.
HO840003212874500COOKIECUTTER MAN 90330-ETSemex210110.146129281732.834.
HO840003222921615PEAK 46254-ETPEAK210210.372127326762.974.2-1.22.2-
HO840003224956118PEAK 83753-ETPEAK210110.974132333742.843.8-0.43.9-
HO840003234373416SSI-BADGER 17220Select21029.657118308752.794.91.67.9-
HOUSA000145143800DEWGOOD 720 END ZONE-ETPEAK201210.255110286732.736.
HO840003214631260DENOVO 16770 AVALON-ETABS029HO19684200210.048105260772.916.
HO840003215426006PEAK 83487-ETPEAK201110.363116299732.875.21.82.5-
HO840003216574565OCD MAGNITUDE SHAZAM-ETSelect007HO15584200810.46180231762.776.
HO840003216669766GENOSOURCE DETONATE-ETSexTech201210.55396254762.845.
HO840003223868689OCD 64514Select210210.359116299752.765.42.15.4-
HO840003207538401AARDEMA HIGHJUMP AKENO-ETSemex20129.757108264732.864.8-
HO840003212876562BOMAZ HEROIC 2841-ETABS029HO19682200210.654127295773.
HO840003213001143PEAK 3047-ETPEAK200410.439100230752.816.
HO840003213241726PINE-TREE HRC MOZZARELLA-ETSelect007HO15651200211.059109275762.874.
HO840003216213550BADGER SSI MAXIMS WESTON-ETSelect007HO15518200511.05293251762.716.
HO840003216213926SSI-BADGER 17140Select210110.14993238752.647.
HO840003216669758DELICIOUS CAPN DEFIANT-ETSexTech20129.86694281762.866.
HO840003222037911DENOVO 17624 CHANCE-ETABS210210.455117295752.785.53.14.6-0.30.751.270.73-0.61711.74.33003
HO840003127591307DENOVO 3709 CHARTER-ETABS029HO1991720109.849116268772.796.
HO840003127591352DENOVO 3754 ALMIGHTY-ETABS210110.659100271752.715.
HO840003128190245FUSTSYN PRFCT PAYDIRT-ETSSelect201210.352105244752.844.
HO840003209481504SANDY-VALLEY PILEDRIVER-ETSemex201210.263122315762.755.
HO840003212874410COOKIECUTTER HIGHJ 90240-ETSemex201010.156109284762.734.6-0.24.6-0.41.922.000.34-1.14732.25.33002
HO840003213134142STGEN DANTE DAMON-ETSexTech551HO04317200510.37890296792.885.
HO840003214541139WELCOME CONWY ROSEN 4697-ETSelect201210.85796258752.735.
HO840003215097980S-S-I ROSCOE HAPPENING-ETSelect007HO1569420099.57392265772.845.
HO840003231304315SSI-DUCKETT 2126Select210210.459122304752.775.61.65.9-0.20.901.210.07-0.53713.26.73002
HO840003206702899PENN-ENGLAND GIFIAN1600A-ETSelect201110.76176228752.845.
HO840003209481486SANDY-VALLEY P PRIVATEER-ETSelect201210.55292233752.836.
HO840003210056021DENOVO 406136 DONNELLY-ETABS029HO1952219089.357115272772.744.92.47.1-0.10.950.871.070.22741.83.73001
HO840003216213973SSI-BADGER 17187Select210210.167104284752.645.
HO840003222037866DENOVO 17579 GIP-ETABS21019.86195282752.707.
HO840003222821978SDG-PH 6561 EINSTEIN7377-ETSemex201210.16293239762.726.
HO840003224239260FLY-HIGHER 470Select210210.44769176752.587.
HO840003224955893PEAK 83528-ETPEAK201210.65395245732.666.
HO840003230499545SHELAND 1024Select201210.56292234762.724.70.88.7-
HO840003231304282SSI-DUCKETT 2093Select210210.160129307752.754.7-0.13.3-1.00.881.290.49-0.29712.34.83001
HO840003231304355SSI-DUCKETT 2166Select210210.34699250752.696.
HO840003209641779PEAK GOKU-ETCRV097HO42478200110.45794235762.686.
HO840003214541168WELCOME HEATHROW 4726-ETSelect210110.76098274752.725.
HO840003216213713BADGER SSI TWTCH HAPWIRE-ETSelect007HO15691200910.750113276762.904.1-
HO840003216575103OCD COLOGNE-ETSemex201111.06395266752.786.5-
HO840003219742959LARS-ACRES MILFRD VORTEX-ETSelect007HO15706201010.460116304762.873.7-
HO840003223868678OCD 64503Select21029.957102273752.855.
HO840003234373400SSI-BADGER 17204Select210210.45398252752.636.
HOCAN000013638251PROGENESIS ROYALFLUSHZoetis200HO12025200110.64369163762.616.
HO840003215743595CO-OP TOMBOLA-ETCRV097HO42509200410.344126287762.904.
HO840003216213886SSI-BADGER 17100Select201210.83994209752.576.21.910.11.61.732.180.410.21722.04.52999
HO840003219939770PEAK 63318-ETPEAK201110.770100287722.794.90.24.5-0.51.321.470.67-0.91691.54.12999
HO840003228352349PEAK 2149-ETPEAK210110.88890318732.865.
HO840003010354641GENOSOURCE CHISELED-ETSexTech200810.854105283772.894.
HO840003219742971LARS-ACRES S-S-I CEKIN-ETSelect20119.96996268753.
HO840003220463966PEAK 32158-ETPEAK210111.379120330763.063.5-
HO840003222037772DENOVO 17485 TRANCE-ETABS21019.257116284762.843.6-
HO840003223868681OCD 64506Select210210.44995229752.597.
HO840003223869960REGAN-DANHOF MOON 14055-ETSelect201211.75176220762.606.
HO840003224956190PEAK 83825-ETPEAK21029.96692262722.705.
HO840003230499554SHELAND 1033Select210111.07298288752.705.3-
HO840003150687540PINE-TREE HOUSTON-ETABS029HO19743191010.446123292782.696.
HO840003208037185WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ETABS029HO1951819089.853134309772.923.
HO840003212150679PEAK 63144-ETPEAK200710.04994233752.637.
HO840003213001132PEAK RAINOW-ETNAAB-Evo180HO15560200410.149113263752.916.
HO840003215425437PEAK 82918-ETPEAK200410.94798253742.856.
HO840003219939809PEAK 63357-ETPEAK201210.268110294722.785.91.25.5-1.10.991.020.97-0.02691.94.62997
HO840003231304338SSI-DUCKETT 2149Select210210.651122267752.824.70.24.2-0.21.481.740.620.26721.94.62997


