‘Robot milking saved my dairy farm’

For many dairy farmers in the UK, milking involves getting up before dawn to take the cows from the paddock and into the milking shed – a process that often has to be done again in the afternoon.

But on Neale Sadler’s farm in the Midlands they have relied on robots to do the milking for the past 13 years.

He shows how his unconventional dairy farm works.

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‘Just writing cheques’: Liberals’ dairy payout could deepen competitiveness concerns, critics say

Canada’s $1.75-billion compensation package for dairy farmers will be based on “hypothetical losses” rather than hard evidence of lost profits due to trade deals, food policy analysts say.

What’s more, the payouts risk exacerbating competitiveness issues in the industry by failing to link compensation to productivity benchmarks.

“We’re setting out $1.75 billion to ‘quote-unquote’ compensate dairy farmers without really having a strategy to understand what the implications are from a trade perspective,” said Sylvain Charlebois, a professor in food distribution and policy, and scientific director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University. “That’s a key thing. We know that market access will increase and it’s likely we’ll need less domestic milk but we don’t know how much. So we’re just writing cheques.”

The package for dairy farmers, unveiled by Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau on Friday, is intended to offset lost sales caused by the expanded market access granted to foreign producers under the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Those pacts will open up roughly eight per cent of Canada’s highly protected dairy market, where prices have long been kept high by a complex system of supply management involving production quotas, fixed prices and import tariffs and quotas.

Supporters of the system say it is critical to ensure U.S. products don’t flood across the border, threatening food sovereignty and putting Canadian dairy farmers and farms at risk of being pushed out by competition. Critics point out that Canada is the last industrialized country to operate such as system and its dairy industry has failed to keep up with some of the productivity gains and expansions that have taken place in other countries. It also raises prices for consumers, they argue.

A 2014 study by the IFCN Dairy Research Center at the University of Kiel in Germany found the cost of milk production by mid- and large-size farms in Canada was the second-highest in the world after Switzerland.

With that in mind, the government’s compensation dollars would have been better spent if they were tied to clear sustainability and competitiveness goals, Charlebois said.

… if we want to keep (the quota system) we have to make sure it’s serving the country well

Sylvain Charlebois, scientific director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University

“I’m not saying we should get rid of our quota system, but if we want to keep it we have to make sure it’s serving the country well,” he said. “Some dairy farmers are doing very well and reinvesting in their farms and becoming more competitive, but others are just drifting and that’s costing a lot of money. If farmers want to stay in the industry they should be made accountable for their productivity or they should be enticed to exit.”

The market access granted under Canada’s latest trade deals represents a direct loss of profits that the government promised to cover, said Murray Sherk, chair of the board for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

“Dairy doesn’t like to look to the government for payments; we’d rather have the market share but we’re very pleased with the package,” he added. “And supply management provides a system of predictable pricing that encourages farmers to invest more in their operations, to be more efficient.”

The extra cash flowing into dairy farms comes when they are already overcapitalized — creating a problem for the next generation of farmers, said Al Mussell, research lead at Agri-Food Economic Systems in Guelph, Ont. Indeed, though an ideal return on assets like land and equipment is roughly five per cent, the data suggest Canadian farmers are currently realizing returns of just two to three per cent.

“They’re over-capitalized and drowning in their own capital,” Mussell said. “That might not seem like a problem but it’s sitting there in the land and all these assets. When it’s time to transfer the farm to the next generation, how are they going to afford it?”

The federal cash injection also comes as Canada’s grain farmers are struggling with depressed prices and demand due to the trade wars, he added. Ottawa granted grain farmers hit by direct Chinese trade measures an extra six months to repay cash advances under the Advance Payments Program. The government also strengthened the APP by increasing the maximum loan limit for all farmers to $1 million from $400,000 with additional interest-free loans for canola producers.

“Grain farmers could be in for a long haul of low prices and a sobering trade outlook,” said Mussell. “They look at this and say dairy farmers got $1.75 billion and what did we get? Debt.”


Mega Dairy Tillamook Accused Of Misleading Marketing Campaigns

The Tillamook County Creamery Association, an Oregon-based farmers’ co-op, is facing accusations of misleading its customers with deceptive marketing campaigns. 

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national animal rights organization, filed a proposed class action lawsuitagainst the mega-dairy Monday, accusing the association of tricking consumers into thinking their products are sourced from small, local dairies within Tillamook County. 

In reality, the suit says more than two-thirds of the co-op’s milk comes from one massive farm in Eastern Oregon. 

A Tillamook Dairy milk truck driver prepares to leave after delivering two tanker truck loads of milk to Alpenrose Dairy in Beaverton, Ore.,

A Tillamook Dairy milk truck driver prepares to leave after delivering two tanker truck loads of milk to Alpenrose Dairy in Beaverton, Ore.,

Don Ryan/AP

Threemile Canyon Farms’ 25,000 dairy cow complex is the most industrialized in the country, according to defense fund attorneys. The farm boasts robotic carousels that allow for round-the-clock milking and computerized tracking of every calf. The dairy produces more than 1.4 million pounds of milk each day, according to the Threemile website.

ALDF lawyers say the farm isn’t just high-tech, but borders on inhumane. The complaint alleges cows are kept in industrial warehouses “where they stand on concrete or in their own waste” and are banned from grazing. The filing also cites federal records showing milk from the farm has often come out of infected udders. 

Representatives for Threemile Canyon Farms are reviewing the lawsuit. Tillamook released a statement saying the co-op is proud of its 20-year relationship with Threemile.

“Our farmer-owners and suppliers all take good care of their animals not only because it is their livelihood, but because it is the right thing to do,” the statement reads. “The size of the farm does not dictate the quality of care.”  

But ALDF attorneys say Tillamook’s advertising has intentionally obfuscated that a massive industrial farm counts itself as a co-op member.

“If you take a look at their uniform marketing campaign, you see things like cows on rolling green hills in Tillamook County in red barns, and kids helping take care of really small herds of dairy cows,” says Amanda Howell, a staff attorney at the legal defense fund, who is assisting with the suit. “That is incredibly misleading.” 

Howell says the legal fund commissioned a survey of a little more than 1,000 consumers spread across Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The majority believed Tillamook purchased its dairy from small-scale family farms.

The suit accuses the dairy company of making money through misrepresentation. It cites a 2017 interview in which Tillamook’s CEO Patrick Criteser said revenues grew by 70% after the launch of their “Dairy Done Right” campaign. 

Customers “purchase [Tillamook] to avoid industrialized finding, to avoid factory farms when Tillamook represents the epitome of factory farms,” says Howell. 

The class action suit is filed on behalf of four plaintiffs who purchased Tillamook dairy products from supermarkets. All told legal fund attorneys they had been willing to pay extra for products from small dairies that they believed treated animals humanely. All thought Tillamook “aligned with [their] values.” 

Had they known that much of their cheese, butter, ice cream, sour cream, and yogurt was sourced from a large factory farm, all said that they would either have paid less for it — or never bought it in the first place.

Howell says the defense fund is currently seeking an injunction that will force Tillamook to change its marketing style. In one month, they plan to amend the lawsuit allowing for claims for damages.


Meet The Company Turning Old Milk Into Sustainable Clothing

Reducing waste, recycling resources and promoting conservation are three of the major pillars of any sustainable business model. In recent years, environmentally-conscious companies have found innovative ways of recycling waste and creating new products. Mi Terro, a startup based in Los Angeles, aims to draw attention to the amount of waste produced in the dairy industry by creating sustainable fabrics from unused milk. The company sources excess milk from a dairy farm in China before processing it and turning milk into fibers capable of being used in durable, lightweight clothing.

“Do you know that 128 million tons of dairy products are dumped every year globally? I am really upset by such a tremendous amount of dairy waste,” Mi Terro founder Robert Luo explains to me, “our goal is to educate the public that we are consuming too many dairy products and we need to cut down on our food waste.” In his bid to tackle the waste from the dairy industry, the sustainable entrepreneur saw an opportunity to upcycle the unused milk that would be thrown out and turn it into a high-quality shirt.

The new technology from Mi Terro uses waste milk to create an environmentally-friendly t-shirt.

The new technology from Mi Terro uses waste milk to create an environmentally-friendly t-shirt.

Mi Terro

Sustainability Through Innovation

The entire milk-to-clothing process takes about two months to complete with one glass of milk corresponding to five shirts. Mi Terrocollects milk from its dairy farm partner, skims it to remove fats before dewatering it to become powdered milk. It is then dissolved and purified to remove and substances that are not casein – the proteins that make up a large proportion of milk. Once the casein is isolated, it is immersed in an alkali solution and passed through a spinneret to solidify the proteins into fibers. After this, it is removed from the alkali solution and the fibers are stretched, spun into yarn and ready to be used in the manufacturing of clothing.

“There are only two manufacturers in China that has the craftsmanship and capability to turn unwanted milk into clothing fabric,” Luo continues, “Our next step is partnering with supermarkets, so we can collect the so-called expired, or past sell date, milk from them.” Upcycling milk to turn it into shirts isn’t Mi Terro’s first foray into sustainable fashion, having previously createda travel bag made from ocean plastics and natural cork. “Mi Terro’s vision is to make Earth green again. In order to do so, we need to teach people to shop eco-friendly products and to live with minimal waste. We want to make green fashion affordable to almost everyone.”

As part of its goals for sustainability, Mi Terro partners with the Eden Reforestation Projectto plant 10 trees for every product they sell, planting over 2,700 so far. The Eden Project is a non-profit that operates eighty different sites in five different countries. Intending to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers by enabling them to become foresters, they seek to reduce inequality, increase local biodiversity and protect the environment. Mi Terro has committed to planting a million trees with the Eden Reforestation Project in the next five years.

Investing in the Future

As an example of sustainable development and green innovation that reduces waste, raises awareness of environmental issues and promotes conservation, Mi Terro is part of a new generation of responsible startups that want to create a better world on top of providing a high-quality product. As Luo illustrates: “I want my children and grandchildren to live in a world where they don’t have to count days of blue sky, wear a face mask to school, or learn about beautiful animals that only exist in the textbook.”

Responsible companies and consumers ensure a more sustainable business market that spurs more innovation and helps startups like Mi Terro to pioneer new products and pathways to reach them. With people striving to become more sustainableand companies beginning to transition towards more environmentally-friendlybusiness models, there has been a shift towards reducing waste and sourcing sustainable resources. Being aware of the issues and challenges created by consumerism goes a long way in shaping the decisions people make regarding their own habits.

Investing in the future of the planet through responsible products will not only reduce waste but help raise awareness about how people can live more sustainable lives. Mi Terro’s Kickstarter for its upcycled milk shirt was funded within two hours of launching and will continue to be open for pledges until September 15, 2019.


Nearly 17,000 Enrolled in New Dairy Margin Coverage Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced that producers of nearly 17,000 dairy operations have signed up for the Dairy Margin Coverage(DMC) program since signup opened June 17. Producers interested in 2019 coverage must sign up before Sept. 20, 2019.

DMC offers protection to dairy producers when the difference between the all-milk price and the average feed cost (the margin) falls below a certain dollar amount selected by the producer.

“We’re encouraged by the number of dairy producers who have signed up for this new program, but we are hopeful that we will get more folks in the door,” said Bill Northey, USDA’s Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation. “At this point in the signup process, we are well ahead of the number of producers covered at this time last year under the previous safety net program, with more producers enrolling every day. As we move into the homestretch, we expect more producers across the country to get coverage through DMC and our team at FSA is really going above and beyond to make sure we get the word out there, the returns this year to-date should speak for themselves.”

In June, when the DMC signup was announced, Secretary Perdue said, “For many smaller dairies, the choice is probably a no-brainer as the retroactive coverage through January has already assured them that the 2019 payments will exceed the required premiums.”

To date, more than 60 percent of dairies with established production histories have enrolled in the program. Wisconsin has seen the most participants with more than 4,832 dairy operations, followed by Minnesota (1,865), New York (1,779), Pennsylvania (1,511) and Michigan (702).

USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) began issuing program payments to producers on July 11. DMC provides coverage retroactive to Jan. 1, 2019. The producers who have signed up to date will receive more than $219.7 million in payments for January through June, when the income over feed cost margin was $8.63 per hundredweight (cwt.), triggering the sixth payment for eligible dairy producers who purchased the $9 and $9.50 levels of coverage under DMC.

To view weekly enrollment, production and payment reports (posted each Monday at 2 p.m. Eastern), visit FSA’s DMC webpage.


Theo Spierings’ Fonterra payout slammed

Former Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings is under fire for receiving a $4.6 million payout when he left the company last year.

Theo Spierings, Fonterra CEO

Former Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

This was revealed as the dairy co-operative forecasts a loss of up to $675 million, and has announced it will not be paying a dividend this financial year.

No one from Fonterra would be interviewed about Mr Spierings’ payout, but a Fonterra statement said he was given the $4.6m when he left the co-op last August.

It said the payment covered the final part of a deferred bonus dating back to 2017 and Mr Spierings’ final remuneration for this year including his base salary, superannuation, and holiday pay.

Mr Spierings’ annual annual salary was $2.5m a year but he earned over $8m for each of the last two years with bonuses.

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones called the amount “offensive” considering the role Mr Spierings played in “bringing our national co-operative to its knees”.

“The fact that the directors signed a contract, enabling him to wander off with such a gross amount of money which he never earned, and we in New Zealand are left with this fiscal carnage. It’s just beyond belief.”

He called the Fonterra board “dysfunctional” and said it seemed incapable of reigning in corporate excess.

“I can tell you today that the Dutchman, the former CEO, is celebrating a famous Dutch saying, ‘It’s as if an angel is peeing on your tongue’. But he’s richly relieved himself on the tongue of Fonterra and the rest of us in New Zealand, not just farmers, are left with the cost.”

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones, also Forestry Minister, Infrastructure Minister, Associate Finance Minister, Associate State Owned Enterprises Minister, Associate Transport Minister

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones. Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

Simplicity managing director Sam Stubbs said Mr Spierings should give the money back.

“It would be the honourable thing to do. Of course, there’s a contractual obligation there, which means he probably doesn’t have to. And given that he’s no longer working in New Zealand I wouldn’t expect him to.

“But it would be very nice if he did, given that the decisions he was involved with clearly have, effectively, destroyed so much value over a long period of time.”

Mr Stubbs said the case highlighted a fundamental problem with executive compensation, when someone could receive millions of dollars “at a time when so much farmer value and shareholder value has been lost”.

Agricultural economist Peter Fraser said while Mr Spierings certainly made some big mistakes, Fonterra’s problems couldn’t only be put down to him.

“They seem to blame everything that’s gone wrong, either directly or indirectly, on Theo Spiering.

“Look, Theo’s made some whoppers, but he’s not entirely to blame. Fonterra’s Australian business has been a dog for years. Farmers have complained about it for years because it doesn’t make cost of capital.

“The fact that they have droughts over there and the fact they have had to close down down a plant. That’s not Theo’s fault.”

A Fonterra statement said the incentives scheme which gave Mr Spierings his bonuses has been discontinued.


Futures Lower in Chicago to Start the Week

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were lower Monday ahead of a mostly neutral milk production report. Class III milk continued a lackluster performance as grains fell. August was unchanged at $17.62, September fell 7 cents to $17.78, and October fell 5 to $17.78. The Aug – December average is at $17.52/cwt. 2020 markets were also weaker, falling 5-9 cents for Jan- March and averaging $16.49/cwt.

Dry whey up $0.0050 at $0.37.  Blocks up $0.0275 at $1.9075.  Two trades were made at $1.9050 and $1.9075. Barrels down $0.0150 at $1.75.  Eight trades were made ranging from $1.75 to $1.76.  Butter down $0.01 at $2.33.  Two trades were made at $2.33 and $2.3325. Nonfat dry milk unchanged at $1.03.  One trade was made at that price.

Grain and feed  markets fell again on Monday. December corn fell 6 ¼ to $3.74 ½, November soybeans fell 13 ¼ to $8.66 ½, and Soybean meal fell $2.90 to $292/ton. 

Holstein Association USA Launches Red Book Plus Online

Holstein Association USA launches Red Book PlusTM Online, a web-based bull search and information program. Users can quickly and easily find comprehensive information on Holstein bulls, build and save tailored lists based on criteria that is important to them, and create customized selection indexes to rank bulls.

“One of the most important decisions dairy producers can make in terms of improving their herd genetics is selecting the right bulls to use,” said Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA Executive Director of Holstein Genetic Services. “Red Book Plus Online provides modern, flexible and customizable searching and reporting tools to help Holstein breeders find those right bulls to fit their goals. Our program is designed to not just allow users to simply find information, but also help them interpret and understand it. Breeders have been asking for an update to our Red Book Plus software program for some time now, and we are thrilled to make this available today.”

Red Book Plus Online is backed by the power of the Holstein Association USA herdbook – the gold standard in stewarding pedigree, genetic and performance information for Holstein cattle. Users will find complete information on all genetic traits, pedigree information, ancestor and progeny performance information, and more, for over 50,000 bulls, including the thousands of bulls being marketed by artificial insemination companies today.

Video user guide tutorials are available for every aspect of the program, helping new users get acquainted with all the tools and features at their fingertips. Because it is web-based, Red Book Plus Online can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Anyone with a current subscription to the desktop software version of Red Book Plus/MultiMateTM may create a log-in for no additional fees. Other new users may subscribe to Red Book Plus Online for $99 per year, billed as three payments of $33 at each official genetic evaluation. Access to Red Book Plus Online is an option for those enrolled in Holstein COMPLETE®.

For more information, visit, or contact your Holstein Association USA Regional Sales Representative. Those with an active subscription can visit to start using the program today! With questions, contact software help or call 800.952.5200, ext. 4003.

Wisconsin dairy supports 157K jobs and has a $45.6bn impact

UWM’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics conducts this research every five years and compiles a report, The Contribution of Agriculture to the Wisconsin Economy. Its most recent data comes from 2017.

They found the Wisconsin agriculture industry generated $104.8bn in revenue that year, up from $88.3bn in 2012. It also supported 437,700 jobs, an increase of about 24,000 jobs from 2012.

Maintaining and growing rural areas

Dairy specifically was responsible for about half the agriculture revenue at $45.6bn, and 16.4% of the state’s total. Producing dairy milk supported 154,000 jobs in Wisconsin and generated $1.26bn in state and local taxes.

Professor Steven Deller, of UWM, said, “It is clear that agriculture – and particularly dairy – plays a critical role in Wisconsin’s economy. To put this in perspective, dairy’s economic impact is twice that of another key growing industry, Wisconsin tourism. It also shows dairy is Wisconsin’s signature industry and is central to our state’s identity.”

The report pointed out that dairy far outstrips other states in terms of important local goods. The $ it contributes to the Wisconsin economy is greater than citrus’ $7.2bn in Florida and potatoes’ $2.7bn in Idaho.

Though the increases from 2012 can be partly attributed to inflation in the period (6.7%), agriculture industry sales increased by 15.7% and labor income was up 17.2%, indicating further growth.

Chad Vincent, CEO of the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, said, “This report reflects the importance of cheese and dairy in our state and is why we are America’s Dairyland. To me, the deeper importance is the impact dairy farming and processing has on maintaining and growing our rural areas.”

“The economic impact derived from agriculture in our state cannot be underestimated. Statewide dairy helps support a strong future for Wisconsin with job creation and tax revenue that goes toward better roads, new schools and a variety of other public services.”

Balancing two sides of the same coin

Some of Wisconsin’s agriculture growth is stemming from trade. According to the report, Wisconsin exported more than $2.5bn in agriculture products, including $451m worth of dairy products.

DFW-Dairy Impact 3-Horizontal

Because today’s consumers are also more health-conscious and keen on high-protein diets, Wisconsin believes that supporting the demand for its  dairy products beyond its borders is key to the future of the state’s dairy industry.

According to the report, 90% of Wisconsin milk is used in cheesemaking, with the rest divided between butter, ice cream and cultured products like yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir. Wisconsin has a 48% share of the specialty cheese category in the US.

The report concluded on-farm activity was not a major contributor to the increases that Wisconsin dairy saw between 2012-2017, but is likely a reflection of weak commodity prices in 2017. Dairy processing had an overall greater impact on the economy than farm activity.

“The challenge facing Wisconsin agriculture is that on-farm activity and food processing are ‘two sides to the same coin’ and as one does better the other does better,” the report said.

“The continued weak net farm income, a pattern that Wisconsin farmers have not experienced since the farm crisis of the early 1980s, may put the food processing industry at risk.”

Source: Dairy Reporter

Fonterra’s last chance to reform and rebuild

Fonterra’s greatest risk is not of further write downs, which are possible, but of a timid new strategy. Shaken by the failure of its 17-year quest to become a dairy multinational, it could retreat into being an exporter of commodities, ingredients and consumer goods, writes Rod Oram.

Fonterra’s price tag of failure is the thick end of $1 billion. The co-op announced this week write downs totalling up to $860 million, which could result in a net loss of up to $675m this year. Coupled with last year’s loss of $192m and the risk of further write downs in China and South America, the co-op is debt heavy and capital light. As a result, its strategy is shot, its confidence sapped and its shareholders rattled.

And that counts only the actual losses. It’s impossible to quantify the cost of lost opportunities. But just imagine, for example, the value Fonterra could have created if it had invested some of that squandered capital in A2 milk. Instead it fought the science and ignored the market, leaving the a2 Milk Company, the category pioneer, to reap the lion’s share of the rewards.

Latterly, Fonterra has reversed course and became a supplier to a2, which is a pure marketing company. Meanwhile it is struggling to build its own A2 production, products and brand. Yet, a2’s market capitalisation is twice that of Fonterra’s stock market listed Shareholders Fund. For analysis of Fonterra’s latest losses and thwarted ambitions, please read this Newsroom piece by Bernard Hickey.

If Fonterra wants to recover from this low point in its history and thrive it needs a bold new and practical strategy, not a tidy up of its failed one. The obvious opportunity is to become one of the world’s leading exponents of dairy farming that’s healthy for the planet, while producing dairy nutrition that’s healthier for people.

Currently, that’s an oxymoron. Dairying is an extractive industry that always damages the climate, and often land and water too, unless it is done exceptionally well. But dairy farmers mustn’t feel picked on. Many ways we produce food globally are as damaging or worse, as a growing body of research details.

The latest and most comprehensive to date is the UN’s report on climate change and land use released this past week. For more on it, read this Newsroom article; and for more on the urgent need for global changes in diets and farming systems, read this Newsroom column I wrote in February.

When it comes to the dairy response to the challenge of healthy people and healthy planet, a fair few companies here and abroad are working on the human nutrition part of that equation. But only a few anywhere in the world are working on the far harder farming challenge. On that Fonterra has four significant advantages over its foreign competitors:

– it has large scale and many (but not yet all) of its farmers are eager innovators;

– their co-operative relationship is increasingly effective at sharing knowledge and driving progress;

– we have a national science system that would gear up to deliver a big transformation of dairying, which the Government would help fund generously if farmers raised their ambitions (for example, Our Land and Water, one of the 11 National Science Challenges, includes a focus on regenerative farming systems that go beyond minimising damage to the environment to actively helping ecosystems to recover their vitality, diversity and resilience); and

– we have abundant natural capital and a unique and valuable national brand based on it – but to justify our claims, we urgently need such transformations of land use to end our degradation of our ecosystems and to start their recovery.

New core attributes for a ‘new’ Fonterra

Should Fonterra rise to these challenges to create and execute a bold new strategy it will need, broadly speaking, three core attributes which were scarce in its failed, old strategy.

Foresight: Fonterra was created 17 years ago by rolling up some 95 percent of our dairy industry into the new entity. It was seen to have three winning advantages: it was low cost, thanks to its farmers’ pasture-fed systems and the co-op’s highly efficient processing plants; it was one of the largest dairy processors in the world; and it was by far the largest dairy exporter in the world, although only 6 percent of global dairy products are traded across borders.

