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Donald Dubois – Always a Champion

Everyone loves to win. Some more than others.  There are those who work hard every day to come out on top.  Donald Dubois was one of those people.  From cattle fitting, to showing to judging.  Donald excelled in every aspect Unfortunately, the man who worked with so many champions and was himself a great champion in life, lost his battle to cancer this week.

Donald  and his wife France Lemieux

Donald and his wife France Lemieux

For the past few years, Donald has fought  the biggest fight of his life…cancer.  Always a great fighter and competitor, Donald did not give up the fight easily.  Knowing the prognosis was not good, he nevertheless accepted the honor of judging the 2015 Royal Winter Fair Holstein show. He knew that it would be a challenge for him.   He performed his duties with class and to the highest quality.  That is the signature style that Donald brought to everything he set his mind to.  This courageous champion,  even went on to  judge the Italian National Open show in February, even though his health was failing him.  Donald was not going to go down without a fight.

Donald Royal

With the  news of Donald’s, his colleagues and friends expressed  homage to Donald’s ability and legacy on social media. Brian Carscadden, who started out as a competitor when he led and fitted against Donald and had the honor of judging many cows that Donald was leading, said “There was nobody better at uddering a cow without the use of electricity, ice or modern medicine. In a sense, Donald  raised the stakes and made everyone around him better, including myself.” “As the years went by Donald  quickly became the most sought after leadsman of this decade. I personally had the honour to award him many red and blue ribbons, as well as multiple rosettes for animals he owned and/or led. As a judge, it was always a pleasure to see Donald leading a good one because you could be assured that his animal would look the part, regardless of what set of eyes or cameras were watching. He was a true “student of the game” and exuded laser focus in everything he did! ““This past November, Donald was able to fulfill a dream by judging the Royal and did so in style – he raised the stakes once again! He moved around the ring with grace and professionalism and spoke (in his second  language) clearly, accurately and with conviction. He asked me when he left the Royal ring if I was proud of him? I replied “Of course, but I am more proud to call you a friend!”


Mark Rueth, another one of Donald’s greatest competitors also grew to be a friend,  added “Some people are just winners!! No doubt the show industry is a sport and every team needs a leader and quarterback to lead the team to success.” “Donald  always comes out on top. Over the years I’ve watched him and competed against him and he was always a winner. Nine  out of ten times  he would beat you, whether  it was clipping, showing or judging. He was always successful. He never let cancer define who he was. He continued to fight and show and judge and live with his family until the last days. People can live a hundred years and never accomplish as much as Donald has in his shortened life. As Brady would make that late game-winning drive, how many times did we see Donald standing in second place and at the last minute get the pull into first place. “


Donald was one of the guys I loved chatting with.  His eyes lit up with  excitement for great cows.  He loved the dairy industry and especially loved great cattle and the people who work with them.  Donald was born a Holstein enthusiast. His education and training centered around the Holstein cow. He developed a Love to Lead a Winner and got the very best out of every animal he led. He had a very keen Eye for cattle that most closely resembled the True Type., He placed them the way he saw them and backed up his placing with very sound reasons. Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Partner, Employee and friend to thousands. The World is a Better Place because of Donald Dubois.


Donald was a world-class cattle judge, with over 15 years of experience. He judged many prestigious shows in Quebec, Ontario, United States, the Dominican Republic, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, and Portugal. He also served as judge at The Royal Winter Fair several times. Donald had a great eye for cattle, owning many All-American and All-Canadians in partnerships such as Blondin Lyster Beauty, Lacoulée Justine Goldwyn, Tri-Koebel Aspen Jolly and Humqui Irma Goldwyn. More recently, he co-raised Liberty PGA Damion Lazzie, All-American 2009, as well as Belfontaine Drake Starlette, first Intermediate Calf at the 2010 Holstein Québec Spring Show.


Donald  is survived by his wife France Lemieux, his children  Carl (Lysanne), Audrey-Ann Brunelle (Alex) and Anthony; his parents, Anita Dion and Jacques Dubois; his in-laws, the late Aline Giasson and Joseph-Arthur Lemieux (Julie Cloutier). He  is  survived by his siblings, Rolland (Christiane), Caroline (Yves), Isabelle (Daniel) and Frédéric; his nephews and nieces, Jean-Philippe (Jessica), Roxanne, Marc-André (Joelle) Kevin, Maxime and Rosalie; his brothers-in-law Peter and Bernard (Sonia); and nieces, Danae and Maelle and several other relatives and friends.


The Bullvine Bottom Line

I feel that Brian Carscadden’s comments say it best “Donald Dubois, you have blazed a trail that few will ever repeat. You were taken from us way too soon and, unfortunately, you weren’t finished yet! Rest assured that your legacy will drive us to blaze our own trails in this great industry as France and your family proudly watch on. Rest in Peace my friend – you will be missed but never forgotten!”


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