High Ranking TPI® Genomic Females – Sire Proof Central April 2021

Registration NumberNameBirth DateGFISire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%Feed Eff.% Rel.SCSPLLIVHealth
HO840003216671655GENOSOURCE BARISTA 49569-ET201210.4GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET720.101180.22326762.875.
HO840003216669762GENOSOURCE DWINDLE 47676-ET201210.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET660.041050.13292762.786.
HO840003213270802PINE-TREE GS ADORE 47256-ET201010.6GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET720.101180.22315762.855.
HO840003230458082BOMAZ CONWAY 10056-ET21019.8SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET520.141310.41305752.696.
HO840003216669666GENOSOURCE BRINKLEY47580-ET201210.7GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET750.091220.21325772.844.6-
HO840003212150627PEAK PLINKO VANESSA-ET200611.2PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET650.061120.18300762.647.
HO840003224956088PEAK 83723-ET210110.6PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET770.101060.16324742.746.
HO840003214742225SSI-TOG Z749210211.2RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET630.03930.09266752.766.
HO840003223868504OCD AHEAD FORTUNE 64329-ET210110.3BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ET630.101200.26307752.666.
HO840003127011424CLEAR-ECHO MANHATAN 5233-ET201210.3PROGENESIS MANHATTAN660.021040.09274752.676.
HO840003200569818SANDY-VALLEY SUGARPLUM-ET201210.2SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET590.071110.22279732.766.
HO840003216575901OCD CAPTAIN RAE 63785-ET210210.6GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET560.041070.18275762.756.
HO840003216671066GENOSOURCE MALICE 48980-ET20099.3GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET740.021320.16330762.825.50.34.4-0.10.890.810.31-0.53752.35.13094
HO840003222900803LADYS-MANOR HUE OPERA-ET210110.6SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET530.061070.22263762.975.
HO840003223868580210110.9GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.071250.23316752.795.
HO840003146623201STGEN CAPTAIN 90139-ET201010.4GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET590.081160.24292762.805.
HO840003222900757LADYS-MANOR ZAZ HONOR-ET201111.7PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET550.061100.22266762.736.
HO840003204326811WET LEGACY MISS MARPLE-ET200510.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET480.061260.31295772.457.93.710.
HO840003215425669PEAK 83150-ET200710.6PEAK FORTNITE-ET600.04870.09256762.587.
HO840003216671644GENOSOURCE KALEY 49558-ET201210.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET570.101190.29283762.905.
HO840003221243093CAL-ROY-AL SWEETS 4857-ET210110.9LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET530.071110.25270752.555.
HO840003221358392OCD CAPTAIN RAEDEN 55561-ET210110.1GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET630.061090.18271762.765.
HO840003209611817COOKIECUTTER A HOMILY-ET191210.6A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET590.071000.18275772.578.
HO840003218949681TTM BK LEGACY SNAPPY-ET200810.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET470.021010.17266762.538.
HO840003223868662OCD CAPTAIN MISSY 64487-ET210210.9GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET670.07930.12266762.986.
HO840003206094346GENOSOURCE POSITIVE 8442-ET200311.0PROGENESIS POSITIVE640.061180.21288782.895.
HO840003208359961PINE-TREE 7479 GALI 8883-ET201110.0WINSTAR GALILEO-ET570.111220.32287752.775.
HO840003213270794PINE-TREE GS ANNA 47248-ET201010.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET740.091290.24342762.974.0-
HO840003216671686DELICIOUS DIVERGE 49600-ET20129.9GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET700.07970.12279762.837.
HO840003216213920BADGER S-S-I 16163 17134-ET210110.0BOMAZ TOP DOG-ET630.071150.21298752.676.
HO840003216575643OCD LEGACY FAITH 63527-ET201111.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET460.03890.15233772.738.
HO840003216671445GENOSOURCE DANKIA 49359-ET201110.0GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET670.071030.15284772.826.22.43.2-
HO840003227859249CHERRYPENCOL C 6066-ET210210.7SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET520.081020.23261752.617.