But Fonterra had no foresight beyond using those three attributes to get bigger and hoping to slowly shift a proportion of its products from commodities to higher value ones. But over the following 17 years, it was swamped by the dairy boom it helped create. From the 2000-01 to 2017-18 season, the sector’s land use grew by 33 percent to 1.76m ha, the national herd by 43 percent to 5m cows, farming intensity by 8 per cent to 2.84 cows per ha, the average herd size by 72 percent to 413 cows; and milk processed by 49 percent to 20.7b litres of milk.

No wonder land, water, farmers, cows and co-op became seriously stressed. Yet, as it was hitting peak cows here, Fonterra pressed on with its volume driven strategy. It made some ill-considered and poorly executed production investments overseas in the likes of its China Farms and other “milk-pools”, and in downstream investments to try to shift the rising volume of products to market. Most damaging was the debacle of its failed $755m stake in Beingmate, the Chinese infant formula company.

This time around, to thrive in a global food market which is changing very rapidly, it will need far greater and longer term insights about its best and enduring opportunities.

Structure and capital: Fonterra failed to evolve either of those fast enough to deliver on its strategy of rapid volume growth coupled with some shift from commodities to higher value products.

This time around, the co-op structure is even more important because that’s the best one for building and sharing knowledge to drive on-farm innovation to create truly regenerative systems.

But the co-op also requires equally great innovation to make highly nutritious products, to develop much closer relationships with consumers to help sell them on the value and virtues of the improved farming systems and products, and to find partners and capital to do so.

Culture: Fonterra isn’t quite the fortress it was but it still has a way to go in being the open, creative and agile business it needs to be if it wants to lead in the dairy sector here and abroad in these crucial transformations of food and farming.

Such an ambitious strategy would create a valuable future for the co-op’s farmer-shareholders while greatly benefitting the country at large. But it is also Fonterra’s last chance. If it fails this time around, it would have neither the capital nor support to attempt another revival. Its shareholders would have to break up the co-op, sell off its assets and redeploy their much depleted capital in other ways.

Source: Newsroom

Investing in the Future: Research on U.S. Registered Holsteins®

Every great scientific discovery begins with an idea. Innovative research is the backbone of progress in any industry — and that includes the dairy community.

Holstein Association USA is currently accepting research proposals for the next round of funding. The applications must include expected outcomes to benefit the profitability of Holstein cattle. Submit applications for research grant funds by August 15, 2019.

Supporting research is a top priority for Holstein Association USA, the world’s largest dairy breed association. Roger Shanks, the organization’s genetics consultant, explains.

“I’m excited about the research program that Holstein Association USA has ongoing,” Shanks says. “We are getting into our third year, our third request for proposals this year. The overall objective of the whole program is really to try to increase the amount of research that’s done on Holstein cows, so we can then help Holstein members be able to implement and take advantage of those research results as they come along.”

Holstein Association USA is currently funding two projects. One at North Carolina State University that’s looking at how genomic information can be used to manage inbreeding; and a second project at the University of California-Davis exploring the opportunity to breed Holstein cows for heat tolerance using the slick hair gene. Both hold great potential for future progress with U.S. Registered Holsteins.

More details about the Research Grant Program guidelines and process can be found on the Holstein Association USA website,

Years of progress for U.S. dairy genetics

Genetic progress on the nation’s dairy farms has been quite remarkable. Thanks to advanced reproductive technologies, over the past 30 years. From embryo transfer to in-vitro fertilization, the ability to expedite top-performing genetics has improved production for dairy farmers worldwide. Veterinarians and friends Dan Hornickel and Chris Keim were first talking about embryo transfer and IVF in their college days in the 1970s.

“Our start was very early. There wasn’t a lot of information. I wouldn’t call us pioneers, but we were certainly among the first that were doing work in the field,” said Hornickel. “And from there it grew.

The pair worked on their animals for several years. They didn’t feel qualified to put that technology into the public, but as they became more proficient. Clients began asking for the technology. As luck would have it, Sunshine Genetics started about 1982.

Keim and Hornickel agreed freezing embryos was the biggest factor to impact their business in 30 years

“Freezing technology was a big, big breakthrough for us and other businesses in the ET industry,” Keim said. “We could go to a client’s farm and preserve the leftover embryos if he didn’t have enough recipients available. That gave the farmer a lot of flexibility.”

The advent of freezing opened up a whole world of export work for the duo. It became a large part of their business, freezing and exporting. Along with that over the years, the development of IVF techniques has added to the merchandise ability of the cattle owned by Sunshine Genetics clients.

Another significant milestone in the advancement of reproductive technologies is sorted semen, which can allow breeders to select for either male or female offspring

“It’s helped with the marketing of embryos when clients in other countries want female embryos from some of the best Holstein cows in the world, they could have a 95 percent chance of producing a heifer calf from one of these frozen embryos,” said Hornickel

Working alongside progressive dairy farmers through the years has kept Hornickel and Keim encouraged about what the future may hold

“The biggest challenge for dairying today is profitability, and obviously, the advancing genetics is all designed to add to that profitability,” Keim said. “But keeping your eyes open, keeping your operation viable and financially sound as best you can, using all the tools that you can, I think that takes a lot of pressure off of dairymen today if they can accomplish that. And that’s a big challenge right now.”

Source: KTIC

Dairy farmers don’t see hemp as their new cash cow

The rolling cornfields and sounds of cows chewing their cud at Freund Farm in East Canaan couldn’t be further removed in spirit from the paneled walls and political conversation at Connecticut’s Legislative Office Building in Hartford— but for dairy farmer Amanda Freund, the change of scenery was necessary.

Last week, Freund, a third-generation dairy farmer, along with five other legacy dairy farmers, made the drive to Hartford to meet with members of the state legislature’s Rural Caucus to discuss the ailing industry that has long been troubled by economic instability.

“It does not bring me pleasure to go to the State Capitol and to ask for a subsidy for us to be able to keep our business afloat,” Freund said. “It’s not how we want to run this business. We want to be able to at least cover our costs, but when the federal system doesn’t allow us to do that, we’re really looking for the state to recognize that.”

Connecticut’s dairy farmers say they have reached the limits of innovation, and attempts to diversify and employ new technology on their farms haven’t been enough to stave off the crippling effects of trade-war tariffs, low milk prices, high operating costs and dwindling state subsidies.

Joan Nichols, executive director of the Connecticut Farm Bureau, said the price that dairy farmers can fetch for their product at market often is significantly less than what it takes to produce. The federal government sets the price for milk, meaning that dairy farmers can’t shift their costs to consumers when prices are low.

While some prominent lawmakers and some farmers see hemp as the next great hope, many of the state’s dairy farmers are saying that the odds of hemp becoming their cash cow are slim.

Since the state’s pilot program began in June, the Department of Agriculture has issued 71 licenses for prospective hemp growers —giving them the opportunity to tap into the still-fledgling industry that was estimated at $800 million last year.

“We could probably make more money with hemp, but we are here for a greater cause. We believe feeding people is more important.”

Seth Bahler
Co-owner, Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington

“Until hemp is an established industry, we’re not going to know what the funding stream is going to be. So, it’s not something that will help a five-year downturn that is happening right now,” said State Sen. Cathy Osten, D- Sprague, a member of the Rural Caucus. “I believe that hemp will help out many in the farming community. I’m not certain that it can help dairy right now.”

Many of the state’s dairy farmers share Osten’s concerns. Freund said the logistics alone eliminate hemp as a viable solution for dairy farmers.

“With respect to [hemp] being a guiding light for the dairy farms in the state, I would say it’s not likely that it is going to keep us afloat,” Freund said. “It requires resources beyond what we have, and we need to stay focused on growing the crops to feed our cows before we can consider growing additional crops.”

Seth Bahler, co-owner of Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington, said the dairy industry is not going to be saved by the hemp industry, and he’s not going to grow it.

Moore :: CT Mirror

Amanda Freund’s father, Ben, came up with the idea to repurpose cow manure into biodegradable planters which the family now sells all over the U.S. and the U.K.

“Hemp just doesn’t fit with our strategy or our values,” Bahler said. “We don’t live off of CBD oil. We need more food grown locally. We could probably make more money with hemp, but we are here for a greater cause. We believe feeding people is more important.” CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive strain of cannabis highly valued as a treatment for a number of health issues, especially seizure disorders.

Jim Smith, a fifth-generation farmer from Franklin, said that even if the infrastructure to manufacture CBD were in place, growing hemp is labor-intensive, and expensive at $1 a seed or $4 a plant.

“I plant 1,750 acres of corn. To convert that to hemp, that would mean I’d probably have to employ like 3,000 people to keep it cultivated,” Smith said. His farm currently employs 18 full time and four part-time people.

“I really don’t think anybody did that full budget on it. I think they saw it as an opportunity and on a small-scale, there probably is an opportunity there, but it’s nothing that we can turn on overnight,” Smith said.

As the dairy industry enters its fifth year of decline, dairy farmers like Freund and her family, have found ways to create value wherever they can. The Freunds launched Cow Pots in 2007. The biodegradable planters are made out of the farm’s second most valuable commodity: manure.

Both Freund and Smith, like many dairy farmers, have joined or started collectives made up of other local farmers to diversify their revenue. Freund is a member of the Cabot Creamery Farmer Co-op and Smith and five other families started The Farmer’s Cow— an agriculture advocacy group that also sells a popular line of dairy and food products.

In addition, many of the state’s dairy farmers have installed milking robots, solar panels, and cutting-edge systems that repurpose the methane extracted from their cow’s waste.

Moore :: CT Mirror

Freund, who has been working on her family’s farm since she was a teenager, said their farm has implemented everything from robotic milkers to anaerobic digesters to repurpose cow manure, in order to remain viable.

“Even when we invest in the best technology, and we optimize as many efficiency things as we can, we’re still left in a position where we’re asking the state to keep us keep us around,” Freund said.

The state’s dairy farmers have been bedeviled by years of low milk prices. Dairy prices were expected to rise last year, before the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on aluminum and steel from Mexico, China, and Canada, provoking those nations to retaliate with tariffs on U.S. goods.

Freund, whose family oversees about 500 acres of land and milks 300 cows, said most dairy farmers have invested thousands if not millions into their farms so that they can be competitive in a global market. Even though most of the state’s dairy farmers sell their product locally, the U.S. dairy industry as a whole shipped about 17 percent of its product overseas between 2015 and 2016, according to Freund. Mexico and China were the biggest importers of U.S. cheese and whey, respectively. But with exports down, a surplus of milk and other dairy products have flooded the U.S. market, driving prices down.

In 2018, the federal government rolled out a program to mitigate the market disruption caused by the trade war. The disruption was estimated to be in the millions and Connecticut farmers received $370,560, according to the Connecticut Farm Bureau.

“Not being able to export these dairy products that we had built a market for is proving to be very consequential for us and affects our bottom line,” Freund said.

Osten said the Agricultural Sustainability Account (Community Investment Act Dairy Fund), which was created to subsidize the state’s farmers during times of economic downturn, remained intact for the last two years despite historically being raided to bolster the general fund. Osten said the raids cut the payments to farmers by more than half.

Osten said although an additional $1.4 million has been secured in this year’s budget, it is not enough to sustain the dairy industry.

“In order for us to sustain dairy throughout this downturn, we’re going to have to set money aside to save 25 percent of a $4 billion-dollar agricultural industry,” she said. “We have plans to introduce legislation next year, but we have a problem between now and next year that we need to deal with.”

State Agriculture Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt said the state’s 99 remaining dairy farms still punch well above their weight economically, but there is more that the state could be doing to invest in its farmers.

“Many states looked to Connecticut,” Hurlburt said. “The Agricultural Sustainability account was the model for a number of years. Maine has just put in $14 million as a general fund allocation to support their dairy farmers. I think one of the most important things is that we continue to have these conversations… and look at what other states are doing.”

According to Hurlburt, Massachusetts will implement a study in the next year to quantify the environmental benefits of its dairy industry, and he said Connecticut may be able to do the same.

Eighty percent of the available farmland in the state is leased by dairy farmers. The land is not only a base for local food production, but contributes to open space and wildlife habitats.

Freund said she hopes both residents and lawmakers realize how integral dairy farms are to the state’s culture and well-being.

“If you really do care about the quality of your food and the effect that it has on the environment, then you should be demanding that we have farms here and that we have a local food system and that we’re protecting it,” Freund said.

James “Cricket” Jacquier, a third-generation farmer from Canaan, said he wants to continue to grow his business for the next generation.

“We didn’t get in this business to get rich or build our 401ks. We got into this business because we are passionate about farming and we know the work is important.”

Maya Moore Maya Moore is CT Mirror’s 2019 Emma Bowen Foundation Intern. She is a journalism and political science student at the University of Connecticut and has an interest in topics covering race and social justice. Moore began her undergraduate journalism career as a campus correspondent with UConn’s independent student-led paper, the Daily Campus, and has since interned for the Hartford Courant. Her work has also been published in the Willimantic Chronicle and the university’s premier publication, UConn Today. Moore is a New Britain native and currently resides in Mansfield, where she continues to write for UConn’s communications department.

Source: CT Mirror

The plight of a US dairy farm

The Voelker family’s dairy farm in Wisconsin has been around since 1942. But economic pressures have led the family to sell off their remaining cows.

The day the Fonterra dream finally died

Fonterra’s value has almost halved since its overseas expansion strategy imploded in early 2018. Now its new leaders have found yet more losses and look set to dismantle what remains of what many hoped would become a national champion. Bernard Hickey looks through the rubble.

The dream is over, except for the final garage sale and the divvying up of the proceeds.

The last Labour-led Government drove through the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA) in 2001 in concert with the almost all of New Zealand’s 12,500 dairy farmers in the hopes of creating a national champion with the global scale and ambition to match or beat the likes of Danone, Arla or even Nestle.

The idea was to create an internationally connected powerhouse that would deliver super-sized returns for New Zealand’s white gold and make both the nation’s 12,000 farmers and the communities around them much richer. The dream was to create a value-adding machine that broke the tyranny and volatility of being a commodity-producing price taker dependent on the whims of currencies, markets and the weather.

Back then, dreamers talked of Fonterra becoming the Nokia of the south. How things have changed. For both Finland and New Zealand. There was still hope as recently as the beginning of 2018 when Fonterra appeared to be recovering from years of low payouts and a damaging botulism scare.

But no more.

This week’s news of another $840 million of asset write-downs caps a truly awful 2018/19 season for Fonterra farmers and has set the co-operative on the path to a break-up and a return to the main dairy company being a simple milk collection, drying, bagging and shipping company of milk powder for others to make the real profits from consumer brands and complex food and other products. The carving off of Fonterra’s value-added consumer brands and food service businesses, which currently use about half of its capital (debt plus equity) of around $12 billion, now looks most likely. Fonterra said it was actively reviewing its capital structure along with its strategy, and faced years of dividend-free debt repayment without major changes. 

“Capital structure is a discussion that the board have kicked off as well,” CEO Miles Hurrell told reporters yesterday. He said the board remained committed to being a co-operative, but the scale and focus of its activities were all on the table.

CFO Marc Rivers admitted Fonterra had fallen behind on its plan to repay $800 million of debt by July 31 and had not reached its targeted debt to debt plus equity leverage range of 40-45 percent. They did not detail the current debt position, but rejected suggestions Fonterra was in breach of its debt covenants. Fonterra had $7.1 billion of debt at January 31 and its leverage was at 52.5 percent.

Fonterra’s management, board and shareholders now face an intense debate ahead of its final results and strategy announcement in September about whether the co-operate will sell off the value-add assets and return the proceeds of over $5 billion to farmers to repay dairy debt owed to banks such as ANZ, Rabobank, Westpac, ASB and BNZ of $42 billion. Some of the proceeds may have to be used to repay Fonterra’s own debt first.

The Reserve Bank warned again in May that dairy sector debt was too high, with around 35 percent of the debt (around $15 billion) on farms with more than $35 of debt per kilogram of milk solids. On average, these farms need a cash payout of $6.20/kg just to break even. The removal of the dividend this year, and potentially next year, would leave many of the most indebted, large, recently-converted mega-dairy farms making losses with the current forecast milk-only payout of $6.30/kg.

Farmers meet for Fonterra’s annual meeting in November. It is set to be an historic one with the potential to formally end Fonterra’s grand ambitions. It will bookend an awful year for Fonterra’s shareholder-farmers, which now number 10,500. 

An annus horribilis in 2018/19

The market value of their co-operative has fallen $4.8 billion since the shock resignation of CEO Theo Speirings in March 2018 and their expected cash payouts from milk and dividends have fallen $1.1 billion. They once hoped for as much $7.10/kg, including a dividend of around 20 cents a share. Now they’re looking at payout of around $6.30/kg with no dividend and their share price has dropped from $6.68 to $3.57, including a 5.0 percent fall on Monday after the latest shock announcement. 

New CEO Miles Hurrell and CFO Marc Rivers held a hastily arranged mid-morning telephone conference with journalists to warn that the final results would show a net loss in a range of $590-675 million or 37-42 cents per share. Early last year Fonterra was forecasting earnings of 25-35 cents per share, and that was after Fonterra reported its first ever net loss of $196 million for the 2017/18 year because of $638 million of writedowns on assets in Australia and China. Back then, some hoped the scale of the losses overseas had been fully accounted for.

But the latest news was much, much worse than expected.

Hurrell said “it has become clear that Fonterra needs to reduce the carrying value of several of its assets and take account of other one-off accounting adjustments, which total approximately $820-860 million.”

“Since September 2018 we’ve been re-evaluating all investments, major assets and partnerships to ensure they still meet the Co-operative’s needs. We are leaving no stone unturned in the work to turn our performance around. We have taken a hard look at our end-to-end business, including selling and reviewing the future of a number of assets that are no longer core to our strategy,” he said.

“The review process has also identified a small number of assets that we believe are overvalued, based on the outlook for their expected future returns.”

There were more losses in China, which has been the main source of concern for years, and most concerningly, there were big losses in Fonterra’s home market because of the botched launch of a new national distribution centre and hotter competition on local supermarket shelves from new brands of milk, yoghurt and cheese. 

“In our New Zealand consumer business, the compounding effect of operational challenges, along with a slower than planned recovery in our market share, has resulted in us reassessing its future earnings,” he said.

“We are now rebuilding this business and, as part of this, have sold Tip Top which allows the team to focus on its core business. The combined impact is a write-down of approximately $200 million.”

Problems in New Zealand too

Hurrell confirmed in the news conference that the New Zealand writedown was actually $300 million, given the Tip Top sale for $380 million yielded a profit of $100 million.

He detailed a write-down of Fonterra’s DPA Brazil assets of about $200 million. Fonterra is reviewing this joint venture with Nestle. Fonterra wrote down the value of its Venezuelan assets by $135 million and reduced the value of its farms in China by $200 million. It increased its Australian write-down from $50 million to $70 million.

Rivers talked down the prospect of a quick return to dividends or hitting the debt reduction target.

“The key position we’d need to get ourselves into is to be able to continue to perform on that underlying business. As that performs, that puts us in a position to be able to pay a proper dividend, but we need to earn it first,” he said.

“This is going to take a couple of seasons to get the balance sheet to a level it needs to be at but we’re actually on a good path,” he said when pressed about future dividends.

A2 Milk shares closed yesterday at $16.04 and the company was worth $11.8 billion, more than twice Fonterra’s value.

Asked if Fonterra would now need to reduce debt by more than $800 million, Rivers only said more work needed to be done.

“The key for that, when we talk about the strategy in September, is we need to get the balance sheet into a strong position to be resilient to give us optionality. This will take time for us to do this in a proper diligent way.”

Meanwhile, Fonterra farmers have watched Fonterra’s market value crater from over $10.7 billion in early 2018, when it was worth almost twice as much as A2 Milk.

Fonterra’s shares closed on Monday at $3.57, down 5.0 percent on the day, and its market value was $5.7 billion. A2 Milk shares closed yesterday at $16.04 and the company was worth $11.8 billion, more than twice Fonterra’s value.

Source: Newsroom

Pennsylvania dairy farmers to Perdue: we’re struggling

What Maggie Curtis had to say was too important.

So, she got up early on Aug. 12 and drove three and a half hours from her home in Warren County, to a dairy meeting with the top U.S. agriculture official and federal legislators, in Cambria County.

The meeting, organized by U.S. Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, at Mount Aloysius College, was organized for dairy farmers to learn more about the renewed dairy margin coverage program and other state programs.

It was also styled as a listening session for Sonny Perdue, U.S. secretary of agriculture; Russell Redding, Pennsylvania’s agriculture secretary; and U.S. Reps. Fred Keller and John Joyce. Local farmers, agricultural leaders and state FFA representatives filled the hall.

Not sustainable

When the time came for her to address Perdue, Curtis gripped the microphone and carefully read her prepared comments.

“I, as a producer, am bearing 90% of the cost of production. I receive about 40% of the revenue of the final sale of my product,” Curtis said. “This is not a business model that is sustainable for any industry and especially not for dairy farmers.”

She offered two solutions, short- and long-term, to the gathered representatives. “The (U.S. Department of Agriculture) sets the price of my product every month, using a formula that dates back to the early 1930s. It includes no cost of production figures. It relies to a significant extent on the information from processors.” She added that the numbers used in the formula have proved to be incorrect.

“So, sir, could you please go back to Washington and take a look at that formula, and make the processors be fair with me?”

Curtis, who milks 63 Jerseys with her husband and children and hosts a fledgling AM radio show, spoke of how her husband’s family had milked 300 cows and bottled on-farm. They made a profit, until they shut down in 1997. “Food production is a matter of national security,” she said. “For a long time now, we have been consolidating the processing of our product down to a very few corporate entities.”

Her long-term solution? More local, producer-processors, in the form of individual bottling facilities or cooperatives. “We need to give control back to the farmers over their own product and allow them to participate in the free-market, capitalist system,” she said.

She pointed out that as processors have had to tighten their belts as well, it makes them vulnerable to foreign takeover. “If a foreign entity owns our largest processor, and I don’t have any other choice as a producer, I’m going to be giving them my product, and they will be shipping it to themselves,” she said. “The trade agreements aren’t going to matter and I’m going to be working for the Chinese.”

Cash poor

Her comments prompted a question from Perdue. “What do you think are the impediments for more value-added production and processing, like you’re talking about?” he asked.

“Cash,” Curtis said immediately. Emotion clogged her voice as she shared her family’s situation. She wants to save her family’s historic farm. A neighboring processor plans to retire, but according to a business plan she put together through the state’s Center for Dairy Excellence, she needs at least $500,000 to take it over.

The opportunities are there for investment, Redding said in reply, thanking her for articulating a situation that many dairy farmers have faced or are facing.

“This re-discovery that society has about who’s feeding them is a really important discussion in dairy,” Redding said. “We’ve got existing channels, but what else can we do?”

Curtis’ situation echoes what dairy farmers have experienced over the past year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has reported that the industry shrank by 2,500 farms and 100,000 cows in 2018. Milk prices paid to farmers have contracted for years.

Safety net

Despite the industry’s struggles, Perdue said in a later interview he is optimistic about the industry’s health.

“I actually think it’s a good time to be in the dairy business, starting here with (the 2018 Farm Bill),” he said. He encouraged dairy farmers to sign up for the current dairy margin coverage program before the end of September, calling it a “safety net,” particularly because of retroactive provisions that date back to Jan. 1.

“This is almost like betting on the Super Bowl the day after the game,” he said.

Redding agreed with Perdue, in his opening remarks. “What the (dairy margin coverage) does is provide some stability,” he said. “Let’s use that moment that we have some stability, to be thinking about what else do we need to do to make it better.”

Wake-up call

Last year, Dean Foods announced it was ending contracts with a number of Pennsylvania dairy farms. Redding said in a later interview that announcement was a “wake-up call.”

“Every single producer needs to know who they are doing business with,” he said. “The community also woke up. They want local products. They want local farms.”

Pennsylvania government and agencies have been examining how to evolve and adjust to the changing markets demands. “It’s in full partnership,” Redding said. “I think today is a good example that there’s a human on both sides of this discussion of dairy: the producer and the consumer.”’

Source: Farm and Dairy

16 mega milk farms feed Japan’s breakfast tables

As the number of dairy farmers declines in Japan, so-called gigafarms that churn out more than 10,000 tons of milk a year are stepping up production to meet consumers’ growing appetite for dairy products.

