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World Dairy Expo 2016 Holstein Show Preview

In a year where the previous years Grand Champion is back and looking good, a two time All-American and previous Intermediate Champion i back, it surprising that this year there are no slam dunk winners or even favorites in any class.

The Judge

pat-conroyPat “Cowboy” Conroy, along with his wife, Jeannie, and their two children, Kaiden and Zailey, reside in Angloa, Ind., where he works as a cattle fitter and markets purebred dairy cattle, selling both commercial and show cattle. Pat also owns 40 head of cattle housed in five different countries. The most famous would be Decrausaz Iron O’Kalibra, the The European Champion of 2013, and Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2015, 2013 & 2012.  Pat has previously judged at WDE, serving as the International Junior Holstein Show associate judge in 2012 and lead judge in 2013, as well as serving as the associate judge for the International Holstein Show in 2014. Pat has also had the opportunity to judge at the All-American Jersey Show in Harrisburg, the Brown Swiss Expo in Switzerland and the Red & White Holstein Show at the Eastern States Expo, as well as judging the 2016 Swiss Expo Holstein Show and the European Open National Show.

yan-jacobsServing as Cowboy’s associate will be Yan Jacobs.  Yan Jacobs works in partnership with his family at Ferme Jacobs in Québec. This elite herd of Holsteins is home to 130 cows and an additional 450 young stock. No stranger to the showring, Ferme Jacobs has garnered numerous awards including the 2013 Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo and the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2015 International Holstein Show. Additionally, Ferme Jacobs has been named Premier Breeder for the past five years at Expo and the past four years at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Jacobs has been honored to judge several local and regional shows throughout Canada. He, his wife Veronic and their children Elsie, Nellie, Henry, Johny and Charly live in Cap-Santé, Québec.

Junior Classes

Calves change so much it can be hard to pick a winner.  This year is no different in that there really are no clear cut favorites in any age group.  Here are the ones to keep an eye out for in each age group.

Spring Heifer Calf

  • FRAELAND DOORMAN BONNIE 1st place Ontario Summer Show
  • HEART & SOUL JK DEMPSEY GLITZ 1st place Eastern National Show
  • MS DUCKETT HARVUE SID FLOR 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show
  • PFAFFSWAY DM LITLE LEEZA 1st place Mid-West Fall National
  • VERTDOR DOORMAN MORNING 1st place NorthEast Fall National

Winter Calf

  • BUDJON-VAIL DRMN ASHLEY 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show
  • BUROCO AFTERSHOCK ALANA 1st place Quebec Spring Show
  • MACLAND GOLD CHIP STAR             1st place Midwest Fall National
  • VALE-O-SKENE DOORMAN STACIE 1st place Ontario Summer Show

Fall Calf

  • LINDALE DOORMAN KAROLYN 1st place Midwest Fall National
  • WINRIGHT GOLDWYN ELDORADO 1st place Northeast Fall National
  • ROSEDALE ACHIEVERSLEGACY 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show
  • PAPPYS DOORMAN ROUSEY 1st place Eastern National Holstein Show
  • MOUNT ELM DEMPSEY ABERDEEN 1st place Ontario Summer Show
  • LOOKOUT SID VOODOO 1st place Quebec Spring Show

Summer Yearlings

  • BARRVALLEY DOORMAN LIZ 1st place Ontario Summer Show
  • DUCKETT CHIP BABY B 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show
  • FLOWER-BROOK ARMANI CARMANI 1st place MidWest Fall National
  • GRETZ MOSES ELLA 1st place Eastern National Show
  • MS SID LEAP FROG 1st place Northeast Fall National
  • ROQUET JORDANIA DOORMAN 1st place Quebec Spring Show

Spring Yearlings

  • BROOK-CORNER DOORMAN WONDER 1st place Eastern National Show
  • CRAVE ATWOOD ANNA 9121 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show
  • DROLIE DOORMAN MAYCY 1st place Quebec Spring Show
  • KINGSWAY DOORMAN DALEY 2nd place Ontario Summer Show
  • LAROCHELLE LOTUS LAURELLE 1st place Northeast Fall National
  • MAT-AR-DOR ATWOOD CAROLINE 1st place Midwest Fall National

Winter Yearlings

  • KINGSWAY GOLDWYN LIP BALM 1st place Ontario Summer Show
  • MS MACLAND CARAMEL LATTE 1st place Midwest Fall National
  • SAVAGE-LEIGH GOLD LALA 1st place Eastern Fall National
  • SMITHDEN HILTON IZZY 1st place Northeast Fall National
  • TREE-HAYVEN MOREGOLD DESIGN 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show

Fall Yearlings

  • CERPOLAIT DOORMAN ROSELYNE 1st place Quebec Spring Show
  • GREENLARK LUCILLE ATWOOD 1st place Wisconsin Championship Show
  • HARVEST-ACRE ALERT THE MEDIA 1st place Northeast Fall National
  • HOLBRIC AMERICAN DICKEY 1st place Midwest Fall National
  • SCO-LO COONS SID ARIA 1st place Eastern National Show
  • TWEEN BAYS ATWOOD ICON 2nd place Ontario Summer Show

Intermediate Cow Classes

Young cow classes are always a challenge, with so many of the ultimate winners typically making Expo their first show, combined with the fact that at this stage and age the animals can change drastically.  Some even change significantly after the long truck ride to Expo, sometimes helping them peel off that extra weight and round into form.  Having said that here are some of the early favorites for the show.