HO840003212150620PEAK PLINKO VIXEY-ET200611.6PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET600.041110.18282762.806.
HO840003230458050BOMAZ CHALET 10024210110.7DENOVO 15953 CHALET-ET690.091150.21301762.795.82.65.3-
HO840003213271030FARNEAR SHEEN 47484-ET201111.3GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET590.10970.20237762.826.
HO840003213319775PLAIN-KNOLL CONWAY 3469-ET210210.9SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET700.091300.26334752.934.
HO840003216671410GENOSOURCE REALITY 49324-ET201110.2GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET760.031120.10330762.946.12.73.3-0.30.951.13-0.08-1.24751.83.93056
HO840003220070986MS BGP CAPTAIN MCENROE-ET201110.3GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET80-0.011140.04331772.865.2-
HO840003216575789OCD MONSHN CINERGY 63673-ET201210.8FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET620.061020.15278752.716.
HO840003222821929PEAK 7328-ET201111.0PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET730.051290.19326762.775.
HO840003216211847HORSENS SSI PR 6961-ET200511.2RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET570.081090.23280762.836.43.48.6-
HO840003216669638GENOSOURCE YOSHI 47552-ET201110.4GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET74-0.011100.05320752.865.
HO840003211472094CHERRYPENCOL MOON 5990-ET201210.7FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET500.07880.18239752.737.
HO840003150912611VISTA-LC CAPTAIN 5899-ET201011.0GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET610.061320.27327773.
HO840003208359942PINE-TREE 7829 GALI 8864-ET201110.6WINSTAR GALILEO-ET530.101230.33280762.786.
HO840003208410629CHERRYPENCOL L LEE-ET190910.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET540.091050.25263762.766.
HO840003214742217HORSENS S-S-I 3812 12790-ET210210.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET660.031140.15302752.706.51.97.3-1.21.331.500.61-0.47733.15.63048
HO840003228657216OCD FANECA FRANCES 94302-ET210211.3BADGER SSI LUCIA FANECA-ET540.051230.26274752.804.81.55.5-0.11.741.720.400.24722.03.83048
HO840003213125132STGEN CAPTAIN 93505-ET201210.2GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET710.021140.11328762.955.3-
HO840003224928359PEAK 3178-ET21019.9MATCREST HAILED-ET590.04910.11251722.747.
HO840003216671405GENOSOURCE DEANN 49319-ET20119.8GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET720.061030.12290772.854.80.01.9-0.71.981.941.03-0.79751.84.83046
HO840003149914060SAN-DAN CHARL 646-ET181210.8HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARL-ET77-0.0279-0.07279792.877.
HO840003210108016JENNITON MAGNTD LILIANNA-ET201010.4PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET490.101020.27239762.675.
HO840003214528493PEAK ONE WAY 45439-ET200610.7PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET560.10900.19252752.607.
HO840003216575595OCD HGJM MISTLETOE 63479-ET201110.7AOT HIGHJUMP-ET510.051010.19239732.816.
HO840003220248027MS T-SPRUCE FANECA 16019-ET210211.3BADGER SSI LUCIA FANECA-ET45-0.011160.19267752.676.
HO840003216671048GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN 48962-ET200910.8GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET600.051230.23312762.914.
HO840003219743817210210.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET580.091030.22269752.726.
HO840003230458062BOMAZ BONAFIDE 10036-ET210110.3DENOVO 15975 BONAFIDE-ET580.071270.27308752.726.
HO840003200569810SANDY-VALLEY HJ SKYHIGH-ET201010.8AOT HIGHJUMP-ET560.041110.19269742.665.90.94.3-0.21.912.120.24-0.35722.54.93043
HO840003219392826S-S-I VF 316 59817-ET201110.3SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET550.051010.18236752.695.
HO840003217140961CHERRYPENCOL C 899-ET210110.8SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET510.11920.24232752.786.
HO840003224955966PEAK 83601-ET201210.5PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET750.051000.09310732.865.
HO840003227859201PEN-COL ZAZ 6018-ET210111.4PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET580.101070.25285732.806.
HO840003215425318PEAK OSHA-ET200310.5MAPLEHURST DELROY TORRO-ET660.091020.19294762.755.
HO840003216670771DELICIOUS SUCCESS 48685-ET200710.6MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ET600.06950.15262772.945.