A giant dairy farm about 90 minutes from Obihiro on the northern island of Hokkaido is a case in point. It has 1,600 head of adult cows and calves in 14 barns, far above the 85 head kept at a conventional dairy farm.

The Nishikamikano farm employs automation for milking and health monitoring. Milking is done in a long shed where cows wait for staffers to disinfect their teats and attach suction equipment. Once the milking is done, the suction terminals detach, allowing the cows to return to their barns.

Japan had 16 such giant farms in fiscal 2017, industry data shows — barely a blip against the 15,700 dairy-farming households. But they are crucial in propping up the country’s milk production. 

Japan’s dairy farms, just like the rest of Japan, are facing labor shortages, even with workers recruited from overseas. As the farms’ scale increases, automation has become crucial, creating business chances for equipment makers.

Staffers milk dairy cows at a gigafarm in Hokkaido, Japan.

In July, a Hokkaido dairy farm installed four milking robots made by Netherlands-based Lely as part of a capacity expansion. The new machines, which are electric rather than pneumatic, cut the time needed to latch on to cows’ teats by about 30%, to roughly 25 seconds.

Dairy farms “have relied on foreign workers, but hiring competition is fierce,” said Hideto Nanbuya, president of equipment distributor Cornes AG, which supplies robots for such tasks as milking and feeding.

The ranks of Japan’s dairy farms have decreased roughly 60% over the past two decades, shrinking milk output by around 10% in a decade. But milk consumption rose for a fourth consecutive year in fiscal 2018.

This fiscal year, the volume of milk produced is projected to rise for the first time in four years, according to the Japan Dairy Association, and the government has set a production target of 7.5 million tons in fiscal 2025, up 3% from fiscal 2018.

Source: Asian Review

DFO hires new CEO

Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s Board of Directors announced today Cheryl Smith has been hired as chief executive officer (CEO), effective Aug. 19, 2019.

Smith is a highly experienced business leader with 30 years of leadership experience, including leading a billion-dollar revenue-generating business with a team of more than 150 employees. She recently retired from Parmalat as a member of the executive team and general manager of the Cheese Division.

Named as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and most recently a Golden Pencil Award Winner, Smith brings proven leadership and valuable experience to the organization. DFO is fortunate to have her join the team as CEO.

“Cheryl will help us realize a dynamic profitable growing Canadian dairy industry. As we face many challenges of the future, we felt having a leader who understands consumers, the food chain and the interconnectivity of our dairy industry has great benefit. She is a forward-facing thinker with an acute understanding of the opportunities ahead. We have every confidence Cheryl will make great contributions to DFO and our industry at large,” says Murray Sherk, Chair of the Board.

For more details, see the full announcement by clicking this link.

Ontario prison farms making a comeback

Two federal prison farms in the Kingston, Ont., area are getting up and running again after the former Conservative government shelved the program in 2010.

In the 2018 budget, the Liberal government included $4.3 million to restore farms at the Joyceville and Collins Bay Institutions, where minimum-security inmates will be allowed to participate in farm programs.

To prepare for re-opening, beef cows and goats returned to Joyceville Institution in May, and six dairy cows were more recently placed at Collins Bay Institution — descendants of the cows removed from the farm in 2009. Goats are expected to arrive at Collins Bay in 2020.

Karen McCrimmon, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, said in a news conference at Collins Bay Thursday morning that while some work has been completed, more needs to be done.

Early days

“We are still only at the first step of this renewal process,” she said. “Crops were planted, farmland has been repaired, equipment and supplies were purchased throughout 2018. Also, renovation work is well underway in preparation for getting dairy operations up and running.”

A dairy cow barn is expected in 2020, and a dairy goat barn is expected in 2021, she said.

So far there are about 20 jobs between both institutions, and there will be about 60 positions available once operations are fully underway, McCrimmon said.

Other things being done on the farms include beekeeping and a field devoted to organic crop production, and there are plans to plant flowers and trees as well. Full implementation is expected in the coming years.

‘Satisfying to see’

“It’s very satisfying to see that it’s been restored,” said Dianne Dowling, a member of the National Farmers Union and a founding member of the Save our Prison Farms campaign, which fought for years to see the program restored.

Jeff Peters and Olivia Groenewegen held on to a donkey outside the Correctional Service Canada regional headquarters in Kingston, Ont., in 2010 as members of Save Our Prison Farms held a blockade in front of the headquarters. (Lars Hagberg/Canadian Press)

Prior to its closure, hundreds of inmates participated in the program at six institutions across Canada, where they typically provided food including milk and eggs for penitentiaries as well as community food banks. 

Prison farms in Canada had been operating for more than a century. Over the years, the system shifted from forced labour to a rehabilitation program run by CORCAN, a Correctional Service of Canada program that provides inmates with employment experience and skills.

In 2006, the Conservative government commissioned a study into the viability of the CORCAN agribusiness that recommended phasing out the program in favour of operations offering a better return, like manufacturing.

The 2008 Correctional Employment Strategy report stated: “There is a definite need to become more responsive to changes in the labour market … and aligning the type of training and skills offered with economic demand.”

The program ended in 2010.

Battle over closure

During parliamentary hearings in 2010, prisoner advocates and community organizers pushed against the closure, pointing to research suggesting the programs bolstered work confidence, lowered recidivism, and offered inmates the therapeutic opportunity that comes with caring for animals.

In August 2010, protesters at Collins Bay tried to stop the trucks from hauling away the animals to auction, leading to a number of arrests.  

For a decade, the Save Our Prison Farms campaign held regular vigils at the gates of the shuttered farm at Collins Bay, and lobbied the new Liberal government to reinstate the program. 

Dowling, who now sits on the government advisory committee steering the renewal of the program, said inmates at Joyceville will get to work with dairy cows and dairy goats.

Both the Joyceville and Collins Bay programs will include land management, horticulture and crop production. 

“We’re moving along towards having a substantial program there for inmates to gain work skills and also to benefit from the rehabilitation or therapeutic aspects of farming.”

Source: CBC

Ferme Jacobs Rocks the Dairy Industry with Incredible Sale

In what was a litmus test for the tanbark trail, the outstanding team at Ferme Jacobs that has dominated the show scene over the past decade, put the weight of the industry on their shoulders to hold this momentous sale to see if the industry was going to survive.  With three cows over $200,000 and a sale average of 12,900 on over 150 lots the resounding answer is….YES!

Topping the sale at $250,000 was PIERSTEIN CICERO TIME OUT, the EX-95 MS Chassity OBS Cicero daughter from 2011 All-Canadian and Res. All-American Senior Three-Year-Old, Pineland Goldwyn Tidbit EX.  This extraordinary five-year-old is considered to be an early favorite for World Dairy Expo and was purchased by Randy Fraser.

Selling for $215,00 to Duckett Holsteins was IDEE DOORMAN LYSA, a stunning Junior Three Year Old, the Doorman daughter of none other than Idee Winbrook Lynzi, the 2017 Intermediate Champion and HM. Grand Champion at the Royal. Lysa looked extremely impressive as she named Grand Champion at the recent Expo Rimouski being named Grand Champion for owners ferme Jacobs, Pat Conroy, and JM Valley Holsteins.

Rounding out the top sellers at $200,000 to Milksource Genetics was JACOBS DOORMAN VICTOIRE, a stunning Senior three year old for 2019.  In what may prove to be one of the greatest show cows ever bred by Ferme Jacobs, Victoire’s 2nddam, Jacobs Dundee Voltage was All-Canadian and All-Quebec Milking Yearling in 2008, and her 3rddam, Jacobs Spirit Valsie was All-Canadian 4 year old in 2004.

In what was a very touching moment of the sale, JACOBS GOLDWYN BRILLIANT, the own daughter of Jacobs Goldwyn Brittany EX-96 was sold for $40,000 as a fundraiser for Charly Jacobs who has been suffering from severe dystonia caused by a genetic mutation of the EIF2AK2 gene. 

For a complete listing of the results click here

Wisconsin Dairy Generates $45.6B Impact

Wisconsin crafts more varieties, types and styles of cheese than anywhere on earth and holds a 48 percent share of the nation’s specialty cheese category.


The overall economic impact of Wisconsin’s dairy industry is bigger than ever, according to new research conducted by the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Dairy continues to lead Wisconsin agriculture, the new report shows, generating nearly half of Wisconsin’s annual industrial agricultural revenue – and represents 16.4 percent of the state’s total. Despite recent milk price challenges, the report shows dairy continues to make a significant impact on local Wisconsin communities.

The report is based on the most recent data available (2017) and updates research conducted every five years by UW—Madison under the direction of Professor Steven Dellerat the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics and Extension’s Center for Community Economic Development. Total agricultural economic impact grew from $88.3 billion to $104.8 billion with dairy’s impact growing to $45.6 billion.

“To put this in perspective, dairy’s economic impact is twice that of another key growing industry, Wisconsin tourism. It also shows dairy is Wisconsin’s signature industry and is central to our state’s identity,” says Deller.

The report shows that from farmers’ milk 154,000 Wisconsin jobs are created and $1.26 billion in state and local taxes are generated. Every dollar generated by Wisconsin’s dairy industry generates another $1.73 in additional revenue for the state, according to the report.

“This report reflects the importance of cheese and dairy in our state and is why we are America’s Dairyland,” says Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin CEO Chad Vincent. Additionally, the report identifies foreign export markets as a primary source of new growth for Wisconsin agriculture. As a state, Wisconsin exported over $2.5 billion in agriculture products last year with dairy products as the second-largest contributor at $451 million.

“Consumers from around the world need and want protein in their diet. With Wisconsin’s abundance of protein-rich dairy products, it’s easy to see why we are an international leader in the dairy industry,” said Secretary-designee Brad Pfaff of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). 

Additional key findings from the report include:

  • Dairy generates 43.5 percent of the state’s total agriculture activity.
  • Dairy, combining both on-farm and dairy processing, contributes $45.6 billion to industrial revenues (7.1 percent of the state total), 157,100 jobs (4.2 percent), $9.0 billion to labor income (4.5 percent) and $15.1 billion to total income (4.7 percent).
  • Dairy processing accounts for roughly two-thirds of dairy’s total contribution.
  • 90 percent of Wisconsin milk is devoted to cheesemaking while the remaining is deployed to butter, ice cream and cultured products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir.

Wisconsin’s dairy heritage dates back generations and is rooted in European traditions. Wisconsin crafts more varieties, types and styles of cheese than anywhere else on earth and holds a 48 percent share of the nation’s specialty cheese category.

To see the full report and access media assets including B Roll package with interviews, visit

Wisconsin Holstein Association Hosts 33rd Annual Futurity

Judge Mandi Bue of Freedom placed 12 outstanding young cows on Saturday, August 10 at Wisconsin State Fair Park during the first All-Breeds Futurity. Since 1987, the Wisconsin Holstein Association has hosted an annual Holstein Futurity at the Wisconsin State Fair, but this year was the first year all seven dairy breeds were eligible to show.

Taking top honors and Best Udder was Floydholm MC Emoji-ET, exhibited by Shawn and Seth Nehls of Hustisford. They took home a $1,500 check sponsored by Compeer Financial and $50 from CentralStar Cooperative.

Second and Best Bred and Owned was Milgene Defyin Jackolantern, exhibited by the Hildebrandt family from Hustisford. The Hildebrandt family was awarded $750 sponsored by International Protein Sires and the Best Bred and Owned award sponsored by Lirr Farm, the Nigh family.

Rounding out the top three and the production and combined fat and protein winner was Crestbrooke A Cabernet-ET exhibited by Kyle Natzke of Fond du Lac. Agropur sponsored the $500 third place award and Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent sponsored a prize for the production awards.

The first-place junior was Dreamfix Summer Fling exhibited by Landon and Mylie Wendorf, Dawson and Kylie Nickels, and Christian Sachse of Ixonia. They won an award sponsored by Angela Davis-Brown of Ma-Brown Holsteins and Jerseys and a cash prize sponsored by the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association.

The Nigh family of Lirr Farm also sponsored the Best Junior Bred and Owned award. This award went to Colton and Ashley Brandel of Lake Mills exhibiting Brand-New Iron Man Allis.

Although the cows are the stars of the show, the exhibitors dress their best in competition for the Best Dressed awards. The Best Dressed junior was Carly Strauss of Lake Mills, who won an award sponsored by the Barron County Junior Holstein Association. Brett Hildebrandt of Hustisford was awarded Best Dressed male and received an award from Robert and Karyn Schauf. Yvonne Preder sponsored the Best Dressed female award, which was awarded to Kayla Wright of Johnson Creek.

The night was led by the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Kevin and Peggy Coffeen of De Pere. They announced the winning cows and introduced the dignitaries that were present as well as sharing Wisconsin dairy facts with the crowd. Representing the sponsors were Jill Armbruster from Compeer Financial, Ron Sersland of International Protein Sires, and David Hitner from Agropur. Royalty from across Wisconsin also attended the event and helped present awards including Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess, Lauren Siemers; Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess Attendant, Mikayla Endres; Wisconsin Brown Swiss Queen, Natalie Roe; Alice in Dairyland, Abigail Martin; and Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs, Meghan Buechel.

The Wisconsin Holstein Association All-Breeds Futurity would not have been possible without the generous donations from our major sponsors, Compeer Financial, International Protein Sires, Agropur, and Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent. In addition, we would like to thank all of the committee members, volunteers, and additional sponsors that helped make the show a success.

We hope to see everyone at the 2020 WHA All-Breeds Futurity at next year’s Wisconsin State Fair on August 15, 2020.

Wisconsin Holstein Association is a not-for-profit membership organization with the purpose of promoting the Wisconsin Registered Holstein breed, its breeders and owners. Established in 1890, it has grown its junior and adult membership to become the second largest state Holstein association in the nation. For more information visit the WHA website at

Wisconsin’s agricultural economy grows despite the loss of small dairy farms

Wisconsin’s agricultural economy has been growing even with a steep decline in the number of dairy farms, a new report from University of Wisconsin-Madison shows.

Altogether, farms and agriculture businesses in the state generated $104.8 billion in economic activity in 2017, according to the new data released Tuesday and published once every five years.

That’s up nearly 19% from $88.3 billion in 2012, despite the loss of several thousand dairy farms, many of them small, family-run businesses.

The dairy industry contributed $45.6 billion in economic activity in 2017 — up 6% from five years earlier. Dairy processing, which includes cheesemaking, accounted for roughly two-thirds of the amount.

Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland, but there’s more produced here than milk and cheese. The state ranks first in the nation for snap beans, cranberries and ginseng. It ranks third in the nation for potatoes. 

Overall food processing, which includes dairy, vegetables, fruit, beef, pork, poultry and other products, contributed $82.7 billion to the agribusiness economy and represented the bulk of the growth over the five-year period. 

Wisconsin lost more than 2,300 dairy farms during that time. But milk production climbed steadily to a record 30 billion pounds in 2016 as farms got bigger, the number of cows stayed roughly the same, and the amount of milk per cow increased.

“The cows did not go away. They were bought up by other farms,” said Steven Deller, a UW-Madison agricultural economist and author of the report.

The American dairy industry is undergoing seismic change, and farms — especially small, family operations — are shutting down at one of the fastest rates since the Great Depression. In the first half of 2019, a total of 449 dairy farms were lost in Wisconsin alone — nearly 25% more than during the same period last year. 

The report “doesn’t soften the financial blow that many farms in Wisconsin are taking under continued depressed commodity prices,” said Heidi Johnson, interim director of the UW Extension Agriculture Institute.

The demise of farms is worrisome because they are the lifeblood of many rural communities and support food processors as well. 

“The continued weak net farm income may put the food processing industry at risk. There is a clear balancing act between ensuring a healthy farm economy while continuing to promote growth in food processing,” Deller said.

Connecticut dairy farms say they need state’s help

Connecticut dairy farmers told state lawmakers Tuesday they need the state’s help to ensure the industry remains financially healthy, given the challenges of low, federally set milk prices and expensive production costs.

Appearing at an informational meeting of legislators who represent rural parts of the state, dairy farmers said the industry must be financially viable so a new a generation of farmers will want to work the long, hard hours to provide locally grown food.

“We need your help to try and come up with a solution to make it at least profitable,” said Seth Bahler, owner of Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington. “We need to be profitable to have a next generation.”

Bahler recalled how his family’s farm, started by his great-great grandfather in 1890, was once one of 50 along what was called the “Milkiest Mile in America,” between Vernon and Somers. Today there are just two dairy farms left.

Statewide, there are less than 100 dairy farms, about 55 to 60 fewer than a decade ago.

It’s estimated that the dairy industry, including cattle, goat and sheep milk producers, contributes more than $1 billion annually to the state’s economy. And despite the decline in farms, the number of cows has remained relatively steady at 19,000, compared to roughly 20,000 in 2009.

Experts on Tuesday cited the years of low milk prices, the recent trade war with China, and the high cost of production, including expensive equipment, among the industry’s challenges.

Ned Ellis, owner of Maple Leaf Farm in Hebron, said the industry is cyclical, with periods of low milk prices lasting about three years. But that, he said, has changed, and farmers are currently in the middle of a five-year low period.

“The highs have been shorter and the lows have been longer,” he said.

Bonnie Burr, assistant director and department head with the Cooperative Extension System at the University of Connecticut, has worked on the issue of milk prices for years. She described it as a complicated federal problem that Connecticut legislators likely can do little about.

Instead, she encouraged them to enact policies that make the industry more financially stable.

“We need to know that the state of Connecticut is working with us on policy that can help us ride that fluctuating storm of federal policy,” she said.

Farmers and their advocates repeatedly called on lawmakers to protect the Community Investment Act. Funded by a recording fee on municipal land records, the program assists dairy farmers who are financially at the mercy of fluctuating milk prices. In past years, lawmakers have raided the fund to help balance the state’s budget.

Farmers also spoke of the need for trained workers and help with making expensive equipment purchases, including robotic milking machines.

Democratic state Sen. Cathy Osten of Sprague, co-chair of the rural caucus, said she hopes to work with fellow legislators to secure additional funding to help stabilize the industry.

She suggested writing a letter to Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont, seeking additional financial support for farmers in the near-term. For the long-term, she brought up the idea of enlisting her colleagues to work for a day on a Connecticut farm to get a first-hand experience of a farmer’s challenges.

