GEYSER explodes in Spain – Sire Proof Central April 2020

There is a new chart-topper in Spain and his name is Tirsvad Hotspot GEYSER.  This Danish sire is +5315 ICO and is a Hotspot P son from Tirsvad Sniper Gambia-ET. In second follows Glenhaven SATURN at +5283 ICO. The third spot is for Danhof GUARIDIAN at +5204 ICO. The #1 daughter proven Spanish bull is this run the domestic bull JULIUS ET at +4176 ICO. In second follows S-S-I Snowman Mayflower with +4105 ICO.

Delta Ribbon Takes Over in the Netherlands – Sire Proof Central April 2020

There is a new number one sire, in the Netherlands and his name is Delta Ribbon.  At +336 NVI he replaces former #1 NVI sire DG DV SIMAX off the throne, who now stands at+334 NVI. Rounding out the top sires is Delta CRAFTSMAN at +326 NVI. On the proven sire list BERNELL takes over the #1 spot with +286 NVI 239 milking daughters and REFLECTOR is at +271 NVI with 179 milking daughters. On the Red & White Sire rankings the top three sires are all sires by #4 sire  NVI sire Delta Jacuzzi-Red (+309 NVI).  Topping the list is Delta Nominator-Red with +350 NVI. The #1 daughter proven R&W NVI sire is again Elegaaster MAXX-RED with +245 NVI and 166 daughters. In second follows Schreur APOLL P-RED with +242 NVI and 191 daughters. Also R DG ADAM-RED has a solide proof and drops one spot to place 4 with +219 NVI and 60 milking daughters.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Pushing Dairy Farmers to the Brink

Long before coronavirus upended everyone’s lives, Pennsylvania dairy farmer Brenda Cochran had been living in near-perpetual crisis. Five years of low milk prices have had the farm operating in the red, the family avoiding calls from creditors, and sometimes struggling to buy groceries. “There has never been a period of worse financial losses and … hopelessness than the past six years,” she said.

The U.S. has been losing dairy farms like the Cochran’s at a rate of nearly nine per day since 2015. Milk prices were expected to rise in 2020 for the first time since then, but the forecasts made a u-turn two weeks ago as the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic began to upend the dairy supply chain. Now, dairy prices are in freefall. Even as grocery stores struggle to keep dairy cases stocked, farmers across the country have begun dumping milk that their processors have no room for. “There’s no one who can sustain this,” said Cochran. “It’s over.”

With dairy farmers’ reserves tapped out, the year that was supposed to be a catch-up is turning into a disaster.

And yet, the depth of the crisis also appears to be motivating big dairy industry players to consider a supply management approach that has the potential reshape how dairy farmers emerge from the pandemic. The two largest U.S. dairy lobby groups released a plan on Tuesday morning to pay producers to reduce their production.

Pandemic Market Disruptions

As the nation stays home to slow the spread of COVID-19, fluid milk sales have increased by as much as one-third, stripping supermarket shelves and leading some stores to limit milk purchases. But the picture is more complicated: As shelter-in-place mandates went into effect, restaurants and schools canceled orders, leading to bottlenecks at processing plants and a larger overall milk surplus. Food service and institutional purchases alone account for about 30 percent of milk sales.

Like many processing plants, Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery in western Wisconsin had orders suddenly canceled; 350,000 pounds of milk were returned to the plant. “The food industry was that big [a percentage of our market] and it just stopped,” said co-op board member and farmer Martin Hallock in a recent interview. To cope with the increase in supply, the plant is now running 24 hours a day, but there is still too much milk.

While more of the lost food service demand could ultimately shift to retail, it will take time for the markets to retool. Some supply chain blockages are due to cold storage facilities being full of dairy products packaged in large restaurant-size containers that cannot be immediately repurposed for grocery shelves.

Working out those kinks will not restore dairy markets, however. “We can’t match the volume of those missing markets,” University of Wisconsin dairy economist Mark Stephenson said in a podcast. Even a 1-2 percent milk supply surplus can result in a major collapse in prices, he said, and we may already be past that amount, as about 8 percent of the nation’s beverage milk is sold to school systems, which are now mostly closed. (Although many school districts are offering grab-and-go meals for students, the volume is far lower than when school is in session.)

In the last week, the prices paid to dairy farmers have crashed to levels not seen in decades. It costs a farmer about $20 to produce 100 pounds of milk. Forecasts for May put the farmer price at $12–“an absolute train wreck,” wrote one industry forecast. The American Farm Bureau Federation calculated milk prices down as much as 36 percent from mid-January, and last week National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), an industry group, estimated gross income for dairy farmers at $6 billion less than it looked two months ago.

As if the situation isn’t bad enough, many in the industry are concerned about further impacts on the supply chain as the virus spreads. There will be both bottlenecks and shortages as farmers, truckers, and processing plant workers fall ill, sending further ripples throughout the industry. The export market will be hit as well, as economies around the world contract as a result of the virus.

Already, farmers across the country are being asked to dump milk because their processors simply could not handle it all. Cochran’s farm got the call to dump milk last Friday—the first time their coop has ever asked them to do so at this scale. “We’re horrified. This is food,” she said. The family gave away what they could to neighbors, but have had to dispose of most of it. They do not know if they will be paid for the dumped milk.

Many dairy cooperatives have adopted quotas to keep milk production in line with what can be sold. Some are taking more extreme measures. In Wisconsin, Ellsworth Creamery sent a letter to its members on April 1 asking them to reduce their production by 7 percent and offering a buyout program to “encourage members to quit dairy farming.” Farmers must sell their cows by April 15 in order to benefit from the program, which agrees to pay out the farmer’s equity in the cooperative if they meet several criteria, including not selling their cows to another member of the co-op.

Already “Really Battered”

Losses from one event–even one at the scale and uncertainty of a global pandemic–can be weathered. But Lynne McBride, director of the California Dairy Campaign, says that dairy farmers have been “really battered for a number of years now,” by record-low prices, extreme weather, and a trade war.

Catherine de Ronde, a senior economist at northeastern dairy cooperative Agrimark, says that if this crisis had happened following years of high dairy prices, the impact could have been much different. Now, she says, “People don’t have any reserves left. They’ve been using them to sustain themselves for the last five years.”

Since 2015, milk prices paid to farmers have been well below their costs of production. As farmers struggled to keep milking even while losing money every month, many couldn’t make it. Farm debt and foreclosures rose, farm suicidesincreased, and the dairy crisis became front page news. From 2014 to 2019, 11,000 dairy farms shuttered, including 3,200 in 2019 alone—a rate of nearly nine per day. Meanwhile, overall milk production and the total number of milk cows increased, continuing a trend towards larger farms and a growing milk supply.

The last five years have roiled the entire industry, forcing out some huge players along with the thousands of family farmers. Dean Foods filed for bankruptcy last November, followed by Borden. Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the country’s largest dairy cooperative, was just approved to buy many of Dean’s assets. Family farmers and advocates have vigorously opposed the merger as anti-competitive, fearing it will drive farmer prices down even more and leave many with only one buyer, and the Justice Department began investigation of the merger. In the last 15 years, Dean and DFA have faced multiple lawsuits, both individually and jointly, from farmers alleging price manipulation and other anti-competitive conduct.

Even with much continued uncertainty, early 2020 looked like it would bring some relief, with farmer prices predicted to climb. More than half of dairy farmers chose not to enroll in Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC), the government dairy insurance program, estimating that higher milk prices would mean they wouldn’t see a payout.

Vance Haugen, a third-generation dairy farmer in Canton Township, Minnesota, looked at the 2020 price forecasts a few months back and thought he would be able to “do some catch-up.” In actuality, his farm had $7,000 more in bills than income in March. The disparity itself is not unusual; farmers often rely on credit, borrowing money early in the season and recouping it when they sell their product.

But this year, the farm’s savings are tapped out and its alternative income streams have dried up. When milk prices were low in the past, the farm could sell calves or temporarily bump up milk production. Now, cattle prices have dropped by as much as two-thirds, and Haugen’s milk cooperative has instituted a quota to keep its members from overproducing. He supports the quota, but it cuts off one of his options.

“We’ve used savings… we’re juggling credit cards. Knock on wood, we’ve been able to make everything work,” he said. “But you can’t keep doing this year after year after year.” Looking at the new future, he said, “things are looking pretty bleak.”

Advocating for Solutions

As the scale of the price drops have become clear in the last week, relief proposals have also come from many corners.

Some provisions in the $2.2 trillion CARES Act pandemic relief package and previous stimulus bills will help dairy farmers, including additional funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other nutrition programs and relaxed rules on to-go school meals, all of which could result in increased dairy purchases. The CARES Act also earmarks $9.5 billion for the hardest hit farm sectors: dairy, livestock, and farmers who sell in local markets, and allocates another $14 billion to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to be spent at the discretion of Secretary Sonny Perdue.

The unrestricted nature of the $14 billion portion has raised concerns among family farmers. USDA dispersed $28 billion in similar funding in 2018 and 2019 to make up for farm losses caused by the trade war. The payments were based on production levels and bigger payments went to larger farms. Corporations like meat giant JBS also received millions. One analysis found that just 100,000 individuals collected 70 percent of the money. Many farmer advocates are issuing recommendations for how funds should be allocated this year to best help struggling dairy farmers in light of the pandemic.

In the last two weeks, senators, industry groups, dairy cooperatives, and others have urged USDA to address the crisis by reopening the Dairy Margin Coverage insurance program, using government funding to purchase dairy products for food banks, and supporting supply chain stabilization. But as the crisis has escalated, advocates say these measures don’t go nearly far enough.

Agrimark, which represents 1,200 farmers in the northeast, proposes establishing a temporary floor price for milk, set at a level that would keep farmers in business and ensure milk plants can continue processing. New England agriculture commissioners are asking for the same. Agrimark’s de Ronde says that bold solutions are needed given the scale of the crisis. The co-op supports reopening DMC and other policies, but, she says, those measures are “not going to keep people from going out of business.”

Lynne McBride, director of the California Dairy Campaign (CDC), agrees. “Our current farm policy is lowering milk prices and increasing production, which is the last thing that we need, especially now,” she said. “We need a change in direction.”

CDC has been part of a growing movement for federal dairy supply management, a policy that balances milk production with national demand to ensure that farmer prices do not fall below a certain level. In some systems, this floor price is based on average costs of production. U.S. farm policy was based on this approach for decades and many other countries have a version of the program, but it has been out of fashion in U.S. farm circles for years. Agriculture Secretary Perdue said last year that the program was not in line with “the spirit of entrepreneurship and economic liberty in the United States.” The last vestiges of dairy supply management in the U.S. were ended in the 2014 farm bill, just before the five-year price crash.

In 2018, with no relief in sight for struggling dairy farmers, a grassroots movement began to educate farmers and policy-makers about the policy. As farms have continued to fail, support has grown quickly, even among large dairy farmers, who McBride says are tired of losing money even as they grow. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both included versions of supply management in their presidential candidate platforms.

CDC and Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU) have circulated letters calling for a supply management program to manage the current crisis. Amidst this rising tide, the biggest dairy cooperatives and trade groups representing processors have continued to oppose the idea, saying the practice would distort trade.

So it was a surprise to many observers when International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), the two largest U.S. dairy lobby groups, released a new plan calling for temporary supply management this week. The plan, which the groups are presenting to Congress and USDA, would run from April to September and pay producers to reduce production by 10 percent.

“I’m delighted that groups like NMPF and IDFA are coming together to support dairy farmers,” said WFU Policy Director Kara O’Connor, in a phone interview. However, WFU, National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC), and others are cautious about the proposal, raising initial concerns that it may not raise prices adequately for farmers. (Full disclosure: I consult with NFFC on dairy policy.)

Even with the catastrophic predictions for the industry, Lynne McBride remains hopeful about the potential for change. “There are ways to build incentives so you don’t continue to see 90,000-cow dairies continue to grow while smaller farms go out of business,” she says. The crisis is revealing long-standing problems with the industry. “As bad as things are, it points to a need to get a handle on production and figure out what the best and most resilient food system looks like for the long term.”


2020 US National Holstein Convention postponed for one year

The 2020 National Holstein Convention set for June 22-26, to be hosted by the Pennsylvania Holstein Association at the Lancaster Marriott, has been postponed for one year due to the national COVID-19 pandemic.

Together the Pennsylvania Holstein Association and Holstein USA determined the safety of the members and guests was top priority. The decision was made quickly so attendees would not make travel arrangements. Information regarding junior contests and activities, as well as the adult annual meeting proceedings will be forthcoming.

Pennsylvania will now host the convention from June 19-24, 2021, thanks to the Ohio Holstein Association’s willingness to forgo its year to host. The 2021 convention will remain at the Lancaster Marriott.

More information, like canceling hotel rooms, is available HERE. More will be shared as it becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding – we are all in this together. Stay safe!

Australian dairy farmers assured there will be no need to dump milk

The Australian dairy industry has reinforced its intention to maintain milk flow during COVID-19 concerns, putting practices in place to ensure this happens.

The Australian Dairy Industry Council is aware of footage of dairy farmers in the European Union, United Kingdom and United States having to dump milk due to oversupply caused by the shutdown of restaurants and other bulk buyers to stop the spread of COVID-19.

ADIC chair and Australian Dairy Farmers president Terry Richardson assured farmers there was little risk of milk needing to be dumped in Australia.

“These are turbulent times and we feel for our colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere because spring marks the start of their peak milk production period and food service outlets have shut down, but it’s a different situation in Australia,” Mr Richardson said.

“The dairy processing sector has a strong track record of ensuring the reliable collection of raw milk over many years and through various crises.

“During COVID-19 the industry continues to work collaboratively to ensure continuous, safe and efficient milk collection from the farm gate, right through the supply chain, with no interruptions.”

The dairy industry has formed a National Response Group to ensure a united response to the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining supply chains and product quality, and protecting the health and safety of farmers and workers.

Comprised of representatives from ADF, the Australian Dairy Products Federation and Dairy Australia, the group has worked to ensure dairy and all supply components are classified as an essential service, and have implemented measures to keep supply chains operating.

ADIC deputy chair and Australian Dairy Products Federation president Grant Crothers said processors and haulage companies continued to work together to ensure milk pick-ups would occur safely under any circumstances.

“Dairy farmers’ milk will continue to be collected, and we see no reason whatsoever for milk to be dumped,” Mr Crothers said.

“Should any dairy processor not be able to pick up milk, they’d simply need to pick up the phone and call another processor or the ADPF, it’s as simple as that.

“As long as farmers continue to produce safe, fresh and nutritious milk, Australia’s processors will ensure supply across retail, and replenish all products.

“The message for Australia is clear. The dairy industry is essential and open for business.”


Southwest Missouri dairy farmers forced to pour out milk during pandemic

In emergencies, many people rush to the store for eggs, bread and milk. When the coronavirus pandemic set in, that’s exactly what many did. Panic buying left store shelves empty, so many grocery stores now have limits on essential items. That’s affecting the people who produce them.

Scott Francka is a fourth generation dairy farmer.

“It’s one of those things that helps me get up in the morning, I guess. Puts a smile on my face,” he said.

Francka and his family milk their cows twice a day on their Polk County farm.

“Every twelve hours. We start at one in the morning and one in the afternoon,” he said.

That milk is sold to processors who turn it into dairy products like cheese, yogurt and obviously, gallons of pasteurized milk. Demand for those things declined when schools and many restaurants closed. Then it got worse.

“Three weeks ago is when it started, and everybody was going to buy all their milk out of the stores. It was flying off the shelf,” Francka said. “Demand was really high and unfortunately, stores got to where they were putting limits on how much they were buying.”

Those limits are causing big problems for dairy farmers like Francka.

Every other day, he said, the farm produces about 22,000 pounds of raw milk. On Sunday, he had to pour it down the drain.

“We dumped, I believe, 19,980 pounds I believe,” he said. “You put your heart into it. To watch your product flowing down the drain is just heartbreaking and emotional.”

Now, the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the State Milk Board are calling for grocery retailers to stop telling customers how much milk they can buy. Governor Mike Parson agrees.

“I would hope they’d take a different view of that and allow those farmers to sell their product and let the consumer get what they want,” Parson said.

According to Francka, this is happening all across the country.

“It’s thousands of gallons over the entire United States and different co-ops and farms,” he said. “We’re talking a lot bigger picture than just what’s happening here.”

Francka said there’s an easy way for Missouri shoppers to support their local farmers for generations to come.

“Throw some extra cheese on your tacos. Pour an extra glass of milk. It’s healthy. Just use a little bit of extra product. It’ll go a long ways for us,” he said.

Francka still got paid for the milk he lost, because of a contact with a marketing co-operative. He said milk haulers, on the other hand, are not so lucky. Francka is hoping that was the one and only time he’ll have to pour out his product.

For the statement from the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the State Milk Board, click HERE



Jersey Canada announces cancellation of the 2020 World Jersey Cattle Bureau Tour

It is with great sadness that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jersey Canada is cancelling the 2020 World Jersey Cattle Bureau Tour scheduled for this coming June and July. All paid registrants will receive a full refund. The WJCB board will be holding their meeting by e-conference.

We would like to thank the farms that chose to participate and the sponsors that came on board to support the tour.

Dairy farmers begin to dump milk as California restaurants, schools close amid coronavirus pandemic

On a dairy in Galt, Arlin Van Groningen’s 1,250 cows continue to produce milk. The third generation dairy man’s majority of product is sold for butter and powder, which means he has so far escaped the coronavirus economic fallout.

“We haven’t had to do that and as far as I know,” Van Groningen said. “Our co-op, none of its members have had to dump milk.”

But other local dairies have not been so fortunate and have begun dumping milk because not enough people or restaurants are buying it during the statewide stay at home order.

According to the United Western Dairies, which represents 860 California dairies, about 10% is getting dumped.

“It is happening. It’s not a ton right now,” said Anja Raudabaugh,CEO of United Western Dairies.

Raudabaugh says there’s lots of supply, but demand is dwindling, largely in part due the mass closing of restaurants across the state. After Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order for people to stay to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, restaurants had the option to close completely or switch to delivery and take-out only.

Raudabaugh said because of that, the UWD has struggled “meeting our contracts in that area.”

Plus, schools are closed, which means another large portion of milk product is no longer heading to cafeterias.

“They’re generally processing over 100% of their capacity, but if they don’t have a contract that’s viable, then in most cases, it’s because the restaurant space for the most part has shut down,” Raudabaugh said.

Van Groningen said there’s also a transportation and grocery store issue, trying to get milk to grocery stores and markets. 

One solution: People will need to buy more milk.

“Most of our dairy farms are within 50 miles of most urban residents, so you are really guaranteeing a good, quality and safe nutritious product,” Raudabaugh said.


Holstein Canada announces prefix sharing made possible to Junior members

Holstein Canada has announced that prefix sharing has been made possible to Junior members!

A great initiative for future Holstein producers across Canada. They have got some special perks for their junior members, including:

  • Free Holstein Canada membership! This lets you take part in Holstein Canada services, get preferred fees for Registrations, and gain access to awesome learning and training opportunities.
  • Junior Members also have the ability to start their own new prefix or share in their family’s prefix. You can start achieving all your Holstein dreams early!
  • Once they’ve signed up, Junior Members will receive an introductory New Members kit with a loyalty gift and bimonthly issues of InfoHolstein.

Find all necessary the information on Holstein Canada!


Tips for dairy herd safety during COVID-19

University of Missouri Extension dairy specialist Stacey Hamilton and veterinarian Scott Poock used to repeat one word to students and workers at MU’s Foremost Dairy Research Center. “Intake. Intake. Intake” has given way to “Sanitize. Sanitize. Sanitize.”

“The best way to improve the bottom line of your dairy operation now is to protect your people,” Hamilton says. The close-knit links between dairy farmers and vendors make social distancing difficult but imperative.

Put social distancing into practice both on and off the farm. “Social distancing may be practiced at the farm level, but if not practiced away from the farm, it puts all farm people at risk,” Hamilton says. Practice basic hygiene at home and at work by frequent hand-washing with soap and water.

He and Poock give the following tips:

1. Use technology. Use Zoom videoconferencing to show employees what needs to be done with equipment, fields and cows. Use a phone or tablet to take pictures to share. Brush up on herd management software and apps such as the MU Grazing Wedge.

2. Create a contingency plan. A plan and protocol help producers react responsibly to emergencies. Have a plan in place listing who can assume critical duties if illness strikes employees or family members. Post the plan.

3. Communicate safety expectations to employees. Post signs and communicate to employees the importance of following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Educate employees about COVID-19 symptoms. Expect workers to wear clean uniforms and launder them daily.

4. Cross-train employees where possible. Ask employees if they know of family members, friends or students taking online courses who might be available to help in case of illness. Talk to other herd owners about sharing worker resources in the event of a shortage.

5. Limit traffic into and out of the farm with a single entry or exit point. Do not allow nonessential visitors to the farm. Stagger deliveries and ask delivery people to leave packages at areas away from dairy buildings. Keep a log of all off-farm visitors.

6. Limit the number of workers operating farm equipment. Make sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, nitrile gloves and personal protective equipment available. Place in vehicles and shared areas such as bathrooms and the break room. Assign an employee to be responsible for disinfecting common areas. Disinfect doorknobs, lockers, telephones, light switches, time clocks and other surfaces that people may frequently touch. Make washing stations available if possible.