HO840003220285283DENOVO SEMINOLE 2067-ET200710.9DENOVO 15540 SEMINOLE-ET590.131130.30301762.736.
HO840003220917985COOKIECUTTER H HOLLYHOCK-ET201110.6AOT HIGHJUMP-ET580.081090.23284732.636.
HO840003216671057GENOSOURCE MAUVE 48971-ET20099.4GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET600.051380.27324762.833.4-
HO840003223868243OCD MOONSHINR TARA 64068-ET201211.0FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET610.05900.11259752.586.4-
HO840003221358358OCD CONWAY SOY 55527-ET210110.5SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET550.061060.21279752.606.3-
HO840003231304197S-S-I CONWAY 12442 2008-ET210110.7SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET450.051070.24267752.766.
HO840003146623158STGEN CAPTAIN 90096-ET201010.7GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET670.01930.05288762.985.3-
HO840003218555817SIEMERS RLNT PARIS 34454-ET201110.6T-SPRUCE HUEY RELIANT-ET570.031040.15261732.806.
HO840003227859225PEN-COL C 6042-ET210110.1SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET390.131070.36254752.706.
HO840003204166830LEVEL-PLAIN HEROIC 1293-ET191210.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET520.031310.26322772.975.22.94.2-0.31.311.390.31-2.28751.84.53037
HO840003213248317MELARRY 2281210111.1BOMAZ TOP DOG-ET530.041200.23302752.656.11.77.2-
HO840003216671722GENOSOURCE BRUSSEL 49636-ET201210.6GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET600.051020.16264772.675.
HO840003220027764BADGER S-S-I VF 60564-ET210110.4SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET650.031020.11265752.735.
HO840003204326902WET MAESTRO MUSHA-ET201111.2PROGENESIS MAESTRO620.06910.12258772.746.
HO840003216671040GENOSOURCE DRAUGHT 48954-ET20099.9GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET620.041000.12272772.786.
HO840003210234236CHERRY-LILY LEGACY 7491-ET200710.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET690.04910.07279772.746.
HO840003215684297SANDY-VALLEY SWEET TEA-ET201210.1LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET650.051010.13279732.657.
HO840003216671038GENOSOURCE DROPLET 48952-ET200910.3GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.03800.03241772.716.
HO840003220285654DENOVO HERITAGE 2438-ET201111.3DENOVO 16255 HERITAGE-ET790.051000.07304752.995.
HO840003224440785MATCREST 2372201010.2DENOVO 15540 SEMINOLE-ET510.121200.35285742.714.
HO840003230986321DENOVO HERITAGE 2586-ET201210.6DENOVO 16255 HERITAGE-ET640.051150.18312752.716.
HO840003220917958COOKIECUTTER HORSERADISH-ET201110.4LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET680.08980.15261732.694.
HO840003221358413MS OCD PARFECT RAE 55582-ET210210.7SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET570.041050.16257752.855.
HO840003215253473LARS-ACRES MAX AMARILLO-ET201010.8RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET590.04940.12281772.746.
HO840003219322398WINSTAR EDGE-P 7383-ET20089.8WINSTAR EDGE-P-ET410.101140.35253762.836.
HO840003219939680PEAK 63228-ET200911.0PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET680.05920.09281732.548.
HO840003223871608T-SPRUCE SSI 13196 1852-ET201210.3SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET650.111290.31328752.914.
HO840003213540194BLUMENFELD DULUTH 7132-ET200210.1WINSTAR DULUTH-ET660.11990.19268772.616.42.59.8-0.71.491.330.600.30742.24.33031
HO840003213673618COOKIECUTTER HOLENE-ET200511.7RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET670.07830.09248772.835.
HO840003217140965CHERRYPENCOL C 903-ET21019.9SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET580.121080.27290752.836.
HO840003219743649LARS-ACRES S-S-I 25539-ET201210.6LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET610.07890.13238752.697.
HO840003223868283OCD RLIANT FRANCES 64108-ET201210.6T-SPRUCE HUEY RELIANT-ET630.091140.23287762.914.
HO840003127011469CLEAR-ECHO HAWKEYE 5278-ET210110.5AOT HAWKEYE-ET590.051100.19288752.795.
HO840003224449526WINSTAR ZAZZLE 7560-ET201110.8PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET500.061080.23252732.745.
HO840003211472098CHERRYPENCOL MOON 5994-ET201211.3FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET610.03740.03252752.777.