Top 100 TPI® Polled Females – August 2019

1PENN-ENGLAND CANDY16164P-ETPC TR99-I840003205771171661051448243742.856.3711.71.32.17722.301.81-0.562846G
2WINSTAR 5956 ROYALTY P-ETPC99-I84000320646100361931429226752.698.3714.01.11.85732.551.05-1.222821G
3PEAK COLETTE-P-ETPC TC99-I8400032054358554797734204752.598.0714.01.91.58712.391.11-0.132787G
4TTM CRIMSON ENOUGHPC TR99-I840003201007314831182035266752.706.5712.5-0.41.30720.850.060.732783G
WINSTAR BILLY 5908 P-ETPC99-I84000320646095549116976236752.908.2715.11.61.47721.831.10-0.842783G
6TTM SS RENEGADE EMOJI-ETPC TR99-I84000320324999679971977239752.896.0712.61.31.60721.181.130.222780G
7PENN-ENGLAND CANDY 15944PPC TR99-I84000320341672043711139142752.718.1714.72.82.80732.771.680.892736G
PENN-ENGLAND CANDY16168P-ETPC TR99-I84000320577117560971205209742.904.6711.90.22.70722.661.710.792736G
9JOOK LUSTER-P 19980-ETPC TR99-I84000315176799865861808207752.687.0711.20.32.33742.451.47-0.332733G
10DENOVO ACHIEVER 7979-ETPC99-I84000314149456540110570215782.836.2743.91.81.52762.111.17-0.562720G
11TTM DYNAMO EMERALD-ETPC TR99-I84000313011256664841527200762.757.9724.61.31.36761.820.840.332718G
12AR-JOY CU DRAST APPLE-P-ETPC TR99-I84000320486543254801072165762.756.5722.11.82.70752.451.161.852716G
13TTM DYNASTY EMBLEMPC TR99-I84000320772657664981708223752.676.8713.8-0.61.66732.020.59-0.382712G
14PENN-ENGLAND CANDY15915P-ETPC RC99-I8400032034166913865525128752.746.6712.62.92.93743.431.511.592706G
15JOOK LUSTER-P 20057PC TR99-I84000320708230849871109190752.686.3712.01.22.45732.641.02-0.272705G
16TTM HUEY ENVIOUS-ETPC TR99-I84000320772658371841851196752.626.9711.90.01.77741.711.161.262704G
17PEAK COUTURE-ETPC TC99-I84000314218112263821191209772.745.8730.31.51.99762.130.73-0.252701G
18IPA GREEN FARMER 11333-ETPC TR99-NA84000320304349757891377201752.786.9712.52.21.72741.700.67-0.152693G
19SIEMERS SMPLTY ROZ 30388-ETPC RC99-I84000320012415847811645169752.778.5705.0-0.82.71743.381.62-0.332690G
20TTM LUSTER AQUAMARINEPC TR99-I84000320100729864991650218762.805.7712.2-0.12.17751.711.090.182689G
21SEAGULL-BAY ROYAL P-ETPC RC99-I84000313873591249821040180792.626.9743.60.91.91772.391.500.072687G
22TTM DYNASTY EMERYPC TR99-I84000320772658665971707226752.697.4723.8-1.01.71731.930.62-0.582684G
23RICHMOND-FD DRS JELLY-ETPC TR99-I8400032011250034392784182752.866.6713.72.61.64731.980.940.362682G
WINSTAR BILLY 5894 P-ETPC99-I840003206460941701181865269742.996.1712.6-1.31.25711.660.82-1.302682G
25SEAGULL-BAY ADELE PPC99-I84000314598026465861768203782.517.5732.3-0.21.40771.830.970.032677G
26WEIGELINE FRAZZLED 2994-ETPC TR99-I84000314608341173812745193792.697.4742.0-0.11.91771.720.920.152676G
27PENN-ENGLAND BARB15064 P-ETPC TR99-I84000314943494266681734178762.855.3722.11.92.28751.961.000.442668G
S-S-I BG 11891P 15735-P-ETPC TR99-I84000314939165959541162162762.807.4713.13.31.80752.180.380.052668G
29SIEMERS SMPLTY ROZ 30395-ETPC RC99-I84000320012416557801708183752.847.0703.30.62.06742.341.17-0.142662G
30SWISSLANE NOBLE 18565PC TR99-I84000320575644264791630196752.885.6721.81.41.93732.230.67-0.062661G
31TTM HOTSPOT ENTAIL-ETPC TR99-I84000320772656663761264183752.825.7711.20.32.28732.092.301.102660G
Z-HAPPY YODA 7281-ETPC TR99-I8400032044998885899965220752.805.9723.31.01.59731.420.020.112660G
33WINSTAR WINDFALL 4539-ETPC99-I84000314612073757871480207762.955.8721.00.82.00752.680.50-0.972659G
34SEAGULL-BAY KARAMAE PPC TR100-NA8400031387358532882488154792.868.6755.82.41.75792.581.48-0.272653G
35RICHMOND-FD LUSTER SHINE-ETPC TR99-I84000320112499247991198191752.725.5710.9-0.52.63742.771.110.402651G
36S-S-I JARED 11891 9297-ETPC TR99-I84000314785382464641598182762.787.2713.91.51.65752.030.61-0.432648G
S-S-I LA 11891P 21840-ETPC TR99-I8400031482834744773980179762.906.4713.82.91.57752.300.81-0.952648G
38PENN-ENGLAND CANDY13900P-ETPC RC99-I8400031329235684295346182802.814.574-
39Z-HAPPY PRESLEY-PP 77238-ETPC TR99-I840003204499845661221488267753.214.8711.2-0.61.58731.520.64-0.782646G
40SEAGULL-BAY REBEL P-ETPC RC99-I84000313873591457661751153792.557.0732.22.41.73772.070.220.812644G
TTM BD CRIMSON EXCLAIM-ETPC TR99-I84000320100730573901936226752.867.4714.20.01.05710.760.68-0.382644G
42S-S-I HUMBLNKD 7589 9215-ETPC TR99-I84000314785374258731526177763.047.4723.81.12.00742.291.290.082643G
43RICHMOND-FD L JANETTE-ETPC TR99-I84000320112498958941552212752.905.7712.20.71.49731.691.29-0.592642G
44BOMAZ MEGA-DUKE 98651-ETPC TR99-I8400031456987844785906196782.687.3745.11.01.53762.190.35-0.992637G
45PENN-ENGLAND BARB 16075P-ETPC TR99-I84000320577108242821253166752.666.5712.70.42.39732.741.46-0.172635G
46JOOK POLL POSITION-P-ETPC TR99-I84000314520835353731283181793.026.9755.22.01.53791.851.31-0.672634G
47TTM DYNAMO EMBARKPC TR99-I84000320772656862821507194762.716.5733.5-0.11.64751.920.640.262633G
TTM LUSTER ESMERALDA-ETPP TR99-I84000320100731553721357160752.716.2712.70.92.27742.171.140.812633G
49S-S-I JARED 11891 9298-ETPC TR99-I84000314785382560591516167762.787.0712.52.71.63751.840.38-0.212632G
50MK-VT RUBICON CAP-PPC RC100-NA8400032032110604981827194792.866.1752.20.91.90782.321.77-0.792630G
51S-S-I BG JARED 15744-ETPC TR99-I84000314939166853501376146762.607.3713.13.21.57752.11-0.01-0.372627G
52BLUMENFELD PRESLEY 6634-ETPC TR99-I84000320614490967941524240753.005.9710.5-0.81.64732.051.33-1.432626G
53SEAGULL-BAY HELIX 1245-ETPC TR100-NA84000313873580457951049216802.944.8740.31.41.49781.840.78-0.272622G
54JOOK ZIPIT-P 17751-ETPC TR99-I84000313790912163561538165782.785.8732.02.12.26771.990.480.072621G
55ARIWAMI LUST DIZZY 4281-ETPC TR99-NA84000314450797853721217164752.685.5712.01.62.02742.001.350.672620G
TTM SKYWALKER ENCOMPASS-ETPC TR99-I84000320100724465651579173762.797.1723.20.11.77732.130.950.612620G
57Z-HAPPY PRESLEY-PP 7318-ETPC TR99-I84000320449992546110645224752.865.0711.70.51.51732.10-0.07-0.482617G
58ABS ANSWER PO 6001-P-ETPC99-I84000313524600149951047190823.074.4750.81.42.20772.650.550.582615G
RICHMOND-FD L JANICE-ETPC TR99-I84000320112499159931739205752.944.5711.11.21.79721.241.01-0.282615G
60KP-ACK SIMPLICITY 726-ETPC RC99-I84000320167615052661269166752.836.7713.91.02.01732.181.93-0.332614G
61SCENERY-VIEW COBANNA-ETPC TR99-I84000320215129753106907226763.055.9722.10.81.35741.251.02-0.342611G
62Z-HAPPY PRESLEY-PP 7287-ETPP TR99-I840003204499894601011215225752.905.1711.31.01.19731.47-0.15-0.112610G
63COLDSPRINGS COPYCAT 10836PC TR99-I84000314959685165661917171762.795.772-
64S-S-I DRAST 11588 10648-TWPC TR99-NA8400032062055745186652194752.705.4712.61.31.42751.760.510.262608G
SEAGULL-BAY SLRS KAMI PPC RC99-NA8400031387359094486407197792.685.5741.11.71.41781.880.94-0.742608G
TTM PROGRESS WHIMSICAL-ETPC RC99-NA84000314914112550841443174762.926.7722.71.21.56752.001.260.322608G
67SCENERY-VIEW SIMPLI EVE-RED-ETPP TL99-I8400032021512344983899176763.005.2721.30.12.60742.512.420.722606G
68SYNERGY MOOLA FRANCPC TR99-I84000313912379253871042194762.755.5712.10.91.55751.770.890.132605G
69BADGER DELTA 10113PC TR99-I84000314994902766662062170792.936.6751.60.42.07792.391.260.352604G
70SEAGULL-BAY HELIX 1244-ETPC RC100-NA84000313873580354831349188802.954.5741.50.61.91782.501.31-0.122602G
71PENN-ENGLAND CANDY 14168-ETPC TR99-I84000314376971855651562142782.676.3741.6-0.12.91772.501.321.592601G
72JOOK TARRINO 19836PC TR99-NA84000315176785456851443193762.835.0710.41.11.62742.020.91-0.192599G
RICHMOND-FD FS SHIP-ETPC TR99-I8400031375939393897652188802.766.8742.50.11.73782.780.51-0.142599G
ROKEYROAD SMPLCTY ALTA-P-ETPC TR99-I8400031483324144687941185762.624.8721.9-0.52.00762.561.44-0.152599G
75PENN-ENGLAND BARBARA 13947PC TR100-NA84000313292361553701359169792.995.0741.72.21.99762.430.65-0.142598G
S-S-I HODEDOE 7791 9502-ETPC TR99-I84000315158905873731354207762.895.3710.60.21.79731.660.950.282598G
77SEAGULL-BAY HELIX 1250-ETSPC TR100-NA84000313873580946811096174792.755.5741.01.21.67812.540.83-0.122597G
78APRILDAY WEBSTER MENTHOL-ETPC RC99-NA84000320703120461641349179752.724.6711.1-1.12.71733.141.45-0.282596G
REGAN-DANHOF DELTA ONALEEPC TR99-I84000314145314347821466169792.925.4751.20.22.47782.641.970.002596G
80APRILDAY WINFRED MISTERYPC RC99-NA84000320703124759721172189752.674.971-0.3-1.22.47732.671.64-0.302592G
TTM-LFD RESOLVE MARIGOLD-ETPC RC99-I84000314914115563611795167752.936.9722.11.41.91732.120.980.052592G
82Z-HAPPY PRESLEY-PP 7232-ETPC TR99-I840003204499839631011688225753.025.4712.6-0.81.40731.640.77-0.382589G
83TTM HUEY EDNA-ETPC TR99-I84000320772658966862013197752.666.1710.6-1.21.57741.581.260.372588G
84COLDSPRINGS HONDA 11407-ETPC TR100-NA84000320304357150971193203752.824.2711.2-1.32.43742.771.32-0.272585G
85SCENERY-VIEW CRICKET-ETPC RC100-NA840003145681177611081269231793.202.974-
SEAGULL-BAY DELTA 1277PC TR99-I84000313873583654721361185792.846.3752.10.51.83782.590.84-1.012584G
87S-S-I HODEDOE 7791 9562-ETPC TR99-I84000315158911864681380173762.965.172-
88TTM-LFD EPILOGUE VISIONPC TR99-I84000320100728163481578162762.667.8713.20.91.29742.330.33-0.612579G
89SEAGULL-BAY RUBICON 1218-ETPC RC100-NA84000313873577749103855204802.805.4752.5-0.11.48790.911.250.592576G
90TTM RESOLVE MAGNETIC-ETPC TR99-I84000314626582561781511190762.845.2720.40.81.55751.801.190.072575G
Z-HAPPY YODA 7278-ETPC TR99-I84000320449988557831578188752.765.7712.00.01.70732.08-0.17-0.032575G
92BOMAZ SKYWALKER 99283-ETPC TR99-I84000314914283152571351150762.907.0723.12.41.25732.001.13-0.042574G
JOOK LUSTER-P 20060-ETPC TR99-I8400032070823114462704152752.795.5711.61.62.29742.681.72-0.022574G
94ABS TARZAN-P 5856-P-ETPC99-I8400031352458564786769187822.965.8742.01.61.86761.930.54-0.012572G
BLUMENFELD ACHIEVER 6405PC TR99-NA84000320257272648931225195772.974.8732.10.51.58742.161.14-0.392572G
RI-VAL-RE FRAZZLED 17179-ETPC TR99-I84000315088757346801006177782.637.6734.61.90.35771.410.65-0.302572G
97SEAGULL-BAY HELIX 1251-ETSPC TR100-NA84000313873581044801053169802.755.5741.01.21.60782.450.73-0.042571G
98CHERRY-LILY TARRINO 7163PC TR99-NA84000320449864552671421168762.964.8711.31.42.14742.421.10-0.632568G
99TTM FRAZZLED 4354-ETPC TR99-I84000314562373267792174188792.596.8742.8-0.50.93771.310.290.262566G
100S-S-I HUMBLNKD 7631 9212-ETPC TR99-I84000314785373950601070158762.866.1723.6-0.42.56752.871.69-0.282565G
TTM SPLENDID ENDURE-ETPC RC99-I84000313865219869862106210762.884.9732.2-1.51.74752.250.08-0.362565G

High Ranking DWP$ Genomic Young Females Over 24 months – August 2019

Registration NumberNameDate of BirthSire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%MilkMilk Rel.SCSPLLivDPRUDCFLCBWCDSBMast RelWT$CW$DWP$
840003141559942NO-FLA ROWDY CAILA 45848-ET20170109ABS ROWDY-ET810.0279-0.052485812.757.
840003138735879SEAGULL-BAY AN ALEXANDRA-ET20170606TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ET680.03860.051921782.658.
840003139334342LARS-ACRES MISS AMERICA20170312ABS RAIDEN-ET56-0.01920.071899812.676.
840003138735893SEAGULL-BAY FRZLD ANNIE-ET20170618MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET590.00780.021974792.657.44.6-1.61.781.37-0.513.546197761168
840003148933769DAYSTAR MODESTY 497020170612BACON-HILL PETY MODESTY-ET360.04940.22842813.055.93.7-0.70.98-0.04-1.622.951342431168
840003141562812MELARRY FRAZZLD FANDANGO-ET20170413MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET700.051150.161813792.597.12.9-
840003143627445NO-FLA TOPSHOT HEART 4726420170722BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET490.06770.131082792.518.
840003141562752MELARRY FRAZZLED FAIRY-ET20170310MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET640.04880.081746792.657.
840003143278955DOUBLE-EAGLE FRAZZLE ASH-ET20170318MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET660.02790.021933802.467.
840003139334381LARS-ACRES FRAZZLED NBC-ET20170323MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET520.091070.26902812.696.43.4-1.41.701.040.304.550185641143
840003142198992SIMPLE-DREAMS 298 F2945-ET20170719MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET550.04810.101435792.667.
840003142181389PEAK HAWAII POLISH 60825-ET20170516PEAK ALTAPOLISH-ET440.13870.28316802.706.
840003136308783S-S-I HOR 11513 3299-ET20170511PRIDE SPARK TRUMP 284-ET660.0269-0.011941802.776.
840003138923202LEANINGHOUSE FRZLD 23493-ET20170729MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET520.06850.141192792.556.72.8-
840003139068294NO-FLA RAGEN DEVIN 45730-ET20161228FAIRMONT STOIC RAGEN-ET640.03800.041854822.775.
840003141691528T-SPRUCE HELIX 10729-ET20170301AOT SILVER HELIX-ET760.05920.061973792.646.
840003141559974NO-FLA RAIDEN KATY 45880-ET20170113ABS RAIDEN-ET670.01900.042139792.666.72.9-0.41.400.81-1.144.55416841120
840003143627047NO-FLA RAIDEN GRETEL 4686620170529ABS RAIDEN-ET590.031020.141670812.626.
840003141657475BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 5663-ET20170225MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET600.02830.061770812.568.
840003141562811MELARRY FRAZZLED 2947-ET20170412MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET540.04770.091406792.496.83.1-0.61.951.301.214.652240481115
840003143407572MELARRY FRAZZLED ALLURE-ET20170522MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET660.0364-0.021890792.588.
840003141560139NO-FLA RAIDEN LYNSIE 4604520170130ABS RAIDEN-ET63-0.0258-0.092261812.488.
840003139333781LARS-ACRES R TAFFYROLL-ET20161019ABS RAIDEN-ET550.02880.101615812.877.54.5-
840003140500267BUSH-BROS DELCO 1429-ET20170220MR OAK DELCO 57279-ET58-0.02760.002050812.637.63.8-0.41.961.09-2.033.258177141111
840003141560807NO-FLA RAIDEN DOLLY 4671320170507ABS RAIDEN-ET52-0.01730.021772792.656.
840003143627233NO-FLA RAGEN SELMA 47052-ET20170626FAIRMONT STOIC RAGEN-ET690.03760.011945812.715.
840003141558958BUSH-BROS BURLEY 6125-ET20170420PINE-TREE BURLEY-ET640.04840.071679802.795.
840003135145113FINGER MILLINGTON 519720160711DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ET470.06890.19975822.616.73.0-
840003141560598NO-FLA ROWDY SUNNY 46504-ET20170403ABS ROWDY-ET700.0277-0.012127812.637.93.7-0.50.610.51-0.644.051136611098
840003138735890SEAGULL-BAY MATTERS 1331-ET20170616TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ET660.03850.051887782.727.
840003134652469BLUMENFELD 4292 FRA 5310-ET20160415OCD RODGERS FRANCHISE-ET280.04590.14544832.588.
840003143104793WELCOME FRAZZLED PEYTON-ET20170430MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET500.02800.091475812.657.93.7-
840003138735892SEAGULL-BAY FRAZZ 1333-ET20170618MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET580.01750.021838802.527.23.4-0.11.801.230.165.049171661095
840003132919364MCNALLAN PILEDRIVER 714120170428CO-OP TROY PILEDRIVER-ET710.00850.002288812.784.90.8-1.51.811.24-0.095.149190421091
840003143627343NO-FLA FRAZZLED 47162-ET20170709MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET630.02690.001878792.687.63.6-0.71.370.27-0.383.052170571091
840003130798474BUSH-BROS SKYFALL 5897-ET20161010DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ET650.03910.071876812.777.
840003146056125WINSTAR FRAZZLD 4334-ET20170729MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET700.00960.032332782.627.51.8-1.41.690.25-1.034.75386211090
840003139490513S-S-I FRAZZLD 10973 8242-ET20170318MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET51-0.01930.091801812.658.04.9-0.50.880.62-0.094.049120771090
840003137908747JOOK DELCO 1737720161211MR OAK DELCO 57279-ET620.031050.141772812.895.13.2-
840003141562677MELARRY FRAZZLED AMARA-ET20161227MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET480.02870.121401822.587.
840003141561030PINE-TREE SSI 9839 3412-ET20170613SYRYCZUK SILVR BLOWTORCH-ET620.07980.161410792.767.03.7-0.11.981.62-0.645.15196241083
840003141725832SIMPLE-DREAMS 31466D2627-ET20170116MR OAK DELCO 57279-ET440.08780.19678792.627.
840003131992830LEANINGHOUSE DELTA 22086-ET20160109MR MOGUL DELTA 1427-ET430.08800.20694822.828.
840003127411424BLUMENFELD RUBICON 485220150112EDG RUBICON-ET440.091060.30626862.497.
840003138735878SEAGULL-BAY ANNABELLE-ET20170605ABS ACHIEVER-ET520.07960.201078772.746.
840003132116848PINE-TREE SUSANNA-ET20160213S-S-I PARTYROCK PROFIT-ET640.0256-0.061951832.728.
840003143185146TTM ACHIEVER BOUNCE-ET20170711ABS ACHIEVER-ET490.04830.131272772.747.
840003143104738WELCOME FRAZZLED PIETTE-ET20170325MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET580.01720.021773812.667.63.0-1.22.451.030.134.143152761077
840003146056123TERRALINDARF FRZLD 4332-ET20170728MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET56-0.01780.031899782.595.71.4-2.22.381.090.274.452194731077
840003130798475BUSH-BROS DELCO 5898-ET20161011MR OAK DELCO 57279-ET500.01710.041571812.706.
840003141562826MELARRY FRAZZLED 2962-ET20170427MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET540.03980.151508792.607.33.6-
840003137593895RICHMOND-FD CARLINO BO20161117BO-IRISH MRICE CARLINO-ET240.05790.25321812.596.
840003139851878PEAK MARQ SHERO T295-ET20161128ENDCO SUPERHERO-ET390.10790.23411822.717.
840003136246889ST HOLYLND RESPNSIBILTY-ET20170504T-SPRUCE SS FISCAL 408-ET54-0.0262-0.041979782.586.33.5-0.82.390.980.964.751232691073
840003142046480BROCKSHUS DELCO 1702120170125MR OAK DELCO 57279-ET490.08780.16905802.736.
840003139490474S-S-I JAGUAR 9723 8203-ET20170303PLAIN-KNOLL S-S-I JAGUAR-ET530.04720.071390792.648.24.5-0.21.971.590.563.352186151070
840003132116834PINE-TREE 465 PROFI 6982-ET20160130S-S-I PARTYROCK PROFIT-ET700.07610.001653832.666.54.1-1.21.420.77-0.364.25624651070
840003136823165TRAMILDA MODESTY ELECTRA-ET20161124BACON-HILL PETY MODESTY-ET360.04890.21803812.816.64.8-
840003143185118TTM CHARLEY EXQUISITE-ET20170520DG CHARLEY770.0573-0.022087802.825.41.6-
840003141691464T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED 10665-ET20170207MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET55-0.01790.031883792.478.
840003139798504TRIPLECROWN-JB FRZ 31107-ET20170402MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET640.031030.121821792.597.43.0-0.61.771.060.154.35132561068
840003141562737MELARRY FRAZZLED 2873-ET20170301MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET510.03750.081405792.748.
840003129438587END-ROAD HUTTON 2207-ET20160113DOUBLE-EAGLE TANG HUTTON-ET450.041090.241128822.735.
840003141562734MELARRY FRAZZLED FLAMER-ET20170301MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET710.02920.052108782.726.12.2-2.51.320.50-0.294.649112521065
USA000074024629PINE-TREE 5965 JOSU 6707-ET20150427UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET500.00850.081659822.586.53.8-0.41.500.40-0.134.755195361063
840003138515850ARIWAMI MATT DIZZY 3970-ET20170715TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ET720.04930.071988782.845.71.2-0.31.671.69-0.185.449145-11062
840003141560753NO-FLA ROWDY KAYLI 46659-ET20170427ABS ROWDY-ET590.01770.031808822.557.
840003141558872BUSH-BROS HELIX 6039-ET20170216AOT SILVER HELIX-ET660.041180.171824792.815.
840003143627376NO-FLA FISCAL AMY 47195-ET20170713T-SPRUCE SS FISCAL 408-ET630.05900.111575792.545.93.5-0.60.420.730.663.94820621061
840003128030695WILLIAMS RADIUS 2060120170303BLUMENFELD CATLYS RADIUS-ET200.04740.23308772.617.14.92.2-0.320.03-2.574.450348311060
840003137145020APRILDAY HELIX TABLAS-ET20170719AOT SILVER HELIX-ET560.031010.151525792.665.
840003140500263BUSH-BROS DELCO 1425-ET20170207MR OAK DELCO 57279-ET630.01980.082000812.896.33.7-
840003138652202TTM ACHIEVER SNAZZY-ET20170701ABS ACHIEVER-ET450.01970.151421772.727.
840003141560556NO-FLA TOPSHOT RAY 46462-ET20170328BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET600.03710.031663812.707.
840003132991779G-DERUYTER RUBICON 50402-ET20160525EDG RUBICON-ET440.05900.19982812.607.
840003139490509S-S-I FRAZZLD 10973 8238-ET20170317MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET650.00940.052158812.627.22.3-1.41.730.740.324.45277501058
840003139067748NO-FLA ROWDY KORTNEE 4518420161101ABS ROWDY-ET71-0.0476-0.082683812.697.
840003141399074SYNERGY MAGNUS DIMPLE-ET20170218WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ET800.0577-0.022191792.965.52.1-2.22.320.29-0.726.847140401056
840003141558934BUSH-BROS FRAZZLED 6101-ET20170327MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET590.02750.031766802.537.22.4-0.71.721.291.233.749154601056
840003139490567RONELEE SSI DANCER 8296-ET20170418TRIPLECROWN GATEDANCER-ET760.06800.031891792.815.40.9-1.62.650.70-1.104.746108381055
840003143407573MELARRY FRAZZLED DUSK-ET20170527MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET570.05850.121392792.587.03.4-1.01.88-0.30-0.514.14717381055
840003131415713FINGER VERONA 5475-ET20170501PINE-TREE VERONA-ET560.091000.221041802.695.82.7-
840003142198997SIMPLE-DREAMS 298 F2950-ET20170722MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET630.03880.071816792.707.82.5-
840003143721867S-S-I FRAZZLED 7275 8504-ET20170707MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET730.04850.032017782.676.12.0-1.71.340.37-0.524.65187731053
840003138393943ROSYLANE-LLC KERIGN10775-ET20170119WESTCOAST KERRIGAN-ET740.01920.022312812.746.93.4-0.41.620.330.265.15068341053
840003132826677MS WORMONT RUBICON LYNN-ET20160116EDG RUBICON-ET470.08920.22809782.667.
840003143721848S-S-I JAGUAR 7206 8485-ET20170614PLAIN-KNOLL S-S-I JAGUAR-ET640.08860.131330772.756.21.9-
840003137909300JOOK FRAZZLED 17930-ET20170724MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET610.0069-0.022035792.746.62.7-
840003138735696SEAGULL-BAY RAGEN 1137-ET20161108FAIRMONT STOIC RAGEN-ET600.09830.141137802.644.91.7-0.70.571.140.394.35226171051
840003137915512JENNITON HELIX JAMIE-ET20170504AOT SILVER HELIX-ET750.021150.102318792.954.50.0-0.11.451.480.475.35261251050
840003139490508S-S-I FRAZZLD 10973 8237-ET20170316MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET570.011060.131816812.746.82.8-1.21.781.480.603.95133821049
840003143104852WELCOME FRAZZLED LORELLE-ET20170618MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET670.00840.012159812.686.51.7-
840003136308714S-S-I HOR 11490 3230-ET20170203MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET470.04780.121215822.497.
840003130798564BUSH-BROS SKYFALL 5987-ET20170102DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ET440.04820.151076812.577.
USA000144211830SCHOENE-KUH ROBSON REBA-ET20170621BOMAZ ALTAROBSON-ET600.03690.031649782.747.
840003142181555PEAK LUXURY ROBSN 80491-ET20170519BOMAZ ALTAROBSON-ET560.06920.161266782.776.32.8-
840003134511902GRANSKOG-ACRES JETT20170317MIDAS-TOUCH JACY PAGEONE-ET330.05600.13625812.517.
840003141560044NO-FLA ROWDY JULISSA 4595020170119ABS ROWDY-ET560.06950.171249812.796.
840003143627448NO-FLA RAGEN JULIE 47267-ET20170723FAIRMONT STOIC RAGEN-ET690.00850.002299792.775.
840003143013371SIMPLE-DREAMS 4825 F2757-ET20170726MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET610.001080.121967792.596.22.3-2.41.721.120.213.14826681044
840003141691533T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED 10734-ET20170302MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET700.01890.022227792.586.12.0-0.51.430.00-0.274.25493281044
840003142041190MS DG-TM ACHIEVER BOOM-ET20170704ABS ACHIEVER-ET510.101090.28802772.607.