7. Discuss sick leave with employees prior to them becoming sick. Poock recommends that herd managers take and record the temperature of all farmworkers before and after work. If workers have elevated temperatures, send them home as a precautionary measure.

8. Assign work zones. “The parlor will be trickier in COVID-19 times,” says Hamilton. “If possible, do the milking with just one person.” If it is not possible, allow social distancing by designating zones in the parlor for each person. Assign duties that one person can accomplish. Assign zones when working cattle also. “Employees should be like two ships passing in the night,” says Poock.

9. Consider mealtime safety. Where will employees eat? If more than one generation of a family works at the dairy farm, where will they eat?

10. Remember that employees and vendors are under stress at home and at work. Keep in touch with friends, neighbors and community members through phone calls, videoconferencing and email.

The work may take longer, Hamilton and Poock say, but the health of farm people is critical.

Many county extension centers are closed, but MU Extension specialists are still available by telephone or email. MU Extension also posts regular updates and new resources related to COVID-19 at

For more than 100 years, University of Missouri Extension has extended university-based knowledge beyond the campus into all counties of the state. In doing so, extension has strengthened families, businesses and communities.

Milk futures drop in Chicago Wednesday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange May Class III milk futures limit down 75 cents at $11.83.  June 54 lower at $13.26.  July through September three to 42 cents lower.

Dry whey up $0.01 at $0.34. Blocks unchanged at $1.1275. Barrels down $0.0350 at $1.0650.  Five trades were made, ranging from $1.0650 to $1.1125. Butter up $0.0350 at $1.30.  Three trades made at $1.30. Nonfat dry milk up $0.0050 at $0.9050.  Three trades were made, with a range of $0.9025 to $0.9050.

Diverse Offering Joins Progeny Proven Lineup

Fourteen sires graduate to the daughter-proven ranks in the Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations lineups. Graduating sires include 10 Holsteins, two Jerseys, one Brown Swiss and one Milking Shorthorn. Select Sires remains committed to match the genetic requests of all customer-owners, regardless of breed, environment or herd goals as directed by the cooperative’s sire committees.  

“This class of newly proven graduates adds to an already stellar lineup and bolsters Select Sires’ leadership among industry indexes and rankings,” says Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle genetics. “Select Sires is privileged to work with the best breeders in the business and these sires exemplify profitable and progressive genetics designed by dairy producers, for dairy producers.”

Select Sires Highlights

    • 7HO12886 CANNON makes his debut to the proven lineup as a top-15 GTPI® sire at +2801 GTPI.


    • 7HO12942 RESOLVE offers an outcross pedigree with +2739 GTPI, and he’s RobotPRO® designated.


    • As mastitis resistance genetics prove to be increasingly valuable, 7HO12974 COPYCAT (2.69 SCS, 102 Zoetis Mastitis, +0.9 CDCB Mastitis) and RESOLVE (2.68 SCS, 102 Zoetis Mastitis, +1.7 CDCB Mastitis) offer an elite combination of udder health and milk quality traits.


    • For genetic programs that consider health and wellness traits a priority, this class of Holstein graduates offers quality and quantity. 7HO12872 TRUMP leads this category of sires with elite values for Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (+978 DWP$®) and Wellness Trait Index® (+249 WT$®)    .


    • Summer heat is bound to impede conception rates and this offering includes four sires with positive Sire Conception Rates (SCR). 7HO12999 BRENNAN (+1.7 SCR), COPYCAT (+1.4), 7HO12868 ADVANCE (+1.3) and RESOLVE (+1.1) offer breeders confidence with high sire fertility and balanced proofs.


    • Popular as a young sire, 7JE1569 JX AVON KLAY {3}-P joins the proven lineup as a health trait improver with extremely valuable Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+1.4 DPR) and Cow Conception Rate (+1.7 CCR) traits. From our partners at Jerseyland Sires, JX AVON KLAY {3}-P offers balanced production, A2A2 and BB Kappa-Casein coupled with Polled genetics.


  • 7MS360 MD JUSTICE checks all the boxes for customer satisfaction among Milking Shorthorn breeders. With solid milk yield (+798 Milk), A2A2 and breed-leading Type (+0.5 PTAT, +0.78 UDC), this Megadeth son is a great addition to the Milking Shorthorn lineup.

Accelerated Genetics Highlights    

    • 14HO7784 HECTOR transmits elite production (+1,865 Milk, +60 PTAP, +55 PTAF) as an outcross sire.


    • 14HO7828 ODIN offers a unique sire stack (Hotrod x (GP-83-DOM) Ransom x (GP-83-VG-MS) 7HO10524 ROBUST) with favorable wellness and fertility traits (+165 WT$, +1.2 SCR).


    • 14JE758 KNOCK-OUT is an A2A2, RobotPRO sire, known for lengthening teats and improving foot angle.


  • 14BS393 DYNAMITE is a FertilityPRO® designee and known for siring daughters with superior type and excellent mammary systems (+1.21 UDC).

GenerVations Highlights   

    • Popular ShowcaseTM sire, 250HO12961 DOC has earned his spot on the daughter-proven lineup. This elite Type sire (+3.10 PTAT) has a flawless linear and combines valuable production traits (+1,318 Milk) to sire profitable daughters.


  • 250HO13531 TOTEM offers an outcross pedigree with exceptional mastitis resistance and wellness traits (2.59 SCS, +690 DWP$).

For more information about individual sires, please visit and use the Dairy Sire Search to locate a sire or create an index specific to your herd goals.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is the largest global A.I. cooperative and is comprised of six farmer-owned and -controlled local organizations in the United States. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen, as well as excellence in service and programs to supply dairy and beef producers with the world’s best genetics.

Source: 04/20 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, BSCBA/AJCA/HA/AMSS Type Evaluation %Rel: COPYCAT SCS 86, Zoetis Mast. 54, CDCB Mast. 70, SCR 93; RESOLVE SCS 89, Zoetis Mast. 56, CDCB Mast. 71, SCR 93; BRENNAN SCR 95; ADVANCE SCR 99; RESOLVE SCR 93; JX AVON KLAY {3}-P DPR 72, CCR 73; MD JUSTICE Type 37, Yield 72; HECTOR Yield 92; ODIN SCR 96; DYNAMITE Type 81; DOC Type 87, Yield 92; TOTEM SCS 89. JX AVON KLAY {3}-P is BBR 92 and JH1F. KNOCK-OUT is BBR 100 and JH1F. DYNAMITE is BH2T.

™Showcase is a trademark of Select Sires Inc. ®RobotPRO and FertilityPRO are registered trademarks of Select Sires Inc. TPI is a registered trademark of Holstein Association USA. Dairy Wellness Index, DWP, Wellness Trait Index and WT$ are registered trademarks of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. 


Gordon Joins World Wide Sires Team

World Wide Sires is pleased to announce that Laura Gordon has joined World Wide Sires (WWS) as Area Director of Marketing. In her new role, Laura will be responsible for sales and marketing in several countries in Europe.

Laura has over five years of experience in the A.I. industry. Previously, Laura worked as a Product Development Specialist, Global Genetic Services Brand Manager and District Account Manager for another A.I. organization. Most recently, she served as a Market Development Manager in the citrus industry.

Laura holds a Master’s degree in International Agriculture, Marketing & Business Development Focus from Oklahoma State University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Agricultural Systems Management from The Ohio State University.

Scott Ruby, Vice President of Marketing of World Wide Sires commented, “We could not be happier to be having someone as qualified as Laura Gordon joining our dynamic team.  Her experience, skills, and positive attitude will be an excellent fit, and we are looking forward to having her interacting with our global customers soon.”

Laura will work from the Visalia, California office.

We are pleased to have Laura join the WWS team. Her experience will be a great asset to World Wide Sires and its global network of distributors.


World Wide Sires, Ltd. remains at the forefront in providing exceptional genetics for outstanding type and phenomenal production.  A leading exporter of U.S. livestock semen, World Wide Sires represents Accelerated Genetics, Genervations and Select Sires in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

US dairy farms face financial trouble as coronavirus spreads

For dairy farmers in the United States, the timing of the Covid-19 pandemic could hardly be worse.

As the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads across the US and changes so many aspects of public life, it’s also reshaping how consumers buy dairy products. And while lots of farmers are experiencing increased demand for their foods, experts estimate demand for dairy has evaporated by nearly half.

The US dairy supply generally increases in the spring season, part of the natural cadence at which cows produce milk. But according to a new report by CoBank (pdf), there’s little demand for it this year. Economic weakness led big export markets, including China, to slash the volume of US milk they’re importing. School closings across the US—particularly elementary schools—have also put a major dent in milk consumption.

“The biggest thing is the collapse in the restaurant and food service demand,” says Lucas Fuess, a food industry analyst with HighGround Dairy. “It’s tough to get numbers, but I would estimate as much as 40% of dairy goes into food service channels.”

That’s a significant number, especially considering many US dairies were already largely struggling financially. Farm balance sheets, checking accounts, and cashflow were already in a pretty critical situation going into 2020, Fuess says. Now, with the US expected to skid into a recession, people may be spending less on premium dairy products. The result: “We could see a lot of bankruptcies pretty quickly,” he says.

There are a few ways to visualize the pain dairy farms are feeling. One is by charting out prices on the spot market, a daily auction where buyers and sellers make bids for and trade dairy products. The daily settlements set the prices that companies use when doing business, reflecting how much farmers can get for their goods. Spot market prices of butter and cheese blocks show a clear dip in the last part of March.

Another way to visualize the downturn: actual photos and videos of milk dumping being shared by dairies on Twitter. Farmers who have more milk than they can sell are literally dumping whole milk onto the grounds of their farms because there’s nowhere for it to go.

There are a couple bright spots, the CoBank report points out.


“A stable-to-slowly shrinking cow herd will keep milk production figures in check while the world emerges from a global pandemic,” it states. The number of dairy cows in the US has been decreasing for decades as farmers have found ways to increase the amount of milk individual cows produce. The stability of that downward trend will help farmers plan for future business. “Feed costs are expected to be lower, which will also help dairy farmers weather this uncertain time.”

The question is how many farms will be able to weather the current crisis.


Permit transfer approved for controversial dairy

A controversial Eastern Oregon dairy is officially under new ownership, though it will likely be months before state regulators decide if the facility can reopen.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has approved the transfer of the former Lost Valley Farm in Boardman to Easterday Farms based in Pasco, Wash.

Easterday bought the property for $66.7 million last year.

Lost Valley Farm opened in 2017 and was permitted for up to 30,000 cows, making it the second-largest dairy in Oregon.

However, under previous owner Greg te Velde, Lost Valley almost immediately began violating the conditions of its permit for improperly handling and storing manure.

Te Velde declared bankruptcy in April 2018 amid allegations of persistent drug use and gambling. Later that year, he was stripped of his control over Lost Valley — along with two other dairies in California — and a federal trustee was put in charge.

The trustee, Randy Sugarman, decided to close and sell the dairy but was first responsible for cleaning up the site. On Dec. 30, 2019, ODA issued a “letter of satisfaction” for the cleanup, which included removing all cows, flushing barns and emptying wastewater lagoons.

ODA recently transferred the “zero-animal clean-up permit” to Easterday Farms, though the dairy cannot reopen until the state approves a new Confined Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO, permit. Easterday Farms has applied for a new CAFO permit, which is under review and expected to go out for public comment this summer.

Oregon’s CAFO program is jointly managed by ODA and the state Department of Environmental Quality.

Easterday Farms Dairy would have up to 28,300 cattle, with 8,000 mature dairy cows and 2,650 heifers housed under roof along with 1,700 mature cows and 5,950 heifers in open confinement. The farm plans to invest $15 million to bring the operation into full environmental compliance.

According to the CAFO application, the dairy will generate roughly 5.4 million cubic feet of liquid manure, 5.9 million cubic feet of solid manure and 11.7 million cubic feet of processed wastewater annually. The nitrogen-rich manure will be stored in lagoons and used for fertilizer on 5,390 acres of surrounding farmland, growing crops such as potatoes, onions and forage for the cows.

A coalition of environmental and animal rights groups has called for Oregon to reject the dairy’s permit and declare a moratorium on “mega-dairies,” citing the failure of Lost Valley Farm.

ODA has attributed problems at Lost Valley to poor management, and would look to Easterday Farms to achieve and maintain CAFO compliance going forward.


Dairy United as NMPF, IDFA Submit Request for Aid to Farmers, Processors

Last night, the National Milk Producers Federation, the largest organization of U.S. dairy farmers, and the International Dairy Foods Association submitted a request for assistance to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern offered the following statement:

“As most of the country shelters in place and large swaths of the foodservice sector come to a standstill, dairy sales outside retail channels have plummeted. Market prices have fallen rapidly, creating a crushing economic outlook for producers of nutritious, and necessary, milk and dairy products.

“While no plan can wholly remedy the losses that are occurring, dairy is responding with a united plan that can help mitigate the damage caused to it by the COVID-19 pandemic. After extensive discussions across the industry, we have developed this comprehensive action plan to address many of the key marketplace challenges created by the pandemic and are presenting it to USDA.

“We will engage in discussions with USDA in the coming days to discuss the proposal, urging the department, as we know it will, to move quickly to address the effects of the pandemic on our industry. We also understand the demands being placed on USDA at this time. Nevertheless, after five straight years of poor milk prices that were just starting to improve before the pandemic hit, USDA’s immediate actions here will be critical to help people survive the market devastation that has occurred. We look forward to working closely with USDA as we fight for dairy farmers.”

The National Milk Producers Federation, based in Arlington, VA, develops and carries out policies that advance dairy producers and the cooperatives they own. NMPF’s member cooperatives produce more than two-thirds of U.S. milk, making NMPF dairy’s voice on Capitol Hill and with government agencies. For more, visit

Taking a lean management approach to drive efficiency on dairy farms

Dairy farms could boost efficiency and returns by taking a lean management approach, the Australian Dairy Conference earlier this year was told.

Jana Hocken, who worked as an engineer with Toyota and a lean management consultant across the globe, was horrified by what she saw on farm when she and her husband took on the management of his family’s 1000-cow operation.

But she realised the same lean management principles she had helped introduce to large businesses could be applied successfully on farms.

“One of the definitions of lean is the relentless pursuit of identifying and eliminating waste in all forms in order to improve business performance and customer satisfaction,” she said.

“If we look at our processes in the eyes of customers … and we define value in the eyes of our customer, then 95 per cent and sometimes more of our processes are non valued-added in the eyes of customers.”

But this created the opportunity.

These processes could be simplified or reduced without having any impact on the customer.

This would not change the milk price or government regulation or any of the other external pressures on the business, but it would help people working in the business do things in a better way.

It would mean fewer resources and less time was needed to do things.

Ms Hocken said waste in a lean management fell into eight categories, that could be represented by the acronym DOWNTIME:

  • Defect – when things go wrong, fix a fence, milk goes down the drain, cows in the wrong paddock.
  • Overproduction – for example, stock, feed, so using resources for something not needed.
  • Waiting – for animals, decisions, supplies.
  • Not-Utilised people – particularly not listening to people’s ideas that could make processes better.
  • Transportation – moving stuff around unnecessarily, such as moving a pile of feed or mineral from one place to another.
  • Inventory – having more of what is needed, for example buying medications that were not needed that expire.
  • Motion – people moving around when not needed.
  • Extra processing – doing more than is required to get an outcome.

Ms Hocken said it was vital to establish clear, standardised processes for tasks done on the farm.

The keys were to provide specific directions, use visualisation where possible and ensure people understood the end outcome.

It was also important to create open, transparent workplaces where teams were engaged and empowered and there was two-way discussion, where people could ask questions and receive feedback.

Ms Hocken provided an idea of what this waste could look like on a dairy farm (see Figure 1).

FIGURE 1: How a normal farm and a lean farm compare.

Simplifying processes and setting up the farm in a more logical way could reduce waste in many areas: pasture, feed, effluent, labour, resources used and time.

She gave a specific example of a change implemented on their farm in Teat Seal treatment (see Figure 2).

FIGURE 2: A lean management example that cut costs on a New Zealand farm.

Under the old system, five staff members did full treatment on individual cows on particular parts of the stationary rotary platform.

Under the lean system, the process was turned into something like an assembly line. The rotary moved at a 20-second intervals and each person was allocated a specific task to do on every cow and the five staff members stood side by side around the platform. One person cleaned the back teats, the next person sealed the back teats, the next person cleaned the front teats, the next person sealed the front teats, and the last person painted the cow red/orange and teat sprayed.

The change cut the time spent from six hours to two hours, reduced the number of Teat Seal tubes used, and reduced the subsequent number of cows with mastitis, halving the cost of antibiotic used on the farm.

“All we did was change the process, some impressive results just by thinking differently about how you do things,” Ms Hocken said.

The change produced a 66pc reduction in time, a 9pc reduction in Teat Seal, a 43pc reduction in mastitis and a 26pc reduction in costs. It also reduced the stress on the animal and the people, which also reduced the amount of effluent and the water needed to clean it up.

“If you do right things the right way, you’ll get right results,” Ms Hocken said. Looking after the environment, animals and land was good for business, it made business sense.

Ms Hocken has written a book, The Lean Dairy Farm, on how she applied these principles on a dairy farm.


GDT event up by 1.2%

Today’s Global Dairy Trade Event 257 has concluded with the GDT Price Index up by 1.2%.

Key results are as follows:

AMF index up 0.4%, average price US$4,345/MT

Butter index up 4.5%, average price US$4,263/MT

BMP index down 11.9%, average price US$2,446/MT

Ched index up 0.2%, average price US$4,395/MT

LAC index up 4.4%, average price US$959/MT

RenCas index down 2.6%, average price US$9,717/MT

SMP index down 0.8%, average price US$2,514/MT

SWP index not available, average price not available

WMP index up 2.1%, average price US$2,820/MT

Milk futures across the board higher in Chicago Tuesday

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange milk prices across the board were limit higher in both Class III and Class IV. May Class III milk futures  up 75 cents to $12.58.  June 75 higher at $13.80.  July through September contracts also up 75 cents.

On the commodities Dry whey unchanged at $0.33. Blocks steady at $1.1275. Barrels up $0.01 at $1.10. Butter $0.01 higher at $1.2650. Nonfat dry milk up $0.0375 at $0.90.  Three trades were made at $0.90.

Additional Traits Enhance Selection Insights From CLARIFIDE® Plus Testing

New cow-wellness and fertility traits improve predictions for potential lifetime profitability

Dairy producers now have additional trait insights to help predict potential lifetime profitability. Results from CLARIFIDE® Plus genetic testing for Holsteins and Jerseys now include cow-wellness traits for cow respiratory disease and fertility traits for cow abortion, twinning and cystic ovary. Previously available only for Jerseys, Holsteins now have milk fever available among the cow-wellness trait insights. These new trait insights are in addition to cow-wellness traits for mastitis, lameness, metritis, retained placenta, displaced abomasum and ketosis, and calf-wellness traits for calf livability, respiratory disease and scours.

With the availability of more trait insights, Zoetis also has updated the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®), which helps producers predict potential lifetime profit of individual dairy replacements. The latest update incorporates additional traits impacting lifetime profitability, including cow abortion, twinning, cow respiratory disease and cystic ovary.

“We’re helping our customers build a cow for the future,” said Dave Erf, geneticist, U.S. Dairy Technical Services for Zoetis. “That cow needs less interventions, needs to live longer and needs to produce more milk over more lactations; essentially, deliver more ROI and profitability over her lifetime.”

Improved lifetime profitability prediction

The impact of DWP$ has benefits over other ranking methods, such as Net Merit (NM$).

“DWP$ has a three-pronged approach to improving production, fertility and health, simultaneously. NM$ is more focused on production and fertility, with a minor acknowledgment of health traits,” Erf said. Selection index updates and the incorporation of the new fertility and wellness traits into DWP$ also are increasing the accuracy of DWP$ in predicting potential lifetime profitability.

In a study, Zoetis ranked Holstein cows tested with CLARIFIDE Plus with the updated DWP$ from April 2020. There was an additional 1,442-pound difference in lifetime energy corrected milk (ECM) and $141 in lifetime income over feed costs (IOFC) per cow between the best 25% and worst 25% than when we ranked the same cows by DWP$ in 2018. This indicates the latest DWP$ updates have improved the accuracy of predicting lifetime profitability.

DWP$ predictions are a useful tool for dairy producers interested in using genetics as a method to improve their overall herd profitability. Incorporating DWP$ into breeding and culling decisions will help dairy producers create a herd for the future that is capable of higher lifetime profit when combined with best herd management practices. More information is available at

About Zoetis

Zoetis is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on more than 65 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products, which are complemented by biodevices, genetic tests and precision livestock farming. Zoetis serves veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals with sales of its products in more than 100 countries. In 2019, the company generated annual revenue of $6.3 billion with approximately 10,600 employees. For more information, visit

High Ranking Sire Report – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Bulls must have a minimum of 80% traditional U.S. reliability or 85% Genomic reliability for production and type.