HO840003213319778PLAIN-KNOLL CONWAY 3472-ET210210.3SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET600.101090.25261752.805.
HO840003215425910PEAK 83391-ET201010.4PEAK INCREDIBLE-ET590.101080.24277752.734.91.37.2-0.61.651.830.850.09722.24.13029
HO840003221358182OCD FLSLGHT MAISIE 55351-ET201211.0OCD FLASHLIGHT-ET600.061140.21300732.934.
HO840003146622533STGEN PACO 89471-ET200710.4ST GEN HELIX PACO-ET570.061070.20259762.694.31.34.0-
HO840003213270744200911.0MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ET550.001030.11273772.905.
HO840003216669664GENOSOURCE JUNEBUG 47578-ET201210.4GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.061060.16292752.835.
HO840003218555774SIEMERS HLTP PARIS 34411-ET201110.8COOKIECUTTER HILLTOP-ET470.10950.26223742.585.
HO840003225322765FB 604385 FORTNTE 700227-ET210110.5PEAK FORTNITE-ET620.061140.20302752.826.
HO840003215425659PEAK 83140-ET200710.8PEAK FORTNITE-ET570.071060.21256762.676.
HO840003216671548GENOSOURCE JAM 49462-ET201110.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET530.021020.15269762.906.
HO840003127011279CLEAR-ECHO MAXIMUS 5088-ET200611.3RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET500.041110.21280772.686.
HO840003143547376LADYS-MANOR GRNT OOHM-ET170710.4PROGENESIS GRANITE460.061080.26252832.794.
HO840003204326808WET LEGACY MISS MARITA-ET200510.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET550.02710.04221772.538.
HO840003218556332SIEMERS RZLN PARIS 34969-ET210210.4SIEMERS RENEGADE ROZLINE-ET610.05850.09233752.844.
HO840003219322441WINSTAR 7426 TRADITION-ET200910.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET490.04970.17250772.568.
HO840003223868632OCD CAP POCOHONTAS 64457-ET210210.7GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.081170.23315762.873.70.03.4-0.11.341.380.80-1.41742.84.73026
HO840003225319171TRIFECTA H 18295-ET201211.6OCD SILVERCHAIR-ET620.081140.23302762.824.8-
HO840003228492738SILVER-ELITE CAPT HONOR-ET210110.9GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.051150.18302752.903.5-1.32.6-
HO840003230986449DENOVO HERITAGE 2714-ET210110.5DENOVO 16255 HERITAGE-ET490.131110.33256752.736.
HO840003209365461LEVEL-PLAIN ACURA VIBE-ET191011.1PINE-TREE ACURA-ET580.021030.13287762.826.
HO840003214357761BOMAZ HEROIC 653-ET200210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET490.101300.37295752.815.
HO840003219393141S-S-I VF 316 59873-ET201110.7SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET570.061100.20280752.935.
HO840003222918988RUANN POSI NORAIN-5577-ET20109.9PROGENESIS POSITIVE740.041200.15327782.964.0-1.3-1.4-1.01.861.85-0.25-0.79762.25.23025
HO840003224956101PEAK 83736-ET210111.1CO-OP HH ALTAJUMP CUT-ET660.081020.17278742.786.
HO840003205437005PEAK SNIPER-ET200311.0MAPLEHURST DELROY TORRO-ET640.101270.29319762.944.12.14.7-0.51.410.790.29-0.69742.44.03024
HO840003220247712T-SPRUCE MONSHINER 15704-ET201211.0FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET610.071070.19288732.775.
HO84000322091765720088.6AOT HIGHJUMP-ET530.05990.17256762.765.
HO840003230986548DENOVO 2813210210.3DENOVO 16037 BOONE-ET570.091220.29316752.736.23.37.8-0.30.300.681.12-1.70712.15.23024
HO840003213673590COOKIECUTTER HOLYMPUS-ET200511.3RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET620.07880.13254752.797.
HO840003222921560PEAK 46199-ET21019.9MATCREST HAILED-ET680.061000.13273732.845.11.05.9-0.21.601.960.180.21701.74.23023
HO840003228657097OCD CONWAY LADY 94183-ET210110.3SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET450.07900.21227752.657.
HO840003221358326OCD CAPTAIN SOY 55495-ET210110.4GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET600.041050.16277752.925.
HO840003222821920SDG 833 TWITCH 7319-ET201111.2MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ET690.041140.15291762.805.5-0.75.2-
HO840003224440840MATCREST AUSTAD 2427-ET21019.5PEAK AUSTAD-ET510.071170.28261742.805.
HO840003209641747PEAK GOTHEL-ET200110.9PROGENESIS MAESTRO660.061010.14258762.715.51.69.3-0.71.881.680.341.27742.24.93021
HO840003215425419PEAK LARNACA-ET200410.2PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET700.051090.14301762.805.40.96.4-0.61.301.350.23-0.97731.85.43021
HO840003219775448PEAK RIVKA-ET200711.2PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET560.121200.32287762.755.
