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Is The Bullvine Your Guilty Pleasure?

Everyone has their guilty pleasures.  Some people like to eat lots of ice cream, some people drink a little too much (yes cattle fitters out there you know who I am talking about), but everyone has their guilty pleasure.  Recently The Bullvine has started to become many dairy breeders’ guilty pleasure.

For years, dairy breeders have had limited options when it came  to reading unique content.  I can still remember when Holstein International came on the scene.  At the time, it was so different from all the other publications that breeders had, that it was very warmly received.  Since launching the Bullvine we have enjoyed  the same reception.  Dairy breeders have been giving us such great feedback it’s really humbling, even for someone with as big an ego as mine.

In introducing the Bullvine, we are seeking to make breeders think.  Yes we do produce content that for some can be edgy, but, with every piece we produce, we are seeking to give our readers something unique to chew on.  For example: Holstein vs. Jersey: Which Breed Is More Profitable?The Top 10 Most Influential Holstein Breeders of All-Time and Show Cows: All Type and No Action? As long as we achieve that with even one breeder than we have achieved our goal.  Does that mean that everyone needs to agree with us?  Hell no.  I would be disappointed if it did.  We are not doing our job if we are not pushing the limits.

Have We Gone Too Far?

Now some might call our willingness to push the limits,  tabloid fare, or even dairy scandal mongering. To them I say, get real.  We have never slandered a single person.  Every article we write is written and backed by hard facts.

However, for those who call us controversial!   Great!   We wanted to be different.  We wanted to stand out from the crowd and be something that dairy breeders would enjoy reading.  Moreover, the stats prove it. Are we “XXX” rated?   How do YOU measure pushy and provocative?

What makes us the fastest growing dairy magazine in history?

Well part of it is the age we live in.  In launching the Bullvine, we did not seek to use the old school printed versions.  Instead we did a full press digital launch.  That means more than just our website.  It included The Bullvine’s Facebook page where we reach over 30,000 readers weekly, and our Twitter account that reaches over 300,000 readers monthly.  All that in fewer than 5 months.  We are happy to say folks, and competitors, there is no question we are the fastest growing dairy magazine in the world.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

Do we use a creative spin to make things interesting?  You bet.  Are we afraid to say something just because it may not be politically correct?  Hell no.   We aim to be an influential information source for dairy breeders. For us, that will mean that no subjects, issues or people are off limits! Thanks for all the amazing support and constructive criticism.  We are excited about the many great issues we plan to cover in the future.  That is our guilty pleasure.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    Keep going on this way,i discovered Bullvine only two weeks ago and that’s great!!!
    I’m an holstein breeder from France,and it’s fantatic for me to read something for REAL breeders!!!
    And the style of your Bullvine is something fresh in the holstein industy..
    You can be sure that i’ll do everything for my friends to read you!!

    greets from the Central mountains of France!!!!The place i live is a kind of french Vermont.
    We know here how its difficult for you with this dramatically dry 2012,keep the faith,friends!

    PS:Sorry for my poor english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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