Junior Two Year Olds

Nothing has proved hard to predict the winner of than the Junior Two Year Olds.  Not since La Senza three years ago has there been a clear-cut favorite.  Some to watch for include:


Senior Two Year Olds


I first fell in love with BUTLERVIEW DOOR CAMILLA when I saw her at the Western Spring Show in Utah.  This daughter of the great Silvermaple Damion Camomile.  She is very very impressive.  But I wonder if she is going to be dairy enough to compete with the likes of BUDJON-VAIL AB ANGELIQUE and LEACHLAND ATWOOD MEGABYTE, who would have to be the two favorites in this class.  For those looking for a dark horse in this class check out KINGSWAY AIRLIFT GOSLING who may type in better with Camilla and pair up at the top the class. Also be sure to keep an eye out for MS ABSOLUTE BLISS the grand champion from this years NY State Fair.

Junior Three Year Olds


With what I believe to be the best cow in this age category not at Expo, JACOBS GOLD LIANN not able to compete this class opens up for AL-SHAR DEMPSEY ALISON who stood 2nd to Liann at Trios Rivieres as well as WALKERBRAE DOORMAN LOCKET.  Another standout from Quebec that will certainly catch your eye is COMESTAR LAMADONA DOORMAN who keeps developing very well. An X factor in this class will be MAPEL WOOD WINDHAMMER ELEGANCE, who looked very good winning the reserve Intermediate Championship at the Wisconsin Championship show.

Senior Three Year Olds


If there has to be a favorite in any of the Intermediate cow classes, it would be  BEAVERBROCK GOLDWYN ZOEY.  Zoey is extremely impressive and certainly will catch the eye of those at ringside and Judge Cowboy.  Another to watch for includes genomic type index star WALNUTLAWN MCCUTCHEN SUMMER.  Some X factor animals in this class are BARDALE DEMPSEY BRODY, KARNVILLA FEVER STELLAR, and WINTERBAY DUDE GUINNESS.

Four Year Olds


Most would tell you that there is not a clear cut favorite in this class.  But for me, BOSDALE GOLD LUSTER is just too extreme of a cow to be ignored.  She is massive, she walks on a great set of feet and legs, and other than that you would like to widen out her rear teat placement she has a very strong mammary system.  She ran away with the grand champion title at Ontario Summer Show and even if she does not wow Cowboy she will certainly make many fans at ringside.  Wanting to give her a run for her money will be TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLE.  Riple has the mammary system to run with Luster, but I wonder if she is enough horse for Cowboy to ride to the victory.  A cow that could through a wrinkle in this class would be the All-American Senior Two Year Old from 2014, Arethusa Fever Almira.  Who took 2015 off after showing as a Milking Yearling and then 2nd calf Senior Yearling to come back looking great. A huge X factor in this class is WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PANTENE.  There has not been a dry eye at a single show this cow has shown at, and that was especially true when she won Reserve Grand Champion at the Premier National Junior Show for our hero Reese Burdette.  While Reese’s mother Claire will be showing her, I am sure Reese will be watching very closely.

Five Year Olds


In what will be Cowboy’s toughest class of the day, the five year old class stands to be a really tricky one.  Last years biggest X factor class regains that title this year with 4 cows that realistically can take home the title and then one cow that is the biggest X factor of the whole show.  After checking out these animals several times in the stalls, I have to give the slight edge to BRACKLEYFARM CHELIOS CHEERIO. But that is a tough call, as she may look better in the stall ROSIERS BLEXY GOLDWYN looked amazing at Wisconsin Championship show when she defeated Cherrio.  Two cows that certainly have generated a lot of conversation are WEEKS DUNDEE ANIKA and WEEKSDALE JUDGES HARMONY.  Harmony looked really good when she won the Northeast Fall National show and is looking to surpass the other two.  For those that are looking for X factors in this class there are two mild X factors being PETITCLERC SID SUNKISS who looks insane in the stall and then there is CHARWILL ATTIC MARCY.  A cow that I have loved since her milking yearling days.  Marcy did not look her best last year at Expo so did not go to the ring but regained her form at the Royal to win Grand Champion there.  The question becomes will we see the Marcy from the Royal or will we see the Marcy of a year ago?

Mature Cows


In what should be a battle between two cows, last years Grand Champion LOVHILL GOLDWYN KATRYSHA, and the extremely popular BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BARBARA.  While its true Cowboy did show Katrysha last year, last year’s judge, had shown her the year before that.  I don’t see the trend stopping and Katrysha will probably end up taking this class on her overall mass and width of chest and maturity.  Another cow to watch for in the class, is last year’s Expo Junior Show Champion BLONDIN GOLDWYN SUBLIMINAL.  With Kelli Cull serving as the associate to Roger Turner in this years Junior Show, Subliminal will only be shown in the open show.

150,000 Production Cow Class


While my head tells me this class will probably be won by MILKSOURCE GOLDWYN AFRICA my heart is campaigning for HUNTSDALE SHOTTLE CRUSADE.  Who has made over 230,000lbs of milk in her lifetime and just happens to be the highest scored cow we have ever bred at Huntsdale.

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