High Ranking DWP$ Genomic Young Females 6-24 months – August 2019

Registration NumberNameDate of BirthSire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%MilkMilk Rel.SCSPLLivDPRUDCFLCBWCDSBMast Rel.WT$CW$DWP$
840003200059656S-S-I MOOLA 12266-ET20181101MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET600.03760.051690762.449.
840003136309285HORSENS S-S-I 3192 3801-ET20181018FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET660.061090.171606762.578.13.2-1.01.891.84-0.173.948225561333
840003136309296HORSENS S-S-I 3192 3812-ET20181025FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET780.031030.072242762.588.33.6-0.51.631.08-0.583.145185351326
840003149794835PINE-TREE 7033 FRAZZ 414-ET20180615MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET720.04880.051946792.558.
840003202794542S-S-I SOLUTION 10091-ET20181202FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET700.02940.062077752.598.84.2-
840003202794524S-S-I HUEY 8229 10073-ET20181116T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET560.07910.171150762.5910.
840003201996609LARS-ACRES FUT SHOWME-ET20190130MELARRY FRAZZLED FUTURE-ET680.0370-0.011988752.529.
840003150607016HOLLERMANN ROLAN 1137-ET20180810PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET640.031110.141860762.757.74.0-0.51.751.40-0.442.748217261290
840003136309286HORSENS S-S-I 3192 3802-ET20181025FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET660.05970.121668762.617.93.6-1.01.731.54-0.434.247249371288
840003201996437LARS-ACRES SOLUTION NHL-ET20181224FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET590.011060.131824762.657.23.8-
840003203203668SDG 2627 FRAZZLED 3158-ET20190104MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET620.06990.161469782.458.46.0-0.31.330.360.413.349217611276
840003201857818HOLYLAND HAZ IT ALL 3575-ET20181126MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET600.00840.041928782.547.93.9-0.51.740.71-0.133.447273611273
840003151787922BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 6384-ET20180918MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET530.07820.151100782.3810.
840003204120697BOADWINE TOPSHOT 1667220181210BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET670.10830.121295762.547.
840003201996509LARS-ACRES SOLUTION TAFETTA20190105FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET640.02880.061888762.787.74.0-0.82.311.79-1.182.941191771263
840003199685176SDG 2627 FRZZLD 3075-ET20180916MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET630.04980.131668782.409.
840003149699093GOLD-N-OAKS ACHIEVER 342220180212ABS ACHIEVER-ET510.08920.21905772.598.
840003151400746FUSTEAD HUEY JOJO-ET20181204T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET510.051060.211239762.467.52.7-0.72.302.430.794.348252431255
840003139800326HOLLERMANN FRAZZLED 1000-ET20180319MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET610.06770.081427792.4910.
840003199685188SDG 2577 ACHVR 3087-ET20180929ABS ACHIEVER-ET630.031070.151751762.757.
840003151787872BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 6334-ET20180818MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET500.051090.241134792.457.
840003151040314TTM SAMSUNG AZALEA-ET20180816HIGHERRANSOM SAMSUNG-ET720.071140.181702762.897.
840003146447560JENNITON MONTOYA LEONA-ET20181203PEAK ALTAMONTOYA-ET760.071050.131810762.646.01.6-
840003139800260HOLLERMANN FRAZZLED 934Y-ET20171016MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET550.00850.061823792.467.64.3-0.91.370.180.753.648280731231
840003201471865T-SPRUCE SEAMUS 12899-ET20190106S-S-I LA SYRACUSE SEAMUS-ET610.05990.151508752.498.
840003142949704DAYSTAR MEDLEY 548820181013ABS MEDLEY-ET560.08540.041121762.678.
840003148934400MELARRY RIO 3351-ET20180619OCD FRANCHISE RIO-ET630.04780.051676762.637.
USA000144688122DEWGOOD 708 JENNY-ET20181111MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET600.06970.161390782.657.75.3-0.81.580.72-0.304.246201591224
840003147989585ARIZONA FRAZZLED FAITH-ET20181213MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET470.06890.19959782.478.
840003203692776BGP SLF ROLAN 18141-ET20190111PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET640.01870.041986752.757.12.7-0.41.910.63-1.224.146206641214
840003151787916BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 637820180914MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET580.051100.201406792.447.
840003202765306HILMAR SOLUTION 1576520190105FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.051080.191481762.756.23.1-
840003200059791MELARRY SSI FNDNGO 12301-ET20181122COOKIECUTTER LGND HUSKY-ET580.04940.131545752.598.54.0-0.51.541.06-0.385.245236341210
840003150606995MELARRY MEDLEY 1116-ET20180629ABS MEDLEY-ET740.0074-0.052401762.648.
840003202789566DINOMI MEDLEY NELL 1226920181205ABS MEDLEY-ET450.02700.081295762.548.
840003202794541S-S-I SOLUTION 10090-ET20181125FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET780.031110.092277752.716.82.7-1.11.761.11-0.404.250132121209
840003200059599S-S-I 8714 12261-ET20181019FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET680.01890.032116742.697.93.3-0.41.761.61-0.683.541149601208
840003201996120LARS-ACRES SSI 22178-ET20181003FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET630.04800.061699762.658.44.5-
USA000144713695DEWGOOD 720 J CRINGLE-ET20190125ABS CRIMSON-ET770.071110.141908762.727.64.5-1.71.690.96-0.554.745112101204
840003201471626T-SPRUCE NUGENT 12660-ET20181011S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET790.051020.072162762.666.72.8-0.91.790.88-0.485.045130361203
840003201124940RICHMOND-FD J SANDUSKY-ET20181022HIGHERRANSOM SAMSUNG-ET510.08800.16913762.708.
840003146997807MELARRY FRAZZLED CALLY-ET20180115MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET660.041050.131776792.607.53.0-0.91.411.190.305.052165581196
840003204499748T-SPRUCE RAPTOR 7141-ET20190107PROGENESIS MODEST RAPTOR465-ET670.05830.061775752.816.53.6-0.31.721.280.072.447226471194
840003202789592DINOMI SOLUTION MARY-ET20181228FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET510.051160.251234762.757.54.8-
840003151787895BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 6357-ET20180831MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET59-0.01780.011997782.529.14.1-
840003149794827PINE-TREE 7033 FRZLD 406-ET20180608MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET510.04640.061296792.318.
840003202572736BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 6415-ET20181011MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET630.09890.151241792.588.
840003201471904T-SPRUCE CRIMSON 12938-ET20190116ABS CRIMSON-ET600.061160.221446752.688.
840003151004128LEANINGHOUSE ACHVR 26459-ET20181120ABS ACHIEVER-ET610.061000.161481762.507.
840003200059856PLAIN-KNOLL S-S-I 12328-ET20181218COOKIECUTTER LGND HUSKY-ET570.01920.091804762.578.
840003202794566S-S-I DELUX 8450 10115-ET20181208S-S-I BG SUPERHRO DELUXE-ET670.07620.021504752.518.
840003201996592LARS-ACRES SSI 22650-P-ET20190126S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET640.02940.081931752.697.74.3-0.41.581.08-0.214.349133821188
840003203203652SDG 2627 FRAZZLED 3142-ET20181208MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET580.071040.201270782.467.94.9-1.21.790.65-0.365.150133801186
840003204988479TERRALINDA-L CRMSN 10227-ET20190124ABS CRIMSON-ET540.02970.131588762.858.
840003202794467S-S-I SOLUTON 8019 10016-ET20181030FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET610.00790.012013762.607.13.8-0.81.571.20-0.283.734220671185
840003200059827MELARRY SSI FNDNGO 12305-ET20181207COOKIECUTTER LGND HUSKY-ET570.01890.081774752.479.
840003145369313LEANINGHOUSE FRZLD 23814-ET20170824MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET530.00810.051773792.728.
840003199893231BGP RESOLVE DEBRA-ET20180404BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ET620.08920.161276762.598.
840003204499749Z-HAPPY FRAZZLED 7142-ET20190108MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET430.03810.141127782.409.
840003205251397S-S-I BG 11864 16047-ET20190116MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET550.051010.181339752.547.
840003143805558LARS-ACRES FRAZZLE TEMPTING20171213MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET560.031000.151536792.528.14.1-0.41.530.57-0.054.050166641179
840003200059657MELARRY NUGENT FAV-ET20181023S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET690.031090.122019752.656.82.1-1.81.971.360.103.748158101179
840003201003980Z-HAPPY DELROY 6887-ET20180817S-S-I BG DUKE DELROY-ET530.09670.12933762.688.
840003139800309HOLLERMANN FRAZZLED 983Y20180315MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET620.03840.071708782.479.
840003201497131WELCOME-TEL TAHITI HUMA-ET20190107DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET590.08940.181187752.567.
840003204943539PZ-DANGIE FRAZZLED 2481620190126MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET550.03850.101544792.568.
840003149154598BUSH-BROS FRAZZLED 674120180828MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET750.01870.002338792.676.33.2-
840003202572883BLUMENFELD SKYWALKR 6562-ET20190124BOMAZ SKYWALKER-ET570.07720.101211762.557.
840003139887745MELARRY SOLUTION WONDER-ET20190107FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET670.011090.102107752.697.22.9-1.62.341.34-1.003.13571421176
840003201899076PINE-TREE NH FRZ 1218-ET20190107MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET600.03950.111669792.617.94.3-0.41.660.28-0.164.548152741176
840003139887756MELARRY RENEGADE 1934-ET20190130S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET710.091050.171523742.597.
840003202572737BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 6416-ET20181011MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET650.07880.121443782.609.23.7-0.32.361.51-0.115.251148301175
840003201497040WELCOME HUEY KELLIS-ET20181125T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET650.051060.151704762.707.22.9-
840003139887752MELARRY MOOLA ROBIN-ET20190122MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET610.081150.241272752.587.
840003201996587LARS-ACRES SOLUT DRUNK-ET20190124FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET480.03840.121316762.517.
840003202572827BLUMENFELD GRAHAM 650620181222BLUMENFELD MAGNUS 5492-ET570.10930.20970762.697.53.7-0.21.750.90-1.725.544203371172
840003149645171MOOODY-SD NIXER 4772120181116PEAK ALTANIXER-ET520.06890.171140782.608.
840003150607011HOLLERMANN ROLAN 1132-ET20180808PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET540.101130.29848762.766.
840003203203665SDG 2685 ACHIEVER 3155-ET20190102ABS ACHIEVER-ET550.051040.191324762.707.
840003151004123LEANINGHOUSE ACHVR 26454-ET20181118ABS ACHIEVER-ET540.061010.191256762.727.
840003148283354LARS-ACRES SSI 21720-ET20180626MELARRY DUKE FIREBOMB-ET570.04990.151524762.767.
840003202794507S-S-I HUEY 8223 10056-ET20181110T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET530.05960.181234752.599.
840003146997850MELARRY DELROY AGLOW-ET20180422S-S-I BG DUKE DELROY-ET490.071020.24948762.907.
840003201497165WELCOME RIVETING 7119-ET20190128S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET610.04900.101632762.747.
840003150607001MELARRY MEDLEY 1122-ET20180705ABS MEDLEY-ET770.05840.032059762.617.
840003201471880T-SPRUCE CRIMSON 12914-ET20190111ABS CRIMSON-ET610.091210.271203752.786.
840003151767663JOOK FRAZZLED 19645-ET20190106MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET67-0.02870.002369782.728.
840003148092625BLUMENFELD FRAZZLED 619920180424MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET510.04800.111297792.498.
840003202794696S-S-I RENEGAD 8238 10245-ET20190119S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET730.04990.082058752.617.
840003205428571MELARRY NUGENT FORWARD-ET20190120S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET640.051240.221638752.687.02.9-2.11.811.040.224.54594461165
840003149391657BADGER SSI CASPER 15733-ET20180405CLAYNOOK CASPER-ET420.11800.24415762.676.
840003201615206EASTVIEW FRZZLD FLIRT LL-ET20180731MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET550.01710.031706792.569.
840003149644949MOOODY-SD TOPSHOT 4749920181015BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET770.03910.022247782.716.82.7-0.51.600.56-0.925.449129531163
840003205428578MELARRY NUGENT FROSTY-ET20190120S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET740.091300.251603752.696.92.2-1.11.311.34-0.054.04546231162
840003151592458K-STAR FRAZZLED HOUSTON20180925MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET76-0.011100.052587782.725.91.6-
840003149645283MOOODY-SD CHAIRMAN 4783320181204ST GEN DIRECTOR CHAIRMAN-ET430.09700.17603762.618.
840003145208492JOOK FRAZZLED 1852520180118MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET61-0.0279-0.012188792.477.83.3-
840003200654598CRAVE ACHIEVER 1203720190119ABS ACHIEVER-ET500.011030.151576762.686.53.9-0.20.830.56-1.193.847200401161
840003145369315LEANINGHOUSE FRZLD 23816-ET20170825MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET530.03750.071502792.429.14.4-
840003201471922T-SPRUCE ROLAN 12956-ET20190121PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET490.02990.161468752.657.

High Ranking DWP$ Genomic Young Females Under 6 months – August 2019

Registration NumberNameDate of BirthSire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%MilkMilk Rel.SCSPLLivDPRUDCFLCBWCDSBMast RelWT$CW$DWP$
840003205756462BGP SLF SOLUTION 18585-ET20190615FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.04900.111544762.529.25.3-0.42.811.44-0.743.145313661422
CAN000013203510CEDARWAL SOLUTION RAZZLE-ET20190217FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.051140.151905752.717.
840003207537991SDG 2758 ACHIEVER 6718-ET20190618ABS ACHIEVER-ET580.011140.161848762.807.65.5-0.41.521.04-1.464.644255701364
840003136309382HORSENS S-S-I 3299 3898-ET20190205FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.01950.032297752.726.93.2-1.11.691.15-0.873.340278721359
840003206205662S-S-I ZAREK 7672 10736-ET20190601PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET540.04860.111439742.469.
840003205638824T-SPRUCE LEGACY 13359-ET20190518PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET690.071090.171628752.488.
840003206145048BLUMENFELD CABOT 6773-ET20190610BOMAZ ALTACABOT-ET500.081050.26875762.478.
840003206457647BGP SOLUTION ANISSA 800-ET20190612FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET560.041070.191423762.728.
840003208823621S-S-I AZTEC 10818-ET20190618PEAK AZTEC-ET700.06990.121762752.559.14.7-
840003206205536S-S-I ROME 8776 10610-ET20190506DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET730.07980.121736752.688.
840003201007314TTM CRIMSON ENOUGH20190410ABS CRIMSON-ET830.071180.152035752.706.52.5-0.90.850.060.732.344202221292
840003206205526S-S-I LEGACY 8714 10600-ET20190504PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET750.06980.101893752.548.
840003207082263JOOK MOOLA 2001220190610MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET520.01800.071631752.429.
840003205756459BGP SLF SOLUTION 18582-ET20190615FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET670.02990.082026762.667.33.1-
840003151767970JOOK MOOLA 19952-ET20190510MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET510.07930.191037752.348.
840003206457684BGP SOLUTION PHONTAS 837-ET20190628FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET590.02960.111738762.767.13.7-1.02.532.01-0.773.442231681284
840003201007288TTM KENOBI SNAPPLE-ET20190218DE-SU 14222 KENOBI-ET590.061120.221341752.708.
840003205756356BGP SLF MOOLA 18479-ET20190509MELARRY FRAZZLED MOOLA-ET600.041030.151608762.568.
840003201996772LARS-ACRES DELROY TOOTS20190308S-S-I BG DUKE DELROY-ET610.091110.241131762.717.63.8-
840003201497295WELCOME LEGACY GAYE-ET20190508PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET720.071150.181695752.589.24.3-0.81.381.13-0.694.349127371275
840003206248947HILMAR ROME 16078-ET20190420DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET600.041150.201582752.658.
840003150675396PINE-TREE 7829 LAWS 8324-ET20190328PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET580.141090.31630742.619.
840003205769183SDG 2757 CRIMSON 3201-ET20190222ABS CRIMSON-ET670.031230.171949752.618.44.7-0.21.371.400.113.24478701268
840003150675383PINE-TREE 7739 LEGA 8311-ET20190313PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.09810.131192752.429.
840003206249052HILMAR-D ROME 16183-ET20190528DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET510.081140.28928752.507.
840003205251486HORSENS S-S-I 3192 16136-ET20190318A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET780.071290.201932762.766.93.6-2.11.520.38-1.553.93991481267
840003152018793SDG 5815 JOSUPER 833-ET20190404UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET820.021060.052477782.667.22.2-1.31.510.740.703.952172441266
840003206205681S-S-I ZAREK 7672 10755-ET20190604PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET620.04840.071688742.597.
840003205251589BADGER S-S-I 15534 16239-ET20190513PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET760.031040.082179752.548.83.0-0.32.330.56-0.755.047114481263
840003145792602WILRA ROME 1677-ET20190205DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET580.05980.151467752.489.
840003208823624WILRA SSI SOLUTION 10821-ET20190507FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET470.051040.221114752.648.
840003205251426HORSENS S-S-I 3103 16076-ET20190205DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET600.051020.171470762.549.
840003205756467BGP SLF HUEY 18590-ET20190617T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET530.03980.161435752.637.
840003201996693LARS-ACRES SOL NEW FLAME-ET20190221FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET710.051280.211834762.706.01.9-2.61.791.861.413.045177401259
840003205756427BGP SLF SOLUTION 18550-ET20190603FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET570.021170.191702762.617.72.2-
840003145444941HOUIN S-S-I 16 350-ET20190610A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET710.021220.142159752.706.72.3-
840003139887807MELARRY RENEGADE 1985-ET20190504S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET710.061170.171807752.686.
840003203116351BGP NOBLE CORAL 646-TW-ET20190316MR SPRING NOBLE-ET480.06830.161019762.478.
840003203116357BGP NOBLE ANISSA 652-ET20190318MR SPRING NOBLE-ET530.021000.151515762.658.
840003206963385SYNERGY LEGACY PRODIGY-ET20190428PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET810.011050.032544762.658.01.8-
840003206205443S-S-I LEGACY 8706 10517-ET20190411PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.09890.141356752.559.
840003205251627BADGER SSI SOLUTN 16277-ET20190601FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET690.03990.091992742.587.61.1-1.71.581.060.123.245197711248
840003205756431BGP SLF SOLUTION 18554-ET20190605FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET640.021080.131878762.826.52.3-1.82.971.58-0.903.747156741248
840003207537995SDG 2692 SOLUTION 6722-ET20190620FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET420.04840.161052752.568.
840003205768345LARS-ACRES SSI 23163-ET20190527MR SPRING NOBLE-ET560.04730.061470752.369.
840003206205464S-S-I LEGACY 10538-ET20190415PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET710.10870.121432752.519.
840003206145061BLUMENFELD MERRIMAC 6786-ET20190621NO-FLA MERRIMAC-ET600.07840.121334752.6010.
840003205646692SDG-PH 5707 MEDLEY 6577-ET20190307ABS MEDLEY-ET640.04930.111685752.707.13.3-0.41.641.720.374.148263361243
840003205704001WINSTAR SSI LEGACY 12442-ET20190419PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET560.051120.211399752.479.
840003201497247WELCOME RIVETING KRANE20190324S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET540.04750.081373772.527.
840003206144998BLUMENFELD MEDLEY 672320190426ABS MEDLEY-ET570.04710.051490762.678.
840003205756446BGP SLF SOLUTION 18569-ET20190611FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.03870.091675762.677.
840003205638611T-SPRUCE RENEGADE 13146-ET20190322S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET660.021010.092022752.537.
840003145444945S-S-I HD 12077 354-ET20190616PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET660.05860.071735742.459.
840003206205558S-S-I LEGACY 8804 10632-ET20190511PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.03950.101790752.548.
840003150675348PINE-TREE 7445 LAWS 8276-ET20190206PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET600.14970.26704752.878.
840003151767765JOOK HONDA 19747-ET20190221N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET800.07740.001950762.557.
840003207082322JOOK SOLUTION 20071-ET20190628FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.061100.151819752.737.53.9-0.41.330.96-0.923.54589741237
840003206205292S-S-I LEGACY 7672 10366-ET20190301PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.071040.211228752.488.
840003206248961HILMAR ROME 16092-ET20190423DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET530.051190.261235752.628.
840003205251601BADGER S-S-I 15534 16251-ET20190517DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET710.06990.111775752.618.
840003204924045PINE-TREE 7589 NOBLE 531-ET20190620MR SPRING NOBLE-ET590.06850.121400752.668.
840003206962966DINOMI FRAZZ MADNESS 1248420190523MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET400.05760.15883792.568.
840003205768455LARS-ACRES SSI 20311 2327320190619FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET670.051110.161741752.696.01.5-2.11.810.88-0.214.344209531231
840003208410565CHERRYPENCOL L LINETTE-ET20190621PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.05830.071659752.478.
840003205638499T-SPRUCE MEDLEY 13034-ET20190216ABS MEDLEY-ET700.02850.022116752.658.24.2-0.21.661.54-0.292.84620461231
840003205756433BGP SLF SOLUTION 18556-ET20190606FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.091000.24863762.618.
840003201497343WELCOME-TEL DIVRSTY HOPE-ET20190605DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET620.07960.161389752.838.
840003204330759HOLLERMANN ROME 1442-ET20190511DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET640.04880.081766762.639.
840003205768184LARS-ACRES SOLUTN GOTME-ET20190422FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET530.06820.131184752.438.
840003205756434BGP SLF SOLUTION 18557-ET20190606FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET780.011030.042451752.586.92.0-2.41.791.070.244.233123801226
840003204330684HOLLERMANN ROLAN 1367-ET20190321PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET760.021080.082297762.877.94.3-0.71.941.50-0.443.646119221226
840003150675434PINE-TREE 7589 LION 8362-ET20190517MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET660.071220.231542752.806.
840003206205490S-S-I LEGACY 8672 10564-ET20190427PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.05940.121615752.528.
840003205638923T-SPRUCE EISAKU 13458-ET20190613SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET630.061030.171488752.718.
840003206205659S-S-I ZAREK 7672 10733-ET20190530PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET720.05990.091934742.697.23.7-1.11.460.670.164.948204281222
840003201497202WELCOME RIVETING KIVE20190222S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET520.03770.081426762.648.45.9-0.32.411.48-0.753.848268221221
840003207410499BADGER S-S-I 15511 16309-ET20190619FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.03980.131651752.687.52.9-1.72.451.560.433.349222431221
840003201118946CHERRYPENCOL LORETTA-ET20190225S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET590.06860.121412762.578.
840003150675441PINE-TREE 7612 CRIM 8369-ET20190525ABS CRIMSON-ET600.06970.161417752.558.
840003201497335WELCOME ROME GAILEY-ET20190601DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET720.071240.211735752.698.73.9-0.40.910.71-0.535.44157751219
840003205756416BGP SLF SOLUTION 18539-ET20190530FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET510.02920.131483762.678.
840003206205430S-S-I LEGACY 8672 10504-ET20190408PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.06930.121611752.668.
840003203692960BGP SLF NOBLE 18325-ET20190314MR SPRING NOBLE-ET590.01750.021870762.707.
840003207537997SDG 2758 ACHIEVER 6724-ET20190620ABS ACHIEVER-ET61-0.011070.102080762.746.63.3-0.61.960.71-1.094.547161691217
840003205251573BADGER S-S-I 15534 16223-ET20190504BOMAZ DAMIEN KANZO-ET560.04740.061499752.509.
840003203692926BGP SLF ROLAN 18291-ET20190226PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN512-ET460.02920.151297762.678.34.8-0.62.450.91-1.123.646232391216
840003204988522TERRA-CALROY CHLNG 10270-ET20190217SANDY-VALLEY CHALLENGER-ET550.061050.201281762.756.82.7-0.42.690.96-0.214.447214471215
840003205024280SDG 2958 CRIMSON 4311-ET20190215ABS CRIMSON-ET670.001120.102207752.568.54.1-
840003151003759LEANINGHOUSE KANZO 26090-ET20190301BOMAZ DAMIEN KANZO-ET540.05900.151303752.468.
840003152018795SDG 5815 JOSUPER 835-ET20190405UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET860.041290.132464782.616.40.9-
840003206144971BLUMENFELD CRIMSON 6696-ET20190411ABS CRIMSON-ET510.05970.191167752.818.
840003205756418BGP SLF SOLUTION 18541-ET20190530FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.02770.041721762.807.
840003204121370BOADWINE ACHIEVER 17345-ET20190427ABS ACHIEVER-ET620.06950.141494762.778.
840003202765482HILMAR SOLUTION 1594120190301FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.001170.151949752.647.33.6-0.91.661.500.643.446162311210
840003150675374PINE-TREE 12922 LEG 8302-ET20190302PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.091130.251157762.719.
840003204330779HOLLERMANN ROCKFORD 1462-ET20190606HILMAR C ROCKFORD-ET590.071120.231275752.546.
840003205251565HORSENS S-S-I 3192 16215-ET20190502S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET640.02940.071946762.518.
840003205146346SHELAND HUEY LUEY-ET20190513T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET650.061020.151584752.477.
840003151767979JOOK RIVETING 19961-ET20190515S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET660.03870.051923752.558.