TR TP100-NA14HO07770SILVER x SUPERSIRE721322015282993.011.891-3.6-0.31.40980.950.350.402997G
PINE-TREE BURLEY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18225BOASTFUL x ALTAOAK521081479232992.894.7901.32.00.57930.210.96-0.582922G
S-S-I JOSUPER ROCKETFIRE-ETTR TP99-I7HO13454JOSUPER x STERLING85672836194972.906.5883.51.00.73930.54-0.250.552893G
WELCOME SILVER GRIFF-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07796SILVER x SUPERSIRE581071122245983.252.4880.01.40.85900.810.76-0.332876G
PEAK HOTLINE-ETTY TV100-NA97HO41774ALTAHOTROD x MOGUL55941158201972.970.288-2.6-1.32.89961.931.591.252840G
ABS ACHIEVER-ETTC TY99-NA29HO18296YODER x ALTAEMBASSY33113513227952.775.2873.90.40.17870.520.64-0.922835G
S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE-ETTR TP100-NA250HO13267MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE791162395256992.911.391-3.6-2.61.42981.11-0.461.062825G
MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03416RUBICON x ROBUST60701758184932.836.0852.9-0.71.16871.240.98-0.342823G
MR SPRING NOBLE-ETTR TC99-I551HO03412ALTASPRING x NUMERO UNO38531063132892.635.8833.21.91.48862.350.35-0.372814G
BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ETTR TP99-I11HO11779SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY64891644217992.735.2891.50.9-0.0594-0.26-0.630.002811G
TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10729OCTOBERFEST x MOONRAY56771623181982.785.2882.01.30.27890.670.240.322808G
OCD DENVER CANNON-ETTR TP99-I7HO12886DENVER x NUMERO UNO41821225171932.814.185-
MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ETTC TY99-I203HO01513MCCUTCHEN x ROBUST75802360211993.002.895-0.1-1.11.60970.730.21-0.012792G
EDG RUBICON-ETTR TC100-NA151HO00681MOGUL x ROBUST4096776195992.905.0982.3-1.21.29990.721.960.332788G
CO-OP TROY PILEDRIVER-ETTR TP99-I1HO12786TROY x SUPERSIRE881033127254993.341.591-1.1-4.11.35930.691.05-0.082786G
MIRABELL SOUND SYSTEM99-NA543HO00086SILVER x SUPERSIRE52901337188882.962.180-
WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ETTP TC99-I1HO11669TUFFENUFF x MOGUL66821557215982.901.391-1.2-1.31.37942.040.04-0.232778G
SANDY-VALLEY EVEREST-ETTR TP99-I7HO12821YODER x MORGAN451091010223992.804.1891.80.8-0.16930.01-0.54-0.062776G
ABS ROWDY-ETTC TY99-I29HO17947JOSUPER x MOGUL70882284215982.895.1911.30.20.2490-0.29-1.18-0.052766G
BUSH-BROS JSUPR BANCROFT-ETTR TP99-I1HO11925JOSUPER x MONARCH57811249188962.614.5872.90.7-0.29860.55-0.830.952763G
ABS RAIDEN-ETTC TY99-I29HO17941JOSUPER x MOGUL46931702199992.795.3903.1-0.10.16951.03-1.12-0.892760G
MR MOGUL DELTA 1427-ETTR TC100-NA203HO01468MOGUL x ROBUST39671185166992.975.4992.20.71.32991.940.83-1.502760G
UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ETTR TC99-I29HO17553SUPERSIRE x BEACON77872768203992.884.2991.4-1.40.54990.27-0.781.072760G
L-L-M-DAIRY POND PASSAT-ETTR TP99-I7HO12659PONDER x MOGUL38841318175982.905.8891.02.20.14920.54-0.18-0.652759G
PEAK ALTAAMULET-ETTR TP99-I11HO11725JOSUPER x MOGUL61562000157982.874.4890.4-0.51.46951.990.78-0.052758G
MORNINGVIEW RAWHIDE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18337SILVER x JACEY43731012163932.812.586-1.0-1.12.06862.221.700.312755G
S-S-I MILLINGTON TOTEM-ETTR TP99-I250HO13531MILLINGTON x JACEY3672708156912.593.2830.20.41.82851.561.020.122750G
DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ETTR TP99-I7HO12421MILES x SHAMROCK46981193212992.712.396-
S-S-I KINGPIN PHANTOM-ETTR TP99-I7HO13334KINGPIN x SUPERSIRE73932041218982.901.290-2.1-1.91.27950.540.041.062748G
MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ETTR TP99-I7HO12788JOSUPER x SHOTGLASS45761714167992.485.7901.8-0.50.67981.21-0.13-0.472747G
CO-OP ME LANDMINE-ETTR TP99-NA1HO13087MAIN EVENT x SUPERSIRE64862441202982.943.0880.01.5-0.2189-0.35-0.65-0.422746G
WET RODGERS MYLESTR TP100-NA14HO07804RODGERS x MOGUL48441302128982.843.4881.41.31.54932.210.970.042745G
HURTGENLEA YDR OUTSIDERS-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12819YODER x SUPERSIRE58842043180982.873.4891.5-0.20.57940.480.350.892742G
BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ETTR TP99-I7HO12942JEDI x DAY52481381125942.686.0871.82.30.99891.03-0.321.222739G
OCD SPRING SAMURI-ETTR TP99-I7HO12897ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3877415166983.023.7880.82.21.12940.940.410.622736G
PROGENESIS GRANITE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10616MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE46871098175983.132.9880.00.81.42960.410.801.272735G
SILVERRIDGE V ETESIAN-ETTR TP99-I200HO10606SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN45562006117922.794.3860.21.31.90911.310.860.762729G
DE-SU 13050 SPECTRE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18208YODER x SUPERSIRE461101266223942.993.3870.00.10.3886-0.21-0.20-0.152727G
OCD JOSUPER ZAMBONI-ETTR TP99-I7HO12837JOSUPER x MOGUL54621721158972.753.788-0.5-0.31.48911.670.52-0.082727G
BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ETTC TY99-I551HO03415DELTA x SUPERSIRE2779834170932.806.1853.30.70.87891.42-0.07-1.722726G
BUTZ-HILL WINDFALL 54771-ETTC TY99-I551HO03341MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE50901929215973.063.887-
MR MOGUL DENVER 1426-ETTC TY100-NA151HO00690MOGUL x ROBUST63892047210993.161.397-2.3-1.71.36991.950.30-0.232726G
BOMAZ ALTAUPSHOT-ETTR TP99-I11HO11781SUPERSHOT x ALTAEMBASSY59792005193972.934.0881.01.30.2490-0.12-0.87-0.592717G
IHG ABS JERICHO-ETTR TC99-I29HO18110JOSUPER x MOGUL50851218184972.873.0880.1-1.21.41931.340.060.742713G
SEAGULL-BAY RIVERWIND-ETTC TY99-I29HO18217YODER x JACEY3362527139922.944.5851.32.20.97881.520.650.152707G
BRYHILL ALTAHOTSHOT-ETTR TP100-NA11HO11523PRIDE x CAMERON35801206154992.975.8952.71.50.38970.760.360.322706G
DE-SU TORONTO 13212-ETTR TP99-I7HO12915PROFIT x ALTAOAK5129796116942.795.5862.83.00.86891.42-0.560.422706G
PEAK LIGERO-ETTY TV96-NA97HO41744YODER x SUPERSIRE44781176178962.934.0871.61.10.08880.340.71-0.472704G
TRIPLECROWN GATEDANCER-ETTP TC100-NA1HO11670ALTA1STCLASS x SUPERSIRE59681387203993.082.3910.20.00.70971.86-1.27-1.762702G
DE-SU ALTALEAF-ETTR TP99-I11HO11478ALTAOAK x TRIGGER54732041162992.802.8970.8-0.41.55960.750.670.432701G
FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA-ETTR TP100-NA551HO03379DELTA x NUMERO UNO3645792110952.823.8870.80.82.41932.650.890.552701G
PINE-TREE VERONA-ETTR TC99-I29HO18197ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE3772433165962.903.8881.51.60.65930.920.62-0.022699G
CO-OP AARDEMA TRACER-ETTR TP99-I1HO11926JOSUPER x MAURICE57721824158952.724.8872.0-0.30.25891.03-1.311.402694G
SANDY-VALLEY CALVON-ETTR TP99-I777HO10574BOMBERO x MORGAN38571127130942.575.4872.50.80.93910.990.210.152694G
BOMAZ YOSHI-ETTC TY99-I29HO18383YODER x ALTAEMBASSY3091662195922.904.8842.31.4-0.25880.23-0.09-1.582690G
WOODCREST KING DOCTR TP99-I250HO12961KINGBOY x MACK43601318123923.020.285-
DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ETTC TY99-I29HO17918JOSUPER x MCCUTCHEN3486943168992.804.0902.00.80.43930.350.560.182689G
MR RUBICON DYNASTY-ETTR TC100-NA551HO03418RUBICON x ROBUST5078975184952.914.5872.2-0.50.67860.490.280.302689G
WOODCREST MOGUL YODER-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12266MOGUL x PLANET3485596184993.093.4992.00.70.64991.030.51-0.772689G
AOT SILVER HAD ME-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12901SILVER x SUPERSIRE491011248211963.050.487-3.1-3.42.03881.810.470.222688G
DE-SU 12779 ENZO-ETTC TY99-I29HO18016JOSUPER x KRUNCH42481792119932.755.5872.61.31.06881.480.98-0.412688G
DE-SU ROCKFORD 12250-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12545RODGERS x SHAMROCK3273882149952.705.5882.33.1-0.4889-0.040.23-0.012688G
PLAIN-KNOLL YODR INFERNO-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12864YODER x SNOWMAN2565489134952.894.8881.52.41.02921.550.65-0.182687G
ABS MOONGLOW-ETTC TY99-I29HO18294SUPERSHOT x BALISTO72571850173962.905.0870.9-0.60.55890.160.000.652686G
SEAGULL-BAY JO DANCER-ETTR TC99-I29HO18018JOSUPER x HEADLINER4697801206982.713.6901.6-0.30.3294-0.16-1.010.392684G
WILRA BIXBY-ETTC TY99-I29HO18109SILVER x SUPERSIRE3093652200982.842.9890.5-2.21.28911.861.23-1.752683G
PLAIN-KNOLL JSPR ADVANCE-ETTR TP99-I7HO12868JOSUPER x MOGUL4970847174953.013.6870.6-0.41.12901.230.760.212682G
ROSYLANE-LLC SLATETC TY99-I29HO18272JOSUPER x PETRONE51691488164952.595.0871.50.80.17910.38-0.470.202682G
JALTAOAKTY TV99-I182HO00922ALTAOAK x FACEBOOK4784985184912.951.7830.81.10.69880.220.140.532681G
PEAK ALTATURNKEY-ETTR TP99-I11HO11718WICKHAM x RANSOM3585709182982.893.8890.30.50.89950.420.13-0.572680G
TEEMAR ASTON-ETTR TC99-I29HO18076JOSUPER x MAURICE59761953177922.924.4870.90.50.0289-0.350.200.482677G
ABS ARIZONA-ETTC TY99-NA29HO18260YODER x ALTAEMBASSY3197558201953.033.6873.1-0.30.24900.480.78-1.092673G
MR JACEY DECOY 57578-ETTC TY99-I203HO03005JACEY x ROBUST82352526168992.793.9890.90.60.38900.130.31-1.062671G
MR OAK DIXON 57482-ETTC TY99-I151HO01611ALTAOAK x ROBUST62751708190972.822.7871.2-1.20.99910.49-0.020.102671G
DANHOF JOSUPER DILLIONTR TP99-I179HO00114JOSUPER x MOGUL51561764140973.034.5881.81.70.62850.92-0.160.162670G
PEAK ACCELREIGN-ETTR TP99-I14HO07857MONTEREY x MOGUL49621666149952.991.786-2.9-1.02.23871.871.09-0.012668G
ROSYLANE-LLC SPOCK-ETTC TY99-I29HO18182SILVER x SUPERSIRE2210115181982.833.188-0.9-0.40.91910.680.890.482668G
PEAK ACCELRENOWN-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07811DONATELLO x MOGUL2565671123982.992.9893.10.71.74972.190.700.392667G
OCD MONTROSS LAIDLAW-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12697MONTROSS x SUPERSIRE73752536206963.020.588-3.3-1.91.38891.050.54-0.822666G
S-S-I RODGERS MESSAGER-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13216RODGERS x SNOWMAN44651065143982.683.4911.31.40.35890.190.720.982666G
SILVERRIDGE V EUGENIO-ETTR TP99-I200HO10549SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN41521614104982.814.1890.40.41.74951.550.651.352666G
CO-OP AARDEMA TETHRA-ETTR TP99-I1HO11913JOSUPER x NUMERO UNO45641733128952.784.5870.61.60.66850.97-0.091.252665G
FARNEAR DELTA-BETA 241-ETTR TP100-NA151HO03244DELTA x NUMERO UNO2859296138942.814.4860.80.51.55902.38-0.09-0.482661G
VIEW-HOME MESQUITE-ETTR TP99-I200HO10696JOSUPER x MCCUTCHEN58702153157902.822.8830.0-1.91.80880.830.320.922660G
DE-SU 13149 FIGURATE-ETTR TC99-I29HO18314YODER x SUPERSIRE40104737226913.112.484-0.6-0.10.25870.20-0.09-1.242659G
NO-FLA ALTABAYOU-ETTR TP99-I11HO11784ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE48671136176982.894.5881.60.90.04870.51-0.10-0.952659G
WELCOME-TEL BRENNAN 3158-ETTR TP99-I7HO12999MODESTY x JACEY3266722143922.883.8840.40.31.37871.680.82-0.162659G
WESTCOAST TICKET-ETTR TP99-I200HO10645SILVER x TANGO336169142952.831.887-
S-S-I DAMARIS WINSTON-ETTR TP99-I7HO13326DAMARIS x MOONRAY57381802138963.105.2892.61.70.56901.18-0.01-0.952655G
SANDY-VALLEY EFFUSIVE-ETTR TP99-I777HO10589PURE x MORGAN62912204212973.082.5880.7-1.50.62910.32-1.02-0.582655G
SILVERRIDGE V IMAX-ETTR TP99-I200HO10619ALTASPRING x MOGUL42721165153963.123.2870.6-1.21.47921.900.780.592655G
OCD SILVER SILICON-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12860SILVER x SHIMONE3687570174952.762.187-1.9-0.61.33870.810.450.622654G
PEAK ALTARECOIL-ETTR TP99-I11HO11736ALTASPRING x JACEY49211186117962.954.8870.12.60.98871.571.33-1.452652G
BOMAZ ZIGZAG-ETTC TY99-I29HO18267SILVER x ALTAEMBASSY50911463204962.953.1871.0-2.30.54890.430.20-0.592651G
SILVERRIDGE V EUCLID-ETTR TP99-I777HO10550SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN44671728132982.903.7890.6-0.21.30950.860.721.112651G
WILRA COLEMAN-ETTC TY99-I29HO18077JOSUPER x SHAMROCK2892988176982.944.9893.61.3-0.17910.27-1.02-0.772650G
DE-SU 12925 KEENANTR TC99-I29HO18136MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE4264800131952.793.3870.90.21.28901.10-0.051.942649G
SIEMERS RUNAWAY-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10576LOTTOMAX x SUPERSIRE471011810205973.033.3880.20.00.13920.00-0.81-0.442647G
SIEMERS BLOOMFIELD-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10693DELTA x NUMERO UNO582-533140972.823.6881.81.71.35941.99-0.21-0.152645G
WET TATUM MITCHELL-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12778TATUM x MOGUL42761708150972.93-0.188-3.5-0.22.18931.571.090.432645G
PEAK EVEREST-ETTR TY100-NA97HO41742YODER x MASSEY37801020156972.942.9881.20.40.52910.760.480.732644G
CLEAR-ECHO SUMO 569-ETTR TP99-I7HO12801SUPERSHOT x NUMERO UNO54511524146972.954.5881.02.30.22930.030.10-0.062642G
WELCOME JACEY DONOTI-ETTP TY99-I1HO11394JACEY x GRAFEETI3557757128982.643.1920.91.20.83851.191.090.382642G
BEN-AKERS SLUGGER-ETTC TY99-I29HO18244ALTASPRING x BOOKEM2356450125912.783.9841.52.20.66881.640.84-0.772641G
SIEMERS U-BEST-ETTR TP99-I200HO10694JOSUPER x NUMERO UNO2568186122932.604.2870.61.81.11910.450.601.562641G
ABS MANSFIELD-ETTR TC99-I29HO18006SUPERSHOT x MASSEY72411998149972.933.7890.10.11.06910.75-0.690.462640G
PLAIN-KNOLL S-S-I JAGUAR-ETTR TP99-I7HO13504JOSUPER x MOGUL49791013175972.863.1880.2-1.60.72910.890.210.902640G
ENDCO APPRENTICE-ETRC CD99-I200HO10648KINGBOY x SUPERSIRE40461376117992.674.689-
FUSTEAD TANGO LYLAS-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12597TANGO x MOGUL2870901141992.882.790-
NO-FLA ALTACRAIG-ETTR TP96-I11HO11749STOIC x SUPERSIRE4052865130982.654.8891.70.70.89950.990.400.262639G
SANDY-VALLEY COPIOUS-ETTR TP99-I777HO10573BOMBERO x MORGAN49481994118972.903.8881.50.31.55881.080.360.402638G
SYNERGY SECOYA-ETTC TY100-NA29HO18263DELTA x SUPERSIRE3145983108922.796.1842.81.30.84871.900.03-0.322638G
CHARPENTIER BUBBLEBOX-ETB/R TP99-I200HO10626JOSUPER x MOGUL37601558124982.885.0880.80.70.51921.590.500.172636G
NO-FLA BARCLAYTR TP93-NA1HO11647SUPERSIRE x MASSEY43771513163972.714.1880.70.2-0.37900.220.20-0.052636G
SILVERSTREAM PORTER-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10532BOMBERO x MOGUL2059491105942.773.4870.01.21.70871.781.090.642636G
ABS MOONWIND-P-ETPC TC99-I29HO18202POWERBALL-P x MASSEY5667983177913.140.284-
S-S-I PENLEY ALL STAR-ETTR TP99-I250HO13449PENLEY x LUCID4138110393902.614.1821.40.91.55851.150.941.422635G
WESTCOAST WINDMILLTR TP99-I777HO10610SUPERSHOT x DOORMAN42461074109932.504.984-0.3-0.31.81881.180.341.252635G
BOMAZ YUKON-ETTR TC100-NA29HO18432YODER x MAYFLOWER3443741125922.815.4852.81.50.79861.520.37-1.122634G
WESTCOAST PERSEUS-ETTR TP99-I200HO10777PENMANSHIP x DOORMAN3737390106852.684.6811.82.11.05851.010.550.682633G
NO-FLA ALTAJONAHTR TP99-I11HO11669NOMINEE x COBRA66732223193993.022.190-
WILLSBRO K&L ADHERE-ETTR TP99-I200HO07904COMMANDER x SUPERSIRE42471043129932.744.586-0.8-0.51.43892.040.73-0.242632G
ABS BELLAMY-ETTC TY100-NA29HO17912MONTROSS x MASSEY55591699163932.972.788-1.4-1.01.13892.100.15-0.612631G
ABS JAZZMAN-ETTC TY99-I29HO18255SPARK x TANGO55631992163972.693.9870.80.8-0.0489-0.08-0.61-0.612631G
PEAK ACCELREGAL-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07827BAYONET x MOGUL35801244167953.122.4871.4-0.61.39871.600.78-0.772628G
LISMORE KNGBOY TUBB 6198-ETTC TY99-I551HO03305KINGBOY x SUPERSIRE44621635123952.790.687-
MR PRE DIRECTOR 57512-ETCD TY100-NA151HO01602PREDESTINE x ROBUST3235219106982.835.9905.42.90.71970.940.11-0.032626G
PRIDE SPARK TRUMP 284-ETTR TP99-I7HO12872SPARK x BOOKEM43491516129972.735.4883.30.80.12920.710.06-0.582625G
WELCOME SILVER GURU 2953-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07794SILVER x SUPERSIRE3364728141942.893.6860.5-0.10.96891.660.39-0.042623G
PEAK ALTATIM-ETTR CD96-I11HO11690MC GRAW x SUPERSIRE63872044207972.811.788-2.5-2.40.5390-0.230.32-0.192622G
PEN-COL SS AMBITION-ETTP TC100-NA7HO12450SUPERSIRE x OBSERVER54661849164992.724.1951.0-1.40.56900.62-0.23-0.272622G
S-S-I MARSO MIGHTYTR TP100-NA7HO12763MARSO x SUPERSIRE3474692159953.073.7881.00.21.04901.010.57-0.172621G
DE-SU 13166 SANDLOT-ETTR TC99-I29HO18315ALTASPRING x BALISTO4359867155902.982.983-2.0-0.11.51851.500.78-0.522620G
SIMPLE-DREAMS CAUTION-ETTR TC99-I29HO18186JOSUPER x JACEY4634129485922.744.9863.10.81.33891.210.522.002620G
BLUMENFELD JEDI REASON-ETTR TP99-I7HO12941JEDI x DAY47381216118932.656.0851.02.00.46870.55-0.210.132619G
BO-IRISH CROWNE-ETTR TP100-NA14HO07823MONTROSS x MAURICE60601778157942.992.585-2.0-0.10.45851.230.330.652619G
MR AMERICA SURFER-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10188SHAN x ROBUST54801264184982.882.4911.2-1.30.60880.28-0.390.622619G
S-S-I TETRIS VERTEX-ETTR TP99-I7HO13253TETRIS x MCCUTCHEN37651823138972.893.088-0.3-0.11.55910.970.71-0.742619G
CO-OP RB BYNT ALABITR TP100-NA1HO12434BAYONET x SUPER352494180942.687.4876.23.40.68860.630.490.172618G
LARCREST COLLUDE-ETTR TC99-I29HO17784BALISTO x ROBUST3539234123992.704.3951.01.70.97961.38-0.03-0.502618G
MER-JAMES TARNISH 1220-ETTR TC99-I151HO03161SUPERSHOT x MCCUTCHEN65511518142982.901.788-
S-S-I TROY CONQUEST-ETTR TP99-NA7HO13492TROY x SUPERSIRE59721962203982.844.888-0.1-0.3-0.5187-0.22-0.87-2.122618G
ZIMMERVIEW TOMEK 562-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12657TATUM x MOGUL51581454140952.961.387-1.4-0.11.83911.060.990.932618G
PINE-TREE JUMPSHOT-ETTC TY99-I29HO18054JOSUPER x SUDAN38711038154992.894.3902.00.90.34890.46-0.13-0.062617G
COMYN-PBCD JITTERS-ETTC99-I29HO18167JOSUPER x PETRONE3840153082912.885.0852.43.40.50881.00-0.251.432616G
PROGENESIS ORION-ETTR TP99-I777HO10457KINGBOY x MOGUL33581517111982.822.990-
MR COIN DRACO 15006-ETTR CD100-NA151HO00698CASHCOIN x ROBUST52401574138992.915.7952.50.50.55991.76-1.54-1.112615G
S-S-I OCTOBERFST PANTHER-ETTR TP99-I7HO13562OCTOBERFEST x RODGERS2456301122922.655.4834.12.00.03860.74-0.11-0.132615G
SANDY-VALLEY DIFFERENCE-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12614MONTROSS x GABOR46561850133993.012.291-1.5-0.41.75922.100.75-0.122615G
VIEW-HOME MANDATE-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10196DAY x ROBUST48781557189992.782.6940.6-0.60.95970.29-1.02-1.302615G
PEAK ALTATIEROD-ETTR TP96-NA11HO11823ALTAHOTROD x SUPERSIRE60542089131952.892.287-0.6-0.41.49860.560.841.522614G
MYR-MATT MOGUL PLATINUMTP TY100-NA1HO11096MOGUL x SUPER39621081143992.872.599-
ABS BENSON-ETTC100-NA29HO17913MONTROSS x MASSEY43671256163962.774.2890.60.10.03910.95-0.32-0.782611G
LADYS-MANOR SP OAK GROWL-ETTR TC99-I29HO18250ALTASPRING x ALTAOAK47441595131983.124.0881.31.20.39941.560.77-0.852611G
PROGENESIS DEPART-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10398BOMBERO x SUPERSIRE3071787139952.613.7860.9-0.71.27900.960.400.412611G
FAIRMONT BAYONT ROCKSTAR-ETTR TP100-NA1HO12433BAYONET x MOONBOY47431059142972.974.9881.90.90.65891.071.08-1.042610G
S-S-I DAMARIS PHILLIPS-ETTR TP99-I7HO13338DAMARIS x SHAN2970109151953.004.0892.20.80.50860.981.050.162610G
T-SPRUCE SPODE 473-ETTR TP99-NA7HO12791SPARK x MILES51521263135942.693.3850.4-1.61.24881.190.820.892610G
CLEAR-ECHO MANOLO 614-ETTR TP99-I250HO12856MISSOURI x NUMERO UNO43501790128922.743.0850.30.41.09901.190.15-0.802609G
DE-SU 12659 TACTIC-ETTC TY99-I29HO17919COMMANDER x NUMERO UNO2965392147932.813.9881.8-0.71.29891.181.54-0.542609G
AOT HIPHOP-ETTR TP99-I7HO12902MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE2849589105953.093.4871.21.81.80911.790.200.552608G
LARCREST COMMANDER-ETTC TY99-I29HO16909MOGUL x OBSERVER49681184167992.891.297-2.6-2.52.04981.471.660.022608G
S-S-I PARTYROCK SURE FIT-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13189PARTYROCK x MAXUM216293132942.695.4872.71.10.70900.540.50-0.432608G
EDG MOGUL ROWDY 8065-ETTR TC100-NA151HO00756MOGUL x ROBUST59892410204982.963.090-0.7-2.90.4191-0.030.90-0.882607G
MAPLEHURST STOIC WYATT-ETTP TC99-I1HO11644STOIC x MOGUL39691762154992.994.6920.7-1.00.66861.460.61-1.172607G
OCD YODER CINDER-ETTC TY99-I29HO18193YODER x NUMERO UNO-167-296111972.994.9883.84.30.55861.100.10-0.832606G
S-S-I YODER CORNELL-ETTR TP99-I7HO13333YODER x SUPERSIRE4065997167992.873.4920.7-0.80.62960.940.51-1.432606G
PLAIN-KNOLL FOXHOLE10128-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12742MONTROSS x SHAMROCK64742094176962.962.688-1.7-0.60.03910.35-0.050.852605G
LEANINGHOUSE DARE-ETTR TP100-NA200HO10653SILVER x DAY3364871135902.813.384-0.1-0.51.23881.291.030.202604G
MR DREARY XY-ETTC TY100-NA513HO00016SUPERSIRE x BOLIVER3882486179983.014.3892.81.9-0.4687-0.51-0.820.122604G
OCD SPRING SLAMDUNK-ETTR TP99-I7HO12899ALTASPRING x SUPERSIRE2652377106972.664.1870.91.01.57931.41-0.130.802603G
S-S-I PLUTO PRIZEMAN-ETTR TP99-I7HO13354PLUTO x MOONRAY3552583124953.033.9892.92.90.67860.69-0.290.442603G
COYNE-FARMS SYMPATI PAT-REDTP TC99-I7HO12436SYMPATICO *RC x COLT P-RED3949870129992.883.6950.41.00.90971.420.86-0.142602G
DE-SU SANDERSON 12923-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12830SUPERSHOT x MASSEY63442232137962.784.1881.0-0.10.49930.51-0.370.152602G
RONELEE MIDNIGHT DETOUR-ETTC TY100-NA513HO03091MIDNIGHT x MOGUL3647779128992.903.5910.90.80.93981.510.97-0.672602G
TRANQUILLITY AC PRIDE-ETTC TY100-NA147HO02442ROBUST x BOLIVER2680566164993.095.2962.70.80.29950.600.32-0.852602G
AURORA BERGEN 359-ETTR TP100-NA7HO12761BAYONET x MOGUL3046881113942.685.1871.11.30.81891.510.48-0.622601G
PEAK ALTAFLYWHEEL-ETTR TP96-I11HO11720MONTEREY x SUPERSIRE3559420131992.903.2900.51.30.84930.380.530.962601G
S-S-I GREENWAY CREED-ETTR TP100-NA7HO13244GREENWAY x DADDY53731208190973.040.988-2.2-0.51.30910.430.42-0.692601G
DE-SU 13139 TECHNO-ETTR TC99-I29HO18311YODER x SUPERSIRE3951892125912.974.1851.11.30.77860.870.360.322600G
S-S-I DAMARIS DANZA-ETTR TP99-I7HO13435DAMARIS x SUPERSIRE2562798134963.014.7883.21.20.75871.430.24-1.072599G
SEAGULL-BAY DIGNIFIED-ETTC TY99-I29HO18218TROY x JACEY4245489134952.784.587-
VIEW-HOME LITTLEROCK-ETTR TP100-NA777HO10195CASHCOIN x ROBUST47451064157992.745.5951.12.1-0.09960.17-1.08-1.962598G
MATCREST CHAMBER-ETTC TY99-I29HO18339SILVER x NUMERO UNO17549106912.702.8840.00.61.60862.001.070.292596G
WESTCOAST KERRIGAN-ETTR TP99-I200HO10577KINGBOY x NUMERO UNO48621274153982.811.690-0.6-0.21.03950.92-0.220.112596G
ABS ROONEY-ETTC99-I29HO18060DONATELLO x MOGUL2678532168912.804.1872.80.40.34890.75-0.49-1.372595G
SEAGULL-BAY-MJ APPLEJAX-ETTC TY99-I29HO18158SUPERSHOT x NUMERO UNO363365097912.724.8881.03.20.52920.670.320.432594G
MR DDS RUBI-HAZE 54682-ETTC TY100-NA151HO03206RUBICON x NUMERO UNO2352215109922.735.2852.60.91.36880.750.860.362593G
GLEN-D-HAVEN ALTAHOTRODTR TP100-NA11HO11493JEROD x ALTAIOTA59581904142993.060.596-
S-S-I GRIN TONKA-ETTY TV99-NA7HO13082GRIN x ROBUST3282744189952.873.5882.0-0.1-0.17860.100.24-1.972591G
BUSH-BROS JAMOCHA-ETTC99-I29HO18189JOSUPER x MOGUL50801092181913.032.484-0.4-0.20.25880.040.060.572590G
MR SALVATORE RC-ETRC TP100-NA534HO00061SUPERSHOT x SYMPATICO *RC3644159689972.745.0881.40.01.49950.921.520.892590G
S-S-I PROFIT MAKER-ETTR TP99-I7HO13514PROFIT x DAVINCI50381171128942.744.8860.20.50.70870.710.38-0.232590G

GTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA Inc. 2020

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Females – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Registration NumberNameBirth DateGFISire's NamePTAPPTAP%PTAFPTAF%Feed Eff.Yeild % Rel.SCSPLLIVHealth
HO840003146623873STGEN TAMPA 90811-ET20019.8DELICIOUS H-NOON TAMPA-ET460.06750.14187752.559.
HO840003206094252GENOSOURCE HISTORIC 8419-ET200210.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.051020.19216762.597.
HO840003204166830LEVEL-PLAIN HEROIC 1293-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET570.031310.24293762.955.
HO840003142218730BOMAZ KENOBI 8852-ET190110.4DE-SU 14222 KENOBI-ET630.091130.24267752.776.
HO840003204165588DENOVO HONDA 51-ET18129.8N-SPRINGHOPE HONDA-ET590.02950.10227762.636.
HO840003204166369DENOVO BUNDLE 832-ET190710.4DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET640.05920.10230762.647.
HO840003209611817COOKIECUTTER A HOMILY-ET191210.2A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET590.061020.18237742.598.
HO840003209365461LEVEL-PLAIN ACURA VIBE-ET191010.7PINE-TREE ACURA-ET630.021000.10242752.797.
HO840003208482226BOMAZ SOLUTION 9088-ET190710FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET580.001080.12248742.687.
HO840003208410629CHERRYPENCOL L LEE-ET190910.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET550.091040.23242752.766.
HO840003210331067FB 73 BUNDLE 616536-ET19099.9DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET600.061210.24261762.656.
HO840003207410507BADGER S-S-I 15395 16317-ET190610.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.121260.32280762.784.
HO840003210914769BOMAZ LEGACY 9216-ET190910.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.081220.25284752.706.
HO840003210559316MELARRY TRY ME 1639-ET19109.2MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET700.07780.06221752.697.
HO840003202560490ADAWAY BRASS 2410-ET190810BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET610.011030.10220762.765.
HO840003211003179OCD MAGNITD RAEDEN 61513-ET200210PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET340.13820.30179742.767.
HO840003210258084PINE-TREE 8177 HERO 8654-ET200211PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET640.091140.23269752.995.
HO840003205638661T-SPRUCE LIONEL 13196-ET19049.8MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET670.081170.21263762.895.
HO840003213139243ADAWAY TRY ME 2541-ET20019.5MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET620.10960.20241762.956.
HO840003208004409PLAIN-KNOLL BIG AL 288019129.7A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET500.06860.16207762.578.
HO840003210559367191110.1ABS CRIMSON-ET640.04950.11234752.747.
HO840003131234228RIVER-BRIDGE TAHITI CRUISE191110.2DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET550.08890.17216772.775.
HO840003210254128LADYS-MANOR ESKCARG-OH-ET19129.6SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET540.041130.21240762.935.
HO840003201829513WILRA SSI LEGACY 2013-ET19089.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET540.091160.28271762.726.
HO840003206964237WELCOME EISAKU LILLY-ET190910.6SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET530.111160.31247762.954.
HO840003204166608DENOVO HEROIC 1071-ET191010.3PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET500.021300.26265762.805.
HO840003150675538PINE-TREE 7593 LEGA 8466-ET190910.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET680.041020.11264762.667.
HO840003209819155Z-HAPPY SOLUTION 7570-ET191110.1FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET570.051120.21230762.864.
HO840003211372555PLAIN-KNOLL FB 635718-ET191210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.051120.18241772.814.60.14.8-0.61.971.750.910.47756.74.93028
HO840003204166786DENOVO ACURA 1249-ET19129.8PINE-TREE ACURA-ET630.061140.20264762.867.
HO840003200569529SANDY-VALLEY ESCANABA-ET19079.9BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET630.03950.09238762.656.
HO840003208401551CO-OP DD SOLUTION 44601-ET190910.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET530.081040.23241742.806.
HO840003204566835RMD-DOTTERER S-S-I 3912-ET190210.5S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET600.071080.21248762.944.
HO840003201996803S-S-I LA 28180 22861-ET190310.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET500.07980.22221762.647.
HO840003200569528SANDY-VALLEY SURREAL-ET19079.9PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.071080.20256772.746.
HO840003204581113FB 7529 RIVETING 476619-ET190310.2S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET510.08840.17205762.796.
HO840003210914767BOMAZ LEGACY 9214-ET190910PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET500.111120.31247752.726.
HO840003211131189APRILDAY MAGNITUDE ANGEL-ET200210.1PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET520.04800.10184742.727.
HO840003143986730SIEMERS SOLUTION ROZ 31761190710.3FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET470.03930.15188752.747.
HO840003211374390FB 420789 HEROIC 637553-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET530.041180.23257752.845.
HO840003211982294FB 7669 ROYAL 648915-ET20029.5DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET710.061160.17269772.884.7-
HO840003209312125BOMAZ ENTITY 609-ET190910.3DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET640.081240.26280752.874.61.83.2-0.30.911.05-0.05-0.44736.24.53018
HO840003204166491DENOVO ROYAL 954-ET190810.5DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET510.051080.22228762.966.
HO840003204166180DENOVO ENTITY 643-ET19059.4DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET590.021160.17253762.736.43.33.6-0.30.861.250.19-0.66737.05.13013
HO840003204166666DENOVO HEROIC 1129-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET480.051230.28256762.806.
HO840003204326593WET RENEGADE MARLA-ET19079.9S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.05990.13228752.745.
HO840003209641747PEAK GOTHEL-ET200110.6PROGENESIS MAESTRO680.05940.10216732.745.71.57.2-0.11.911.500.481.15707.15.03013
HO840003204166761DENOVO ROWDY 122419129.9ABS ROWDY-ET700.031230.16277782.985.
HO840003204166803DENOVO HEROIC 1266-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET570.051040.17233752.796.
HO840003201996875LARS-ACRES SSI 22933-ET190410.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET620.06910.12240762.855.
HO840003209312149BOMAZ HEROIC 633-ET191210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET510.091360.36291752.795.43.25.0-
HO840003210258096PINE-TREE 7883 HERO 8666-ET200310.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET510.081130.28241762.875.
HO840003210555107WINSTAR ENTITY 6411-ET19109.6DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET480.071190.29252762.726.
HO840003204166749DENOVO PRINCE 1212-ET191110.6DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ET550.06930.17228762.707.
HO840003205436236PEAK MAUDIE-ET190810.7PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT580.06950.16215762.686.
HO840003208823707S-S-I RENEGDE 8645 10904-ET190710S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET650.111070.23259752.824.
HO840003209641771PEAK DNALEE MLLNAL 82649-ET20019.8WINSTAR JUICY MILLENIAL-ET680.05940.10240732.926.
HO840003210555124WINSTAR HEROIC 6428-ET191010.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET580.061320.28286762.715.
HO840003205638777MS T-SPRUCE LEGACY 13312-ET19059.8PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET450.05990.21223762.608.
HO840003211979936HOLLERMANN FB 646557-ET200110.7PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET350.061010.27206752.727.
HO840003131225248GENOSOURCE CHANDLER 8299-ET190910.4S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET500.11730.17199752.666.
HO840003209872044200110.1MR D-WORTH MENACE-ET390.061110.29231762.875.
HO840003210327033FB 73 ARISTOCRAT 612502-ET190810.7MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET520.02850.10191772.617.
HO840003200569566SANDY-VALLEY LEGCY PIXEL-ET19069.1PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET540.12780.18208762.687.
HO840003212844925WEBB-VUE ROME 9777-ET200110.2DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET370.06990.25218772.677.
HO840003214317219WINSTAR BUNDLE 6796-ET20029.8DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET520.08960.21227762.568.
HO840003210258001PINE-TREE 7593 HERO 8571-ET191110.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET490.061190.27260762.796.
HO840003211395095S-S-I RENEGA OZZIE 11623-ET200110.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET590.08900.15210752.804.
HO840003204166619DENOVO HEROIC 1082-ET191010.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET460.071160.30252762.886.
HO840003131224867S-S-I EISAKU 10073 12616-ET191210.4SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET530.07900.17208752.807.
HO840003204166280DENOVO ENTITY 743-ET190610.6DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET400.061080.28216762.677.
HO840003211372663PLAIN-KNOLL FB 635826-ET191210.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET680.081230.23281772.874.10.43.7-1.31.450.860.58-0.32757.25.23001
HO840003200824689PEAK MARACA-ET18129.9PROGENESIS POSITIVE650.08950.15229762.906.
HO840003211369894FB 415007 HEROIC 633057-ET191210.8PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET390.091340.42268762.805.
HO840003211375963FB 12046 HEROIC 639126-ET200110.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET460.031080.21211762.855.
HO840003201829518WILRA SSI LEGACY 2018-ET190810.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET420.08900.23209762.588.
HO840003204166537DENOVO ACURA 1000-ET190910.8PINE-TREE ACURA-ET440.051040.23220762.797.
HO840003206350053OCD LEGACY LEXUS 49763-ET190910.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.061050.16253752.755.
HO840003209641698PEAK EUDORA-ET191210.5PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT620.051000.15221762.745.40.34.6-0.21.981.630.570.87736.25.02999
HO840003146620781STGEN RUBICON 87719191210.5ST GEN NOBLE DUBAI-ET660.07660.03197762.647.
HO840003209611522COOKIECUTTER HOAKLYNN-ET191010.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET580.04770.07193742.556.
HO840003210563803FB MAEVE CRIMSON 622352-ET191010.4ABS CRIMSON-ET510.051030.20222762.587.
HO840003214317264WINSTAR PRINCE 6841-ET200210.5DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ET570.02960.11210752.727.
HO840003208851757DENOVO ENTITY 10506-ET190810.7DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET510.08920.19209762.657.
HO840003210559208HOLLERMANN HOMERUN-ET190810.6FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET490.05770.12187762.547.
HO840003208004195PLAIN-KNOLL MAJESTY 2666-ET190710PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.07960.16234762.656.
HO840003211715102HOLYLAND 3331 RITZ 3807-ET19109.8COOKIECUTTER LGND HUSKY-ET550.01760.04181762.907.
HO840003211979286FB 6216 POSITIVE 645907-ET200110.5PROGENESIS POSITIVE490.071040.23226762.865.
HO840003146638501ADAWAY RIO 2186-ET180910.2OCD FRANCHISE RIO-ET610.00950.06216772.864.
HO840003208441190FB 164 ENTITY 603337-ET190710.2DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET520.051010.18215762.716.
HO840003205704142GENOSOURCE MITZY 8214-ET190610.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET520.041040.18228732.666.
HO840003208442238FB 22 MONTREAL 604385-ET190710.2BOMAZ MONTREAL-ET470.081160.30253763.
HO840003131225045MELARRY S-S-I 2948 12569-ET191010DE-SU ROCKETFIRE ROSCOE640.091180.24275762.944.
HO840003201256048TERRA-LINDA AZ SOL 31145-ET19089.2FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET600.05940.13221762.636.
HO840003201996849LARS-ACRES SSI 22907-ET190310.3PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET640.09840.13219762.726.
HO840003202071077GENOSOURCE REVOLUTION-ET191110.5MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET600.04900.10209762.756.
HO840003210914875BOMAZ HEROIC 9322-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET630.031030.13250742.935.
HO840003212998425BOMAZ HEROIC 9414-ET20019.8PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.031320.23280743.
HO840003152018795SDG 5815 JOSUPER 835-ET190410.1UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET760.031190.12271792.695.10.04.3-0.80.630.42-0.220.11776.94.82991
HO840003204326644WET ROME MALIA-ET191010.2DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET480.04860.14199752.608.
HO840003204382603AOT EISAKU HONESTLY-ET191010SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET510.03920.14197772.795.
HO840003207410576BADGER SSI 15396 16386-ET19089.8A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET490.051050.21222752.715.
HO840003208851823DENOVO ROYAL 10572-ET190910.1DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET490.101120.30246762.835.
HO840003210256520KINGS-RANSOM ESKU DELRAY-ET19129.7SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET570.041150.21244762.864.
HO840003204166689DENOVO ROME 1152-ET19119.8DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET390.05910.21198762.558.
HO840003210555063WINSTAR ROYAL 6367-ET190910DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET630.05950.12246763.
HO840003210690723KINGS-RANSOM ES DAFFODIL-ET20019.9SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET450.07950.23200762.815.
HOUSA000144899940WA-DEL BUNDLE BOBBIJO-ET190910.5DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET620.101260.29277762.984.10.30.9-
HO840003206094180GENOSOURCE BROME 8394-ET191210.5GENOSOURCE GUZMAN-ET580.08870.15215752.627.
HO840003208441175FB 60942 BUNDLE 603322-ET190710.6DENOVO 9367 BUNDLE-ET550.03850.10199762.797.
HO840003210257938PINE-TREE 7883 SOLU 8508-ET19109.9FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET700.06770.04217752.767.
HO840003143547376LADYS-MANOR GRNT OOHM-ET170710PROGENESIS GRANITE460.061060.25222812.784.
HO840003200569754SANDY-VALLEY BOOTSCOOT-ET200110.9PINE-TREE ACURA-ET590.061110.20249763.
HO840003202560485ADAWAY BRASS 2405-ET19079.7BLUMENFELD FRAZLD BRASS-ET630.041000.12220762.735.
HO840003205870229COOKIECUTTER LADYRENEGAD-ET190510S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET490.041020.20219742.804.
HO840003210570261FB 7523 HEROIC 628810-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET490.061240.29264773.
HO840003211371148FB 536 HEROIC 634311-ET191210.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET520.061170.26260762.924.70.53.3-0.11.471.590.39-1.18735.44.62988
HO840003200059834S-S-I NUGENT 2655 12323-ET18129.9S-S-I OUTSIDERS NUGENT-ET580.061020.18230762.854.
HO840003204166981DENOVO HEROIC 1444-ET20019.6PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET540.071200.27266752.954.
HO840003209312124BOMAZ LEGACY 608-ET19099.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET420.091060.31225752.607.
HO840003209641774PEAK GRDIAN MLLNAL 82652-ET20019.8WINSTAR JUICY MILLENIAL-ET610.04700.03198722.737.
HO840003146620083STGEN ARISTOCRAT 87021-ET190810.7MR FRAZZLED ARISTOCRAT-ET690.05900.08228762.826.31.53.6-0.11.491.281.02-0.24746.15.42986
HO840003204166646DENOVO HEROIC 1109-ET191010.4PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET520.091030.24226762.756.
HO840003204988595TERRA-LINDA TAHITI MAITAI-ET190310.2DE-SU FRAZZ TAHITI 14104-ET540.041070.19237773.
HO840003207145211HORSENS S-S-I 3344 4050-ET19069.7PEAK ALTAZAREK-ET550.041040.17229762.855.
HO840003210568794FB 7669 HEROIC 627343-ET191110.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.061230.23259762.834.1-0.55.6-0.61.571.140.080.41747.86.12986
HO840003131224889S-S-I EISAKU 10073 12606-ET191210.1SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET460.05980.21214752.816.
HO840003208357104SIEMERS REN HANINA 32479-ET191110.2S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET510.12820.21192742.904.
HO840003209343750OCD LEGACY FRANCES 53405-ET191010PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET360.041020.25204762.675.
HO840003210254129LADYS-MANOR ESK OOLALA-ET19129.8SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET560.00990.10217762.955.
HO840003210846831PEAK 30663-ET191010.4BOMAZ ALTASOHOT-ET780.051030.08268762.905.
HO840003211978562HOLLERMANN FB 645183-ET20019.3DENOVO 14685 VALUE-ET440.111000.30219762.557.
HO840003212150299PEAK MEASURE-ET191110.4DE-SU FRAZZLD ROME 14192-ET580.07940.16228762.596.
HO840003205435919PEAK C4740 MLSTON 81849-ET190410.4PEAK ALTAMILESTONE-ET680.071010.14247762.863.9-0.71.5-0.31.731.730.71-0.35756.66.02984
HO840003209312122BOMAZ LEGACY 606-ET190910.5PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET610.07920.14233752.706.
HO840003205359189DENOVO DIVERSITY 10352-ET190510.2DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET470.061130.26236762.815.
HO840003205767068LADYS-MANOR HUEY OOHM-ET190210.8T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET540.05960.16213762.835.
HO840003208357045SIEMERS EISK HANNA 32420-ET191110.2SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET610.02910.08217742.914.80.53.6-
HO840003210569564FB 420682 HEROIC 628113-ET191110.2PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET680.101100.21268762.955.
HO840003211372114FB 80851 HEROIC 635277-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET610.061230.23272762.954.01.43.0-
HO840003202071075GENOSOURCE REVOKE 43474-ET191110.1MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE-ET630.061030.16244762.736.
HO840003205436238PEAK HOLA PRSUT 82168-ET19089.8PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT660.06950.12227742.755.
HO840003205870497COOKIECUTTER HOCHELE-ET190711REGAN-DANHOF CASCADE-ET520.07870.16194762.664.
HO840003123606979STGEN NOBLE 63190-ET190410.4MR SPRING NOBLE-ET500.08770.15189792.746.
HO840003211372472OCD FB 45230 HERO 635635-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET590.061060.19244752.834.60.82.5-0.21.601.840.16-0.42735.85.72981
HO840003211378282TTM LEGACY ARABELLA-ET19119.7PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET600.051050.16255772.675.
HO840003210555134WINSTAR LIONEL 6438-ET191010.9MR T-SPRUCE FRAZZ LIONEL-ET490.05990.20213762.685.
HO840003210559377HOLLERMANN TRY ME 1700-ET19129.5MELARRY RESOLVE TRY ME-ET600.06720.06197752.707.
HO840003210569690FB 390297 HEROIC 628239-ET191210PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET480.031010.18218762.876.
HO840003211145085AURORA SPARTACUS 22438-ET20029.8K-STYLE TARINO SPARTACUS-ET580.041080.17247732.964.4-1.00.2-0.11.962.040.84-0.87717.37.02980
HO840003211364402DENOVO HEROIC 10641-ET19109.9PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET380.101260.41259772.756.
HO840003211370171FB 7777 HEROIC 633334-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET480.041260.27260762.905.
HO840003127994492WILRA DYNAMO 208619099.6MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET630.02940.08229782.757.
HO840003200824492PEAK OLINKA-ET181010.8PROGENESIS MARIUS560.09940.19217762.756.
HO840003201993844DENOVO HUGHES 10106-ET18129.6RICKLAND HUGHES-ET570.081240.28264763.
HO840003205234917KINGS-RANSOM LGCY DAKOTA-ET190810.4PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET420.04900.18199772.546.
HO840003205666631FB 7467 HUEY 498391-ET190610.6T-SPRUCE FRAZZLED HUEY-ET450.06980.22209772.785.
HO840003207145449S-S-I HOR 4361 4288-ET200110K-STYLE TARINO SPARTACUS-ET490.11810.21198752.955.
HO840003207410579BADGER SSI 15396 16389-ET190810.2A-S-CANNON FRZZLD BIG AL-ET470.061030.22214762.845.
HO840003208004415PLAIN-KNOLL RENGADE 2886-ET19129.7S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET630.08720.08203762.696.
HO840003210258028PINE-TREE 275 LEGAC 8598-ET191210.6PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET670.071020.16245752.635.50.72.8-
HO840003210568875FB 399 HEROIC 627424-ET191010.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET450.091010.27214762.866.
HO840003214857175SCENERY-VIEW EISHA-ET200210.9SANDY-VALLEY CHALLENGER-ET500.05930.17197762.705.
HO840003204567083S-S-I RMD KARLA 4160-ET200110.4PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET430.03870.15182762.496.
HO840003208004408PLAIN-KNOLL VENTURE 2879-ET191210.8DENOVO 2705 VENTURE-ET550.061080.21236762.775.
HO840003210132322DENOVO ROYAL 1513-ET20029.9DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET500.05990.19226762.855.
HO840003202071065GENOSOURCE RETAIN 43464-ET191110.8MR SUPERHERO DEDICATE-ET670.08880.12233762.915.
HO840003204166707DENOVO HEROIC 1170-ET191110.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET590.041100.17232762.775.
HO840003205638471190210.5S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET670.02960.07232752.845.
HO840003205704051BOMAZ ENTITY 80648-ET190610.5DENOVO 8084 ENTITY-ET600.09900.16220742.767.
HO840003205771125PENN-ENGLAND BARB 16118-ET19059.6S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET530.051000.18216762.675.
HO840003210132391DENOVO ROYAL 1582-ET20029.7DENOVO 14652 ROYAL-ET540.081210.29277762.895.
HO840003211977429PLAIN-KNOLL FB 644050-ET200110.3PINE-TREE ACURA-ET790.041110.09268773.
HO840003204166668DENOVO CRIMSON 1131-ET191110.6ABS CRIMSON-ET610.011100.13239762.686.
HO840003205768236PRESTON S-S-I 5716 23054-ET190510.1S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET580.07920.16210752.725.
HO840003208949434T-SPRUCE SOLUTION 13575-ET19079.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET560.091090.25236753.
HO840003209641706PEAK ELEANR PRSUT 82584-ET200110.1PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT600.021070.14226732.735.5-
HO840003209872016LA-CA-DE-LE MONIQUE-ET19129.4FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET590.031100.17248762.756.02.54.5-0.30.671.070.54-0.73747.34.32976
HO840003210914947BOMAZ PRINCE 9394-ET200110.4DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ET500.121160.33249732.815.
HO840003211373479HOLLERMANN FB 636642-ET200110PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET46-0.021210.19240762.835.
HO840003211630559TERRA-LINDA EXCALIBUR 7223200110.7SANDY-VALLEY KR EXCALIBUR510.07840.16186762.743.
HO840003211977292FB 17710 VALUE 643913-ET20019.2DENOVO 14685 VALUE-ET690.04990.10243752.944.
HO840003204166641DENOVO HEROIC 1104-ET191010.5PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET540.071180.26260762.845.31.44.1-
HO840003204166670DENOVO HEROIC 1133-ET191110.3PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET570.031210.21265762.736.
HO840003206094174GENOSOURCE BROCADE 8388-ET191210.2GENOSOURCE GUZMAN-ET650.061000.15239752.865.
HO840003214251017WINSTAR HEROIC 6616-ET191210.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET500.03920.14213762.895.
HO840003201829519WILRA SSI LEGACY 2019-ET190910PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET570.051120.20258762.865.
HO840003204166207DENOVO BILLY 670-ET19059.6MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET390.131100.38232762.736.
HO840003204166552DENOVO ACURA 1015-ET190910.1PINE-TREE ACURA-ET480.06970.20213762.647.
HO840003208401773PEAK DD RIVETING 44823-ET191210.5S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING-ET490.07770.15192732.626.
HO840003208409665RI-VAL-RE SOLUTION 4691-ET20019.8FUSTEAD S-S-I SOLUTION-ET390.041110.27223762.557.14.77.9-
HO840003209312139BOMAZ HEROIC 623-ET191110.1PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET500.041300.28285743.
HO840003209641753PEAK MARGE PRSUT 82631-ET200110.6PINE-TREE-I PURSUIT720.04930.06233742.746.60.04.2-0.81.491.350.65-0.13727.26.22974
HO840003210555121WINSTAR ACURA 6425-ET191010.1PINE-TREE ACURA-ET450.08910.22208762.787.
HO840003210566488FB 407529 HEROIC 625037-ET191010.8PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET540.081100.24247762.924.
HO840003211980941FB 427714 KENNEDY 647562-ET200210.8DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET530.071180.27260763.
HO840003214317167WINSTAR HEROIC 6744-ET200110.6PINE-TREE HEROIC-ET360.061030.28208762.895.
HO840003214317194WINSTAR RENEGADE 6771-ET200110.3S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET570.091020.22231762.835.
HO840003214353691PENN-ENGLAND BARB 17034-ET200110.4S-S-I DELROY BIGGELO-ET430.111150.35239742.784.

GTPI is a servicemark of Holstein Association USA Inc. 2020

High Ranking TPI® Genomic Young Bulls – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Bulls with no daughters in their genomic proofs for Production or Type.  No Requirement for semen status.

