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Why I Farm….

Have you ever clicked on a link that a Facebook friend posted, not sure when you did it what you were going to see but figured it was worth trying? Then,  20 minutes and several clicks later, you find yourself engrossed in someone’s blog, reading post after post because you’re learning, inspired, or intrigued. That is exactly what happened to me when I clicked on a link marked Why I Farm. And this is what I found:

In this era where you see and hear so much that is negative about farming and agribusiness, it was special to watch this video of Michelle Stewart from Sheridan IL talking about how farming is the  gift that she never saw coming. She tells  how she has been blessed and, because of that, she feels giving back to the community has never been more important.

After watching that video, I just had to see more.  So I watched the story of Loretta Lyons telling about  losing her husband at age 36 in 1976 and then being  faced with the  difficult choice  of selling the farm and going back to teaching or becoming a dairy farmer.  Here is her story about how she let God lead the way.

Thinking that there was no way I could be touched any further, I then came across the story of Sonny Beck.  Just like Sonny, one of my fondest  memories is driving the Farm-All tractor at a very young age. Listening to Sonny talk reminded me of my grandfather, and the values he instilled in his family.  Here was something I see in every farmer I have known.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

So the next time you find yourself questioning why you do what you do or even if you just need a quick pick me up after  a  bad-image-for-farming day in the media, take the time to check out “Why I Farm”.

Hard work, dedication passion, and faith….are just a few of the words that describe a farmer.  Join Beck’s Hybrids in honoring the farmer.  Watch more great videos here.

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