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Females – August 2019

Registration NumberNameBirth DateGFISire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%MilkFeed Eff.Yield Rel.SCSPLFert. IndexPTATUDCFLCBWCType Rel.DCEDSBGTPI
HO840003204165588DENOVO HONDA 51-ET201812199.2N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET750.041140.122124263762.558.
HO840003204457430OCD LEGACY SHIMMER 52850-ET201906129.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.08980.181278217752.578.
HO840003201996803S-S-I LA 28180 22861-ET2019031510.0PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET700.081200.221560259752.548.7-
HO840003204581113FB 7529 RIVETING 476619-ET201903089.5S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET640.09990.191243227762.698.
HO840003200569566SANDY-VALLEY LEGCY PIXEL-ET201906148.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.12950.191114237752.539.73.21.332.080.99-0.32724.74.32942
HO840003201118980CHERRYPENCOL LINDY-ET201905199.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET740.05900.061959235752.728.23.01.842.571.09-0.98743.63.32940
HO840003200569528SANDY-VALLEY LE7196-ET201907069.2PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET760.081250.211701284772.648.20.71.681.820.65-0.61753.83.12937
HO840003205638777MS T-SPRUCE LEGACY 13312-ET201905079.2PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.061190.221540255752.519.91.51.471.780.59-0.66733.12.22935
HO840003202070813GENOSOURCE MONSOON 43212-ET201905129.8MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET690.08900.121495236742.789.32.81.632.311.58-1.13722.22.72932
HO840003202070874BUTZ-HILL DAMSEL 43273-ET201906109.3MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET890.07910.032228257762.748.72.11.741.611.32-0.69744.25.32931
HO840003150675396PINE-TREE 7829 LAWS 8324-ET201903289.8PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET580.141090.31630231742.619.62.61.801.921.160.82712.02.82929
HO840003205436771PEAK ELVT LWSON 4301-ET201905139.2PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET640.161240.37619270732.529.
HO840003201755534DENOVO HONDA 3006-ET201811079.1N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET560.05920.151354207762.557.
HO840003201829430WILRA MEDLEY 1930201903249.5ABS MEDLEY-ET590.051050.171512219762.429.
HO840003150899832BADGER BR 15527 4008-ET201905069.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET580.07940.171213209742.558.
HO840003204566835RMD-DOTTERER S-S-I 3912-ET2019021610.1S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET720.081190.211611262752.846.
HO840003142218730BOMAZ KENOBI 8852-ET201901279.8DE-SU 14222 KENOBI-ET760.101250.231565285742.728.51.60.951.680.16-0.45713.83.12920
HO840003200059834S-S-I NUGENT 2655 12323-ET201812179.4S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET710.071180.201646261752.766.
HO840003200824689PEAK MNDLN POSTV 61996-ET201812309.3PROGENESIS POSITIVE780.091120.171721259752.877.71.51.962.090.960.35733.04.32920
HO840003201996849LARS-ACRES SSI 22907-ET201903279.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET780.101010.141623246752.638.72.01.701.770.850.37723.53.72919
HO840003207410507201906279.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET760.131400.321322300762.726.10.41.971.490.760.21754.65.12919
HO840003204165987DENOVO GLITZ 450-ET201903189.5DENOVO 7947 GLITZ-ET930.031070.022713272762.818.60.31.801.780.88-0.36733.33.32918
HO840003200569529SANDY-VALLEY BE7197-ET201907079.3BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET760.051140.132041271762.597.70.91.842.091.03-1.23734.74.02917
HO840003206700458GENOSOURCE JOURNEY 45191-ET2019051910.2MR SUPERHERO DEDICATE-ET700.06980.121735234742.799.41.81.982.560.91-0.33722.54.02917
HO840003206193328JC-KOW RIVETING 9002-ET201906129.6S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET770.061000.091956242762.608.
HO840003205638824T-SPRUCE LEGACY 13359-ET201905189.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET690.071090.171628255752.488.31.01.542.370.90-0.95723.73.72915
HO840003203819714K-MANOR SOLUTION 611-ET201811289.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET650.07970.151451230762.388.
HO840003208410555CHERRYPENCOL L LOLLY-ET2019061610.0PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.08800.091428213752.429.02.21.892.771.43-0.51743.83.02913
HO840003205638661T-SPRUCE LIONEL 13196-ET201904109.1MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET830.081340.211932290752.786.61.01.671.410.690.60725.35.12912
HO840003147224050BOMAZ ROBSON 49-ET201711139.7BOMAZ ALTAROBSON-ET740.161240.32952279762.726.71.71.451.320.940.54743.03.32910
HO840003205436001PEAK MNDLN LWSON 81931-ET201905209.0PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET640.121150.28989235732.766.83.01.951.970.951.47702.93.82908
HO840003200824492PEAK OLINKA-ET2018101510.2PROGENESIS MARIUS710.091110.201446245762.707.82.81.511.470.680.65731.93.52907
HO840003208410545PEN-COL LEGACY BIRDIE-ET201905319.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.091260.281251270752.727.90.71.932.380.83-0.73743.13.92906
HO840003208436537201906149.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET690.03960.071997211752.588.
HOCAN000013203510CEDARWAL SOLUTION RAZZLE201902179.5FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET730.051140.151905253752.717.60.51.752.121.11-0.01731.92.32903
HO840003205638471201902079.9S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET810.031120.082344259742.757.
HO840003204456994OCD ROME 52414-ET201903239.8DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET620.05900.111568206752.709.
HO840003205771125PENN-ENGLAND BARB 16118-ET201905189.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET700.051130.161796242752.597.60.71.912.001.570.45734.24.52901
HO840003205870419COOKIECUTTER 6943201906259.3PROGENESIS POSITIVE820.051170.122198284742.937.20.21.972.620.80-1.22724.55.62901
HO840003204166280DENOVO ENTITY 743-ET201906199.9DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET520.071210.291082236752.558.51.91.461.941.240.03712.53.52900
HO840003205771161PENN-ENGLAND LEHIGH16154-ET201906069.8S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET690.01980.062145220762.577.
HO840003147840112PEAK EMERALD-ET201712089.6BOMAZ ALTAROBSON-ET650.131190.29986254772.686.71.52.411.701.830.51754.44.52898
HO840003151643469OCD OPTION DETROIT 47665-ET201904056.4OCD OPTION-ET550.09880.18989198752.629.11.62.692.942.280.24722.73.62898
HO840003201007288TTM KENOBI SNAPPLE-ET201902189.8DE-SU 14222 KENOBI-ET590.061120.221341226752.708.
HO840003205704024S-S-I LEGACY 12088 12462-ET201905079.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.06900.131421210752.619.
HO840003148918986GENOSOURCE RILEY 41686-ET201905309.4MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET650.031020.121817227732.569.41.81.711.861.68-0.28714.64.02892
HO840003206349482OCD LEGACY RAEDEN 49192-ET201906169.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.071180.211542264752.558.31.41.471.780.54-0.75734.03.92892
HO840003204988595TERRA-LINDA TAHITI MAITAI-ET201903309.6DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET700.051250.201795267752.927.60.91.961.851.21-0.30743.13.22891
HO840003208004064PLAIN-KNOLL RENEGAD 2535-ET201904159.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET830.07960.072048239742.777.50.32.352.101.770.63723.43.92891
HO840003142218669BOMAZ SASSAFRAS 8791-ET201812229.9ABS SASSAFRAS-ET680.041160.171812248742.858.01.51.751.651.25-0.06701.83.42890
HO840003206349546OCD LEGACY SUPERB 49256-ET201906268.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET770.081060.141780262742.557.81.51.661.620.90-0.75724.15.22890
HO840003200825118PEAK MISHKA-ET201904119.8PEAK ALTAEXPLOSION-ET630.11990.211061239732.799.
HO840003202070811GENOSOURCE MOON 43210-ET201905119.7MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET710.061000.121758236742.807.93.01.551.671.19-0.22723.03.42889
HO840003200824048PEAK FIERCE-ET2018091710.0PROGENESIS MARIUS770.10800.071604225762.598.52.31.872.440.48-0.17743.33.12888
HO840003150675374PINE-TREE 12922 LEG 8302-ET201903029.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.091130.251157261762.719.21.91.452.120.52-1.54753.44.42887
HO840003201118970PEN-COL LEGACY JAZZ-ET201905069.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET620.08930.151329233752.629.13.11.652.290.58-1.48744.14.22887
HO840003205666631FB 7467 HUEY 498391-ET2019062210.1T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET590.081140.241207234762.717.31.52.382.341.610.36743.44.12887
HO840003205638789T-SPRUCE LEGACY 13324-ET201905109.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.071210.231473248752.697.
HO840003200824989PEAK CROWN LWSON 4145-ET201812059.4PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET650.08920.151352215762.429.22.21.782.011.210.35733.84.12884
HO840003203984644WEBB-VUE AZTEC 9418-ET201904059.5PEAK AZTEC-ET600.091080.241120224752.607.52.11.992.390.750.87723.43.12884
HO840003204166200DENOVO ENTITY 663-ET201905229.0DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET700.071150.181683255752.707.80.61.702.181.23-0.26724.44.22884
HO840003200569503SANDY-VALLEY SUGAR HIGH-ET201905059.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.051110.161730242772.598.00.71.872.041.270.05754.03.62883
HO840003204166039DENOVO KENOBI 502-ET201903319.1DE-SU 14222 KENOBI-ET840.051070.082257254762.588.70.21.542.06-0.090.39733.23.32882
HO840003146221510FRONT-ROW RESOLVE JANINE-ET201808249.9BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ET590.09790.131140183772.697.93.32.833.251.250.94754.65.12881
HO840003206700488TJR NASHVILE VICKY 45221-ET201905249.5MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET800.061120.122042257732.608.30.91.471.031.000.32692.74.22881
HO840003143986455SIEMERS LGCY PARIS 31486-ET201905159.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.021010.111848221732.607.
HO840003200569558SANDY-VALLEY PICCADILLY-ET201906078.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET650.09970.171310234752.649.12.61.572.171.03-0.58735.45.32880
HO840003200824148PEAK LREAT POSTV 81505-ET201811159.6PROGENESIS POSITIVE830.071320.192079299762.865.7-0.11.651.790.44-0.56733.44.12878
HO840003203116357BGP NOBLE ANISSA 652-ET2019031810.4MR SPRING NOBLE-ET530.021000.151515223772.658.
HO840003147840100PEAK MARGE-ET201712049.8S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE-ET780.051270.172095269802.756.9-0.41.711.921.170.51782.74.12877
HO840003205638923T-SPRUCE EISAKU 13458-ET201906139.8SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET630.061030.171488228752.718.52.31.601.981.63-0.07723.72.92877
HO840003199893231BGP RESOLVE DEBRA-ET201804048.7BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ET620.08920.161276210762.598.72.71.782.171.280.37753.92.82876
HO840003200569506SANDY-VALLEY EGYPT-ET201905148.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.061160.191669250762.616.80.91.881.741.20-0.04733.83.72876
HO840003204457360OCD LEGACY SOY 52780-ET201905319.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.091010.201179224752.618.22.51.772.111.010.15734.54.52876
HO840003200569384SANDY-VALLEY SHEILA-ET201901319.7PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET610.121210.31907248762.777.11.61.991.711.550.73742.82.52875
HO840003200824061PEAK MAGENTA-ET2018092010.5PROGENESIS MARIUS660.06970.121644230762.769.22.61.912.050.88-0.67743.83.12875
HO840003201198716AR-JOY HONDA ATLEE-ET201812259.1N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET710.11890.141322221762.677.
HO840003205436785PEAK ELIZA-ET201905299.5PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET550.141010.29553226732.608.62.61.822.281.450.00703.35.02875
HO840003205656927FB 80443 ROME 488687-ET201905049.3DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET680.071090.181542240762.579.11.61.501.520.850.24733.23.42875
HO840003205771118PENN-ENGLAND BARB 16111-ET201905129.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET660.041210.191814250752.756.11.61.892.001.330.01733.84.22875
HO840003140280442ROLL-N-VIEW ACHVR MILLIE-ET201903039.2ABS ACHIEVER-ET530.071230.291100238772.646.
HO840003200569500SANDY-VALLEY PARADOX-ET2019042910.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.051050.141704250752.599.52.11.352.020.19-1.39735.24.92874
HO840003205667151201906239.1DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET620.111260.311041268762.718.
HO840003200825115PEAK MATIA-ET201904099.6PEAK ALTAEXPLOSION-ET510.081070.26928216732.758.54.51.341.861.120.25693.14.72873
HO840003205665510201906209.6ABS CRIMSON-ET890.081150.122178273762.747.50.71.701.180.200.60733.94.52873
HO840003205704001WINSTAR SSI LEGACY 12442-ET201904199.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET560.051120.211399239752.479.21.21.332.260.82-1.05734.43.72873
HO840003200824241PEAK LAWSON NOUVEAU-ET2018123110.0PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET700.11890.151274221762.798.33.61.752.050.570.48732.83.62872
HO840003201859723OCD RENEGA DETROIT 48760-ET201903209.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.091050.201295227752.597.
HO840003200569513SANDY-VALLEY CONFUZZLE-ET201906029.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.101040.211177235752.588.
HO840003203354446TRIP-L REDROCK 8377-ET201902119.4REDROCK-VIEW KLUTCH-ET650.05880.091636201742.628.51.42.952.761.460.64734.24.52871
HO840003205436312PEAK PERDITA-ET201903128.9PEAK ALTAEXPLOSION-ET750.071010.121771236732.778.63.21.371.300.210.50712.63.82871
HO840003206205490S-S-I LEGACY 8672 10564-ET201904279.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET630.05940.121615209752.528.61.61.772.581.130.36723.33.72871
HO840003202560409ADAWAY HUMBLENKIND 23292019041210.2COOKIECUTTER HUMBLENKIND-ET720.05920.081873226762.897.11.52.392.771.72-0.23753.73.92870
HO840003205251426HORSENS S-S-I 3103 16076-ET201902059.4DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET600.051020.171470226762.549.21.51.782.321.10-0.50753.93.42870
HO840003205704006WINSTAR SSI LEGACY 12450-ET201904249.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.081290.271369273752.597.30.61.471.681.02-0.73734.13.42870
HO840003206349481OCD CASCADE MINT 49191-ET201906169.8REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET620.091060.211246220752.566.20.72.902.981.201.11743.04.42870
HO840003208823621S-S-I AZTEC 10818-ET201906189.7PEAK AZTEC-ET700.06990.121762227752.559.10.41.782.281.140.24723.42.92870
HO840003200123070COOKIECUTTER HILMAR-ET201903159.6S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET580.09740.121086176742.399.23.31.732.491.120.93742.62.72869
HO840003201755717DENOVO DIVERSITY 3189-ET201904269.5DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET700.071210.201671257752.717.80.61.721.691.660.26714.34.82869
HO840003204457312OCD LEGACY SOY 52732-ET201905229.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET700.05920.081833218752.488.
HO840003205769183SDG 2757 CRIMSON 3201-ET201902229.5ABS CRIMSON-ET670.031230.171949250752.618.40.41.441.371.400.11723.23.22869
HO840003200825089PEAK EILONWY-ET201902269.5PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET500.15920.29311206732.5510.23.61.441.641.490.31701.84.22868
HO840003206205319S-S-I RIVETNG ALEX 10393-ET201903069.2S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET660.04860.071774207752.588.62.41.612.161.70-0.12733.33.72868
HO840003201755705DENOVO GLITZ 3177-ET201904159.8DENOVO 7947 GLITZ-ET620.06880.111492202762.619.02.81.972.370.970.30734.12.82867
HO840003204166307DENOVO VENTURE 770-ET201906249.8DENOVO 2705 VENTURE-ET670.041250.201781256752.648.
HO840003205870384COOKIECUTTER 69082019061410.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET700.091220.231486272742.647.
HO840003145444877MS HOMESTD SSI 11371 286-ET201901209.5S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET740.081070.161670239752.805.
HO840003200824494PEAK DORI-ET201810159.2PROGENESIS POSITIVE500.091150.30844221762.817.12.02.372.550.930.67742.64.42866
HO840003205251591S-S-I BG 2671 16241-ET2019051410.1REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET730.04980.082024236752.607.01.61.572.041.27-0.47732.92.92865
HO840003206205276S-S-I LEGACY 8700 10350-ET201902239.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET810.041070.082278260752.648.5-0.41.921.981.11-0.61723.83.72865
HO840003145444906201904019.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.081190.261206245752.667.21.51.521.931.090.17723.33.72864
HO840003151003724LEANINGHOUSE RNGDE 26055-ET2019021310.3S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.071020.171435226752.587.82.11.971.501.870.39734.24.12864
HO840003205436375PEAK PEGASUS-ET201904019.3PEAK ALTAEXPLOSION-ET740.081070.161651244762.808.11.51.841.830.410.49732.33.82864
HO840003206205677S-S-I RENEGDE 7672 10751-ET201906039.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET660.061050.161559229742.727.31.71.481.951.300.37722.33.32864
HO840003206249095HILMAR-D LEGACY 16226-ET201906129.0PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET800.041020.062249245752.537.20.41.702.000.64-0.01723.52.62864
HO840003206457608BGP YOLO RHONDA 761-ET201905149.2BGP YOLO-ET590.06910.141392213772.768.
HOUSA000144810888FURNACE-HILL DOCT EVIE-ET2019060510.3KINGEMERLING HELX DOCTOR-ET600.011030.121839213752.817.
HO840003146618290STGEN 852282019012510.2REDROCK-VIEW KLUTCH-ET620.03680.021707173762.568.83.02.352.961.230.24742.22.92863
HO840003149758639MISS PRISS-ET2018072210.4CAL-ROY-AL YODA-ET560.091010.221054218772.728.
HO840003205373423MS FUSTEAD LEGCY PAULETE-ET2019042310.0PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.111200.31933256762.617.91.61.461.780.61-0.23744.84.72863
HO840003200569526SANDY-VALLEY LE7194-ET201907039.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.061210.241387240772.497.20.81.941.701.360.45753.93.62862
HO840003201859819OCD RENEGA FRANCES 48856-ET201904069.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET690.07820.071638201762.717.22.02.512.751.970.66743.34.62862
HO840003205359189DENOVO DIVERSITY 10352-ET201905219.4DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET590.061240.261364250752.717.61.01.802.111.14-0.10713.54.22862
HO840003205435816PEAK MALINA 81746-ET201903059.6SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET590.101010.23982221762.558.92.61.441.650.860.43732.43.42862
HO840003136309296HORSENS S-S-I 3192 3812-ET201810259.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET780.031030.072242249762.588.30.31.571.631.08-0.58752.63.12861
HO840003141493570DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984-ET201703239.8MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET820.001040.022647253792.548.8-0.31.831.830.88-0.80784.43.22861
HO840003200825013PEAK PLRS LWSON 4169-ET201812149.9PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET760.101020.151596233762.896.
HO840003202572825BLUMENFELD ACHIEVE QUEEN-ET2018122110.0ABS ACHIEVER-ET620.001290.182048269772.667.7-0.31.461.991.39-1.74733.33.62860
HO840003205436435PEAK CHEX-ET201904289.5SCHOENE-KUH ALTAROBERT-ET700.111070.211310241732.628.81.81.311.270.950.64723.03.82860
HO840003205618269EILDON-TWEED D CHARA 3B1-ET201903219.9CLAYNOOK DISCJOCKEY530.08910.191048188742.697.
HO840003146981206MIDAS-TOUCH HARMONY-ET201905169.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET630.09950.171246200752.606.41.82.642.142.141.69723.03.92859
HO840003202794524S-S-I HUEY 8229 10073-ET2018111610.1T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET560.07910.171150206762.5910.02.01.882.481.76-0.14744.94.62858
HO840003204988534TERRA-LINDA KOKOMO-ET201902269.4ABS CRIMSON-ET650.02870.041987202762.499.42.21.401.601.12-0.05721.72.32858
HO840003206114351201906149.9BOMAZ FOXTROT-ET640.131360.37899284752.746.
HO840003206460755WINSTAR RENEGADE 5708-ET201902079.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET670.111370.331199282742.785.7-0.11.611.881.200.15712.94.52858
HO840003138498803PEAK ANNA HELIX 80323-ET201702169.8AOT SILVER HELIX-ET690.081250.251480264802.826.21.41.701.151.200.26782.53.22857
HO840003140967908HENDEL SOLUTION ROMY5092-ET201811159.5FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET700.0080-0.022268201762.667.41.82.362.691.02-0.33752.22.02857
HO840003151003673LEANINGHOUSE RNGAD 26004-ET201901279.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.08930.141429204752.696.02.02.692.521.701.24733.34.32857
HO840003151767979JOOK RIVETING 19961-ET201905159.5S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET660.03870.051923203752.558.21.41.922.531.680.09733.12.72857
HO840003200825133PEAK LOLLY-ET201905018.7PEAK ALTALAWSON-ET690.131120.251105253732.666.91.71.631.621.310.34714.34.82857
HO840003205435919PEAK CATALINA-ET201904209.6PEAK ALTAMILESTONE-ET780.081100.151821261742.845.60.22.312.441.38-0.14723.54.52857
HO840003205656984FB 80841 ROME 488744-ET201905059.4DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET720.01990.062221236752.707.92.21.562.080.56-0.84723.24.22857
HO840003206349364OCD LEGACY RAE 49074-ET201905139.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET450.091000.27689200752.458.12.61.772.541.320.23724.03.32857
HO840003208004150PLAIN-KNOLL RENEGADE 26212019062410.0S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET710.041040.111929236742.727.11.11.921.921.73-0.02723.62.72857
HO840003150997643FLY-HIGHER RNEGADE MARCH-ET201902069.8S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET610.06860.111454195732.588.
HO840003202070812BUTZ-HILL SUNSET 43211-ET201905129.6MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET850.04930.012395253742.698.
HO840003202070833GENOSOURCE JADA 43232-ET201905269.9MR SUPERHERO DEDICATE-ET510.111010.27719234742.508.62.61.322.440.50-1.48713.14.12856
HO840003204166290DENOVO ENTITY 753-ET201906169.1DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET560.091250.311007249752.808.
HO840003139887817201905109.4S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET710.051230.191828261752.586.6-0.71.832.061.050.07734.54.22855
HO840003146618612GENOSOURCE DEDCATE 85550-ET201903219.8MR SUPERHERO DEDICATE-ET530.07950.191127222752.579.
HO840003151643499OCD COFFEE FRANCES 47695-ET2019041510.5OCD LEGENDARY COFFEE-ET500.08980.23932208762.628.81.72.452.571.61-0.18733.83.62855
HO840003202761957OCD LEGACY MISSY 92561-ET201906029.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET460.08830.20764172762.428.
HO840003205703797GENOSOURCE ROGUE 80160-ET201902039.7HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARL-ET68-0.011050.062328230742.768.
HO840003208473264SCENERY-VIEW KED ELGIZA-ET2019062310.4KINGEMERLING HELX DOCTOR-ET650.021150.151955236762.835.10.82.792.761.560.12743.54.22855
HO840003145861124WET ROLAN MOZZA-ET201901229.8PROGENESIS MODEST ROLAN 512630.091190.251275253762.877.
HO840003146638501ADAWAY RIO 2186-ET201809049.7OCD FRANCHISE RIO-ET690.011040.082178227762.737.
HO840003150675249PINE-TREE 7445 SKYW 8177-ET201810299.7BOMAZ SKYWALKER-ET700.131060.231086260762.887.
HO840003150675406PINE-TREE 5976 LEGA 8334-ET201904059.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET620.091130.241187254762.439.
HO840003200824763PEAK CROWN DLSN P 62070-ET201901299.3BOMAZ ALTADELSON P-ET500.05890.161157178732.389.52.51.692.381.460.95703.03.82854
HO840003205017833FB 1255 YODA 466113-ET201901169.5CAL-ROY-AL YODA-ET800.091290.221794287762.886.8-0.21.651.490.330.06753.03.52854
HO840003205428578MELARRY NUGENT FROSTY-ET201901209.2S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET740.091300.251603281752.696.9-0.31.701.311.34-0.05734.34.02854
HO840003150675433PINE-TREE 7589 LION 8361-ET201905169.4MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET760.061350.221923298752.786.10.11.321.550.86-1.05725.33.82853
HO840003150899734BERRYRIDGE SSI 3184 3910-ET201901319.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET670.081060.181459239742.646.
HO840003151980219ENSENADA ACHEIVER PASTA-ET201902159.9ABS ACHIEVER-ET690.081270.251512273762.845.5-
HO840003203102498LEANINGHOUSE ACHVR 26537-ET201812019.6ABS ACHIEVER-ET730.091080.181557243762.696.71.11.642.141.200.68745.25.62853
HO840003204166180DENOVO ENTITY 643-ET201905118.8DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET720.021320.182128275752.678.0-1.41.521.860.80-0.42723.53.62853
HO840003204166318DENOVO GODIVA 781-ET201906299.8DENOVO 14649 GODIVA-ET700.121380.341168304752.648.2-
HO840003206700450GS-EDG 40139 MILA 45183201905189.0MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET790.03980.052275243732.798.40.81.551.841.49-0.52713.63.92853
HO840003151767765JOOK HONDA 19747-ET201902218.8N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET800.07740.001950207762.557.81.22.362.631.130.55743.73.92852
HO840003200824380PEAK ELCTRA MARUS 61687-ET2018082810.2PROGENESIS MARIUS840.051320.162296279762.745.7-
HO840003201497315WELCOME LGACY HELEN-ET201905229.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET660.051110.171691239752.657.11.21.902.021.290.01734.13.92852
HO840003204165940DENOVO CRIMSON 403-ET201903069.5ABS CRIMSON-ET600.061190.241401246752.518.
HO840003205659525FB 1255 HUEY 491285-ET201905279.6T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET560.031120.191535229762.628.01.61.571.901.59-0.41752.21.92852
HO840003205665400201906189.9DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET680.051350.241764274762.667.
HO840003206963385SYNERGY LEGACY PRODIGY-ET201904289.2PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET810.011050.032544251762.658.
HO840003147987838AOT SKYWALKER HENRIETTA-ET201809059.7BOMAZ SKYWALKER-ET660.10970.181226230762.787.
HO840003201118958PEN-COL RIVETING JADE-ET201904139.7S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET600.08830.141200218752.729.32.41.782.640.92-1.37742.63.42851
HO840003204457161OCD DISCJOCK NAPPY 52581-ET201904259.4CLAYNOOK DISCJOCKEY500.08850.18936180762.659.
HO840003205436530PEAK HICKORY-ET201906099.9T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET610.081170.241297236732.677.
HO840003205664409201906179.2DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET660.051270.221678257752.826.50.81.601.911.010.27713.44.52851
HO840003206205526S-S-I LEGACY 8714 10600-ET201905049.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET750.06980.101893238752.548.60.71.582.090.72-0.12724.45.52851
HO840003146981037MIDAS-TOUCH RENEGADE HIA-ET201904109.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET610.07970.161397204752.767.51.72.362.412.011.08723.74.62850
HO840003201489150AURORA SOLUTION 20991-ET201812149.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET540.071090.241150228742.598.21.51.642.361.34-0.40733.54.12849
HO840003204166144DENOVO BILLY 607-ET201904289.1MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET760.071260.211797285742.877.
HO840003205146355SHELAND SOLUT BRILLIANT-ET201905149.3FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET650.05880.091701202762.557.60.12.712.882.250.46753.02.72849
HO840003205251612BADGER S-S-I 15395 16262-ET2019052510.6MR SPRING NOBLE 2-ETN630.03970.111785215762.847.
HO840003205428579S-S-I RENEGD 12117 12380-ET201901199.3S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.09980.171308223742.678.
HO840003209315510201907069.3FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET800.06960.072018229752.578.4-
HO840003151003718LEANINGHOUSE RNDGE 26049-ET2019021110.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET600.07960.171276201752.597.11.82.422.022.371.19734.15.12848
HO840003202794655S-S-I RENEGAD 8238 10204-ET201901059.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET760.051200.152055261752.706.50.21.651.660.610.18732.74.12848
HO840003205251589BADGER S-S-I 15534 16239-ET201905139.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET760.031040.082179250752.548.80.21.312.330.56-0.75724.75.02848
HO840003205638611T-SPRUCE RENEGADE 13146-ET201903229.1S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET660.021010.092022215752.537.51.71.751.611.530.38722.93.92848
HO840003205870229COOKIECUTTER LADYRENEGAD-ET201905039.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.041110.161746235732.756.
HO840003208434579AARDEMA FUTURE ISABELLA201906159.0MELARRY FRAZZLED FUTURE-ET690.031050.111954241742.548.7-0.11.862.381.42-0.72725.34.02848
HO840003148918946RI-VAL-RE ORDINARY 41646-ET201904258.7MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET770.02950.022355241752.798.31.91.361.820.85-1.08723.45.42847
HO840003200824918PEAK JACALA-ET2018101110.0PROGENESIS MARIUS780.11850.091567225762.599.71.81.311.550.860.52734.03.02847
HO840003206964079WELCOME CASCADE HOOPER-ET2019060810.5REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET700.071070.161626249752.885.41.22.492.421.42-0.46732.93.02847
HO840003143060898DENOVO HONDA 2997-ET201811048.6N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET560.07960.191162213762.647.12.31.972.541.49-0.19743.34.12846
HO840003149758168OCD JARED BALANCE 46058-ET201804229.3CLEAR-ECHO JED JARED 745-ET590.07730.091305183762.3910.22.51.982.331.080.09752.83.92846
HO840003200118931JUNIPER-JLC ACHIEVR WISH-ET201807079.8ABS ACHIEVER-ET530.081100.251049225772.826.
HO840003203025154WINSTAR MEDLEY 5618-ET201812319.4ABS MEDLEY-ET520.08770.14978180772.529.03.71.742.481.130.13763.03.62846
HO840003204457450OCD CASCADE RAE 52870-ET201906179.6REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET560.10970.22948212752.616.73.11.922.251.270.27724.23.72846
HO840003205756373BGP SLF YOLO 18496-ET201905159.0BGP YOLO-ET650.091020.191267235762.707.30.92.362.251.05-0.13753.32.32846
HO840003205771171PENN-ENGLAND CANDY16164P-ET201906119.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET660.081050.181448243752.856.