Registration NumberNameRequesterNAAB codeBirth Date
HO840003210132938DENOVO 16429 HERCULES-ETABS029HO19555191010.558124286762.816.
HO840003208037185WINSTAR MENDEL-P-ETABS029HO1951819089.856134295762.904.
HO840003210133294DENOVO 16785 REMEDY-ETABS029HO1964920019.956114263762.896.
HO840003210133210DENOVO 16701 HUNTSVILLE-ETABS200110.561130274762.905.
HO840003205704153RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ETSelect007HO15167190610.356112249772.716.
HO840003211634658FB 397915 HEROIC 561012-ETABS191110.353126273762.985.
HO840003210132987DENOVO 16478 ABUNDANT-ETABS029HO19568191010.354123262762.836.
HO840003212876562BOMAZ HEROIC 2841-ETABS200210.359129273763.
HO840003213001110PEAK MAGNIFIQUE-ETPEAK200110.264103234732.826.
HO840003147118734GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN-ETSexTech551HO04119190110.260112261772.926.
HO840003206094216GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN JACK-ETNSexTech200110.260112261772.925.
HO840003206094217GENOSOURCE CAPTAIN JOHN-ETNSexTech200110.260112261772.925.
HO840003213241707PINE-TREE 8177 HEROI 737-ETABS200110.160126285752.934.
HO840003209819087Z-HAPPY WINTERFELL-ETABS029HO19629190910.360116254772.795.
HO840003210341505AOT HABITUDE-ETSelect200210.23395193762.666.
HO840003210590170PEAK ZILLION-ETPEAK191210.164114274752.636.02.05.3-0.91.381.410.47-0.95738.26.53048
HO840003209641800PEAK GALAPAGOS-ETPEAK20019.770110274742.796.
HO840003207772711FB 376832 HEROIC 189306-ETABS191110.455131292762.935.
HO840003148929379SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ETSelect014HO15223190310.359109251762.835.
HO840003209641798PEAK GO GETTER-ETPEAK200110.466109268742.845.12.03.7-0.51.341.780.52-0.77716.36.23038
HO840003210132842DENOVO 16333 ENVY-ETABS029HO19510190810.256118249762.816.
HO840003209481087SANDY-VALLEY UNLIMITED-ETSelect19109.65096210752.847.
HO840003210133289DENOVO 16780 RAIDER-ETABS029HO19650200110.170130289763.053.3-
HO840003213241674PINE-TREE 7829 HEROI 704-ETABS191210.446126262762.865.
HO840003150687531PINE-TREE TENNESSEE-ETABS029HO19580191010.559128288772.856.
HO840003207773361FB 1255 HEROIC 189956-ETABS191110.447134275762.955.
HO840003210132823LEVEL-PLAIN DENOVO VERDI-ETABS029HO1949619089.854122262762.795.
HO840003206093970BOMAZ TOP DOG-ETSelect007HO15069190310.146108224772.696.
HO840003209481210SANDY-VALLEY M ZORRO-ETSelect200210.35496210742.666.
HO840003207771282FB 390297 HEROIC 187877-ETABS191110.256124268762.825.
HO840003207772616FB 415007 HEROIC 189211-ETABS19119.740138269752.766.
HO840003208834954KINGS-RANSOM LEGY DRIVEN-ETSelect191110.45199227752.706.
HO840003210133081DENOVO 16572 HALSEY-ETABS029HO19612191210.750136280762.825.
HO840003208834966KINGS-RANSOM AC DONTTELL-ETABS200110.95293224752.798.
HO840003210132950DENOVO 16441 MILLENNIUM-ETABS029HO19553191010.642117250762.727.
HO840003209481208SANDY-VALLEY H EPIC-ETABS200210.548108236762.726.
HO840003204165275DENOVO 16037 BOONE-ETABS029HO1943419069.871121274762.755.
HO840003210132820DENOVO 16311 IMPERIAL-ETABS029HO1949519089.966112253772.875.
HO840003148929351SANDY-VALLEY SUPERCHARGE-ETSelect007HO15337190510.35784213782.747.
HO840003200824445PEAK ALTAZAZZLE-ETPEAK011HO15036180910.660108250762.776.
HO840003149934634PLAIN-KNOLL LGCY TRIBUTE-ETSelect007HO1518119069.86283208772.547.
HO840003208951942T-SPRUCE RENEGADE REGAL-ETSelect007HO15370191110.85690214752.566.
HO840003207772670FB 415007 HEROIC 189265-ETABS191110.752129266762.864.
HO840003209481114SANDY-VALLEY LAKER-ETABS029HO19625191011.061104232762.757.
HO840003209641362PEAK WHEELHOUSE-ETPEAK190910.25997216762.756.
HO840003204165457DENOVO 16219 ALADDIN-ETABS029HO19482190710.961114272772.925.
HO840003209641779PEAK OLINKA MSTRO 82657-ETPEAK200110.45984204732.676.
HO840003210133211DENOVO 16702 RIDGEWAYABS20019.947128274763.
HO840003210133051DENOVO HEROIC 16542-ETABS191110.149127268762.875.
HO840003207410295MATCREST HAILED-ETPEAK011HO1536119059.46494215772.875.
HO840003210133019DENOVO 16510 SHOWCASE-ETABS029HO19576191110.345108215762.666.
HO840003205251583BADGER SSI LUCIA FANECA-ETSelect007HO15139190511.048124239772.804.40.54.5-0.21.811.600.500.70765.83.73010
HO840003208357241SIEMERS D PATRIOT 32616-ETSemex19129.66892217792.945.
HOCAN000013353810PROGENESIS ESPN-ETSemex200HO1185019059.55594200762.794.
HO840003143701526STGEN NASH SPORTY-ETSexTech551HO03957190710.271101243772.775.
HO840003206350072OCD LEGACY EXTRA-ETSelect19099.941107242762.597.
HO840003208410630CHERRYPENCOL L LENNOX-ETSelect19109.948100229752.735.
HO840003210341485FLY-HIGHER HUCK-ETSelect191210.26594226752.635.
HO840003210132966DENOVO 16457 HALSTEAD-ETABS029HO19551191010.748107236762.776.
HO840003203326098VANDEN-BERGE NOWS HARPER-ETSelect190910.461123270752.893.80.02.5-0.21.411.040.71-0.29746.25.43006
HO840003207410509BADGER SSI LEGCY DOBBINS-ETSelect007HO15173190610.258121262772.723.7-
HO840003210133296DENOVO 16787 RINGO-ETABS029HO1965120019.761118274763.
HO840003010353767GENOSOURCE BIG DEAL-ETSexTech191210.868102254752.765.61.24.3-0.81.561.220.86-0.51726.06.13004
HO840003210133256DENOVO ROYAL 16747-ETABS20029.963119279763.
HOUSA000144899968WA-DEL LEGACY BOUNTY-ETSelect191010.360101241762.815.
HO840003213241715PINE-TREE 7793 LEGAC 745-ETSelect200210.049101237762.676.
HO840003127590933DENOVO ACURA 3335-ETABS190810.656126268762.816.
HO840003127591107DENOVO ADMIRAL 3509-ETABS20029.743120246752.805.
HO840003207773375FB 383688 HEROIC 189970-ETABS191110.751103228762.676.
HO840003210132968DENOVO 16459 JAMAICA-ETABS029HO19550191010.347119254772.965.
HO840003150687582PINE-TREE 7593 HEROI 698-ETABS191210.144139280762.815.
HO840003200122873IDEAL 12993Select200210.751103221742.846.
HO840003206350171OCD HOTJOB TALON-ETSelect19109.55380180752.705.
HO840003210056021DENOVO 406136 DONNELLY-ETABS029HO1952219089.357111247772.775.
HO840003210133149DENOVO 16640 HORTON-ETABS029HO19623191210.762109243762.675.41.24.9-1.01.661.290.58-0.58747.04.23000
HO840003149934677PLAIN-KNOLL CALVRY 10969-ETSelect19089.955118254762.925.
HO840003200122794FLY-HIGHER SUGARDADDY-ETSelect19119.86499244752.815.
HO840003207772207FB 8084 HEROIC 188802-ETABS19119.945111237762.815.
HO840003209641749PEAK DNALEE RADAR 82627-ETPEAK200110.070110257742.995.51.01.0-
HO840003211394853SSI-DUCKETT 11381Select19119.97493234762.955.
HO840003206144957BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ETSelect250HO1515219039.848103224762.725.
HO840003208410705CHERRYPENCOL M LUKE-ETSelect200210.645117245742.884.
HO840003210132897DENOVO DIVERSITY 16388-ETABS190910.044115237762.807.
HO840003201862905WINSTAR GALILEO-ETABS029HO1931619019.460114250772.736.
HO840003207770700FB LOTUS MERRIMAC MBAPPE-ETABS029HO1950819079.456112256762.665.
HO840003210133266DENOVO 16757 ADONIS-ETABS029HO19561191010.150130282772.915.
HO840003210133268DENOVO 16759 SYDNEY-ETABS029HO1956319109.752131272762.866.
HO840003210133061DENOVO 16552 SIMMONS-ETABS029HO19611191110.148116234762.666.
HO840003143701578STGEN TAMPA 4135-ETSexTech191010.66760188752.697.
HO840003200270290LADYS-MANOR OUTCOME-ETZoetis200HO11949190511.24897209772.745.
HO840003207773157BGP FB 501 HEROIC 189752-ETABS191010.458119264762.814.
HO840003210132834DENOVO 16325 SENTIMENT-ETABS029HO19501190810.464120269762.886.43.44.0-0.40.890.220.46-0.07747.15.62992
HO840003210133222DENOVO 16713 HIXSON-ETABS200110.255111234762.784.8-0.43.9-0.41.582.130.740.01747.66.02992
HO840003208037405WINSTAR ROWDY 2846-ETABS191210.170106250782.915.91.42.2-0.61.341.200.70-0.26767.45.92991
HO840003213241719PINE-TREE 8177 HEROI 749-ETABS20029.15499229752.895.
HO840003209641351PEAK DEEP DIVE-ETPEAK190810.65398211762.836.
HO840003210987525C-HAVEN POSITIVE DELUXE-ETHO19099.661119256752.804.50.14.2-0.31.420.940.22-0.18735.25.62990
HO840003211003214OCD HEROIC DEALER-ETABS20029.95989218752.826.
HO840003206094230GENOSOURCE HAGGARD-ETSexTech200210.576116276782.915.01.72.2-0.70.870.530.36-0.67767.76.42989
HO840003209481212SANDY-VALLEY ZEPLIN-ETSelect200210.942103217742.875.
HO840003210133048DENOVO 16539 HILLGATE-ETABS029HO1964019119.951110241762.925.
HO840003211003110OCD MAESTRO BRUNSWICK-ETSemex200110.75672187752.658.
HO840003143806809CO-OP HH ALTAJUMP CUT-ETPEAK011HO15209190110.679112271792.804.20.53.0-0.30.710.42-0.080.04786.24.12988
HO840003210132922DENOVO 16413 HARRINGTON-ETABS029HO19545191010.44699212762.736.
HOCAN000013483360PROGENESIS ROCKSOLID-ETZoetis200HO11922190810.95293208762.706.
HO840003201522153SHILOH-USA STEALTH-ETPEAK011HO15284190510.16788214772.776.
HO840003202560470ADAWAY HIGH DEMAND 2390-ETSelect007HO1526619079.75384188772.655.
HO840003208037380WINSTAR HEROIC 2821-ETABS191110.354106245762.925.
HO840003210133258DENOVO ROYAL 16749-ETABS200210.261125276763.
HO840003210258278FURNACE-HILL EXPECTANT-ETSelect19099.74782197762.667.
HO840003143986308SIEMERS RENEGADE ROZLINE-ETSelect250HO15087190410.447112227762.654.
HO840003207410684BADGER SSI BIG AL NEWMAN-ETSelect19109.43389188762.618.
HO840003208679933BOMAZ FABLE-ETABS029HO19579191110.064130300772.883.5-0.33.1-0.10.740.38-0.03-0.79745.84.82986
HO840003210132926DENOVO 16417 BEBOP-ETABS029HO19544191010.053115258762.795.
HO840003202157410TTM LEGACY SHINE-ETSelect007HO15334190710.84089195772.528.
HO840003202768444AOT EISAKU HAMPTON-ETSelect191110.55476183752.776.
HO840003207772709FB 7683 HEROIC 189304-ETABS191110.449115232762.915.
HO840003211394946SSI-DUCKETT 11474Select191210.25094207762.776.
HO840003142332589PINE-TREE HEROIC-ETABS029HO19000180210.344129267792.875.
HO840003149391871BADGER SSI SOL BULLSEYE-ETSelect007HO1493718119.76067173772.667.
HO840003210133212DENOVO 16703 PERCY-ETABS200110.949110234752.745.
HO840003143986627SIEMERS BRAVEFIREFIGHTER-ETZoetis200HO11906190610.87383233772.916.
HO840003199699626WELCOME TURNKEY 4160Select190310.25894225762.964.
HO840003206350809OCD PRINCE FELIX-ETABS200110.75192207752.667.
HO840003150687414PINE-TREE KASHI-ETABS029HO19468190510.47384229772.985.
HO840003204165272DENOVO 16034 CABO-ETABS029HO19433190610.25393219772.766.
HO840003207773189FB 415007 HEROIC 189784-ETABS191010.549124279762.835.
HO840003209343939OCD LEGACY FAULK-ETSelect191110.65287198762.676.
HO840003210133033DENOVO 16524 HUXLEY-ETABS029HO19604191110.643115237762.775.
HO840003210645810GENOSOURCE DOMINGUEZ-ETSexTech191210.65178197762.677.
HO840003007971642DELICIOUS CHARL HOLDON-ETSexTech551HO03823181110.56285216772.786.
HO840003147805894PEAK 169-ETPEAK191110.74688190742.826.
HO840003200124761SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ETSelect007HO15085190210.25994211772.934.
HO840003203292403T-SPRUCE LEGACY LIFT OFF-ETSelect007HO15182190510.05287213762.755.
HO840003210133027DENOVO 16518 HUNTLEY-ETABS029HO19581191110.753108237762.835.
HO840003215425258PEAK 82739-ETPEAK200210.268101236732.894.50.71.2-0.11.591.540.84-0.38708.06.12980
HO840003200122860IDEAL 12980Select20019.960109237752.645.
HO840003201522523MELARRY LEGACY 5188-ETZoetis19119.86391230752.657.
HO840003204165213DENOVO 15975 BONAFIDE-ETABS029HO19389190410.158105254762.976.
HO840003209641335PEAK DASHE TMBRLK 82213-ETPEAK190810.66569187762.926.
HO840003210133128LEVEL-PLAIN DENOVO VILLA-ETABS029HO1964619129.850121256762.874.
HO840003139112741HILMAR-D B RASCAL-ETABS191110.253105220762.855.82.61.2-0.31.911.471.380.95737.64.82978
HO840003150997170FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ETSelect014HO15201190111.25781209772.735.
HO840003200650524FB 7683 BILLY ALONSO-ETABS029HO1944819049.358115248762.916.
HO840003204165532DENOVO 16294 ARENA-ETABS029HO19527190910.64683198762.738.
HOCAN000013483390PROGENESIS ENCOURAGE-ETZoetis200HO11925190910.06596237762.865.11.03.7-0.31.761.870.17-0.51756.46.02978
HO840003127590984DENOVO 3386 DUEL-ETABS191010.364126278762.923.5-0.61.9-1.31.521.110.57-0.28747.35.52977
HO840003143701920STGEN TAMPA 4224-ETSexTech20019.76083230752.827.
HO840003203326156VANDEN-BERGE 4835Select190910.059100225752.734.
HO840003209365435LEVEL-PLAIN LEG VENUS-ETSelect007HO1519619079.754105253762.776.
HO840003209641793PEAK MAGNTA MLLNAL 82671-ETPEAK200110.95276202722.957.
HO840003203845363STGEN IDEALIST-ETSexTech551HO03845181210.26186221772.846.
HO840003207773177FB 415007 HEROIC 189772-ETABS191010.750130279762.855.
HO840003207773396FB 7899 HEROIC 189991-ETABS191110.651138283762.824.61.36.0-1.30.920.890.54-0.32748.46.72976
HO840003208410599PEN-COL L BINGO-ETSelect190810.14197208762.777.
HO840003209343554OCD CASCADE MINT-ETSelect190810.26182206762.715.
HO840003210132856DENOVO 16347 DISCO-ETABS029HO19514190810.362123267762.883.70.51.4-
HO840003211634659FB 8037 HEROIC 561013-ETABS191111.258102238762.975.
HO840003212876544BOMAZ HARLEM-ETABS029HO1963620019.857114245763.
HO840003200824712PEAK MOLINE-ETPEAK734HO0011319019.955118247762.864.
HO840003202241178BOMAZ JUNCTURE-ETABS029HO19335190210.683133309802.973.10.51.4-1.30.490.35-0.97-0.19798.04.92975
HO840003213241726PINE-TREE 8169 HEROI 756-ETABS200210.959103248752.865.
HO840003138499013PEAK COOKIE HELIX 20383-ETPEAK170110.864100231802.795.
HO840003204165093DENOVO 15855 KAHUNA-ETABS029HO1938119049.95497229762.767.
HO840003207410344MATCREST LEGACY LAZER-ETSelect007HO1519519089.956115249772.705.