HO840003222821778LAMBRECHT CAPTAIN ELIVIA-ET201010.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.01940.06256772.925.
HO840003230986422DENOVO VERDI 2687-ET210110.2LEVEL-PLAIN DENOVO VERDI-ET490.081330.34316772.834.73.05.5-1.20.881.371.05-1.04731.23.93020
HO840003204166786DENOVO ACURA 1249-ET191210.1PINE-TREE ACURA-ET630.071190.23302762.886.
HO840003204326906WET TAOS MOLOKA-ET201110.7LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET630.08860.12232762.735.
HO840003206700807GENOSOURCE JORDAN 45540-ET190710.9HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARL-ET630.061010.15276772.885.
HO840003213124784STGEN TWITCH 93157-ET201111.5MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ET610.031040.13283762.845.5-
HO840003227859248CHERRYPENCOL C 6065-ET210210.1SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET470.071060.26245752.675.
HO840003231711463OCD FORTNITE LEXUS 65065-ET210210.6PEAK FORTNITE-ET610.05930.12254752.627.
HO840003208359992PINE-TREE 7479 GALI8914-ET20129.9WINSTAR GALILEO-ET540.101180.30277752.786.
HO840003213319716PLAIN-KNOLL MARLOW 3410-ET201210.2SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET530.09860.18231752.807.
HO840003219872262FB 456042 HELIX 689069-ET201010.6AOT SILVER HELIX-ET570.091230.29290792.834.9-
HO840003219939847PEAK 63395-ET210111.4CO-OP HH ALTAJUMP CUT-ET810.031170.10333732.913.7-1.01.4-
HO840003220949825OKDS CAPTAIN 9969-ET20119.9GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET630.071110.20293762.864.
HO840003208360028PINE-TREE 7829 GALI 8950-ET210110.3WINSTAR GALILEO-ET390.081110.32247762.787.
HO840003210914769BOMAZ LEGACY 9216-ET190910.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.091200.25312752.676.
HO840003216575771OCD MOONSHINR TAYA 63655-ET201210.8FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET610.05930.12263752.695.0-
HO840003216671427GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN 49341-ET201110.1GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET570.01890.08247772.776.
HO840003217449324KINGS-RANSOM TAS DEFIANT-ET201210.6LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET630.071090.19286752.825.
HO840003220452023HOLLERMANN MAXIMUS 2115-ET201011.3RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET560.021060.15272762.895.
HO840003224955975PEAK 83610-ET201210.4PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ET850.051140.09334742.705.5-0.14.3-1.30.620.500.14-0.76722.45.53015
HO840003228657104OCD 94190210110.3SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET660.071030.16290752.785.
HO840003213139243ADAWAY TRY ME 2541-ET20019.6MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET600.11980.22274762.956.
HO840003214742224SSI-TOG Z748210211.0RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET550.05990.17263752.547.
HO840003216575846OCD PARFECT BOOKIE 63730-ET210110.6SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET530.09930.20237752.865.
HO840003217140966CHERRYPENCOL C 904-ET210110.6SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET560.10940.21254752.885.
HO840003230986490DENOVO BOONE 2755-ET210210.3DENOVO 16037 BOONE-ET590.111160.28289752.766.
HO840003230986492DENOVO ALONSO 2757-ET210210.8FB 7683 BILLY ALONSO-ET570.051220.24294752.875.
HO840003206094364200310.3TTM ACHIEVER ENERGY-ET510.051370.32326762.964.
HO840003214741991HORSENS S-S-I 3812 12778-ET210110.8SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET640.051070.16284762.695.
HO840003216213738BADGER SSI 10467 16952-ET200910.6AOT SILVER HELIX-ET620.091480.36335782.943.5-0.83.4-
HO840003219084172PEAK 130347-ET200811.0PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET490.091180.32271762.655.82.910.
HO840003223868587OCD CAPTAIN RAEDEN 64412-ET210110.7GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET570.121200.32278762.883.9-0.44.1-0.31.951.840.81-0.33742.65.93013
HO840003228296551PENN-ENGLAND BARB 17906-ET201210.4S-S-I LEGACY SPOT LITE-ET620.07740.07240752.696.
HO840003211375963FB 12046 HEROIC 639126-ET200110.9PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET460.041160.25257762.825.
HO840003216535357PEAK CALISTA-ET200610.7PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET620.101160.26292762.745.
HO840003216575861OCD CAPTAIN RAE 63745-ET210110.6GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET520.04910.14240762.627.