Top 100 TPI® Polled Bulls – August 2019

1BOMAZ MONUMENT-P-ETPC TR99-I29HO19071581111026245772.757.8736.21.31.13751.590.84-0.692791
2ENGLAND-AMMON BANJO-P-ETPC TR99-I7HO1469461701341158772.784.3720.02.62.29752.341.642.042691
VOGUE TIMELESS P-ETPC TR99-I200HO1152557991531194762.675.6721.60.12.20742.540.901.212691
4WINSTAR KIRKLAND-P-ETPC TR99-I29HO1915859841460199762.667.2724.30.91.38752.140.43-0.292687
5VOGUE LIMELIGHT-P-ETPC TR99-I14HO1460764891274221772.814.5721.00.12.31752.480.82-0.472680
6WILDER HOTSPOT P-ETPC TC99-I624HO0901865791000206782.835.0740.71.02.14762.101.080.272661
7FARNEAR-EDG NB CHROME P-ETPC TC99-I551HO0370045691125159772.716.7733.53.01.86752.380.84-0.342658
8CHERRY-LILY ZIP LUSTER-P-ETPC TR99-NA7HO1416051751342168792.754.8740.31.42.92782.541.600.182655
9S-S-I HD AMPLIFY-P-ETPC TR99-I7HO147644576861176772.906.1733.31.42.29762.621.82-0.612651
VOGUE KINGSIZE PPC TR99-NA200HO1152662751213201792.964.6740.60.72.58772.731.58-0.512651
11S-S-I JARED CAFFEINE-P-ETPC TR99-I7HO1464871661714189762.657.2723.02.11.16751.34-0.090.122647
12VOGUE ECLIPSE PP-ETPP TR99-I200HO1167163851540200762.866.0720.61.51.73741.980.630.262641
13S-S-I LA FRAZZLED BUD-P-ETPC TR99-I7HO1429158751721184802.606.6744.10.41.76782.200.60-0.612640
14DUDOC SPARKLE P-ETPC TR99-I200HO1159959791776169762.796.1720.90.82.07742.780.631.132632
15ABS JERONIMO-P-ETPC TR99-I29HO186984084395180802.606.5742.32.51.85771.810.33-0.122626
16DUDOC TREND P-ETPC TR99-I200HO1160159571758134762.757.2721.83.51.55741.780.621.722624
17TRIPLECROWN SHALOM-P-ETPC TR100-NA29HO1875664861705208792.866.2741.80.91.35771.490.68-0.402620
18PROGENESIS WINFRED P-ETPC RC99-NA200HO1118759641427171782.605.8730.50.42.62762.451.25-0.032619
19S-S-I MARKLEY MAXWELL-P-ETPC TR99-I7HO1383272821798202802.864.1740.1-0.31.79782.340.590.822617
20DENOVO 7885 SEGWAY-P-ETPC RC99-I29HO187764094804191782.815.6733.20.62.03762.920.20-0.592615
PROGENESIS WEBSTER-P-ETPC RC100-NA200HO1103859671498170792.886.0751.80.32.41782.611.270.222615
22PEAK ALTAMIGHTY P-ETPC TR99-I11HO1182770821497212802.894.1760.5-0.62.54791.990.570.122614
23TTM ANSWER PARCHESI-PPC TR99-NA7HO1486468971958229793.064.7741.00.51.76771.67-0.01-0.692604
24SWISSBEC DW JEGA-ETPC TC99-I551HO0386746811006172762.976.3722.81.51.94751.991.490.202603
25S-S-I BR ANSWR EXTREME-P-ETPC TR99-I7HO1447579941802242792.994.574-
26COL CHIVAS PP-ETPP TR99-I200HO079254875818166782.804.9740.52.61.89742.080.700.652599
27BOMAZ ATOMIC-PP-ETPP TR99-I29HO1901365862065216792.986.0743.81.20.75761.350.07-1.412589
28ABS PAULY-P-ETPC TR99-I29HO18660338867170802.846.0752.71.91.83772.260.630.432583
29AARDEMA CARUBA-P-ETPC TR99-I1HO1344973871942219792.885.3742.00.01.31771.24-0.09-0.132582
30PEAK ALTALOU P-ETPC TR99-I11HO1222556501706143772.725.1731.10.02.73763.001.18-0.132567
31SEAGULL-BAY TENDOY-P-ETPC TR99-NA29HO185904785534205802.656.6753.81.10.71791.210.53-1.192561
32ABS PRESLEY-PP-ETPP TR99-I29HO18642541091152233803.114.2750.40.21.25771.900.23-0.802556
S-S-I FERDINAND BIGHIT P-ETPC TR99-I7HO1364764771764180803.113.575-
34HURTGENLEA SPLND MAURICE-ETPC RC100-NA712HO010034197848194772.825.4734.40.61.42761.980.21-0.452554
35S-S-I SIMPL SIDESWIPE-PP-ETPP RC99-I14HO1474450601075155762.745.9724.40.51.89762.221.24-0.072550
36PROGENESIS WIKIPEDIA P-ETPC TR99-I200HO1110248691083156792.706.0741.71.71.57781.980.440.442548
37ABS JOPPOLO-PP-ETPP TR99-I29HO186394779872186802.875.3741.82.51.05761.530.34-0.732544
PROGENESIS WHIPLASH-P-ETPC TR99-I200HO1105071912061214782.963.774-0.9-1.62.26751.820.820.232544
39MR DELTA ALPHA-PN-ETNPC TC100-NA551HO0352650861357191802.844.3760.7-0.82.38792.390.88-0.702543
40SEAGULL-BAY SPRINGTIME P-ETPC TR99-I147HO025042458159120812.725.6772.92.42.10813.471.35-0.122542
41GENOSOURCE JUSTIFIED P-ETPC TC99-I551HO036753652395147793.117.5755.22.31.96792.522.02-1.452541
KINGS-RANSOM B DRASTIC-P-ETPC TR100-NA7HO141633452293107802.746.0753.02.32.29792.591.311.622541
WILDER HERZSAM PP-ETPP TR99-I200HO0793665651644164762.894.6720.10.42.43732.290.431.212541
44ABS MOONWIND-P-ETPC TC99-I29HO1820266771402196803.062.776-
45HOLYLAND SIMPLICITY-P-RC-ETPC RC99-I7HO1406048711318163802.926.0754.0-0.72.10792.481.87-0.222537
46DENOVO 7876 SWAYZE-PP-ETPP RC99-I29HO187774780796193772.694.9731.60.31.75752.70-0.31-1.102533
DITTMANNSDORF LINO P-REDPC TC100-NA202HO017503640766116772.637.5724.31.72.14742.512.15-0.762533
48AARDEMA FINLEY-P-ETPC TR99-I1HO1347969931741216792.805.5741.0-0.91.10770.970.090.372528
49S-S-I HUMBLNKIND PEPIN-P-ETPC TR99-I14HO1462267511718181773.006.8732.4-0.11.59752.280.79-1.372520
50ABS ENCHANT-P-ETPC TR99-I29HO187435186942200792.795.2730.01.50.98760.940.24-0.622508
GEGANIA DRAGONPC TR99-I198HO021255366807174762.862.972-
52ENDCO EVOLVE-ETPC TR99-NA224HO045116060784176802.873.1751.00.41.94792.040.830.262506
53BOMAZ HAYES-P-ETPC TC99-I29HO1807850831704158942.684.6842.71.31.06881.300.001.132501
54RI-VAL-RE AP VIZARD-PP-ETPP TC100-NA551HO0371247701254165783.036.9743.11.41.54751.741.00-0.622500
55GENOSOURCE AP POET PP-ETPP TC99-I551HO0362054901633193793.143.7740.10.41.87771.551.11-0.212499
56OCD ZIPIT EMMITT PP-ETPP RC99-NA7HO1404256711284185792.764.5741.00.01.69771.820.80-0.692496
57OCD DRAKE ESCOBAR-P-RED-ETPC TC99-NA14HO143114466625147792.746.0742.9-0.12.08762.321.280.972494
58MR BLONDIN PROGRESS P-ETPC RC99-NA551HO033853877975136802.746.3764.30.51.56781.341.651.512492
59MELARRY SIMP SIR-P-RED-ETPC TC99-I7HO1491754531723159762.986.3723.30.01.71762.181.91-1.462489
S-S-I SIMPL EMPHASIS-PP-ETPP TR99-I7HO146524978947183762.954.8722.6-1.11.85752.491.17-0.452489
61MR DG ARMAGEDON P-ETPC TY99-NA515HO003504671899150772.794.2731.2-2.43.45763.430.971.132487
62PEAK ALTAVAULT P-ETPC TR99-I11HO1182960811246197802.973.8760.91.21.13790.94-0.100.002486
63GENOSOURCE AP BONANZA PPPP TC100-NA551HO0356256821711186803.084.9741.61.71.14760.910.10-0.332484
64S-S-I STARR-P EUSTICE-PP-ETPP TR99-I7HO1464562511449153762.964.5721.20.12.21742.270.660.482475
65ABS DANNER-P-ETPC TC99-NA29HO1806660551389157902.724.1800.71.01.34791.640.210.332467
66SWISSBEC YODA-P-ETPC RC99-I286HO0010751411478116802.866.0751.32.51.63781.900.960.692465
67HOOGER RAINBOWPC TC99-I198HO0215049511232119782.755.6742.7-0.12.13762.580.771.492459
68VOGUE SENIOR PP-ETPP RC99-I200HO1152748691179153762.834.8730.7-0.72.24753.01-0.150.552456
69ENDCO THE ANSWER-PO-ETPC TR100-NA534HO0005664801920193953.153.785-
MR BLONDIN POWERFUL PP-ETPP RC99-NA224HO0451051491129137802.875.5753.01.81.48781.710.390.312451
71ERNEST-ANTHONY COLD P-ETPC TR99-NA534HO0006851531102135803.033.175-
72VIEW-HOME POWERBALL-P-ETPC TR100-NA534HO0003168471482167993.072.592-
73HONDA PP-ETPP TC99-I202HO017244552969133782.935.1741.62.31.60741.730.480.262430
74DEOOSTERHOF DGDV CANONPOWER-ETPC TY99-NA224HO0418557771139187793.091.876-1.1-0.72.10782.170.650.142429
75S-S-I SHI MILLER MONGO P-ETPC TR99-I7HO136713949850121802.775.6751.92.70.98792.050.510.172428
76SEAGULL-BAY EVANDER P-ETPC RC100-NA147HO0250249731463150952.745.0852.90.50.79800.760.380.972415
77SEAGULL-BAY SHELDON P-ETPC TR100-NA147HO0250349531504128922.635.4812.91.01.01801.020.580.602408
78ENDCO PB RAMP UP-ETPP RC100-NA566HO0125960641487179842.884.5781.3-0.91.62791.380.12-0.652406
PINE-TREE SPLENDID-P-ETPC RC100-NA29HO182854172903152802.803.5782.0-1.62.49792.900.080.222406
80WINSTAR LUCK PP-RED-ETPP TC100-NA200HO11462253322984782.736.9733.52.61.68762.401.050.222393
81KOEPON ALTATHOR PPPP TR100-NA11HO1222056541126165793.064.0741.20.81.09751.581.11-0.602392
82RI-VAL-RE AP HEMI PP-ETPP TC100-NA551HO0366455701780162793.053.674-0.1-0.31.71761.580.380.102388
83BLONDIN PRIMERIB-ETPP TC99-NA566HO0128940501064109792.744.8740.71.61.75771.420.721.022372
84KNS ABI PP-RED-ETPP TC99-I202HO0168351761051184782.884.0741.6-1.81.22771.381.23-0.582360
85SWISSBEC SHARKS-P-ETPC TR100-NA286HO001082954713122803.005.7752.9-0.21.51782.831.48-0.802356
86PINE-TREE GOLD-PP-RED-ETPP TY99-NA54HO008133775756139772.733.7721.1-1.22.14751.471.271.202352
PINE-TREE SIRI-P-RED-ETPC TC100-NA1HO138403655626138772.835.0723.60.90.98761.730.42-0.702352
88A-DOUBLESTAR PB AQUARIUS-ETPC TR100-NA59HO0009059381894136782.843.074-0.4-0.41.95782.330.23-0.632348
89RI-VAL-RE AP HAMMER PP-ETPP TC100-NA551HO0358853481554136793.083.4741.20.41.64761.930.25-0.022345
90SHA PAN PP-RED-ETPP TC99-I202HO017754724152896762.685.7723.4-0.11.73732.380.84-0.162343
91STANTONS ARCHER-P-ETPC TY99-NA182HO009185154812150802.982.375-
92PINE-TREE CHILE-ETPP TR99-NA566HO0128561471684126783.054.4720.5-0.91.93752.180.741.732334
93MR PB SYNERGY PP 61675-ETPP TR100-NA551HO0340964481583154803.201.9760.3-0.21.70791.800.390.232333
94A-DOUBLESTAR PB ARIES-ETPC TR100-NA59HO0008971362604147782.922.9740.4-1.31.94781.730.15-0.872332
95A-L-H JANCKO PP-ETPP TC99-I202HO0173940511263108772.833.8731.80.11.63751.571.260.972330
96SIMPLE-DREAMS PJ PP-RED-ETPP TC100-NA734HO00100342389877782.756.7732.01.61.53762.231.350.122329
97SEAGULL-BAY EVENT P-ETPC RC100-NA147HO0250149321708109872.586.9794.21.70.13780.570.05-0.322323
98SIMPLE-DREAMS LUX PP-RED-ETPP TC100-NA11HO0058943401349116782.846.3732.81.10.68751.460.72-0.512322
99WENDLAND HOLS LUI-PP-RED-ETPP TC99-NA202HO01774372482994772.706.8723.90.61.10742.241.31-0.572321
100WORMONT RUSS PP-RED-ETPP TC99-NA200HO11126432697489792.804.474-0.3-0.12.64792.751.150.802320

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – Sire Proof Central August 2019