HO840003209481205SANDY-VALLEY SOLOVEY-ETABS200110.654105228762.795.31.35.0-0.21.681.690.620.09748.05.32974
HO840003138102666RI-VAL-RE LARIAT-ETGenVis170311.066108236792.924.40.61.7-0.51.561.410.910.47797.26.12973
HO840003150687566PINE-TREE 7593 HEROIC682-ETABS191110.456128281762.885.
HO840003200824963PEAK FORTNITE-ETPEAK001HO15055181110.25995220762.616.
HO840003204165279DENOVO 16041 FLINT-ETABS029HO19435190610.246113241762.776.
HO840003204165479DENOVO 16241 CHANDLER-ETABS029HO19531190910.247112233762.806.
HO840003204457088OCD FORTE MARKY-ETSelect19049.74096192762.596.
HO840003210133207DENOVO 16698 PRINCETON-ETABS200110.558108254762.855.
HO840003215425267PEAK 82748-ETPEAK200210.37076215732.647.
HO840003200122690COOKIECUTTER HELIOGEN-ETSelect007HO15250190610.75682199762.567.
HO840003202071100GENOSOURCE JESSE JAMES-ETSexTech191210.07297250762.885.51.60.9-0.10.970.771.14-0.25735.64.92972
HO840003207770974FB 6141 ARISTCRAT 187569-ETGenVis190910.86286206762.845.
HO840003208037395WINSTAR HEROIC 2836-ETABS19119.847120244762.755.81.94.1-0.40.931.380.55-0.40746.64.12972
HO840003208037418WINSTAR HEROIC 2859-ETABS19129.94393200762.607.
HO840003209344323OCD HEROIC SHEFFIELD-ETABS200210.545102217752.726.
HO840003209641742PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82620-ETPEAK200110.167123267732.854.2-0.31.0-1.91.761.320.040.49727.35.22972
HO840003210341497AOT HOMECOMING-ETSelect200110.54079171762.835.
HO840003200270323LADYS-MANOR EISAKU OHIOSelect191010.44882182762.995.
HO840003204165241DENOVO 16003 EUTOPIA-ETABS029HO19413190510.337119238762.696.
HO840003206191778FB 390297 KENOBI 186977-ETABS190510.06189221762.806.
HO840003206289383MELARRY EISAKU FANTASTIC-ETSelect007HO15151190410.253105226762.775.
HO840003207349716PEAK 351-ETPEAK191210.24483192762.896.
HO840003210341491AOT HUCKLEBERRY-ETSelect200110.75590223752.825.
HO840003149236600LARCREST CAPTIVATING-ETSelect250HO15156190210.65084181772.754.
HO840003204164807DENOVO 15569 HIGLEY-ETABS18129.665103250772.855.
HO840003204326975WET ACURA MAXIMUS-ETABS191010.348102213762.836.
HO840003204988631TERRA-LINDA TAHITI JAWS-ETSelect007HO15339190510.26059180762.787.
HO840003205704112BOMAZ EPISODE-ETGeneSeek029HO19485190610.251106235772.826.
HO840003212876550BOMAZ HEROIC 2829-ETABS200110.462101226752.746.
HO840003200270308LADYS-MANOR OBSIDIAN-ETSemex19079.342107218762.765.
HO840003200824973PEAK ROCKETMAN-ETPEAK097HO42311181110.34991196762.696.
HO840003201118971CHERRYPENCOL TREATY-ETSelect007HO15318190510.35070185762.657.
HO840003216859224DENOVO PRINCE 16803-ETABS200210.239119240762.816.
HOCAN000013483457PROGENESIS MOONRISE-ETZoetis200HO11933190910.051107233762.777.
HO840003202070877BUTZ-HILL GOLD MINE-ETSexTech551HO04195190610.35772199762.787.
HO840003204326981WET ROYAL MCGREGOR-ETABS19129.852105232762.865.
HO840003214292392WINSTAR PRINCE 2927-ETABS200210.157121259762.715.42.44.0-0.10.660.140.590.15727.14.02968
HO840003132353302MR FARNEAR HELIX TWITCH-ETGenVis551HO03714170811.147103217792.834.
HO840003149934632PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY HONOR-ETSelect007HO1518019069.56785217772.705.
HO840003204165375DENOVO 16137 KARIM-ETABS029HO19463190710.345111244762.835.
HO840003204165493DENOVO 16255 HERITAGE-ETABS029HO19269181210.764107246772.886.02.22.4-0.30.960.960.60-0.18755.75.82967
HO840003209343945OCD HIDEYHO SANDERS-ETSelect191110.64693194752.845.
HO840003210133270DENOVO 16761 LOCKWOOD-ETABS029HO19564191011.049108231762.665.
HO840003137661518WINSTAR RESILIENCE-ETSelect014HO1534319039.74597209772.705.
HO840003210133046DENOVO HEROIC 16537-ETABS191110.64497197762.735.
HO840003210258315FURNACE-HILL ENCOURAGER-ETSelect191010.25490204752.775.
HO840003214292371WINSTAR HEROIC 2906-ETABS20019.848112248762.895.
HO840003150687378PINE-TREE LIONEL COWEN-ETSelect551HO0413819049.467119271753.003.7-0.51.8-
HO840003200824958PEAK AUSTAD-ETPEAK734HO00110181010.064106254762.894.00.40.9-0.41.601.330.87-0.76747.16.12965
HO840003206205365S-S-I LEGACY SPOT LITE-ETSelect007HO1505919039.95373196772.627.
HO840003207772567FB 390297 HEROIC 189162-ETABS19109.846102215762.805.
HO840003209481137SANDY-VALLEY NO LIMITS-ETSelect19119.96782199752.786.
HO840003210133011DENOVO 16502 MCGRATH-ETABS029HO19575191110.740100211762.786.
HO840003143701585STGEN DUBAI 4153-ETSexTech191210.86079218762.916.
HO840003205068717HENDEL 757Select19059.66782197762.893.
HO840003205435835PEAK ALTAREAL MONEY-ETPEAK011HO15296190310.65295214762.863.8-
HO840003206350858OCD MAESTR BALANCE 60558-ETSemex200210.24466156752.597.
HO840003150607572DENOVO 15492 HUGO-ETABS029HO19226181110.35486208782.845.
HO840003205068731VATLAND LAWLESS-ETSelect007HO15273190810.844106223762.736.
HO840003205704036S-S-I CASCADE REID-ETSelect007HO15134190510.44294201772.694.
HO840003206350876OCD BLAKE SHELTON-ETSemex200210.95383197742.666.
HO840003209312072BOMAZ HEMI-ETGeneSeek029HO19589191110.445110244772.817.
HO840003209481125SANDY-VALLEY 4163-ETSelect19119.94385197762.608.
HO840003131224824GENOSOURCE STALLION-ETSexTech191210.57074208752.916.
HO840003149934610PLAIN-KNOLL RENEGAD TROOPERSelect007HO15179190510.06097228772.985.
HO840003200824505PEAK ALTAPLINKO-ETPEAK011HO15037181011.17799267762.755.
HO840003210133170DENOVO ACURA 16661-ETABS200110.25589203762.877.
HO840003148929262SANDY-VALLEY ETRNTY EDGE-ETSelect007HO15205190110.25895228772.825.
HO840003200122612COOKIECUTTER LOGISTICS-ETSelect250HO15208190210.645103214772.944.
HO840003202768334AOT HIGHJUMP-ETSemex200HO1169818109.854100228772.784.5-
HO840003209641737PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82615-ETPEAK200110.160119251732.864.90.42.0-0.71.451.16-0.090.33726.15.12961
HO840003209641740PEAK DORI PRSUT 82618-ETPEAK200110.24284175732.676.
HO840003210132955DENOVO 16446 BURKHART-ETABS029HO19552191010.567113269792.915.32.03.4-0.30.741.01-0.71-0.71766.94.92961
HO840003213139240ADAWAY 2538Select20019.54868171762.756.
HO840003213241670PINE-TREE 275 LEGACY 700-ETSelect19129.960104262752.815.
HO840003132354315GENOSOURCE MASTERPIECE-ETSexTech190510.17091231772.896.
HO840003149934690PLAIN-KNOLL LEGACY 10982-ETSelect190910.74594211762.677.
HO840003200270289LADYS-MANOR OVERVIEW-ETZoetis200HO1194519059.93193172772.656.
HO840003202985672AURORA SPARTACUS 782-ETSelect20029.75877196752.846.
HO840003208834969KINGS-RANSOM EISAKU DEEPEND-ETSelect20019.740106204762.705.
HO840003210133001DENOVO 16492 HOLLER-ETABS029HO19573191010.853142299762.873.90.32.0-
HO840003215425255PEAK 82736-ETPEAK200210.64188190732.837.
HO840003204457094OCD FORTE MARKYMARK-ETSelect007HO15327190410.14696190772.646.
HO840003206702822PENN-ENGLAND BARB 1523A-ETSelect190910.74085191762.807.
HO840003210133092DENOVO HEROIC 16583-ETABS191210.741113232752.974.
HO840003212150417CO-OP 43435 FRIOUS 62882-ETPEAK200110.35693238732.616.
HO840003143060701DENOVO 2800 PRINCE-ETABS029HO19010180310.748108228772.726.
HO840003150687548PINE-TREE 7829 PURSU 664-ETSemex191110.55087205762.657.
HO840003203845450STGEN DEDICATE HEIR-ETSexTech551HO03849190110.45088230772.817.
HO840003131224839GENOSOURCE BLACKLIST-ETSexTech191210.34588196752.745.
HO840003143701923GENOSOURCE NSHVILLE 4233-ETSexTech20019.96187227762.816.
HO840003150607567DENOVO 15487 HENNING-ETABS029HO19223181110.56488217772.884.4-
HO840003150687559PINE-TREE 7593 HEROI 675-ETABS191110.551119274762.886.
HO840003210133244DENOVO HEROIC 16735-ETABS200210.248107231762.755.
HO840003212245699AOT EINSTEIN HEADS UP-ETSemex200210.65587206742.755.
HO840003149514072CLEAR-ECHO ERNEST-ETABS029HO19619190710.35186196772.785.
HO840003203292328T-SPRUCE HUEY RELIANT-ETSelect007HO15099190110.353108226772.905.
HOUSA000144867956FURNACE-HILL LG EXPEDITE-ETSelect19099.64484196762.627.
HO840003010353849GENOSOURCE DELROY-ETSexTech200110.060110239762.965.
HO840003143986192SIEMERS PAYPAL-ETSemex200HO11783190311.04793190772.905.
HO840003208410670PEN-COL L BACHELOR-ETSelect191110.536106231762.716.
HO840003210133228DENOVO 16719 AUGUST-ETABS200110.64682185762.756.
HO840003210979055PINE-TREE 7612 HERO 5536-ETABS200110.74995207762.786.
HO840003211395192SSI-DUCKETT 11720Select200210.23775178752.807.
HO840003215743546CO-OP 31811-ETPEAK200310.36089211752.854.
HOCAN000013030416CLAYNOOK ZASBERILLA-ETSemex200HO11668181010.765113260762.882.8-2.11.2-0.41.861.82-0.260.26759.07.32955
HO840003127591024DENOVO 3426 AVERY-ETABS029HO19584191110.254121260772.876.
HO840003142934562OCD HELIX MILFORD-ETSelect014HO14315170310.561116255812.903.60.24.3-0.11.300.880.600.09808.56.22954
HO840003200122861IDEAL 12981Select20019.74673168752.667.
HO840003204165330DENOVO 16092 BASIL-ETABS190610.350118255762.865.
HO840003204382732AOT HICKORY-ETSelect191210.46572193752.835.
HO840003208037261SEAGULL-BAY ECHO-ETABS19099.947118244762.835.
HO840003209086217SYNERGY 7018-ETSelect190710.17184220762.814.8-
HO840003209312069BOMAZ RAVE-ETSelect029HO19588191010.943105233782.555.42.06.0-
HO840003210132993DENOVO HEROIC 16484-ETABS191010.247125266762.795.21.63.0-1.00.871.150.64-1.15725.74.12954
HO840003210133282DENOVO HEROIC 16773-ETABS191210.93492185752.626.
HO840003211003141OCD POSITIV SASKATCHEWAN-ETSemex200210.65386209762.885.
HO840003209344338OCD HEROIC STOKE-ETABS200210.462101241752.904.
HO840003211395169SSI-DUCKETT 11697Select200210.063103248762.875.
HO840003212874176COOKIECUTTER MAESTRO 90006-ETSemex200210.85674195762.656.
HO840003200122791FLY-HIGHER SUGARSHACK-ETSelect19119.95490223752.696.
HO840003201863001WINSTAR ORACLE-ETABS029HO19398190210.55480194772.746.
HO840003206350007OCD ENTITY SHIM-ETABS190910.157101207762.834.
HO840003206350468OCD ALPHABET TASERSelect190910.167106251762.973.8-1.13.5-0.41.471.430.57-0.84757.36.22952
HO840003207083239JOOK MAGNITUDE 20988-ETHO200110.94088178752.666.
HO840003208357105SIEMERS TWN PARSLY 32480-ETSemex191110.46179192762.875.
HO840003209481132SANDY-VALLEY BIG LIMIT-ETSelect191110.365103237742.805.61.65.6-
HO840003210132961DENOVO HEROIC 16452-ETABS19109.953117254762.944.
HO840003210590264DYKSTRA 31794-ETPEAK200210.26391222762.695.
HO840003211763259DENOVO 410342 DEEKS-ETABS029HO19607191010.051112238772.995.
HO840003212150461CO-OP 62926-ETPEAK200210.55582219752.895.
HO840003139112680HILMAR BOSA-ETZoetis200HO11946190510.55589223772.975.
HO840003146616169ST GEN NOBLE DUBAI-ETSexTech551HO03800180210.75370191792.796.
HO840003149236639LARCREST CONTENDER-ETSelect007HO15088190411.13587181762.635.
HO840003207773324PINE-TREE FB 7019 189919-ETABS191010.46391237772.816.
HO840003208037432WINSTAR HEROIC 2873-ETABS191211.04493202762.726.
HO840003209365445LEVEL-PLAIN VANHALEN-ETABS029HO19626190810.362103241762.754.90.74.5-1.61.661.620.91-0.83737.36.52951
HO840003210133022DENOVO 16513 HARTFORD-ETABS029HO19601191110.055112254762.794.71.53.1-
HO840003143986276SIEMERS R BREWER 31307-ETSelect19049.565100235762.884.40.54.3-0.11.471.091.150.10758.96.42950
HO840003148280120AARDEMA TWILIGHT-ETSelect19059.76392221752.844.5-
HO840003148929347SANDY-VALLEY ESPIONAGE-ETSelect007HO15242190410.25794231772.607.
HO840003149798696MAPLEHURST DELROY TORRO-ETPEAK001HO14127180810.46596248782.885.
HO840003204165271DENOVO 16033 DIEGO-ETABS190611.338109217772.945.
HO840003207770521FB 20637 VENTURE DEGROM-ETABS029HO19450190610.353108241772.825.21.65.1-
HO840003208037355WINSTAR HEROIC 2796-ETABS19119.758121266762.894.3-0.21.8-0.80.921.360.37-0.72746.75.22950
HO840003208410680CHERRYPENCOL R LENNY-ETSelect191210.25683208752.786.
HO840003210132851DENOVO 16342 BLAZEN-ETABS029HO1951319089.940109229762.807.
HO840003210133078DENOVO 16569 PAXTYN-ETABS029HO19613191211.15790209762.646.
HO840003215229370OCD FREEMAN-ETABS20029.95099212752.785.
HOCAN000013483461PROGENESIS PRESSROOM-ETZoetis200HO11923190910.54180168762.756.
HO840003010353830GENOSOURCE DISPATCHER-ETSexTech200110.05385207752.696.
HO840003139112700HILMAR-D LEGACY WARNER-ETSelect007HO15306190610.35199229772.716.
HO840003200824185PEAK MUSCLE UP-ETPEAK001HO15203181210.662116268762.973.4-0.50.0-0.21.371.240.59-0.47748.36.92949
HO840003202157415TTM LEGACY AVID-ETSelect190810.160109259772.785.
HO840003204457096OCD FORTE MUSCLES-ETSelect250HO1523519049.347101211772.844.
HO840003206094036BOMAZ VADER-ETABS029HO19452190610.06887224772.784.
HO840003210133183DENOVO ROYAL 16674-ETABS20019.458106224752.874.
HO840003210133297DENOVO ROYAL 16788-ETABS20019.756115256763.132.6-
HO840003211002851OCD ROSCOE SPRINT-ETSelect191210.14290199752.906.
HO840003211395144SSI-DUCKETT 11672Select20029.94265164752.627.
HO840003142934708OCD HELIX ALPHABET-ETSelect007HO14320170411.060104225802.943.80.43.0-0.21.681.551.00-0.24796.96.12948
HO840003147118750FARNEAR UPSIDE-ETSexTech551HO0403419029.56380219772.797.
HO840003150899574BERRYRIDGE SSI SOL CHASE-ETSelect014HO14906181010.04888196772.755.
HO840003200270319LADYS-MANOR LEG-OOH-ETSelect190910.33493193762.616.
HO840003204165009DENOVO 15771 AERO-ETABS029HO19352190310.262125259802.824.73.24.2-0.70.830.36-0.090.57788.56.62948
HO840003206349434OCD RENEGADE LUNSER-ETSelect007HO15328190610.34999226762.785.
HO840003209481211SANDY-VALLEY ZAG-ETSelect200210.65298210742.714.
HO840003209641755PEAK ELEANR RADAR 82633-ETPEAK200111.170126283732.943.4-0.80.6-1.61.331.11-0.080.29728.76.92948
HO840003214324372LADYS-MANOR BIG ORBITZ-ETSelect19129.753112239752.693.3-