HO840003223868621OCD CPTAIN COLOGNE 64446-ET210210.7GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET710.081160.20321762.875.60.03.7-0.20.981.010.08-1.32732.95.53012
HO840003223871650S-S-I TOP DOG 2186 1894-ET201210.6BOMAZ TOP DOG-ET510.051200.26273762.725.
HO840003228764833COOKIECUTTER 1064821029.8PROGENESIS ESPN590.041050.15281732.745.6-1.24.9-0.41.431.461.670.04711.53.23012
HO840003213226321PEAK 116207-ET200710.4PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET580.061000.17264762.815.
HO840003216213867BADGER SSI 16123 17081-ET201210.4SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET400.07930.24228752.727.
HO840003216671382GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN 49296-ET201110.2GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET650.04980.11279772.876.
HO840003219616481EILDON-TWEED M JERSY 1C1-ET200610.9RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET580.05960.14272762.896.
HO840003222821791LAMBRECHT CAPTAIN ELISA-ET201110.3GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET610.041190.20287772.864.00.73.9-0.11.521.380.74-0.32762.75.63011
HO840003222900766LADYS-MANOR HJOH OLIVIA-ET20119.8AOT HIGHJUMP-ET540.081150.26265772.783.5-
HO840003224336954JOOK ZAZZLE 1168-ET210110.5PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET660.051100.16285752.795.11.16.6-0.21.321.150.22-0.08722.04.13011
HO840003228764802COOKIECUTTER FANECA LASS-ET210111.1BADGER SSI LUCIA FANECA-ET520.091250.33283732.893.60.13.1-
HO840003206094457S-S-I RAGNAR 12323 12659-ET200910.3AURORA RAGNAR-ET590.08780.12227762.716.
HO840003213271036GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN 47490-ET201110.1GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET690.051210.19310763.
HO840003214541661WELCOME 8218210110.5FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET500.101000.25254752.656.
HO840003214741990BADGER S-S-I 16153 12777-ET210110.3BOMAZ TOP DOG-ET590.071200.25293752.745.01.44.9-
HO840003217049312PEAK JACUZZI 14521-ET200411.0MAPLEHURST DELROY TORRO-ET660.10820.13260762.776.
HO840003217140936PEN-COL 874-ET201011.2PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET540.05880.14247732.657.
HO840003219743611LARS-ACRES S-S-I 25501-ET201210.3LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ET570.081040.22268752.656.
HO840003220398057SSI-HOMESTEAD 551201110.2SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET470.121120.33262752.775.
HO840003222821917SDG 960 TWITCH 7316-ET201111.1MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ET540.081280.31297762.833.5-0.83.4-0.71.811.491.16-0.41752.45.23010
HO840003222921374PEAK 46013-ET201210.0PEAK NO EXCUSE-ET540.06830.13231732.736.
HO840003205237175AOT ACURA HASTEY-ET200511.7PINE-TREE ACURA-ET580.11810.16247772.777.
HO840003213270747200911.1MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ET730.041130.12321773.014.2-0.30.3-0.51.561.390.63-0.99752.45.73009
HO840003214541673WELCOME 8230210110.0SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET520.09960.22228752.866.
HO840003216671312GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN 49226-ET201110.3GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET680.06950.11284773.
HO840003216671521GENOSOURCE REVEL 49435-ET201110.1GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET690.021110.11318762.975.
HO840003216832197BOMAZ HEROIC 9661-ET200610.3PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET600.021140.16297752.886.
HO840003220070987BGP CAPT MALLORY 3182-ET201110.1GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET740.041090.10295772.914.5-0.13.9-0.51.301.520.27-0.14762.15.03009
HO840003220410032TERRA-LINDA ZAZZLE DAWN-ET201010.5PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ET550.06990.18239752.685.
HO840003222821807LAMBRECHT CAPTAIN EIRIE-ET201110.2GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET640.03930.09249772.814.
HO840003223868651OCD CPTAIN COLOGNE 64476-ET210211.5GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ET730.04970.07289762.896.
HO840003224956012PEAK 83647-ET210111.2PEAK ALTAREAL MONEY-ET520.13860.23228722.704.
HO840003234373418SSI-BADGER 17222210210.1RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET640.021040.10274752.726.12.36.6-0.61.361.660.49-0.10713.16.13009