Registration NumberNameRequesterNAAB codeBirth DateGFIProFatFEYield % Rel.SCSPLLIVFIPTATUDCFLCBWCType % Rel.DCEDSBGTPI
HO840003147118734GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ETGeneSeek201901019.772131287742.837.
HO840003205704153SSI-TOG Y291Select201906269.872132281752.658.
HO840003148929351SANDY-VALLEY SUPERCHARGE-ETSelect201905029.771101243772.658.
HO840003149934634PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY 10926-ETSelect201906049.378103245752.449.
HO840003200824445PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ETGenex011HO150362018092710.076124279762.708.
HO840003206093970BOMAZ TOP DOG-ETSelect201903229.460122247762.608.
HO840003203292403T-SPRUCE LEGACY 1249-ETSelect201905309.471106249752.667.
HO840003143986627SIEMERS TIM BOOK 31658-ETSemex2019061410.28799266752.817.
HO840003143986643SIEMERS ZRK ROLETZ 31674-ETSelect2019061610.268103228752.618.
HO840003149934632PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY HONOR-ETSelect201906038.983104253752.627.
HO840003201118971CHERRYPENCOL TREATY-ETSelect201905079.76991227752.618.
HO840003206205365S-S-I LEGACY SPOT LITE-ETSelect201903209.36994234752.529.
HO840003143986308SIEMERS RG ROZLINE 31339-ETSelect201904159.962132255752.566.
HO840003007971642DELICIOUS CHARL HOLDON-ETSexTech551HO03823201811239.975105249762.698.
HO840003203845450STGEN DEDICATE HEIR-ETSexTech551HO03849201901019.964106261772.699.
HO840003206191778FB 390297 KENOBI 186977-ETABS201905309.278111261752.758.
HO840003143060701DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ETABS029HO190102018030810.263123252772.658.
HO840003150997170FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ETSelect2019012210.573100245762.658.
HO840003200824963PEAK POSTV FORTNITE-ETAlta201811029.675115256762.557.
HO840003202070877BUTZ-HILL GOLD MINE-ETGeneSeek201906109.67395240722.729.
HO840003148280158AARDEMA MAGICMAN-ETSelect201906219.37599231752.527.
HO840003200122690IDEAL 12810Select2019062310.172101234752.488.
HO840003142332589PINE-TREE HEROIC-ETABS029HO19000201802239.861139286772.787.
HO840003147118750FARNEAR NACHO 41083-ETGeneSeek201902099.077102259752.768.
HO840003205703847BERRYRIDGE SSI ROADSTER-ETSelect007HO150262019022110.15696196752.657.
HO840003202768334AOT HIGHJUMP-ETZoetis200HO11698201810239.371121267772.726.
HO840003205704035SSI-TOG Y232Select2019051910.160116233752.786.
HO840003200824973PEAK POSTV RUSHMORE-ETAlta201811179.764111233762.658.
HOCAN000013030416CLAYNOOK ZASBERILLA-ETZoetis200HO116682018100610.080130285762.805.4-
HO840003200122693IDEAL 12813Select201906269.77198218752.408.
HO840003206205253WILRA SSI RIVET GENUINE-ETSelect007HO15042201902169.65878188752.468.
HO840003203845363STGEN IDEALIST-ETSexTech551HO03845201812159.574104250772.797.
HOCAN000012857528SILVERRIDGE V EINSTEIN-ETZoetis200HO115862018041810.076104240762.668.
HO840003200649011FB KENOBI TARGARYEN-ETABS029HO192792019010610.18791236762.668.
HO840003202070865BUTZ-HILL GRIT-ETGeneSeek201906079.570109258722.669.
HO840003132354315GENOSOURCE MASTERPIECE-ETGeneSeek201905179.585112269732.787.
HO840003132354318GENOSOURCE MADDEN-ETGeneSeek201905199.278103242732.847.
HO840003151003682LEANINGHOUSE TAOS-ETHO201901299.77690217752.698.
HO840003204165093DENOVO 15855 KAHUNA-ETABS029HO19381201904099.467110250752.709.
HO840003200824740PEAK LISN INCREDIBLE-ETAlta201901199.872110250762.667.
HO840003204165272DENOVO 16034 CABO-ETABS201906029.664113248752.657.
HO840003204457465OCD RIVETING ROMO-ETSelect201906229.564102221752.637.
HO840003137661518WINSTAR 278Select201903119.062116243762.627.
HO840003139112660HILMAR-D RUTG CASTLE-ETSelect201903279.460114233752.686.
HO840003204165241DENOVO 16003 EUTOPIA-ETABS029HO19413201905209.751136262752.578.
HO840003205436541PEAK PLRS TMBRLK 62421-ETAlta2019061410.58883228732.827.
HO840003148918930GENOSOURCE JOYRIDE-ETGeneSeek201904129.475112258732.719.
HO840003204164988DENOVO 15750 MYSTIFY-ETABS029HO19348201903059.880107253762.807.
HO840003205704036SSI-TOG Y231Select201905189.857110226752.605.
HO840003148929298SANDY-VALLEY EK STRIKER-ETABS029HO19319201901199.962116251772.788.
HO840003200122696IDEAL 12816Select201906309.750103209752.539.
HO840003204457288OCD LEGACY BALLISTIC-ETSelect201905179.762113250762.608.
HO840003200824825PEAK ARRA ROBRT 62132-ETAlta201902189.364103239762.838.
HO840003206144957BLUMENFELD RENEGADE 6682-ETSelect201903299.460118241742.637.
HO840003143986604SIEMERS CD RODZTER 31635-ETSelect201906119.86381185752.577.
HO840003150307024BOMAZ FASTBALL-ETZoetis200HO11505201807059.77798226792.717.
HOCAN000013269233PROGENESIS FALLOUT-ETSemex001HO15062201810299.371124278762.896.
HO840003200825135PEAK ROYAL EXPLSN 4291-ETAlta201905029.174103241732.708.
HO840003202985608AURORA RAGNAR-ETSelect201812099.67191236762.649.
HO840003204164778DENOVO 15540 SEMINOLE-ETABS029HO19235201812209.374109265762.666.
HOCAN000013353510PROGENESIS MONTBLANC-ETZoetis200HO11740201902048.986136300762.985.72.0-1.21.952.220.54-0.10731.23.92899
HO840003142332722PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ETSelect007HO14250201706239.563109246802.448.
HO840003148918945GENOSOURCE DREAMY-ETGeneSeek201904259.67196243732.629.
HO840003150687414PINE-TREE 7829 KENOB 530-ETABS201905289.68898257752.947.
HO840003204165191DENOVO 15953 CHALET-ETABS029HO19347201903049.474114260762.797.
HO840003132353072MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ETGenVis551HO03600201707049.48096249772.698.
HO840003206205583S-S-I LEGACY STELLAR-ETSelect201905159.673120265752.577.
HO840003149236639LARCREST 8412Select2019041910.551102209752.518.
HO840003201755687DENOVO 3159 GANDER-ETABS029HO19373201904049.55993224762.719.
HO840003203292328T-SPRUCE HUEY RELIANT-ETSelect201901129.668122250752.866.
HO840003200824169PEAK POSTV FLASHBACK-ETAlta201812089.771103226762.717.
HO840003204165040DENOVO 15802 GATEWAY-ETABS029HO193632019032510.18588236762.578.
HO840003204988631TERRA-LINDA TAHITI 10379-ETSelect201905059.57476216752.719.
HO840003148280120AARDEMA TWILIGHT-ETSelect201905289.375110247742.786.
HO840003149934610PLAIN-KNOLL RENEGADE 10902Select201905029.575115258752.897.
HO840003203845446DELICIOUS CHRL HARDBALL-ETSexTech551HO038512019010910.167117251762.748.
HO840003205703956S-S-I LEGACY SURE FIRE-ETSelect201904079.760125263752.587.
HO840003147223494PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ETSelect007HO14792201805179.94689172772.498.
HO840003148929379SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ETSelect201903189.968116257752.767.
HO840003201118966PEN-COL JANGLE-ETSelect201905029.865108260752.699.
HO840003206349462OCD LEGACY RAVE-ETSelect201906129.44092184752.4810.
HO840003206963799WELCOME H 4222-ETSelect2019052010.657103222752.707.
HO840003204165516DENOVO 16278 KINETIC-ETABS029HO19309201902179.18698245762.766.
HO840003151003820LEANINGHOUSE HOTJB 26151-ETHO201903219.54983172752.538.
HO840003202070769TJR ROYCE-ETGeneSeek201904119.468105251732.798.
HO840003204164789DENOVO 15551 SUBLIME-ETABS029HO19239201812249.251105222762.647.
HO840003206205658SSI-DUCKETT 10732Select201905309.26685202752.607.
HO840003148280118AARDEMA NIGHTFALL-ETSelect201905259.775101243742.757.
HO840003148280153AARDEMA LEGACY FOREVER-ETSelect201906209.66475191752.558.
HO840003205251510S-S-I BG LEGACY EXCEED-ETSelect201904069.266120250752.506.
HO840003205436802PEAK ELVT PRSUT 4332-ETAlta201906279.85184188732.469.
HO840003205703868GENOSOURCE RESOLUTION-ETGeneSeek201903079.256125259742.647.
HO840003208410542PEN-COL L LIBERTY-ETSelect201905229.554104226752.778.
HO840003148929347SANDY-VALLEY ESPIONAGE-ETSelect201904289.670109254762.528.
HO840003200059631GENOSOURCE JERICHO-ETGeneSeek2018101010.075125271752.806.92.7-
HO840003200122701IDEAL 12821Select2019070410.07797226752.647.
HOCAN000013198728STANTONS FIERO-ETABS029HO192872018102610.26183200762.798.
HO840003141201561CO-OP RB CALLAHAN-ETGenex201902109.87399225792.488.
HO840003200825080PEAK LWSON METTLE-ETAlta201902159.260118241752.708.
HO840003149236600LARCREST 8373Select2019022310.06399207752.656.
HO840003148279963AARDEMA MACHONE-ETSemex2019020910.18395236762.617.
HO840003150905532JC-KOW VITALITY-ETABS029HO19248201810199.86985210762.758.
HO840003204326944WET LEGACY MCGYVER-ETSelect201906129.75788195752.439.
HO840003205068717HENDEL 757Select201905099.178101228752.795.
HO840003150687294PINE-TREE SAWYER-ETABS029HO19281201812269.582112274762.845.
HO840003148929262SANDY-VALLEY ETRNTY EDGE-ETSelect201901039.675110258752.747.
HO840003200650109FB 53 KENOBI GIANNIS-ETABS029HO19378201902029.661105224762.617.
HO840003204165287DENOVO 16049 BART-ETABS201906069.658107226752.577.
HO840003205704019SSI-TOG Y208Select201904309.681104258752.628.
HO840003132354452GENOSOURCE LEONELGeneSeek201906189.062104245732.749.
HO840003201862905WINSTAR GALILEO-ETABS029HO19316201901108.873123264762.677.
HO840003204165279DENOVO 16041 FLINT-ETABS201906059.659130264752.667.
HO840003205704055SSI-TOG Y235Select2019052010.265102229752.517.
HO840003206709170WINSTAR KENOBI 2421-ETABS2019041010.07088225752.758.
HO840003201755678DENOVO 3150 GENERATE-ETABS029HO19367201903319.16098220762.647.
HO840003205251522BADGER SSI BRASS LUNA-ETSelect201904099.46989208752.428.
HO840003148929449SANDY-VALLEY DANDY-ETSelect201906199.168109256752.578.
HO840003200825100PEAK PLRS ROBRT 4256-ETAlta201903159.06098212732.618.
HO840003007971552DELICIOUS 3770SexTech551HO03770201808098.879117262762.707.52.9-
HO840003202241152BOMAZ KETTLE-ETABS029HO19334201901219.279115268762.826.
HO840003204165207DENOVO 15969 ATLANTIS-ETABS029HO193762019040710.055121257752.768.
HO840003205610131SSI-PRESTON 216Select201906029.563108233752.488.
HO840003146617798DELICIOUS CHARL 84736-ETSexTech2018110110.16783220762.649.
HO840003150607572DENOVO 15492 HUGO-ETABS029HO19226201811259.668106242772.766.
HO840003205703904S-S-I LEGACY ROCKET-ETSelect201904069.355109221752.448.
HOCAN000013353569PROGENESIS POSITIVE 3860Semex200HO11772201902189.465113228752.597.
HO840003146618621STGEN NASHVILLE 85559-ETSexTech2019032210.16593220752.618.
HO840003149934626PLAIN-KNOLL RNGADE 10918-ETSelect201905289.585101242742.766.
HO840003199699623WELCOME-TEL LENNY 4157ABS201903129.47589221762.568.
HO840003200124761SIEMERS RENGD PARI 30991-ETSelect201902039.672110238742.836.
HO840003200824958PEAK AUSTAD-ETGenex734HO00110201810299.478123285762.845.51.5-
HO840003204326943WET LEGACY MONTANA-ETSelect201906069.470132284762.567.02.1-0.21.812.120.18-0.61744.85.52874
HO840003143806809CO-OP HH JOSPR JUMP CUT-ETGenex2019011910.090127290792.735.51.4-0.41.491.270.580.38782.92.72873
HO840003200824185PEAK POSTV MUSCLE UP-ETAlta2018121210.178136302762.965.
HO840003201863001WINSTAR ORACLE-ETABS029HO19398201902179.86792218762.689.
HO840003202074731REGAN-DANHOF RVTNG 13066-ETSelect2019022110.07174175762.676.
HO840003204165213DENOVO 15975 BONAFIDE-ETABS029HO19389201904249.670114267752.888.
HO840003205704022SSI-TOG Y209Select201905019.75686201752.447.
HO840003206144984BLUMENFELD LEGACY 6709-ETSelect201904209.66782208752.538.
HO840003146618716STGEN NASHVILLE 85654-ETSexTech2019033010.073106246752.748.
HO840003200825137PEAK MADEN MLSTON 4293-ETAlta201905039.757107222732.637.
HO840003201859526OCD MARVEL-ETABS029HO19395201902049.56798219772.867.
HO840003203292370T-SPRUCE RENEGADE 1216-ETSelect201903319.678107252752.706.
HO840003204165271DENOVO 16033 DIEGO-ETABS2019060210.754123239752.848.
HO840003205436293PEAK MLENA ROBRT 62173-ETAlta201903049.66295214762.609.
HO840003205436426PEAK EXCTA HOTJB 62306-ETAlta201904279.076101245742.697.02.6-0.32.552.631.83-0.08714.24.92872
HO840003206349292OCD LEGACY LARS-ETSelect2019043010.16555162752.569.
HO840003205436788PEAK HOLA LWSON 4318-ETAlta2019061110.165117236732.796.
HO840003200122700IDEAL 12820Select2019070310.06397220752.637.
HO840003200824505PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ETGenex011HO150372018101710.589113288762.717.
HO840003202070767TJR EXCLUSION-ETGeneSeek201904119.17083208732.6610.
HO840003202642935HIGHER-RANSOM 11782Select2019051110.155119251752.638.
HO840003202762004OCD LEGACY MISSY 92608-ETSelect2019062010.26085198762.587.
HO840003203570972MIDAS-TOUCH SOL FEATURE-ETSelect201904259.56283199752.658.
HO840003204165229DENOVO 15991 EDWIN-ETABS201905249.663102242752.728.
HOCAN000013198782STANTONS FORMULA1-ETZoetis200HO117352019011810.84986170762.618.
HO840003142352961S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ETSelect250HO14134201703269.574104234772.725.
HO840003143986531SIEMERS NIKO PARTY 31562-ETABS201906029.574120260752.937.
HO840003146619317STGEN CHARL 86255-ETSexTech201905289.968121273762.676.81.5-0.11.982.490.89-1.34733.13.82869
HO840003150607550DENOVO 15470 HALIFAX-ETABS029HO19215201811169.46487210772.747.
HO840003201118925CHERRYPENCOL JIMBO-ETSelect201812069.67090226752.618.
HO840003202074852REGAN-DANHOF LGCY 13187-ETSelect201905139.672112249752.517.
HO840003206205708SSI-DUCKETT 10782Select201906089.47592228752.598.
HO840003132350683DELICIOUS H-NOON TAMPA-ETSexTech551HO03797201801239.57779223772.659.
HO840003143986276SIEMERS R BREWER 31307-ETSelect201904099.078114259742.806.
HO840003200059639GENOSOURCE JAMISON-ETGeneSeek201810139.973121268752.806.
HO840003205436551PEAK CROWN CABOT 62431-ETAlta2019061810.269114253742.547.
HO840003200650524FB 7683 BILLY 184982-ETABS201904018.874130275752.867.
HO840003201862940WINSTAR PIMLICO-ETABS029HO19401201901258.960104226762.588.
HO840003202241122BOMAZ KNOCKOUT-ETGeneSeek029HO19327201812099.768100236772.828.
HO840003202794693S-S-I RENEGADE REXTON-ETSelect007HO149862019011810.180132283752.855.30.2-0.82.401.771.710.07733.74.52867
HO840003201829460WILRA GLITZ 1960-ETABS201905199.177104257752.768.
HO840003204165091DENOVO 15853 KEARNEY-ETABS029HO193792019040910.08891247762.648.
HO840003205436795PEAK RIVER LWSON 4325-ETAlta201906169.162109230732.778.
HO840003146617313DELICIOUS 84251-ETSexTech551HO038722018081210.55791205772.688.
HO840003147987845AOT HAWKEYE-ETZoetis200HO11690201810199.666124270772.856.
HO840003201522153SHILOH-USA HOTJOB STEEL-ETHO201905159.679104243742.698.
HO840003201859640OCD KENOBI FOSTER-ETABS201903039.86496228762.757.
HO840003206349509OCD RIVETING SHADOW-ETSelect2019062110.04777171752.4010.
HO840003206950494SDG 2960 KENOBI 4444-ETABS201905079.56674185752.529.
HO840003132350797EDG NOBLE IMPERIAL-ETSexTech551HO038122018020610.06581208772.628.
HO840003139112663HILMAR ROME ARCHER-ETSelect201904179.660100227752.609.
HO840003148918948GENOSOURCE DRIVEN-ETGeneSeek201904259.17886220722.569.
HO840003150899574BERRYRIDGE SSI SOL CHASE-ETSelect014HO14906201810059.562105226762.677.
HO840003204164913DENOVO 15675 INTUITIVE-ETABS029HO19297201902019.48196245762.608.
HO840003205770086EILDON TWEED KENOB MINCE-ETABS201903089.662110237762.676.
HO840003146619180STGEN NASHVILLE 86118-ETSexTech201905179.871101244762.748.
HO840003150687378PINE-TREE 7589 LIONE 494-ETSelect201904189.079132288752.925.
HO840003203292381T-SPRUCE ROME 1227-ETSelect201904229.256104217752.648.
HOCAN000013269337PROGENESIS MCLAREN-ETZoetis200HO11710201811289.757116236762.857.
HO840003148918954FARNEAR NAUGHTY-ETGeneSeek201904299.658106236732.669.
HO840003148929376SANDY-VALLEY EUSTICESelect201903159.87087222762.597.
HO840003149391871BADGER SSI SOL BULLSEYE-ETSelect007HO14937201811069.17083201762.579.
HO840003200124386SIEMERS SOLUTION ROZY-ETSelect201812019.74886188762.488.
HO840003202768376AOT 1194Select2019053110.080104260762.528.13.8-0.11.541.990.68-0.39754.44.32862
HO840003204164807DENOVO 15569 HIGLEY-ETABS201812279.176118272762.777.
HO840003204165007DENOVO 15769 KELLOGG-ETABS029HO193512019031110.177104254762.767.
HO840003150607286DENOVO 15206 FONDA-ETABS029HO190902018070810.07191209792.537.
HO840003199699626WELCOME TURNKEY 4160Select201903199.669104240752.876.
HO840003200122678IDEAL 12798Select201906089.66795236762.458.
HO840003202070875BUTZ-HILL GLIMMER-ETGeneSeek2019061010.068102240722.748.
HO840003205435835PEAK CTURE HOTJB 81765-ETAlta2019030710.065106234752.766.
HO840003206349434OCD RENEGADE LUNSER-ETSelect201906039.862113245742.707.
HO840003206709088WINSTAR HAWKEYE-ETABS029HO19403201903098.568109236762.638.
HOCAN000013198702STANTONS COCKPIT-ETZoetis200HO11722201810049.658117247762.766.
HO840003133120549S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ETSelect614HO14220201705189.65474174802.418.
HO840003139112686HILMAR 843Select201906059.45982196762.519.
HO840003201118972CHERRYPENCOL JUNIOR-ETSelect2019050810.04981193752.418.
HO840003201829434WILRA KENOBI 1934-ETABS201903289.380111271752.697.
HO840003148918960GENOSOURCE DRAFTPICK-ETGeneSeek201905029.56592231732.5610.
HO840003204457287OCD BRASS LAWLESS-ETSelect2019051610.261106218752.557.
HO840003205436061PEAK STRGZ LWSON 81991-ETAlta201906069.367101226732.857.
HO840003205436800FB DYSTY ROBRT 4330-ETAlta201906238.866102230732.708.
HO840003132354319GENOSOURCE MALONE-ETGeneSeek201905199.167108234732.618.
HO840003139198246COOKIECUTTER HILLTOP-ETZoetis200HO11689201810049.768103229772.727.
HO840003144515526RONELEE WC SOLUTION 404-ETSelect201811279.364118240762.707.13.4-0.62.352.241.980.41752.93.02858
HO840003150687395PINE-TREE 6156 LEGAC 511-ETSelect201905089.780120274752.707.62.8-0.31.761.600.88-0.43724.64.02858
HO840003204382685FLY-HIGHER 177Select201905059.84994201752.559.
HO840003205068704VATLAND LOTUS-ETSelect2019032410.052102211752.447.
HO840003206365677FURNACE-HILL LIBERTY-ETHO2019042610.167106239762.648.34.4-0.21.962.451.060.25742.32.82858
HO840003204165275DENOVO 16037 BOONE-ETABS201906049.284133295752.687.12.6-0.51.320.790.830.15714.33.52857
HO840003143986637SIEMERS ZARK ROLEZ 31668-ETSelect201906159.875111247752.567.32.1-0.31.822.061.480.21724.23.82856
HO840003146619284STGEN NASHVILLE 86222-ETSexTech201905258.875101246752.617.
HO840003202768356AOT GLITZ 1174-ETABS201903139.07699230762.846.41.7-0.32.833.161.260.96743.04.12856
HO840003204165064DENOVO 15826 KNIGHTABS029HO19368201904019.070103245772.757.
HO840003206205446S-S-I RIVETING IMPERIAL-ETSelect201904129.76479198752.618.
HO840003206349504OCD LEGACY DEMOCRACY-ETSelect201906219.653104217762.4710.
HOCAN000013030411CLAYNOOK ZONE-ETZoetis200HO11667201809089.979125283762.876.
HOCAN000013198701STANTONS EPOXY-ETZoetis200HO11666201810039.568140289762.866.02.2-0.41.752.010.59-0.35742.43.82856
HOCAN000013281268CLAYNOOK FAIRFAX-ETZoetis200HO11736201902239.465114237762.726.
HOCAN000013353511PEAK MAJORDOMO-ETZoetis200HO11747201902049.77496235762.578.
HO840003148918941BUTZ-HILL DESTINATION-ETGeneSeek201904218.97985236762.828.
HO840003200824142PEAK MLKTM TIKI-ETAlta201811129.78293228762.559.
HO840003201859739OCD BRASS MARK-ETSelect201903239.57173200752.809.
HO840003204165031DENOVO 15793 VILLANOVA-ETABS029HO193602019032210.155105235762.638.
HO840003205251364BADGER SSI HUEY TWIZZLER-ETSelect2019010110.368115234762.806.
HO840003205428537RI-VAL-RE S-S-I RASHAN-ETSelect007HO14982201901079.573122259742.596.
HO840003204165009DENOVO 15771 AERO-ETABS029HO19352201903129.675138277802.756.73.8-0.11.621.260.500.73784.84.82854
HOCAN000013353578PROGENESIS POSITIVE 3869Semex200HO117712019021910.166110238752.687.
HO840003146616169ST GEN NOBLE DUBAI-ETSexTech551HO038002018022110.16485215772.698.
HO840003200122695IDEAL 12815Select201906299.06499225762.508.
HO840003203098819TERRA-LINDA SOLTON 875-ETSelect007HO149952018122510.05485196752.579.
HO840003204165493DENOVO 16255 HERITAGE-ETABS029HO192692018122110.076114261762.817.83.3-0.11.631.861.42-0.16722.43.92853
HO840003146617444ST GEN CHARL ONETIME-ETSexTech551HO03874201809029.95899220772.668.
HO840003202074701REGAN-DANHOF CONCEPT-ETZoetis200HO117562019020410.66099213772.687.
HO840003204164967DENOVO 15729 JONATHAN-ETABS029HO19343201902259.87297225762.518.
HO840003204456788MR OCDRAMA RETRO-ETABS029HO193942019020810.059104233772.787.
HO840003139123761SYNERGY 6856Select201902079.866110234762.747.
HO840003150687437PINE-TREE 7429 GAMEC 553-ETHO2019062710.05696210762.877.
HO840003200270291LADYS-MANOR 1072Select201905159.353118227752.557.
HO840003201118953CHERRYPENCOL COLLUSION-ETSelect2019032510.16974195752.797.
HO840003204164805DENOVO 15567 KIMMEL-ETABS029HO19241201812279.87396226772.717.
HO840003204165098DENOVO 15860 KEEVA-ETABS029HO19380201904109.481103246762.577.
HO840003204165121DENOVO 15883 GRADY-ETABS029HO193882019042110.068107249762.807.
HO840003204326936WET LEGACY MILAN-ETSelect201905129.562105240762.567.
HO840003205436363PEAK CHROME MLSTON 62243-ETAlta201903279.46399237762.688.
HO840003205436776PEAK ELVT LWSON 4306-ETAlta201905218.868106235732.697.
HO840003205703985FARNEAR-EDG MASTER-ETGeneSeek201904088.872110251722.688.
HOCAN000012949010PROGENESIS MAESTRO-ETSemex200HO113302017120510.06694210772.777.
HOCAN000013353516PROGENESIS MATADOR-ETZoetis200HO11741201902058.868127261762.875.31.9-0.82.803.000.860.34733.96.02851
HO840003148279820TWIN-RIDGE REVELATION-ETSelect201811039.06892214752.518.
HO840003200270290LADYS-MANOR CHLNG OOINK-ETSemex2019051210.559109226752.637.
HO840003200824199PEAK POSTV TELLMAN-ETAlta201812139.871116274762.896.
HO840003201118944CHERRYPENCOL LARGO-ETSelect2019022310.25190198752.449.
HO840003202157344TTM SECURITY-ETABS029HO192852018092410.26671177772.569.
HO840003204165086DENOVO 15848 KENMORE-ETABS029HO193772019040810.077101243762.637.
HO840003145627326DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ETABS029HO18903201711249.279133295793.114.3-
HO840003149150073CO-OP DD SAMSUNG HOTMAIL-ETGenex201812199.162113252762.608.
HO840003150607305DENOVO 15225 SELTZER-ETABS029HO19087