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Grace Under Pressure

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.  Who we are as human beings presents itself more fully at times of adversity than at times of ease.  I have had the pleasure of knowing the Burdette and Stiles families a long while know and always found they to be great people, but over this past year I have learned through their actions after the horrible accident that happened to them, that they are also people of extraordinary character. (Read more: WHY THE DAIRY COMMUNITY IS THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD….)

Robin Sharma once wrote, “Anyone can be positive, polite and kind when things are going well.  What distinguishes people with an extraordinary character character from the rest of us is how they respond when life sends one if its inevitable curves.”  Some would give up and surrender, some who claim woe and complain how life sucks.  But those people of extraordinary character don’t crumble, they don’t surrender.  Like the Burdette and Stiles families have exhibited over this past year, they reach deeply into themselves and present even more of their true nature to the world, and shine bright at times of great adversity.

This past week the family and friends of Reese, brought her favorite cow, Pantene , to come and see her and help her through her healing process.

This past week the family and friends of Reese, brought her favorite cow, Pantene , to come and see her and help her through her healing process.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody has the perfect life.  I am certainly not, and my life certainly isn’t.  We all face challenges on a daily basis that are both large and small. But when we are facing these challenges it helps to keep this in perspective.  Every minute of every day their are people dealing with the death of a loved one.  There are people dealing with problems much greater than the once that I face.  I find myself at times of great stress and challenge, having to step back and look at people who are dealing with these situations, and take perspective on life.  It’s at these times that people like the family of Reese Burdette that are watching their amazing little girl show such character, such strength, such grace going through something I can not even imagine.


This past weekend I saw this picture of Justin Burdette holding his daughter, and I could not help but cry.  Crying tears of joy, tears of sadness and more importantly feeling inspiration.  I am inspired by the amazing character that the Burdette and Stiles families have displayed over this past year.  It’s starts at the top of this families, with Patricia risking her life to save that of her grand daughter, and it is exhibited daily by the class these families have exhibited in a time that must rock you at your core.  These families have rallied in support of Reese, they have also shown the world what makes them special.  It’s also at this time that the dairy community has also exhibited its extraordinary class.  Sure we may not be as “rich” an industry as others.  We may not all drive big fancy cars, or have billions of dollars.  But as a community we have shown to the world  through our support of these amazing families, that we are a group of people with extraordinary character.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

No one get’s through life without experiencing adversity.  But you and I have the ability to rise above these circumstances and show our true nature, like the Burdette and Stiles families have demonstrated over this past year.  We all have the ability to choose to be strong and positive when things fall apart.  We have the right to use our stumbling blocks as stepping stones to a greater life.  Over this past year the Burdette and Stiles families ability to show grace under pressure, and extraordinary character through a time that certainly it would seem much easier to give up.  What distinguishes these families and our industry is the extraordinary character we all are able to show when life sends us one of its inevitable curveballs. Grace under pressure.  Thats what separates leaders from followers and inspires all of us.



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