GOODLIFE debuts at the top the French Proofs – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – France

There is a new #1 ISU Sire in France, and his name is Gen GOODLIFE at +214 ISU and +67 INEL. He shares the tops spot with Guardian at +214 ISU and +65 INEL.  Gen Rave follows in third with +213 ISU and +66 INEL. The #1 domestic bull and overall leader in France is Ramses *RC with +224 ISU and +42 INEL. The #1 domestic daughter proven bull is Percy with +193 ISU and 152 milking daughters. In second follows Mega Watt with +192 ISU and 596 daughters.


GGA Builder Bleech Tops the Scandinavian Proofs – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – Scandinavia

The highest NTM genomic sire on the April 2021 Scandinavian (Denmark, Sweden, Finland) proof is the German bull GGA Builder Bleech at +42 NTM. In the second spot is the Danish bull VH Letsgo Laprice at +41 NTM. The third-place sire is VH Norland Nader at either +41 NTM. Topping the daughter proven NTM list is Bomaz AltaTopshot at +32 NTM. At second is the Danish sire VH Tirsvad Balisto Bosman at +31 NTM. Rounding out the top sires is the American sire De-Su 12693 Skyfall-ET at place 3 at +30 NTM

Go-Farm Miura tops Italian PFT List – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – Italy

It was a big day for the Go-Farm prefix, topping the Italian daughter proven domestic PFT list is Go-Farm Miura at +4195 PFT, in second follows Parallel at +4067 PFT, in third the heavily used bull Sound System at +3897 PFT.They were followed by 3 newly proven Go-Farm bulls Letissier, Goody and Spirte. In addition, on the genomic domestic sire list the top sire for second time in a row Go-Farm Beerbum at +4840 PFT (increase with +43 PFT), far behind follows ZFZ Crisalis *RC at +4670 PFT.


Leaninghouse takes of Swiss Lists – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – Switzerland

There is a new leader on the Swiss lists, his name is Leaninghouse TAOS at +1675 ISET. He is followed by Plain-Knoll Magnitude at +1674 ISET. Leading in the Interbull daughter proven list is Progenesis PADAWAN at +1573 ISET and 137 milking daughters. The #1 TYPE sire in the Swiss rankings is Mirand PP *RC son Hyden Limited at +155 ITP.

Captain continues to dominate the UK PLI Rankings – Sire Proof Central April 2021 – United Kingdom

For the third proof round in a row, Genosource Captain has been #1 in the UK for PLI, at +963 PLI (+83 LPI) in combination with +1.61 TM. He is followed closely again this round by AltaPlinko at +923 PLI and at third Peak AltaZazzle at +905 PLI. Gen Pikachu has a great run in the UK with a +864 PLI good for 9th spot. The #1 TYPE MERIT bull in the UK is the R&W bull Nosbisch Holsteins SOLITO-RED at +2.94 TM. In addition the #1 daughter proven PLI bull is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL at +774 PLI. Maintaining his lead among British sires on the daughter proven rankings is the high component bull Bellemont Perks. Popular proven bulls as Bomax AltaTopshot, AOT Silver Helix, Westcoast Guarantee, DG Charley, ABS Medley and Bomaz Skywalker remain in the top of the rankings.

Top index bulls in the United Kingdom:

Ontario Spring Discovery Show 2021 Cancelled

For the second year in a row, the Ontario Spring Discovery Show Committee has had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Ontario Spring Show. The Jersey & Holstein show originally planned for April 21 & 22, 2021 in Ancaster, ON has been cancelled due to the ongoing Provincial restrictions due to Covid-19.

The Ontario Spring Discovery committee is pleased to announce that the Ancaster Fairgrounds has been secured for April 2022. Construction of a new, additional facility is scheduled to begin in the coming months.

The Ontario Spring Discovery Show Committee is looking forward to seeing Exhibitors & Sponsors in 2022

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