GTPI is a service mark of Holstein Association USA Inc. 2020

Top 100 TPI® International Bulls – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Reliability of at least 80% traditional OR 85% genomic for production and Reliability of at least 80% for type in one of the countries included in MACE evaluations

1AOT SILVER HELIX-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO07770721322015282993.011.8-3.6-0.31.40980.950.350.402997G
2PINE-TREE BURLEY-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO18225521081479232992.894.
3S-S-I JOSUPER ROCKETFIRE-ET TR99IUSA007HO1345485672836194972.906.
4WELCOME SILVER GRIFF-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO07796581071122245983.
5PEAK HOTLINE-ET TY TV100NAUSA097HO4177455941158201972.970.2-2.6-1.32.89961.931.591.252840G
6ABS ACHIEVER-ET TC TY99NAUSA029HO1829633113513227952.775.
7S-S-I MONTROSS DUKE-ET TR TP100NAUSA250HO13267791162395256992.911.3-3.6-2.61.42981.11-0.461.062825G
8MR RUBICON DYNAMO-ET TR TC100NAUSA551HO0341660701758184932.836.02.9-0.71.16871.240.98-0.342823G
9MR SPRING NOBLE-ET TR TC99IUSA551HO0341238531063132902.635.
10BOMAZ ALTATOPSHOT-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1177964891644217992.735.21.50.9-0.0594-0.26-0.630.002811G
11TRIPLECROWN JW MATTERS-ET TR99ICAN200HO1072956771623181982.785.
12OCD DENVER CANNON-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1288641821225171932.814.1-
13MR MCCUT DANTE 1407-ET TC TY99IUSA203HO0151375802360211993.002.8-0.1-1.11.60970.730.21-0.012792G
14EDG RUBICON-ET TR TC100NAUSA151HO006814096776195992.905.02.3-1.21.29990.721.960.332788G
15CO-OP TROY PILEDRIVER-ET TR TP99IUSA001HO12786881033127254993.341.5-1.1-4.11.35930.691.05-0.082786G
MIRABELL SOUND SYSTEM99NAITA543HO0008652901337188882.962.1-
17WET TUFFENUFF MAGNUS-ET TP TC99IUSA001HO1166966821557215982.901.3-1.2-1.31.37942.040.04-0.232778G
18SANDY-VALLEY EVEREST-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO12821451091010223992.804.11.80.8-0.16930.01-0.54-0.062776G
19ABS ROWDY-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1794770882284215982.895.
20BUSH-BROS JSUPR BANCROFT-ET TR99IUSA001HO1192557811249188962.614.52.90.7-0.29860.55-0.830.952763G
21ABS RAIDEN-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1794146931702199992.795.33.1-0.10.16951.03-1.12-0.892760G
MR MOGUL DELTA 1427-ET TR TC100NAUSA203HO0146839671185166992.975.
UECKER SUPERSIRE JOSUPER-ET TR99IUSA029HO1755377872768203992.884.21.4-1.40.54990.27-0.781.072760G
24BUTZ-HILL SILVER WINGS-ET TR99IUSA522HO034143790836180902.823.9-
L-L-M-DAIRY POND PASSAT-ET TR99IUSA007HO1265938841318175982.905.
26PEAK ALTAAMULET-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1172561562000157982.874.40.4-0.51.46951.990.78-0.052758G
27MORNINGVIEW RAWHIDE-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1833743731012163932.812.5-1.0-1.12.06862.221.700.312755G
28S-S-I MILLINGTON TOTEM-ET TR99IUSA250HO135313672708156912.593.
29DE-SU MILLINGTON 12074-ET TR99IUSA007HO1242146981193212992.712.3-
S-S-I KINGPIN PHANTOM-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1333473932041218982.901.2-2.1-1.91.27950.540.041.062748G
31MELARRY JOSUPER FRAZZLED-ET TR99IUSA007HO1278845761714167992.485.71.8-0.50.67981.21-0.13-0.472747G
32CO-OP ME LANDMINE-ET TR TP99NAUSA001HO1308764862441202982.943.00.01.5-0.2189-0.35-0.65-0.422746G
33WET RODGERS MYLES TR TP100NAUSA014HO0780448441302128982.843.
34HURTGENLEA YDR OUTSIDERS-ET TR100NAUSA007HO1281958842043180982.873.41.5-0.20.57940.480.350.892742G
35BLUMENFELD JEDI RESOLVE-ET TR99IUSA007HO1294252481381125942.686.
36OCD SPRING SAMURI-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO128973877415166983.
37PROGENESIS GRANITE-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1061646871098175983.
38VH BROOKDNK236HO007342780-260173902.475.
39SILVERRIDGE V ETESIAN-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1060645562006117922.794.
40DE-SU 13050 SPECTRE-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO18208461101266223942.993.
OCD JOSUPER ZAMBONI-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1283754621721158972.753.7-0.5-0.31.48911.670.52-0.082727G
42BUTZ-HILL DELTA-WORTH-ET TC TY99IUSA551HO034152779834170942.806.
BUTZ-HILL WINDFALL 54771-ET TC99IUSA551HO0334150901929215973.063.8-
MR MOGUL DENVER 1426-ET TC TY100NAUSA151HO0069063892047210993.161.3-2.3-1.71.36991.950.30-0.232726G
45BOMAZ ALTAUPSHOT-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1178159792005193982.934.
46IHG ABS JERICHO-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1811050851218184972.873.00.1-1.21.41931.340.060.742713G
47SEAGULL-BAY RIVERWIND-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO182173362527139922.944.
48BRYHILL ALTAHOTSHOT-ET TR TP100NAUSA011HO1152335801206154992.975.
DE-SU TORONTO 13212-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO129155129796116942.795.
50PEAK LIGERO-ET TY TV96NAUSA097HO4174444781176178962.934.
52DE-SU ALTALEAF-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1147854732041162992.802.80.8-0.41.55960.750.670.432701G
FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA-ET TR TP100NAUSA551HO033793645792110952.823.
54PINE-TREE VERONA-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO181973772433165962.903.
55CO-OP AARDEMA TRACER-ET TR TP99IUSA001HO1192657721824158962.724.82.0-0.30.25891.03-1.311.402694G
SANDY-VALLEY CALVON-ET TR TP99IUSA777HO1057438571127130942.575.
57BOMAZ YOSHI-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO183833091662195922.904.82.31.4-0.25880.23-0.09-1.582690G
WOODCREST KING DOC TR TP99IUSA250HO1296143601318123923.020.2-
59DE-SU 12693 SKYFALL-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO179183486943168992.804.
MR RUBICON DYNASTY-ET TR TC100NAUSA551HO034185078975184952.914.52.2-0.50.67860.490.280.302689G
62AOT SILVER HAD ME-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO12901491011248211963.050.4-3.1-3.42.03881.810.470.222688G
DE-SU 12779 ENZO-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1801642481792119942.755.
DE-SU ROCKFORD 12250-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO125453273882149952.705.52.33.1-0.4889-0.040.23-0.012688G
65BACON-HILL HURRICANE-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO077143570997140982.781.4-
PLAIN-KNOLL YODR INFERNO-ET TR100NAUSA007HO128642565489134952.894.
67ABS MOONGLOW-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO1829472571850173962.905.00.9-0.60.55890.160.000.652686G
68SEAGULL-BAY JO DANCER-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO180184697801206982.713.61.6-0.30.3294-0.16-1.010.392684G
69WILRA BIXBY-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO181093093652200982.842.90.5-2.21.28911.861.23-1.752683G
70PLAIN-KNOLL JSPR ADVANCE-ET TR99IUSA007HO128684970847174953.013.60.6-0.41.12901.230.760.212682G
ROSYLANE-LLC SLATE TC TY99IUSA029HO1827251691488164952.595.
72JALTAOAK TY TV99IFRA182HO009224784985184912.951.
73PEAK ALTATURNKEY-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO117183585709182982.893.
74TEEMAR ASTON-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1807659761953177922.924.
75ABS ARIZONA-ET TC TY99NAUSA029HO182603197558201953.033.63.1-0.30.24900.480.78-1.092673G
MR JACEY DECOY 57578-ET TC TY99IUSA203HO0300582352526168992.793.
MR OAK DIXON 57482-ET TC TY99IUSA151HO0161162751708190972.822.71.2-1.20.99910.49-0.020.102671G
79DANHOF JOSUPER DILLION TR TP99IUSA179HO0011451561764140973.
80PEAK ACCELREIGN-ET TR TP99IUSA014HO0785749621666149952.991.7-2.9-1.02.23871.871.09-0.012668G
ROSYLANE-LLC SPOCK-ET TC TY99IUSA029HO181822210115181982.833.1-0.9-0.40.91910.680.890.482668G
82PEAK ACCELRENOWN-ET TR TP100NAUSA014HO078112565671123982.992.
83OCD MONTROSS LAIDLAW-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO1269773752536206963.020.5-3.3-1.91.38891.050.54-0.822666G
S-S-I RODGERS MESSAGER-ET TR100NAUSA007HO1321644651065143982.683.
SILVERRIDGE V EUGENIO-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1054941521614104982.814.
86CO-OP AARDEMA TETHRA-ET TR TP99IUSA001HO1191345641733128952.784.
87FARNEAR DELTA-BETA 241-ET TR100NAUSA151HO032442859296138942.814.
88VIEW-HOME MESQUITE-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1069658702153157902.822.80.0-1.91.80880.830.320.922660G
89DE-SU 13149 FIGURATE-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO1831440104737226913.112.4-0.6-0.10.25870.20-0.09-1.242659G
NO-FLA ALTABAYOU-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1178448671136176982.894.
WELCOME-TEL BRENNAN 3158-ET TR99IUSA007HO129993266722143922.883.
WELCOME-TEL SSI SHI PRIZ-ET TR99IUSA250HO1356449301229114912.654.6-
93PLAIN-KNOLL KING ROYAL-ET TR99IUSA007HO127873960463144993.010.5-
WESTCOAST TICKET-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO10645336169142952.831.8-
95COOKIECUTTER HARPER-ET TR TC99IUSA029HO17747446482167972.832.7-
96S-S-I DAMARIS WINSTON-ET TR TP99IUSA007HO1332657381802138963.
SANDY-VALLEY EFFUSIVE-ET TR TP99IUSA777HO1058962912204212973.082.50.7-1.50.62910.32-1.02-0.582655G
SILVERRIDGE V IMAX-ET TR TP99ICAN200HO1061942721165153963.123.20.6-1.21.47921.900.780.592655G
99OCD SILVER SILICON-ET TR TP100NAUSA007HO128603687570174952.762.1-1.9-0.61.33870.810.450.622654G
100PEAK ALTARECOIL-ET TR TP99IUSA011HO1173649211186117962.954.

VH Nader takes over Scandinavian NTM lists – Sire Proof Central April 2020

VH Nader at +44 NTM is the new #1 NTM Genomic sire on the  April 2020 of the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland). In the second spot the German bull Skyboy at +43 NTM. The former #1 VH Yngvar drops two spots to place three at +42 NTM. Gen Bellroy (Boxer) is the #5 NTM genomic bull at +39 NTM. Topping the daughter proven NTM list is VH Manfolk at +35 NTM. In second we find another domestic sire VH Bernell at +33 NTM. The stage is complete with the international American sire All-Star at place 3 at +31 NTM.


CAPTAIN Takes Charge of UK PLI List – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Genosource CAPTAIN (A2A2) takes charge in the United Kingdom at +882 PLI £ and 1.59 TM. No less than 92 points ahead of FG Kenobi Targaryen at 790 PLI £. Rounding out the top three is Denovo 15158 Admiral at 774 PLI £ who poses a great combination with 1.89 TM.  Bomaz AltaTopshot at 708 PLI. Is the #1 daughter proven PLI sire of this April 2020 run. Topping the Type Merit bulls in the genomic bulls lists is Peak AltaHotjob at 2.99 TM. Followed by Crushtime his full brother Oh-River-Syc Crushabull at 2.91 TM. Siemers Lambda Haniko claims the third spot at 2.87 TM. Remarkable is the #1 daughter proven Type Merit bull in the U.K.: R&W sire Gen-I-Beq Attico-Red guarantees for 3.43 TM that also makes him also the #1 TYPE MERIT bull.

MATCHPOINT catches fire in Italy topping PFT Lists – Sire Proof Central 2020

The Italian PFT list has a new number one and his name is Progenesis Matchpoint at +4632 PFT. Only 13 points behind is the #1 in from Switzerland: Plain-Knoll SI Magnitude at +4619 PFT.Rounding out the top sires is Westcoast Boulevard at +4619 PFT.

Zani Inseme Stradivari is the #1 domestic genomic sire in Italy at +4609 PFT & 1328 IES. The #1 daughter proven bull is the domestic sire Mirabell Sound System at 4298 PFT and 1045 IES. Second is the foreign sire and #1 in the International daughter proven PFT ranking: Cookiecutter Harper at +4202 PFT. Holbra Inseme Rodanas drops two places and is now the #3 daughter proven sire in the Domestic list at +3756 PFT.


MAGNITUDE makes a Big Bang on the Switzerland ISET List – Sire Proof Central April 2020

Plain-Knoll SI MAGNITUDE makes a grand debut in Switzerland as the #1 ISET sire at +1754 ISET. Almost 100 points behind is S-S-I Rolan BRAWN at +1674 ISET.  Who is then followed by former #1 sire Stantons ETHYMOLOGY at +1663 ISET.

The #1 daughter proven sire is Bomaz ALTATOPSHOT with 145 in production at +1532 ISET. Followed by Aot Silver HELIX at +1522 ISET and 538 milking daughters. The #1 ISET heifer is this run Riveting daughter Soppensteig Riveting Arina at +1700 ISET, with 13 points less follows Villstar Hotspot Liss Z at +1687 ISET enough for the second place.

Bulls Switzerland 04/20:

Females Switzerland 04/20:

CAPTAIN takes over command of the German RZG Rankings – Sire Proof Central April 2020

There is a new leader in the German RZG system, and his name is CAPTAIN.  This Hurtgenlea Richard Charl has a +169 RZG and is followed by Benz son BEST BENZ at +165 RZG. Rounding out the top sires is Gendry at +163 RZG. The highest new release sire is a Rio son Gen RAVE who came tied at #4 RZG with a +161 RZG.

The #1 daughter proven B&W RZG sire is also the #1 GTPI dtr proven sire: HELIX (s. Silver) at +161 RZG. Grando-Red an early Gywer *RC son tops the R&W Interbull genomic list is at +165 RZG. He is followed closely by the former #1 R&W RZG: Solitair P at +163 RZG. Spark-Red son Sportsman makes the top three complete at +156 RZG. The #1 daughter proven R&W RZG sire is again Pat-Red at +152 RZG with 2.321 daughters in production.

The long-term impact of coronavirus for the Australian dairy industry

When the dust settles over the coronavirus, it is critical that all levels of government assist industry to rebuild.

The world has been turned upside down over the past month. The impacts on most people’s lives are extreme and this is likely to last for many weeks or months to come. As well as the personal toll, the financial impacts of coronavirus are unprecedented and are likely to be greater than World War II. Already it is having a devastating impact on the economy and will likely lead to a major recession.

In an effort to stave off a recession for Australia, both state and federal government financial packages to individuals and to businesses have been astonishing. But it all comes at a cost; it will lead to high debt levels which will probably take 10 years for the country to pay back.

In addition, the private sector will face a massive financial hit. Although the impacts on businesses will be partially offset by government spending, most businesses will be in a far worse financial position compared to pre-pandemic.

So what does all this mean?

It means that all industries will have to tighten their belts substantially and accept that this will probably take at least five years to recover from. The amount of money that businesses will have will be less, and the amount that state and federal government have to spend will also be reduced. This will have a domino effect, devastating businesses outside of the initial hit.

When the dust settles over the coronavirus, it is critical that all levels of government assist industry to rebuild and make significant funding available for this to occur.

As we are an essential industry like the rest of agriculture, the dairy industry has been able to continue operating during this time of crisis. Even though we have fared OK during the chaos to date, the long-term impacts could still be severe as we manage production when our export markets are in jeopardy.

While the state and federal stimulus packages and other financial support have been welcome and necessary to steer our nation’s economy through this troubled time; the government cannot take a short-term approach. It is going to be a long road back to a properly functioning economy and long-term projects and ongoing advocacy for our industry does not and cannot stop.

There are several good reasons why dairy and all agricultural industries are considered essential to the wellbeing and future of Australia. State and federal government need to be considerate of the long-term impacts on the economy and industries such as dairy beyond the next six to 12 months.


Covid brings tears and spilt milk to Canadian dairy

Dairy farmers in one of Canada’s largest milk-producing province are poised to dump millions of litres of milk due to coronavirus.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario has told farmers to get rid of raw milk to keep prices stable and prevent oversupply.

The industry group says demand has crashed as restaurants and other bulk buyers shutter due to Covid-19.

Some 500 farms have been asked to dump 5 million litres a week, according to a trade report.

The policy is a volte-face from last week, when Dairy Farms of Ontario, which oversees nearly a third of Canada’s dairies, had asked farmers to increase production amid concerns about a shortage.

“In its 55-year history, Dairy Farmers of Ontario has only once before had to ask producers to dispose of raw milk,” Cheryl Smith, the association’s CEO, told BBC.

Canadian dairy is produced under what is known as a supply-management system, which strictly controls production quotas and imports to support prices.

At first, the industry co-op was concerned there would not be enough milk to meet demand, as Canadians panic-bought at the grocery store. But hoarding has died down, and the dairy frenzy has waned.

Meanwhile, bulk-buyers like restaurants, hotels and schools have been forced to close due to federal restrictions. That means there’s milk on the shelves not being sold, risking a price plummet.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is hoping that by spilling fresh milk, the supply will balance out and prices will remain stable. The group has not confirmed how much milk they are asking farmers to dump, but says it will be done on a “select and rotating” basis.

Producers told Ontario Farmer, a trade publication, that about 500 farms across the province have been asked to dump as much as five million litres a week. The province produces about 3 billion litres of milk a year, or about a third of Canada’s total supply.

“We are working very closely with processors and industry groups to respond to the unpredictable market fluctuations that are now part of our current environment,” Ms Smith said in a statement.

Dairy Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador, another provincial dairy association, asked farmers to dump 170,000 litres last week. The province produces about 50 million litres a year.

Dairy Farmers of America, the largest dairy cooperative in the US, has also asked farmers to dump milk.

Dairy farmers aren’t the only industry struggling with how coronavirus has affected their supply and demand. Global oil prices have tanked with demand, as factories close down and air travel grinds to a halt.

But unlike dairy groups that have asked members to dump milk to keep prices stable, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has decided to ramp up production. The move, spurred by a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, has pushed prices even lower.

The supply war has wrought havoc on another key Canadian industry- oil, based largely in the province of Alberta.


Antiparasitic treatment could help battle COVID-19

Emerging research has demonstrated that Ivermectin, a widely available antiparasitic treatment for cattle, inhibits the causative virus for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in vitro.

Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne have shown that the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin can reduce and kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of COVID-19, 48 hours after exposure. The trial demonstrated that a single dose of Ivermectin could stop SARS-CoV-2 growing in cell culture.

Though this sounds promising, health authorities are warning people against self-medicating with Ivermectin as it could be fatal. The current research has not provided any information on appropriate dosage or delivery. Additional trials need to be carried out in humans before Ivermectin can be safely used.

Dr Kylie Wagstaff, who led the study, explains, “We found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours there was a really significant reduction in it.

“…Although the mechanism by which Ivermectin works on the virus is not known, it is likely, based on its action in other viruses, that it works to stop the virus ‘dampening down’ the host cells’ ability to clear it.”

Using Ivermectin to combat COVID-19 depends on the results of additional pre-clinical tests and clinical trials. Dr Wagstaff says that funding is urgently needed to continue research.


Ivermectin is a common veterinary drug, killing a wide range of internal and external parasites in livestock and companion animals. The drug is also used in human medicine to treat other parasitic infections like headlice and river blindness. Since Ivermectin included on the WHO model list of essential medicines, it is widely available and is an excellent candidate for re-purposing for other treatments.

Researchers have shown that the drug has strong anti-viral potential in in vitro trials – targeting both DNA-based and RNA-based viruses and inhibiting their replication. However, this in vitro efficacy hasn’t always translated in human trials.

Read the original abstract here.

Milk Futures Whiplash Monday in Chicago

Dairy markets causing whiplash on Monday as we Class III move from limit down in May during early trading to rebound and see August trade limit up in the afternoon on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.   Class III milk finished a volatile day with a tale of two halves. April – June was in the red with April falling 19 to 13.88, May down 35 to 11.83 and June fell 8 to 13.05. July however gained 32 cents to 14.40 and the balance of 2020 saw gains of 24-41 cents in a late day rally.  Class IV milk saw similar swings, April was unchanged at 11.36, May fell 13 to 11.02, and June was unchanged at 11.54. Second half months mixed from 13 lower to 19 higher. 

Dry whey steady at $0.33. Blocks down $0.0225 at $1.1275.  Barrels down $0.0475 at $1.09.  Four trades were made, with a range of $1.09 to $1.10. Butter down $0.0250 at $1.2550. Nonfat dry milk unchanged at $0.8625.

Intranasal and Injectable Respiratory Vaccines: There’s a Time and Place for Both of Them

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is still a major cause of sickness and death in young beef and dairy calves. While vaccination remains one of the most effective ways to prevent losses associated with BRD, it’s often assumed that intranasal vaccines are the best approach in younger calves. However, recent research shows that previous perceptions about injectable respiratory vaccines may not be accurate, and that both types of vaccines have a place in BRD prevention.

Building calf immunity

When a calf is born, its immune system isn’t fully developed. Since it has no antibodies in the blood to fight off pathogens or disease-causing viruses and bacteria, the calf relies on antibodies it receives from the dam via colostrum in the hours after birth.

These maternal antibodies bind to specific pathogens and destroy them, but they’re generally short-lived, gradually waning over the first few months of the calf’s life.

Vaccines are needed to stimulate the calf’s immune system to start producing its own antibodies against specific disease-causing agents. IgA antibodies, thought to be stimulated by intranasal vaccines, are the predominant antibodies in the mucosa, or the lining of organs such as the upper respiratory tract (nasal passages).

IgG antibodies, on the other hand, are the predominant antibodies circulating in the blood, and are generally believed to be produced in response to injectable vaccines. IgG antibodies help build long-term immunity. Both IgA and IgG antibodies are needed to fight off disease-causing agents.

The role of respiratory vaccines

To help stimulate calf immunity, vaccines expose the animal to antigens, or weakened versions of the pathogens, priming the immune system to create antibodies and other immune cells that will recognize the real pathogens, should they invade.

The trouble is, it’s difficult to predict when, exactly, maternal antibodies will diminish from one calf to the next. Maternal antibodies have the potential to recognize vaccine antigens as foreign, and neutralize them, which is why vaccines are often not recommended until the calf is a few months old. However, it’s now clear that some, but not all vaccines, are able to override maternal antibodies and stimulate a robust and lasting immunity at an earlier age.

Intranasal vaccines and mucosal immunity

Many beef and dairy producers have turned to intranasal vaccines to boost newborn-calf immunity. These vaccines mimic a natural infection by introducing antigens into the tissue lining the nasal cavities, or mucosa, where respiratory viruses and bacteria typically enter. The idea is to help the body fend off respiratory pathogens in the nasal passages and trachea before they can enter the lungs and really cause damage.

“Intranasal vaccines are generally easy for a newborn calf’s immune system to process,” explained Mike Nichols, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim. “These vaccines are able to override maternal antibody interference to create fast, local, mucosal immunity in very young calves.”

In addition to stimulating the production of local IgA antibodies against specific respiratory viruses, intranasal vaccines also spark the production of interferon, or proteins that signal the immune system to increase anti-viral defenses in a calf’s body.

At the same time, it’s important to generate cell-mediated immunity, or the production of immune cells that destroy pathogens which have invaded other cells. “Although some intranasal vaccines may elicit a cell-mediated immune response, it’s typically not as robust or long-lasting as what occurs with injectable vaccines,” reported Dr. Nichols.

“If you start with an intranasal vaccine in newborn calves, at about 1 to 2 months of age, it’s important to stimulate the kind of strong, long-term systemic immunity that’s only possible with injectable vaccines,”1 he continued. Injectable respiratory vaccines also protect calves against important pathogens not covered by intranasal vaccines, such as bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) Type 1b, the most prevalent BVDV strain in the United States today.2,3

Injectable vaccines can override maternal antibodies

Even at 1 or 2 months of age, most calves still have maternal antibodies in their systems. In the past, it was believed there was no point in giving injectable respiratory vaccines before about 4 months of age, because they would be inactivated by maternal antibodies. But a recent study proves that’s not the case.

In the study, calves with maternal-derived immunity for bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) were administered an injectable modified-live virus respiratory vaccine for BRSV or a placebo at 30 days of age.1 The calves were then exposed to BRSV about 90 days later. Compared to calves that received a placebo, those administered the vaccine had fewer clinical signs and lung lesions, as well as less viral shedding.

These findings prove that an injectable respiratory vaccine, when given to calves at 30 days of age, can overcome maternal antibodies to stimulate protective immunity against BRSV. “That’s not to say all injectable vaccines can do this,” Dr. Nichols said. “This particular product utilizes a unique adjuvant that protects vaccine antigens from maternal antibodies, thus enhancing the immune response, even in calves still maintaining high levels of maternal antibodies acquired from colostrum.”

Injectable vaccines stimulate mucosal and systemic immunity

It was previously assumed that intranasal vaccines generated mucosal immunity with IgA antibodies and interferons, while injectable vaccines were responsible for systemic immunity with IgG antibodies. Again, it’s not that cut and dried.

The BRSV study found that calves administered the injectable vaccine developed an IgA mucosal immunity to BRSV, as measured by antibodies in nasal secretions. Vaccinated calves also had significantly higher interferon levels than their unvaccinated counterparts. In addition, they developed a systemic, cell-mediated immunity.

“We now know we don’t have to give intranasal vaccines in order to stimulate the production of IgA antibodies and interferons in the mucosa,” clarified Dr. Nichols.

Injectable vaccines stimulate a rapid immune response, too

Until recently, it was believed that intranasal vaccines stimulated faster immunity than injectable vaccines. But a recent study shows that injectable vaccines can produce rapid immunity, too.

In a study of calves not previously vaccinated against bovine herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1), the causative agent behind infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, a single dose of a modified-live injectable vaccine containing that antigen produced adequate immunity within three to four days, about the same amount of time required for intranasal vaccines.4

A place for both types of vaccines

“Intranasal vaccines are most beneficial for newborn beef or dairy calves that are likely to be exposed to respiratory pathogens early,” Dr. Nichols suggested. “Examples would be dairy calves that may benefit from vaccination the day of birth or beef operations that are involved in intensive embryo transfer or artificial insemination work resulting in greater disease challenge in the first month or so following birth.”

Following up with an injectable vaccine at 30 to 60 days of age (pre-weaning for dairy calves and turnout for beef calves) could then provide broader, more long-lasting immunity.

But there are some cases in which calves simply may not need intranasal respiratory vaccination at birth. “For most beef operations, calves are out on the range,” said Dr. Nichols. “If they’ve had good passive antibody transfer from their dams, they may actually be fine until 30 to 60 days of age, when an injectable vaccine could stimulate both the mucosal immune system for local protection, as well as the systemic immune system for robust, long-lasting respiratory disease protection.”

Every herd is different, so remember to consult a veterinarian to develop the most effective protocols for your operation.

Boehringer Ingelheim’s Animal Health Business has a significant presence in the United States with more than 3,000 employees in places that include Georgia, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. To learn more, visit

Brown Swiss Association Announces Sale Postponements

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have had little choice but to postpone the Shiloh Dairy Dispersal scheduled for April 16, 2020, Fond du Lac, WI. The new date of the sale has not yet been confirmed. We are currently looking at the end of May or beginning of June. Stay tuned to our webpage or Facebook to see updates regarding a new date for the sale.

Also, for the same reasons the Vin Vic Farm Dispersal scheduled for May 9, 2020, Mineral Point, WI has been postponed. The Cal Wessel Family are looking at a fall date for this 175 head dispersal.

Canadian Base Change Summary

Each year, the genetic base used to express genetic evaluations in Canada is updated in conjunction with the first official release.  The definition of each genetic base used is therefore as follows:

The table below indicates the amount of base change realized in 2020 compared to 2019 for each trait and breed. For LPI, the following base adjustments reflect the change to the new scale with half the variance compared to previous years.

Download a PDF copy of this article

4.4 Million Pounds of Dairy Product Export Sales

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) member cooperatives accepted 28 offers of export assistance from CWT that helped them capture sales contracts for 2.013 million pounds (913 metric tons) of Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, 330,693 pounds (150 metric tons) of butter, 132,227 pounds (60 metric tons) of anhydrous milkfat, 74,957 pounds (34 metric tons) of cream cheese, and 1.803 million pounds (818 metric tons) of whole milk powder. The product is going to customers in Asia, Central and South America, and the Middle East. The products will be delivered from April through September 2020.

CWT-assisted member cooperative export sales contracts for 2020 total 10.869 million pounds of American-type cheeses, 1.607 million pounds of butter (82% milkfat), 132,227 pounds of anhydrous milkfat 1.915 million pounds of cream cheese and 10.593 million pounds of whole milk powder. The product is going to 22 countries in six regions. These sales are the equivalent of 232 million pounds of milk on a milkfat basis.

Assisting CWT members through the Export Assistance program positively affects all U.S. dairy farmers and all dairy cooperatives by strengthening and maintaining the value of dairy products that directly impact their milk price. It does this by helping member cooperatives gain and maintain world market share for U.S dairy products. As a result, the program has significantly expanded the total demand for U.S. dairy products and the demand for U.S. farm milk.

The amounts of dairy products and related milk volumes reflect current contracts for delivery, not completed export volumes. CWT pays export assistance to the bidders only when export and delivery of the product is verified by required documentation.

All dairy farmers and dairy cooperatives should invest in CWT. Membership information is available on the CWT website.

The Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) Export Assistance program is funded by voluntary contributions from dairy cooperatives and individual dairy farmers. The money raised by their investment is being used to strengthen and stabilize the dairy farmers’ milk prices and margins. For more information about CWT, visit

Cooperative offers stressed dairy farmers incentive to quit

A Wisconsin creamery cooperative is offering dairy farmers an incentive to quit an industry stung first by years of low milk prices and then by the coronavirus.

A letter from the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery board of directors to members offers to pay their equity in the cooperative from 2010 to 2019 if the farmers meet certain criteria, WSAW-TV reported.

“We know we have farmers that are not sure whether they are going to exit farming this year or next year,” cooperative spokesman Paul Bauer said. “We felt that this was a way to incent our farmers to exit the business, perhaps a little earlier than what they expected, for the betterment of the entire patron base.”

Paul LIppert, who runs a Wood County dairy farm with his father and brother, said the cooperative is trying to help its farmers. He said there’s “a glut of milk” and it doesn’t look like ” things are going to get better very quickly.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the industry’s troubles. Several farms throughout Wisconsin have been asked to dispose of their milk while production plants struggle to keep up with the milk that is being produced.


“It got dumped in the manure pit”: Owego dairy farmer speaks out on COVID-19 struggles

Jim Moore has been involved in dairy farming for most of his life, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, he says his industry and the ones he serves have been affected.

Moore told 12 News the milk produced from his 80 cows at the Moore-Stream Farm is picked up every other day, but on Sunday, he found it wasn’t going where he thought it was.

“The milk truck driver couldn’t look me in the eye because he told me it’s going in a manure pit today,” Moore said, “Didn’t go to a processor, it got dumped in the manure pit.”

Many restaurants and bars have either closed or moved to solely delivery and pick-up options as part of New York’s fight against COVID-19.

But Moore says that business for restaurants and the food industry is also key for dairy farmers, and has hit his wallet hard.

“I’m scared for all the small farms. The restaurant and food industry has slowed down, they take a third of the milk products in this country,” Moore said. “From one month to the month before, I lost $2000. $2000 goes a long way to pay my fuel bill.”

Those dollars aren’t just vital for him and his farm operations, but also for business partners.

“The people I do business with count on my money to put product back in their line to sell to me,” Moore said.

But despite the frustration he has at the economy, he’s not ready to quit, but is asking for some help.

“I can’t give up yet,” Moore said. “These banks are going to have to help the farmers out, not just shut the door in your face.”


U.S. agriculture: Can it handle coronavirus, labor shortages and panic buying?

Restaurants have been shuttered for weeks. Farms have been struggling with labor shortages for years. And grocery stores have been running out of bread, meat and eggs.

So what does that all mean for the national food supply during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The short answer is that U.S. agriculture is strong enough to handle it, with farmers still farming and no major shortages in sight, experts say. But because consumers recently have changed the way they buy and consume food, various snags in the food supply chain have led to disruptions, including truckloads of raspberries getting turned back from market and dairy businesses dumping thousands of gallons of milk.

“There will be enough food produced on the farm,” said Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation. But “there’s a lot of things that happen to the food before it gets to the consumer, whether it be in processing or transportation. If this thing was to get worse, what problems come along with that? None of us really know.”

Panic-buying and stockpiling by consumers have cleared supermarket shelves of certain foods in the meantime, creating the appearance of a problem. But those shelves are soon restocked, and the frenzy is expected to subside as supply chains adjust and home refrigerators run out of room.

The pandemic still has different ways it could impact food prices and dinner tables across the U.S., which imports only about 15% of its overall food supply.

The drastic reduction in restaurant dining could lead to cheaper butter while also putting some farms in financial despair. Unpredictable consumer shopping surges could cause more produce trucks to be delayed or redirected at a loss. The virus also could infect scores of farmworkers, adding to a series of concerns from farm to table. 

Labor shortages in the fields

This problem preceded the pandemic but could get tangled up by it even more. Temporary foreign visa workers made up 20% of the country’s farm workforce, with most coming from Mexico, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. Approximately 250,000 of these workers were approved to work in the U.S. in 2019.

But then when the coronavirus outbreak flared in March, the U.S. suspended routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa processing services, raising concerns from American farms about being cut off from this labor supply. After hearing these concerns, the U.S. State Department since has eased requirements for these workers, much to the relief of farmers, who say they need their specialized help.

“Even with those 250,000, we still don’t have all our jobs filled, so we really need to have those 250,000,” Duvall told USA TODAY.

Duvall said he is hopeful that the loosening of restrictions will help meet farms’ labor needs. So is Carolyn O’Donnell, spokeswoman for the California Strawberry Commission, which represents more than 400 strawberry farmers, shippers and processors. 

“Labor is always a concern for strawberries,” O’Donnell said. “They are hand-planted, hand-weeded, handpicked and hand-packed.”

At the same time, there’s a pandemic on the loose.

What if the farmworkers get sick? 

Farms in California will have about 20,000 workers in the fields in coming weeks picking berries for Driscoll’s, the world’s largest berry supplier. What if 15% of them get sick?

“You just won’t be able to pick the whole crop,” said Soren Bjorn, president of Driscoll’s of the Americas.

Bjorn told USA TODAY his company has planned for such worst-case scenarios and has worked with partner farms to mitigate this risk by breaking up workers into groups of 10 instead of 30, staggering breaks and adding hand-washing stations, among other measures.

Prevention efforts still vary by farm. Many farmworkers also are undocumented, poor and not likely to stay home if sick because they need the money. 

“Not all, but most of the companies are not taking the necessary precautions, such as informing the workers about what COVID-19 is and the basic kind of protocols they should be following to take care of their health,” said Arcenio Lopez, executive director of the Mixteco/Indígena Community Organizing Project, which supports indigenous migrant communities in California’s Central Coast.

In theory, the cratering economy could lead to a larger labor supply, helping fill any farm  labor shortages. But these are specialized jobs that not everybody wants even if they’re unemployed. 

“There just aren’t a lot of people out there who are going take these jobs,” Bjorn said. “There will be some… But if you have a very large outbreak, of 15 or 20% of the population, there won’t be a way to back-fill that.”

Even if farm workers are young and might not get sick, the risk of a workforce reduction still looms over farms and their crops.

“The food supply for our nation is planted already, and if you have no way to harvest your crop, you not only lose the opportunity to supply consumers now, you begin to reduce the overall quantity and availability of food in the future,” said Hector Lujan, CEO of Reiter Affiliated Companies, which grows Driscoll’s berries in the U.S. and Mexico.

Why restaurants being closed makes butter cost less

In 2018, food away from home accounted for about 54% of the $1.7 trillion in U.S. spending on food, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In the age of COVID-19, the seismic shift from dining out to dining in already has rippled through dairy industry, creating a situation in which there is too much butter from the farms and not enough bread in the stores. 

On the one hand, the surge in demand for some food products at retail stores can be accommodated in part because restaurants are no longer are using as much supply.

On the other hand, some products “just don’t transition well into the retail space” from restaurants, said John Newton, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation. “A good example of that is butter. Much more butter is used in restaurants and bakeries than what people use at home. So you’ve seen spot market prices for butter and cheese fall pretty sharply since this started.”

The price per pound of Grade AA butter has dropped from $1.86 on March 6 to $1.28 April 3, according to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The drop might not lead to lower prices at the grocery store anytime soon because retailers might not immediately pass that reduction to consumers.

But the pandemic